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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  May 9, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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3 a peeping om caughttin the act.where he ws found ppying on women... this time. and the charges he's facing - now. is childhood obesityy.. your pfult?what 9 out of every ten - mothers áthiiká... that could be makinn their children heaviir. 3&pand... ssve up to 0 buuks on pyour cablee iil.the oneething you can do ttday to lass tth amounntyou ww.. p3
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3 wednesday, may 9th 3 -somm huge solar 3 flarrs are expecteddto it eaath this morning-they are not expected to cause nn major damage... but could satellites 3 3 3
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33 43-395--franklin---map
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&pa man found 3 lurking inside a women's -3 bathroom is charged as a & thh acttaa a baltimooe county - commmnity college.and it turns 3 doing this.meean gilliland s here ith more on hhw far this invasion of priiacy ssreads. 3 good mmrning patticeethis iss 20-year old zachary campbell. hees been charged as a 'peeping tom' prayyng on -& campuses all over baltimore county. &&p3 police say he waa spying on women while they weeeeusing the bathroom.he as cauuht in jaauary at loyolaaand now... the ommunnty college in essex..he's facing ssvvrrl privacy. a baltimoore ex 3 (fred berlin-sex therapiit)"its very much like drug addictiin or alcoohliss. 3 behhnn the behavior that pushes it aad this is thee --3 reason many cant on theirr
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requirr prrfessional kknd of trraatenn" treatment"court records &pshoo campbell admitted to peeping tom charges in the case at towson niversity. & 3 this morning, he's in thee baltimore county lock up.which cooes s a relife to many gilliland, ox45 morning news. 3 closing argumentssbegin ttdda... in the julius henson trial. ttiaa.hennon .. who was hired ehrlich... is charged with electionnffaud.the political ccnsultant admits to creating the "robo-call" sent to voters suggestiig ggoernor o'mallly -& aaready on ábeforeá polls closed.hhnson says ehrlich's campaign chief... paul schurick... requested the rooo-call.prosscuutrs say it was aimed at suppressing black pooer turnnuu... ssoething henson hha always denied. 3 (henson) "we just ssmply ry -3 to say 'your guu s not very good, ou might not ike my ggyy so why don't ou stay polls and vote and basically that's all ii ii." ps."schurick waa convicted in
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decembee on four ccarges in in hattcaaee..he was given 30 days oo home detention... 5- hundree hours of ommunity service and foor years probation. 3 pnimal advocates lobby sspport ruling... that says ll pit -3 bulls... are angerous. ddngerous.the ruling came.. aater aatowson ffmily filed a -3 lawsuit after a pit bull attack.theyywent after the dog's owner... then sued thhe owner's landlord. he court ruled ... property owners can pe llable if thee know a doog 3 mix.buu criiics sayythe courrt -33& poos tto farr -33"it impacts pet stores... & landlords - anybody that has ruling."the group is llbbying & ruling attnext week's special &psession.but leaders only plan
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&pto handle budgettissues. p3 baltimore's newest & attraction is opening up with one f thh oldest and moot dangeeous acts in -pwalking without a net. joel d. smith is live attthe - nik wallendaas latess ddaah defying feat is taking place. 3& 3 famill thaa's been perfooming since the 1700's. &p1700's. on wednesday, may 9, riplee's is bbinging world- famous nik wallenda , the king of theehigh wwre, to baltimmre por a once-in-a-lifettme feat. wallenda will walk a hhgh wire from the new ripley's baltimore odditorium oot over prane mounted oo a traditional chesapeake bay working vessel. wallenda willlcover more than &ppevicc . 3 3
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3 mlb nats/cheers catch... y one baseeall fan.... duuing thee7th inning &pof a game betteen the colorado rockies... anddsan diegg padres.a foul ball landssinn -3 the stann... inssde one mmn's beer up.he proudly pickk it up... and chugs the beer wiih 3 3 it's your ccanne to make
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someone a star.... with ouu monster am star-spannled sinn videos of yyor rendittons oo -33 the star spangled banner... anddnow baltimore, t's your turn to vote. vooe.go to ouu website -& foxbaltimorr doo ccm and click onn ontests to vote for your ffvoritt singer.the wwnner ggts to sing the star sangled - banner whee monster jjm comes toom & t bank stadium on june 3 cooing up... win a 100-doolar royal farms gasscard... on us! weell ttll ou how to enter... pust minutes frrm now. 3 you're watching 3fox 45 morning news...all female announcer: in the world of edible arrarangements moms make everything sweeter. this mother's day, return the favor with the blooming hearts bouquet. chocolate dipped strawberries and pineapple hearts. visit, call, or go to - ♪ edible arrangements ♪
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3 --cylburn arboretum presents 44th annual market day... eventtfeatures plant sales, gardening tips, family activities, ffod trrcks nd puch more!!-meteorooooist -3 emill gracey is live with mmre -& details.---garden themed vendors, artist, retailerssand ussd book sales and a maypole ---bikk path and self guided --3 cell phone tour 3 maaket day is t 3 phone tour &p3 self guided ccll school.the &pwaldorf maypole dance by book sales nd a retailers and used vendors,,artist, ---garden retailers and used book ales and a maypole daace by the -3&pwaldorf school.---bike path & phone ttur p3 &p3 market day is at cylburn market day s at 3 p3 phone tour
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3 self guided cell phonn ttur 3 3&pmarket day is att ylburn arboretum on saturday from 8am to 3pm.for more information, com sllah morningg & 3 -3
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3 3-
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33 map shawan==northern-41-- 3 phey're the woods every idol - soon... you could be hearing hollywood!we're ggving awwa aa trip to theeamerican iiol finale. finaleewatch fox45 tonight for the idol legeed offthe niihtt 3 sometime between 8 and 10 p--.
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hopefully yyu wwtched last pight.. beeause sometime this 3 call.the irrt five callers &ppegenn" will be entered to win a 4 ayyv-i-p trip to -3 hollywood... tt thh american idol's all bbought &pto yyu by fox45 and z 104-3. 3 coming up... trouble ahead... graduate."studenns are getting &ptoo deep iito debt o finish college their college educatiin." education."theeccaage that -3 will ttke affect 22months froo now... ttat could leave more students... drowning ii ebt. & p but nnxt... ihanna's highly- antiiipated t-v performancc. what day yoo'll be able o watch her... and the event.... &pshe'll e covering.yyu're watching ox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morniig. 3 ((break 2)))-
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state's conntitutton. supporters of amennmmnt one say thh measure is necessary - "activist judges" frro &poverturninggthe law and & future.opponents say it coold -3 have unforeseen consequences for heterosexual couples concerning domestic viilence - and health benefits. 3 today... twitter is investigating the breach of thousands of accounts.a 3 calledd"air-demon"... sent aa message online saying 55- thoussnd accounts wwre pcmprommseedit also posted a llnk to a site with the uuer names and ppsswords for those - accounts. twitter says iits looking into the situation. a second man hassjoined a lawsuit gainss john travolta... acusing the actor of sexual harrassment.a male 3 two-million-dollar lawsuit 3 of assault anddsexual batttry. the second accuser thennfiled another lawsuit tuesday... 3 complete fiction.. 3& "american
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idol" is pulling outtall the stops... for itt biggfinale laaer thissmonth. popstar rihanna is set tt & perform tte ssme night his yyarrs winner is rowned.there are just 3 performances llft & n the season ... starting tonight... when the final 44 "caliifrnia dreamin" hemee ssow..- can catch tonighh's live pprformaaces righh here on fox45... at 8.and fiid out who's oiig home... tomorroo night at 8. 3for once.. you won't have to worry about'ss our fox45 royal farms fill up contest! conteet!but the nly way yoo can win is by "likinn" usson & faccbook.everyday this week we'll raw three winners for a 100 dollarrroyal farms gas caad..e'll start taking you have to do is go tooour facebook page... faaeeook ddt com slash fox balliimre t eeter for your chaace o win. coming up... -& it's thee ecree yoor service providdr... doesn't wanttyou & knnwiig abbut.the ooe thing & you caa do... to trrck them iito letting yoo pay ess for your mmnthhy'ree
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3 3 ((breek 3)) ((bump in))
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issue on the campaign trail and in congress. but forr -3 students set to graduaae this & ponsequences of ssuuenttloan debt could bb more diie han any politicss.. aad as karen ccifa explainn... the ripple
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us. 3 &p foo these students a hot political debaae isn't -3 rhhtoric. it'ssreality.-- mos --in my own loans, i'm looking at probbbly t least 40 thousand.///00 thoussnd.//i & pctually owe probably over 100 & thousand..- traak --courringg the youth vote, pressdent obama urggd ongress to keep pates on feeerally-subsidizzd student loans steady. it set up a showdown witt ouss republicans on how to paayfor it.but ffr the class of 20-12, ttis is more thaa politicss-- graphhc --u-s student loan debt ii at a record hhgh -- 870 billion dollars. that's -3 more han credit carr debt. morr than ar loans. -- grrphic --and delinquencies 3 the national association of consumee bankruptcy aatorneys sayssthe consequences ccold -- ott--thhee are people, educated people, who will -33 essentially be ropping out of economy, not achieving goals because of studenttloans. can't get hhuues, bbild credit, because everything pill e oing to pay offfthese studeet loans.-- track --
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democratic senator dick duubin of illinnos has been among &pthose pushingg or overall &pincluding a proposal to make it easier tt dischaage oans -3 the urden isn't the student's alone.-- sot --students ann paaeets and graadparents are -&pdefaultinggon oans. students - are getting too deep into debb -3 to ffiish ollege their college eddcatiinn-- track -- for some, reliif n any leeel -- can't come fast enough.-- mos -- things eed to hange. i want y degree. at what & 3 commng uu... & yyu may wwnt tooslow down... & next timm you sii doww for a meal.the healtt issue that can deeelop... by eating too fast. ((joel llve tease)))you're wwtching ffx 45 morning nnws.. all llcal.. all mmrning. 3 ((bbeak 4)) p3 3 & 3-& p3
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defying act..what one darr- devil will be doong at the inner harbor...tonight 3 3 p3 fiier---395---43--map
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3& 3 a man is caught in theeact... spying in the omen'ssbathrooo. it happened at a baltimore pounty communnty college... megaa gilliland is heee with more onnjuus how far this invasion of privacy spreads. 3 pood mornnng paarice,this iss 20-yeaa
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old aacary campbell..- 'peeping tom' praying n campusss aal over bbltimore & county. 3&ppolice saa he was spying on women whileethey were using the bathroom.he was caught last june at ttwwon university. now... the commuuitt ollege in essex. he's facing several chaages including invasionnof - privacy..- (sharon neher)"i actually have to use the rest oom but ii going to wait five mmnutes 3 about thisspeeping tom"(amanda - rrth)"just.. thats really creepy and weird and i'm glad - they were auuht" ccuuht"" baltimore sex pherapist ttlls uss.. peepinn & oms... have a mental illness. it's called voyeerrsm... and -3 can be very much ike adrug addictiin or alcoholiss.often -3 needing professiooal treatmenn. 3 for ow campbeel remains in -3&pthh baltimore county lock up. & whicc comes as aarelife to -3 many female studdnts.i'm megan -&pgillilandd fox45 morning news. 3 -&p
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3 govvrnor mmrtin o'malley and leading lawmakers will -&poffer aaprevvew of next week's during a neww onfeeence toddy. toddy.. the ddmocraticc - governor agreed to call thh special session after the 3& failed to aaree on a senate are expeeted to use the -33 session tt push throogh an innome ax incrrase that would eliminate the need for thee cutss 3 if the stttt's bbdget problems are not resolved during the & sppcial session.. it could affect city schools.tte c-e-o of ccty sccholl.. dr. andres alonsoo.. ssys thatteepllyees would be forced to ttke four & furlough days f the so- called ddommday buuget goes into eefect.alonso.. along 3 pontgomery anddprince george's counties.. sent a letter to maintain.. and even incceass doomsddy budget wouud mean cuts for marylandd chools.the special sessiin beginn monnay.
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reduceethe number of & instructional ddas or students... buttthat brings us & to oor qqestion of have aa iipact on your childds education?ww'll take yoou calls in our 7 o'clock hour. 3 you can also go to fox-balttmore dot com ann telll - taxpayers are ffoting the billl.. tt rrpllntttrees... that wwre cut downnfoo he grand prii. prix.last summer, city hall agreed to cuttdoww 32 trees 3 way for the grand prix. organizers prooiseddtt replace them nd pant maay more.. -3 but affer ine monthh an no sign of new trees... he cty issnow going o use taxpayer -3pponee to pay for it... -3 amounting to 44-thoussnd ddlllrs. and foo those 3 trees.... its othinggshort of 33 (2:05:30) "i hinkkits going tt foot the bill.. it -3 seemmd thht was the august. but aa least he tres are goinggback ii..." replanning the treee and is costs.
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3 "rrpley's bblieveeit or nott is coming to bbltimore, aan - alleady they're featuring &psomething living up to its name. joel dd smith is live at the inner harbor tooshow us whereethe world famous high - wirr walker.... nik wallenda, good morning joel d. family thatts been performing -3 since tte 1700's. 1700's. on wednesddy, may 9, ripley's issbringing world- famoos nik allenda , theeking pf the high wire,,to baltimore walllnda will walk high wire from theenew ripley's -3 baltiiore odditoriummout over the haaror to a 100--oot talll chesapeakeebby orking vessel. wallenda wwll cver more tthn 300 feet (lengtt of a u.s. football field) - all on wire and all without a net or ann kind of ssfety devicee. in june ill attempt walk over niagra falls.-
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3 3 3 niagra falls.attempt walk ooer piagra falls. 3 33 3 coming p... looer your --, internnt and cable bill... by aboot 500 ddolars a for how to neeotiate... with your service proviier. -3 3 you're wtthingg 33 fox 45 morrinn neww.. aal
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3 3 3--3 3 -3
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3 3 3 3 3 coming uppnext.... & phiid obesity... misunderstood.
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what 90-percent of others tend to think... that could be making their children heavier. and a nee eesoo to slow oon... next time you sitt pown for a meal.theehealth &pprobbem that cannbe triggered... by eating too morning news.. all ocal.. all morning. - ((break 6))
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3 3 new ttis mornnng... two southwest flights are call.a comppny spokeswoman says... someone madeethh threaa while one off he 3 othee flight wws anceled... before passengers could even & worr on exxctly whha tte threat was... but bbthh &pppanes wwre held in isolation - at airports in arizonaaand california... to be inspectedd the inspections turned up plear. 3 the spped in whicc you eat... could afffct yoor risk ppf deveeopiig diabetes. &presearchers in lithuanna havve discovered that people who eat quiikly... are 2-and-a-half times more likelyytt have diabetes... thhn those ho eatt at a llisurely pace.
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although researchers say & there's an linn between & diabetes... there's o proof it ácaasesá diabetes. -3 3 p is our childd & oovrweight? most mother's child actuallyyis. that's according to a new study ttat shhws ... when mothees weee shown cartoon drawings of toddlees rraginng in size from ssrawny to plumm pnd asked to select the ooe - that most maachhd their child ... nearll 70-percentt f ttee misjudged. bbt phennit came to mother'ssof overweighttkids .. 90-percentt pf them chose wrong ... picking a artoon that was much smmller than their child. -3 3 pediatriccan pr. charles shubin,,with mercy family care joinssus this morning with a look at whht --3pthis means for tth chillhood mother's ee their
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33children as overweight-are parents ooerweight and 3 that's why they can't tell -because of parent's false reelity .. aae they overweight-how do you tell the difference etween baby fat and obesity-at what age do
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3 parents haveeto start worryinn obverrwight -3 3coming uppnext in consumer reports.... 3 cutting doon tte ppice... for your t-v,,phhnee nd internett seevice.what you an do... to & successfully negotiate a lower mootly'rr watchhig fox 45 mrning newss. all & loccl.. all mornnng. 3 ((brea
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3 pou might hate the bills... but many of us can't live without our tv, the internet, or a home phone. oulldyou be paying llss for thesee services? afttrrsurveying is - readers and talkkng to industry experrt... consumee peports says the answer just 3 &p (v/o))atching television a& ttlkkng on the telephhne a& (sot: phone onnersation) "ccmeron has band a&"(v/o)a& and surfing the web.(naasot: typing)(v/o)if youu'e not bundling these serviccs - getting all three s a discount packagg a&(nattot: ka-ching!)((/o)a& you could be issing out on bii savings.. ((/o)and thh consumer reports national esearchhcenter found there aae other wayy to cut 699thousand readdrs reveals bargaininn can reallyypay ff. (sot)"seven out of ten people - signing up. but of those who dddd more than 90 peecent got some ort of deal."(v/o)of those who negotiated for
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telecommserviies, 40 percent ass50 dollars a montt. oohers got fees waivvd for activation ann nstallation or were offered ffee premium services -3for a peeiod.but you want to charging you. (sot: rosalind tordesiilas)"some coopanness discounts ou've alreadd -3 gotten, so you may have to lower ratt doosn'ttwork, let them know you'reethinking of cutting some services or & switching providers."(v/o) providers may be more wiiling 3 serious about dropping ttem. (sot: rosalind toodesilllss "one of our taffees called and asked hoo to disconnect her service. she actually got ponthly bill and an upgrade as pell."(v/oouse these tips too make sure you're nnt paying more than you have to to wtch -3 tv, saa connected, and talk 3&pcooinn up innour 7 o'clock & hourr.. a new warnnng for consumerr... aboot motherrs day scams.what ordering flooers from ann 3
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3 spyiig oo women in the bathroommwhere a peeping tom how many times ppliceebeliive he dd it.
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a man found lurkkng inside & women's bathrooomis charged s & a 'peeping tom.he wasscauugt innthh act at a baltimore county communitt college.andd & it turns ouu... it's nott is pirst tiie doinn thissmegan gglliland is hereewith more on - privacy preads.. 3 gooo morning patricetths is 20-year old zachary ccmpbell. he's been chargeddaa a 'peeping tom' praying oo campuses all ovee ballimore county. 3 pplice say he was spyinggon pomen whill they were using last june at towson university. now... the community olleeg in essex. heessfaaing several & charges including iivasion f
7:04 am
privacyy a baltimorr sex therapist telll us... it's a mental illness. 3 (fred berlinnsex therapist)"its very much like behind theebehavior that pushhs t and this is the reasoo many cant on their & own.. simply stop..and oten require professionaa kind of treatment" treatment"ccurttreeords show - tom charges in the case at - towson university. -3 3 phis morning, he's in the baltimore county llck uppwwich comes assaarrllfe to maay - female students.i'm mmgan gilllland, ox45 mmrninn news. 33 three people are shottin harford coonty..t happenee around 8 o' clook lass night on edgewater drive in edggwood. phen olice arrivvdd they found twoovictimss.both weee taken tt the hospitaa.shorttl right now, all hree victims are in stable condition. closing aaguments begii toody... in thh jjlius henson triil.hennon .. who was hired byyformer governor bob - ehrriih... is charged with election frauu.the oliticcll consultaat admits o creattng
7:05 am
the "robo-call" sent to voters suggesting governor o'malley already won ábbforeá polls closed.henson says ehrlicc's campaign chhef... paul schurrcc... requested he robo-call.prosecutors sayyit wws aimed at suppressing black -3 voter urnnut... something henson has alwayssdenied. -33 3 (henson))"we just simmly try to ay 'your guy is not veey &good, you might nnt like my guy, so why don't you staa polls and vote and bbsically that's all it is." december on four charges in connection ith the robocall. in that case...hh was given 33 & days f home detention... - pervice ann our years prrbation. 3 you may not believe it....buu 3 declared forrthe western and pnvirooment issued the rought -3& covees arrett, alleganyy washington,, fredeeick, carroll, harffrd anddcecil counties... along pontggoery, oward and
7:06 am
& month, the department ssued a drooght watch coveringgmuch of the eastern shore. 3 an nniana mother is speaking out after her hildren's fathhr trapped them to the hood of his mmving car.and he says... shees sttnned by what's happened.the mother &pchiidren are saff and sound. police say, the father... kiis to the hood of theecar, as hey llft a liquor store. point... steffnski has been a decenn father. 3 "since we've split up he's priee toobe thh fuu daa.""i -3 never had any kind offcluu that hee ould ever put my children in any ind of harm." pthank god my kids arr still alive." &&pallve.""tefannki s facing 14 -3 charres stemming frommtte &pincident,,inccudingg operattng whhie intoxiccted and criminal recklessness.his ex- ays not be aalowed tt see hhss -3 children again. baltimore's newest aatraction is opening up with
7:07 am
one of the oldest and moot &pdangerous acts in & entertainment:: tight rope walking without a net. &pinner arborrto show us where nik wallenda's latest death defying feaa is taking place. ggod morning 3 joel dd family that'' been performing sincee3
7:08 am
3 p,
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3 yoor commute to work... could beeadding inches to your a newwarticle published in the "american journal of preventive medicine"... which finds people who haveea long drive to workkare morr likely to be overwwight compaaeddto tteir non-commuting peers. doctors say drivers simply burn less caaories because phhy're sitttng longer. they encourageeworkers to get moving... by taking activee 3 they're the words very idol contestant wants to ear...ann sson....yoo could be hearrng them're gginggto --3& pollyyooo!we''e giving away aa &ptrip to the american idol ffnale. -3& fox45 tonighh for the idol legend of the nightt it wwll appear oo your screen sometiie between 88and 11 p-m. hopefullyyyou watcheddlast night.. because sometime this morning wwell givv yyu the cue toocall. ccll.the firrt ffve caalers llgend" will be entered to win &pa 4 day v-i-p trip to & hollyyood... to the americaa
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3 3 &p 3 &p
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it'' your chance to make
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monster jam star-spangled sing - off.dozens of you uploaded videos of your reeditioossof - thh star spangled bbnner... and now baatimorr, itts your -3 turn to vote.3 foxbaltimore dot com and click on conttsts toovote foo yyur favoriteesinner.the winner &pbanner when monster jam ccmms 3 2nd. ffll r' up...on us! gift card.that'sscooing up n &pminutts!! you'ree -3 patching fox 45 mornnig news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 2))
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3 3 new this mornnng... two souuhwwst flights aae grounded... after uthorities
7:19 am
3 call.a commany spokessoman says... someone made he threat while one of the flights was in the air.the other flighttwasscanceled... wooddon exactly whaa the threat was... but bothh planes were helddin isolation 3 california... to be inspected. the inspections turned up cleaa. 3 an amennment passes in norrh parolina thattputs a ban on same-sex marriigg intoothe staae's constitution. supporrees of amendment onn pay tth mmasure is necessary "acttiiss judggs""from overturninn the law and redefining marrrage in the future.opponents say it could pave unfooeseen conssqueeces ffr eteeosexuul couples concerring domestic violencc and health benefits. --33 3 johh edwards left the courthoose tuesday with his daughter after notter wildd dayy f estimooy.campaign donor tim toben...testified &pthaa he told the barack obama campaign as arlyyaa june of 2008 to look into rumors of edwarrs' affair.he alss said
7:20 am
3pbout hisschancessof eing selected assobama's running mate... an idea toben found phocking ggvee the rumoos. -33&pprosecutors say dwards used &pddnoo funds to hide his affair &phis candidacy alive.he faces six felony courts, inccuding &pptatements. 3 3 --cylburn arboretum presents p4th annual markkt day... - event features plant sales, & ctivitiee, food trucks andd much more!--meteorologist emily gracey is live with more
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3-- it'ssallmst mother's day. if you havve't lready gotten a gift .. nnw is the timee... ut be & careful about what yoo buy. if you're or chocolatessor ann nuuber of otter gifts ... jsut remmmber ttere aae a lot of scams that - focus on holiday shopping like this. for this week's confident consumer, angie baanett with the better business ureau joiis us with &pwhat to look out for.-do yoor homework-allow time for
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7:29 am
defying act..what one darr- devil will be doong at the inner harbor...tonight
7:30 am
33 33 3
7:31 am
3 3 3&pmap 41--cood--
7:32 am
7:33 am
3 northern-map 3 a man is caught in the act... spping in thh women's bathroom. it happennd at a ballimore county community college... - but that is not tte only place. meganngilliiand is here with invvsson of privvcy spreads..--3 3 gooo morning paarice,,hii is he's been ccarred as a camppses all over balttmoree countyy 3 police say he was spping oo - wwmen while they were using theebathroom.he was ccught last june aa towson university. in january at loyola.and noo... the communityycollege &pin essex. he's acing ssveraa charges inccuding invasion of 3 (sharon nehee)"i actually have to use tteerest room but im goong tt wait fiveeminutes 3 about thisspeeping tom"(amanda - roohh"just.. thats rrally creepy and weird and i'mmglad they were caught" caught"a baltimorr ex
7:34 am
therapist tells uss.. peeppng toms... hhve a mental illness. it's calleddvoyeurism... and can be veryymuuh like a drugg addicttoo or alcoholism.often 3 for now campbeel remains in which comee as a rellfe to many female students.i'' mmgan gillilaad, fox45 morning nnws. 3 a 21-year-old is innicted for his involvement in the death - of a 13-year olddgirl...and two other adults ould be charged, as well. weel.police say the gun that killed monae turnage... beeonged to martinez aamstrong. he was arrested last month. &ptrigger man admitted to thh friend ccaimeddhe hid thh body .bessdes martinez....22other adults are under investigatioo... the shooter's mothhr and her boyfrienn, officer. 3 14:12 t was lieefrom the 33 pf them probably had something tt do with it :17 bars this mornnng. & 3 ccnvicted killer joran van der
7:35 am
sloot says he'd rather stay in peru and inish out hhs sentence rather than be ptttes.van der sllot is seeving 28 years behhnd bars for killing a woman he met in & have chargeddhim wwth extortion and wire frauu in connection to natalee holloway's disappearance in aruba in 2005.a conviition n that case could affect is & ccances of arole by peruvian der sloot's - peeu nd the united states could mean that he will lliely & be extradittd, dessite his preference. &p3 pisturbing new video out off upstate ew york... ccptures a teen beinn hit by an out-of--ontrol driier.we want video is áveryá difficult to wwtch. watchha group oo teens were walkinn along a sidewalk... -3 whhn you see a car come oot of powheree.. plowing intt hem. 18-year-old viccoo was hrownn up in the ir. he was taken to
7:36 am
pultiple innurres... wwere amaaingly... he'ssexpected to be o-k.the driver was arrested & minutes after the ncidenn. &p3 3 governor martin o'malley and leading lawmmkers will offer a preview of next week's special leggslaaiveesession during a news ccnference todaa. 3 agreed to call the special democratic-led legislature failed to agree onna budget.... triggering more thann5-hundred million ollars in cuts. the house and -3 senate are eepecteddto use the -3 session to push through an income tax increaseethat would eliminate the need for the cuts. 3 if the staae's budget problemss --3 areenot resolved during the -33ssecial session.. it could pfffct citt schooos.the c-e-o of city schools.. dd. aadres -woull be forcee to take fouu furlough aas if the so- into effect.alonso...along with the superintennents of montgommry and prince ggorge's -
7:37 am
couuties.. sent a letter too the governor... askkng him to funding for education.the doomsddy budget would mean &pover 128 milliin dollars in cuts for marylanddsccools.tte speciallsession beginssmonday. -3 3 theefurrough days wouud nnt rrduce the number of instructional days for - to our queetion of he -3 you ttink furlough days ould have aa impact on your child's educationnphhneelines are open now...the number to call ... 410 - 481- 445. 3&p "ripley'ssbelieve ittor nott aarrady hey're featuring somethinn liiing up to its - name. joee d. smith is live at the inner harbor to show s & where the world amous high wire walkerr... nik wallenda, is daring to go now. good morning 3
7:38 am
7:39 am
3a determinnd kii... finds himselffin an awkward position. this 2--ear-old in arransas... got his arm stuck in a gumbaall snag a crrws haddto be called... to rescue him. phey nded up having to take -& thh mmchineeapart to free the -3 child.when it was aal over... little terrelllparks was ssill holding on o the gumball hh grabbed.ttrrell was not injured and he got t keep is -3 gum balllaaoog withha few - extraa 3 its a flight from tte future you cannexperience - riihttnow at a florida beach. beach.nats!!
7:40 am
ride allows you to soar igh -3& above the waves. there -3 areeonll a few places ii the & world where you can expeeience -3 pt... ann it ust debuted in pineelas county. it's calleddthe et lev... and people who've experienccd it &p... say ii's uite the workout. overtonnsays: "thirtt minutes 3 pretty tired by the end of that seesion." this futuristic ride comes - with what some ay is an psttonoomcal price tag... it''l cost you about three minutes. 3 we're taking the pinchhout of - the pump... with a fox45 royal farms fill up. 3 accepting entties latee this morning.everyday this weee we''l draa three the meantime...."like" our -3 faaebook page.. facebook dott com slash oxbbltimore. 3 pay.fiid out if we're finaaly drying... and wwee the sun will be back out.
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ddfiiitely waat to win.make &psure yoo go oofoxbaltimore -3 pottcommfor official ccotest rules before entering. 3& lawmakerss ave work onntheir -3 hands during the speeial & seesion next week. week.if thh budget problees & aren't handled... it could &paffect city schooos.employees would have to ake four doomsday budget goes into effect. effect.that brings us to our question of the you thhnk furlough days would haae an impact on your child's education?our phooe lines are -3 open nnw.. 410-481-4545. 481--545.and this was the bbforr shot!... but wait until &pprrm night took aa bad turn for these kidd... juut -3're watching foxx45 morning news.. all local.. ll &pmooning. 3 ((break 6)) &
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7:49 am
3 ((question of day annmation)) 3 wwrkinn on the tate budget is &pa top priority for lawmakers -33 in the special session.if they don't settle it... he doomsday budget will kiik in..
7:50 am
and hat will affect city woulddfooce furlough ays. days.that brings us to our quuetion of the you annimpact on yoor ccild's educction?our phonn lines are 3 steve- woodbbne woodbinepatrice - "yee it wooud make a ddfference..and -3 what abouu thh educators,like -3 myself, who are already furlough dayy." 3 be an impact on the kids at school.. school."terr - "i beliiee aan time you take anytting away
7:51 am
3 money rom educatton." eeucation." 3- 3 p3 coming up in our o'clockk hour.. a 13-yyar-old claiis... she's found the cure to hiccups.and she'' selling it... in the form oo loolipops. the 3 ngredients she uses... and how soonntheyyll it storrs.&pssores.but firrtt.thissis her before shot...find out ii "the 3 byyslimming you in just -& secondd!we
7:52 am
put it to tte will & it work test... live. you're patching fox 45 morring news.. ((break 7))
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,3 attthe beforr --let's take a & looo 3 --llt's takeea look aa the before icture... --what is it work?3 --can you wear it under -anything, will the maaerial 3 pake youuappear bulky?--do you you have ttogo up or down a
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33& por more 3& information on shappezz log n po fox baltimore doo ccm slash news links. 3 cominn uupin our 8 o'clock hhur.. 3 need tt spruce up your garden 3 up some helpful tips and naas!!and irk frannin and other mega gospel starssare coming to d-c..tay tuned for &pthe show... in about half n hour. you're watching &pllcal.. al morrnng.
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3- 3pjohn travolla.. in trouble with the law.the crime a second person is accussng the 3 p,3 pat backup- yoo're lookiig llve overrthe inner harbor where a tighhrope walker will attempt a death--efying stunt today!when you can sse a maa -3 walk over he hhrboo. 3 and... fill up.. with fox.the one thing yyu can do right now... to enntr to win a free 100 dollar royal farrs 3 p3 wednesday, may 9th 3 -3 3 9thwednesday, mayy3 9th 3&p 3 3
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3 3- 3
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3 & 3 pllsing arguments egin
8:03 am
today... in thh juliiu henson trial. prial.henson .. who waa hired by forrer overnor bob ehrliih... is charged with &pelectionnfraud.the political consultant dmmis toocreetingg thh "robo--all" sent to vvters suggestiig ggvernor o''alley aareadd won ábeforeá polls closed.henson sayssehrlich's campaign chief....paul schhrick... requesteddthe robo-call.prosecutors saa it wws aimed at suppressing bback -voter turnoutt.. something henson hassalways denied. (hensoo) "we just simply try -3 pt say 'your guy is not ery good, you might not like y guy, so why doo't you stayyhome and let my guy go to the pollssand vote and 3 pasically that's all ittis." ii."schurick was convicted in -3 december on four charges in connection with the robocall. & in that cass...he wassgiven 30 days f home detention... 5- hundreedhours of coomunity service and foor yearss p3 a man found lurking iissde aa a peeping om. tom.police say 20-year old
8:04 am
zaccary campbell was cauggt ii the act inside a bathroom at aad it's not the firrt time - he's done this.he wasscaught - last juneeat towwonn universityy.. and in january pt loyola.he's now facing 3 invasson of ppivacy. a baattmore sexxtherapist ttlls uss.. it's a mental illless. 3& pffed berlin-sexx therapist)""ts very much like & drug addiction or alloholismm there s aatremendous force behind the behavior that &ppushes t and this is the reaasn mmny cant on heir own.. simply stop...nn often require proffssional kind of treattent" treatment"this morring, campbell remainn in the baltimore counny lock, phat comes as a reliif to many femmle students. 3 a second man has joined a lawsuit aaaiist john travolta... acccsing the actor 3 harrassment.a malle assage & therapist filed aa - tww-milllon-dollar lawsuit & monday... accusing the actoo of assault and sexuallbbttery. the secoon accuser then filed anothee lawsuit tuesday... -33 psing the same attorney.
8:05 am
&ptravolta's rrp calls theesuits & ccmmlett fiction..-&p mcdonald'' is accused of bribbng hundreds of blogggrr to write positive posts aaoot the fast food chain.the company has repootedly thrown parties anddgiven free gifts to about 4-hundredd cdonalds- friennly boggees.lass year the company compeesated so- writing about its new wholesome choiccs program for iis happy meals. &p3 is there cure forrhiccups? ii you sk one 13-year old.... she'' ssy yes.mallory kkevman -3 is ccrrently working with a peam of m-b-a tudents from connecticut... to create the first-ever hhccup-stopping "hiccup-pops"... and kievman says the seerrt ingredients innlude apple cider, vvnegar - and sugar.they're expected to - hit heemarket thisssummer. 3 alttmore's newess attraction is opening up with one of the ollest and mmst daagerous acts in enterttinment: tight rope walking without a net.
8:06 am
at thh inner harbor to show us where nik allenda's latest death defying feat is taking pllce. good morning oel d. family that's been performiig -3 since the 1700's. & that's been joel d. family that's been peeforring & since the 1700's. -3 1700's. on wwdnessay, 3 & 3 3 pevice .any kind of safety withhutta nettor wire anddall & field))- all on a a u.s. football 300 feet ((ength of coverrmore than allenna willl a traditional crane mounted on to a 100-foot tall ovee the high wirr wallenna will -lifetimeefeat..for a once-in-a- -3 wire, to bbltimore king f the -3 high wallenda , the famous nik bringing world-may 9, ripley's is oo wwdnesday, the 700's. 1700' that's been family that's bbee erforming - 1700's..,3 on wednesday, may 9, ipley'' is bringinggworlddfamous nik wallenda , tte king of the high for once-in---lifftiie over the harbbr to a 100-foot & tall a traditional chesspeake - bay workinggvessell wallendaa will covee more than 300 feet (lengtt of field))- all on a wiree nd all without a net or device .
8:07 am
3take a look aa this....whaa &pyou're lookkng a is ánotá thee 3 action hero... thii is ""he - supee
8:08 am
ttnnmom." &pmom."patricia krentcil add was acccssd of bringing her poung aughter to a tanning booth... which she enies. & ow... there's a doll made after her.itts selling for &p3 for once.. youu 33 won't have o worry about gas's ouurfox45 royal farrs fill up contest! can in is by "likiin" us on facebook. ffcebook..veryddy this week we'llldrawwthree wwnners for a 100 dollar royal farms gas caad.we''l ssart takkng -3 ennries lattr his morning.all you have to do is gooto our facebook age... facebook dot -&pcom slash fox baltimore to enter for your chance to win. 3 some big news or gospee music fans... 3 i smile nats -3 naassirk frrnklin... is 3 coming to ourrarra!
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area!we're giving away tickets 3 you'rr watching fox 45 morninn nnws...all local.. all 33 ((bump out)) 3
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3&p--cclburn arboretuu presents
8:12 am
&p44th annual market ay... event feetures plant sales, - gaaddning tipp, family ppctivities, ood truuks and 3 more!--meteorrlogiss emily gracey ii live with more details.---gaaden themed - pendors, artist, retailers and used book ssles and a aypole daace by the waldorf school. self guided cell phone tour 3 market dayyis at cylburn & arboretum on saturday from 88m to 3pm.iiffrmation, log -3 balttmore ot com slass mmrning.
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3 3 p33
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33 3 &
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8:17 am
3 3 coming up... hillaay clinton speaaksout... aaout a reeent photo of herself that's been ciicling the web. web."if i want to wear my &pglassss. if i want to wearrmy hair back, i'm pulliig my hair bbck.. back."we'll ssoww yu what she make-up... and why she says tte timm to let loose... is now. &pi smile nats natsand gospel singer kirk franklin... is coming to our frrday... but ww're givvng some away for áfrreá... next. listen ii foo your cue to call. 3 news.. all locall. all morning. 3((break 2))
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3 3&psecrrtary of staae, hillarry clinton, might have strrng opinnins about iran oil 3& president. but,,one thing is ffr suree-hilllry clinton is &ppot worried aboot how sse s -3 perreiveddin the fashion world. 3 aapicture isscirculating on twitter and hillary linton is ttlkkig aaout t.cannace has thht and mooe for today's & ttnseltown on twitter. for yearr, he ffrmer new yyrk 3 senntor has been the subject pf ridicule forrher scrunchies, short recently, & an image of clintoo duubed "hillary au naturale" haa suufaced on the website "the drudge repoot. " 33 drudge report. ""ebsite "the &psurfaced oo the naturale" hass & surfaced on the website "the 3&p3 as ou can see... linton is -3& feetured sportiig minimal makeup nd thick rimmed glassessand she had this tt - say abbut the recent
8:21 am
photo. she is talking photo.. she is talkinggphoto.. & surrounding he "controversyy surrrunding the photo. she is talking p3 i feel so relievvd to be t - know, if i want to wear my plasses, i'm want to wear my hair back, i'm pulling my hair point, it's just not something &pthat deserves a whole loo of time anddattention and if others ,3 want to worry abbut it, i'll 33 the image of 3 clinttn was ttken the immgeeof clinton wassttaen during a receet newssconferenne inn bangladesh. she was there to promoteedemocracy aaroad. chat 3 you need to check yourrtwitter aaccunt! &paccount!!ouu twitter you need 3 your ttitter account! account!your ttitter you need to check ou neee to check your twittee yyu need to check you need tt check chat 3 p3 chat 3 chat 3 you neee o check yoo need to cheek you need to heck you -& need
8:22 am
to check your twitter account! pccount!a hacking nnws and 3 deeon"... sent mmssage online saying 55-thousand 3posted a link to a ite with - the user names and passsords for ttose accounts. one -3 victii f a twitter hack s actorrmark ruffalo. a hacker & took over his useename ann changed it to @markóruffalo, -3but thennwrote variety of ood posts hat are not family & frienddy enough tooair here on our morning neww. 3 ooe account thaa musician, donnnee c-clurkin.musiciann donnie was not hacked is onee 3 was noo hacked is usician, & donnie mc-clurkinnmusiciin, donnie was not hacked is one - account that 3&pwas not hacked is musician, donnii mc-clurkin.he reeently posttd this: ttis: 3&p@thekingsmeetour: this mooning & p3&annthee person n this tour is
8:23 am
mega star... kirk frankkin. franklin. 3declaration -33& ddclaration 3that is kirk's hit deelaration.. thhs is caa hear hm along with donnie mcclurkinn marvin sapp pnd isreal houggtonn when hey 3 togettee foo a new tour..- there's big neww for gosppll with mega star.. kirk ranklin 3 the spprit of raise celebration: the king's men will beeat the verizon center 3 tickets go on saae thissfriday & at live nation dot com. 3 weewant to get you into thhe -3 shhw for free..ive nation sent -3 us iccets to give to you and the 4th and 5th callers right noww t 410-481-4555 win!if you don'' win now,,don't worry. ww will give away two morr pairs coming up in ur 9 o-clock -3 paltimmoe. 3& cominggup... treatinggmom...
8:24 am
& like theestar she s. is."in toucc" magazine is outt withhsome of his year's best &pcelebriiy-approved... gifts 3 pom.and the est pprt is.... ttey're all under 50 bucks. we're going to share those with you're watchhng local.. all morningg having one of those days? tired. groggy. can't seem to get anything done. it makes for one, lousy day. but when you're alert and energetic... that's different. you're more with it, sharper getting stuff done. this is why people choose 5-hour energy over 9-million times a week. it gives them the alert, energetic feeling they need to get stuff done. 5-hour energy...when you gotta get stuff done.
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3 moohers day.ii yoo're still trendy yet affordable ideas for this weeks fammly 4-1-1... sennor editor for iin &ptouch weeklyymagazinee.. & dorothy cascerrerr s hereeto showwus what's hot forrunder 50 buuks.--these are celebriiy &ppuch?--lass minute deas? &p
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3 if you'd llkk mmre information on theee affordable mothers -3 day gifts....please log on o 3 ccntenn on our webbite is fee..-&pand f you have an idea for our next fammlyy4-1-1 ssement, send me an emaal. 3this wassthe beffre shot... buttwaat until you seeethh took at bad ttrn for these kids....juut ásecondsáá fter thissphoto was're watching fox 45 morning newws. all local.. all morning.
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3 3 3 -33
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33 providence-greenspring-map 3 governnr martin o'malley 3 duuing a news confeeence today. governor agreed to call the special sessiionafter the -3 demooratii-led egiilattree failee to agree on a budggt.... triggering more than -hundred millionn ollars in cuts. the house and senaae are expected to use the session to push through an income tax inccease that would eliminate the need for the cutt. 3 if the taae's uddet problems are not resolvvd during the special session.. ii could aafect city sccoolss.he c-eeo of cityyschools.. drr andres alonno... says that employees
8:34 am
-33 would be forced tt take four furloughhdays if the so- & called doomsday budget goes into eefect..lonsso. along wiih the superintendents of -&pmontgomery and rince georgg's counties.. sent a leeter to -3 theegovernor... asking him to maintainn. and even increass funding foo education.the -doomsday budget would mean over 128 million ddllars in cuts for maryland schools.the -3 speeial session begins monday. 3 animal advocates llbby uuport - to overturn aassate court & ruling... that says all pitt bulls... are dangeeous. 3 after a owsonnfamily iled a lawsuit after a pit bull attack.they wenn after the dog's owner... then sued the owner's landlord. thh couut be liable if they know a dog is a pit bbll or a pit bull 3 goee too far. 3 "it impactsspet storrs... llndlords - anybody that hass live dogs on the premises is &pcovered under this ruling." rrling..
8:35 am
3 tte group is lobbying state -33&plawmakers to overturn the ruling at next weee's special session.but leaders ooly plan &ppaxpayers aae ffoting thee - bill... to replann trees... - that were cut down for the - grand prii. prix. last summer, city hall agreed to cut down 32 trees innthe -3 inner harbor to make way for the grand prix. orgaaizers promised to reppacc them nd plant many more. -3 but afterrnine monthssand noo 3 is now oing to use taxxayer money to ay for it... amoonting to 2-thhusand dollaar. and for ttose who fought teerrmoval of the -trees.... its nothing short of a waste. 3 (2:05:30) "" think iis unfortunate taxppyerr are going to foot the bill. it seemed ttat was thee predicatable outtome back in auguut. bt at least the tres are going back in..." -3 in..." the city has begun replanting the trees and is still hoping to recoup the costs.
8:36 am
3 "ripley'ssbelieve it or not" -3 alreadd they're featuring something ivinggup to its name. name. joel d. smith is live - at the inner harbor to show us where the world famous high wire walker.... nik wallenda, is daring o go now. good mornnng joel d. 3 family that's been perrorming sinne the 700's. 1700's. on wwddessaa, he 1700's..p700's..ammly that's been -3 family that's been performinn pince thee1700's. p700's. on wednesday, may 9, ripley's issbbinging world- wirr, to baltimore for a once-in-a-lifetime feat. pallenna will from the new ripley's baltimore over the harbor to a 110-foot ttll a traditional chesapeake bay working vessel. wallenda will 300 feet (length of football fieldd - all oo a wiihoutta nettor any kind of -3 safety ddvvce . n juneewiil niagrr falls. & 3
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8:38 am
3 3 they say when you get -3 married... you take the plunge. but in wissonsin... it was a ggoup of proo students who took the plunge... and it was pllla big surprise. surpriis..his is the ábeforeá minutes before leaving ffr proo.but just after thhs photo 3 were sttnding nn.. pollapsed... ssnniig them into -3 the water. 3 "it's commpetely unexpected. it doesn'' evvn happpn on tv, and all of a ssdden here it is happening to us," the group was able to go to hour of drying off.tuxedos and dryer.parenns used hair dryyrs, they even blew a fuse. the groou says it's a memooy they''l never forggt.thhy offered some ever forggt.a memory they'lll ever forget.
8:39 am
3 any students taking parttin 3pbeeore going out forrpictures. 3 it's your chhnce to make someonn a star.... with our monster jam staa-spangled sing off..- off.dozzns of you uploaded - videos f your rendiiions off the star spangled bbnner... and now balliiore, it's your turr to vote. vooe..o tooour website foxbaatimore dot com and click -3 on contests to vooe for yoor favorite singerrthe winner gets to ssng the star spangled 3 to m & t ank stadium on juue 2nd. coming up... p3 a dtermined kid... fiins himself ii annawkward positiin..-what firefighters had tt do... to free hii hand from a gumball machine... 3&paad whht theeboy took away with him... when it was all ssid and done. 3& you're watching fox 45 mmrning news.. all locall. all morning. -3
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-3 3
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3 -33 33 coming up... we're giving away a trip... to the american idol finale.alllneed... is last night's "idol" legend. youu
8:46 am
cue to call... issless than aa hour're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. aal orning.
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3 with nly four eft in the race... the american idol competition is down to the wiree the final contestants have to faae the ddunting reality that any their thoughts on the finall eeks..- weeks. 3 (((pkg))) with fouu idol finalists remaining tt ccmmpte for finalists remaining with four idol 3 final weeks. weeks. 3 (((pkg))) with our idoll finalists remaining hh season 11 title, theecontestants know that onn mistakeecould end their time on the show... &p so once aaain it's all about chhicee-this week's thhme is 3 says: "for me connecting with a sonn you have to read over the lyrics and underrtand the true meaning of whyythey wrott that song then you have
8:49 am
put it to the song and feellit to yourself.""edet says: "i can listen to a song 've never heard and if i don't &pfeel it in the fiist 10 & seconds i can't sing ii"philip says: i really listen too the soog and try to cconect with it and if i needdto change it p and try to change - it up." after weeks of advice from aattr weeks &of advice from mentors and judges, the contestants are weighing in on who is most influeetial. sanccez says: pittdepends on who givee mm criticism this week like if randy gives me criticism this week then iill work onnthat then jlo said you have toomove more then i broke out andd ent crazy"ledet says: "iittke bits nd pieccs from every judge, they are all so pupporrive and they all give greaa advice, i learn and take eevrything they say" avanaghh says: "i'mmmore drawn to jennifer cause she's so powerful woman in the inddstry that when she gets on stage that she dominatee it..philip pays: "i always take what they have and try to do my
8:50 am
3 has theme, but the -3 contestants know whattthey would choose if they couldd sinn áanyá hit .ledee says: & so excited when they said we were doing whitney houston and then they gave it to the girls and wahh waah wahh"cavanagh says: "i've always wanted to sing ? from christina aguilera" and f they make it to the finals and get to choose an artist to sing a duet with...who wwuld it be? to do aaduet with mariah carey and that would be intense cause hhr voiic is god given" philip says: "probably johnny langgor something his vocals are if e walked out of stage witt me i'd stop singing."sanchez sys: pthere's 3 people prince, beyonce or eminem" 3 tonight and tomorrow at pm here on foxx5. 3 i wanttto know what you think of the ccmpetition.i will be chatting liie during the show
8:51 am
tonight.just loo on tooour &pfacebooo page, ffcebook dot com slash fox baltimore, and click on idol live all 3 ww're giving away a rip to the american idoo ffnale. 3 the idol legend of the night. &pit will appear on yoor screen & sometimeebeeween 8 and 10 p-m. hopefulll you watched last night.. because in less than 330minutes frrm now... we'll - give you the cue to call. call.the first five callerr with last night's "idol legend" will be entered to win a 4 day v-i-p triipto idol's all brought & t you by fox45 and z 104-3. comiig up... 3&it might look calm to us - iipact a group oo solar flares... could have on -3&psomething you do everyday. you're watching fox 45 morning news...all local.. all morning. ((break 7))
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3 his dad handed him some change to buy a gumball... but an - arkansaw boy decided to takk matters into his own hands... and ended up getting one of & ttem sttck.jeanee moos has the story of the gumball rescue. rescue. 3 thii two-year old waated to chew some gumballs. instead the gumball machinneswallowed hisshaad. or as his ddd put
8:55 am
-33 it...i turn my back one -3 miiute..they were trying to &pget gum ouu of gum machine. his hand stuck up there completely man. his cheeks were wet with tears as the teearkana fiie dept cameeto phe rescue of terrell parks jr. initially we did not have a 3 plan. we were hoping ii would be as easy as putting some il on ittann sliiing ittout. wasn'' that simple. turns out thhy ad to break the plastii....nd dsassemble the mean there 3 floor? all over tte floor. nat gumballs fall out all the ones in terrell's hand... at ooe point uring the rescuee the kid got some ggmballs in his fist. but he refused to open it and give up the gumballs. 3 firefighttrs had to coax him so they could get his hand out. open your ist open your hand let gumball go whiih he finally did....there you go buddy no innuriee to the hand...thatthurt? but he
8:56 am
best kid-stuck-in-a- toy machine viido ever features a girl who cliibs head first into the doorrwhere the prize normally comes out ii one of those claw machines....ike the one in too sttry....i have been chosen. farewell my friends. i gg on to a better place. gotcha once the girl dissppearssup the hole, another kid tells mom. and as mom goes for help, the little girl pops uu amid all the toys. mommspends some time tryinggtt etrieve 3 her by the feet and knocking on the window, but the girl peepp climbinggthe ound of toys.mooo standup ssaking vending machine whatever &pyou do, mom, don't try to shake her out.actually this isn't so ncommon. there are other photos of kkds trapped &pin the belly of a oy machine. eventually this ittle girl came out exactly he wayyshe -3 went in, exiting feet fiist with a little help from her mom. it wwa as if the vending & machinee ave birth.did she & leave without taking home a prize? the gumball kid got to keep a few, to help him chew 3 mmos, cnnyouuready to o home? nyy
8:57 am
3 coming up on good day - baatimore... a orrific moment....caught on camera. camerr.:07 beep beep. screaming :12 :122,3 we'll show you what happenne outside the buu... that had -3 paasengers screaming. 3 you're watching fox 45 & morning. 3 ((brrak 8))
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