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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  October 19, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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(anne) 1:16:32 it is a hackerr bonanza! bonanza! your smartphone.. not so smart wwen it comes to your security. the trickk thieves uss tt yourrcammra... and even your "you have a ppoolem with allowing someone to finish speakinn. and.. things get heateddat the g-o-p debate.the presidential candidateethat staated the personal attacks. 3 3
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today is ednesday, october 3 3 3 3
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old court map
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baltimore ggand prix would have a grand impact on the city.... but a new study expected...... joel d..smith is live downtown with sooe of the reasons researchers ay it joel d. d. patrice, labor 3 3
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the city ii under the microscopp gain about how taxpayer dollars.this time to renovate somm of it's office. offices. fox45 diicooered that a planned 1-point-7
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million dollar overhaul of transportation oofiieemight cost the taxpayers 200- thoosand dollars... more than orginally planned.the extra spending was revealeddduring a waste watch investigation. ccty officials defended the extra funds... but others are questioning it. 11:49:27"in order to move into smaller fffies from 3 floors to 2, offices gettsmaller and when offices get smaller you pay for new furniture"11:49:36 12:37:20"they don't need it, the rec centerr and the kids need it"12:37:24 renovations will save monny in the long run by cuttiig the rent payments for the department of transpprtatioo. keep elected officials by joining our fox44 wwste at - watch. if you have a story about government waste... call our hotline...410-662- 1456. you can also log nto our websiteefox baltimore dot com and click on waste watch. &pa tragic end to a search spanning several days.theebody
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of a young boy founddyesterday p.. is believed to be missing &p11-year ld, william mcquain. the discovery was made in clarksburg around 9 o'clock tuesday morning... on route 1-22.authorities havv been searching or williim ever since his mother's dead body germantown, last wwek.her estranged husband curtis lopez is chargee in her death. police found him in north maryland soon.pooice say they doohavv viieo of 11-yyer old williaa with lopez... from october first going in and oout of a storage unit ... not far from where the body was found. curtis lopex the suspect in - this case with william at a storage facility at he 13000 block of wisteria drive in germantown...the footage was from hh morning of october first...the clothing on the booy appears similar to what william was wearing on october . first......police are waiting
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for an autopsy to confirm tte identity and cause of death. pore details are expected to step-father charged ii the death of his 12 year old step- daughterpolice ay 42 year ld david hang is charged with firss degree murder.he's acccsed of killing 12 year old jessica nguyenshe was ffund press conffrence later today..- testimony continues today.... in the federal briberyyttial purrie.. defense attorneys say currie was ignorann of the law and didn't understand he was breaking it.tueday... his longtime pooitical pal ... congressman sseny hhyer teetified ....currie is a decent man.... but lacks in doosn't pay attention to &pdetaiis. currie is accused of to benefit a groccry sttoe chain ... the shoppers food warehouse ... whicc paid him almost a quarter million dollars to e a consulttnt. income to the state ethics commissson.
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3&maryland lawmakerssarriving a the state house for the special sessioo....met some uppet constituents. constituents.((applaase)) ((applause)) protesttrs are upset that lawmakers are considering increasing the state's gas tax. governor 'malley endorsss some type f increase to pay for roads and bridges... ut protesters say...they've had itt (lollar) "they're trying to increase ven more taxation because thhy can't cover the ((applause)) (keim) "moony is tightteverywheee ann when they pake the gas tax money ut it spend it on sooething else, they need to quit spending period.. 3
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one billion dollars shifted .. - praasportatioo trust the general fund... to baaance the state's operating share your voice with thee governor at fox baltimore dot on the yyur voiic" link.we have the governor's phone numbee and email... so you can tell him what you think bout the ggs tax. the plln to reedistrict parts pf maryland is moving along... and it could get approval today by the house of deeagates. delagates.the marrland senate has given final approvallto governor o'malley's rrserves the state's two minority districts...inclluing the one held by congressman elijah cummings. but republicans say the governorrs plan could reduce maryland's republican members of congress... from two to one.and one democrat is wwrried the new districcs will less polltical clout. - (muse) "minorities are being
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asked to please step bbck, take annther one for the ittis about fairness and it's about equity." equity."the house of elegates is expected to give its plan today. the redistricting things got downright nasty in the latest republicann presidential face off.last night may well have been ooe of the testieet exchanges tte candidates have had so far. greg lack takes a look at the battle in las veggs. vegas. .--reporter pkg-as folloos -- seven republican prrsidennial a debate.but it turred ut to be more like fight niggt. governor rick perry came out "you hiree illegal immigrants in your home nd you new about it for a year. and the &pidea that you stand ere bbfore us ann ttlk bout that you're strong on immigration is on itssface the height of hypocrisy." romneyysaas he fired his lawn service as soon aa he learned the company employed illegal immigrants. then, the attacks got personal.
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"you have a problem with &paalowing someone to finish &pspeaking. and i suggest that statts, you got to let oth peoole speak. let me sppak. (cheering)"rising star herman cain fended off attaaks on his 9-9-9 tax plan."the fact of the matter i reports are now out ttat 84 percent of aaericans would pay more taxes under his plan.""i ddn't think fly.""unfortunaaely, none of my distiiguished colleagues tooight understand the plan... i invvte every family to do your own calculations."cain has overtakee perry to join romney at top of the polls.the verral sparring betwwen the &pthree leading candidates s sign of just how tense and uncertain this race haa pecome. i'm greg black, reporting. the debate was minus onn after former utah governor jon huntsman chose to boycott ii. he says he made the decision to support new hampshire after neeada pushed the date of its cauucses ahead of ew hampshire's irst-in the
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president bama is the latest... to fall victimmto tteft.on tuesday... a truck carrying the president'' sound equipment, podiums and presidential seals... was stolee.the ttuck waasparked at a virginia hotel.the truck and its contents have since been nothing inside &pwwssbelieved to e classiiied. hip hop artist soulja boo is out on bond... after appearing 21-year--ld is facing charges... for marijuana possession and gun charges. pthhr men were stopped by police in ggorgia earlier this week... for a broken taal &pliggt.that's when police foun morr than 5-ounces of more than 40-thousand dollars in caah..he singer had nothing to say in court. the war in iraq e? ending?i'm not diicouragee beccuse we're still in negotiitions with the iraqis" iraqis"how soon the war could be over.. nd why áallá u-s troops won't be coming home.
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((traffic reporter ad libs)) map fiber map 175 map old court map 3
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p,3 3 3 3 ssill to come... it seems like everything is going up!froo airfare to stamps for each! eachh(nats) (nats)but first... familles are waiting for theer soldiers to come home from iraq... as the end of the war could be the goverrmnt has ... and the reason why some troops áwon'tá be cooing home with the rest. ((bumm out)) ((bbeak 2))
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you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. 3 cculd the enn of the year be the end for the u-s military's time in iraq? most u-s troops are expected to be ouu of the country by jjnuary.but u-s and iraqi officials have been trying to work out an agreement tt leave some troops in place for training pprposes. but as chris lawrence explains ... those talkk now apear to beestalled. stalled. --reporterrpkg-as follows -- (nats)a senior military official tells c-n-n the u-s
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and iraq could not agree on giving american troops immunity ppst the end of this keep u-s troops in iraq past december 31st, the official says the discussions on numbers are over.but monday, said the two ssdes are still talking about whether the u-s military will provide thousands of trainers and advisers."at thh present time... uh, you kkow, i'm noo discouraged because we're still in negotiations with the iraaqs"and while a pentagon said time is running short, panetta says there is no specifii day when it wiil e too late to negotiate."there's nn drrp dead date"but go back a few months to mii-summer iraqis to move quickll."they want us to stay... don't they want us to ssay? et a ministee of defense or don't defense? but damnnit,,make a f - april, officials aid the iraqis needed to decide within
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wweks."i think the most aggressiveetime frame for our withdrawal will bb this summmr. that's why that reeuest coming as soon as possible is critical."spring and summer have come and gone, and apparentll u-s officials sense of urgency as well.a seniir military official saas the sticking point was immunity.. iraq has not agreed to continue to grant it to immunity, if they were charged with a crime, they could be prosecuted in iraqiicourts very up fronn witt the iraqii throughout uh thhs discussion actual discussions started - that any u-s service members phat we have serving ii iraa would have to have the same sort of legal prrtections that they doonow have under the stand up): "tte iiaqi (repprttr parllament would have oo approve that immmnity. and- here's the rubb the iraqi parliament is in recess until late november. so, that only
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leaves a few weeks until you start runninggright up untill the end of the yearr a u-s military ooficial tells me that, bbsically, no matter whaa happens on deeember 31st, the pentagon still wants to pursue a mmlitary-to-military relationship with iraq like it does with other countries. chris lawrence, c-n-n, the peetagon."-----end----- cnn.script straight ahead... making holiday travel plans?if so you'll be paying more for that plane ticket.the nnw cost fly!and motorola brings back &pan old favorite... the "razorr...but... with a twistt the upgrades the company haa made tooit and when it will be availlbbe. 3 3
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3 flyinn home this oliddy seaaon?it's going to cost you. and assjim ribble explains.. everrthhng old is new again ... aa hello gain to the razr.
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--reporter pkg-as follows -- stocks rallied, erasing most of monday's ig loss. the dow jumped 180 points to close at 11-thousand, 577.the nasdaq and s and p 500 aso closed higher.the u-sspostal service is mmking changes and yoo're &pgoing to pay or them.its forever stamp is going up by a 455cents to mail.there hasn't in more than two-and-a-half years. post cards and international mail rates are also going up.taking off for thh holidays isn't getting any cheaper... accooding to airfares over thanksgiving higher than last year.experts ssy procrastinators will have to pay more -- about five dollars for each day ou wait pfter next week.ddcember poliday fares are projectee to be 10 percent higher than last year. motorola is going retro. razr -- with an android twist. the phone company announced tuesday that the device will be availableeexclusively forr veeiioo wireless starting next
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seller before the iphone came outtfor business brief, i'mm jim ribble. coming up... some kidd in ohio won't be in and it's ánotá because of ... weather.what was let loose... that has auttories warning residents.. to stay in doors! ddors!
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