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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 1, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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trying o save post offices. the last ditch effort in five.3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 new concerns offalleged police pwo receet incidents including an arrest caught on cell phone video. joel d. smith is llvee at police headquarters where they have een the images as &pwell.
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see the entire video online baltimore dot com slash newssinks. a balttmorr jjdge gets inundated wwth ozees of emails from friends and family murdee.the messages were seet r3 howardd.. beffre suspect michael johnson's bail review on fridayy.. all asking the same thing... to deny ond. police arrested johnssn last week.... for the murder of he northhcarolina teen whoo disappeared in december 2010
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her body was found last aprrl innthe susqueeanna river. some of the emails refeeenced effort to persuade judge n an howard. 14:44:25 it was the right decision for no bail tt be held because we have to go of law rocess but for mee ssting there as an innividual following this cass thrrugh... i know it aa the riiht decision. johnson remains behind baas at central booking this morning. of first degree murder. a prince george's county man is facing first degree murder charges after police find his pregnant girlfrieed dead in the trunk of her other's car. car.police say 22-year-old nathan rogees committed the crime in district woman who lives next to rogers believes the noises she heerd early friday mooning were that regrets not calling police.. i went to beddcrying, and then when i woke up the next day,
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saturday, i ccred, becauss i felt like i could have done something or could have helped her, but i didn't know what to do.. court records show rogers was convicted of first-degree assaalt last year and orddred to serve home detention. b-g-e customers will get áanotherá break on their bills during the next year... all because of the waa b-g-e buys 54 dollars over 12 monthsstte mmnth ... until may of next 3 year.customers will also get a because f the mergee with exelon. the secretary of maryland's is month... beverlyyswaim-staley is highwayy and airports.this is - millionssof dollars in ing - connacts....and for state highway administration employees who wardeddmillions in highway consulting contracts to firms... who later hired them. police in flooida have
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for using their s-u-v to tow toy car... that was carrying their grandchild.police say... the two were intoxiiated at apparently told police... they wereequote - "just having fun and had been doing this all day."the little girl was not pacinggnumerous charges. the amiss man... accused of &ppeing the masterminn behind a ssries of beard-cutting attacks agaiist fellow amiss members... is now a millionaire. millionaire.gas and oil leases aae making hundreds offohio landowners new millionaares... áinccudingá sam mullet... who recently got aroundd2-million dollars... for drilling rights oo his farm.pposecutors asked that mullet stty locked behind bars... even though he can afford a bond.the udge agreed... calling him a danger to the community.but mullet's attorney says he's not aacult llader. (last ot) "he's not anywheee near the jim jones figuue or david korrsh figure. he's just a man very serious aaout taking care of his community."
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community."mullet's trial is a prince georre's county teenager is beinn hailed a hero... after he lerts his ellerry eighbors....that their house is onnfire. fire.16-year-old justii bowman noticed the flames coming from door to alert tte couple... whoowere doonstairs.the fire was on the second floor. 69-year old lluise seegars sayy... she and her hhsbbnd pad no idea... their house was innflames. "he ran up to the house and he was knocking on the door. oh, he was pounding on the door." "yeah, i was banging on the door, i was banging on it hardd matter of ffct, and i was like, yeah its a fire in wassa fireeand? and hey enn - fire" it took douse the flames..he cauue of tth fire is still under investigation.louise ann her husband are currently to be alive. but very thankful an oklahoma church is
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deliverrig its meesage in a very unusual place... a bar. bar."drunn monkey, i want to hear you scream!" (nats) &p(nats) the chhrch service i streamed live into a little baa called "the drunk monkey tavern."instead of booze... they serve breakfast and coffee every sunday. it was actualll the bar owner's idea... and hhs plan to bring the pulpit to is patrons is clearly working. the bar is full of folkk who otherwise might never set foot n a church. are a little skeptical at the ttought of a place called the where you would find the e - gosselland yet, god is just as alive here as he is anywheree" the doors are open at the "drunk mookey" every sunday morninggfor church. the saying goes... that marriage s ike a maaathon. for one couple... ii couldn't proposed to his girlfriend... at the finish line of an oklahoma marathon.wiie ran 26
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30 map 95 at 399 map key 3
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oh say can you sing? sing?then you should eettr our &pmonster jam star-spannled sin foxbaltimore doo com and singing the naaional anthem..-& phe star spangled banner when monster jam comes toom & t bankkssadium on june 2nd. big spending... from a group withhflounderiig projects... projects..."it's the taxpayer dollars, so we better know &wha" it"and gift cards and beerr.. are just the beeinning.some of tte other hings they purchased. purchased...and later in sports the reason terrell stoglin is entering tte ba draft. ((bump o 3
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the federal general servicees aaministration is in ssriius hot water after it spent thousaads of dollars on a farras nevada to find big s -.- in maryllnd... some public--rivate partneeships arr facing qqestions about how hey're morning's over ssory.. his state's "free lunch".s at the - lunch". 03:27if' we're going to be types of situations,w eeser
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deserve transparency about &pphat's going on behind those quasi public agencies, corporations that uss taxpayer bbcked borrowing to fund private business. pecial &pentities which operate outssd oversight.. gencies like medco - maryland economic developement corporation, andthe city's baltimore &pdevelopment corporation.both agencies which have eeded extra tax ayer financing as their hhgh profile projectss the citt's under performing onvention enter potel and the money losing rocky gap resort, mixed results that raises questionn about the wisdom f mixing public finance, with private profitquestions that ake on evee greater urgency, when the curtain is pulled back on how these agenciis spend mooee
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looked att these re very - thhse are things we don't pormally lokk at" neither the b-d-c or medco would talk on buried ii reports of rootine - exxenses, was some intriguing spending for agencies that use taxpayer dollars..$1400 worth of aven ticket's purchassd from a bdc or gift cards, and priceyysalmon for a party.. and $179 for one breakfast meeting.... part of a thousand dollars worth of yogurt paaafaits nd belgian waffles spent on breakfast meetings. but the bdc was more open then, to the state taxpyers to keep projjcts llke the rocky gap hotel alfloat03;25"look at what's happenbed with roccy gap,,where taxpayers are on the hook for milliinss nd millions of dollars"they wouldn't let our cameras into their downtown offices.through a freedom of information request... we looked at up losses, medco employees hat were dining attsome of
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baltimore's priciest restaurants.... paying holiiay and retirement parties. in the documents... a $2200 tab for two outings at the upscale capital grill. and $550 for dining at tto pepe's. thousands of dollars at other resturants for lunch, dinner, and and wine was also on theemenu when medcc ssent $1800 for a catered crab and shrimp feast last year. phen, more than a dozee guests enjjyed $1400 wooth of crabs while they bellied up to aa open baa.05::4:12"theee should be a somewhat limited range of types of activities the public sector should get involved in" the spending, and in some cases reluctance to disclose using ublic oney to fund private venturess mingling of ppblic dollars and private interest that can lead to thomas roads05:52:03"in the fes private secttr you makeea good
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deaa, if you make aaprofit, in thge public, electeddofficals are and becaase, win or lose, the taxpayerr are the hook, scruuinized even more closely. p::3:50"it's the taxpayer dollarss so we better know what's going on with it" next in sports... the draft is done...but the ravenn are still looking for players.the crop of candidates... they're now 33&((break 33) 3 bruce cunningham has fox 45 morning s. sportss i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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o'clocc hour... beyonce ets the reeord straight.what she says about those fake reggancy ruuors... and the other
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