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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  October 27, 2011 11:05pm-11:35pm EDT

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bunt. fouled. strike two. theriot will get his first at-bat at the night next. took over on the double switch. atop of the seventh. all the three runs charged to lance lynn. the home run and the rbi hit by kinsler. here is the 1-2. ball two. >> joe: off the plate. holland gets it. throws it. got him. one out our get to a better state recap, brought to you by state farm. auto, home, life and
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banking. get to a better state. adrian beltre with a game tying home run in game five. off carpenter and then the go-ahead home run off lynn here in the seventh tonight. the .360 average leads the team. right now on the texas side, running number two in the mvp race behind catcher mike napoli. >> tim: pretty clear cut thus far. >> joe: here is holland fielding a strike, 94-mile-per-hour to theriot. the question was to ron washington, would you because of the rain-out, pitch holland on regular rest in a game seven? he said nope. harrison is my guy. i'll have holland out of the bullpen tonight for game six. he has l retired all three he has faced so far.
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this could very well be -- the cardinal fans have wondered more than once if this would be the final time they would see albert pujols bat in a cardinal uniform. and those realizing it getting to their feet with two out, nobody on, here in the seventh. the fans gave him a 45-second standing ovation september 25 against the cubs. who knew then that cardinals would make it all the way to the world series. they trail by three here in game six. >> tim: 11 years of excellence as a cardinal. >> joe: this world series except for huge game three -- hitless in this world series except for huge game three. he has three home runs coming to third player to ever do
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that. in a world series game. babe ruth, reggie jackson and albert pujols. 2-0. 2-1 from derek holland who has a three-run lead can challenge the cardinals' number three hitter. here is the 2-1. shot to the left side. for andrus. elvis guides it across. hasholland has le retired all four. pujols is 0-4. we go to the eighth inning in game six on a thursday night. and the rangers lead by three. gain? what's the fastest way to hartford hospital? do i need an umbrella in new york this weekend? remind me to call chris when i get home. move my meeting from 3 to 4. what does a weasel look like? remind me to get milk when i leave work. tell my wife i'm gonna' make it. wake me up at 6. play some coltrane. i'm locked out.
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>> joe: this week on fox n.f.l. sunday. drew brees and the saints head here to st. louis to take on the rams. or the cardinals bat the ravens. lions square off against tim tebow and the broncos. redskins take on the bills in toronto. coverage begins with the built ford tough fox n.f.l. sunday pre-game show at noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. pacific. as rzepczynski answers and gives a strike to josh hamilton.
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to the right side for theriot. his first chance of the night. one out. pujols on the receiving end of the throw from ryan theriot. as you said, mitch moreland who took over defensively in the bottom of the seventh inning comes to the plate. it has been 11 years of excellence for albert pujols. who knows if he will be back with this organization after testing the free agent waters? second to musial in home run, rbis and career .328 hitters. say about 50/50 he comes back. we'll just have to wait and see once he gets out and can take bids. you go back to 2001, his rookie year. moreland grounds run up the first
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baseline. rzepczynski makes a great play! two out. >> tim: go to pujols. very, very nice. >> joe: albert pujols handed tony la russa a picture of the two of them. at the end of pujols' rookie year. and he wanted tony la russa to sign it. tony la russa said let me think about it for a night and i'll give it to you tomorrow. realize this is back in 2001 when we had seen just one excellent season from albert pujols. and tony la russa, who was in his 33rd year of managing in the big leagues, thought about it for a night and wrote on that picture in 2001, "to the best player i've ever managed." signed his name, to albert pujols. now here he is. maybe days away from
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free agency. you wonder what the market will be and you wonder how competitive the cardinals will be in trying to keep one of the best players ever to wear this historic uniform. >> tim: very few players after only 11 years would be a shoo-in for the hall of fame. but you are looking at one right there. if his career were over today, he is a hall-of-famer. >> joe: rzepczynski takes care of the rangers 1-2-3. in the bottom of the eighth inning, berkman, jay, freese coming up. maybe the best ever, heck the best ever. stan musial, stan "the man" at the park tonight. bottom of the eighth. 7-4, texas. [ screaming] [ zapping ]
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i got it, i'm sorry. these people, huh? you know i've found that anger is the enemy of instruction.
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you don't know the egos that i have to deal with. you're probably right. thank you! whoever you are. i'm pretty sure at was phil jackson. he's quite famous... million championships... triangle offense innovator... [ male announcer ] the audi a8. named best large luxury sedan. nice wheels zen master. thank you...todd. ♪ >> joe: lance berkman will try to get it started for st. louis. time is running out to try and force a game seven tomorrow night. bottom of the eighth inning. 7-4, texas. fly ball in to right. long run for nelson cruz. he is there. one out.
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the world series on fox is sponsored by audi. truth in enginee engineering. and by state farm, for auto, home, life and banking. get to a better state. up above aerial coverage brought to you by directv. if you call yourself a sports fan, you've got to get directv. a beautiful night. it is crisp. allen craig gets his first at-bat. taking over for the injured matt holliday. who injured his little finger on his hand diving back to the bag. his right hand. he was picked off back in the sixth. big play, by napoli, the catcher and beltre at third. that ball is hit in the air to left. back at the wall. it's a two-run game. allen craig goes deep. here in the eighth. [ cheering ]
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>> tim: a breaking ball that hangs inside but not for long. the first run the cardinals have scored off derek holland in this world series. >> joe: now the batter is david freese. who has a walk last time up. 0-2. >> joe: this cardinal team has been resilient all year. fought through injury and charged their way back up in the wild card standings. they have ineffect played elimination games since the end
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of august. as the count goes to 2-1. >> tim: once again, 10-1/2 back on august 25. they ended up winning the wild card on the last day of the season from the braves. >> joe: beat the heavily favored philadelphia phillies and they beat the brewers and they trail here tonight. not just here in the series but in game six. 7-5, now. the count is 2-2 on freese. interesting that holland is still on the mound. and mike adams who was traded to this team for spots like this and had not been in a game since game two is not the ballgame. holland gets the ground ball. andrus stumbles but gets the out. two out. adams is ready to go. yadier molina is coming up.
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only man to reach against holland. the one-out home run by craig in the eighth. >> tim: also before game five, down in arlington, ron washington telling us that he will use neftali feliz for four outs if necessary. the cardinals need, they have four outs to score at least two runs. off holland and others. >> joe: that was a big run that scored for texas in the top of the seventh. with the two-out rbi hit by kin ken ki -- bn kinsler. that made it 7-4, now it's 7-5. molina lines a base hit to right. and just like that, the tying run comes to the plate. [ applause ] gerald leonard has come in the on-deck
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circle. mike adams continues to get ready in the bullpen. the pitcher's spot is due up right now. that is why laird. also, the cardinals are one base runner away from assuring another albert pujols at-bat before the end of this gam game. that is going to be it for holland. mike adams. ron washington has not made the call yet, but figures to. adams who was traded to texas in july, from the san diego padres. he will enter here and deal with the tying run at the plate. one on, two out.
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[ male announcer ] layaway's back for christmas in our electronics, toys, and jewelry departments. >> joe: game six of the 2011 world series may be remember for nights it was touch to catch it with a glove, or with the bare hand. tough to find a handle. a total of five errors have been committed. three by the cardinals, to by the rangers. that man number five wondering if he will get one more shot. so far, the rangers have been able to overcome and outplay their error more than the cardinals. the rangers have had more consistent offense through this series. they are four outs away defensively from their first world championship as mike adams takes over. laird was announced. then replaced by
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descalso. the cardinal bench is empty. descalso. 0-1 in this world series. grounded to the left side. the play is at first. safe. two on, two out. [ applause ] >> tim: kinsler was playing descalso. so andrus' first look at second, he decided that kinsler had too far to go. but if he goes to second base, molina is easily out. descalso on the other hand, very fast. and has an infield hit i think. it is being scored an infield hit. but andrus' play was for second base. >> joe: and now jon jay all of a sudden represents the go-ahead run. and the rangers are
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scrambling to get darren oliver ready. >> tim: here it is. ian kinsler playing descalso to pull. but he is very fast. so he had an easy play at second base on the slow-footed molina. but he elects to go to first. and the speedy descalso beats the play. >> joe: jon jay is hitless in this world series. will he face adams? yes. two on, two out. in to right field. a base hit. they will hold molina, the bases are loaded. and now furcal will
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walk to the plate. a hit away from tying game six. that for jon jay, his first hit since game six of the nlcs. here comes mike maddux out to talk with the struggling furcal, who is 3-24 in this world series without an rbi. >> tim: it's worth mentioning, joe, that the cardinals have gone through the line-up, as oliver is warming. he is warm. have gone through the warmup twice coming in to this inning without getting a ball out of the infield. 18 straight batters could not get a ball out of the infield. they've already scored one in this inning. and a base hit to the outfield to score two to tie it.
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unbelievable. >> joe: rafael furcal. picked up in july from the dodgers. chops it back to adams. and a quiet end to the eighth. in the inning, a home run by allen craig, to make it a two-run game. pujols will bat again before the end of the night. we go to the ninth inning. game six. they exhale in the texas dugout and they lead by two. de bi. [ chuckles ] you think that is some information i would have liked to know? i like tacos. you invited eric? i thought eric gave you the creeps. [ phone buzzes ]
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it's ready. are you? >> joe: jason motte takes over. that is not the only change for the cardinals, as nelson cruz steps in. 7-5. motte comes in throwing 98. descalso stays in the game. he is at short. the pitcher now is the number one spot. furcal. he had a big chance in the bottom of the eighth and he will end his night 0-5. cruz is sawed off by motte. one out.
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furcal for the world, three ou -- furcal for the world series, three out of 25. whatever mike maddux said, the pitching coach of the rangers, it made mike adams laugh and maybe relax to make a big pitch to get furcal to end the bottom of the eighth. >> tim: what a great shot at getting furcal with the bases loaded two out. tying run on second base. getting furcal in the first pitch. >> joe: napoli, strike one. derek holland who is in line for the win goes two innings tonight. one run on two hits. strike-outs to walks. adams will come in and allow two hits and a third. and the rest of this one has believe belongs to neftali feliz. it's hot. hopping around after that pitch got away
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from him. derek holland game four got in the ninth inning and tonight pitched out of the bullpen taking over for ogando. >> joe: here is a 2-1 from motte. inside, 3-1.


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