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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 4, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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yyu are looking aa the scene of you are looking at 33 linesoverlap - 2 top verlap - 3 top liness- you are lookiin at he scene of windsor hillss elementary-middle school in plosed ttere tooay afttr a l is- teenager is foundd ead behind school. friday, may 4th. 3 3 &p3 3 3 3 33 out of norttwwst pe mentioned .... windsor hills aaswe meetionee .... paltimore.breaking news out 3 3 p3 3 3
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we are following breaking neww outtoffnorthweettbaltimore.aa we mentionnd .... windsor hills elementary - middlee school ii closed today. pomicide detectives re on the young man was found dead juss 3 &pmorning.the investigatton is alto road and lyndhurst aaenue. avenue.that's where joel d. smith joins us live with the 3
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33 3 3 the investiggtion continues this morning after two women
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are found shot inside an ellicott city hurch. churrh.a janitor at st. pettr's was working early pesterday evening... when he made the gruesome discovery. the floor of an the cene... the other was ffown to shhok trauma for emergency surgery... at laat cooditioo.shortly after the womennwere diicovered... police found the body of a man in thh woods nearrthe ccuuch... with hat is believeddto a elf-inflicted gunshot this hour... phe identities of the victims are still nknown. the mother of a 13-year-old boy ho admitted to accidentally shooting a girr with a rifle is herrelf unddr i. investigation.according to the monae turaae's bra. ii was - just this week thattthe woman's son dmitted accidentally shooting the 133 year-old... whoseebody was carried out of a rowhouse and turnage's relatives ssy the g. d-n-a couud show the woman was
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body.anothhr child also admitted this week to helping &pconceal herrbody. after five years... resigning.s top cop.. is resign. in a statement ... commissioner fred bealefell says.... he ants to spend &p he's the onnest servinn commissioner in the city's peceet history. bealefeld is credited for a major decline &pin the city's mmrder rate. hh lso weathered controversy... includinn the department's deaaly shooting of a fellow offfcer last year. his departure caught some in city hall by surprrse. ("jaak" young))"i can respect a man that waats to retire to po, i'm justtshocked thht he's leaaing. causee personally, that stuff on the side and work as prooessionals. and i think he did a ggeat job." job.. bbalefeld will step successor could ccme from s city wwll have a nationwide starting today... there will no moreedolphin shows at baltimore's national aquarium.
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effort... to giie visitors more access to the facility. extra to watchhthe dolphins during scheduled shows... pquarium.but ow... tte - aquarium is redesigning its dolphin program... conveeting piscovery."the aquarium's c-e- &po says it's all ay access to its most popular stars. "evennthougg there woo't be an officiaa showw there's going to be dolppin demos training activities every hour, so it's like we're going from 4 shows to 10" 100the new ticket prices are pbout 30 dollaas for adults and 200dollars for children. again... all the new changes start today. 3 this saturday... ll eyes will be on louisville, kentucky the first leg of the triple crown.
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crown.the 138th kentuckk derby at churchill downs will e peopll driikinggmint juleps favorite horse.after thaa race comes preaknesss... rightthere 3 3&oh say an you sing? sing?then you should enter our monster jjm star-spannled sinn off!today is yoor last day to e! foxballimore ot com and uploadda videe of youuself pinging the nationallanthem. you could in a chance o sing the star spangled baaner when monster jam comes to m & t bank stadium on junn 2nd. the king of op... lives on... in thheimmortallworld tour.
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cinco ---lauren furry --celebrate inco de mayo at canton de mayo... food, drinks, prizes, msic, and more --drink specials and beat the clock ssecials--taco bar from qdoba mexiccn --what kinds of prizee and giveaways will there ee be?
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that's 1.866.680.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. thoussnds of toads have hit the road in central china. china.the sight of housands residents....whh say therr aree so mmny on the roads... it turns them bllck.scientists say the invasion may be the result of aanormal weather conditions.reeidentt are worried the toads may spreed parasites and diseases. &pp, 3
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3 ffllston fog 3
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forrmoree information about the spca go
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to our website ffxbaltimore it wasn't a real animal... but a stuffed one that had us going a little crazy this week. was just one of the pany moments that had us highlights ahead. it's almost time...your chance to win tickets to the immortal world tour... is next. pext. you're watching fox 45 good day ballimore. ((break 3)) fox 45 good day ballimore. ((break 3)) so, you're all set up. great. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house?
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jean theekkng of pop's legaay lives
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on thrrogh the "michael jackson: the immortal world tour" by ciirue du soleli. tte toor is coming to bbltimoreethis weekend and candace is here with the -deta candace--cirque du soleli shows are always jaw drooppng.. this one lookssover the top. 3thriller thhiller the beat..the energy...and the michael jackssn.and the riterr and diirctor of this show sayss they are also the driving forces behind this tour. :35--ts really a journey into michaels head. michaels worll. audience ggts exactly whatt they remeeber from michael this is a massive production.. it incluues 64 performers from
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arrund the world... and 10 choreogrrphers. mann of them worked with aaditioo, michaee'ssbrother, to the show.he wanted to make sure this representtd the real michael because he misses hi jackie says: i just miss his laughter, being arruud him pust being away rom the musicc scene. just being a brother. he's a fun givvng person to be business. he was alwayssic dancing. he danced 5 dayy a week. took 2 days off. he wanted to be the best..-best.cht
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&pmichael jacksoo the immortal maainer arena his saturday and ssnday. cirque du soleil gave us a pair of tickets to give away the 10th caller right nnw at &p410-481-4545 to win! 3we are contiiuing to follow breakkng news out of northwwst baltimore... a eenager is found dead beeind an elementary school. the very latest on what we you're waaching fox 44 good day baltimore. ((break 44) 3
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3 you are looking a the scene of windsor hills school is ccosed there today after a teenager is the school. school. 3
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3 3 3 3pmap wilek lib pph
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3 3 breaking news out offnorthwest & we mentioned ... windsor hhlls elementary -- middle school s closed ttddy. homicide detectives rr on the scene of there... where a young man was found dead ust after 7 o''lock this morring. morring.the investigaaion is &phappening aa the school at alto road and lynddurst avenue. smithhis streaming live atest. 12 last night officers &pcanvassed nothign evealed that point in time then at 7 we found school 3chool 3 -33 3
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we're learninn more, this morning... about the ssspect robbery n nooth baltiiore. - when he entered the store, the ownee fought back... y shoottng the suspect ii the che. &pchess.itthappennd at "georgg' corner store" on parkdale avenue in woodberry, wednesday night....ust before 11 o'clock. the suspect ii identified aa - long criminal histooyy. pncluding armed robbery,, pssault and drugs. "he's riggt there looking at couldn't see me. he didn't know i was therr. // he pointed a gun., i thouggt ohh shot. i might get killed. i re> rracted.">45 minutts laaer... &pwilliams showwd up at shock trauma.the store has bben hit before...that is why theeowwer a split the trial of two brothhrs acccsed of attacking a black teenager whhle they werr on court, the judge
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found avi werdesheim not ggilty....but eli werdesheim was convicted of aasault and false imprisonmentt.the judge says the evidence showed elii used his military training to &ppake down the teen. on weeneeday.... civil lawssit was dropped against te werdesseims. eli werdesheim could get ten yearssfor the assault. sentencing is set for june 18th. 3with the mercury rising... the debate over air conditioninn is heating up in area schools. schools. on thursday... maryland comptroller peter franchot tourrd hilton elementary school in westt &pbalttmore... where a new air conddtioning systtm will soon be be nstalled.the state is funding the 2-milliin dollar projecc. and franchot says it's time áallá maryland schooll are air conditioned. (15:15) "when yoouread about half a millionndollarr spent on schools that ren't prrority...right there theee's conditioned and i hope those dollars can be re-directed." pe-ddreeted." as oo
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now... bbut half the schools innbaltimorr county use air- baltimorr a big honor... for one less..- maryland school teaccer. teecher.angeea rountreee... an art teacher at ridgely middle &pschool... has beee namee the new baltimore county teacher of the year.rountree has been her award ceremony thursddy... rountreeesaid she tries to be creaaive and always think about what's best foo the students. 3&"i can reinforce what people aae dding in english... change of scenery" 3 &prountree will promote teachii and the baltimore county schooo system over the next yyar.she will aaso compete for the honorrof marylaad state teacherrof the year. if you wantttoo et a hhrvard education... you can... for áfree.á áfree.áyou heard that right! right!harvard and mmi-t havee
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sure you go tt foxbaltimore rules beffre entering. patrice talks personal hyyieee... and ww all get a little distracted by aastufffd . animal.(("say whaa?!!)) the ilarious highlights of the week... coming up. up.i believe we also catch pteve talking to hiiself.... but up ext....he'll e talking about the forecast. when we coulddsee more rain... what o expecc for ccnco dyy maao. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 5))
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((toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologistt) 3 weather kii tease
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they're the old couple with a lot of marital advice. &pargue. yes e do. no we don't :35))ááclip this!!áá this!!ááfroo the words of wisddm that have gone viial... to tte personal hygiene rule riggt here on our set. one of baatimore'' beet treats... what maaes he mallowwcruuchie so delicious coming up. you're watching fox 45 gooo dayy baltimore.. 3
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i have aapersonal hygienn rule. pule.iiget a little excited ovvr a stuffed dog. doo.i argue with myself. mysslf.ann i call out an
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aaerican idol contestant's secret talent. talent.they're all the thiigg this week thhtthad us going... goong...say wwat?! phat?!
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(((ááááááááchatááááááááá)) mmae a treattthat's sure to ppe. please.make our oww mallow cruuchie... how to mash up one
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not inno cooking... we'll show fox 45 good day baltimore. ((breek 7)) the mmllow bar was namee
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"ballimore's best sweet snnck" by baltimore maaazine a few years ago.and hhy're still mornnng nikki lewis is here to show us thhir secrets to
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--whyyareeyou ne off baatimore's best treats?--what is mallow bar? --how do you makk your treats?--what o you offer at your store? stooe?
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for more informationnon mallow bar. loo on o fox bbltimore
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dot com slash morning. weeconninue toofollow breaking pews out of northwest baltimore. baltimore.a teenager issffund dead behind an elementary sccool.the very latest n whatt we know ... in a live report... right after the break. youure watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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thee ommiisioner speaks out. fred bealefeld on why he's calling its quitstonight on fox 45 3 3 baltimore. good day &&pbaltimore. 3
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>> and s.u.v. flips five times. >> it is really horrific. >> gordon: and then hits a truck. >> t


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