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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 15, 2011 10:30pm-11:05pm EDT

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that's foul. where napoli wanted it. 1-2. high heat, 97.
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>> tim: wow. >> joe: and ogando strikes out the side. how about this rangers bullpen? how about ogando? 10-4 into the bottom of the fifth. ♪ dale! ♪ ♪
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[ male announcer ] new st. >> joeafter the two-inning lead, it's been all texas. 10-4 here in game six. trying to win the pennant here tonight and head back to the world series for the second consecutive year, as brad penny takes over. first postseason appearance for penny. it's been a while. and welcome to the game. this ball is hit hard and off the wall by beltre. one pitch and a double. >> tim: talk about a guy who comes up looking fastball out over the plate, gets it.
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and just crushes it. it's like game two when beltre hit the first pitch high fastball off jose valverde. that was when the rangers loaded the bases with nobody out in the ninth inning in a tie game. they eventually won it in the 11th but they failed to score in the ninth. >> joe: now napoli. ball 1. perry did a nice job while he was in there, be a inning and a third. allowed a run. it was not earned. a couple of hits. no walks or strikeouts. good fastball from penny.
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it's 1-1. here's nelson cruz. he grabbed his side in his last at-bat. wants to keep going here tonight. the 1-1. that got avila again. he's laughing about it. that's to keep from crying. it's been a painful postseason. >> tim: nobody knows about that than the guy at the bat. that foul ball right off the right shoulder. it's padded, but a pitch like that goes right through the padding. helps a little, but not much. >> joe: here's home plate umpire earlier talking to avila. >> buddy, how are you? good, good, good. have a good one. don't get hit too much.
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i got this. i'm good. >> i'm getting used to it. >> trying to give him a little bit of time. you are unbelievable. i've never seen anybody get hit as much as you do. >> joe: now napoli hits a two-hopper to peralta for out number 1. the foul tips just pound avila. >> tim: alex's dad, who is the assistant general manager of the tigers, his grandfather ralph avila -- there's al -- alex's grandfather, ralph avila, signing 39 dominican players. just unbelievable. and i mean big-name players. one of the gate -- great scouts
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in the history of the game. >> joe: the ball down-and-out to nelson cruz. hands down the mvp of this alcs. at this point, nelson cruz, in a single postseason series all-time, look at these names, including a long-time texas rangersger, juan gonzales. five home runs. as he gets under this one and fouls it down the left-field line. 2-1.
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ve homers against tigers pitching. the 2-1. hard-hit right at inge. two out. even his outs are loud. once again tonight's volkswagen passatt trivia question, what's the meaning of "the mendoza line" and for which of these two teams did the person based on that phrase once play. batting average around .200, in reference to mario mendoza. a shortstop in the 70s and 80s. had a career average of .215, so
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not .200. he will walk murphy. and mendoza primarily played for the pirates but also spent time with the mariners and texas. in his native mexico he has a nickname in honor of his field be prow wes. >> tim: one of the wonderful guys to play the game over the last several decades. and i always thought it was so unfair, a guy that was a .215 hitter, and everybody identified him with a hitter that hit under .200 for his career and that was not the case. a great guy with a great attitude about the whole thing. >> joe: gentry will walk to the plate. runners on at first and second, two outs. gentry is hitless, 0 for 2, since entering this game back in the nine-run third. he pinch-hit for endy chavez.
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tigers will have the bottom three in their lineup the bottom of the seventh. ball 1 from brad penny, trying to get around that lead-off double. left side, base hit! here comes beltre. the throw by young. not in time. and it's 11-4, rangers in the sixth as gentry gets in on the fun.
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>> tim: brad penny sailed it back up home and that could have been another run scored, as alex avila actually barehanded the throw from delmon young in left field. the one run scores rather easily, adrian beltre. and alex avila, bare hand being the ball. but watch brad penny. he is supposed to be behind home plate. he's not. that leaves all this area back here available if the ball gets by avila and another run scores. >> joe: 11-4. here's kinsler. first and third, two outs. ian with 2 rbi. two runs scored. murphy went first to third. these rangers take an extra base any chance they get. they don't just slug. base hit, and it's 1-4 as
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kinsler knocks in his third of the night. >> tim: kinsler jammed a bit, but over the head of inge to score the twelfth run in this game. >> joe: the biggest lead of the night. elvis andrus at the plate. that gets away and the runners advance. >> tim: we talked about the reputation of the texas rangers, joe. that's the reputation they had when they were in three of four
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post seasons from '96 through '99. they just stood back and slugged. but last year and this year they can pitch, they can hit, and they can run, and they can field. >> joe: dave dombrowski in his tenth year as gm of the tigers. that is foul down the left-field line. he's won it all with jim leyland and the marlins back in '97. regarded as one of the best in any front office across baseball. built the marlins, built the tigers with his friend, jim leyland, and trying to get them back to the world series. they went there in '06.
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two balls and a strike. on the outside corner. 2-2. >> tim: an old devil moon for the tigers. >> joe: here comes the 2-2 from brad penny. andrus spoiled it. >> tim: that's the thing about
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the rangers this year and last year as opposed to a decade ago3 they don't strike out a lot. in fact, they struck out fewer than any other major league team. they are a group of individuals who can put the bat on the ball. they don't just stand back from their heels and launch things. >> joe: here's the 2-2. back up the middle and penny will end the inning with that play, but the rangers get two more and lead by 8 as we go to the seventh. game six. texas trying to end it tonight and head to the world series. back after this from your local fox station. p the best competeeon
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>>oe: it is game six here tonight in arlington, texas. top of the seventh inning, and a 12-4 game. ogando back to the hill. he struck out the side in the sixth. got around a one-out hit by victor martinez. ball 1 inside to alex avila. avila, inge and santiago. >> tim: going to test your telestrator skills. see if you are in postseason
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form. >> tim: i'm ready for it, pal. >> joe: out of play, one ball, one strike. neftali feliz will start throwing a rock around the bullpen. a weighted ball. here's the 1-1. good, tight breaking ball from ogando. strike 2. >> tim: every time you see a closer with a weighted ball, you think of mariano rivera. he doesn't throw it, but it's one of his exercises. feliz, one of the best in the game. >> joe: and young, only 23. how about the combo of feliz and ogando? between them they can throw 200 miles per hour. here's the 2-2.
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avila plunks one to second. kinsler has time. okay, tim, here we go. one out in the seventh. the playoffs continue tomorrow with game six of the nlcs. hold on a minute. it's between the cardinals and brewers at four eastern, one pacific on tbs. however, if this series is over, this network will carry the x factor, an all-new two-hour of the x factor tomorrow night. well, they become prime time. >> tim: who do you think you are messing with, pal? >> joe: that was impressive. troy is watching in massachusetts. proud what you did with the telestrator. cruz can do it all. you talk about making hard
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things look easy, using his arm, his bat, now his glove on the run in right center. >> tim: when raburn dropped the ball, we talking about how it's the right fielder's ball from the right-handed hitter. the right fielder's ball with the ball tailing back to him. >> joe: with two out, santiago takes strike 1. so again, cardinals and brewers go to a night game tomorrow at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific on tbs for game six with st. louis up three games to two if this series is over. here on fox, the x-factor. with two out, nobody on, the 1-1
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pitch from ogando to santiago. popped up. kinsler out of view. it's time to stretch here in texas. nelson cruz made that play for the second out and ogando had an easy inning. right now we join public address announcer chuck morgan for the introduction of god bless america. >> now, ladies and gentlemen we and that you please rise and join with the detroit tigers, the texas rangers and all of major league baseball as we pause to honor the men and women of our armed services, both at home and around the world. tonight we invite you to join in singing god bless america with singing god bless america with
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>> j: tonight's game is sponsored by:. >> joe: brad penny back to the hill. he allowed two runs on three hits in the sixth. josh hamilton first up. sac fly his last time up. ball 1 up and away. they are watching down in
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australia, they are watching all over the globe as the texas rangers trying to wrap up their second consecutive a.l. pennant. the count 2-0. hard-hit. cabrera makes the stop for out number one. tonight's game summary is brought to you by liberty mutual. we are in the bottom of the seventh inning. the rangers have a nine-run third to their credit. biggest inning in franchise postseason history. michael young with four rbis in that long third. the tigers have hit three home runs to account for their four
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runs. >> tim: michael young showing how he drove in 100 runs with hitting only 11 home runs in the process. that's a ton of important hits for this ballclub, and that's what he had in one inning >> joe: here's 19-0. everybody was wondering if ron washington would move michael young out of the cleanup spot after going eight games this postseason without an rbi. he said you are talking about michael young. he will come around. he's my guy. and that's what these players love about washington, is that he sticks up for his guys and doesn't embarrass anybody through the media or in that locker room. here's one to center. and washington's guy goes deep!
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>> joe: michael young hits his first of this postseason. ball 1 to beltre. >> tim: that's a lot of power for a hitter who only had 11 home runs during the season, to hit it about 430 feet to straightaway center field.
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>> joe: penny had that long lay off after the regular season. he's given up three. a strike to beltre. here's the 1-1. 2-1. 3-1. the rangers players telling us during this alcs last year when we got to the world series, we tightened up, we didn't play our
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game, we didn't do what we did to get there. they vowed to not let that happen again, as the count is full on beltre. >> tim: that, coupled with the fact that they ran into a very, very san francisco giants pitching staff. lincecum, cain, bumgarner. >> joe: the count is full and beltre steps out. >> tim: the closer brian wilson. >> joe: two out. how about this season for michael young? arguably the best hitter in franchise history, and he had a career high .338 average. he's won a batting title. career high 106 rbis, another 200-hit season for the
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shortstop, third basemen, d.h., first baseman, and he started all over the place. here's napoli. ball 1. let's go down to ken rosenthal. kenny. >> ken: michael young has a lot of faith in michael young. he's a guy, much like derek jeter, relentlessly optimistic, even when he's slumping. i spoke with him yesterday and said are you coming around? he said yes. i got my timing down, i was too late with my swing, and here we go, that's exactly what happened. >> joe: he's had a big night. >> tim: michael getting his 2,000th hit on august 7th against cleveland. a lot happened good for him this year. >> joe: a lot happened good for napoli as well, as he gets his first hit of the night.
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now nelson cruz. remember we talked about michael young shaving before game four. he's 6 for 15 with 7 rbis since he took the beard away. is this going to go? at the wall, and he has got another! unbelievable, nelson cruz! number six!


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