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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 20, 2011 10:30pm-11:05pm EDT

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adams digging at that matt to get the dirt out of his spikes. traded to texas from san diego at the end of july. part of that good bullpen for ron washington. here's the 2-2. kinsler can't make the play to his left. in the bottom of the eighth inning, they continue on a base hit by berkman. >> tim: i don't think kinsler had a good jump on this ball. he may not have seen it off the bat and it
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goes under his glove. the ball hit very hard . >> joe: when this series resumes after a travel day tomorrow, saturday night it will be matt harrison, the hard-throwing left-hander, against kyle lohse. then holland and edwin jackson in game four. that's the plan as of right now. ball one, just low to matt holliday. that is saturday night right hear on fox on the air at 7:30 eastern, 4:30 pacific. >> tim: what a riveting game. >> joe: two of them. >> tim: yep.
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>> joe: berkman with a small lead. berkman, two steals during the regular season. was caught six times. he was 2 for 8. he's 2 for 2 this postseason. stays put. just low again. 2-0. remember freese is out of there for defensive reasons and descalso is on deck.
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hoiday, 23 home runs this season. takes on the inside corner. 2-1. on the outside corner. good pitch. 2-2 >> tim: you hear that expression a lot, perfect pitch. nobody is going to hit that pitch.
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nobody. ball 3 and berkman will get a head start at first. >> tim: that's why that 2-2 pitch with two outs and the runner at first is the key pitch because if the pitcher misses, then the runner at first is running on the play and he can score on a short double, long single. >> joe: there goes berkman on ball 4.
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second time holliday has walked tonight and mike maddux will come out and talk, maybe go over the scouting report on daniel descalso, who so far this postseason is 1 for 6. >> tim: i think, joe, as much or more than a scouting report, i think a pitching coach would go to a pitcher in this situation and say stick with your strength. for instance, if mike adams is a low ball pitcher and the hitter is a low-ball hitter, go with your low pitch, go with your sinker, go with your slider. stick with your strength, even though it might be the hitter's strength. but remember all the time that he is a defensive replacement and if he was that good a hitter, he would have started tonight. >> joe: descalso did have a knack for having some big hits early in the season. he is up there with
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two on, two out, trying to add to a 1-0 eighth inning lead. a hit and a walk with two outs. strike 1. big swing by descalso. the cardinals came in with a disadvantage matching the two bullpens. they came into this world series with an advantage with their bench. >> tim: no question. >> joe: with players like schumaker, who was the regular second baseman during the
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regular season. theriot, who was the starting shortstop everyday for the first half. allen craig, we know what he can do. and descalso can play all over. two on, two out. to the right side. kinsler makes the pickup and a nice play to make the inning. that sets it up. jason motte is getting ready for the top of the order. kinsler, andrus, hamilton coming up. st. louis up by one. ♪
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[ both laugh ] [ old spice whistle ] >> joe: skip schumaker takes over in right for berkman so the cardinals add to their defense. schumaker bats ninth. and jason motte takes over. top of the order. ian kinsler spins away from ball 1 inside. the cardinals, who are playing in their 18th world series, are playing in their 107th postseason game in franchise history. they have never been
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involved in a 1-0 game. as that fastball hits the inside corner. it's a 1-1 count. >> tim: again, good work by rzepczysnki. >> joe: strike 2. jason motte has got his first save. they had a revolving door safer in st. louis this year. he's been 14 of 15 since that day. >> tim: a small solace to ranger hit hears jason -- hitters that jason motte does not have an off-speed pitch. so far he doesn't need one. >> joe: that's ball 2.
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the 2-2. off the end of the bat, into shallow left. out goes furcal and it's a base hit! good start to this ninth inning for texas. kinsler is on base for the third consecutive time. >> tim: joe, this is where you get burned with that no-doubles defense. normally if the outfielders were playing normal depth, holliday catches this ball. but at no doubles defense, the outfielders play about five steps deeper than they normally would and that allows for a hit like this. >> joe: tieing run is on with nobody out. and now we will see how the rangers want to play it with elvis andrus at the plate. the bunt, takes the ball. >> tim: normally when you are on the road you don't bunt to tie.
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however, the rangers' bullpen has been so good during the postseason, that's why ron washington has opted to bunt. and if kinsler can score, they will tie the game. >> joe: elvis andrus, 0 for 3 tonight. 0 for 6 in this world series. there's a strike. neftali feliz, the closer, darren oliver getting loose for texas in their pen. arthur rhodes gets
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loose. there goes kinsler! the throw by molina. safe! and kinsler with a huge stolen base for the rangers! >> tim: furcal with a huge jump. he had a big stolen base against detroit in the lcs and a huge jump, a great pitch for yadier molina to handle. slide to go the outside of the bag, furcal with that sweet tag, and kinsler is in there. >> joe: and a good call by ron kulp, the second base umpire. >> tim: right. molina did what what he could. he had a good pitch to handle. and that transfer was perfect, but too good a jump for kinsler, knowing that most short relievers do not have good moves to first base. just in there!
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>> joe: runner at second. the tieing run, nobody out here in the ninth. and it's still 1-2 on elvis andrus. elvis drove home 60 runs during the regular season. josh hamilton on deck. inside. 2-2. remember, if this game goes to extra innings, cardinals have a couple big bats no longer in their lineup, freese and berkman. >> tim: tony la russa just moving center fielders jon jay about three steps into right center field.
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>> joe: that's foul. >> tim: think about skip schumaker, he's a defensive replacement. hard to know as a defensive replacement, the first time you have played these hitters, you have to know exactly where you should be in the outfield. >> joe: you think he's deep, don't you? >> tim: i do. and i think he should be over to the right line more. i think andrus will hit to the right field. >> joe: in the air to center, a base hit. they will hold kinsler at third. and down to second on that throw is andrus. nobody out! second and third and elvis andrus with the biggest hit of this
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series! >> tim: that should be an error on albert pujols, because he actually kicked the ball. the relay throw, jon jay. again, that's why la russa moved him into right center. the ball hits the glove of pujols barely, i believe. yes. and the throw by molina to second. great base running by andrus. takes a wide turn, continues when he saw the ball get through. and now second and third and nobody out for the rangers. >> joe: they call it a straight single. they have not put an error on the end of that play. it's second and third, nobody out. >> tim: excuse me, joe. i think it's an error only because pujols diverted the throw. great hitting by andrus. kinsler with nobody
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out. i think that ball is just off the glove of pujols and had the ball not been off his glove, i think molina has a clear shot at andrus at second base. >> joe: odd that pujols would miss that all together. >> tim: well, that's true. >> joe: second and third, nobody out. hamilton at the plate. here's a guy, josh hamilton, who is 0 for 7 in this world series last year's american league mvp, playing with a sore left groin, and tony la russa is going to come out of the dugout and may make a change right here. he has rhodes in the bullpen for a reason. >> tim: to pitch to one-hitter, and that's hamilton. >> joe: but he has not made the call to the pen yet. >> tim: the alternative would be to walk hamilton.
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go from the strikeout on michael young. now i think tony is going to allow the home plate umpire to come out to the mound and make him make the move or leave motte in there. >> joe: and he's going to go to rhodes. >> tim: right. >> joe: so motte is knocked out on a base hit by kinsler, a stolen base. and then elvis andrus with a huge hit into right center, took second on the throw, and the rangers are in business here in the ninth. rhodes coming in. can we show you something? wouldn't it be great to feel like this all the time? (yeaaaahhh!!) i guess so. well, with the chase freedom card, you get 5% cash back on up to $1500 worth of purchases. and new categories every 3 months.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> joe: here is arthur rhodes, who has put together these numbers over six games. he's got one job, but so does josh hamilton. hamilton's job is to tie it or give the rangers their first lead of the night. and he rips one into right. that will tie the ballgame. tagging and scoring is kinsler. the throw to third too late. it's a 1-1 game with the go-ahead run at third. one out on a sac fly by josh hamilton. now with michael young coming up, we should have yet another pitching change. >> tim: after a visit to the mound by molina. hamilton does two things with one swing. he drives in the tieing run and moves the go-ahead run to third base with one out. but that shows you the importance of the cut-off man, albert
10:53 pm
pujols, on that throw from center fielder jon jay in allowing elvis andrus to get to second base. >> joe: now elvis is 90 feet away. lance lynn coming in. michael young coming up. what a game here in game two!
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>> joe: lance lynn takes over. the go-ahead run at third. one out here in the ninth inning from michael young. infield comes in on ball 1. down and away. lance lynn was just rounding into a dependable reliever for tony la russa. he strained his left oblique. he was on a 60-day dl which expired right before the nlcs started. that was inside. he thought his season was over.
10:56 pm
instead the cardinals advance, take on milwaukee, and lynn became a part of the bullpen. >> tim: lance missing the last 46 games of the regular season. >> joe: he's behind on the count to michael young. this could put the rangers on top. it's 3-0 with beltre on deck. back-to-back hits by kinsler and andrus. a big stolen base in there by ian kinsler. good base running by andrus in this inning. the 3-0. it's on the outside corner. he hasn't given michael young a good fastball yet. >> tim: a 3-0 slider for a strike. >> joe: young, 1 for 3 tonight. 7 rbis this postseason. it's a full count.
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here is the 3-2. and a fly ball into right center field is going to put texas on top for the first time tonight! young delivers a sac fly and it's 2-1, rangers in the ninth. and elvis andrus, with a big ninth inning here for the rangers. >> tim: you talked about the kinsler stolen base. the excellent base running by andrus, and texas takes its first lead of the world series. >> joe: that means that oliver sits down in the bullpen and
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neftali feliz gets loose. slider misses down away. the cardinals will have molina, punto and schumaker in the bottom of this inning. >> tim: michael young could not have hit that slider for a sac fly without looking for it. >> joe: that's the third. descalso makes the play. that sends game two into the bottom of the ninth inning. the rangers come up with their first runs. the night. they are charged to motte. the cardinals bat, and they trail by 1. who stood up and helped raise re than four million dollars for stand up to cancer, just by using your mastercard. i stand up for my best friend. i stand up for survivors. i stand up for my wife's mom. i stand up to cancer. [ male announcer ] standing with those, who stand up to cancer -- "priceless." join mastercard and major league baseball,
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the redesigned, 8-passenger pilot. smarter thinking. from honda. >> joe: neftali feliz will try and save it, end this night and send this world series, one game a piece, back to texas. >> tim: this will give you an idea perhaps of
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what albert pujols was thinking when ian kinsler rounded the bag at third base. watch the third-base coach, dave anderson, go up with the hand. kinsler, however, runs through the bag as though he was going to score. i think perhaps pujols's attention was diverted and he touched the ball enough to where molina did not have a clean shot of andrus at second base. and that was the key to scoring two runs in that inning and not one. >> joe: andrus with good base running. >> tim: excellent. >> joe: and he scored on the sac fly by michael young. now yadier molina starting the bottom of the ninth. ball one high for feliz, who hits 100 on the radar gun. we talked to ron washington, the manager of the rangers, before the game about the lay off of feliz and how he has done with a few
11:02 pm
days off. he said i expect him to be right in the strike zone. something he's been better with the last month of the season. he's behind, 2-0. molina with a career high 14 home runs during the regular season. takes ball 3 outside. molina will take on 3-0. 3-1. punto will follow and then schumaker. 2-1, texas. and a leadoff walk handed out by feliz.
11:03 pm
>> tim: now do you pinch-run ryan theriot and get yourself down to one catcher? i think the answer to that is gerald laird, who is a fast runner for a catcher. so tony la russa does not waste a run by using terror, and then if they do tie it, having laird come in for defense. punto obviously will be trying to bunt. >> joe: cardinals have only theriot left on their bench. tieing run at first with nobody out. and that bunt is back to the backstop. strike 1. upper 90s fastball
11:04 pm
exploding out of the hands of feliz. that can't be fun to try to turnaround and bunt. >> tim: what you have to try to do is to hold the bat at the top of the strike zone and don't try to bunt it unless the ball is under the bat. if you do, you will pop it up. i know they are telling him, make him be down in the strike zone. >> joe: gerald laird, the tieing run at first, nobody out and an 0-1 count on nick punto, who has two hits. and that is fouled. strike 2.


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