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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  October 27, 2011 10:30pm-11:05pm EDT

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good work that colby lewis did, a walk to the bases loaded and now a walk by ogando and now the cardinals have the bases loaded in a tie game, only one out for nick punto. strike one. >> joe: a throw down to third. and out at third is holliday. >> tim: tony la russa is going to argue. but from his knees, mike napoli strikes again! it's time to get holliday.
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i think beltre blocked the bag with his right foot. watch his right foot. this is a designed play. anybody who dives back in to the bag, he was out. trying to get the to the bag. hits his foot. right arm curls and holliday is out. >> joe: what a good call by the third base umpire alfonso marquez. >> tim: if a base runner goes in feet first, you can't do that, when you know he is going to dive back hands first, you can put that leg out there and block him. a great play by both napoli and beltre. look at the right foot. not only touches the bag with his left-hand, but too late. >> joe: now it's an 0-2 count on punto. now the go-ahead run
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is at second with two out. napoli has just done everything. remember, he had to stay in the game. after rounding the bag back in the fourth. twisting that left ankle. the big weapon that stayed in for the rangers. able to play through the pain. and now the count is still 0-2. napoli will go talk. by picking holliday off at third he touched down that man for out number two, that makes the rbi chance that much tougher on punto who does not have an rbi this world series. >> tim: the tag made before the left-hand got in there. look at the right foot. again. the right hand and arm. here is the sprained ankle. >> joe: oh. >> tim: by mike napoli earlier in
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the game. staying in the game and going from his knees to get holliday. >> joe: ball one high to punto. two on, two out. 4-4 game, game six. >> joe: the runners advance to second and third. [ cheering ] ogando has been all over the place since coming in here, in relief of lewis. >> tim: hit the umpire's right leg, gary cederstrom. kind of trickled behind napoli. he can't find it. by the time mike does, the runners move up. >> joe: wild
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pitch. >> joe: 2-2 count on punto. ball three with jon jay on deck. the left-handed hitter. there are the numbe numbers. talking about the difference in the first two rounds in seven games against the rays and the tigers compared to what he has done ogando against the cardinals. holland is still getting loose. now it's 3-2 to punto. and he walks. >> joe: that is going to be it, with jon jay coming up.
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because of a pickoff by napoli, there was a base open. ogando has issued two walks. he is gone. the big defensive play on a messy defensive night. holliday picked off, third. bases loaded, two out. cardinals tied it. holland will enter with jay coming up. [ engine roaring ]
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break. what about allen craig in this situation? holland would have to pitch to him. in doing that, tony la russa would weaken his defense to the point where you'd have to move holliday to center or allen craig to center. that is why la russa is not pinch-hitting here. >> joe: good pitch from holland on the hands of jon jay. if you didn't catch the numbers, 8-1/3, no runs, two hits. seven strike-outs, 116 pitch night. on sunday night in game four, for derek holland. bases loaded. two out. jay cracks his bat. and holland makes the play. the cardinals tie it. and leave the bases loaded. what a game. game sixth. we go to the seventh, tied at
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>> joe: how about this night. a total of five errors. total of 11 hits. each side has four runs as we go to the seventh inning of game six. allen craig takes over in left-field. and you have to believe that matt holliday injured his
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right-hand going in to the right foot. of adrian beltre. he was looking at it. he was going back to the bag. he can't continue and that answers the question why there was any doubt why allen craig didn't hit for jon jay. tony la russa with the injury to holliday. in the backfield and the extra pitcher he added coming in this round. here is a 1-0 pitch. fly ball to right center. back at the track. this ball is gone. adrian beltre put the rangers up 5-4 in the seventh inning of game six. [ cheering ] no bigger swing in his career and he has put texas on top again by a run.
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>> tim: in the next half inning he breaks the tie. >> joe: so adrian beltre finally getting a chance in the world series. he has now hit two home runs against the cardinals. the game-tying shot in game five against chris carpenter. the go-ahead shot here in the seventh inning of game six. cruz, strike two. >> tim: one from his knee. one on both feet. >> joe: this latest one, the opposite way to right center. breaking ball is down. ball one. now the rangers go
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back out in front by a run. rzepczynski, the left-hander getting loose. here is a 1-2. a high fly ball down the left-field line. this ball is gone. the eighth home run this post season. for nelson cruz. the rangers have a 6-4 lead in the seventh. >> joe: that ties a single post-season record with number eight. here is beltre's shot to right center. napoli. strike one.
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>> tim: hanging breaking ball to nelson cruz. hit in the third deck here at busch. >> joe: one ball, one strike on napoli. back-to-back home runs against lance lynn to start the seventh. the rangers have their biggest lead in the night. >> joe: here is a 1-2. napoli takes inside. 2-2.
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now this post season, eight home runs, that ties the record. barry bonds in front of beltre. bonds in '02. beltran in '04. >> joe: on the outside corner, one away. >> tim: good part of the plate to get napoli. two-seam fastball. lynn finally has been out in the seventh. >> joe: now murph murphy. >> joe: bounces in. ball one.
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>> joe: darren oliver is the left-hander. goes up on the count, 2-0 -- murphy goes up on the count, 2-0. derek holland who got out of the bases loaded jam in the bottom of the sixth inning by getting jon jay on deck. that's ball three. murphy drew a walk his first time up. we replaced gentry in the fifth. now dotel. he has replaced rzepczynski. >> joe: there is a strike.
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3-1. >> joe: that is back in to centerfield. right over the back of lance lynn. murphy is on. with holland coming up. >> joe: how about adrian beltre? who got in pro ball in 1995 with the dodgers. he came up to l.a. in 'e '98.
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had a big year in 2004 with the dodgers. then seattle. boston last year. his first year in texas. he had never been in a world series. throw to second. out there. lynn slipped as he threw it. the force-out gets murphy for out number two. >> tim: that was a good play. only a strong arm got murphy at second base. initially you think lance lynn waited too long. then he throws a bullet to second base. slips. he appears to be all right. >> joe: long time big league trainer barry weinberg out to check on him. ian kinsler coming up.
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the word on matt holliday is a severely bruised little finger. x-rays negative. here is kinsler. you saw scott feldman getting loose. ron washington's plan is to use the right-hander mike adams no matter what tonight. >> joe: kinsler 1 1-3.
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>> joe: here comes tony la russa. he is going to make a double switch. ryan theriot will come in the game, as well as octavio dotel. we're in the seventh. two big swings by the rangers. they lead 6-4 here in game six. verizon 4g lte. america's fastest and most reliable 4g network in over 160 cities. verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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because this is our movie. and dr pepper ten is our soda! it's only ten manly calories, but with all 23 flavors of dr pepper. it's what guys want. like this... catch phrase! so you can keep the romantic comedies and lady drinks. we're good. >> joe: two big swings. adrian beltre. and nelson cruz, back-to-back. and the rangers trying to win it here tonight. lead by two. it's 6-4 in the seventh. one on, two out. ryan theriot takes over at second base, bats in the number two spot. the pitcher will hit eighth. punto is finished for the night. and here is octavio dotel. put together these numbers during the post season.
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>> tim: obtained by the cardinals from toronto at the trading deadline july 31. along with marc rzepczynski. >> joe: edwin jackson a part of that deal, as well, coming to st. louis. strike is in. from dotel to kinsler. walk, a hit, rbi double in the second. that ties the game at two. now the rangers lead by two. the biggest lead for either team tonight. one ball, one strike. >> joe: here is a 1-1. that is strike two.
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>> joe: one on, two down. that gets away. down to second goes derek holland. >> tim: shoots past yadier molina. you have to think right now how many collisions at home plate derek holland has ever been a part of, should kinsler get a base hit. holland a very good athlete and a fast runner. >> joe: there is a base hit in to left center. here comes derek holland. the throw by jay is not in time. cut off.
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as the 7-4 texas lead. the second rbi of night for kinsler ken. >> tim: so holland at second base, scored easily. on the play. kinsler with a rocket up the middle. jon jay really should have gone to second base on this ball. he tried to come home. not a play on holland. >> joe: and on that throw in the direction of home, down to second when ian kinsler and a base hit could mean another run.
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texas leading by three. runner at second. two out. elvis andrus at the plate, 1--4. >> joe: derek holland, by the way, is the pitcher of record for the texas rangers. he won game four. he and the rangers lead game six by three. >> tim: derek holland coming in, in the bottom of the sixth inning with the bases loaded two outs and retiring jon jay on the weak grounder back to him. >> joe: here is an 0-1.
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strike two. >> joe: the cardinals in the bottom of this seventh inning will have the top of their line-up. furcal, theriot, pujols. down by at least three. the 0-2. 1-2. >> joe: runner at second. two out. another foul. the texas hitters battling octavio dotel, trying to add to a three-run lead. >> tim: as a team,
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the toughest two-strike hitters in baseball, as a group. >> joe: a strike-out ends the top of the seventh. but the rangers get three. and lead by three as they try to win the world series here tonight. and before we go to "god bless america" in st. louis, we salute our long-time vice chairman ed goran who has been at the forefront of fox sports since the beginning. 1994 and nearly a 30-year run at cbs. spent his early years there as a news writer and occasional on-air reporter. spent his youth in new york. die-hard brooklyn dodger fan. in the glorious run of success. before the team headed west. his dad herb, columnist.
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a great baseball writer. he was inducted last night at manhattan's waldorf astoria in the broadcast hall of fame. right now we join public address announceer alltel telannounceer john ulett for "god bless america." >> we're led tonight by petty officer first class and national recording artist generald wilson. ♪ god bless america ♪ ♪ land that i love ♪ stand beside her ♪ and guide her ♪ through the night with a light from above ♪ ♪ from the mountains ♪ ♪ to the prairies ♪ to the oceans ♪ white with foam
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in our electronics, toys, and jewelry departments. >> joe: the world series on fox is sponsored by -- >> joe: you are watching game six of the 2011 world series, and the rangers have their biggest lead of the night trying to win it here tonight. they just had back-to-back home runs. adrian beltre, nelson cruz. they lead 7-4, bottom of the seventh inning. rafael furcal is first up. theriot and pujols. against holland who finished off bottom of the sixth, bases loaded. got jon jay on a comeback. here is a 1-1 to furcal. trying to


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