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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  February 18, 2012 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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second time started me spinning out and then carried me around. unfortunate for the home depot team. i felt like we had a good car. we were up front pretty much the whole race up in the top five throughout the whole race. wanted to ride right there in third place for the end of this thing. right when you thought you were all right to right and be all right you get turned around. >> thank you, mike. >> mike: for a look at the technology involved at the cut away car, jeff hammond. >> jeff: we got a lot of neat things we can do with it and one of the things that people talked a lot about in the off-season the fuel injection that nascar was going bring along here. this is the way the engine was set up with the fuel rail and the injectors that fire the cylinders. we don't have a carburetor any more. throttle body. looks like a carburetor and flows air down through it. the main thing is we still have basically the dreaded
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restricter plate. why? we would have almost 900-horsepower if we do not have the restricter plate to cut the horsepower at daytona and keep the speeds down where we can control them a little bit. a lot of exciting racing tonight and so far fuel injection really hasn't been a factor. >> mike: thanks, jeff. 15 cars on the lead lap as clint bowyer gets the free pass. greg biffle and jeff gordon stayed out. they did not pit. they have the front row for the restart which will come with 14 laps to go. jimmie johnson, tony stewart, row two. jamie mcmurray, carl edwards row number three. ten lead changes or rather ten leaders. 19 lead changes. four caution flags. three for accidents. plus the scheduled ten minute break at lap 25. >> darrell: setting up, larry, johnson and gordon up here. you got biffle and his teammate back there edwards in sixth. we got some guys setting up here that might have something to say about who is going to win this. >> mike: checked and released
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at the care center. martin truex, dale earnhardt, jr. and matt kenseth. the restart comes this time by with 14 laps to go a good time for our first nascar on fox crank it up of the new year. >> darrell: whoopee! [cars revving]
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>> mike: off turn four, 12 laps to go. they come to the line.
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four time leading five time. those are the number of championships for jeff gordon and jimmie johnson running one, two. three time right with them, tony stewart. >> darrell: three time sitting with them and that is a h hendrick parade right now and i thought that we might start to see teammates are going to help teammates now is the time to do it. >> mike: dick berggren? >> dick: such a wild ride. did you not know you were on fire? >> i figured it would go out. want to thank everybody on the budweiser chevy team. did a good job. we will have a different strategy next i can tell you that. >> dick: harvick, you smell like smoke. mike? >> mike: 7 car break away. three wide behind them and brad kezelowski in the midst of the second pack had a little discussion. >> [radio]: are there really
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only four cars left? >> [radio]: i would say there is two, four, six -- only seven in your mirror. i would say five are decent. >> [radio]: so 13 quality cars left? >> definitely every car up front. i got what you are saying. 10-4. >> mike: not as many as they were awhile ago. but still 15 on the lead lap. kezelowski and his teammate allmendinger have been hanging around out around the back of the pack for awhile. but we are coming down toward ten laps to go. one lap from now, go time. >> darrell: i think what you see is what you are going to get until we get down to about three to go when somebody thinks they can push for three laps. >> larry: when you look at the top seven drivers right now lined up. look at the driver at the back of the pack. denny hamlin at 11. he was a lap down. got the free pass and there he is back with the lead group.
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>> mike: hamlin the only driver to ever win the budweiser shootout as a rookie. >> darrell: kind of grub like. think of tony last year at martinsville and some races where they were out to lunch but fought, fought, fought, worked, worked, worked,ed a got themself back in the hunt. >> larry: derian grub the crew chief last year. >> denny hamlin made up two laps. got the free pass twice to get back on the lead lap and into contention. any one of the front seven could win it. eighth place kyle busch is 1.8 seconds back of the lead. and not gaining a lot of ground on the front pack as long as they remain single file. >> darrell: i think as long as nobody gets hot and you don't have to pull out and cool and can stay in single file. going to come down to jimmie johnson saying do i want jeff gordon to win the race or pull
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out and try to pass him. >> larry: i think we are four or five laps away from where you don't look at the water temperature game. you don't care how the car is driving. you can't care that you can't talk to another driver. >> darrell: i remember the guy in third place saying last year saying i would run over my mom to win a race. i would be worried about that, too. >> mike: the 7 car breakaway history. kyle busch in one lap has caught the lead pack and michael they are all together again. >> i knew they were going to come together at the end. look at kurt busch. he is my guy. i think he can win this race. how important for him to drive to victory lane and put the trouble that he had in the past way behind him. >> larry: his owner james finch said bring me the trophy or bring me the steering wheel. >> i love it. >> mike: i like wild thing if he can get to the front. caught the lead back and nibbled his way close are.
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might have a shot to win this thing. >> krista: michael just foreshadowed what he was thinking. he came on the radio and told his team this is exactly where i want to be. he was in fifth at the time and said i am sitting in perfect position. >> larry: there is no question kurt busch is an awesome restricter plate racer. he won this race a year ago driving for penske. finished second in the daytona 500 three times. >> darrell: this is like sitting at a poker table right now and are you bluffing. what have you got? have you got a winning hand? i tell you as long as they stay like they are somebody has got to make a move and they won't make it until three to go. >> mike: and that is three laps from now. six to go in the budweiser shootout of 2012. jeff gordon and jimmie johnson the hendrick duo. tony stewart with hendrick power as has kurt busch. four chevrolets.
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>> darrell: you don't want to run second in this race. >> larry: this is all about winning. >> mike: nobody remembers who finished is second. >> larry: and there is kyle busch in the 18 car. he was on pit road at the last caution. a lot of repair to the 18 car. >> darrell: remember him over there in turn two about ready to knock the wall down? >> mike: five laps to go. front four on the inside out in front of kyle busch who pulls along side older brother kurt in the 51. >> darrell: five to go. our top 15 drivers all on the lead lap within three quarters of a second of each other. >> darrell: here we go. things going to pick up here. >> mike: busch moves to the outside of stewart's 14 with a little help from greg biffle. >> darrell: this is exactly what you want to see right here. you got the outside. you got the push. and you are coming toward the front. inch by inch. >> larry: and darrell, there is not nothing jeff gordon in the 24 can do but what he is doing right there.
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>> darrell: he has got what he has got and i think he has a winning hand. >> mike: back on the leader. >> matt: they are making their move with three to go. hoping for a big shove to try to go tandem. >> darrell: all the guys told me we can run three laps tied together. that is why i think three laps is the key. >> mike: four laps to go. kyle busch with help from biffle. here they come up the outside. >> darrell: they got the outside going and that is two fast cars right there and two hungry drivers! >> larry: i mean the hopes would be that you can get that push with another driver and get enough lead that you then can fight it out. >> mike: did they make their move too soon? >> darrell: the problem is jimmie johnson can't give jeff gordon the shove he needs. >> mike: a little josleing there. busch up the inside against stewart. kyle busch leads from jeff gordon. three to go.
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>> darrell: this is it, boys. whatever you are going to do you have to do it now. >> mike: kurt to the outside behind jeff gordon. jeff gordon to the bottom. kyle busch trying to block. >> darrell: 24 car is going to be the guy to beat. he is the man when gets down to the end of these races. >> larry: ambrose in the 9. he just pushing kurt busch in the 51 car now. here comes mcmurray in the 1 pushing stewart in the 14. >> darrell: look at jeff gordon. trying to figure out should i block. stay here? here comes his teammate. here comes some help. >> mike: two laps to go and tony stewart around the outside. had help from mcmurray. no longer but mcmurray drives back. kyle busch and stewart slices down in front of all of them. >> larry: tony stewart our
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current champion. kyle busch sideways again in the 18 car. >> darrell: trying to keep jeff gordon behind him and jeff is working him over! jeff is going to move him up out of the groove and get by him. >> mike: busch is around. can he save it this time? >> darrell: there you go. >> mike: he does. saves it but there is a four car wrecked on the outside. >> darrell: jeff gordon is up side down. >> mike: and kurt busch's car is destroyed. >> darrell: oh, my gosh! jimmie johnsons it ca abouts cr destroyed. >> mike: track crew quickly on the scene to aid jeff gordon. on the radio he he has told his team he is okay. >> darrell: i think i can see him moving.
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>> mike: a wild ride for jeff gordon as he tries to win the budweiser shootout. just a lap and a half from the flag. teammate jimmie johnson's car damaged. several cars to the garage already. kyle busch to pit road. montoya has made a stop and comes back out. >> darrell: it has been like a demolition derby tonight. holy cow! >> mike: tony stewart and shootout rookie marcus ambrose ahead of clint bowyer, brad kezelowski and greg biffle. jeff gordon has asked for them to roll the car over before he tries to climb out. >> darrell: michael can address that situation. michael you were upside down here a few years ago on the back straightaway. >> and michael is a lot bigger than jeff and thes were a lot littler. i could not get out. talk about freaking you out. be upside down in a car that is
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smoking and you see oil and fuel and something dripping around you. you want out really badly and jeff is doing his best explaining that to those guys probably about like i was explaining it with not the calmest manner. >> darrell: after your deal down here they came up with a system to turn the car back over. you see them putting the straps around the car. when they turned you over they put the wrecker to you and sloping your back on your wheels. >> he climbed out the side. i think he got out. that is what i love about the big cars, darrell. more room for the guys to get in and out and that is a lot safer. >> mike: jeff gordon gets a round of applause from the crowd here. and he is okay. let's see what happened. >> darrell: i think it is really jeff trying to get the 18 car of kyle busch up out of the way. >> larry: pushed up on the left side again.
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>> darrell: just working on him, michael. kyle was blocking and jeff was trying to get him loose and get him out of the way and got up on the left side and spun out. >> look at the job ambrose and bowyer did out there. brad kezelowski. we ain't seen him all night. he is fixing to win this baby. >> darrell: i asked larry, i said is brad kezelowski in the race. >> mike: jeff gordon's car went about a thousand feet on the driver's door before it barreled to a stop. >> darrell: jeff gets down on the left corner an and we have seen that time and time and time again. >> you got to stay off the left side. the drivers have to make the decision they have to lay off that left side. >> mike: look at this long slide for gordon. that is kurt busch angelled up with him and jimmie johnson. and that car still hasn't lost much of its momentum as it goes side over side. and comes to rest.
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on its roof. >> darrell: michael made a really good point. these cars are so much bigger than the cars were five years ago. with the safety innovations moved into the cars and drivers moved over 6 inches further than ever before. the roll cage is bigger. that really helped jeff gordon in that situation. >> mike: dick berggren? >> dick: jimmie johnson is sitting in his car and it is his opinion that the mechanics should fix the car so he can go back out. the right-front is absolutely torn off the car. there is oil on it. there is a lot of work going on here. but there are so few cars left in running condition johnson wants to continue the race. >> mike: we have completed 75 laps, dick, but the race is not over because of nascar's green/white checker rule. we will have several attempts to get it finished. >> darrell: there is the device they created to turn when a car gets upside down. the buoy and all the stuff to turn it over gently.
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>> mike: here is the fox superzoom as jeff gordon makes contact with the left-rear corner of kyle busch's bumper. and by the way, again a great job of save tag car from major damage. look what happens in front of him. >> larry: what truly caused that was when jeff gordon got into kyle busch jeff gordon moved up the racetrack and there was just no where for most of the drivers to go. >> darrell: roof flaps deployed as the car was up on its side. >> mike: look at kurt busch's car shed momentum and sheet metal everywhere. >> larry: another driver that we felt like had one of the fastest cars her tonight involved in that, jamie mcmurray in the 1 car. >> darrell: yes, sir. >> mike: denny hamlin snuck through another one. so did montoya. >> darrell: a rough ride right there. 'sank god for the hahn ms
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device. he is able to hang on and walk away. jeff was working hard on the back of the 18 car trying to move him up the hill so he could get by. >> mike: and the type of bump drafting you used to be able to do at daytona is problematic tonight. four big crashes. >> larry: i feel so bad for kurt busch. second car of the weekend. >> mike: there are the cars involved in the wreck. and we heard richard childress talking about what might lead up to something like this. >> [radio]: whole damn field as long as they let them push in the corners they are going to
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wreck and this is going to cost everybody a ton of money. >> mike: he own os four cars entered in the daytona 500 and said that before the latest crash. >> darrell: i think i'm correct i heard this today and larry you may know this for a fact. in an arca race, no pushing. you can't get up on anybody in the corners in the arca race. >> mike: those cars have a different aerodynamic package than the sprint cup cars. but michael, what about getting up against somebody in the corner whether it is the right-side or left-side or anywhere? >> what you got to think about, mike, is we used to be able to push all the way around the racetrack. nascar, the fans didn't like it. nascar didn't like it. they changed it. back in the day, '01 and '03 when we raced here at daytona you didn't dare push someone in the corner because of crash. you knew you would spin someone out if you tried it and now we are in the same situation again. the drivers are seeing that you can't push on the left side. there will be circumstances, a great example was truex and
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bowyer. bowyer moved over and truex was left on the left and that spun him around. with jeff gordon he was hitting on the left side of kyle busch all the way through the turn and eventually spun him out. the drivers have to watch the video and say we might need to calm down a little bit here and not tear up all the equipment that richard childress is talking about. >> darrell: it took us a year and a half to perfect the two-car tandem. we got that down. now, we are good to go. no you are not. we are going to change the rules and change the package and make it where you can't do that anywhere. these guys are going through another learning process. maybe -- >> mike: an expensive one. >> darrell: maybe by next sunday they will have it figured out. >> mike: only three cars have not had major crash damage tonight. tony stewart, brad kezelowski and greg biffle. >> larry: are now a green white checkered. the green, the white, the checkered. with the restricter plate like jeff hammond at the fox cutaway car it takes a good half to three quarters of a lap to even
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remotely get up to speed. double file restart. going to be interesting when they raise the green flag on the restart. >> darrell: are you saying the wrecking may not be over? >> larry: we do get three attempts at green/white checkered. >> mike: take another look here from ground level. and jeff gordon after sliding 800 feet on the driver's door up and over and dissipating energy. and here is what kurt busch had to say after the smoke settled down. >> [radio]: really appreciate you guys working as hard as you you did to give me the fun to come out here and race. i hope it was fun for you guys. i thought we could have got clear of that. damn gordon wrecked the 18. the rear spoilers are so small you can choose to wreck somebody. >> mike: that was kurt busch.
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jeff? >> jeff: first off, you are okay. you were so complementary to the grew and hugged these guys but you got a tore up race car here. >> we had a blast tonight and you could feel the energy and excitement and butter ties with ten to go because we were in position. with two to go we were right in the mix with the big dogs. we are a little team. this was the backup to the backup. and we are just -- you can get the butterflies in the stomach feel to know we were in good things with our tag wire chevrolet. >> jeff: no laps on the race car. led the race and got you if position. how much of a boost to your ego and your confidence right now going into the 500? >> well, we know james finch and phoenix racing builds great speedway cars. to have the chevrolet it was a
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huge boost for the club. now, a matter of throwing the car away. they said it was a 1985 buick. we need to protect our race cars and have fun but now off to to get the car qualified in the daytona 500. >> mike: kurt busch having a competitive night but ending up with two trashed race cars. one in practice and one in the race. it is a junkyard down there in the garage area. >> darrell: you know what, mike, team members will work themselves -- crew members will work themselves to death to give you a good car. when they know they are getting a result for their hard work they will stand but you all the way to the bitter end. >> mike: up to three attempts at a green/white checker is what we are facing here in daytona to conclude the budweiser shootout. a.j. allmendinger's car getting back out on track with some
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crash damage. jimmie johnson okay. looks like he has climbed from the car that he wanted fixed to get back out there and try it again.
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mike: tony stewart and shootout rookie marcus ambrose lead. juan pablo montoya with denny hamlin, ryan newman. kyle busch. a.j. allmendinger. those are the cars on the lead lap. jeff burton one down and kasey kahne three down as we get set to go back to green for a green/white checker finish. >> darrell: kyle busch is still running and has been in two really serious wrecks. could have been. don't count him out. he could drive right up to the front.
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>> mike: green flag. stewart brings them across the line. ambrose a big push from kezelowski. >> larry: both rows are five drivers pushing each other. now, you don't worry about the water temperature gage. >> darrell: cooled down and good to go. 11 car down below the yellow line there but didn't advance his position. >> mike: but bowyer could not stay with tony stewart and that cost tony the lead. the tazmanian devil, marcus ambrose, two time champion in the australian v-8 car series and watkins glen last year he has a chance to win the budweiser shootout. >> larry: has brad kezelowski in the 2 car pushing him. ryan newman was pushing those two until they got halfway down the back straightaway. >> darrell: kyle busch's car is is dragging the track. fender's flying. >> larry: here he comes, baby. here they come.
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>> mike: white flag. one lap to go and busch pushes stewart to the lead. ambrose tucks in in third. >> darrell: that 18 car has got to be a mess! >> mike: now, what do you do? >> darrell: but that man wheeling it, he don't care. this is where you see the two car tandem right here. >> [radio]: remember, he will try to beat you when gets over here i you know who that was steveed aington. >> he used to be kyles this crew chief. one lap. tony stewart or kyle busch who is going to win it? >> darrell: remember what happened the last time these two were coming to the start/finish line. >> mike: smoke versus wild thing. to the line. >> larry: he got him. >> mike: wild thing wins! >> darrell: he got h him! i ain't believing it! >> larry: timed it absolutely per next. >> darrell: i ain't believing
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it. >> mike: three times tonight he has done the wildest piece of driving i have seen. that kid is such a wheel man. >> darrell: and people wonder about why we get so excited about when does what he does. >> mike: by 1/100 second kyle busch is the champion of the budweiser shootout. >> darrell: look at his race car. it is destroyed. it was dragging the ground, sparks flying out from under it and he timed that beautifully. >> mike: there it is on fox extreme slow motion. kyle busch for joe gibbs racing the winner. >> darrell: that was pretty unbelievable. >> mike: look at this last lap. now, in the old style of tandem racing, the pusher could not be the trophy holder. not tonight. >> darrell: that was a thing of beauty. he timed that to perfection. jumped out there and got the side draft and went right by tony stewart.
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>> john: closest finish in the history of the budweiser shootout. and kyle in his sixth start in this all-star tilt picks up the checkered flag for the first time. >> darrell: nose all caved in. >> larry: and that was a backup car that had no laps prior to the green flag being flown. >> darrell: flat out half turn over. >> john: and going to victory circle. >> darrell: some kind of crazy right there. >> mike: fifth shootout win for joe gibbs racing. >> darrell: i would burn that thing down if it was me. i would be why not. >> mike: that is the first shootout win for a toyota. and kyle busch is burning down the house and what a wild night
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he has had. >> darrell: watch this. just watch this. i'm wrecked. i'm out of here. goodbye. >> larry: and save it. >> mike: slip, slide and save. >> darrell: look at those hands in. folks, you got to respect the man. that is amazing. >> mike: and then off the front bumper of jeff gordon. busch to the apron. straightens it up. slides it around. and then grabs hold of it, once again. can you hear the cheers in the background? in one of the biggest turnarounds that we have seen here at daytona, kyle busch earlier tonight was introduced to a chorus of boos. he climbs from the car stands on the window sill to a chorus of cheers from the crowd.
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how about that.
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>> mike: promotional consideration provided by: >> mike: well, he is gaining in the fan department and after that display of driving tonight, i'm not the least bit
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surprised. let's go to victory lane. >> winning your first budweiser shootout. you want it to be memorable. could that race be any more crazy for you? >> oh, man. i don't know how many times i spun out but i didn't spin out, you know. amazing race. i can't say enough about all these guys. the m & m's camry was fast and fun to drive when i wasn't getting turned around. but, you know, it was a tough race but you a fun race. glad to see the pack back like that and making it interesting for us drivers. hopefully it was great for the fans as much as it was for us drivers and again first race back in the m & m's car and we are in victory lane. that is cool. can't say enough about interstate batteries and toyota. the sprint cup series. thanks sprint and energy. thanks for the boost.
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>> dick: work me on the approach and boost for the win. >> somebody was in front of me. the 39 and somebody and good hooked up and win. i was trying to stay with the 39. pulled low and got in behind stewart and mowed right up there. he had a fast car and took us by the guys on the outside. i was like it is a two guy race and either me or him. i have seen the move down before. it was my turn to do it this time. stewart had me the last time here in july a couple of years ago. glad it was the m & m's car and putting it here in victory lane. can't say enough about electric glasses. doublemint snickers. all the folks at m & m. krista: let's go to cristiano voda standing by with the guy he just beat. >> krista: now, a week to form late a plan. can you figure it out? >> it can be done. i got part of it. didn't get all of what i needed to do at the end. still considering where the car
10:37 pm
was yesterday and really proud of steve addington and tony gibson and greg. all three teams at stewart haas racing did an awesome job to get the chevy back together and they even let me work on it with them. kind of scary the thought of it but it was cool to be there with those guys and kind of sucked to screw it up yesterday. proud of the job he did to give us a car that good at the end. >> krista: a good run, champ, thanks. >> mike: kyle busch pulls the old daytona slingshot. >> darrell: i said you have to respect kyle busch and respect is earned. in my book he earned a little bit tonight. >> larry: we had the pleasure of sitting with kil kyle busch. the desire to win is still there. >> mike: a lot of big crashes tonight and one truly scary moment as jeff gordon slid a thousand feet on the driver's
10:38 pm
door and then the rest of that car's energy dissipated in a series of barrel rolls before landing on its roof. dick berggren with jeff gordon. >> dick: jeff gordon has emerged from the medical center with a smile on -- what a wild ride. what precipitated all that? >> well, you you know, it is just getting down to the end of the race, time to go and me and jimmie were looking good there. we knew those guys were coming and once kyle got in front of me, i was just trying to keep jimmie on me and try to stay with kyle. every time i got into kyle's bumper he started getting so sideways like he was a lot tonight and i thought he was going to wreck. i saw you him start to spin so i went to go wide not knowing that somebody got to my outside and that turned me into those guys in the wall and along for a ride we went and then kyle ends up winning the race. pretty wild and crazy way to get it all started. certainly exciting finish for the race so i'm excited about that but not the way we want to
10:39 pm
get the 2012 season started. >> dick: so many crashes tonight. even more than would be expected for the budweiser shootout. what is going on? >> we are still bump drafting. just can't do it for long periods of time so now we are doing it in packs so you get on the straightaway and push a little bit and once the tires get a little heat in them and the cars just start and we have less downforce. the cars are move around a lot. got to be careful with how and when you push and it is definitely going to take some patience. but i was having a blast out there. our car was awesome. are we had a car that could win this race and so that has got me excited about tomorrow and for next week. >> dick: first time ever upside down in a stock car. hope to not see you do that ever again. >> mike: the box score will show these ten cars finished on the lead lap. fine runs for shootout rookies marcus ambrose and brad kezelowski. benny hamlin came from laps down to finish in the top five.
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montoya in the top ten. lead lap cars, burton, allmendinger and kahne also running at the finish. down to john roberts and michael waltrip. >> what a performance by kyle busch. what a finish and mikey if it this is a kine of what we are in for the rest of this week wu want to stay tuned. >> darrell: i need to get. >> jeff gordon was upside down. what did he say? i had a ball. racing is fun at daytona and it will be amazing for the daytona 500. >> john: you can say what you want about kyle busch but he can certainly drive the wheels off a race car and did it literally today. coming up next on fox, your late local news. fox late night at 11:00. alcatraz. 12:00 a.m. the new girl. check your local listings. the next matter of business here at daytona is to set the front row for the great american race. tomorrow, qualifying at 1:00 live on fox from the
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daytona international speedway. we will set the frond row and everybody else has to go back to the drawing board. tune in for that because it has been a wild week so far. congratulations once again to kyle busch and joe gibbs racing who have now put their fifth budweiser shootout victory together. the first one for driver kyle busch and a wild night all together. a lot of bent up sheet metal. a little bent up temper but in the end everybody had a great time on the racetrack and fans must have loved it as well. thanks for cormiering along for the ride. it was a wild budweiser shootout and we are in for a heck of a week here at the daytona international speedway as we get ready for the great american race which is also live on fox next sunday. stay with us. your late local news is coming up next. and, once again, thanks for joining us for the budweiser shootout. for michael waltrip and everybody else on the fox family, so long. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. skidding
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ditch. -------------------------------- ------------------------ -------------------------------- -------------------------------- ------------------------ george hhghley's fate will soon be in the hands of the jury. we'll show you why a rooecutor started crying -------------------------------- p------------------------------- ------------------------ fans and friends say, we will always love you. you. - whitney hat angel from the choir 3& the final goodbye to one of he greatest and most troubled voices tte world's ever known. 3 3 good evening, i'm jeff abe. aaell. and i'm karen parks. after days of emotional testimony, the yeardley love murddr trial is in the hands of the jury. jury. time before jurors start me -3 talking abouttthe case. case. joy lepola ii outside the courthouseein charlottesville tonight....
10:46 pm
joyy why aren't they now?a lot unfolded here in charlottesville today.... charlottesville here in a lot now?deliberating right now? noo?a lot unfolded here in charlottesville today....from the judge limiting a key defense witness' testtmony. to closing arguments being given it seemed thhre as drama and proceedings.((vo))commonwealth attorney david chapman started hisclosing argument struggling to hhs keep is composure. choked up as he described for purors how yeardley looe made a decision in early maa 2010 that was life wws may 3rd police found love body insideeher offcampus apartment.
10:47 pm
chapman detailed howwlove's ex boyfriend george huguely left love face down covered up in a pool of her own blood.chapman it is huguely liedto roomates - the night he returned from love's and how he continued to jurors listened .... just feet away wws the door to loves bedroom that huguely kicked a hole in. chapman rguing this was no accident it was intentional. huguely'ssdefense reminded jurors love was still alive his client left. experts testified love may have been alive for up to two hours but unable tt move because of her injurres.both sides are banking on jurors taking huguely'sreeorded statement into account.huguely's defense decribed the 6 foot 200 plus division one lacrosse playerr
10:48 pm
boyyathlete.he also told jurors the volence between love andhuguely was just part something's.francis lawrence .... told members of the jury thht love was baak in bed and left. 3 3 3 3 3 joy, as you rrported earlier, one of the lawyers was talkinn to a witness after the trial started, is that going o impact the jury's deliberations and are there the lawyer. lawyer. so the jury staats deliberations on wednesday.
10:49 pm
wednesddy. 3 3 3 fox 45 has brought you every minuue of the yeardley love murder trial. trial. we'll continue round the clock coverage as deliberations begin.. joo will be back in the courtroom with live reports onnthe case up with theetrial on our website at fox or with our mobile app.content, our trial pox 45 vvewers.olutely free to - 3 we have 3


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