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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  April 9, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 the last ddy of this year's legislative sessiin n annapolis will probably bb the longestt working up to the midnight deadline is nothing new for the general assembly .. but this yeer, ann exteesion is a real possiblity. possiblity. joel d. smith is live in annapolis with some of the issuus making it so tough to end this year's session on time. good morning joel d. good morning pptrice.... for much of the firrt half of this year's 90 day sessson here, debate raged about gay marriage, and a rise
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in the gas tax.... here at the eed, the biggest hurdle might peeapproving the 35 billion there is always a flurry of activity heee the last day of the session, with dealssand votes being one all the way up to tte midnight deadline. maryland legislators spent part of this holiday weekend at the state house....on saturday, members of a special conference committee inched clooer to a raise the incooe tax on those ho make more than 100-thousand a year.and the senate gave preliminary approval to a bill &p30 to 60 dollars.but they're - still divided on bills like expanddng gambling tt table games , and building another casino in prince george's county.butt biggest of all ... billion operating budget has still not come up for a finall pote. bills cross our desk on every session and iithink mayye one a llt of work o do."s we have - we can settle it and get out e of here on time but hope we don't make he kind of
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compromises that are gging to hurt the people oofmaryland." maryland."the panel of house and senate negotiators has still not finished irooing out the differences between the budget measures passed by the two chambers.... a sign that pn extensson miigt be neeessary. also still on the table... the governor's offshore wiid measure and cuttinggtte 1.1 billion dollar deficit in half. live in annapolis, joel d. mith, fox 45 morning nees. police are on the lookout today... ffr the suspects who gunned down a man in west balti. can see investigators on the scene on north calhhun street near saturday night.police believe the victimm.. 37-year-old jermaine shuron... was approached byy2 suspects... and then shot in the head by &pone of them. the susppcts ran from the sceneanyone with information s asked to contacttpolice. authorities are still trying to figure out what cauuedd sunday's collision between a
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light rail train and car. happened on north &phoward street and east chase street... in mount can see the damage to the side injuries have been reported. 3&a boater conninues to recover this morning, after being rescued by tte coast guurd.the capsized vessel in the severn freighter pilot spotted the the coast guard..he was flown to shock trauma in baltimore he's expected to make full recovery. peveral counties in maryllnd spent muuh of the weekend under a red flag warning. joppa... an 18-acre wildfire prompted the evacuation of dozens of homes in the area.more han a hundreddfirefighters respooded close enough tt the fire was a could only be dragged so s resorted to everything from pick axes to garddenrakee to fight the ffames.neighbors say diin't spread any clooer. "yes. yes, but god is still
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good because nobody's house ggt burred or nobody gott urt." fire is unner t cause of the -3 investigation.... but some neighbors thiik it began by someone burning only takes a small ember... to spark a big fire.that's why fire officials warn everyone toobe very,,very careful this week. a similar situation in ccntral florida... wherr firefighters are battling a brush fire.and dry conditions aren't helping... they'reefueling the fllaes even far no one has een evaccated..s of now... the fire is headed toward a nearby swamp. 3peteran jourraliit mike walllce has died. the longtime "60 minutes correspondent" died saturday niigt att care centee in connecticut, suurouuded byy is family. wallace earned a reputation for asking the toughest questions......of everyone from residents o enterrainers. sttvv cenntanni takes look back at a career that spanned some six decades. the leggndary newsman...fammus for his relentless and probing
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questioning and made a huge &pmark onnbroadcast journalism. he was respected even by most of the people those whh at down for interviews wiih ike wallace... never knowing hat to expect.. here ((nats)) wallace egan his brradcast career began hhs wallace ((natt)) ((nats)) wallace began his broadcast and mmde the ove to tv in the his big break was to become the first hire of producer don hewitt whee he wws putttng together the cbs news magazine 60 minutes... which went on to
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become the most successful nees roggaa for decaaes. he hosted the programmfor 38 season until he retiied ass a regular correspondentt2006. ovee his long caaeer, he interviewed actors and artists. he covered the war in viettam... and sat down with nnxon aaie john erlichman during the watergate scandal... wallace died last night at a care facility in newwcanaan, connnecticut... he was 93... in washingtoo, sttve centanni, fox news. a parole hearing is scheduled this wednesday... for serial killer charles manno. manson.thee77-year old has been denied parole 11 times. manson was convicted ooftte 1969 killings oo actrrss sharon tate and 6 others... by a group of his followers. prosecutors say it was part of an attempt to start a race war.. questioninn of potentials jurors will beggn today... in the trial of the man accused of murdering members of jennifer hudson's family. william balfour is charged mother and brother in their cciiaao home in 2008.he's also
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chhrggd with kidnaaping and killlng hudson's 7-year-old nephew.opening statementt are set for later ttis month. if you think your ac is safe from viruses... think again. again.a new computer virus has recently popped p.... infecting hhll a milllon mac users.the alwarr is called "flashback"... and it can make its way into your compuuer to gain access o user info. this is believed to be the mac operating system.. on the - sweet chhld of mine nats natsguns n' roses is among one of the many bands... beiig inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame next weekend. also being honored... are he red hottchili peppers, the beastie boys and freddie king... to name a word yet if any of thoss groupps will perform. feathers were ffying in d-c saturday... for international pillow fight day.residents came out... to take out some friendly aggression. games were also held in los angeles,
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pool temperaaures today. today.the expected in your skyyatch weather foreca. forecast.
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3 3 3 3 survived one oo the most tragic events in history. survivors there was a sense of
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guilt that he had survived, when women and children were &pstill on the boat boathow his grandfather's áphysicalá appearrnce changed... after enduring that fateful april night the titanic sank. ((break 2)) when i get terrible congestion from my allergies, i power through with the power of claritin-d. when my sinus pressure is at its worst, i've got the best decongestant...
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claritin-d. when it all hits, nasal congestion and sinus pressure, all i need is non-drowsy claritin-d. nothing relieves allergy congestion faster. get claritin-d at the pharmacy counter. live claritin clear. unsinkable.but as we found out 100-years ago.. it wasn't.the
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grand ship called "the pitanic" went down in the frigid north atlantic...taking 22-hundred people.. and perhaps a hiitoric era.. with hee.15-hundred of hose people died... and the wreck of the luxuryiner rests underwater. dan rivers spoke with the grandson of one of those surviv. survivorss --reporter kg-as follows -- philip littlejohh has more than jjst an interest innthe titanic - is family is -&stee grandfather, alexander, was a first class steward who surviveddthe diiaster - he later confirmed to reporters that musiciann on board were playing as the ship sank."he said well, the band were playing but i donnt know what tune it was he said, all i could hear were the terrible awfuu and heart-rending..the eponymous hollywood blockbuster rekkndled titanic - alexander littlejohn would have been serving the -& the first class dining room - and as ordered into a lifeboat tt help womee and
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philip still has his grandfathhr's dissharge book - a record of hhs career at sea. the voyage on titanic is recoodedd- destination? "intended" new york because the ship never arrived.and thissis aagold sovereign, a tip hii grandfather placed in his pocket before the collision - along with a steward's salt spoon - the littlejohn had on him as he titanic ffect your of the grandfather?""the obvious effect are before and after, there is a picture of him on the deckkthe rescue ship thee carpathia quite clearly with dark hair and dark mustache. six months later he goes back to work e's issued with a new dischhrge book,,and in the front of that it says olor of white through the effects of - shock.""the titanic loooed
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large in tte public consciousness long afterrthe disaster so much so that they built several memorials like this around the country. at hundred thhusand people turned ouu toosee it being unveiied. but ann of those who survived the disaster never wanted to speak of it ever again.""did he ever talk about it?""never talked about, like most male surviiors there was a sense of when women and children were still on the boatin 2001 philip littlejohn went in a submarine to thh wreck of thh titanic - an iiportant personal pilgrimage. "i wanted to see thh ship that my grandfather had left. you looking through windows and thinking abbut people inside that wreck, because over 1500 people died that night only 705 surviving."one hhndred years on, this fleeting image of the itanic being built is the only moving film of the doomed liner. her sister ship the olympic, got all the attention for hee maiden voyaaeein 1911 - alexandee
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llttlejohn was onboard - perhaps a facc in the crowd here somewhere. but it was his experience a year later on titanic that stayed with him forever..his shock of whhte hair an endurinngreminder of the tragedy he witnessed that darr, cold night in april 1912. coming up next ii spprts. jason ammml dazzles ii his &porioles debut...see how long it took minnesooa to get a hit. ((break 3)) bruce cunninghhm has fox 45 morning sporrs. sports. has fox 45 morning sporrs. sports. we love gardening... yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i want you to grow big! if you grow for me, you'll get cookies for free. nothing worked. ♪ but we started using miracle-gro garden soil. you just mix it with your backyard soil... and it feeds your plants for up to 3 months. my plants grew bigger... more beautiful... with more flowers and vegetables. guaranteed.
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everyone grows coming uppin oor 6 o'clock hour... g-o-p caadidate rick santorum is canceling all campaign events for todaythe family
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