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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 3, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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baltimore teen.what eli stann.heim had toosay on the - ((3::6:38) "how are you supposed to ignore that its children hooked onninternet many á10 year oldsá have watched it... and the long- term efffcts it couldd have on youu kids. and.. don'' let the cost hold yoo back.three ways to save big... on a college education. p3 3 today is thursday may, 3rd. p3 may, issthursday today is thursday 3may, 3rd.
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3 a verrict is expected today in the trial of the two brothers accused f beating a baltimore neighborhood watch group.tteir
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attorney says it was an act of self defense.megan gilliland is here with the latest from &pinside the courtroom. good orning patrice, throughout this trial we heard alot from avi and eli werdeshiem's attornee that this was self defense. but... the stand... eli spoke for hims. acted in self efense the day he was on neighbbrhood watch patrol and encountered a black teen who was looking in houses in a predominntell white neighborrood. werdeshiem ttstified he became concerned when he noticed the teen his hand.he ssid to the court... quote..." i got out of the car... i started to say something... he turred and looked at me... his behavior changed and he went right at me... he swung the boarr near &pmy head..." 3&16:58:37 somebody was swingin &pa board at him with nails sticking out offthem and he testified that he feared for his life and thought thaa hh would have suffered serious ddfended himself 58:45enott - 58:45 but in thee9-1-11call made by
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the teen... he told the operator he piiked up that board for his own protection. &paggin, we will learnntoday if &pa judge believes the two brothers are guilty.i'm megan chilling 9-1-1 calls reveal s..- new dettils of the moments baby inside a baltimore social services office. happened on east biddle street last week.police &psay 29--ear-old kenisha thoma was with a sociil worker and pisit.. when she became angry and pullee out a knife that police have noww recordingg. you an hear several sociaa workers calling for elp... after witnessing the violent attack. (911 call) in: "3031 east i had a lady just stabbed her baby."security, i had a lady just iddle street, ttis security, i had a lady just stabbed her baby." out: "the baby got a knife in her.. ok, alright, just stay with me." (911 ccll) what part of the &pbody diddshe stab the baby? "the neck." " s
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yes" thomas remains in jail, without bail. doctors released the baay from the hospital monday. &p a grocery store owner fights baak... and shoots a wouldd be . & happened late last night in north baltimore aa police on the scene tell us the store's ownerrshot a man who was trying rob him.the &psuspected robber got aaay, bu police say he walked intoo shock trauma later with a and that's where thee took him into custody. police step up surveellance in an effort to crack down on portheast district.thh mayor says the cameras help solve crimes.but community leader says they do somethinn else
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too. 3 its symbolic..... it efineely shows the additonal continning support of the city of baltimore for the efffrt of the community to reinvent itsel" itself."federal and state grants are paaing for the it's not as if ohn edwards wasn't warned.aa jjo johnss trial of the ooe-time white - house hopeful... a ffrmer aide testifiid that he voiced his concerns about edwards' pddnnt listen.hat edwards - listen. afttr tte heavy and often combative testimony that marked the start of the trial, edwards aide josh brumberger brought the courtroom back to llfe. he was funny at times, reeounting his travels with edwards in 206 before he declared what would be his final run for he white house. with edwaads's mistress rielle hunter tagggng long
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shooting web videos of edwards -- including on this bad news to edwards, issuing sa- several warnings about hunter p.the first warning shortly after she walked up and at the regency hotel in new york. brumberger said he told edwards that mm hunter quote he researcced things she -- posted on the internet and said he found alll sex, drugs, rock n roll and astrology."later brumberger was surprissd toosee hunter with herrcamera --traveling with edwards and said he wasn't impressed..that he said and unprofessional "when -3 edwarrs told staff that huntee should getthealth insurance evv consultant bbumberger wrooe in an email, "the whole thing is know it"..but he wrote, edwards was fairly adamant tood edwards directly that stafffwas noticing he treated rielle hunter differently than the others, doing things like carrying her bags..he said
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&pobservationn with eddaads -- eddarddsdidd't hange his behavior. brumberger said he relayed is suspicions to chicago's ohareeairport in - octobbr of 2006 before edwards left on a trip to hina. edwardd pulled brumberger to the ssde -- he was red faced and he was cursing, he said edwards was blunt "if i thought he was blanking her, &pwhy didn'' i come to hii like a man and ask...he said hh didn't trust me anymore he was bassially firing me"on cross examinatiin the edwards defense team mphasized what brumbeeger acknowledged about ttis happened during the presidential campaign. -----end-----cnn.scriptt---- if onvicted edwards could spend 30 years in prison. me you gging? take me. leave g my son alone. alone. the family of former n-f-l lineeacker... junior seau...
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continues to grieve this morning after his apparent suicide.seau waa found dead wednesday... after shooting -& miami dolphins ann new england patriots.his llng career as many wonderrnn if the hits on the ield, may have led to seau's death. . 3&(("previous blows to the head fielddcan accumulate ver time, can lead to something encepalopathy or cte.")) cte."))c-t-e is a progressive lead toomemory loss, that can - depression, dementia nd anger. it's too soon to tell if this was tte caseewith seau's deathh video of birds hitting a delta plane last month... is now landing one passenger in hot wa. water.check this out... you can actually see the birds getting suuked into the says he shot the video shortly after take-off from new york's passengers were supposed to -
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the video was shot on his ys d - ipad... he only used hii cell phooeeafter the strike. po this on a camerr, i didnnt actually did it on an ipad and wife i'm on 1063 out f jfk, this fliiht is in trouble because i thhught it as going to roll over, i thought it was going to crash." crash."cardone sayssthe f-a-a has sent him a lltter about breaking the ruue. the plane made an emergency landing following theeincident and saffly returned to j-f-k. 3& it's the status update that could save a life. facebook now gives you the option to declare that you are an organndonor. jooe d. smitt is streaminn now... at johns hopkins hospiial to explain how a doctorrtheee, helped launch this idea. ggod morning joel . 3 3 3
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3 camera.. outside a florida on wal-mart.but it's not the ácrimeá... that's turning this it's the hero. hero.if you look on the right side of your screen... you'll notice the suspect....who's a woman... approach a lady with police say the suspect showed the woman her knife.thatts when the victim yells for help... and out of nowhere... tackling her to the ground.the neck... leaviig himmwith pnjuries.the suspect then managed to get away in a aapastor's shocking words...
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words... "dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you crack thattwrist." wrist."where this controverrial sermon was given...and the statement the pastor says e's ánotá for.ogizing for..- (((reak 1)) ((bump in)) some places i go really aggravate my allergies.
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3 (((raffic reporrer 3 meteorologist))ffic repprter -3 &p 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) -mapshawan-norttern- fayette-madison
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3 3 3 they're the words every dol contestant wants to hear...and
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roundup extended control great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store. a norrh carolina pastor'' sermon has been removed from over comments made about ar - children whoomay be homoseeual. brian mims talked with pastor sean harris about the co. controversy. --reportee pkggas follows --
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nats - sermmnit's a 55 minute sermon on the so- called marriage amendment. pastor sean harris rareey sttnds at the pulpit, he walks arrund and points o slides. this: "dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp "man uu! give him a good punch - youure not 3gonna act like that."we asked
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pastor haarissabout his "if i had to do it again, yessi woold."often used hyperbole - for eye causes you tt ssn, pluck it out" as it is written in scripture. ssys he technique."everyonee n the was no intent in to break a e wriit."but on this point, he makeesno apology.comppomise on god created you a male, god creeteddyou a creattd a male, you are to acttlike a man." katharine royal heads a ministry describes &pherself as bisexual. she pastor's wood choice as far beyond the pale."there could have been a child in that congregation. and you know kids, they have a short attention span, and alllthey heard of that chuck fager hhads the local quaker house. thing about smacking your kids arounn if thhy don't act like ideal little but iffthey don't smell like girls - maybe he meant it as a joke. i'm not towwrd the nd of the sermon, pastor harris "if you have a person in your house who is gay, love them with jesus christ, your job is not be 3 hommohobic."christ, your joo lateewwddesday, pastor harris issued a retraction of the sermon and removed it from his church website.he said he
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going back o school may be pheaper than you think.and whether it's for youu r your children -- thereeare ways to make saving for college easser as magazine has somm tips...first -- you can search for thousanns of free classes onlinee-- through aa site called the open
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