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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 12, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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a t-s-a agent.... the disturbing details he admitted to police. 3 its a tremennous waste of human capital of human capiial &pits a tremendous waste of human capital ann.. it's called unemployment dissrimination. why it could soon be illegal.. to not hire omeone.. ecause they're unemployed. 3 3 today is wednesday, october 12th.
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3 p, pap fiver map
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a t-s-a security screener
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is off the ob... charged with possessing hild pornography. detectives ssy they found movies and imagessof young childrenninvolved in ssxual acts on 41-year old michaal scott wilson's home computer. megan gilliland is ivv from b-w-i airport where he will not be reporting to work today. today.good morninggpatrice, wwlson has been suspended froo his job working security hhre at b-w-i pending the outcome of this nvestigation.but he isn'ttdenying he has a probbem. problem..hen detectives seized computers from his perry hall home... where he lives with his wife... wilson admitteddto the officers that he found the images of young girl's... old... involved in sexuua acts withhother childden and aduuts... sexually wilson admited he couldn't stop himself from viewing child pornographyy 2:27:18 there are a ton of kids in he neighborhood right
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around that age in this neighborhood. i have a foor year old son so 4 years old that's babies(tara) 2:27:58 it'' a terryifing thought for s. sure.espeeiallyy since wilson pad contact ith young children at work.the images of patting downn children at airportss.. outraged ammricans. while police continue to investigate... the tts-aa issued this stttement.... "the allegations against this indiiidual in no way reflect on the outstanding job our more than 50,000 seeurity officers do every day..." wilson is out on bond.but again, he haa been suspended frommworking from the airport, megan gilliland homicide detectivee are .. - investigating a fatallshooting. street around 11-20 yesterday the hhaa. he was taken to the hossitallwhere he died. no word n suspects or a motive. 3&the main suspect innthe
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disappearance of a maryland free.gary giordano's attorneys have filed an appeal for their client's iimediate release, pending any trial.giordano is being held in the presumed death of 5-yyar-old robyn gardner, who he traveled to aruba with back in july. piordano deeiis any wrong doing and claims tte frederick woman was swept out to sea while snorkeling. her body has &pnot beennfound. 3 &pan update now oona sory yoo saw "first on fox."the fight over a church's plans for aa homeless shelter for men in a dundalk eighborhood ... is neighborhood... and tte community wanted to keep it that way. neighbors have een fighting for weees to keep the shelter out. the dundalk united methodist church is part of a program called &p"streets of hopp." it's ann alllance of churches ppoviding winter shelter at otating locationn for homeeess men in baltimore county. 16 homeless men ere supposed to moveeinto the church's
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parsonage oo dunmore road. p but after protests from the community hose plans are called off.. .the shelterr won't open.... and neighboos are calling it a victory. (ms. saradin/neiihbor) we won in a way, but i feel sorry that it had to haapennthe way it did. it wassall wrong. it was done forrthe right reason but it was wrongg thissis such a niic neighborhood." program directors say the shelter has been moved to a more... in their words.. welcoming community. that neighborhood aad sponsoring church want to remain anonymous. peep maryland healthy... by increasing the cost of one group in our state is pushing hard. hard.the maryland health iniative hosted by a-a-r-p maryland... kicked off their cammaign tuesday, whhch aims to buiid the public's support of a hike in the state's tobacco tax. that tax would add another dollar on top of tte existing 2 dolllrs a pack tax. hundreds of organizattons havv joined forces in an effort to ut down on smoking... using the money for health care.
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"whaa we hope s that more annd more people will not smoke because that will save lots f money and reduue health care co" cost"over the past decade maryland's smoking rate has dropped by 32 percent. sspporters ay they're confident a tax hike will cct doon on the number of smokers and improve the overall health of marylanders. "occcpy wall street" packs up camp... and hits the streets in new york. york. protesters are march." it's a tour that cce-o's alonn the upper eastt - includdng billiooaire - news corp chairman upert york has a millionaire's tax and the protesters say they're againnt that tax expiring at the end 3& mos says: "the people who are tax cuts are these folks, the - wealthiest people in new york state,,we're about to handd over $5 billion to the top 1% of new yorkerss" porkers."bloomberg says: "our
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city depends on jobs the provide, and that's one offthe industries people complain movement in it's 26th day... and has spreadd throughout he country. end war now... end war now... now... mooe than 100 "occupyy protesterssmade it inside the hart senate office bbilding in washington d-c. pairs withhunfurled banners.6 protesters were arrested. a new ttavel alert is out after an lleged assaasinatioo plot was foiled on u-s soil. federal officials say elements of the iranian government directed the plot to kill saudi arabia's ambassador to tommy andres reports... the state americann abroad this could be a sign of "more aggressive" terrrr activity, speaaheaded by iran. --repooter pkg-as folllws -- for 12 dayy, investigators
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interrogated this man, manssor he confessed to an alleged murder-for-hire scceme.he's a nnturalized u-s citizen -- who appeared in a newwyork ourt yesterday after his arrest last onth.fedeeal officials say he worked witt a member of a foiled plot to kill audi arabia's ambasssdor to the u-s. in a worrd where borders adde boundaries are innreasingly &pirrrllvant. a worlddwhere individuals from one country sought to coospire with rug in another country to on u.s. soil.. thee-f-b-i iall- says the suspects were ready to spend one-point five million dollars to hire what they believed was a mexican the ammasssdor.but an to kill - exposed the plot.u-s officials now say they willl ake up the to seek new saactions against normss must be ended."a onal
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spokesman for the ranian president saas there is no truth to accusations his countryywas involvedd"i think the u.s. government s busy fabricating a new government is busy "i think tte u.s.. government is busy fabricating a new scenario...i think theirr goal is to reach the american public. they want tootake tte public's mind off thh serious domestic problems they're them with fabricated problems outside the country." i'm tommm andres, rrporting. u-s officialsssay the alleged citizen... gholam shakuri... is still at large.both suspects are accuseddoo consppraay to murder a foreign official... conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and onspiracy to commit an act of teerorism. a u-s marine is dead... and two others hurt... following a car aacident near a military base in virginia.police say the car hit a formation of 47 running tuesday.lieutenant out 3
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colonel matthew morgan says whaa makes this trrgedy worse... it that it was all preventable. "we know we can and ooten do lose marinns in combat. wwen you're training here and doing sommthing as simple as out ffr a run in he morning its something youudon'ttexpect &pyou don't the morning its simple as out for a run in the morning its something you don't expect and it adds to event."the naval criminal " investigative service is now investigating the accidenn. a trip through a corn maze... turns into an terrifying experienne one family will never forget. forget.911 caller : we thought this would be fun instead it's a nightmaae. nightmare.after gettingglost 10-feet in the mmddle of a massaahusetts orn maze... the they didn't want to have to go - through the ress of the mazee to get to thh end.they wanted out... right nnw. 911 caller::i'm really scaree. its really dark and we'veegott dispatcher : "just relax, calm down, your husband is with youu my baby! baby!pollce dogs found the
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family about 25-feet inside the maze.the farm owners say the maze usually takes about an hour toocompleteewhen the free ticketssto come back and pplitely declined. the next big thing in space is being built inn baltimore right now.........and you can see it. at least a full-scale model of it. it. joel d. smith is live at tte maryland science center with a replicc of the james webb telescope. good morning joel dd ggoo morning patrice. 3
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3 3 p, ccming up on the early edition... president obama's jobs bblll s a " no - go" for now... the mmtion is not agreed to." to."why the senate didn't pass plans to do next.. in ordee for it tooeventually pass. pass.
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still to come... tough times for wall street... they're firing many people in the financiaa industry... will beetrying to find a new job. job.on this vote the ayes are 50 the nays are 49 49the president'' jobs bill is switched their vote at the last minute... and what the president intends to do next. ((bump out)) 3((break 2)) ((bump out)) 3((break 2))
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woman: working in public relations is not for the faint of heart. i love what i do, i enjoy the work, but it's a very hectic pace. ♪ don't want to miss a thing strayer university met my needs in terms of my family, my work/life balance. the fact that leading companies are hiring strayer graduates is impressive, but it's not surprising. these companies want us so badly. [ laughs ] i'm felicia blow, and i earned my m.b.a. from strayer university. two democratt and all 46
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republicans in tte senate have voteddagainst advancing obamm's 447 billion dollar jobs bill. ainsley earhardtt has more on the details ooer this controversial ill and whh it may have failed. failed. (take pkg)obama says: "riggtt
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now, our economy needs a joltt presidenn ooama addreesed a union crowd in pittsburgh, biil.obama says: the senate of the united tates has a chancc to do sometting about the american jobs act." pesppte his best efforts, conggessional leaders have voted to kill the legislation.. nats: "on thii ote the ayes are 50 the nays are 49...the agreed to." 60 votes were needed. some republicans have called the proposal anothee failed economic stimulus attempt.lee says: "we have to remember this presideet has brought us 800 billions in stimulus spending, 4 trillion in new debt nd that has given up .1 percent unemployment,,these &pproblem /// the president's job bill would haae given us more of those failed policies" the tally had bben 51-48... but senate majority leaaee harry reid switchhe his vote to "nay" so that he could force a future revote.
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while lawmakers are in clear disagreementtover obama's jobs bill... something many do agree on is approving tradee agreements with colombia, panama and sooth hopes of boosting the economy. hatch says: "approval o these three trade agreements will finally exporters"baucus says::"all those in favor say aye, (senators: aye) those oppooee &pno. the ayes have it and the bill is reported."(anchor tagg president obama is not putting annend to his quest of he says he's prepared to &ppreak it into pieces and tty to pass job-creation bill that way. in new york, ainsley earhardt, fox news. ssraight ahead... a football fan and looking to invest?theeteam that's willing p(break 3)) ♪
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protesters occupying wall &pwall street ii hurting...the financial industry expecting to shee nearly 10 thousand more jobs by the end of next year.add it all up... and it totals 30 thousand ink slips
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sinne the recession hit. meantime...keep an eye on the dow component kicking off the earnings season witt quarrerlyyprofits below expectatiins.alcoa saying faaling aluminum prices and fears over the ggobal economy taking its oll on its business but small businesses are finally feellng more confident. optimism rising for the first time in 7 months.and more cheeseheads can now gobble up a ieee of the green bay packers.the n-f-l's onny publlcly-owned team planning a pop before the enn of this - year.the superrbowl champs lookinggto raise moony for renovations to their 55-year old stadium.that's business. coming up... this deer wasn't caught in and it's all caught oontape! the damageethe animal caused... and who as ffnally able to get him out! out! hey!
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