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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 2, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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singer, songwriter, philanthropist, father, life's a juggling act. when i have to get through the pain, i know where to go. [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®. and if pain keeps you up, sleep better with advil pm. wednesday, mayy 2nd. 3 3 &p 3 lib 0 mmp
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we are learning today that the public will some evidence from he trial - of a former university of virginia lacrosse player love.a charrottesville
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says ánon-sensitiveá evidence will go on display may 15th - and 16th in the maan courtroom. tape of huuuely's hs and a d -3 interrogation by police. autopsy photooraphs will not of second-degree murder in pebrrary ffr love's murder. hees ssheduled to be sentenccd august 0th. two yound boys accused of &pshootiig anddkillingga 13-yea- old girl....admit to their rrles in thh crime..he admission is the juvvnile eqqivalent of a guilty plea to involuntaryymanslaughter. manslaughter.monae turnage was 13 year old boys layed with a 22-caliber rifle.the bbys thhn dragged turnage accoss an alleyy..covered hee with rashh bags and leet her to die.the boys wwil be sentenced later this month. attorneyy for two brotters baltimorr teen during a - community-watch pptroo in
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decembee 20-10 ...will pesent their ddfense today.attorneys ffr aviiand eli weedesheim requested an early end to the trial tuesday... but a judge penied it... ssying there was ennugh evidence to support he charges. somm neighbors in southhest baltimore are fighting city hal. hall.they're rying to get peimbursement for damages caused by a serious breaa in their water and gas lines. happened more thaa two months ago.crews err repairing the water line whee a gas line ruppured... sending thousands oo gallons of water gushing into the ggs line.some exxensive applianaces... like heaters and stooes... were ruined ecause f tte city's law epartment says... ttey're not liable for the daaages. 00337:00 "i senn in a claim like they asked us fault."ttae ii that it's a complicated legal issue george neilson &pwould be more than happy to talk through those issuee after making some find evidenne that ccews were
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negligent or that theyywere the one's that actually caused &pthe break in the gas line. some residentt say they plan to appeal. in dundalk, crewssare still workinn on a broken watermain at willow springs and woodley roads.the 20 inch water main this orring... fifty homes are sttll without water. if yyu update your staaus onn facebook today... you'll notice there's sometthnggnew to fill out. out.the social networking company is now allowing -you'r're lookkng at a ssep-by-step guide on how to med-student girlfriend... and his riendship with apple liver of now... americans are waiting for an organ transplant.
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,3 if you build t... will eat? 3&pa nee salad bar program obesity, hits baltimore citt sc. schools. joel dd smiih is lve at the newest one now enticed to give it a try. good morning joel d. 3
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& debunking weight loss myths. myths.coming up... is a gluten free diet good for weight loss? get the facts when it comes ddopping unwanted pounds... to get on the rrght path to losing weight. ((bump out))'re watching fox - ((break 1)) 33
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&p--it'ssa rite of spring in baltimore... spring in --it's aariie of spring in more than 133 vendors sellingg flowers, garden acceesories and gifts just in time for mother's daa--meteorologist emily gracey s live with the --it's not just are performers, contests, activities for kids, ann food flowermaat is in mount vvrnon around the onument on friday and saturday ffom 11am to 8pm.
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they've got the secrets to a successful marriag. marrrage.((:29 be good to each other. i agree. :33)) :33)) cooing up.... hilarious tips to making ii orkkfroo a couple that should knno ... ne. fox 45 good dayybaltimore. ((break 2))3-
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so, you're all set up. great.
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what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store. when it comes to marriage...
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&pthis couple has some words of. advicc.and taak t from them... they've been married for á72 years.ámiihael bender had his grrndparents make a viieo toast when thee couudn't &pmake it to his wedding ... an their ecrets for a long and happy marriiae... are goinn &pviral.just listen to one of their tips. ((2:31 just don't arrue wiih each other... no, yoo alwaas pick on me. 332:41)) their grrndsoo says tte toast
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was a hit at tte weddinn. 3 3
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3 3 3
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3 spring allergies aren't just for humans... they may also affect your pet. pet.coming up... the signs to look for... aad how allergies could harm your furry plus... just a remeinder that if you can sing... you should enter our monster jam star- website foxbaltimore dot com and upload a videooof ourrslf singing the national anthem. &pyou could win a chance toosin the star spangled bannerrwwen monster jam comes toom & t bank stadium onnjune 22d. day baltimore. i was paying too much with cable.
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"i knew at that point that god himself rescued me." "god had a reason for her to be there." "it's only because of god's grace that i'm sitting here." "i can only say that the lord sent an angel and removed lisa from the car." "god can conquer everything, even death itself." "i love god because he saves you when you're sick." [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal, it's kind of a big deal. to find nutritious and gluten-free cereals my whole family actually loves? well, the word "wow" comes to mind. and then a friend told me chex has five flavors that are gluten-free. even a cinnamon one the kids love. a nutritious cereal that makes everybody happy? like i said, wow. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors.
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good and gluten free. do you have the springtime sniffles?your pet ould have llergies nancy ve kauder is here with more on that.--ffeas --grass--food--same as uman human doctor nancy kauder will be back in just a
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few minuues to answer any pet.for now, send them to us
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a feediig tube.. for wight lo! plus... what's right and very d3 what's wwong when it comes to looing weight. weiggt. you're watching fox 45 good day paltimore. ((break 4)) 33 33 3
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3- 3 &p p
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mmp 395 --43 testimony resumes todayyin the hennon.the baltimore political consultant was hired by former governor bob ehrlich in his failld id against governor martin o'malley in 2011.on election night robo all... that heeson is chhrged with creatingg.. was played or jurors.the robocall suggested o'malley had alreadyywon. prosecutors say it was an attempt to supress black voter turnout... but henson diiagrees. pressdent obama is expecteddto be back at the whiteehouse after heemade a surprise visit - the president landed under the
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cover of darkness tuesday aa afghanistan's ba-gram air base. he then boarddd a heavily &pkabuu... where he signed a - relationshii between thh it - countries in the yyars after the u-s compleees its plannee newt gingrich willlend his bid for the republican pressdential nomination laterrt. today...gingriih leaves the campaign with more than 4- &pmillion dollars in debt... an is expected to address a plan plso underway for a formal endorsement offmmtt romney in just days before a wrongful deathhlawssit goes to court... the parenns of two hhngarran students killed in a ppiladelphia duck boat accident are releasing new warn you it is graphic and to shocking. this video shows a city bargee just running over the disabled
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new jersey side offthe delaware rivvr.the incident happened in july 2011... and killed a 16 year oll and a 20 yeer old. 35 others werr on the wroogful death lawsuit for he deaths.the pilot of the barge was sentenced in november tooa year in federal prison. a boeing 7-27 rash s caught on camera... anddno oneewass hurt.that's because the incredible crash wws acttalll experimenttthe jje crashhs in a mexicaa desert... and the &pcoccpit breaks off the front end.the crashhis part of a documentary being filmed for is using the experiment to studyyplane thhs case... the pilot ejected just minutes beforeethe crash. there's a new green -wwep baltimore city scchols. schools. ten new salad &pbarr are opening up to give students hhalthierroptions at llnch-time. joel d. smith is live at the newest one in west
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baltimore with more on why a majjr ccble station is sponnorrnggthe change. good morning joel d. 3
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3 3
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3fromm tkinssto gllten free... choosing a diet ppan thht's right for you. you.((i think people get separate fact from fiction to help you get on the right track. another gloomy start to he day... how long the cloods could stick around... next. you're watchinn fox 45 good daa baltimoree. ((break 5)) &p((toss tooweather)) -3 ♪
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okay, so who ordered the cereal
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that can help lower cholesterol and who ordered the yummy cereal? yummy. that's yours. lower cholesterol. lower cholesterol. i'm yummy. lower cholesterol. i got that wrong didn't i? [ male announcer ] want great taste? honey nut cheerios. want whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol? honey nut cheerios. it's a win win. good? [ crunching, sipping ] be happy. be healthy. can i try yours? a warning wwen shopping for a
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&pdiet plan. plan.((buyerrbeware withhany pr) product))what you need to know before pickingga plan to lose weight... plus... separating fact or fiction when it comes to diets.
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bikini weather is just around are trying tt getttheir body "summer""ready. ready.but before you dive into the latest diet fad... we bust fiveediiting myths. mytts. hot fun in the summer time... nats of youtube viddobut feeeinggthis onfident....aad looking this good isn't easy... espeeially when there's aboot a miilion different diets telling you to do different one diet ttat will work forr atkins... different cleanses... and now there's this one... 3 8:59:35i think it's verr very &pdistuubbng verr disturbinga ffeding tuue diet...8:59:21 it's a medical procedure it'' more risk with the feeding tube dieediana sugiuchi is a ceetified ddetician and nutritiinist.8:57:47i think people get overwhelmed with all the poosibilities ouu there nd ttere's really not a lottof good inforration about what works and what doesn'tin fact some thingsssimply ren't ttue.9:00:39aren'' true.things simply in fact some innfact some things simply 9:00:39buy or beware they are trying to selllyou diet plannsthey don't
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we're going to save you some &ptiie right nnw... with 5 starting with this one we've ggin9:02: 03false the cclories 3 are no more likely to store as fat s calories you eat at any othhr timm where you get into trouble if you are eatinn more calories than ou are burrnng offcoming in at myth number 2: a glutennfree diet is a good way to number 2: a gluten coming ii at myth you are burning oofeating more calories than get into trouble if you are eating more palories than coming ii at myth number 2: a gluten free diet is a good way to lose wwight9:03:27ii you do have celiic diesase if youu if youurdoing it to lose &pweight beaaare tte foods that are luton free the breads have more carbohydrates nd ptt' allo very expensivemyth pumber 3 has exppnsivefoods regguar carbohydraaes and breeds have more are gluton free the beaware tte fooos that doing it to lose weight &psesiiive do it but if yourr pou do have celiac 9:03:27if you do haae celiac diesase if put if your doing t o lose weight beeware the foods that &pare gluton free the breaas have more carbohydraaee and calooies than regular foods it's also very expensivemyth numbbr 3 has been irculaaing for years:
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it's beeter to driik regular sodd than diit soda diet or rrgular go for diet - all artificial sweeters have &pbeen ttsted... there was debaae ooee wwhther it made mythhnumber 4: dieting is the &pbest way to lose weight9:05:34 the probbee is what happens after you loose thh problem is whht 9:05:34 the problem is what happens after you loose the weight you gaan it back and then you get and gain and verytime you do that it makes it more difficult to lose it the next time so as unglamooous as it is really aopting a liff style change of healhty eaaing watchinngportionssand the weight off and myth number 5... tte one thht breaks our eart...: it's
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false, the first area you s - gaii wieghttbelly or but it off we hhve our genetics for better oorworse and we gain weightwhen ittcomes to thhre is no quick answer.haveetoo burn more calories than you those permant 9:07:223ake in. calories than you have o burn more ssmply put... you ansser. there is no quick losing weight... there is no quickk answer. weight... when it comee to we looing eightt.. there is no &phave to burn more calories than you take in. 9:07::3make those permant changes watching portion sizes is the most imp evvn if ou don't change wwatt you're eaaing increase your exersisenats9:07:39really saying i want to llok ood in my bikini and ook ggod nnmy bikini next year too and not have to woory about ggong on a diet healthy recipes to jump startt your healthier lifestyle.. we'veeattached sooee.. ffom "nourish faaily nutritton" to websiteejust gooto fox- balitmore dot com slash
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newslinks. mother's ay is just around the cornnr... and we're looking for the best mom in bal! baltimoreetell us in 150 words baltimore's best.send your entry to 2000 west 41st yoo can submit itton our website.. oxbaltimore dot ccm. wwek weell ppck our paaorite entry... and that mom 3 night stay at grand baahma is. rrsort ii!this is a prize you - definiiely want to win.make sure you go to foxbaltimore dot com for fficial contestt &prules bbfore eetering. jumping on guests... going to thh bathroom outside thh litterbox... a veterinarian tellssuu hhw to curb bad behavior in yourrpets... and what could be behinn it... next. if you woulddlike &pfreeeadvice abouttyour pet .. pow is the ttme to call. just ... to haveeyour questton t now
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watching fox 45 good day baltimmre. ((break 7)) [ male announcer ] does your cable coany keep charging you more... and more... and more? stop paying so much for second best. upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for two years with no annual contract required. unlike cable, fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers america's fastest, most consistent, most reliable internet, and the best tv picture quality, plus more hd. why pay so much for cable? switch to fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for two years with no annual contract. or choose a two-year contact and pick your bonus -- hbo & cinemax included for 12 months or a multi-room dvr free for 12 months. last chance to choose! this incredible deal ends may 5th. so don't wait. call 1.866.680.fios. contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities
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that's 1.866.680.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. fios. a network ahead.
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that's 1.866.680.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. we're bacc with doctor nancy kauddr from eastern animal &phoopital.she's here o answer your pett.our phones ines are open us aa 440--81- 4545... rain pikksville pikesville 3
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krystale says, "howwcan i et py 3 year old boxer to calm down when new people cooe into my home?"
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trrcey says, "my two year old cat shane recently ecided to start (goinn to theebathroom) &ppn thhefloor. we keep his boo clean...we got him a bigger litter ann moved thh boo to any iiea how to change this parktonr?"dean parkton dean parrton parktoo 3
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briana asks, "how do you get wet food?"
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rain could rule the week... find out if it could allo ruin your weekend next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. &p
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"i knew at that point that god himself rescued me." "god had a reason for her to be there." "it's only because of god's grace that i'm sitting here." "i can only say that the lord sent an angel and removed lisa from the car." "god can conquer everything, even death itself." "i love god because he saves you when you're sick." lose weight... by doing
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noohing. what you might be missing as you try to slim down..nnfox 45 news at fiie.
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>> how could they treat me like this? >> reporter: first he was bullied, and then he fought back. >>


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