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some neighbors in southwest baltimore are fighting city hall.they're tryinn to get reimbursement for damagee caused by a water main break. megan gilliland is here with more on why no one is taking responsibility. good morning patrice,it's been more than two months since that water main break.during that time some residents spent seeeral days without heat or hot the middle of wintee.after all this time, they're still aiting for the city to help pay for the damage that was causedd caused.crews were repairing the water line when a gas line ruptured... sending thousands of gallons of water gushiig into the gas line.some expensive applianaces... like heaters and stoves... were ruined because of the with the city.but now, the s city's law department says... thee're not liable for the 03:33:00"i sent in a ccaim like they asked us to.... i
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was their fault."(mayorr 06:22:01 "my take is that t's a omplicated legal issue and our city solicitor george neilssn would be more than happy to talk through those issues with you." you."affer making some calls... we found out... the find evidence that city crews were negligent or thht they were the one's that actually caused the break in the gas some residents say they plan to appeal.they tell us their claims are proof... the city crews are to blame.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 mornign news. police make an arrest in a shooting in southwest paltimore... that happened overnight.a man was shot on fredericc person is under arrest and deteccives are still investigating what prompted the shooting. testimony resumes today in the election fraud trial of julius henson. the baltimore political consultant was hired by former governor bob ehrlich in his failed bid against governor martin o'malley in 2010.on tuesddy.. a recording
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of the election night robocall henson is charged with creating was played for jurors. the robocall suggested o'malley had aaready won. prosecutors say it waa an attempt to supress black voter turnout... but henson disagrees. disagrees. 3incue: the purpose of the call outcue: they did exactly that 3 thatlast year... former aide to ehrlich... paul schurick was convicted on siiilar charges. you can hear everything henson has to sayy.. go to fox baltimore dot com... slash raw nees. attorreys for two brothers baltimore teen during a - community-watch patrol in december 20-10 ...will present their defense todayyattorneyy for avi and eli werdeeheim requested an early end to the trial tuesday... but a judge denied it... saying there was enough evidence to support the charges. the wife of a former top aide to john edwards was back on
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the stand tuesday... in the cheri young defended takkng a video of the house and items belonging to edwards' pregnant mistress in 2008.she said it wws tooshow proof that she was taking care of rielle hunter with money giien to her. prosecutors say the monee given to the youngs to take care of hunter were illegal campaign donations.edwards faces uppto 30 years in prison if convicted on all ounts. presidenttobbma made a surprise visittto afghanistan tuesday... on the one-year anniversary of the mission that killed 9-11 mastermind osama bin mary ellen hopkins explains... he's heading back home now... and is expected back at he white house early this afternoon. afternoon. under the cover of darkness... president obama landed at afghanistan's baggam (bah- grahm') air base.he quickly boarded a heavily armed chinook helicopter forra half-hour rideeto kabul. helicopter gunships provided escort. in kabul, the ppesident signee astrattgic
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afghan president hamid karzai (haw-mihd kahrz-eye) . it outlines the expected relationship between the countries in the years after theeu-s completes its planned thousand-14.mister obamm said united states did not come here to claim resources or to a very cleaa mission. we came to destroy al qaeda.natsot - cheers) our commander in chief, presiddnt barack obama! (cheers)the president returned to bagram to encourage the troops... and recognize their efforts to blunt taliban momenttm and ring ossma bin laden to justice.(cheer) that because each and every one of you in your own way ere doing your jobs.and he delivered a nationnl address to theepeople back home, saying the u-s will pull 23-thousand troops out of afghanistan by the end oo summer.the u-s currently has about 90-thousand troops there.
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ii ill not keep americans in harm's way a single day longer than is absolutely required for our national security. but we must finish the job we started in afghaaistan, and end this war responsibly. mary ellen hopkins... fox45 early eddtion. the country... he natooled ft international security assistance force reporred a loud explosion in kabul. the pity's chief of police says it was a suicide car bombband the afghan interior ministry says 5 people died.reuters is reporting that the taliban is jurors in new york have convvcted a man... for plotting to blow up theecityyss trial... prosscutorr said adis medunjanin went to pakistan with 2 high school friends to poin the taliban... but ended up being recruited by al qaeda instead.after returning toothe backpacks with explosives and - blow them up on he subway. medunjanin is set to be ssntenced in september.
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there are road blocks... and then ttere's áthis.ádrivers in colorado had a tough time getting past this 68-ton wind turbine... that fell off a tractor-trailer rig tuesday morning.the road had to be shut down for hourssturns out causing the tower seetion to fall.luckily... no one was hurt.theecompany who mainttins ticketed.ment... is now being when it comes to marriage... one couple has some words of advice.and takeeit from them... they've been married for á72 years.á years.áthatts why when michael grandparents couldn't make ii cross-country to his wedding... he askee them to make a toast... through web pam.and as you can imaginn... gone viral. 1:58 2:24 - "go to as many ppaces that you can to be together. and you got to watch your husband though ecauss on one of the trips to ittly i
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remember kenny was flirting wiih one of the laddes and ... at the pool, i was surprised she had... she didn't have a top on... and there he was standing over her like she had died. i told her somebody take a picture of me and we did." did."their grandson... who helped edit this video... says the toast was a hit at the pedding... and that people were laughing a lot. a dangerous plot... thwarted. thwarted."the defenddnts planted the explosives at the base of the bridge. how five self proclaimed anarchists tried to blow up a bridge near, how many american bridges are vulnerable to these ttpes of at. attaaks. so, you're all set up.
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notice a full moon in he sky. but it's not just any full moon... it's a "supermoon." that means the moon will go full at iis closest point to for you... theefull moon will look even bigger. this is video from last year's supermoon... which was in march.this year's supermoon is expected to arrive saturday at 11-35 p-m eastern time. ((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologgst)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) 3 3 3 ad libs))((traffic reporter ad libs))
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3 3 3 3 ad libs))((traffic reporter 3 meteorologist)) weather))((2-shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteooologist)) 3 3-traffic reporter ad libs)))- ad libs))((traffic reporter 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map 83 mmp green map harford map
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boom! an fbiisting has led to the arrest of five men who allegedly conspiree to blow up a bridge nearrcleveland.brian tood exppains... authorities say at least three of the suspects are seef-proclaimed an. anarchists. --reporter pkg-as follows -- they thhught about ll sorts of plots.. including blowing &pup a cargo-ship in thh cuyahoga river, runniig surveilled the area.. planned a google-map search..then settled on their target: the route-82, brecksville- northfield high-level bridge... a major artery connecting two interstates near cleveland.thht's according to a criminal complaint, accusing five young americans of conspiringgto blow up thh bridge, with c-44 expposives."the defendants planted the xplosives at the base of the bridge. the defendantt armed the explosives. the defendants and they then, sitting there, - entered the codes thaa theyy thought would blow uppa bridge with innocent people traveling over it."but the men-- whoo proclaimed anarchists with nicknames like 'cyco' and 'skabby'-- were being duped.
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federal officials were being duped.'cyco' and 'skabby'-- picknames like anaachiits with proclaimed are self- authhrities say are sell- proclaimed anarchists withh nicknames like 'cyco' and 'skabby'-- were being duped. federrl officials say they'd been tracked for months by an undercover f-b-iiagent and an infoomant.the explosives they were given, accorddng to officials, were fake."during nootime during the course of the investigation was the they'd beee successful-- they could have broughh down a 150-foot high bridge that accommodates around 14- thousand vehicles a day. "potential casualties and damage to the bridge in clevellnddwere part of what could've happened in this security expert says american bridges have another important &pvulnerability to damage andd destructionn"i scoped out major bridges in tte washington area with rrndy homeland secuuity."we found something unddr here, right,
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that's under a lot of bridges..""many bridges, pipelines. they have fiber-optic cables. that's how ammrica works. that's how we communicate- everything from the internet to our cut the ity off."we're told - by transpprtation officials in ohioothat there's one utility line on that bridge- and at the area near it.when i askkd - larsen hw officials can &psecure ttese the only way is intelligence and law enforcement... worked.we could not get comment on the charges- from four of the defendants. but the lawyer for one of them, brandon baxter, says he'll nter a says his client has suffered from mental the institute for homeland security says a-third of tte bridges in merica are bbyond their normal lifespan. so that makes them even more vulnerable to this type of attack. they can be brought down more easily. &pa faaous hollywood producer's studio goes up in flames. flames.the damage a fire caused... in tyler perry's atlanta studios. studios.and... you could be sitting on some serious cash. how youucan turn your old ell (((reak 3))to money... next.
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in that situation." where the storr is... and how many w inners have actually claimed their winnings. winnings.fighhing city hall. how some southwest baltimore residents plan to get reimbuused for damages caused after a water main breakk &p?;a÷ [ glass clinks ] [ mom ] i'll take this. it's mother's day.
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