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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  October 20, 2011 11:05pm-11:35pm EDT

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the cardinals won last night, 3-2. rangers lead tonight, 2-1. punto strikes out on a 99 mile-an-hour fastball. he did not advance the runner. >> tim: against feliz, if you don't get the bunt down and he has two strikes on you. it's over. >> joe: and i don't believe feliz threw punto a strike in that at-bat. >> tim: good point. three high fastballs. maybe the second pitch was down and up, but i don't think so. probably outside.
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>> joe: and now schumaker's first at-bat. hit .283 during the regular season, two homers. that's foul. way high. 98. a ball and a strike. schumaker batting in the number nine spot. furcal on deck. pujols missed that throw from jay. that allowed the go-ahead run to get into scoring position. the 1-1.
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98. ball 2. >> tim: it's pretty clear that the cardinal hitters, to make good contact against feliz, the ball has got to be down in the strike zone. he will get a fastball, but if it's up, you are just not going to get on top of it. >> joe: here's the 2-1. late swing and a miss. 2-2. >> tim: a better pitch to hit. feliz, a tough, tough assignment.
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>> joe: only 23 years old. the 2-2. fouled back to the screen. a 99-mile-per-hour fastball. the rangers here tonight are trying to become the first team, since the 2001 diamondbacks, to come back and win a world series game when trailing after eight. they did that in game seven against mariano mariano rivera. there's out number 2. back-to-back strike-out after the walk. it will be up to rafael furcal. >> tim: what a play by mike napoli. we talked about a low fastball. i'll tell you, that ball gets by a lot of catchers. even though you are expecting the fastball, you don't know how hard it's going to be. >> joe: cardinals are down to their final out. the cardinals have had only one walk-off
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world series win in franchise history. they play in their 18th. the rangers with two in the ninth. sac flies by hamilton and young. furcal, strike 1. >> joe: furcal, in 50 games in the regular season when he came to the cardinals hit seven home runs. he's done that and one more in the postseason. here's the 0-1. strike 2 and a big swing by furcal. now feliz is one strike away from striking out the side. >> tim: that's how hitters get in the hole against feliz. those foul balls are strikes obviously.
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they make contact, but rarely hard. >> joe: here's the 0-2. the pitcher of record is motte. on the other side, mike adams. time called by furcal. >> tim: sometimes the catcher will encourage his pitcher to shake just for effect. he's thrown so many fastballs in a row, he wants the hitter to think he's going to throw something else. >> joe: inside. 2-2.
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and now the next. furcal hits it in the air to right. here is nelson cruz. and a come-back win for the texas rangers, as they tie this best-of-seven series at a game a piece! feliz gets the save, and the rangers win the battle of the ball pens here tonight. motte suffers the loss, and mike adams, a pickup from san diego at the deadline, gets the win for the texas rangers. >> tim: joe, we talked so much about these rangers during the lcs and the world series being the complete team. ten years ago all the rangers could do was hit. but now they can run
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the bases. and what a weapon that was tonight. just brilliant base running by ian kinsler and elvis andrus, coupled with what they did defensively. >> joe: they have really played well up the middle all night. >> tim: oh, man. >> joe: and then combined with their bats and their legs to get ron washington a win in this world series. the best plays of tonight's game brought to you by the audi. true greatness should never go unrecognized. and that keystone combination of kinsler and andrus, combined to get the win on sac flies by hamilton and michael young. a final of 2-1. let's go down to the field and ken rosenthal. >> ken: thanks, joe. josh, last night arthur rhodes got you on a 3-2 slider. what was your approach
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against him tonight when you got the go ahead sac fly to tie the game. >> even if it wasn't him, it was not try to do too much. second and third, no outs. you don't try to do too much. you try to put the barrel on the ball and get it off the end a little bit and knock it in the sweet spot. >> ken: you guys were three outs away from going down 2-1 in this series. how difficult would of that been had that happened? >> it would have been hard but we would have been comfortable going back to our place having three games. but they are just like we are, never say die until the last out is made so it makes it fun. >> you told me before the game you were trying not to use your legs as much. how did that work out and how much are you looking forward to the warmer weather? >> it was off and on. first couple bats i did what i want to. the other at-bat i tried to hit it a file and then the last at-bat it was just take the hands to the ball and absolutely looking forward to warmer weather. >> ken: josh, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> ken: joe, back to you.
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>> joe: he's a great spokesperson for the rangers organization, as is the other guy, the man who got the game-winning rbi, michael young. here's your final in game two. cardinals stranded nine runners tonight, and texas gets the win. the chevy post-game coming up next. flying ... tte wild scene
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caught on camera. 3 and chilling video.images of what police believe is child with his killlr. tonight on fox45 news after the gamm.
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>> wlcome to the pest game show on fox. it took the rangers 18 games to get their first win in the world series. it was worth it.
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hi, alongside eric karros and a.j. pierzynski, i'm chris rose. we talked about the magical moves in the postseason series. when he took jays motte out in the ninth you about jumped out of your chair >> a.j.: i was surprised. i know he said he's not your closer, but he is your closer and you pretty much made him the closer in the postseason. he was 5 for 5. you take the guy out, josh hamilton, second and third, but you risk losing jason motte not only for this world series but for this year and possibly down the line. you have to be careful. tony knows his guys better than you do but you have to watch that and be very, very careful, especially with a young guy in that situation >> eric: i was surprise the because jason motte throws the ball so hard. and bats have not been productive. he almost looks like he's defensive because he's not feeling well. here he gets an arthur rhodes ball up in the air.
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what does he do in sac fly out to right field and makes contact n that situation you are look for a strikeout and that's why you have jason motte in there. michael young, 3-2 slider, a sacrifice fly. if you would have told the texas rangers that your three and four hitters would go 1 for 14 with two sacrifice flies, and you get out of here with one win in two games, they would say we'll take it all day. that's what they did tonight. they stole this game from the st. louis cardinals. >> chris: it half a tough season for michael young. a few moments ago our ken rosenthal caught up with him. >> ken: here with michael young. michael, take me through the at-bat. you didn't know much about lance. you told me you didn't know much about the cardinals. what was that like. >> he throw me hooks early on, the 3-0 hook. at that important i tried to be as disciplined as i could in the zone with the open bag and one out. wasn't sure they wanted a fresh at-bat. my only goal was to get something deep enough to score a run. >> you are a former
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shortstop. you saw andrus both in the field, at-bat and on the bases. what kind of game did he play. >> the play on furcal areas ball was incredible. that was a momentum shift for us and kept it locked up. for us to go out there and have the at bat he had off a good closer just shows us what kind of player elvis is. >> ken: going back home, the series is tied now. how much is difference is it knowing you have one in your belt? >> obviously you want to win every game you play in the postseason. for us to come back in the ninth and win the ballgame is huge for us. back home, we know what our ballpark is like with 50,000 people. it goes crazy in the postseason. we look forward to the environment. >> chris: quickly a look ahead >> a.j.: texas going back home right where they want to be. they get the d.h. and i'm not sure that will favor them. but as i said at the beginning, athleticism will be the difference in this series. the rangers showed it tonight
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>> eric: i think the most interesting point is how is matt harrison going to respond in the postseason and in the world series and how is kyle lohse going to respond. kyle lohse has struggled against the rangers in his whole career. we will see if he can bounce back for the world series. >> chris: you talked about the pitching match-up. a pair of 14-game winners from the regular season. harrison has been very solid. the rangers love playing behind them. they have won 15 of his last 17 starts. by the way, when ken rosenthal was talking to josh hamilton, he said you you are look forward to getting into the warm weather. hamilton is not the only guy. you ready to get on the plane and head to arlington? >> a.j.: i think my teeth ever chattering. >> chris: you played in chicago. it's not that bad >> a.j.: well, i'm looking at you. >> chris: it's been a great series so far. a pair of one-run games. on the west coast, its the news. join us saturday for game three.
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only on fox. then on sunday it's the fox nfl double-header starting with the pregame show at noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. the falcons and lions headline our game. then in the american game of the week the undefeated packers battle the vikings for the rams meet the cowboys. promotional consideration paid for by the: >> chris: for more information on tonight's game and the latest on the baseball news, log on to for our crew, this is chris rose taking so long from st. louis. see you saturday in texas! captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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♪ p return.. with mild
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temperatures. if we'll stay dry through the weekendd. .... on fox 45 news &p police say.../ police say.../
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horton was released from jail just a few days before the for a probation violation from an assault case in 2009.janiie park fox45 news at tee. aa... convicted killer's...// trial.../ for .. áanotherá... murder.../// ááendsáá in... a mistrial. ronnie winkler.../ is... accuued of killing.../ 19-year- old.../ ky--una... / jacksonn.../ ááwhoseáá body... was found "herring ruu"... park../ in... 2008...//.ááwinkler'sáá already... doing time...// for... killing... his nephew''.../ girlfriend... //// áásha-near-aáá boone...///ááheeáá... body... was found.../// in... frederick.../ 3-years ... juror.../ googled...// winklers past..criminalrecord / áácausingáá.../ the... mistrial. a.../ baltimore... county.... jury.....// convicts... a man.../
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of... killing...// 16-year -old.../ rochelle battle.../// áásheáá... left... her home.../ 22-years ago...// to....go.../ shopping.../ áábuttá was... never seen.../ again...//// áájasonáá... gross... was convicted....// of... killing her...////. ááthisáá is... the... second ...""o bodd"... murder casee../ baltimore faced...// in... two years....///áálastáá year...// guilty.../ of... - killing... his ááwho'sáá... body... was... never... recovered. baltimore city police.. and school police are act... n chool property. the video went iral on the internet. kathleen cairns ttlls us the people ressonsible.. could face child pornography charges..- school
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administraaors issued a statement... which says the alleged incident occurred after sccool oors on property operated by city schools for &p here's our question of the day...shhuld the person who posted the sexually graphic with child pornography?arged pornography?herees a look at our facebook page.a lot of yoo had something to say about &pthis generated nearl 200 responses.tell us what you think... by goonn to uu facebook page...facebook dot com slaah fox-baltimore a... baltimore family.../ remembers.../ a... teennger .../ shot... while playing baskeeball..../// 10--years... ago...// áátonightáá../ still... no arrest....// arrest....// áákeitháá daniels.../, live.../ ii... northeast baltimore.../ for... a candlelight vvgil.../ on... .... somber anniversary .../ keith. keith. 3 news at en.daniees, fox 45 news at ttn. -3 new ...
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surveillance video.../ ties.../ an... eleven year-old... montgomery county boy.../ with... his.../ sussected killer.../. pámyrandaáá stephens ...// has more on what police.../ the.../ 3
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police are still trying to determiie where and how the young boy died. lopez is now in cussody in norrh carolina. celebration.../ in... libya tonight.../ death... of... moammar gadhafi. gadhafi.. this.../ is... video... showing.../ gadhafi.../ alive,.../ ááshortlyáá... before... he was killed.../. ááit'sáá... unclear... exaatlyá... how... he died...// áábutáá... p it's... ábelievedá... he... died.../ at... the hands ...of.../ rebel fighters.../ near.../ phis... hometown.../ of... serte. we are reminded of all hose americans that we lost at the hand of gadhafi's terror. &ptheir families and frrends ar in our thoughts and in our a... senior... nato official ays.../ nato.../ could decide... iihin days .../ when to end ...its libyynn mission...// beautiful october night weathere weatherwise will our uck hold out for the weekend? here's chief meteorlogist vytas reid with the skywatch fot


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