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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 4, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 &pa gruesome ddscovery inside a ellicott city churchh.. two woman with gunshot of them is deadwhile the other fights for here life... we're learning moree bout a third person founn nearby the church. more on this developing story. good morning pattrce,this is st. peter's church in ellicott cityy.. it was hhre that a janitor was orkkng early yysterday evening... when he found two women lying on the floor inside annoffice... both of them shot. one wwman was ppooounned dead emergency surgery... at last -
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check she was in ritical condition.shortly after the women were ddscovered... police found the body f a man in the woods near thee investigators believe his arby.- wwunds were self inflicted and thht the shootings are related. 1:03:53we are looking iito the real possibblity ttat the man located in the woods wassin some way related to wahat happened to the women1:05:18i was shockkd bc it's safe area my children play outside outsideeetectives don't believe anyone else was inside the ccurch at the time of the shootiig.butttherr are still questions ass o wwy these as we speak.beeng investigated 3 at this hour... he identities of the victims ae still unknown.we'll keep following this storr and bring you moree as it develops.i'm megan on the two- yyar anniversary .-3
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of yeardley ove's ddath...her mother fills áanotterá lawsuit... this timm against the coaches of the mens lacrosse eam at thh university of virginia.sharon love filee a civil suit askkngg for almost 30 million dollars. george huguell was on the plcrosse team... nd was convicted of second degree murder in her death.sharon love also filed wronnful deatt lawsuit against huguely about 30 million dollars. mother nature strikes in westminster.a houseeon gablehammer road was hit by lightning and caught on fire just after 10 o'clock lass night.luckily no one was injured and it was ut out quickly. 3 a follow-up tt a fox45 waste caughtton aaera stealing thousands of dollars from tte cityy.. will keep his pension. pension. olice say hearley bruce admitted to stealing metal for more than netted nearly 4-thousandd
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dollars in about a year and &phalf.bruce faced 22 counts of theft but a judge granted probation before judgement.... and bruce will keep his pension as well. incue: most city agencies outcue: so it just keeps iling up uppruce alsootold police he didn't act one else waa charged n his crime. join oor wasteewatch.if youu see governmenttwaste.. cll ouu hhtline. 410--62-1456. or go to fox--altimore dot com. after five years... baltimore city 's top cop.. is . resigning. in a statement ccomissioner fred bealefeld says.... wants to spend more time witt his famiiy. he'' the longest serving commissioner in tte city's reeent hhstorr.
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bealefeld is credited for a major decline in the city's murder rate. he also including the deeartment's deadly shooting of a fellow officer last year. his departure has caught city hall by surprise. (""ack" young) "i can respect a man that wantssto retire to spend timm with his family. so, i'm just shocked that he'ss leaving. cause, personally, we had a liitle rocky start, but as time goes on, you move thht stuff on the sideeand worr as professionals. andd job." bealefeld has been withhthe department for 31 sheila dixon appointed himm he'll step downnaagust first. is successor couud come from withhn the department, but the city will have nationwidd search. 3 raising income taxes will be theefocus of the speeial month.lawmakers are considering increasiig income taxes on individuals eerning a year....150--houuand for couples fillng jointly.
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reppblicans say that will kill &pphe middle class. (szeligaa "so ww would like to see the tate of maryland level fund ann cut new spenddig, cut any programss that aren't necessary, let's eliminate gooernment waste and not just always gooto ttxing the people." people."the session is set to starting in october, anyone caught with a small ammuut of marijuana... will face a reduced penalty. governor o'malley signed the bill ... that wass passed by the general assemblyy ast month. the governor's endorssment means anyone caught with less than 11 grams of marijuana will have the penalty reduced to maximum of 90 days jail and a five hundred doolar fine. currently, any amount of pot ould get you a year and aa thousand dollar fine. thh effect on the first of october. four people are under arrest in fforida after a violent robbery caught on camera. surveillance shows tto masked
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men ith guns rushing into a du wednesday of the robbers nearly jumps over a counter to get cash.a customer in line even trres to take down the robberr.. but gets thrown on the floor instead. police arrested the suspects getaway car. 3&p more teens... are usig contraceptives. hat's pccording to a new report from the centers for disease conttolland prevention... which says the teen birthhrate has dropped 44-percent since officials say ttis may exppain rate. theenew report can of the c-d-c's "morbidity and mootaaity weekly report." an oklaaoma man is putting his jobbchuck low ssys he lost his ago... after alling short on . he's hitting the pavement ffr &phelp.he's holding up signs at busy intersections... offering a free trip ttohawaii... to the person who elps him land a job. "my hought was, thoogh, if i
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why not,,it speeds upp he rather eat than haae prde." - pride."low says he's opee too anything... buttis looking for something in marketing or sales.and he has a reeume o back it up... 15 years of innestmentt, coomodities and pinancial markets experience. it's friday and that means it's your ttrn to sound offfon anything you want. want.let us know whaa's on pould air in our "facebook feedback" segment. segment.just go to faaebook dottcom slash foxbaltimore to become a fan and join the ii a soggy weekend on ap? tap?meteorologist steve fertig has the answer... next in yyur skywatth weathee forecastt forecast.
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today the smallest ceremony ever will honor fallen heroes valley memorial gardees to show us how a maryland state &p good mmrninn joel d. -3 3
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3 ((2-shot toss to weather)) meteorologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) 41st--map695 at 83-northern-cold-- 695 at 83-northeer-cold--
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41st--map 3
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p steep ppice at theepump, vehicle is the answer. ric - but will these vehiclesse llow- really save you money?as jeff barnd reports... some &plawmakersswann to sink even more taxpayer dollars into so called "eco friendly""cars. cars. 11:35:47 they're cutting down on fuul gas consumption aad just doing better for the envirrnmenn electtic cars are highly toutee as both &enviionm poney savinghybrids that run on ggs and electricty, and both hyped as the key to a greener, more fuel efficient
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futtre. :28:05 "we old 81 beeore it as we're gonna run out of hybrids."in fact the hype ooee hybrids and electric vehicles ii so hhgh he obama addinistration committed tt offer big inceetives. all to entice ameeican ccr puyers to gettbehind the wheel of an electric carr inccntives phat have groon over time. nnw $7500 per vehicle for tenn of thousands of eligible for electric and hybrid cars 11:39:50 t is truly 100 emissions no gas at all going into this 11:39:54a pricey tax credit the obama adnmmnstration wanns to increase tt $10,000.... pay-off. aamove that could e the taapayers $110 milllon tive annually.8:30:238: a lot of people askkme is ii worth the premmum you pay for a ybrid &pdo these green ccrs live up maybe, if you're willing to wait...for years iffyou ony
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6 years to earn back the cash based on current gas prices. and that's one of the best case scenariosfor the ccevorlet ruze, ii would take ten years. and the chevy vvlt, whichhcosts $40,000, could pake eeen longer to pay-off in &pfact, allost all hybridd are why some people ssy it time for the ffderal government to eletric cars. lorida d - political activist sid diierstien, says thee incentiies subisdize buyers &pwho really don't need thh help 10:44:066"this is caah for clunkers forrthe one pprcent., the average volt uyer makes pntice buyers on their own ers that dinersteii sayy is politically motivated :45:27 some cars are a tough sellthe -
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chevy volt sold ffr less than anticipated last year. nly 7000 of the plug-in hybrid that's far less than 10,000 thaa volt maker general mooors promised. which is why some ccmpaiin contributions the hype over hybrids, is just thaa.45:33and makinn sure tte and its barack obama 45:39 a major blow to the avens...-p3 terrell suggs..t could replace - ((break 3)) [ virginia ] i do have a healthy diet,
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natsddnt stop til u get enough enoughstay tuned for your the immortal world tour... o - whennit comes to baltimore.
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