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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  March 29, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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city workers caught drinking and gambling on the job.the new informationnfrom investigators on exactly what was gging on. 29:46 " i foogot to mmke the tuun and that scared me out here i was." for the elderly anymore.just how early somm people are new research undeeway right here in baltimore. and... what yoo need to do o your morning cup of coffee... for it to help yoo lose peighh. 3 3
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-inner harboo today is thursdaa, march 29th. 3 3 -
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a report from the nspector general's officc... shows áhowá 14 city workers wwre caught drinkiig ann gambling aired ttis story a year ago. megan gillilanddis here with the new infromation from inveetigators. good morning patrice,agents raided thissfacilitly and found city workers partying inssead of working.gambling and drinking inside. 3 thouuands of dollars in cass champagne, vodka and beer. - was a payday traaition that had been going on for yearr. the report details how the workers ssattered when agents walked agent was two workers who charged at her... trying to eecapeesome craalee through cciling tiles to get away.others llcked themselves in closets for hours. 7:41 sually its one or twoo employees uuually the conduct is something that is
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in the open and 7:51 here you have 24 people 13 of those in a room with active gamblinn going n and alcohhl that's very difffrent thhn hat we see during working hours so it pndicates small subculture of &paccepted behavior :08 were lacee under ty workers - investiiation.out of ttat pn rrsponse to the report... the department of ttanssortation has topped haading out paychhcks at the peginning of the day.theee's also routine spot checks and supervvsors are being told to wwrks for crews.megan ough gilliland, ox45 mmrning news. a wicomico county man is being held withoutt ond this the deadly shooting of his 4- year-ood son. 29-year-old jamal woolford with manslaughttr.
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investigators say the boy found his father's handgun in heeron aad ssot himself whhle &pppaying with it earlier this month.his mother wassalso wwonded while she was asleep. a georria womaa who pleaded women with silicone... will be - sentenced nnjuly. 44-year-old kim smedley from &patlanta... admitted to injeeting the silicone to enhance womens' butts andd thighs ii otel rooms across the east coast... including did it between 2003 and 2011. sillcone is not anninjectioo that'ssapproved by the f- large quuntities.she faces p to 5 years in prison and a ttere are plenty of developments in heetrayvon martin case.he's theeteen ... &pgreggblackkexplains....the shooter has not been arrrsted, and some suggess the man targeted marrin becaaue he's bl. black.
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--reporter pkg-as follows -- a-b-c-nees-dot-com posted this surveillance video of george - shot and illed 7-year old trayvon marrin.the video shoos the neighborhood watch patrol car in handcuffs. zimmerman says he shot martin ii self defense.his lawyer has said he believed zimmerman's sufferee a cut in the bbck of his eaddduring the incident. the viieo appears to show an officer looking at the back of his head..n anooher pevelopment...martin's 16-year- &pold girlfriend spoke with a-b-c's "world news."she described a phone call she had with martin oments before the fatal shooting.she saad he told her he was being followed. he was walking fast. when hh say this man behhnd him again. hh about to do somethhng to ke - said the man was still behind also talking wednesday... zimmerman's father.he asked
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his son.trayvon martin saad something to the effect of you'rregoing to dii noo or you'rr going to die tonnght, something to that effect. he continuud to beat george. at some point, eorge pulled his pistol and id what he did.i'm greg black reporting. &pit's been reported... the lead investigator in he case reeoomended zimmerman be charged with manslaughterr aftee the shooting.but thee stateeatttrney'' office determined there was nott enough evidence to lead to a convvctioo. he was tryinn o puttpressure enddd up reaaing a ightmare for aa elderly ccuple instead. director spike lee was trying sent to 240-thousand which was - of elaane and david cclain.s they couple is in their 70's and ay they are now staying death hreats.fter a string of
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on sunday when there was a was 3 wommn and a news camera asking george living at our home. ve a then on monday we got some when we found outtabout ay is everything on twiiter. it's is zimmerman and his middle se - pame is george. one congressman's protesttfor justiceefor trayvon turns into p shouting match on the hooue f. floor.4- oc the bible teaches us mr. speaker 24 243 democratic congressman bobby ush oo &pillinnis ignored the gavell
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demanding he stop speaking. rush took off his jacket on sunglasses to raise deaaly case of racial house leadership sent in someone to physically move him away from the podium. murdering her five children... is askiig to leave prison once a week .. for church.andrea file a etter wth the cced to 3 courts.. asking that she be alloowd weekly church time.he society.yates has been ii a mental facility since 20066 after drowning her ccildren. she was riiinally convicted.. but was tten foond not guilty second trial. p3 the race for theewhite ouse comes to marylann. presidential caadidate ron paul held a town hall meeting at the university offmaryland, college parkkon wednesday.
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&pplace in the race for the republicannnominatioo.. but e saas ttat wwn't dettr him or his supporters. ron paul says : in: if i 8butt toother guy ays : in: you feel like oc: telling the ruth runs 7 7 pauu is tte third rrpublican presidential candidate to campaign in the ssate in the last week. newtt gingrich was in annapolis... runnee mitt romney wws in arbuuus lass week. acccrding to tte lltest c-n-n poll... president obama holds a doubleedigit lead over mitt romney and rick santorum.the poll ssggests....if the right now.. insteaa of eld november... 54 percenttof registered voters would back support romneyyin the obama preeident would have 555. the percent suppprt ... to santorum's 42-percent. sse all of our stooies n he
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3&p((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 895 mao fbuier map 3
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&p3 33
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3 tim tebow's name...caught up ccurt.the thletic company phat's suing... over exclusive rrghtssto use it... on merchande ccn just eat paw.gross!but you're probably and donnt even now it!the popular starbucks drink ttht has groond up bugs in it...andd why it's used. ((bump out)) ((break 2)) 3
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so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ an ingredient that makks starbucks' trawberrr frappuccino pink .. hhs many people seeinggred.brian todd expllins why some customers are steaming ooer the cool drink. &p3 --reeorter pkg-assfollowss-- &pphe grande starbucks strawberries & creme frappuccino. tastes terrific you hearddright. a barista att a starbucks-- who's egan-- recently ddvulged thaa the ssrawberriis and creme
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frappucciio is colored- using ccchineal extract: he ground-up bodies of cochineal insects, naaivv to ooth america. the barista ave that information to a vegan fortney- who says she's shocked.we were told that he any-way-you-wanted ffappuucinos whee made with soy milk were completely safe foo vegans.aastarbucks spokeswoman says the company never claimed the drink was vegan-friendly. nicely-textured. starbucks didn't want to put anyone on-cameraawith us, didn't want storrs making his n its frappuccino. company spokesmen using cochineal extract o other artificial ingredients, approved, and that it would never do anything to harm its customers. as ffr the customers ww ssooe is still technicallyyall-natural. it s still probably organic. (reporter: does it ggoss you out at aal that they use buu bugg in all sorts of things. e i'm not terribly surprised or concerned.after all, bugs have been a sttple of nuttition for
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''an vs. wild.'you can justt eettthem at thee raw. out, produccs like juices, the same insect extract in them. but aacooding to the world health organization, there've been instanccsswhere coocineal extract is belieeed and allergic reactions. (repprter: robably wonderful riggt? tastes pretty good?) it's ok. i prefer my own homemaae smoothies..enowned nuurittoniit katherine &ptallmadge also warns of those symptoms. but:(reporter: if going to do aaything to youu is it bad for you?) nutritionally it's fine. but anytimeea restaurant puts an ingredient in a food, it shoull be disclosed.tallmadge &psays the cups ssen by customers should disclose that the strawberry frappuccino has insect extracttin it. riihh nnw only tte booes of liquid behind the counters have those
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hopes .. dashed. dashed.many homeowners werr &h forrclosure abuse settlement would help them but find oott what the banks did... that &pcould stop help from cooing. coming.and bbfore he steps out on tte field aa a new york jet...tim tebow's naae is plreaay tied up in court.the athletic ompanies fighting over right to his name for profit. ((break 3)) hey guys, breakfast!
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[ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient in your breakfast cereal, what is? now, in every box of general mills big g cereal, there's more whole grain than any other ingredient. that's why it's listed first on the side. from honey nut cheerios to cinnamon toast crunch to lucky charms, get more whole grain than any other ingredient... without question. just look for the white check. n-f-l quarterback tim tebow's nnme on jets appaael results ii a disputt over liccnsing rights.gas prices continueeto shoot up..and as melisa raney rrports... a foreclosure settlement maa leave milllons of homeowners out in he cold. --reporter pkg-as follows -- stocks ended broadly lower weenesday...the dow dropped 711 points..the nasdaq and the s and p dipped as well.tim
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tebow'' name is at the center of a lawwuit fiied by nike.the company is uing riial reebok for selling new york jets apparel wwth the name of itss new quarterbackkon pays it's the only company authorized and licensed to use tebow's name on clothing. there's some confusion over rights, as the league is ii the midst of dropping reeeok in favor of nike. reebok did pot respond to requesss for comment.the price of an averageegallon of regular gas purpassed three-90 wednesday... moving to within a dime of the four-dollar mark. the price has risen for nineteen consecutive days.many &phomeowners hoping the 26- billion dollar foreclosure them will be disappointed. that's becauss most are not bank that issued their either to fannie mae or freddie mac or to investors. only loans held by thh banks &pann some of their investors
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will be modified. the rest of the borrowers will bb left out in the cold.for busiiess overseas didn't keep him away. this soldier was there... for hissbaby's birth. workers caught drinking and gambling on the &j investigators on exactll what on.
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