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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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one of many premium features available >> joe: well, it's 12-6 to the bottom of the sixth inning. this one won't end 12-6. andrus first up, hamilton will follow and then michael young. that fastball floats inside for a ball to elvis who is 1-3. andrus with a base hit. to start the three-run rally last inning. 91 miles per hour from lance lynn who got out of a bases loaded situation last inning by getting kinsler on a pop-up. to keep the lead. now the cardinals have added four and lead by six. a slider misses, ball two.
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>> joe: a 2-1 from lynn. hard hit the other way. tag theriot. now the rangers put their lead-off man on here in the sixt sixth. we give you the nikon one replay cam. a big play at the time. cut down mike napoli at the plate, in the fourth. keep it 5-3, st. louis, as holliday made the throw. napoli was tagged out. here is josh hamilton. >> tim: it would be a mistake for a viewer to leave your set. >> joe: strike one from lynn. cardinals have a right-hander getting loose in their bullpen: dotel. they have a long nan jake westbrook.
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dotel, boggs, rhodes and rzepczynski, the left-hander. might be two. it is. furturn 4-6-3. hamilton bounces into it. started by theriot, furcal in the middle. the bases are empty. two-out for michael young. young has homered, an iraqi double. he scored twice. he hit a seed over to third his last time up. that almost flipped david freese and went in to left-field for an rbi double. breaking ball drops in. strike one.
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>> joe: one misses down. 1-1. >> tim: notice more breaking balls from lance lynn starting an inning. it is very difficult for pitcher to come in with runners on base and pitch like he normally would. a lot more breaking balls this inning. >> joe: that is out of play. strike two. >> joe: the bases empty, two down. lance lynn was called up as a star starter. then he fell in a bullpen situation and pitched well until he strained an oblique. 1-2. stays up there. >> tim: we talked about it other night. he missed the last 46 games of the season. that took a lot of courage from dave duncan and tony la russa to put him
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on the post-season roster. >> joe: they had another guy they were thinking about eduardo sanchez good in the bullpen they almost activated. here is a 1-2. the fastball gets michael young and sends us in to the seventh. what a game! action all over the place in game three. 12-6, cardinals. back after this from your local fox station.
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>> joe: a 1-6 game going in the seventh inning. that's tim, i'm joe. how are you holding up? >> tim: i'm fine. are you kidding? this is great! >> joe: this is such an unusual game. >> tim: we saw eight runs scored in st. louis and a few more, scored 18 runs scored tonight in the sixth inning. >> joe: this was a 1-nothing game after three. just an offensive explosion. 17 runs scored from the fourth. through the sixth. now we're in the seventh. gonzales can deal with theriot. it was theriot with a walk off ogando that started off a four-run rally in the sixth.
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>> joe: and a fly ball to right. will send nelson cruz back a new in front of the track. one out. our "sherlock holme holmes" game summary. it's been action central and started with the second batter, allen craig, a home run. michael young went deep to right. nelson cruz went deep to right. they were smiling. and then this. a rocket off the bat of albert pujols. to make it 11-6. now it's 12-6. after eight runs total for the first two games, 18 runs here tonight in game three. here is furcal.
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tim, i think we'll see the same game tomorrow night. >> tim: i do, too. all three games in arlington will be like this. maybe not 18 runs scored in the first six innings but you get the drift. >> joe: tomorrow night is itwin jackson and derek holland. the count goes to 2-1 for holland who said coming in the series would change in the ballpark, the third and fourth starters. you have to wait until game five to get back to the top guys. chris carpenter and c.j. wilson. nelson cruz went back for the first and for the second. two outs. >> tim: meanwhile, if you look at a guy like michael gonzalez. as you look at edwin jackson, holland, the starters tomorrow night, "mike and mike" gonzalez was obtained by the rangers on august 31 and it was thought he would be pitching
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against the new york yankees or the boston red sox to win the lcs for texas. they haven't even played them because of the demise of the red sox and the collapse and the yankees were beaten by the tigers. >> joe: they were adding to their left-handed short relief because of the left-handed bats that the team featured. >> tim: guys like adrian gonzalez and jacoby ellsbury. >> joe: robinson cano. >> tim: curtis granderson. >> joe: one ball, one strike for allen craig after his first inning home run has had a 1-4 night. pair of strike-out and a ground-out. >> joe: you saw the e.r.a.s in the post season for the two starters tomorrow. holland has been ineffective. he believes he had a good bullpen session. and felt better. he wasn't too amped up. he gets the ball
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here tomorrow night and that has been a problem for him getting wild and getting pitches up. in his two post season starts. jackson had the big lead after a half inning. in game six, the clincher of the nl nlcs. what did he go? two innings in that game? >> tim: he faced eight batters and gave up three home runs. >> joe: a 2-1 to allen craig. 3-1. with pujols on deck. temperatures dropped a bit. the wind is still whipping through the rangers ballpark. there is weather in the area. ball four is inside. it's supposed to
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rain, they say, in about 45 minutes. >> tim: it's tough to read a crowd, but you get a sense and the feeling from this crowd of enormous respect after seeing pujols and what he did his last time up. the rangers fans have heard about him. the nation has heard about him. the cardinals fans know him. >> joe: here is one to left centerfield. back at the track. he has got another. more respect. >> tim: unbelievable. >> joe: he has hit a three-run shot, now a two-run shot. and the cardinals lead shut-6 in the seventh. [ applause ] four for his last four at-bats. five rbis, three runs scored.
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pujols after being hitless in the first two games is heating up. >> tim: well, he is hot. >> joe: he's not heating up. he is over that hump. >> tim: he has been hot for 11 years. >> joe: matt holliday with two out, nobody on, takes a strike. cardinals have guys in and out of their line-up all season long and never really got on the kind of roll they have been on down the stretch in september and certainly in this post-season. >> joe: here is a 1-1. holliday gets under it. that should end the top of the seventh.
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elvis puts it away. but in the inning, albert pujols after 423-foot home run in the sixth, it's a 406-foot home run here in the seventh. it just sounds different coming off his bat. >> tim: it does. >> joe: the reaction from octavio dotel and the bullpens is the cardinals are all smiles here in game three. now we join public address announcer chuck morgan for the introduction of "god bless america." >> now, ladies and gentlemen, we ask you to please rise and join with the st. louis cardinals, the texas rangers and owl of major league baseball as we pause to honor the men and women of armed services, both at home and around the world. tonight, we invite you to join in singing "god bless america." chief warrant officer darby ledbetter of the texas army national
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14-6. albert pujols as hit two home runs, the cardinals have hit three. rangers have hit two. beltre hassed a nice night. night -- beltre has had a nice night. 3-3. lance lynn is back for more. find some guy who can get outs, you don't want to take him out. strike one to beltr beltre. mark lowe again, the right-hander. cardinals lead by eight in the seve seventh. ball one. beltre singled in the second, single and scored in the fourth and drove home a run and a hit in the fifth.
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lance lynn trying to turn in three big innings. what turned in to a wild slugfest in the fourth, fifth, sixth. >> tim: the biggest pitch made. i know there have been 20 runs scored, why talk about pitches made? the biggest pitch i remember is the inside fastball to ian kinsler with the bases loaded to crowd a texas hitter. >> joe: one in to center. sending jay back on the run. off the wall. and beltre will make it in to second with a lead-off double. [ applause ] >> tim: a high fastball. beltre showing his muscles to cente centerfield. >> joe: so a four-hit night for adrian beltre. that is his first extra base hit. her comes dave duncan. nelson cruz coming
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up. >> tim: it's 14-6. you want to get lynch in here to finish up this day? he is getting ready for tomorrow, late game, down the street in arlington with cowboys and rams. dotel again. we already talked about it, but it's worth repeating. a big day on fox. double-header n.f.l. action there. the matchup is early, including the falcons and the lions that just turned in a good game. america's game of the week, tom brennamen, troy aikman, panel olive oliver. packers and vikings. or rams and cowboys. tony romo has had the two 300-plus yard games but the cowboys lost the last two. that is cowboys stadium. lance berkman and hamilton are scheduled to be
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there for the coin toss and ceremonial captains for each team. >> tim: got to be exciting for lance and josh, i would think. >> joe: just to get in the stadium is exciting. 1-0. outside. lynn. a.j. pierzynski is taking advantage of his new connections at fox. he will be at the game. >> tim: ahh. no coin toss, however. >> joe: here is one in the air to left center. cruz got under it. the catch is made. tagging, getting to third is beltre. something came out of the stands out in left centerfield. >> tim: a rubber ball or a tennis ball.
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>> joe: tony la russa is going to go out and talk to the umpire. >> tim: he has a good point. fan interference. how in the world can somebody do that? a child. >> joe: beltre tag and went to third and la russa is talking to alfonso marquez. >> tim: i think what tony is pointing out is that a ball like that thrown to your left peripherally can upset the cadence of throwing the ball to third base. point, i don't think he is going to win it. but we hope that person is ejected. >> joe: one guy who is leaving is lance lynn. runner at third. one out. and lynn who has gone 2-1/3, given the cardinals big outs in game three will give way to
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octavio dotel. it's a 14-6 game in the seventh. dotel will be the cardinals' fourth pitcher of the nigh night. [ male announcer ] mastercard wants to thank the millions of you who stood up and helped raise re than four million dollars for stand up to cancer, just by using your mastercard. i stand up for my best friend. i stand up for survivors. i stand up for my wife's mom. i stand up to cancer. [ male announcer ] standing with those, who stand up to cancer -- "priceless." join mastercard and major league baseball, and stand up to cancer. go to and give. [ tapping ] okay. okay, okay...listen up, make sure everybody's got a bud for this. there is a saying that time is a great storyteller. well, then here's to the next chapter. so stand with me brothers, and raise 'em high. because as great as this is! there's even more ahead of us! and the only question is...
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that ombination of luxury and efficiency only comes from one place in the wod. ♪ >> joe: the kid that threw the ball in the direction of matt holliday is being ejected. there he is right over the "e" in "geico." so he is being -- that's a live shot of him being ejected and going up the walkway with whoever he is here with tonight. so the moral of that story is if you try to interfere with a game, make sure there aren't high-definition cameras all over a ballpark, because you will be found out. and you will be ejected. >> tim: steve
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horn, our information advisor and director telling us that unless a fan actually touches a ball, it can't be fan interference. >> joe: napoli looks at a strike from dotel. napoli as a sac fly and a single. he is 1-2. trying to get the rangers closer in the seventh. 1-1. david murphy on deck. lead-off double by beltre. cruz with a flyball in to left. now the 1-1 to napoli. 2-1.
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these are two teams in the world series who had their bullpen really added to by their general managers. in the month of july in the case of the rangers, also in august with gonzale gonzalez. dotel came to the cardinals and he has been used a lot. as he fires a fastball for strike two. mark lowe is still getting loose. presumably he will be in, in the eight eighth. >> joe: that foul tip caught the mask of molina. dotel has been at it for a long time. this is his 12th game, his first
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world series. a big weapon for cardinals in the nlcs against ryan braun, the number three hitter for the bruschi. brewers. >> tim: lifetime, ryan braun struck out ten times against octavio dotel. i think it's like 18 at-bats. there are not too many guys that can get ryan braun that successfully. but dotel is one of them. what a player ryan braun has turned out to be. >> joe: a 2-2. full count. >> tim: we talked about albert pujols declaring free agencies. well, prince fielder also. it will be interesting to see where the two massive run-producers end up. >> joe: two guys in the n.l. central.
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here is a 3-2. that in to left. holliday drifts back to make the catch. tagging and scoring is beltre. it's 14-7. second sac fly tonight by napoli. like a football score you might see tomorrow on fox n.f.l. sunday, 14-7. major league baseball is proud to support boys and girls clubs of america. visit to see where great futures start. now david murphy with a bases empty, two out. fouls it away. s for lance lynn, 2-1/3, one run, three hits. a couple of walks, a couple of strike-outs and he did a nice job.
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a line driver ends the inning. caught by pujols off the bat of murphy sends us in the eighth. game three of the world series. cardinals lead by seven. ♪ [ male announcer ] a simple gesture can spark romance anytime. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their ability to be ready with cialis for daily use. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day
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