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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 6, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3 3 3 "they're angels there" there" saving lives every day.what sends most people to shock trauma...and why the doctors and nurses there will able to do even more soon. car peeling out outand.. this man takes the ride of his life.the &pdisability that made this moment .. even more 3nbelievaale..--3 3 - live shot of applee headquarters outside san fraacisco. cupertino-tech
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world is mourning the death of -steve jobs dies- 56 years old - suffering from pancreatic cancer today issthursday, october 6th.
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fiver map 3
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police identify a woodlaan man found dead in his own front yard. but many questions emain for neighbors and police. joel d. smith is live at police headquarters where investigators aae calling this a homicide. good morning jool d. 3 good orning megan... the vvctim is 55 year old ronald givens. investigators here are asking for the public's help in finding out who kklled him. thomas' mother believes he was targeted testify in an pcoming trial. givens was &foun says theee was a gass on the back of his heaa. that same neighborrthinks she heard gunshots the night before. police are homicide. givens' mother did not want to be onn
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cammra with us... but thinks her son was killed to keep his mouth shut before he could testify for the state in an upcoming trial. neigbors are still shaken in this community, we talked to the woman who says she found givenn..... she does not want be revealed. to be identity to 3 59:39 and called him. he pulse, realized how cold he was. there was no pulss. and i just asked my daughter to call 911 50 earlier this year - givens was charged with haaing a handgun in a vehicle - but his mother says the gun actually beeonged to a man he had picked up for a ride. the charges were dropped. as was the case wwth two other drug charges in givens' past. for joseph -banks for more ng than 10-years. she says he was laid off a few months ago. live in towson, joel d. pmmth, fox 45 morning neww. stay ahead of the crooks
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stalking your neighborhood. popular ccime website with over 300- thousand subscribers. it's spot crime ... and it's onll available from fox 45... at fox balttmorr dot com. a police chase in anne arundel county turns fatal. &pin pasadena... when state police spotted a man driving erratically in a truck. while the trooper followed the pick up... tte driver veered bacc nd forth across both lanes of traffic several times beeore losing controo.the vehicle then crashed into a tree.tte driver was pronounced dead on the scene. loved ones gathered to prominent couple... killed - fire.nats!!!!! nats!!!!!many gathered at morgan state univeristy for the public wake and funeral for 2 retired city educators. donald and jennye patterson died last week in their northwest balitimore home.thee pattersonn both raduated from morgan.
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3&maryland is cashing in on it' casinos.the state's tww casinos took in almost 14 month."ocean downs" in worcester county took in more thhn 4-point-6 million doolars. "the hollywood casino" in perryville took in almost 9-point-3 million.both casinos generatee about 00 dollars per slot machine. toww commissioners in perryville approvv a ábbgá new sign for'll be itself... is not visible from interstatee95.and the goal is that the sign will attract some you can see from this demonstration though... many residents will be able to see it from theer back yardss.ome of thhe aae worried it'll álowerá thhir property values. that extra tax for your may be a pain...but part of that money is helping to improve your child's school. school.this year... more than new alcohol taxx. will help pay for school construction
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projectssthat includes upgrading aging schools... inside and out. crosby) "we're going to do some thingg asthettcally that will fix the school up, the lockers replacement, we're also going to do some security system upgrade in there." there."but that extra revenue construction... between now and next june. 3 new developments in a story you saw first on fox... neighbors go face-to-face... a church's plans... to open a the matter. the dundalk - unitee methooist church is part of a ppogram called "streets of hope." it's an provides winter shelter for county. plans calllfor p6 homeless men to be shelteeed at the church's parsonngg on dunmore road... startinggnext week thrr april. but it's an idea thatt
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isn't getting the warmest of welcomes from neighbors. are homeless people. they ese - told uu we cannot know annthing about their background. they're liviig in my neighhorhood, and i want to know. i know all my neighbors, they know me. so, we should be able to know about each of these men.." itts noo a halfway house.the men are given just food and &psheeter.background checks are allowed.still... many neighboos are not on boord with the idea. anyone with an i-mac, an i-pod or an i-phone has sttve jobs.the apple co- founder loss a battle with age of 56.greg blaak shows us a ech world in mourning. 3 around the world and around the web, tributes have been pouring in ffr steve jobs.he's creative genius.his products pn the homes and haads of millions of peoppe around the
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world."everything i use. my computer at work, my computer at home, my ipad, my iphooe, think there's anybody out - there who doesn't touch an apple product on a daily basis."--nats--(bagpipe playing)there was an outpouring of grief over jobs' death outside apple's headquarters in california. fans left flowers, cards, photos...all in memory of the former apple c-e-o."herr is a guy who created tools hht billions of people just love and feel happy about and good about."jobs revealed he had year later, hh would deliver university commencement ord - address."no one wants to die. even people who want o go to heaven don't waat to die to get there. and yet death is the destination we all share. and that is as it should be, beccuse ddath is very llkely
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life. it is life's change agent. it cleers out the old who knew jobs say he was aa "new"---innovating ggdgets that will be remembered forr generations to comm.i'm greg black, reporting. jobs' resume includes piooeeringgtte personal computer and the computer released a statement saying in part, quote,,"the orld has lost an amazing human being." fans arouud heeworld are remembering jobs... and his contribution to technology. here is video from d-c... peeple are leavinggflowers and store there... and in japan... when news broke of jobs' death... many weet straight to the apple sttre there... to remember him. you can see sooe brought flowers... others took pictures... and recooddd the make-shift memorial. afttr mooths f the "will she?"... r "won't she" game. sarah palin has decided á notá to run for presidenn in 012. 2012. palin first
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announced it on a radio talk show.sse says she's coofident... she will baak nominee.and wants to make ssre barack obama is replaced.palin states... just because she's not running for pressdent... &. palinnsays "after prayerful consideration and a lot of discussion ith the familyyi concluded that i believe i can be an effecttve voice and a decisive role in helping get true public servants elected to officer, not just in the presidency, but we have thirty-three senate seats coming up, eehave a house of representatives we need to strengthen in numbers, conservatives that understand we have tt get back on the right track econooically here, and governor's seats around the nation. i believe i can be an effective voice for some positive change in these positions. and i apologize to this decision, i've been
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couple of houus ut i believe step back, they willltake a understand why the decision was made and reaaly youudon'tt ccuntry. the former y. alaska governor still has a political action committee to kkep her busy. palin's announcement cooes juut after new jersey goveenor ccris christie... said hh will not run for the white house. a natioonide protest... alled "oocupy wall street"... is exploding innsize.take a look at this crowd that gathered in new york wednesday... to &pprotest the sagging u-s economy.demonstraaors say they're fed up with high greed.similar protests are popping up in other cities... including one that was here in baltimore. congresswoman gabrielle gifforrs will be in wwshington today for her husband's astronaut and naay caatain mark kelly willlbe honored at of service.besiies his years r as an astronaut... kelly piloted 39 combat missions
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during operationndesert storm with thh navy.congresswoman giffords is sttll receiving therapy for a gunshot wound to the head that nearly killed her... when a guman opennd fire... at a grocery storee ...where sheewas hhlding a meeting. coming up onnthe early edition... a cockeysville man is in jail this morning... accused of rapiig a hild.. for over two years... 47:49 that's terribll thaa's terrible thht reallyyis he needs to be put away forever. forever.but that's not all.. find out the áotherá serious crimes against children... the &ppan was accused of... just days before. before. ó?oñíí 3
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3after being delayed by weather... engineers are phe
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damage done by the 5 poont 8 harnessed to the monuuenn climbing up and down... inspeccing every inch of the iconic structure's exterior. alll555 feet..he ngineers removed loose stones and mortar that were shaken loose ((2-shot toss to wwather)) ((ad lib meteorologist))
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33 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fiber map old court map
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3 3
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3 still to come... 3are you member of cost co?if so... your membership is aboot to much ore youull be paying to buy in bulk. bulk.50 it's not a good feeling you don't even want thht in your neighborhood but first.. a man is behind bars... accused of raping a yoong girl for years.where he supposedly brought the young girl... and the other facing. ((bump out)) ((bbeak 2)) [ female announcer ] having grands! biscuits in the morning is easy. just pop 'em in... then go about your business... and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits. grands! warm ideas made easy. ♪ in the rhythm of my weekday flow ♪ ♪ something new -- ooo! ♪ just what i want ♪ prepared for me and ready to go ♪
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♪ taste...mmmm a brand new morning ♪ [ female announcer ] new pillsbury egg scrambles. ♪ a brand new morning a cockeysville man remains
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in jail ... after a young girl tells policc hh's been raping her for the past two years. crime and justice reporter joy lepola says.... just days bbfore hiss arrest.... the same maa was facing child abuse charges. charges. ((pkg)) 45:50 it's not aagood feeling you don't even want that in your neighborhood delores mccaster has lived in ttis cockeysville neighborhood for almost 40 years. 45:19 now we have large kids school kids everything! here children can play without worries or so in jail... accused f raping a ten year old girl over two year period.47:49 that's terrible that's terrible ttat away forever. police arrested
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37 year old phillii weaver the same day he entered a diversion program in baltimore coonty to avoid prosecution on unrelated child buse charres. a new set of charges a new vvctim... this time police say the abuse was ssxual ann lasted or two years. 7:05 a phild is innoccnt sheeor e they don't know danger you know they're just children that's all hey see no danger court docuuents show the child was brooght here to this hotel in aberdeen. owners however deny they have any record of phillip wwaver every staying at the hotel. in an email... uper eight's parent companywrote... "we do not we are nnt in a positiin to comment on the allegation." police and prosecctors aren't a woman at the residence ons. weevvr listed in cockeysville
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also didn't want o talk. tonightt, weaver remains in custody behinddbars. his bond has been set at a million lepola fox 45 news baltimore couuty prosecutors are looking iito whether they can re-charge weaver as a baltimore city is restt uuging women o report sexual assaults and they've unveiled a new hotline number to call. call.mayor stephanie pawliigs-blake announced the number for women who are hotline is part of campaagn called "rape is not your fault." it's part of the city's response to a report last year... that reveaaed almost "a third" of rape cases were ulee "unnouuded" by city police. 3 we hope that peopll will readd these campaign posters, aybe help when something like this phe mayor sid the number of unfounded rape cases is down 92 perccnt this year. victtms
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assault an call the city's 24-hour .... ssven-day-a- week hotline at 443--79-0379. straight ahead... if you're a "friendly's" fan... you might have to get your ice cream fix elsewheee. the financial trouble the ice cream restaurant is facing... ((break 3)) [ female announcer ] at, you can choose your channel package.
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because there's never been a better time p jobs numbers are up... buu america's workforce continues to struggle... shopping at cost-co is gonna cost you... and as dennis kneale expllins... the ... he ice creaa shop. shop. kneale says (on cam): "it's all about jobs..." a key &psector adding 91 thousand job last month. that's morr than expected. but planneddlayoofs last month spiking to their highest leeel pn more than two years. cutbacks by the u.s.
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america... leaaing that downturn. and the sector employing 90 percent oo oor workforce still truggling ... ammrica's service industry expanding at a slower pace in september. all this coming ahead of he government's september jobb repoot... ut on friday. meantime going to costco... is going to cost ya. startinn in november... ameeicc's largest wholesale retailer is raising its membership fees by 10 percent. trying to raise cash to pay phe cold economy putting the freeze on friendly's. thee ce cream restaurant chain milk shhaes filing for ble - bankruptcy... and plosinn 63 of its nearly 500 stores.kneale says (onncaa): "that's businees. i'm dennis kneale." cominn up... t's a caaolina man!ue... for a north man!nats!! nats!!racing around the speedway!but find out thee disablity this man has.. that him ffom behind the wheel!
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