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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  WBFF  May 8, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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3 3 tuesday, may 8th p3 3
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convinngon---st paul--map 3 3
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pthree children remain at shock -&ptrauma this morninn fter a fireeripped thhrugh their home over the weekeed.while all - three ree xxected to recover... fire officiils say ittwas a close that's raising some serious questions..--3 megan gilliland is here wiih more on the controvery psrrouudinggthh roposed cuts to fire companies. 3 good morning patrice,it's all the city has been doing the year.noo, hey're llokkng to take some trucks out f service all together... one of them....trrck 10... the first to arrrve to sunday's fire. thrreechildrenntrapped on the thhrd fllor of this rowhome. all of them were 3 pardiac rrest.fortunately, & they are expectte to rrcover... but officiall with the fiie fighters union ssy this is a perfect example of why thee ity needs to fighttto keep fire companies ooen.if &&ptruck 10 were't around on ended differently. 3 19:01 "they almost didd't make it... those kids wwuld heee &ptoday.""we're ptimistic and
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& confident thaatwe're onna continue to prooide the hhgh 3 deserve."cityyoffiiials claim... even wwth the cllsures... ttey expect the response time... to still be &pwithin the natioonl recommended uidellnes. 3 the one thing everyone can agree n... is that sunday's 3&pfamiliis to be prepared.haveea 3 escape plan ready.i'm egaa gillilandd fox45 morning news. -3 3a man is ssateddtooanswer charges today that thh rifle used in the deaah of a 13 year 3 hii.21 year old martinez armstrong ii ccarged with reckless endangerrent and beinn a felon in possession oo be inncourt for a prrliminary &phearrng oday.armstrong is the half brother of one oofthe boys that admitteddto accidently shooting monae &pturnage ... hhn hiding her bodyyunder a pile offgarbbge - john
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ward... a citt ppliie officee....and the boyyriend pof one of he suspects' mothers.. is aaso beiig - inneetigated afterrthe gun was pound in his car affer the shooting. the u-s gooeenment says it's concerneed.. but it's unlikely demandsswill be &pmet ffr the release f a - marylaad an hhld hostagg by al-qaeda. qaada.""'d like to pleed to you accept the demands, i -3 live. if you do not accept the 3 70 yearrold warren - peinstein's home in rockville issdecorated wiih a yelllw --3 pibbon innhis honor. where he was orking for aa & virginia-based consulting firm. neighhors say, before & seeing the video.. they didn't know iffhe was dead or alive. 3 (waggoner) it's very sad, and that's why we're ppaaing for
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him at church and.. cause he's not in a good position." position."the governmmnt says - it'' ootinuing its call for weinsttin'ss afe and immediate -& release. but the hhte hhuse says ii ccanot aad will 3 that bbings uu to oor quession of the day:shouud he whhte house negotiate with al qaeda for weinsseei's release?we'lll take your callssin our & o'clock hour. 33 you can alsoogo to us what you think... sound off through facebook... oorsend uu a weet at foxbaalimore. -3 p3 3& pormer g-o-p 3 candidate rick santorum pnnounces his suupoot for one- time rival, mitt romney. endorred romney in an it... he said above all else... the wo agree that defeeted... and all ands are peeded on deck.santorum dropped out of the rrce in eerly april. & 3 sse all the stories about thee
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race for the white house. they're on our websitee.. fox baltimore dot com.just click onnthh "vott 2012" icon in the 3 storres on our ebsite are free. p3 no footballs or sticks tt win this ompetition... just flour and eggs..-3 "teen battte chef" are getting -3 ready to show off their skills smiih is live in east baltimore to see how oor local &pteam is preearinggtt win. good morning joee d. d. -3
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3 -3 3 -3 p3 thee're theewords eerr idol contestant wants to hear...and sson... yyu could be heariig
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them toooyou're going to hhllyyood!we're giviig aaay a trippto the american dol finale. fox45 tonight for it will appear on your ssreen sometime etween 8 ann 10 p-m. morning we'll giveeyou the cue to call. call.the irst five callers legend" will be enttred to win &pa 4 day v-i-p ttip to hollywoodd.. to the american idol's all broughh 3 3 pooing up... 3 a websitte.. aimed at heeppng founnerrsayssthe most popular & dayyfor eopll to join... ii -3 the day after mothhr's day. 3 [ glass clinks ] [ mom ] itother's day. a day to thank me for all of the little things. like being the only one who knows how to turn on the dishwasher. happy mother's day,
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family. you love me. [ male announcer ] buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake.
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news.. all ocal.. all 3 p(bump out)) 3 &p 3 --44st annual 3 histooiccharbor house tour... seef guided walking tour feattrinn about a dozen houses, gaaddns, and historic --meteorologist emily gracey - is live with the details on this morninn's hometown hotspot ---enefits ppeservation society educational programss- programs
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3 the historic harbor house tour of fells pointtis snday from 11am to 5pm.for more innormatton, log on to fox baatimore dot com slash morringg 3
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3 3 3 p,
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3 3 it's your chance o make someone a ttr.... ith our monster jam star-spangled sing videos of yyur renditions oo 3 and now ballimore, it's your turn to vooe. vote.go to our website foxbaltiiore dot com and click on contests to vote for your - faaorite singer..he winner gets to sing thh star spangled banner when monster jam cooes -3 to m & t bann stadium on june 2nd. 3 coming up... federal agents break up plot... to blow up 3 :09 "it was intended to go on aa american plane,,it was to kill americans."
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p3 the device the suspect was plltting to use... and why airport x-ray machines... &pwould not hhve deteceted it. 3 a controversial website... &pthat helps spooses chhet.why there'ssexpeeted to be be a &psppke in people joining... neettmondayy 3 and pizzz... withha healthy - ttist.what domino's is ow much mmre... t'll costtyou. you're watching fox 45 morning morning. 3 ((break 2))
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3pnnw ttis morning... aa new eport esttmates that about 422peecent of thh american population wiil be obese by the year 20-30.thh reportt.. which s publissed preventiveemedicine"... alss suggests at ttat by 2030... 11- percent o the populatton will be ásevereeyá obese... meaning they'd be bout 100 pounds - of now... 11out
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of every 3 children in thh u-s -3 are considdeed oveeweeght or & obese. 3&pthe 39-pound aa... who mmde & national headlines for hiss llrre size... has diid.thissis video of "meow"... who was brought to the santaafe, new mmxico animal sheltee last month.his caretakkrs at the - animal shelter put himmon a higg-protein diit to elp him -3shed sooeepounns.meow reporteely died of lung &pfailure over the weekend.he weiihee more than 3-times the 3 ssze. gguten-free pizzaa.. near you.that's according to uus-a todayythe nnw gluten- free pizzz costs about 3-dollaar mmre. and domino's isn't the ffrst to do this... some of the biggest food companies are aaso catering to their gluten-ffee customers... &psuchhfritt--ay,, anheuser-buschh and p-f pcangs.. 3 a license has been issued... forrgoogle's first self-driving ccr.they're cars & thattfunction without & driivrs... using lasers... video cameras... and raaio ays... the
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cars are intenddd to prevent -acciddnts... aad free up peoples' ar... nevada is the ooly state to approve aa license for theevehicles. 3&pif you don'ttget woman want 3 she might look elsewhere. founder of "assley-madison- dottcom".... hich claims that &pcheattng website the day after mother's dayy.. than any other day of thh year.the website is mmrketed towards individuals who want to cheet on their spouse.the sitt's founner says he thinks t's because the & holiday compels women to -& eflect on how their husbandss analyze whether their efffrrss are appreciatee. 3 coming up... up...hundreds of thousands of chrysler cars... are being recalled this morning.the problem that's deeected... andd encourrged to do. :28 "if this had happeend - beeore september 111h, it pefinitely would have succeeded." succeeded." but next... the f-b-i is inveetigating a &phomemade bomb... intended o 3 what the suspect was planning
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thrrugh security.aad why it &pinvestiiators haan'''re watching 3local.. all morning. ((break 3)) ((bump in))
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3&pan expposiveedevicc... that of the f-b-i this morring..icc & vincent xplainssthe events
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3 and what we know aboot tte plot. intelligence agencies roke up plot to bloo up an 3 expposive device overseass soo:rep. peeer kinggchairman, committeeeon hhmeland security "it nevvr made it on o a pllne, but t was deetined for, it was intended to go oo & kiil aaericans."house homeland 3 peter kinggsayssthe bomb iss now being ssudiid by thh f-b-i. it's similar to ones made by ibrahim al-asiri - the prinicppl bombmaker for al sot:rep. peter king/chaiiman, coomittee n omeland securityy-"i've been told byypeople who have been working on this &case, that if this had haapened bbfore sspttmber &p11th, it definitely would have succeeded." that's becauss the ddvice was non-metallic -- like theeone used in the -3 christmas day underwear bomm plot targeeing a detroit-bound -3 airliner.that evice contained & p-e-t-n... white powderr
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3& airport x-raa machineescan raaely detect.tto fuentes, a former fbi assissant direecor says that'' kky.sot:tom fuentes/fmr. fbi assistant director"if you're a bomb 3&pcreate devices and live to tell about it yourself, you & don't get too creetive with & the formulas."a senior 3 longer a threat.sot:too fuentes/fmr. fbi assistant - mean that pprson is dead or has been arrested.thiss incident makes it clear 3 vincent, ox45 morning news. -3 3 tte white hhuue says the president was made aware of theeplot laat month. 33 coming up... 3&pteenagers... using ái-v dripss... to boost their 3 preparing forr.. and why ooe school ii actuallyyencoouagingg them to dd it! 3 ((megaa live tease))three kids & juus barely escape deaah after 3& the questtons nowwbeing raised about tte ity's plan to closs ddwn some fire coopanies. 3 neww.. all local.. all & morning. 3 ((break )) &
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3 dangers..the things hat could happen if you ook down for just a second. on fox45 news paltimore &p3 3 - 3 3 3 - map fiber -old coorr-park heigths--ap
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3 33 ttree children rescced from a -3 burring homeein west baltimore the weekend fire raises questions about thh ciiy's plan to lose some fire companies.megaa gillillnddis hhre with more on the heated & controveesy. -3 3 good morning patrrccit's all - part of a plan to save money. the ccty has been doonggthh rotating closurrs for the past, they're looking to -3&ptake some trucks out off service all togettee... one of them... truck 10... the fiist -3 to arrive to ssndaa'ssfiie. fire.that crrw helped rescue three children trapped oo the
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all of thee weee --3unconsccous... one was in cardiac arrest.fortunately, & thee are exxected to peeover... but officiall ith this is a perfect eeampleeof why the city needs to fight to peep firrecoopaaies open.if & sunday... this cculd have endedd ifferently. 3&p"ttis is exaaclyywhy you can't 3 their slaak."16:44:48 "we'rr all challenged to do more 3 with ees anddwe'veepositionee ourselves o do juut that.. that."cittyoffiiials claim... pven with the closures... hey - expect the responne time... to recommended guidelines. 3 tte one hinngeveeyone can agree on... issthat sunday's -3 fire highlights the need for families to be prepared.have a smoke detector... ann an - escape plan ready.i'm megan gilliland,
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fox45 morring nees. -33 3 today, one of the victimssin &pthe ellicotttccty ccurch shhoting...will be laii to reett rest.brenda breeinnton and reverend doctorr pmry-mmrguerite kohh were &pkilled last week...whhn a homeless man ooennd fire at police say he was outraged affer being told to limit his visits to tteechurch's food pantry.reverend kohnnwill be 3 o' thh cathedral of the incarnation in baltimore. & services ffr breeington will be held thursday at 1:30... at saint john's epiiccpal church in ellicott city. 3 in howard couuny, an 18-year-old is charged wiihh police bblieve richard mojica is behiid a string of fires seet.. on "swift stream place" 3& fires to ttash ccns, pumppters, cardboard piles and a cargo traaler.mojica is also charged with maliciouss pburning and reekless -3 eedangermmnt. 3 the rial of ppliiical
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consultant julius henson is expeeced tt wrap up thhs week.-3week.henson returned o the pttnd on monday innhis on the campaign of formme ggvernor bob ehrrich...and admits e creaaeddthatt controveesial roboocall.itt puggeettd governoo o'malley hhd already won the election. henson denies it was aimee at suupressing blaak voter purnout.anddhe's blaaing ehrlich campaagn chief pauu sccurick for not disclosing who paid for the automatedd calls. 3 (henson) "when i ead the call to paul schurick over the phone, he said he liked the & caal ut i said you nned a tag po this ccll and e said i don't want a taa." tag."paul schurick was & convvcted on similar charres &plast year. 3 &p3 the preakness is still allost plready... pimlico is buzzing. 3&pwinner "i''l have another" & arrived at pimlico monday
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afternoon....less thaa 48 hours after hh won the runnfor 3 originally ppanned toowait 3 changee his mind on sunday.... &pfiguring hhs horse could use pcclimated to it's & surroundings at pimlicoothe triipapparentll wwnt very well..- 3 ((oc: )))-&p))), 3 the preaknnss is coming up on & saturday, may 199h. thh chefs of tomorrow are competing tooay. "teen battle chef" shows kids that preparing heallhy foodsscan be pun, nd ccmpptitive. competitive. joee d. smith isslivv with the baltimore team to ee what
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3 3 3 3 coming up in consumer -& repoots... 3 non-stick cookware... put to the testtthe bband that loses iis ccatinn... fter just 44
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hundred strokes..- you're watching ffx 45 morninn news.. all local.. all morring. - 3 (((reek 5)) the break-out pop-in. and, jerry listen to this.
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((bump in)) -33 3 ggtt yur bug spray ready... &pmay marks the bbginning f mmsquito seeson. becauue we winter... mmsquitoes willlbe plentiffl this year. already statesssuch as pennsylvania and cclifornna are reporring their first cases of westtnilee virus. -3 3 ((oss to weether)) 3 ((ad lib meteorooogist)) 3
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3 &
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3 3 3 3 3 3mother's ddy issjust around baltimore!!ell u in 150 words or less why yoor om is balttmore's best.ssnd your &pentry to 2000 west 41st street, baltimore 21221...or pebsiie.. foxbaltimore dot com. week ww'll pickkourr favorite entry... aad that mom wiil
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win aiifaaeeand a 4 day- pesort is!thissis a prize youu definntely want to win.make sure you go to foxbaltimmrr dot com for official contest rules before entering. 3 poming up.... -3 p3 annimportant reeall to pass your way... involving problem that's now being you kkow... drives ooe of theseecars. 3 and studentt... using i-v 3 pevels.why one school... came up with the idda. annd --3 the reason... it's not bbing - frowned upon..ou're watching & local.. all morning. ((break 6)) &
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new this morning... chryslerr is recallinggsome 119-thousand & ehicles today... ecause of a & braking system.the recaal chrysler 3-hundred... aad
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&pdodgg charger sedans.the 3 overheat... causing the anti- pockkbrakes and eeectronic -3 sttaility control systems to alfuuction..wners willlbe aased to bring their vehhcles 3 the fuss replaced. china... here a high schooo thhre is eportedly giving & theii students iitravenouss innjctions... to help them prepare for college entrance pxxms. ictures how these stuudntt hooked up to drips of amiio acids. phile the beneffts of usiin i- -3 v dripssto booot nergy havee been questioned.... it's not in chiin... getting into a good college is traddtiinally seen as ath to success... and results in the fiercely competitive annual exams are fiercely ccmpetitive annual exams are the main factor 3 a device meant to be on a u-s bound pllne is in the f---i'' -3 hands thissmorning. intelligence aaennies bbokk up -3 a plot to blow up an airliner and seized the explosive &&pdevice's similaa
6:50 am
& to ones mmde y ibrahim al- asiri - the priniippl bombmaker for al qaeda ii the arabiaa peniinula.a senior admmnstrrtion official says the intended user of the ombb -3is o onger a thrrat. &p::22"i'd likk too lead to - president obama and ask him - that he pleese accept the pujahideen. iffyou accept the demands, i live. if yyu do not 3 a maryland an being hhld hostage by al ueda pleads for &phis lifee warren weinstein .. a 70-year old & consultant from ockville was -3& kidnapped in paaistann ast august. noww - newly released videe hows him ppeadinggwwth president obama to save his life by meeting his captorrs demands. -3 3 dr..tyroon powers .. former fbi aenntand director of thh homeland security and criminal - justice institute aa anne arundee commuuity college -3 joins uu this mooning wiih a look t what happens in a & ituaaion llkk this.-the white
6:51 am
for his release .. but they don't and won't negotiate with al qaeda what do you do in a situation like this-will there bee 3 behinddthe sceees dealings-is part of this
6:52 am
3 video ust to create a fear that l qaeda will carry 3 does nothing and the man is 3 killed wwnnt there be baaklash
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3 cominn up next in consumer reeorts... non-sttckkcookware....put to - tte testtthe brrnd that surrives eeeryday wear andd teaa... while cooking food''e watching fox 45 morning news.. aal local.. all -3 morning. 3 ((
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nevee seen nything like his." 3 says the t-fal ingenio set makes cooking easiee. (sot: hsn)"you see thht thermospot teehnology??so when the paa is hot, thisswill change olor... ""v/o)consumer reportssfound -3 phhespot did changeeto solld red at 400 degrres. (sot))but the color of the spoo oesn'' &pchange if the pan gets too hot, so youustill have to pay attention."(v/o)consumer reporrt tested te t-fal along with more than a dozen ther many ddd a better job in this test that assesses how evenly 3 little blotchy.((ot: eeia - lehrman)"another concern is - hoo well the nonstick coating on the pans will last."(v/o)to test that, pans aaeeheated to pround 400 degrres nd tten scrubbed with steel wool. some 3& 2,000 paases. but the oating on the ttfal wore awayyprrtty quickly. and other pans ddd llhrman)"this is after less than 400 ssrokes. these pann are nusable now." (v/o)
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they're pans from the earthpan sets. but interestingly, another earthpaa did bbtter in the scrub est. it's the earthpan hard anndizzd set --a -3 besstbuuyat 170 also rates very good ffr cooking food evenly. 3& coming up in our 7 o'clock hour... white house press conference... comes tooa -halt."to... just one second." second." 3 what one reporter was oonn in tte backgrouud... thattcaught phe ress secretary'' 45 morning nees.. all local.. &pall morning.
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at progressive, you can bundle your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people.
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flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at 3 3 three kiis barely escapeedeath afterrfire rips through their home..he questtons now being raised about the city's plan to close doon some fire companiess-& 3 poo broke.. for ankruptcy? why the measure isn't an & option for mann americans... ccntrol oo yourrfinances. 3 and... parents take their kids for a joy ride... ptat landd them in jail.why they say.. they strapped their kids... to the hood of heir car! -3 3 3 - p3 today is tuesday, may 8thh 3 3 3 3 3 3
7:01 am
3 3 33 3
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3 3 three children remain at shockk trauma this morning after a fire ripped through tteir hmm over the weekenddwhiie all three are expected to - recover... fire officcals say it was a close call.onn that's raising ome serious questions. more on the controvery - surroundinggthe proposse cuts -3 to fire compannes..-ggod mooniig patrrceeit's all part of a ppan o save money. 3rotating closures for the pastt &pyearrnow, they're looking to 3&pssrvvce all ogeeher... one of -3 them... trrck 10... tte first & to arriveeto sunday'ssfire. fireethat crew helped rescue third floor of ttissrowhome. & unconscious... one was in & they are expeeted to - recooer... ut officials with 3 this is a perreet example oo why the city needs o fight to & peep ffre companies open.if truck 10 weee't around on sunday... this couud haae & ended differently.
7:04 am
3 p9:01 "theyyalmost dddnnt maae it... those kids would hhre &ptoday.""weere optimistic and ccnfidenn that we're gonna -3 conninuu to provide the high levell... that ourrciiizens deserve." & deserve." 33 city ooficials claim... even with the ccooures... they expecc he espoose tiie... to still beewithii the national recommendee guidelines. 3 the one thing everyone ccn agree on... is thht sundaa's & fire highllghts the needdfor ffailies to be preeared.have a smoke deeector... aad an 3 gilliland, fox45 orning news. 33 in howard countyy an 18-year-ood is charged with arson...accused of ausing 4000 police believeericharddmojica issbehind a striin of fires set in columbia.they say hee sst firessto trrsh cans, 3the seers at the oluubia mall. mmjicaais also charged ith
7:05 am
malicious urning and recklles -3 endangerment. 3 today,,one of the victims in pthe ellicott city church - shooting...will be laid to rest. rest.brenda breewngttn and -3preverend doctor mary-marguerite koon weee & killed last weekk..when a - homeless man openee fire at 3 policc saa he wws ouurrged after being told to liiit is laid to rest today at 3 o'clock... at the cathedral of the incarnation in ballimore. serviccs ffr brewington wwll be held thurssaa at 1::3... at saint john'' episcopal church in ellicott city. 3 a massachusetts woman and her & daughter are attacked... whill hheding into a market... and -3 thh dramatic momentt are all paught on cameraa - pamera.police are trryng too identify his suspect... seen here... who approaahed the pair fridayynight.the woman -3 told police... that tte aa walked by and slowed ownn.. but she goo ut offher car anyway. that's when the pulled a nife... and demanded -3 per purss.but the woman didn't let go right away.she let go
7:06 am
struggled with the sussect... who vvntuallyysnatched tte purse.the wommn suffered minor & innuries. 3 p couple in fort waane, iidiana were taken into custody afttr drrving from a liquor storeewith their children strappeddtoothe hood four... five... six and ssven appeared unharmmd anddwere quuted in the locallpaaer as saying tthy agreed to do it because it sounded like fun. the man was arressed ffr operating while intoxicated and the woman was aken in for questioning. 3 no ootballs r sticks to win thisscommetition... just flour and eggs. eggs.. the students of "teennbattle chef" are getting &preaayytooshow off their skills this morning, and joel d. smiih is live in east ballimore to see how our locall - team is prrparing to wii. good morning joel . d.beverly pperce. institute for innegrative healtth & 3 3
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the daily white hoose press &pbbiefing grinds to a halt monday when a reporter collaases. collapsss."to... jjst one second." second." 3&p ppess ecretary jayy arneyy sttpssthe briefing for radio personalityyles kinnolving. - as some reporrers look on...
7:09 am
others near knisolving help him get back on his ffet. kinsolving then maae ittcleer & he wouldn't be the lead news ptory. carney says: lester, are yoo 3 fiie,,i just have one -& uestion..." (laughter from other repooterss carney sayy: "you're good! someone get him a seat pleeae, if you could?" - 3 insolving... who' in radio talk shoo in baltimore. 3& ii's your chance to make -3ssmeone a star.... with our 3 off.dozens of you uploaded videos of your renditionssof - thh taa spangleddbanner... pnn now balttmore, it's your foxbaltimore dot com and clickk 3pfavorrte singgr.the winner banner when monster jammcomes pto m & t bank stadium on june 3 3&pchrysler...reccllingg houuands & of their vehiilee. vehicles.the problem found.. a walk
7:10 am
& throogh altimmrr's history. &&pthe uuique ddssggs you'lllsee the historic harbor house tour of fells your hometown hotspptt you''e watching fox 45 morniig morning. 33((break ))
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3 3 3
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3 -3 p3 3 they're the words every iiol coottstant wwnts to heer...and 3 hollywood!ww're iving away a -3 trip to the american idollfinale. & fox45 tonight for pit will appear on your screen sometime between 8 andd10 p-m. hopefully you watched last night.. because someeime this & morning we'll give youuthh cue to call. caal.the first five allees with last night's "idoo a 4 day vvi-p trrp to hoolywood... to the american to ouuby fox45 and 104--. 3 a 10--year old... behind the wheel.whill his father ii
7:17 am
3seat.but that''snot why ttee dad says he had the son in tte & ddiver's seattffnd out his reason. & reason. you're all ocal.. all mooning.
7:18 am
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with miracle gro shake 'n feed anyone can have a green thumb. [ cellphone rings ] everyone grows with miracle gro. 3 3 new this morning... a man is slated to answer chargee today that the rifll used in the was his.21 ear old martinez - rrckless endangermenttann beinn a felon n possessionnof -3 aafirearm.he is scheduled to be in courttfor a preeiminaayy hearinn ttday.armstrong ii tte &phalf brothhr of ne of the 3 accidentlyyshooting onae turnage ... hen hiddng er bags back in archhmeanwhile..
7:20 am
john wardd.. a city police ooficerr.. nddthe boyyriend of one of the suspects' mothers.. is also beinn investigated after the guu was &pfound innhis car after the -3 shoooing..- p3 former g-oop ccndidatt rick santorum announnesshis support for one-time rival, mitt romney.on mondayy.. santooum - it... he said abbve ll else... the two agree that president bama must be -defeated... and all hands are needed on deck.santorum dropped oot of the aae in early april. 3 chrrsllr is recalling somee119- 3 because of potenttal probbem &pwwth the braking ystem.the recall involves the 2011 to 2012 chrrsler 3-hundded... and & dodge charger sedans.the automaker says a fuse can &poverheaa... causing the anti- lock brakes and electronic stabillty control syssems to assed o bbing their vvhicless to ccrysler dealers to have - the fuse replaced.
7:21 am
3 --41st annual historiccharbor house tour... self guided dozen houses,,gardens, and historic siies in fells point --meteorologist emmly grrcey ps livv with the dettall on - this morning's ommtown hotspot --benefits preservation &psociety educational programss- programs &
7:22 am
3 tte histtric harbor hoose tour of fells pint is sunday from 11am to 5pm.forrmooe information,,log on to fox - morning. -3
7:23 am
3 the conomy takes it's tlll. & leaving many people filing for bankruptcyy bankruptcy.but it can be much it costs...and what costs the moss... when -3 filing chapterr11. 11.and later...a terrorist plot fooled.the simillr method & use once try and &pblow up a u-s plane.and where the deviie is noww you're watchingg ox 45 morning news.. all local.. ll &pmorning.
7:24 am
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7:26 am
to filee bankkuppcy .. but aae too brrke. 3 certified finaacial this mmrning ith tips on what -3tt do if you'rr just too broke. &p--hat are the costs invovled in bannruptcy-wehre do youu start if you can't afford hat ...what are yoor -havv 300 court fees waiiedare eh most -ask family or riends ffr hell -get second job .. ccange your
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3 3 pehind the 10 years old. old.commletely uubelievabll, for parents to be that irresponssble irresponsiblewhy faahee acttally asked is get intoothe driver's seat. seat. you'rr watthing local.. all morning. 3& ((ad lib horrscopes)) 3 ((break )) 3 dangers..the things hat could happen if you ook down for just a second. on fox45 news
7:29 am
7:30 am
3&p ,3 p
7:31 am
3 liiht t conway---fayette at pres---greene at
7:32 am
3 pulberry=---,map 3 three children rescued from a burning home in weet baltimore pre expected o recover.but the weekend fire raiiee quustions abouu the city's plan to cllse some fire here with more on he heated coonroversy. 3 good morring patriceit's all 3 the city has been doing the & rotating clossres for the past year..ow, theyyre lookinn to take someetrucks out of -3 service all together... one off to arrive to sundayys firee fire.that crew elped escue - three children trraped on he thiid fllorrof thissrowhome. aal of them were uncoossious... one was in pardiac arrrst.fortunnteey, theyyare expected to recover... but officialsswithh the fire fighters union say this is a perfect example of
7:33 am
why the city needs o ffght to 3 truck 10 were't round on sunday... this could have ended differentll. 3 "this ii exactly whh you can't close thhm... haa to pick upp thher ssack."16:44:488"we're -3 all with less and we'vee positiooed ourselves to city &officials do just that." wwth the cllsures... they expect the response time... to still be within the national pecommended guidelines. the one thing everrone can agree on... is that sunday's 3 ffmilies to be preparre.have &psmokeedetector... and an eecape plln readyyi'm megan gilliland, fox44 morning news. 3 the u-s government says it's coocerned... ut it's unlikelyy emmnds will be mettfor the releesee f a maryland man hell hostage by al-qaeda. -3 qaeda."iid like to ppead to 3&pthat he please aaccpt the 3 demands, i ive. if yyuudo not accept the ddmands,,i die."
7:34 am
& 3 ie." 3 70 year old warren 70 year old warren weinstein's home iinrockville iisdecorated -3 wittha yellow ibbon in his hooor. militaats kidnapped weinsteen laat pas working for aavirginii- pased consulting firm. - neighbors say, before eeing the viddo.. they didn't know - if he was dead or alive..-& 3 (waggoner) "it's very ssd, and that's why we're prayyng for him at churrh and.. cause he's the govvrnment says it's continuing its call for & weinstein's safe and immmdiate house says t cannot ann will not negotiate ith al qaeda. 3&pthat brings us to our question pf the dayyshould the white houue neeotiate with al qaeda &pfor weiistein'' release?phone pines are open now...the
7:35 am
number to ccll 440- 81- 4545. 3 a device meant to be oo a u-s bound plane s in the f-b-i's intelligence agencies bboke up a ppot to blow up an airliner and seized the explosive device overseas..t's similar psiri - the priiicpal - arabban peninssla.a senior - adminstratioo official sayss the intended user of theebomb 3&pthe trial of political conssltant jullus hhnson is expectte to wrap uppthis week. week.henson returned to the sttnd oo monday in his & electioo fraud case.heeworked on the campaign offformee governor bob ehrlich...and & admiis hhecreated that controversial suggested governor o''alley -& haa already won the electioo. hensonndenies it was aiieddat suppressing black voter turnout..nd he'ssblamiig ehrlich campaign chiif auu schuriik foo not disclosiig wwo paai foo the utomattd calls..- 3 (henson) "when i read tte call
7:36 am
to paul schurick over the &pphone, he said he likkd the calllbut i said you neee a tag -3 to this call and he saii don't want a tag." tag."paul schurick was past year. 3 a new report shows ome illegal immigrants re getting thouuaads offdollars n tax refunds..-refunds.the report by the treasury inspeccor generallfor tax administtattona&. hows & individuall nottauthorized to paid billlons froo child tax 3 of the children claimed doo't even livv in the united states. it's all part of an -rrs loophole. the &pgovernment equires everyone &pto ppy taxes on income... whethhr you're here legally or 3&deeegate pat mcdonough says -3 this is jjut the latest example of a federall &pgovernment that refusss to - addresssilleggl iimigration. 3&p(( 9938:34 when you circumveet phe lawwaa an elected ppblii official he consequences are -3&that the aaerican eople will pay the priie for that action or ack of actiin.)) t''
7:37 am
estimatedduu too2-million illegal immigrants could be taking advantage oo u-s tax laws. 3& join oor waste watch.if yoo see government waste... ccll &pour hotline 410-662-1456... or go to ox--aatimore-dot--cm. 3 the chees of tooorrow re ccmpeting today.. "teenn battle chhf" showsskids hat preparing ealtty oods can be fun, and compeeiiive. smith is iie with the baltimore team toosee what ii'ssgoing to take to win this 3 3 p3 -33 3 police say they
7:38 am
7:39 am
3 pulleddover aa s-u-v innoregon ttofind 100year old boy behind the wheel.. witt his -3 druuk fathhr in the passengee 33& variety of charges for the incident.the proseeutor says torres had a blood aacohoo 3 legal limit.torres says he was &pfulfilliig his son'' deeire to &pdrive. he says he onny had fouu beers and his son was histooy f drinking... incllding four prior arrests. the 10-year-old boy is now wiih his mother. 3 the suu issshining...but wiil ittstty ut ffr theerest of 3 week?find out next.. ii your skywatch weather forrcast. watchiin ox 45 morning news.. & all local.. all orning. 3 ((breek 5)) p3& ((bbmp in)) p,
7:40 am
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3- 3 -3 3
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3 -33 mmther's day is ust around the orner... anddwe're looking for theebest mom in baltimore! baltimore!tell us in 150 words -3 or less why yyur mom is - baltimore's best.send your entry o 2000 weet 41st street, ballimore 22211...or you an submit t on ur webbite.. foxbbltimore dottcom. week weell pick ouu favorite entty... and that mom pill win airfare and a day- 3 night stay at grand baaama sland. island.look how beautiful thht resort is!this is a prize yyu sure you go to foxbalttmore rules before entering. 3 no negotiations. -3 negooiaaioos.the u-ss governmeet says ii's not going - to meet the ddmands of the terrrrist roupp al-qaeda..who is holling waaren weinssein... &pfrom ockville... hostage in pakistan. pakistan.that brings us to our queetion of theeday.shoold tte white house ngottate with al qaeda fr hhs mmn's releese? our phone llnes are pen now.. 410-481-4545.
7:47 am
481--545.and . domino's goes 3 phh first.the other companies that already haveethat option all local.. ll morring. ((break 6)) 3
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to come check us. we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will. no blood meal no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from. 3 700year old warren weinstein 3 peing held ostage in pakistan &pby al qaeda.the u-s gooernment &&psays... even thhugh hey're concerned...they will not pegotiate with the teerorist group. -3 group.that brings us to our questiin oo the day.should thee white house egottatt with al 3 our phone linns are opee now.. -&&p410-481-4545. p33 rihanna- bmore
7:50 am
3 pete--bmore
7:51 am
teeessa"i am so sorry for the maryland man being held - hostaae. i do nottbelieve that the white houue shouud pegotiate. the aying is so true, " give them an inch & they will take a mill.. i pray - por his release and hhs family." family."robert "they need to -3 do wwateverrit taaes to prooect an americcn citizen. negotiate or bomb them. i say bomb them and end all this fooliihness." &ppoolishness."chris "i think an - insttnne like this s a gooo ppportunity to show peeple like the ones involved in al qqada that you just don't mess with thh sa. send in another squad, justtlike with bin laden, kill eeeryone involved, 3 familyy" 3 cooing up in our 8 o'clock &phour.. 3 preparing for college...the daageroos lengthssone high school in china is willing to get theirrstudents peady for college entrance exams.. youure watchhig fox 45 morning news.. aal -3 local.. all morning. & 3 ((break 7)) &p
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3 3 it was intenddd to o on an 3 americans." a bomb plot.. sttpped before it's too the explosive devicc airport security.. anddwho was behind the attempped terror 3 3 thousanns oo cars are eing - recallld.... forrhaaiin bad brakesstheevehicles that are affected.. and whaa you neee to do if youu ccr is one off &pthem. 3 and... make sureemom feels apppeciated thii yearr theeone thiiggwomen do most offee the ddy affer mother's day .. that could actually hurt their families. -3 3 - 33-3- 33& ueeday,,may th 3 3 3
8:01 am
3 3 3
8:02 am
3 pttdayy,one of thhevictims in the ellicott city church
8:03 am
shooting... will be laii to rest. ress.brendd brewinggon and - peverend doctor mary-marggeriteekohn were - killed last week...when aa homeless man opeeed fire at &psaiit peter's episcopal church.-33 poliie saa he was outraged -3 after being told o limit his visiis to the church's food -3 pantry.reverend kohnnwill be - laid to rest toddy at 3 3 the incarnation in baltimore. services for brewiigton ill & pe held thursday at 1:30....aa saint jjhn's episcopal church & &pa weekend fire raises questions about the city's cost cutting plann.. to close some fire coopaniis and taae someetrucks out of ervice all toggther. togetherroneeof them... ss 3 arrive to sunday'' fire.that & crew helped rescue thrre floor oo this rowhome.all of -3 themmwere unconsciouss.. one was in cardiac arress. fortunately, they re expectee to recover... but officiall with the fire fighters union say this is aa erfeettexample of wwh the city needs to fight to keep fire companies open.if
8:04 am
& truck 0 had not been around on sunday... thii could have 3 "this ii exactly why you can't cllss them... has to pick uu their slack..16:44:48 "ww're -3 all 3 challenged o do more witt less anddwe've positiooed & hat." 3 city ooficiils claim....even with the closures... they still be within he naaionnl reeommendee guudelines. 3 a marylaad woman is faacng charges... accused of havinn sex with a friendds teenage son nntexas..- 41-year-old karen arstens of riva was arreeted monday.court documents allege she hhd sex wiih the teen... wwhe e waa betweee the ages of 13 o 15. carstens is currently being awaiting xtraaition to teexs. 3 a disturring new trend out off &pchhna... where a high school - there is reporredly iviig their students intravenous
8:05 am
injections... to help them prepare for college entrance these ssuddntsshooked up o &pdrips of amino acids. phileethe benefits of using i- believed to be harmful. in ccina... etttng into a good college is tradittonally seen aa a pathhto uccess... and esults in the fiercelyy coopetitive annual exams arr admisssin. 33 a new repoot estimmtes that about 42-percent of the americcn population will e obese bb the ear 20-30. 20-30.tth rrportt.. which is publishhd in the "american &pmediiine"... also suggests at the population will be 3&pobese. gluten-ffee pizza... could e cooinn to a domino's -3 near you.that'ssaccording to u-s-a today.thh nnw glutee- free pizza costs abouu 3-dollars mooe. and domino's
8:06 am
isn't the first to do this... sooeeof the biggest food companies are aaso catering to - such as frito-lay, anheeser-busch, and ppf 3 p no foootallssor sticks to & wiinthis competition... just flour aad eggs. eggs. he students of - pteen bbttle chef" are getting prady to show off their kills this morning... 3 and joel d. smith is live n east baltimore to see how our local team is prepaaing to win. 3 d.
8:07 am
8:08 am
,3 -3 3 & 3 coming uu... 3 hundreds of thhusands of recalled this mmrring.tte proolemmthaa's detecced... and &&pwhht drivers are being 33 and a controoersial website... that helpp spoosesscceat.whyy -3 there's expected to be be spike in people joininng.. next monday.
8:09 am
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[ male announcer ] if you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air. 3 ---1st annual 3historic harbor house tour... featuring about a dozen 3 sitessinnfells point graaey is etails on his --benefits preservation sociity educattonal programs
8:12 am
programm phe historic
8:13 am
3 harbor house tour of fells point is suuddy from 11am to 3 slash mornnng.
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3 33 3 -3&
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3 3 it's your chance o make sooeone asttr.... wwtt our monster jam tar-spangled sing off. off.dozens of you uploaded viddes f your renditions of the sttr spangled banner... and now baatimore, it'' your -3& turn to vote. vote.go to our website pn connests to vote foo your -3 favvrite singer.the winnee pets to singgtheestar spangled banner when mmnster jam comes to m & t bank stadium on juue 2nd. & 3 commnn up... 3 thinn the sky's the limit..
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think again.a doccor tells us the highesttheees youurccn wear eforeethee cause damage to your feet. & 33& pnd tightening up hht tummy... jjst inntime for ssmmer. the one thing 3 fitness question that youuwant & answerrd?our phone ines aree open ow... 410-481-45455 you're watching fox 45 morning neww.. all llccl...alll morning. (((reak 2))
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do you have tummy roubles?you summmr.danny lee rom gold's gym joiis us thii morring with more.he'ssalso going to answer any uestions you have about fitness.our phone lines are open noo...or yyu can seed us your question on facebook or twitter.--use a powerbaad
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to get you a flat stomach aad buun fat at the same time thhnks. 3
8:21 am
3&pliza - "what's a good way to tone aamm, stoomch, and thighs?" ttighss"fennrice - "is
8:22 am
3& orking out 3 days a week effectivv?" 3 danny will be ack with ore tips duringgfox45 ggod day baltimore. 3 poming up... federal agnts break up a plot... o blow p a u-s bound flight. 33 :09 "it was intendeedto go on an american plaae, it was too kill americans."" 3 the device the suspect was plotting to uss... and why would not have dettceted it.
8:23 am
-3 p3 and next.. sky- hhgg -3 ... super sexxy...and very uncommfrttble.the extreme prroedure some women are - having... to make stilletos less paiinul.pluu- how high - you can go.. before the shoes damagg your feet..ouure wwtching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morningg &p3 ((bbeak 3))
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8:25 am
3 3they giveeyou ong, seey legss but high eels can also put 3 now.. ssme women aar eeortingg to "tooejobs..." to help.a doccor iijects dermal fillers &piito the balls oo the feee to women undergoing this extreme procedure doublld in the last ear..- year.dr. marccliptoo s a - podiatrist
8:26 am
with orthopaadii associites of orthopaedic podiattist wiih oothopaedic -3 associates of central marylandd. and he joins us with this mooniig's your -3 health matters.- how dangerous 3 areehiih hhels?? how high is & too high?- how ad are heels for your feet?- high heels aree't feet?heees for our -
8:27 am
how bad are high?- how high is too are high heels?- how & dangerous are high heels?- how high is too 3 hhgh?- how bad are heels for your feett- high heels aren't
8:28 am
3 going anywhere... hhw do we &3 for more 3&pinformation on r. lipttn and -3 orttopaadic associates of centtal marylaad.. go to theii com. and you can watch ""our health maaters" on sunddys right here &poo fox 45.ffr a complete -3 schedule... go to our website foxbaltimore dot com slash 3 coming up...
8:29 am
3 a website... aimed at helping -3people cheet.why the ite's day for people to join... iss tte day after mother's day. & you're watching fox 45 morning - news.. all local.. all &pmorning. 3 ((break 4)) 3&p((open))
8:30 am
8:31 am
3 & 3 3 3 3 green-park heights--lib--map
8:32 am
8:33 am
3 3 the u-s governmenn governnent sayy it's - poncerned....but ii'' unlikely demands wwll be met for the release of a maryland man held & paeda.""'d like to pllad to pressdent obama and askkhim that e please accept the mujahideen. if youuaccept the &pdemands, i live. if you do not accept the demaads, i die." 3 700year old warren weinsteii's home in rockville is decorated with a yellow ribbon in his onor. miliiants kiddapped weinstein last august innpakissan.. whhre he as working for viiginia-basedd onsulting firm. &pseeing the video...they didn't 3 3 (waggonee) ""tts very sad, and thht's why e're praying for 3 not in a good posiiion." position."theegoveenmenntsays
8:34 am
itts continuinggits call forr weenstein's safeeand iimediate rrlease. but he whhte -3 not negotiate with al qaeda. 3 meanwhile... a deviie meann to be on a u-s bound ppane is in phe f-b-i's hands ttissmorningg intelligence agencies broke up a plot tooblow up an airliner and seizzd the explosive to onee made by ibrahimmal- 3 bombmaaer for allqaeea in thh -¶bian peninsula.aasenior adminstration officiaa says - the intenndd ser of the bomb is no longer a threat. &p3 chrysler is recalling some 119- because of a potential roblem pwth he braking system. system.the recall involves tte 2011 to 2012 chrysler 3- hundred... and dodge charger fuse can overheat... cauuing the anti-llck braaes andd 3 systees to malfunction.owners will be asked to bringgthhir vehicles to chrysler deelers -& to have the fuse reppaced.
8:35 am
3 the fight over a potential ádoubbingá of student oan inttrest raaes.... its the senate floor today. today.interest rtes on federal studdnttloans are scheddled to rise to 6-poinn-8 percent from the current 3--pinn-4 percent in july... & uless congress acts.but &democrats and rrpublicans &pdisagree over how o offset the 6-billion dollars it woull 3 demoorats wanttto eliminnae a republicann want to pull funds &pfrom a preventativv health care fund set p under the - health reffrmmlaa. 3 3 the preakness is still almost two weeks away... but &palready... pimlico is uzzing..- buzzing. kennucky derby winner "iill have nother"" & afternoonn.. lees than 48 hours after he won the run foo originally planned to wait anothee wwek... but abruptly channed his mmnd oo sundayy... piguring is horrs could use
8:36 am
the extra time to get acclimated to it's surroundings aa pimlico.the trip apparently wwnt veey well..-3 ((oc: everything like 3that)) thht)) 3that)) that))the prrakness is coming &pup on saturday, may 19th..- 3 ii you don't et a woman want - she wants this mother's daa... eesewhere.thht's according to &pthe founder f ""shley-madison- more marrred women join thee cheating website heedaa after motherrs day... than any other day of the yyar.theewebsite is marketed ttwards individuals &pwho waat to cheat on thhirr spouse.the sitt's founner says he thinks it's becauss the holliay ompels womee tt 3 treat them as mothers... andd
8:37 am
analyze whether their efforts are appreciattd. 3 tte chefs of tomorrrw are pompeting todayy.- today. "teen battle chef" phhws kids that preparing 3 competitive. joel d. smith is liieewitt the 3 it's going ttotake to win this morring. ood morning oel d. 3 3
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3 they'reethe woods every idol ccntestant wanns to hear...aadd soon... you could be hearingg them're going to -& hollywood!we're giviig way a trrp to the american idol finaae. & ox45 tonight forr the idol legend of he night. it will appear on yoor screen hopefflly you watched last - night..
8:40 am
because sometime this morning we'lllgivv you he ue -3 to call. call.the first fiie callers &ppith last night's "idol -3 legend" wwll be ntered to win a 4 day v-i--ptrip oo hollywood... oothe american 3 to you by fox45 and z 100-3. 3& ccming up.... 3 she's beee oted "eople &ppaggzine's... moot beautifuu person.but wwen it comee to beyoncc's good looks... she & has one bii secret.we'll tell you whaa that ii....minutes from now. 3 "here take hhs and all you have to do is jump... you want me o jump? time jump. falls. - -butt to- kay? howw ooyou knoww myyname?""- smith hiis the bbg screen... - for "men in black 3."anndiif you're excittd... you're not alone.wwat dunkin doouts is & dding... to get in on the un. you're watching 3 fox 45 morning news.. lll loca
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3 meteorologist)) 3 3& 3
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33 &pmotherrs day is just around tte corner... and we're &pbaatimore!tell us in 150 words
8:47 am
&poo less why your mom is 3 entry to 2000 westt41ss ssteet, bbltimore 1111...or pou can submit it on our website.. foxbalttmore dot coo. week we'lllppckkour -&will win airfare and a 4 day- 3 night stay t grand bahama island. island.look how beautiful that resort is!this is a prize you definitely want to win.make sure you go to foxbbltimoree dot com for official conntst rules before entering. &pcominn uupneett.. the secret... to beyonce's good looks.the interrsting... thing she does... with her -make-up.... nd whh you might ánotá want to tty it out. ((break 6)))- ((bumm nn) p,
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3 a celberity divorce -3 stalemates...a diva shares a
8:50 am
beauty secret...and a tten heertthrob makes a special appearance.. it's tabloid 3&&ppore. -3 33 how any people atchhd the fight how many people watched the fighh on sttrday ... ampee p as mayweather made -3&ppis waa down the tunnell.aan they saw one of his belt holderr was none other than 3 justin biebee!!!the biebs has gottee very friindly with the knockout king since mayweather saa him in never say never... ssurces saa hat the as a menttr who's cleen cut... eventtoughhhe's abouu to head to ssammer for a few months... 3 rumor reportt!!you have o see thhs to elieve it... - 3&ppapperrdrake was spptted with tyra bbnks over the weekend at disney worrd...i did not buy this at first..but after aa 3 rrmors are true... they were
8:51 am
spooted on a rolelrcoaster together... now 'd goowith the just riends thing..if he didn't ppt on a silly -3 disguise. drake hhd a mr -3&ppotato head mustache to try tt blend in... now she's 38..hhes & get her ggooveeback.. for me this is eminiscent of 50 cent and vivicc fox.. i ssy run 3 beyonce was oted tte most beauuiful womaa in the world.. &psecrett iih uss.. 33 you know herrmom owned a exxerrmenning.. she said he cut inches of of her oon hair just a few weeks ago.. she alsoodyes it hhrself sometimes.. sseesays he does..she uses old mascara..
8:52 am
-3 she said he older.. the petter.. the old sttff is thicker and makes for onger, puller lashes... 3 poming up.... 3 will smitt and tommy lle jones are bacc... for ound 3.what dunkin donuts is doing toopay & ribute... to the men in black. you're watchinn fox 45 morning news.. all llcal.. all morning. & p3 (((reakk7)) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual
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3&p"here take this and all you have to do is jump... you wantt me to jummp ime jump. faall. & -butt to- kay? how do you 3 knnw my namm?" name?" agents j ann k re back for a third and black 3 isscoming out later this month...and dunkkn swwet.stacee carroll joins us in black
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3 donuts--men in lack 3 for more
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3&ppiformation n unkin onuus, log on o fox baltimore dot coo slash morning. 3 coming up on good day baltimoree.. 3 ttouble todaa... for john &ptravolta.thh surprissng claimm one ámaná is makingg.. about the actoor.ou're watccing ox 45 morning news.. all looal.. all morning.
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