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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 8, 2011 10:30pm-11:05pm EDT

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still nobody getting loose for the rangers in their bullpen. >> terry: i can hear the phone ringing from up here, though. you'll see somebody get up in a second here. >> joe: here they go. >> joe: ogando starts to get loose. two on, one out. that's six in a row, that pitch from c.j. wilson. here is ogando with a switch-hitting victor martinez on deck.
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dangerous pitch. instead it's ball three. >> terry: cabrera is not even flinching. he is not taking all the way there. he's just seeing the ball really good. >> joe: cabrera get out of the box. walked ten feet up the line and now gets back in. the count is 3-0. on the inside corner. cabrera looked ready swing. it's 3-1. good pitch on 3-0. >> joe: inside, to load them
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up. >> terry: this is where the victor martinez factor comes in. he's a professional hitter and they didn't want cabrera to beat him. but now they're sitting here with bases loaded. >> joe: ogando trying to get ready in a hurry. last year, big weapon out of the pen for rangers. this year, starter. he has been good out of the pen this post season. here is victor martinez. >> joe: swing on a borderline pitch over the inside corner. hit .500 this year with the bases loaded.
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>> terry: you can see he doesn't want to throw the fastball. he wants it to have some kind of cut to it. >> joe: detroit down by two. fifth inning. game one. strike two. [ applause ] >> terry: got to believe he's pitching right now to save the game. he has to be one hitter away from just -- with righties on deck, they've got to be thinking about going to ogand ogando. >> joe: bases loaded, one out. that gets away. here comes austin jackson to make it a one-run game. 3-2, as that one got away from the catcher napoli.
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>> terry: that changes the sequence. where is the infield play? you have good speed to third. >> joe: it's scored a wild pitch. that ball hit the glove before it hit the dirt. one run game, second and third, one out and a 1-2 count. >> terry: even though victor is down in the count, this is where he is so good. he puts the ball in play here. >> joe: raburn at third, down at second is cabrera. erase that pitch. he fouled it back. high delivery. still 1-2. victor martinez led the league in hitting with runners in scoring position has done since the last week of july.
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>> terry: texas is the team that runs. they'll take the tie. they don't want to give up the second run. >> joe: wilson. looks the runner third back and gets the out two away. [ applause ] missed chance for victor martinez. and now magglio ordonez is coming up. we go pitch-by-pitch. he got that borderline strike to start the at-bat. the one that got away to score the run. and then this one got out number two. >> terry: victor got his a pitch he could handle. and didn't hit it. this is interesting because you are loading the bases to face a left-hander, but you also got a guy on the mound if he gets behind in the count,
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you are probably taking away a pitch, one of his best pitches. >> joe: he walked two in the inning already. i know you want to get c.j. wilson through five. you can make a case if ogando against magglio ordonez give --t ordona. >> terry: that's something they're discussing in the dugout. this has got to be his last inning. >> joe: lefty on lefty after this loads them up. and here comes the rain. it is pounding down. >> terry: if he gets behind in the count now, you are going to take away that breaking ball down, the one he just threw for the wild pitch of the fastball, because that's the last thing they want to do. and here we go. >> joe: they're going to
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bring the tarp back on the field. after a 41-minute delay, we're going to have another. we've played 13 minutes. the tigers got two runs. they have the bases loaded, two out. there is verlander. we finally see justin. >> terry: this will be really interesting. if this lasts any time at all, when they go back out, if they go out and get somebody like koji uehara or darren oliver to snuff this out and then go to ogando. >> joe: because those two are good against left-handers. >> terry: very good. uehara in my opinion, he throws all strikes. he has dominated left-handers. probably just what you want in that situation. and a reliever. ogando hasn't been relieving
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this year. that is a tough situation to bring that kid in to. >> joe: if you want to read lips of justin verlander, he is saying to jim leyland i'm good. >> terry: i have a feeling jim leyland is probably going to listen to him at least for a while. >> joe: rain lightens up a bit. >> terry: this is taxing on pitchers, though. we waited 45 minutes. he went and warmed up again and now he has to do it all over again. that starts to affect them in the next start. >> chris: it's also taxing on the grounds crew. >> terry: it sure is. and first year announcers. >> joe: first game! we talked about alexi ogando. he was getting ready in the bullpen. ♪ and against the tigers this year, he went 3-0.
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great numbers. three earned runs in 21 innings pitched. they had to slow him down at the end of the regular season. skip him for a start. but a guy who was a huge part of the bullpen last year as the rangers got to the world series is going to be a big part of this again here in 2011. >> terry: he got out of the get a so quick this year and he did so well, but then his innings started to accumulate to a point where they needed to slow him down a little bit. >> joe: that is funny. we got one burst of heavy rain. we would probably be playing with the rain as it is right now. but now the tarp is on the field. the team teams are still hanginn out the dug-out. still in the top of the fifth inning, bases loaded, two outs. let's go back to our weather central and check in again with rick. it's all yours.
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give us good news, please. >> you know, i do have a little bit of good news, joe. you have seen it there. a small cell that is passing right over the park right now and behind it you can see the lighter shades of green. that is lighter rain. some of that rain isn't even reaching the ground. we'll be teased throughout the night with the cells, the sudden bursts and then it dries out again. most of the heaviest activity is staying to the west of interstate 35. right here, you can see all the red and orange. those are intense thunderstorms and they should stay west of the ballpark. >> joe: all right. good. so that is good news. it has all but stopped again. the grounds crew right now is at the ready. if tim welke says pull it off and it kind of feels like that could happen shortly, they'll rip that thing off and we'll get back to playing here in this top of the fifth inning. so we'll take a break.
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prime. perform. recover. >> joe: not much rain falling here in arlington, texas, but we're under the second rain delay with rangers up 3-2 over the tigers in game one of the alcs. top of five, bases loaded. two outs. with alex avila at the dish. chris rose, rejoined by the white sox two-time all-star catcher a.j. pierzynski. and eric karros, unfortunately, you have to say something in the rain delay. >> welcome back. >> i was going to get ice cream. it's interesting to see what wash does after rain delay. i have to bring in alexi
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ogando. he was warming up. avila 0-6 with two strike-out. the game is in the balance here. >> i'm going with the ageless one. darren oliver. lefty on lefty. alex struggled against c.j. wilson this whole year. but wash may run c.j. wilson back in there. >> chris: but this isn't the regular season. it's not about patting the stats. >> a.j.: he wants a win. >> eric: you have responseability to 25 guys in the clubhouse and a responseability to the fans right now. this is not about the individual stats. ogando has had tremendous success against the tiger ball club. wash told us prior to the game. he would use him in any type of situation. this is the perfect situation. >> chris: alexi ogando as you pointsed out in pre-game show, three wins against the tigers. rangers, three wins this year. >> could he make it four? >> chris: he could if he gets out there. >> he could get the win. he would get it. 4-0. >> chris: let me throw this
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at you, because we are seeing rain shower, breakage and rain shower. does ron washington start thinking do i use a guy i only want to use for one batter? ogando is a guy he can stretch out for a couple of innings is that a possibility? >> that's why darren oliver is the choice for me. if i don't want to use c.j. wilson, go darren oliver. he doesn't age. 40-something years old and gets lefties out with a cutter and good curveball. juan manuel alvarez, basejuan mu know he will throw it over. no choice for me. >> we talk about the rangers but what about detroit? does verlander go back out? >> chris: you saw him mouth to jim leyland i'm good. >> i heard him say he wanted to pitch against the yankees in game five. >> no way. >> how do you run verlander out there? this is the warming up, the sitting down, the warming up. that will impact him for the next start besides this one. >> chris: by the way, he hasn't thrown a pitch in this game in more than an hour.
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c.j. wilson has at least been out there. right? >> no way he goes back out. >> chris: do we have a shot of justin verlander? watch this. "i'm good. i'm good, skip." >> he can say he's good as he want but i'm not running him back out there. >> who are you? jim leyland or ron washington? >> a.j.: i'm going to play both right now. be both sides. not predicting the tigers to win but don't send justin back out there we need him for the long series. >> eric: "we"? >> a.j.: we, we, we. >> chris: the tigers still have to pitch at least four more innings in this game. do they go to a guy if verlander is not available like brad penny who hasn't thrown a pitch since september 25? or a left-hander like phil coke to give you some length. he has been a starter at times this year. where do they go if they don't bring back verlander? >> porcello or brad penny. go with somebody to give you more than one inning. if he gives you more than one inning you can match up in the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth.
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but get someone to get you to sixth or seventh. phil coke was a starter earlier in the year but a matchup left issue. schlereth, matchup lefty. benoit, righty. perry, coming out of the pen for an inning at a time. that's what you have so it's penny or porcello. >> chris: get an update on justin verlander. ken rosenthal, what do you have? >> ken: jeff jones, the pitching coach told me it looks like justin verlander is done. if you go to what mike maddux told us about the rain delay and 60-minute rule for c.j. wilson, they weren't going to bring him back after an hour, this is well over an hour for verlander. he was throwing underneath the stands here in a batting cage but it looks like it's it for him. >> chris: ken rosenthal, reporting from the tigers' dugout. we appreciate it. i don't want to look too far ahead in the series but verlander has thrown 82 pitches. he didn't throw under 104 in any regular season start this year. is there any possibility we see him start game four of the series? >> i don't think there is any
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way. the idea of verlander he has to get rest. if you bring him back in game four, only way you do that is if you are down 3-nothing. i'm not sure i do it anyhow, because you have to win with other guys. to me, verlander stays on regular rest. it's a 3-2 ballgame. we have opportunity to win this game. >> chris: that's what jim leyland told us. he won't pitch 1-4-7. he will go 1-5. >> a.j.: but things change and he only threw 82 pitches. if they need him, he will be back for game four. if the they're down 2-1 and in detroit and needs to win, and rick porcello takes the mound now, you will see verlander out there. >> chris: you don't have an ulterior motive do you, use up the bullets in 2011 so you don't see him in 2012? >> a.j.: so i don't see him six times like this year? >> chris: just checking. ken rosenthal, busy bee in the tigers' dug-out. who do you have? >> ken: brandon inge, the tigers' third baseman. brandon, how frustrating is this for you guys? mounting a rally and the rain starts again. >> player: it's part of baseball.
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we dealt with it in new york, too. it came out fine in new york. maybe we can mount another comeback. i don't know. might work out good for us. i don't know if c.j. is coming back out. lefty on lefty so it might work out in our favor. >> ken: how about if justin won't come back either? >> player: if you leave it up to him, he comes back up. but you have to look down the road. it's playoffs and you take it one game at a time. i don't know. tough call. we don't know what we will do yet. >> ken: let's talk about your season a little bit. went to triple-a rather than accept release from the tigers. you have wanted to be with this team. tell me why you did that? >> player: i been here for a long time. made friends and family along the way. i didn't want to give up on the ball club. it's no one's fault by my own the way i was hitting. i figure i may as well go down and put in hard work and fix the swing to get back. it didn't want to give up on the guys, didn't want to go out that way. >> ken: you told me you wanted to show your children that quitting is not the way to do it.
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>> player: yeah. looking back, i'm glad i did it way i did it. no matter how the season turns out. it didn't quit. i wasn't, i wouldn't teach that to my kids. i don't like people quitting things. trying to represent my kids the way i would want them to do things. things >> ken: your kids are on your tattoos. show them. >> player: tyler and chase. >> ken: pretty good. you told me they said what happened? did you get traded to the toledo mudheads? they are young kids and they didn't get it. >> player: they didn't get it at that point, which is okay. they thought i got a different team to get traded to. i left it at that. a different team. i guess they're right. kids pick up on more than we think we do. they like the mud hen. it looks like a chicken. >> ken: last thing, what about the resumption here once you get going again? you got to wilson. how do you see the game playing out? obviously with the bullpen it's a problem. >> player: at this point it's who scratches and claws their way to the top in this
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one. pure determination. we know how momentum goes in the post season do what you can here. not easy to deal with, but whoever will come and grind out at-bats. >> ken: thank you. chris, back to you on the set. >> chris: kenny, thank you very much. we're still under rain delay. rangers lead the tigers 3-2 in game one of the alcs. the rain seems to be coming down a little bit harder. bases loaded for detroit. top of five. two outs. a very exciting series so far in the earlygoing of the alcs coming on the heels of a remarkable round one of the post season. in fact, there were 20 possibly games to be played in the first round. we saw 19. three of the four series went the distance. the only one that didn't, the rangers beat the tampa bay rays in four games. top two records in baseball, phillies, yanks, they're watching us right now. the first time since 2005 that no eastern division team has
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advanced to the alcs. how good was the first round of the post season? why don't you see for yourself. here are the best plays from the first round of the playof playoffs. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the collision and napoli can't hold on! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> score! home run! delmon young breaks the tie! ♪ ♪ >> a swing and a miss. got him on strikes. >> strike three called. >> 11 strike-outs for justin
10:54 pm
verlander. >> konerko, that's gone. a grand slam! cann, don't you know! >> it's history! >> hits one deep to right field. >> number three for adrian beltre. >> granderson dives and makes a fabulous catch. >> in the air. right centerfield. grand slam! ♪ >> the drive. grand slam! four straight home games they've hit a grand slam! ♪ ♪ >> we're going to smash up the middle. base hit to center. the brewers win! ♪ the brewers are moving on! wow! what a way to finish this one! ♪ ♪ >> chris: we'll have more on game one of the nlcs which
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starts tomorrow in milwaukee in just a bit. but as the rain continues to fall here in arlington, texas, we send it back down to ken rosenthal, who is standing by with joe torre. >> ken: [ no audio ] >> chris: well, apparently ken rosenthal was using the microphone that eric karros was using earlier, so we'll try to clear that up. listen, it's technology. that sort of stuff happens when it's raining outside. hopefully we'll hear from kenny and joe torre in a bit. once again, rejoined by a.j. pierzynski and eric karros. up here on the set. guys, as we are in a rain delay here in game one of the alcs, let's talk a little bit more about game one of the nlcs between the cardinals and the brewers. n.l. central rivals, they split 18 regular season meetings. it's going to be zack greinke throwing the ball for
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milwaukee in game one against jamie garcia, the left-hander for cardinals. how do you see the series? >> eric: no love lost between the teams. i think it goes seven games. right now you can't pick against the cardinals. everything seems to be going their way. the whole idea of philadelphia beating at least the last three games of the season. st. louis playing well. getting in. and then ironically eliminating philadelphia. tony la russa, albert pujols, they're working their magic right now. >> a.j.: the two teams honestly, they hate each other. njjer morgan, tony plush, they don't like each other. they've had boon ball wars and done it all. i like milwaukee. you put me on here so e.k. and i can disagree. the homefield advantage and the way they play at home, zack greinke pitching at home i like the brewers. >> chris: the brewers are 16-0 when greinke starts a game at home this year. you are talking about tony plush, nyjer morgan. he tweeted in september, st. louis cardinals enjoy watching the playoffs at home.
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i guess they'll enjoy watching the playoffs in front of them. the cardinals are going to remember that, aren't they, eric? >> eric: no question, they will remember it. that will be bulletin board material. >> a.j.: knowing tony la russa there will be a ball thrown at morgan in the series. >> chris: even in the playoffs. >> a.j.: absolutely. >> chris: ken rosenthal turned on the microphone. that is good news. he is standing by with joe torre. >> ken: thank you. it's raining really hard right now. where do we stand with this game? >> right now, you're right. it's raining hard. what we're going to try to guard against from here on out is, you know, when it stops go out there and get it. because you are going to burn a lot of pitchers. right now, we are looking at a radar screen that has the little cells all, you know, separated. then there is green behind it, which is good news. so we're going to try to wait for all of the cells to disappear. we see clear green, we go back out there. otherwise, we're just going to sit tight and just see how long we can wait.
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again, we are going to try to do the sensible thing, you know, hour wise. but we're not there yet. >> ken: what happens if we can't resume? >> if we can't resume, we pick it up right here, bases loaded, top of the fifth, two out and we'll play tomorrow. same thing, as we did in new york. they'll pick it up and situation the top half of the fifth inning. the fans are sitting in the stands will, you know, certainly have the ability to come back. >> ken: joe, thank you very much. chris, back to you. >> chris: kenny, thank you very much. joe torre earning his alcs seal of approval this evening. i like how he is breaking it down. interesting. the rain continues to fall in texas. we'll keep you updated. after a short break. we'll send it out to your late local news. updates on the resumption of game one in the alcs throughout the evening. keep it here on fox. big changes for the o's.
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