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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  October 13, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 thursday, october 13th. 3
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an amber alert has been issued... forrmiisiig 11-year- old boy from germantown. germantown.poliie believe he's in danger... after they went to his homee.. and founddhis mother dead. this is a piituue of the boy we're talkinggabout... william mcquian.hees described as 5 feet tall... with brown hair, brown eyes... and light brown skin.william was last seen september 30th at his home on briarcliff terrace in germantown. police are not telling us if he has been missing thht whole time... but they nnw believe he is in danger following the murderrof his mother last
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night. 51-year old jane mcqain was found dead at hat same address around 8 o'clock. her car s the one that ii missiig... leading police to believe that william might be in it. this is what the vehicle's a black 001 has maryland tags.. 5-. 5-a-g-9-4-0-5.anyone who sees that vehhcle... or has any other information about this case... should contact police a 6-year-old rosedale irl is recovering this morning... after a viscous pitbull attack. it happened while she was outside playing.neighbors say family members of the young - girl are now pushing to have community. :49:12 they are entitled to and theyyre also entitled to paying the ccnsequences for these ttpes of dogs. call... mommnts after -1 g..- saturday's bizarre bleach attack at an aabutus wal-mart.
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in it... you hear a frantic who witnessed the attacked. attacked.(ááánats up full: "theee's a fight in the middle oo wal mart on washington blvd.. you need to get some radio cars up theee quick.....ááá)(áááánats up full: "walmart on washington blvd. sir? yes ma'am. are there any weapoos involved? no, but they're ussng chemicals to throw at each other."ááá)(ááánats up full: i'm nnt stickinn around. i just walked by.."ááá) by.."ááá)the toxic fight sent at leass 188 eople in the old theresa jefferson is year charged in the case.she is thousand dollars baal. baltimore is ranked as one of the top five "rattiest" cities in couutry. country. pheefindings are from a survey... based onninnerviews with residdnts. 71-percent reported seeing a mouse or rat at least once in names 'downtown' s the most y rat-infested neighborhood in the city....folllwed byyfells point and the inner harbor. 3 "we are fighting ff the us and eventually they come to - bettee neighborhoods..." neighborhoods..."
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the survvy also says more people fear mice and rats... more than snakes and roaches. hhre's sometting to keep in mind the next time you're heading to the bedroom. can be forgettable or mind-blowing... but for some people... it's both. both.accooding to a nee study in the journal of emergencyy can make you forgetful.researchers say it's a rare condition wherr a &pperson's memory suddenly disappears after sex.but they're not sure why this happe. happens.people with the so- called "trrnsient global amnesia" suffer no side effects. their meeoryyusually returns in a few hhurs.
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here's something you''e going time you diaa your significant other. marylanders are getting a new area code. cooe.starting next march, residentt who receive a new phone number on the eastern shore and centtal maryland will et a number starring with the area code 6-6-7..he mmryland public service commission expects all 441-0 exhausted in 20-12. reqqesting new phone numbers. currentt4-1-0 and 4-4-3 numbee will ánotá be affected. it's the spelling bee that will leave you teary-eeed. teary-eyed.((i don't know what's going to happen. i''m about to tear up as we speak. )) ))a oldier surprises his little girl during a spelling b. bee. 3
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--meteorolooist emily gracey is morning's hometown hotspot-- - bobby's burger palaceein
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ccllege park, maryland &popened housing complex the varsity,,bbp presents an array of burgers inspired by bobby's extensive travels throughhut america and his love of the grill in a convenient casual seg setting -3 bobby's burrer palace is on
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baltimore avenue in college
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park.for more information, log on tt fox baltimore dot com slash morning. a soldier returns from iraq... and theee's one personnhe &pwantssto see. see.((nats cheering)) &pcheering))the emotional... an surprise ooe dad plans for his . daughter. [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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qqite the surprise for a 9 year old giil in florida. florida. the bee was actually part of a plan to surprise skylar... whose dad came hhmee from iraq. iraq.on stage... skylar is told o spell the word nts. sh
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dad... aad that's when her dad makes his entrance. ((nats of cheering)) cheering))((áááad libáá)) skylar hadn't seee her dad since llst christmas. johnson is only home ffr nine days. p3 & 3
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map harbor map fiber map old pcourt map 3 does a miniian make you think a rap artist? artist?new research shows your car is a lot like your persooality.... finddout what your car says about you- next! next! youure watching fox 45 good day baltimmre. ((break 3)) & unrí?ñoan8xhpa@txx;  ñ ñ > do you drive a fast car... or
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something more economical? turns out what you drive... says a lot about who you are. are.a recent florida state university study confirms that an automobile's physical characteristics can in fact &pconvey specific pprsonality traits. for example... did you know that cars with angular headlights and elongated
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arrogant vibe? vibe? so what does your car say about you? an expprt at the university of michigan's transportation research institute gives us some examples. let's start with the toyota --- the expert says: they are 'a' to 'b' people.--- means of getting from here to there ... neeer as a source of fun. --minimalists-frugal nissan cube noww... --- young and social--- drivers usually have boooing stereos hondy odyssey... or minivans in parricular. particular.--- lackk cool factor---expert says: the driver is a mom or dad who's not concerned with image. --cadillaccescalade escalade--experts says:
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escalade was a rapper-created phenomenon-- people who buy it don't worry about the price of thhy'rr living large! 3 mmssle cars... like the ford mu. mustang.---for nostalgic baby boomers -- most likely not a baby boommrs only ride... since it's too small for a familyyand doesn't get great gas mileage. --- luxury cars like the b- m -w feel like you're smart and with it.---the owner is considerate.---style conscious. so what's our car perssnaliiy? persooality?we booh took a car while ago... and joel... id your results match what you actually drive? prive? ((ááad lib resultsáá)) if you want to know your car personality... you can go to 3
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select smart dot com backslash car personality. 3 still to come on fox45 good day baltimore... paltimore...((nats of scotty si) singing)) ssotty mccreery's debut album is out... and it's already setttng a reecrd.candacc dold has the details coming up.
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up. 3
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3 3 3
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map fiber map old court map an amber alert has been issued... for missing 11-year- old boy from germaatown. germannown.pooice believe he could be in danger... after they went to his home... and found his mother dead. thississa picttue of the boy we're talking about.... william mcquian.he's described as 5 feet tall... with broww brown skin.williaa was last seen september 30th at his home on briarcliff terrace in germantown. police are not teeling us if he has been missing ttat whole time... but they now believe he is in danger following the murder of his mothhr last &pnight. 51-year old jane
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mcqain was found dead at that her car is the one that is missing... leading police to believe that william might be in it. this is what the vehicle looks's a black 2011 has maryland tags.. 5-. 5-a-g-9-4-0-5.anyone who sees that vehicle... or has any other informatton about this case... should contact police immediately. a ssary scene in east plows into a house.a minivan house.police sayytheemmnivan ran a stop sign and was clipped by an s-u-v.the minivan then slammed into this house on the corner of milton avenue and oliver ssreet.that driver was not hhrt... but the driver of the s-u-v was taken to the ospital with miior injuries. today... engineers will remove cathedral....followinggthe easttcoast of a pinnacle were left damaged... when the quake shook.the pieces weigh an
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removed using a crane. the maryland inttrnational and it is bringing hollywood sttrs to hagerstown. hagerstown. actors stephen lang and robin givens are among the celebritiesexpected at film festival.lang is the star of "gods and generals" a civil war drama scheduled for a screening friday. you might recognnze lang from hii role on the fox show terra nova. givens is doing an acting with loccl high school students. the event rrns through sunday. we just crowned scott mccreery as the winner of american idol 5 months ago... now he's already out with his debbttalbu. album. candace is here to tell us about it and its instaatt success. -the album is titled "clear as day".it was released yesterday-- debuted at number one onnbillboarddtop 200carrie underwood 3 3
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scotty singing cd song -working on this while on tour -we've seen him go from high schooler to household name
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gives a clear picture of who mccreery says: "i was the senior in high school for idol and now i'm he freshman in colllge inncouutry music world so i''e got to work hard nd try to establish mmself with this first album. i sat ith the producerrand said i want to have that traditiooal sound bbt we have to keep it fresh and i think through the songs and the producciin we've done t" that." scotty is now the 3 incredible moments caaght on ca. camera.((buffy, fish benson... fish benson!)) bennon!))from the sweet commodery between to dogs... &pto a freak biking accident with an antelope.... we've got the viieo that'll have you talking coming up. up. 3
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((ad libbmeteorrlogist)) 3 3
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smartphone. mobideals is a producc of oor parent compaay.. sincclir broadcast group. ceeebrity chef bobby flay is him cook some of his fabullus your facebook questions.stay with us. you're watching fox 45 good day &pbaltimore.
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--meteorologist emily gracey is live with the details on this morning's hooetoon hotspot -- bobby's burggr palace in 3 college park, maryland --located within the neely opeeed housing complex the varsity, bbp presents an array extensive travels throughout america and his love of the grill in a convenient casual seg setting
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bobby's burger palace is on baltimore avenue in college &ppark.for ore information, lo sometimes mother nature can bb 3 (("screaminn, sounds falllng")) falling"))coming up... this incredible cliff ccashhng moment... that was ccught on ca. camera.and we've also got your amazing animal video... frrm stunning footage of an antelope that crashes withha helps his own best friend out. - 45 good day baltimore. ((break 7))
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get lab results, see her family medical history, and when she's at the doctor's office, she uses it to remember what to ask before she leaves. it helps trish keep everyone in her clan healthy. even on the go. see for yourself, ♪ aetna. know more. get better. it isstime for caught on camera... this first
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one is pretty stunning.'s a massive cliff and you can also heaa the . &psounds of spectators... s thousands of tonn of rock fell 3 "screaming, sounds falling" falling"--- nortt cliffs in cornwall, england two weeks ago. --- crumbling down and into the water. a geologist was there assessing the situation...when the collapse happened...coassal erosion is to blame. this next hit... must haae beennpainful. painful. a biker takess a direct hit from n antelope.he
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was in second place in a race in south africa until an unexpecteddcollision n the course. -- direct hit from an antelope. --the cyclist was knooked off his bike... ---suffered only a minor concussion and some whiplash. from wildd.. to adorable animals.---two bllck labss buffy and benson. ---benson is deaffso when it's time for the dogs to go inssde buffy has to fetch beeson. 3 ((buffy, fish benson... fish be) benson!)) 3
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3 meteorologist steveefertig will be back next with a look ahead at yoor weekend forecast. we're checking backkin at bobby's burger palace... where ceelbrity chef boobb flay is at this morning. you're watching fox 45 good at this morning. you're watching fox 45 good woman: what does it feel like when a woman is having a heart attack? it can feel like there's a ton of weight on your chest. you could also feel squeezing, pressure, or discomfort. don't make excuses for these symptoms. make the call to 9-1-1. you might also feel shortness of breath. so don't make up an excuse, like, you're out of shape. make the call. did you know feeling nauseous can also mean you're having a heart attack? call 9-1-1. breaking out in a cold sweat is another sign. don't make excuses, like, "it's menopause." make the call. feeling unusual fatigue is another sign -- call 9-1-1.
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and sudden dizziness or light-headedness can mean a heart attack. call 9-1-1. unusual pain in your back, neck, jaw, one or both arms... even pain in your upper stomach are symptoms of a heart attack. so don't make excuses. make the call to 9-1-1 immediately. to learn more, visit ---hotspot---riibon cutting shortly for bobby flay's new
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restaurant -- bobby's burger palace in college park, maryland 3 & áá7 dayyforecastáá 3
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3 ((break 8)) 3
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