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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  April 23, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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the wild st..pptrick's day beat. beating."this case was broken py public assistanne,
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3&the high bail facing the latest susseet and what policee are asking for now. now. tth brothers accused in a want ann wwy.watcc beating.. why. taste of winter returns to maryllnd.the places that saw several inches of now and how long the cooler weetterr will be hanging around in my skkwatch foreccst. (show home video offfire) and sticclin)"were gonna spend another night aay from here.. " " why so many nearby residents hello i'm jjnnifer 33gilbert. barnd. we.../ were... tte fiist.../ to... bring you... the a... man attacked.../ in... front of a in....baltimore.../ áárobbedáá.../and.../ stripped... nakee. naked.tonnght... police arrest pase......and are asking for your help finding othhrs. others.janice park jjins us live froo couuthouse east.with a story yoousaw first on ffx... janice? janice? ffr about a month now....olice
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have beennon an intense search to find four suspects you can clearly see in the video. tonight...they're still looking forrtwo of them, aad need your help. help. 3 3 ppliie announce a new arrest in the video that caused national outrage.a toorist final aat of humiliation? he was stripped naked outside of courthouse east: east:"this case was brooen by public assistance, they picked up the phone, logged on, went on their computers, and help investigators identify hese received thousands of hey've 3 tips...from as far as california.helping them to hhne ii and identify four video.tonight in custody is davis."davis is charged wwth theft assault and armed police say it's armmd robbbry because she used her shoe as a weapon"police say the ideo
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shows davis beating the victimm llast two occcsions.her bail is set aa 7500thouuand dollars. accordinn to court records, this isn't the first time davis has been chaaged with asssult.also in custody, 20 year olddaaron parsons who turneedhimself in earlier this month.there are two suspects carter and 211year old shatia baldwinnpolice say overrthee wwekend, theyywent to their addresses and to places where they hang out.but still no luck, they're hoping the public will once agaan help them break open this case: case:"so far no one has been &pcooperative, innhelping pplice, so we're asking the general public, if they see or know thess ndivvduals, do the right thing, this was an incredible embarassment, foo their actions" i contacted the family of shayona davis...they have no in downtownn baltimore, p ox45 news at ten.
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phe man who killed his girlfriend......and dumped her body in the woods in bbltimooe couuty...will spend the rest of his life in prison. prison.tths was the scene on dogwood road ii windsor ...where the skeletal remainss of mii nichols were found.sse had been shot in theehead twiie.tyrone webb junior life in prison... plus 20 years. travers johnson...seen here &pafter he waa acquitted of animaa cruulty in the burning of dog in baltimore.... ...pleaded guilty to attempted was entenced to 25 years n prison... wwth all but 8 suspended. police...// investigate...// after... a man is shot... and killed.../ in... northwest baltimore. it... hhppened ... friday morniig.../ bor--man... avenue..../// ááwhhn áá &ppolice... arrived,.../ found... a man.../ áátheáá victim... pied...// at... sinai hospital.... áánoáá suspects... or motives... in the kiiling.
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56 people.../ have een... murdered.../ in... the city of baltimore.../ this year.../áá61áá people... were kklled.../ in... baatimore.../ attorneys for two jewish brothers accused of assaulting their client's trial postponed and movee. as crimeeand justiceereporter joy lepola explains....attooneys aree &pworried about publicity purrounding the case of .....they think ttattcoull da .. make it tough for the werdesheim's to get fair trial in baatimorr. 3((pkg)) l-ee and avi werdesheim left mitchell courthouse todaa....surrounded lawyers. in court, their attorneys assed for a change of venue and postponement. 11:02:49 we don't think it's appropriate ootalk about the case at this point we're just &pgonna hold off anddnot make any omment at this point. :54 in court.... defense attorney pndrrw alperstein.... told the judge "we believe a delay until the zimmerman matter settlee ddwn would be in he best interests of justice."nat sound of protest...... after the state dropped felonn
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ccarges. ((ld sot protestt you don't rop charges against a jeeish man accused of hitiig a 15 year ld boy. (old sot from protest) what do you want? jjstice we want to thank everyone. in november 2011 while on patrol as members of a jewish neighbhoor watch group...courttdoccments surrounded the teen and threw him to the ground.... l-eee werdesheim s a former isreali special forces soldiir. the teen rememmered the one person yelling..."... you don't belonn around here, get uttt &phere!"(anthony bite) the model of ptrolling your neighborrood is encouraging by the pd what's not encouraged is going atty) the message is wait do nottrush to judgement wait until the trial. as their attorney's pointed out there are parallels to zimmerman's defense. rrce profiling has
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aaso been mentioned. the state wants the case oomove imparttal jury can be oond in baltimore city to hear this pase. in downtown baltimore joy lepola fox 45 news at ten. both sides are duu back in court tomorrow charges for the shooting of trayvon martin...... is out oo jacket and blue jeans he left the john polk correctional facility with everal paper pags containing his belongings when he left.his ulttmate destination is being kept secret forrhis safety and it we have talked about mann ttmes ttere's a lot f welled up emotionn in this case we don'ttwant them flowing overr facts are known. &pzimmerman had to put up p5-thousand doolarss... ten percent of a 150-thoosand pollar bond.... the police ooce in sanford, florida...the sanford city pommission voted 3-to-2 today... not to accept police resigg. he will rrmain on t to administrrtive leave...
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....ntil an outside review of theeinvestigation into he travon martin case ii complete. phaa could take 4 months. as.../ yoo... can sse... / continues... / inn.. canton.../ after.../ a... massive.../ fire... at a ... chemical... warehouse .../ áákkthleenáá cairns... reports, .../ ááitáá.../ led.../ to evacuationn.../ last night,.../ ááandááeven.../ ááhaz-mmtááá...// - teams.../ checking.../ thh... air aad water.../ site. (home viieo)from the back of neighbors watch the hree control.... (how close should we be???")with chemicals inside the eastern plating company's warehouse.... sixty residents are evacuated: monday morning we find firefighters ssill soaking rachel sticklin)(pointing)"this is my house right here and the fire wassjust a block over that way" and this evacuee assessing the stiiklin)" and it smelled to me verr chemically"with the
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struccure condemned, haz mat teems are evaluating the best pay to safely remove the chemicals. (two shot)"give me some backgroond at leest what kinn of chemicals..." the wwrehouse owner refuses to talkk... but exxerts with the environment are here. (mde)"we coocerned about them, no onee- is in any danger at this point" (cairns)"todaa this is the biggee concern what is leaking out offthe building, firefighters are trying to neutralize the chemicals with water.. and its beinn carefully monitooed."(spray of wattr nat pop?)(fire dept)"wwat we are doing is making sure what oes eave here is neutral and we will neuttalize and have neutralized itt large amoouts concerned about their own into safety... (ressdent) "they have said that they have taken reaaings to see if there are toxic chemiccls ans they sayy so ssme famiiies plannto pend a second night away from home,
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in canton kc fox 45 news tt 10 it's... still.../ not clear... what ccused phe fire. annapolis pooiie arrest a man......aater he apparently triee to take a 5 yeer ood chiid from a straager's home. police say that on saturday aft. afternoon...this man --mmntay colbert - went in to a wwman's home on brooke court.the woman asked him to eave......but he apparently efused to leave without the woman's 5 year old son.thereewaa a small struggle involvinggthe boy.......ut thh woman eventually convinced the man to leave... and she calledd police. "thankfully he wasn't eal violent or any thiig like that and he wws able to be kind of talked down by the victim" colbert as he was walling along the street... and say he may have been on drugs at the time.cclbert is being chaaged with attempted kidnapping... bond. y... and assault he's -3 morr than.../
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100... federal agents .../ raid... the... "patappco lea marret".../ looking for... pllegal goods. goods.agents .../ from... "ice".../ andd.. homeland securrty .../ searched the parket.../ ssnday..../ ááconfiscattngáá counterreit, .../ and... pirated goods...// ááthereáá was... so much evidence, .../ agents ...had to brinn.../ storage boxes.../ and.. .a.. .u-haul .../ the... items... foundd..// áá boooleggedáá... c.d.'s..../// , 3(john cassillo-director of investigations for the recording industry of america) "it allows the recording industry to preserve its and preseeve revenues that in the artists and in the vstt musicc"(special agent ice: homeland seccrity wiiter)"the funds are going to organized crime and some criminal organization is ultimately benefiting from ttis" this!" agents say...// thhs bust... was the culmination.../ of../. a... two and investigation./ - aa.. man... tries to save... some children.../ from... aa.. vicious.../ dog attack - / / but ends up being mauled! myranda stephens is here with more on the incident that was alllcauuht on video!myranda? myraadd?jennifer and jeff,,the attack happened friday night in tte trinidad neighborhood
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of -c. a pair of dogs charge after some children - and then attack the man hh tries to save them! but before we show you hhw it happeeed... we should warn you the ideo may be disturbing. nats of andrew "i was bleeding being called a hero... after children from a vicious dog aatacc. "i threw my left arm up so the dog could grip this. so, while he wassgripping this one, i uued my right hann to punch on hhm."a neighbor's surveillance camera captured it all on video. you can see tto dogs charging afttr some kids - eleven year old xavier bryant - jumps on top of a car "i didn't look behhnd me, i e - just kept running."luckily, "i was thinking i was literally about to lose my son, then i opened our building door and let him run in, and the dog cameerunning in behind him.""that's when hawthorne got involved."" just
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seen the children in danger, and i just automattcally reacted..he used a knife to stab the dogs...but it still wasn't enough! they pinned him... and clamped down on each of his arm!"start shaking him like he was a rag."the dogs didn't let go until a neighbor came afttr them with a bat! "i'm glad that i still goo my arm and hopefully, i'm neighbors are outraged over the attack. mmny say they know who the dogs' owwerr are... buttso far, washington police say they're still investigating. myranda stephens, foo45 news at ten. in:'black people werent allowed in stadiumsa they weren'' selling hot dogs or cleaning the floorsa& nothhng" nothing" breaking the colorr barrier... in oolege sports... how one man was aale toodo it all by himself... 49 years & our cover just 15 minues "$960.63." "$960.63." ...that's her water
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bill... for just 3 months.the reason he paid it......and the other proolems thooe mistakes could case...right &pafter the break showers are coming to and end and the clluds are sun againin my kywatch forecastin just 10 miiutes
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some.../ baltiiore... residents.../ still... have... sticcer shock../ .after... opening their... waaee bills...//. áájohnáá rydell ... says.../// ááit'sáá aafecting.../ so - many... baltimore ácountyá... wwll... "$960.63."it's a bill that's leet emma anthony in a state of shock. oneewater bill... for just three months. in the past yyar...she says...those bills haae been skyrocketing...
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foo no apparent reason. (anthony) "i went fromm188 to 680 dollars? now, 960 dollarr...that donnt make ny sense."ms. anthony hiied an inddpendent plumber...who outside. but she says that still...dddn't satisfy the "$ you pay the biil? i paid it."out of fear...she says...that if she didn't...her water...would be turned off. ms. just ooe of tens of thousands of homeoners in the city...and baltimore county...whoohave received in-accurate bills. even the folks thattrun the state fairgrounds...have been receiving staggering watee dollars a quarter. (huff) "we phink ttat they diddnot hhve actual people coming out and monitoring the meters, heyy pity officials...say underssaffing forced them to estimate....any bills of &phooeowners. they say they're working to resolve the prrblem. but because county
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residents receive water from the city...thousands are also receiving in-accurate bills. county...compiles sewage fees alsooa chance ttat many homeowners...will also see higher and ii-accurate bills. (mmhler) "if someonn has been ooercharged in thh past in terms of their sewaae charge on their tax bill, pfficials, once they're able to confirm that, will eithhr do a refund or a creeitton (nats-homeownerr)emma wantssthe whole problem resolved...before her next bill is due. johh rydell, fox 45 news at ten. baltimore... county officials.../ say...// ááifáá... your biil...// looks... áinsanelyá... high.../// ááreportáá governor 'malley meets tomorrow in annapolis with the houueespeaker and senate presiient about holding a special session. &psession..awmaaers didn't pass a revvnue package to fund a legislative session endee.not - haae that revenne package,
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could force a half billion dollars in cuts.o'maaley says only after....there'ssan ion - agreement on taxes,but it will accomplish. 11:18::1"i believe that we need the revenue and the resources to accomppish those pnds, aad that the only do that before july 1st is to come back for a special session" sessionn "yes itt' definitley going to waats his casino and of course the governor want his new tax, then mikk busch wants whatthe wants, and thh axpayerr will get the shaft shaft both delegates do share concerns that the current budget hifts too much of the burden for spending cuts onto locaa governments the .../ white there's evidence .../ any... member.../ off../ ppesident obamm's staff.../ was involved.../ in... the... secret service.../ prostitution scandal. spokesman says.../ the president's... advance áástaffersáá whh arrived in colombia... days before.../ he... got
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there ---/ dii... nothing wrong..../ there have been no specific credible allegations of misconducttby anyone on the white house advance team r the white house staff, 3 it... was reported.../ one aaenn...// under... inveetigation.../ stayed the same hotel.../ wheee... thh president.../ president.../ stayed. ...//the 12th member of the pilitary... now eing &pdiciplined...tonight on the pate edition at 11 3&what would you say if someone told you they just added more than trillion doolars to your credit card balance? its hard to imagg... but that's eeactly what's hhppening to the nattonal debt. tonight megan gilliland adds a ittle perspective about how quickly that ddbt is growingg growing. 3
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the picturessyou just saw are obviousll estimates to illustrate how quickly thh debt is growing.what we didn't include was future debt from things like health care medicaid, medicare and social security. it may bb spring... but western maryland is seeing snnw! this ...// the scene ...on.../ route 68... at.... savage mountain .../ in... garreet county.../ covering the trees... and ground. so.../ whee ...will t be pood weather .../ to... put up the xmas lights? lights? it's cood outsidd outside p3here's chiif meteorlogist vytas reid with the skywatch fot forecast
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be in charge of your own ou can- personnlized forecast. foxbaltimore dot com. - use the interactive tools to your street. gootoofoxbaltimore dot com slash i-radar p new addition to the maryland zoo in baltimorr. baltimore.the zoo .../ seet... this white...// co-loobbs... monkey.../ which was born the exhibii.../ over the weekend..../ áázookeepersáá still... aren't sure... of the little one's.../ gender..../ ááandáá... he... of she.../ refuses to show anybody 33 a 6-yyar-old girl... apparently taken from her own home...the focus of the just 10 minutes.coming up in in:'black people werent allowed in stadiumsa they weren't selling hot doos or cleaning the floorss nothinn" nothing" jackie robinson...// joe lewis.../ essie owens...// ááalllá... broke the color barrier in sports...// ááwhyáá... darryl hill...
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is not as famous... owees...// is... and remarkable.// ááwhy?áá... tonite's cover story is next
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the.../ battle in... the sixties.../ was... fought.../ on... manyyfronts.../ n tte south, those who way offlife, did so at thhirr own riik... oneefoot- the war for equality was darryl hill,
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hill, ááhilláá... made.../ a ...lasting mark.../ on... the gridiron... / with... a... very... unlikely... ally...// named... jerry fishman..../ áátonite'sááá cover story...// re-counts... the... incredible journey.../ of... darryl hill....// ááwhoáá... mmde-up.../ one-half.../ of../ of.../ ""the onlys"... onlys"... p in 1963 southern college football stadiums would be filled with impassioned fansa& fansa& massive cathedrals for southern ladies and gentlemen... whose long-held traditions... often ccst a dark aad ugly huea& huea segregation nowa& egregation tom'w segreeation 4-ever!" ever!" but was slowly decayinga& decayinga& dh 7;15:24 in:'black people werent allowed in sttdiumsa& they weeen't selling hot dogssor pleaning the floorsa& nothing" nothing" at the time,
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darryl hill was busy cctching passes from a young roger staubach at the naval academy. hill was the midshipmen's first afrrcan american footbal player. the receiver, halfback and special teams star had liitle ttme to noticc the turbulencc of the jim crow southa until he got a phonecall from asst univvrsity of md football coach lee corsoa porsoadh 7:08:02 he said we'd like you to consider playing football for the terps terpslee corso bite from you tube-- 5;24--5:33in;"this is a this positioo" position"dh 7:08:21-- my response was hey lee, im not robinson" maryland's on""- rivaas were in the segregatedd south. till n 1963, ddrryl hill transfered from annapolis &pto college parka& and became the first black college hostile collesumssof tte south.. south..7:13:44 i was the only blacc player for 2 years in
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the whole conferrnce conferenne while hill was making histtry, heefound an unlikely ally in a 240-pound marrland linebacker named jerry fishman fishmandh7:09:53-- he saada iil make you a deala& ill get and u a great studenta& you get me thru biz school ii md 7:09:44--they don't like me anymore in the south than they jewish" it didn't take llng for their friendshippto game in durham north carolinaa& ccrolinaa&dh7:11:41 we go &pinto a woolworths 7:11:57 at the end of this long counter they come and serve all of my ta team-matesa&jerry fishman bite from you tube4:02--4:10 in;"i ssid are you going to serve us?out;"sodas/ out;"ssdda/dh--7:12:15 fishman gets the team up and says llts godh--7712;24 then hea puts his arm oo theecounter and proceeds to knock every
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platea saucers and glasses to the flooradh----;12;37-- i say r u crazy??h--7:12:52-- you may be jewish but ur not walking aaound with a yarmulukk on your head! (laught" (laughter)" hill and fishman called themsellesa &p"the onlls"a the only black and the nly jewa& to dixieadh-- 7;20:28-- one of the most violent places was waae foresta& get the n------ off the field and get the ddrty jew you know" pnow" hill says the vitriol always came from rabid fansa& never from opposing ppayers dh-7;;9:40--i asn't getting any late hits.. i wasn't getting gouged or called namesa but the fans are another story. ssory. the raucous fans homecoming game against md couldn't wait to show átheirá contempt of hilll who dared to desecrate their all-whhte turf. turf.dh--- 7:13:56--the name dh--7;16:22--"good ole boys ey"-
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waiting for me" walking out in the stands wearing kkk uniformsa& everybody was drunk" drunk" otthr int'w;41;05 they hung a turtle from a hang mans noose in effigy from the goalposta& i looked at the painted tte turtles face nd black".dh--7;15:24 black people had o sit outside the stadiumon a dirt hill it was called n----- hill by the looalsa& when i went there, this hill was ápacked." dd--7:15:34--they came to see this negro play" play"7:17:44--"now im mad ya;;7;30--"i seeeed to get more eneerized by the racisma the more racist they werea&&the betterr& bettera& it was among the darkest and clearly the brightest days in darryl hill's lifea hill caught 10 &ppasses that day, setting a maryland record, despite being double-sometimes triple- teamed. clemson won 21--6... but journalists that day paid little attention to clemson's score-board. board.dh---7;18;16---''they said md may have lost the football game, but the biggest &ploser today was jim crow" crow"jerry fishman from you black fb players"a&out:"it wasn't easy" easy"dh--7:38:30--- my attitude was if u had bias, you were at a disadvantage to under something that was unhealthya hatred is hard to maa managea& ii one short foottall season 49 years agoa agoaother int'w
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7:36:05-- knew it was going to happen sooner or latera but i was able to maae it happen sooner than latera& lattra the landscape of college ssorts changed forever foreverdh--7:30-- sports were not what they've should've beena& now everybody has an equal opportunity to play" &pplay" p it took a supportive teamaa& a young promising coacha jewwfrom new englanda& andda black from d-ca& "the onlys"a& changed college - hill's...// hill's.../ story... is impossible.../ story... is impposible.../ to... &ptell... in just.../ a... few... hort minutes.../ áá soáá we... added ...a.. longer version.../ &pof... mr hill's story.../
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on... our website fox-baltimore dot com slash covee story... a 6 year old girl...last seen friday night...apparently taken from her own home...the focus of the inveetigation... next on fox45 news at ten 3
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3q ♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪ ♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪ ♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ this time the trial begins agaiist
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former ppesidential candidate john edwards....accused of violating campaign finance lawss... to hide his pregnant mistress.prosecutors claii that edwards masterminded conspiracy to use nearly $1 million in secret payments from two wealthy donorr to cover up his extramarital affair as he ran for president &pin 2008.a former aide to edwards tessified today about the mistress, rielle hunter, in 2006.that aide also introduced edwards to "bunny" mellon, an heiress who provided much of he money at pssue. oscar-winner jennifer hudson broke down in tears todaymonday while tessifying at the trial offthe man accused of killing her mother, brotherrand 7-year-old nephew in a jealous rage fouu years ago..udson was the first pitness called.she told jurors
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her family didn't want her sister to marry william balfour --- the man accused of the killings. 3& the search .../ heightens...// for... this... six--ear-old girl... who vanished.../ arizona.../. ucson, ááisabeláá mercedes... celis.../ was... last seen friday her parents... tucked her... in bed.../. áátheyáá found... her missing... ssturday morning.../. áárelativeeáá say... the girl's bedroom window .,../ was... pushed open..../ áátoday poliieáá... extended their searcc to area landfills. they go out there in teams aad search through all the refuse that's been identified as having come from this general area and you just have to take that painstaking work of just looking through everything and making sure there's not sommthing we should be looking at harder." harder." áápoliceáá./.. wentt.. weekend, .../ ááandáá... passed... out fliers...//. an.../ unusual
10:39 pm
sport.../ makes the... junior olympics. olympics.this is a grrup of kids getting ready to represent sacramento, caaifornia in cuppstacking. in speed stacking, players stack and un-stack a dozen plastic cups in pre-determined sequeeces.the junior olympic games take place in houston, texas in july and august.the sacramentt group hopes to raise 10-thousand dollars to help pay for the trip. 3 3 &p - eecigarettes could help you
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quit smoking...the key approval they ádon'tá have... cominn up in just 10 minutes
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"theeobbtuary's on here, images are on here." 3 taking the cemeteryy.. hi- tonights ord on the webafter the break
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that women typically live longer... ut a new study finds women's life spanssare improvvng at a slower pace than men. the study... was conducted over a found life eepectancy ffr mmn average... but only by 2- one thing that is changing... &pthe technology..... involved with gravvstones. gravestones.they can... now become .../ a... living emoriaa... to... loved ones...///áácarrieáá explains... how it can.../ happen.../ with... the touch.../ of... a... cell phone phone in... tonight's word on the web. web. 3 at the llen monument company in indiana.... gravestones contain more ttan words etched stone. "we're now using the qr codes, and it's a way for the family to share their loved ones stories." theeheadstones are equipped with an electronic devicee... scan it with your smartphone... and entire memorial site, "other
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people can text messages to the family. they can also share other stories that &pthee'd like to share as well. it's all up to the family." pt's similar to social memorial with the person's bio, photos, and videos."the obituary's on here, images are on here." the -r code technology is a one-time fee phat's included in the cost of the headstone. it can range from 99 to 400 dollars. once you've paid for the code, your memorial web site will always be onlinn, and you can make changes to it whenever you'd like. 3 while the technology is still very new, a similar device called the memory medallion is already appearing in graveyards across new york.i'm word on the web. 3 the added difficulty facing this man...wwlking on a wire more than 55thousand feet aboveethe 10 minntes onnfoox5 news at tee last resort... ffr people he - trying to áquiiá smokinggthe cigarettes...after the break
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i'm candace dold with your traffic edge report. you'll need to watch out for construction crews in ballimore county tomorrow. crews willlshut down one lane of sb 795 from franklin boulevard to owings mills bbulevard from 9am to could use reisterssoww road to avoid the will also find crews resurfaciig liberty road at deer park road. from 9am until 3pm. 3pm. i will have up to tte minutt traffic conditions tomorrow on fox45 morning news starting at 5am.candacc dold fox45 news at ten
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xx lacrosse...the post-season s
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coming up fast..and tonight, maryland's 5th anked lady terps were going for their 4th straight acc champiinship...standinn in carolina.... 1st half...terps up 3-2... porrer prep player of the weekk and century grad katie schwarzmann scores her 58th goal on the yearr..maayland led 5-3 at the break....2nd half...terps in frrnt 6-4... schwwrzmann with her 2nd goal of the game...marylann up 3.... 5 minutes later...schwarzmann quick shot beats the eeper... she finished 4 goals and a game high 6 points...maryland &pwins an acc record 4 straiggt championships...9th overall also a record...14-10 over 4th ranked north carolina...
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a well--eserved night off the for the oriiles....and i do mean that...yesterday, they wound up a grueling 100game road trip it was... was... 3& tjhe birds opened up by taking 2 of three in toronto and then 33of 4 in chicago.. they dropped the first two ii anaheim, but cameeback to win the finale sundaa...that uts them at 9-7, a half game out of first place in the am,erican league east....far better than anyone expected...and here seems to be a new confidence building in the oriole clubhouse... "i'm real proud of our guys finishing up a road trip. danny haren didn't nned aay help with the strike zone to beegood. we had a suucessful road trip for the most part. we would've liked to have won all 10 of them but i thinn we're all lloking orwarr to getting back in front of some freindly faces in baltimore aad our fans to see if we can keep this thing moving." even more trouble for the saints...the illegal act their g-m is accused of doing that gave new orleans an a longtime acc basketball coach gets fired...coming up at 11-30 on the late edition...
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3 coffee lovers and disney land fans will soon be seeing a lot more of each other. starbucks plans to aad six cafes at disney locations... beginning wiih anaheim's disney califorria adventure opening in junee. they'll feature coffee barista's in the 1920's style... with new desserts... but allo keeping &pmenu. more than 45 million ameriiansssmokee if you're one of them and trying po quit... maybe you know about e-cigarettes. a... couple mmllion americans...// have ...tried them... so far..../ááconsumeráá closer look ... at... the pluses ...and... patrice harris. harris. (v/o)chris mikovits was a cigaaette smoker for 25 years,
10:54 pm
but two years ago he was pinally able to stop smoking - tobacco cigarettes, that is. now he uues what he calls a known aasan electronic or wise - e-cigarette.(sot: chris mikovits)"i've tried everytting thereewas out there to quit. wiih this, it was more like switching. i diin't that iihad."(v/o)made to look and feel like traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are battery-operated electronic nicotine without the tar, regular cigarettes. consumer reports' jamie kopf took a look at the studies and sayss &psome suggest they miggt be a last resort for smokers who'vv tried quitting again and again and failed.(sot)"a recent study in the journal tobacco contrrl found hat methods like theeniiotine patch and gum aren't as effective as we once thought."(v/o)however, ponsumer reports says e-cigarettes - sold largely have not een approved by the fda, so safety is a major concern.(sot: jamie hirsh) "e-cigarettes vary widely, and
10:55 pm
chemicall, other than nicotine, arr in ttese devices. and nicotine itself is extremely addictive and can cause harm, too."(v/o)wwile chris believes e-cigarettes are a better oppion to regular ones, he ealizes that more research is necessary.(sot: chris mikovvts)"it nneds studies, you know, to see all the different things behind it."(v/o)consumee reports' take... (sott jamie hirsh) "more in-depth heallh studies need to be done, and federal oversight of e-cigarettes is necessary. but for smokers who are having trouble quitting, e- cigarettes just may be the evils."of two evils.""- consumer reports says here's raised about e-cigarettes - to smoking the real thing. thatts because these devices minoos, and they ome in ne to enticing flavors like vanilla harris, fox45 news at ten. next on fox45 news at ten the added difficulty facing this maa...waaking on a wire more than 5-thousand feet above the ground...
10:56 pm
...and cominn up in just minutes on the late edition... edition... "she goo her transplant may 11, and i got syncardia may 22." 3 his and hers transplants.... how it led to romance for one couple. 3&most of the strippers would b and a new life for an old strip club. what it took to convert it to a ccuuch.  you think...
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visiting a canyon .../ is... amazing.../ try... walking... across one. one. one new hampshire man did just that. dean potter...a slaccline walker... crossed central china sunday. potter balanceddmoreettan 19-hundred yards above sea level...crossing 444 ards in him there cellbrating and kissing the ground nce he made his last step.slackline walking is considered more challenging thanntraaitional &ptightrope because the wirr is more likely to bounce and stretchh 3 -----what do we want justice, when do we want it, now..--- now.---- backlash over a neighborhood


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