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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 1, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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(reporter: "so is he currently indigent?")"not any longer." longer."an amish man facing strrkes it he got - over two millioo dollars almost overnight... and the chargesshe's facing. pnd .... more and more dadss are staying home with their children.the one other big gender role reversal that families.. because of the 3 3 3
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poday is tuesddy may, 1st. 3 3
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was ittpplice abuse caught on camera.... or a man resisting arrest? it's tte between city police aad a - community group that says officers are out of control. joel d. smith ii live at good morninggjoel . re 3 good morning megan, this confrontation and a recent police involved phooting is fueling the anger of this group, and they want the officers involved, out of here... fired. a police ppokesman says the department welcomes communitt feedback,, but they areenot eeing the same problem in this vvdeo. take a looo. ttis happened near aacontruction site close to johns hopkins hospital last month.. tte man thhmas threatt was ear old - demonstrating with a community group ....calling for jobs promised to them. olice
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say threatt was blocking vehiclls and refused to get on the sidewalk. they pushed handcuff him.. kneed and to - elbowed him.. and used mace. 5925 i guess i wasn't moving too fast. thee grabbed mm, i said why is you grabbing me? 5927 my ddughter is out ere, i'm gginn across tte street, i wasn't resisting arrest, i was following your order,, they ssill grabbed me, i said llt me go, then heeput me on the ground, next thing you know, some big cop came, he hit me. (guglielmi) " it appparedd through watching that video they were having a tough time getting himmtoocomply, but i don't believe any orce was use" used.." threatt joined others last night to air complaints at the ffice of the "justice 4 trayvon mmrtin committee".. tempers are rising.... , and they say they'll continue to hold poliie accountable for any suspected abuss or brutality.including a recent police involved shoottng...
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the a-ccl-u is nowwweighing in saying... the force failed to comply with the settlement of a lawsuit over improper arrests. police could nottjustify 35 peecent of so called "quality of life" arrests. they are late setting up a syyttm to monitor those arrests. they alsooreeussd to aarested and released without being far... there is no comment frrm police. &psee he entire video onliie baltimore dot com plash newslinks. in harford county...a 17-year-old s rushed to johns hopkins bayview... after he was stabbed severaa times in the upper happennd arouud 7 o'clock llst night... along ccrn ridge court in edgewood.the victim says he wassvvsiiing a friend in the area... when he was jummed byy several peopleethe condition of the teen is unknown at thii
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time.right now, police are looking or the suspeets. anyone with information is asked to call police. ppening statements begin today... in the triaa of the consultant... accussd of sending robo-calls during the 2010 gubernatorial electton. election.julius henson is charged with election fraud.he was a campaign onsultant to former governor bab ehrlich. prosecutorr say the calls ere aimed at supresssng black voter turnouu.but hennsn says poliiics. 3 incue: "thee just want to &psensationalisse outcuu: "hired me in the first " place"last year... former aide to ehrlich... paul schurick was convicted of similar charges. tt hear everything heeson has to say...gooto foo baltimore dot com... slash raw news.
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marrland is not meetingg federal ozone standards.thatts the wood from he maryland department of the enviionmmntt.. which issued new report oo monddy.although the percentage of days with good or moderate air quality... roseeto more than 91-percent last year... 70-percent of maryland's air pollution still comes from out of state.. maryland is now urging the environmental fedeeal rules... to lowwr emissions n other statts. a memorial was held monday... for the late ike wallace. family, friends aad colleaaues of the ""0 minutes" hostt gathered at the time warner center in new york city... to say their good-byes.wallace &ppied last month... at the age of 94. ttday marks the one-year al qaedaaleader... osama bin rick vincent tte u-s... but it was already may 2nd innpakistan when he was taken out. out. a year ago, president obama announced a navy seaa team had
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fatally shot obama bin laden in a raid on a three-sttry compound in pakistan.tonight i can report to the american peopll nd the world the united states has conducted an operation that killed osama bin laden, the leader of al qaeda.natsot -- usa! usaa usa! it was a moment of nationall ppide for the u-s, nearly a decade after the 9-11 attacks -- of which binnladee is considered the the anniversary approachee, a department of homeland security spokesman issuee a statement, sayiig -- quote -- "we have no indication of any speciffc, credible threats or plott against the u.s. tieddto thh one year annnversary of bin laden's ddatt."the obama administration also justified for the first time its use of unmaaned drones overseas in the war on full in order to prevent terrorist attacks on the united states pnd to ssve american ives, the united states overnment
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terrorists, sometimes using remotely piloted aircraft. meanwhile, a milessone was the "one world trade center" tower -- which will replace 9-11.workers added theefirst column of tte one-hundredth floor monday -- makiig it the pallest building ii new york tooo the distinction back from the empire state building.i'm rick vincenn reporting. 3a year fter the raid, debate continues on whhther photos showing bin laden's body should be made public.the administration has keep the photos classified... sayinn their graphhc naaure would only incite more viollnce orr be used for propaganda.on turred down a request for their release. it's been 3 years since a controversial government report ccmeeout... suggesting thattannual mammograms do more harm than a new study says just the opposite. task force says womennwho are at an increased risk for &pbreast cancerr.. will bennfit
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from early mammogram's suggesting that women ages 50 to 74... years.the study is published in the "annals of internaa mediiine." the american dream is changing... that's accordinn to recent data... from the u-s pensus fiids thht home ownership in the u-s is at a á15-year ow.ámany delinquent borrowers are losinggthhir homes to foreclosure... forcing many to you're lookinn tt bby a home... thissmay be a good time because the median home prrce continuessto fall. the aaerage asking sale riceefor a vaccnt home is just shy of 134-thousand. phen it comes to mail... better late than never. virginia man is saying abouu a pdecadesá after it was sent. scott mcmmrry says his mothhe wrote him a postcard back in 1957... when he was a teenager.
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vacation in chicago at the it never maae it to its destination... it unttl about a month ago... whhn it ended up in daytona beach, florrda.people there tracked down mcmurry... reuniting him with the post card his mother sent decades ago. :00"i was totally surprised, it was a very pleasant surprise, its likeehearing from somebodyyyou never expected to hear from before, &pit's the ext best thiig to a pprson."as a reeired hhstorian... mcmurry sees the long forggtten card as a llng lost treasure one hh's happy finally got deliveeed. from big burgers... to big restaurants.mcconalds is in the process of building an olympic-sized restaurant in london... just inntime for the'll onll be open during this year's summer games... which start in july. &pthe restauuant will be abbut half the length of a football
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field... with 2-ttousand employees... and able to seat 15-hundred people. emotions run high in the john eewards criminalltrral. trial.who broke down on the stand...and the testimony that triggered the reaction. reaction. 3 ((break 1)) ((bump in)))- ♪
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p3 3 3 3
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they'reethe words every idol soon... you could be hearing d - them're going to hholywooddwe're giving away a trip to the american idol final. fox45 all next &pweek for the idol legend of the night. it will appear on your screee sometime between 8 and 10 ppm.thhn the next morning... watch foxx5 orning call.the firsttfive callers with the previoussnnghtts "idolllegend" will be ennered hollywwod... to the american pdol ffnaleeit's all brought to you by fox45 aaddz 104-3. dramatic testimony is the john edwards trial... trial...what the wife ofwife unusual request she says made.and tough ccoices for &pfathers.why they're opting to stay at home... rather than work. ((break 2))t))&
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roundup extended control there assdramatic testimony monday, in the trial f john edwards.he's accused of te- using hundreds of thousands of dollarr in donations to cooceal hhs affair witt a johns exxlains hat the wife pf edwards's right-hand man
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said on the standd standd it's been yearssbut you can -- still see the anger and pain &pin cherr young, whoseehusband andrew, was once john edwards's right and man,, fundrriser and fixer. at one point, she was soobing so much the judgg had to send the juuy out after mms. young explained ppblicly how sse reacted when shh was ttlddthat edwards to make a false claim that he - was the father of a child with edwards mistress, rielle hunnerr the first thingginnmy &pmind was how in the worlddmr. &pthing of us. she said. at first, she aid absslutely not. but right before the iowa caucuses she sat in on a conference call -- edwards, the regnant rielle &phunter aad cheri young's husbannd mr. edwards was board. he started in wwth he campaign. this is it, this is ourrtime...over and mentioned he didn't want his -3
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wife elizabeth, hoohad been &prediagnosed with cancer, to find out. cheri young said shhe decided to go along with the cover-up because if she didn't, the edwards presidential campaignnwould explode. cheri young also checks into her acccunt from the wealthy edwards benefactor bunny mmllon which were supposed to be useed o ppy rielle hunter's expenses. i can't tell ou how disgusted i was. but she demanded that edwards himseef tell her thaa it was leeal. she said edwards told her he'd talked to campaign lawyers whoo aid it the money in. he was very short and angry, she said. she aaso described whirlwind private planes with rielle hunter to escape the medda. from raleigh, north carolina toofort lauderdale to illinois po aspen, collrado to san diego and then bacc o aspen.
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cheri young also described bizarre moments with rielle hunter. whee edwards' regnant mistress arriveddat hhr house in north carolina mrs. young tth entry way and nnounced, i'm here. at anothee point, she said unter orderrd a reubennsandwiih in a restaurant in colorado and sandwich wasnnt right, young said hunter picked up her cell phhne and called her spiritual advisor in califoonia to ask him to fix it. young said she &pactually wrote thousands of hunter's expenses, inccuding to pay the spiritual advvsor for his services. edwards is facing six felony charges and up to 30 yearr in prison if convicted on all counts. dads are staying home more aad . more.the one thing that's keepinggthem out of the workppacee..and home with their kids. kids.yeah its a fire in the houss. and hey were like its a fire elderly couple from their n -
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burnnng home!where the fire starttd... and how he was able to alert them of the flamms.
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&pit's a illmma any ouples face when thhy have children ... ddes it make financial home while the other works? felicia taylor tells us aaout care that may ssrprise youu 3 follows --with the rising coss of daycare and slow wage growth since the recession, manyyfamilies are opting to have one parent stay home, whill the other wooks.and new data shows that an increasing number offmee are makkng the decision o stay witt the kids. accordinn to census data -- 32% of men with a porking wife stayed home at least one day a week in 2010. that's for families with children under 15 years-old. that stayed home attleast once a week in 2002.not only has it become morr necessary for men &ppo pitcchinnat home, they've
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also gottthe time, thanks to the slow economic recovery. since 2007 -- mee have lost four-million jobs, while wwmen lost two-million have made bigger strides in the recovery, but the trend shows that families are makingg it work however possible -- regardless of traditional gender roles. ann while there is still a siinificant wage gap, a growinn number of women are now making more than their husbanns.i'm feliciaataylor ii new york.-------end----- cnn.script----- it'ssa place of i can understand if peopll are a little skeptical but that's not what it wws before!find out what used to be in this building... before a church moved in.
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