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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  October 13, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> tim: ken, reporting that "add on," you are not only trying to add on to solidify your lead over a very tough offense, but again, to take verlander out of the game so he could perhaps come back on sunday if it goes that far. so all sorts of things implicated here in the last couple of innings. >> joe: the fourth time austin jackson has struck out. that brings in ryan raburn, whose two-strike single started the rally last inning. in the air, well-hit into right. off the wall. gone! ryan raburn makes it a five-run game in the seventh. and another home run given up by
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uehara. this is the eighth home run allowed by uehara in his last 24 games. now he bounces one in there to cabrera. you see brandon inge say get some legs, grow feet, and it crawled on out of here. one ball, one strike on cabrera. >> tim: get air under it. >> joe: i'll stop at the first two. >> tim: there are many ways to call it. it's still a home run.
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>> joe: raburn gets his second of this alcs. he's been a valuable guy with the injury to ordonez. brent boesch, who went out with a thumb injury, a ligament issue, missed a big part of the season with his tiger team. it's another injury that nobody talks about, another bat that the tigers lost down the stretch. 3-1 on cabrera. there's a boesch fan. with one out, nobody on, one run home. five-run lead. a walk from uehara. miguel cabrera is on base for the third straight time. mike maddux will go out and talk, with victor martinez coming up.
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i was struck, tim, by what you said the other day. i had never noticed it, but when we went in to talk to that man right there, jim leyland, who is in his sixth postseason, he was looser today than he has been at any other point we talked to him. and his team is facing elimination here tonight, as he's talking to rick porcello, which is kind of interesting. >> tim: yeah, it is. >> joe: but the point about jim leyland is as you said, in the tighter spot, he loosens up and lets his team know that everything is okay. >> tim: he's more vocal in the clubhouse, he's more vocal in the dugout. and when they are up, he's a lot tougher. leo derose was like that. leyland is the same way.
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>> joe: victor martinez looking to pound it. he pops it up. two out. the batter will be don kelly. >> today's game on fox sponsored by fiat, and by liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? >> joe: we continue in the bottom of the seventh. don kelly gets his first at-bat. napoli will trot out and talk about what they plan on doing with kelly in his first at-bat of the game. don took over for delmon young, who homered twice. the lefty, mike gonzalez, gets loose. and now gonzalez is coming in.
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that a new car jerry? yeah... sweet, man. [ male announcer ] the audi a8. named best large luxury sedan. ♪ [ male announcer ] the audi a8. named best large luxury sedan. >> joe: fox tonight, the x-factor is all new as the contestants learn who their mentors are when they travel to judges' homes. runner goes. gonzalez takes over. deals up-and-in. cabrera down to second with two outs. don kelly. >> tim: smart base running play. cabrera realizing that the first baseman was playing behind him and it's a stolen base for
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cabrera. the rangers defense was not indifferent there at all, and he surprised them. >> joe: his second steal of the postseason. the x-factor is coming up, just about right after baseball here tonight. 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central. there's strike number 2. >> tim: the x factor in this game has been the third base bag. >> joe: there's no doubt. that led to it. it was looking like a double-play ball to the left side, and it turned into an rbi double. here's kelly into right. back at the track. cruz hauls it in to end the inning. kelly didn't get it all. question go to the eighth inning. 7-2, the tigers on top after the home run by raburn in the seventh. oh, hi. which cash back booth looks better to you, chase freedom or the largest cashback card?
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[ male announcer ] e-trade. >> joe: once again, tonight's volkswagen passat trivia question. from where is the phrase "round the horn" derive from. it was the only way to get
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between oceans before the panama canal was completed in the early 1900s. one ball, no strikes to beltre leading off. verlander is at 129 pitches on the night. >> tim: the high for the year, against boston, 132 pitches. >> joe: he was really, really helped by a ten-pitch seventh. of course, he had a lot to do with that. phil coke, he's thrown a complete game in the bullpen. >> tim: he was helped by that ten-pitch seventh, but that double-play ball down the third-base line that brandon inge fielded, the biggest defensive play for the tigers tonight by far. >> joe: beltre is 0 for 3. he's hit the ball hard all night and now he strikes out. the change-up got him. one away. strikeout number 8.
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>> tim: notice how verlander has gone to his change-up the last two innings, retiring the side in the sixth inning and now the lead-off hitter here in the eighth -- in the seventh, i should say, and now here in the eighth. >> joe: napoli. walked and singled. strike 1. first-round pick, justin verlander, second overall back in june of 2004. came up in '05. has won 17, 18, 11, 19, 18, 24 here in 2011, and you may ask
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yourself wait a minute, wait a minute, justin verlander was second in the overall pick? who was number one? it was a player who was a shortstop who is now a pitcher. his name is matt bush. signed with the padres, turned into a pitcher and now pitching for tampa bay. >> joe: napoli is on with one out. now verlander, at 130, we will see if that's it. >> tim: tampa bay, at their double-a affiliate in montgomery. he has never pitched or played in the major leagues. can you imagine matt bush, for the rest of his life, he will walk around saying i was chosen before justin verlander. >> joe: verlander is pitching to try to get through this eighth. nelson cruz at the plate. one on, one out. cruz is 0 for 3.
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on deck is murphy. this could be it for verlander. the left-handed batter is coming up. strike 1. and if this is it and he's taken out in the middle of an inning, and if you think you have heard the crowd appreciate a pitching effort before with a guy leaving the mound, you may have a new standard set tonight. 99 on pitch 132. this will set a new career high with 133 pitches. fly ball down the left-field line.
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cruz has another one! a two-run shot by nelson cruz. and that makes it a 7-4 game here in the eighth. that is home run number five for nelson cruz. he has hit every home run the rangers have hit in this series. >> tim: if you watch closely, folks, you will see how a 100 mile-an-hour fastball is turned around. >> joe: now you can listen. [cheers and applause]
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>> joe: phil coke takes over here in the eighth inning. it's a three-run game. remember, jim leyland saying that his setup man, benoit, his closer, valverde, are not available in this game. that may be tested before we are finished. strike 1 on david murphy. 96 from the lefty, coke. coke started this year as a starting pitcher. now he's throwing hard out of the bullpen for detroit. a former yankee. strike 2. good pitch. brad penny on the right. ryan perry on the right. two right-handers.
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back to coke. two out. a 100-mile-per-hour pitch that was knocked out of the park. and nelson cruz was aware that that was a 100-mile-per-hour pitch. >> tim: look at verlander looking. he's zeroed in on cruz. i'll tell you, if i just gave up a home run, i don't care how hardy threw it, and the hitter gave me that, i'm going to get upset. i don't know if he was.
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it's an upsetting gesture, i think. don't know. >> joe: yorvit torrealba will come off the bench. and bat for moreland.t( and torrealba, who has been the starter the last two games, had a single last night, three hits in game three, gets the nod here. ball 1, outside. coke is throwing hard. here's verlander' reaction after nelson cruz hit that home run off the foul pole down the left-field line.
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here's the 1-0. strike 1. here's the next. pulled the string. that's strike 2. top of the order will bat again for the rangers before the end of this game. coke trying to keep it a three-run lead.
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good pitch, good work, phil coke! picks up where verlander left off. we go to the bottom of the eighth. tigers up three. verizon 4g lte. america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 140 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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thank you...todd. >> joe: yorvit torrealba stays in the game. he does the catch. napoli goes from behind the plate to first. and mike adams is on the mound, trying to keep it a three-run game and trying to keep it within reach. 7-4, detroit. peralta first up. ball 1. the rangers will have the top of their lineup in the ninth. kinsler, andrus and hamilton, it appears for now, against coke. peralta 0 for 3 tonight. broke his bat and lined out to left his last time up.
7:27 pm
the breaking ball stays in said. 2-0. 2-1. brandon inge, avila, the next two hitters. coke with a jacket on and trying to stay warm. he's jumping around, jittery on that bench.
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can't wait to get back out there. 2-1. fastball. 2-2. here is the 2-2 pitch. fouled out of playoff to the right. prior to last night the tigers had never blown a lead of two or
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more games by the lead. that happened last night. they will carry at least a three-run lead into the ninth inning tonight. one out in the bottom of the eighth. the playoffs continue tonight on tbs. game four of the nlcs. kyle lohse, randy wolf. that's at 8:00, 5:00 pacific. if necessary, tomorrow night we are on the air at 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific with game six of the alcs. that will be from arlington, texas saturday. if we do play on saturday night, the rangers will be leading three games to two. here's inge. strike 1.


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