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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 10, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 p3 aaman behind on is child support... says he was told by 33 problems could go away for 110 bucks.we've been secreely
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working this stooy for days, following people all over the -3 cityyand collecting vidence 3&pmorning... the bribery scheme is exppseddmegan gilliland is &phere wwth aastory yyu're seeing first on fox. 3 ggod morning patriceethe worker was a cootracted employee for the state child &psupport officeedowntown. now, sting we caught on camerr. 3 pt all ssarteddwhee paul be suspendee if he didn't pay - his child support. when -3& wortham called the office to straightee things out... e says a worker toll him over the phone he'ddmakk his problems go awayyif he just paid himm...150-bbuks under the table. that'' when wwotham called us... and said he panted to catch hhm in the actt.-3 attorney's offiie... which watch as our caaeras werr rolling assthe sting goes down. you can seeethe worker here...
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wearing a yellow shirt....he met pul aad his brother righttnearrthe child supporr offiies. 4402 he waa just out there waiting on and weeshowed up definitely think that therees & a lottof mismanagement. i think that there's corrrption probably just theetip 3 of the iceberg 40 &p3 pe showed this ideo to he department f human resourccs. hours later, they senn sent us &pa statement saying the &pdepartment has zeeo tolerance 3 meantime... a statt audit reveeled the office failed to collect more han one-point-seven ábillioná dollars in payments ..over the last three years.this story culddeeplain at least pne reason wwy.i'm meggn gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 now aafollow p now tt another story we brooght you first on & fox...prosscutors have dropped & ámoreethan halfááoo the charres...against the suspects in a vicious beating downtown. &pdowntown.
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3 beaten... robbedd.. and initially....24 chhrggs were 3 shayona davis, shatia baldwin, &pand deangeloocarter.but noww.. theeyface just 1.most of the -3 charges dropped were first degree assault charges. p3 the is offering to hold a funnral service for a homeeess man who killee himself fter murderiin an ellicotttcity priest and - church secretaay. - chuuch officiaas say the amill of douglas whether to accept the offee 3 franklin shot - and killed revvrend mary maaguerite kohn and brenda brewington while they were -3 inside saint peter's epiicopall church last thhrsday.kohn wws -3 laii to rest n tuesday ann brewingtonns funeral is scheduled foo today. 3&pgovernor o'malley and pawmaaers aanounce an taxes. t's part of revised --33 budgee thattlawmakers will - consider in a speeiaa sessioo next week.if yu ake more & han 00-thousand a year.. or
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are part of aacouple making more than110-ttousand a year... ou'll payymoree the plan would replace the so- & called "doomsday" buugett.. whichhcalls for 500-million dollarr in budget cuts. -3 3 (governor) "the bettee apprrach is the balanned approach, an approach of cuts, - toosupport those important - onnoing investments." innestments.""miller) "if that doomsday budget goes up, we're talking about layoffss you're palking about laying oof vice princippls, you're talkkng -3& bbut laying off librarians,, &pyyu'ree alkingg 3& abouttlaying off special ee teacherss" teachers."buttawmmkkrs say they will not considdr a bill to expand gambbing ext week. -3they say that may happpn at anothee speccal session thii summer. 3 juryyddliberations continue -3 today innthe julius enson "robb-call" trial. trial..enson was the consultaat forrtheebob ehrlich 3 gubeenatioriallelection.... againnt governor o' closing rguementss the statt prosecutor ssid henson broke the law with lection day robocalls ... imed at suuppessinn blacc vottr turnout.henson says he's a taaget of powerful democrats.
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""tis case waa nneer abouu evidence it was all pooitical... it was i do yoo pnish a guy wwo's not in the cluu." & club." ehrlich campaign mannger paul schurick has already been convvcted in the case..- 3 a b-m-w windssup tuck in a -3& pouse wednesday... but thht waan't the biggest surprise - scene. &p3 turns out... the driver of thisswhite -m-w was juut 8 into thisshouse in bosttonwith puch ffrrc that ppeces of thee porch were wedged in the car.. 3 neighhors had a hard time believing what haapened. (("i hear his crrsh. it -3 sounded like, you know, a car wreck."))(("i just mmved to the neighborhooo and excitement is already hapeniig.")) happening.")) 3 the boy wassnoo urt. thh rrsidents of the house also escaped injuuy... but the damageeto the home aad foundation was exxensiie.
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3 when it comes to the coontries that are best and worst for & the woorl.that's accordiin to - a newwsurvey by "save the children"... which says that's an immrooement from lastt year's standing.the survey - looked at education, health,, 3 coming in first... is norway. - 3 ssre, he might hhve a mmm but the aaerage mannis predicted to ssendda hopping 190 dollars thhs year for day. joel d. smith is 3&plot of ttat cash, to see what mom's really want on this 3&pjoel d.. 33 3 3 3 -3
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3 &3& mother's day is just days away... and we''e looking for the beet mom innbaltimore.all week we've been taking your submissioos... ttellng us why almost timee o annouce the winner. -3 winner.that mom wwll win airfare and a 4 day- 3 niggh iiland.look ow beautiful that -3&presort is!this is a prize you definitely want toowin.we'll review the entries today.. and baltimore's bess mom.. &ptomoorow on foxx5 morning news. stay tunee to see ii your mom 3&&pcreetive ways... to get to yourr ids. kids.(sgt) "it'ssan avenue forrthem to find chillren and find ccildren quickly". he - nnw ways sexual predators are finndng your ids onlinee.. 3 luring ttem in...
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in... 3 (((reak 1)) 3 ((bump in))
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3 map fiber 395 ----ight-- fayette--north ave---41-map &p3 3 3 3 - 3 it's your chance to make someooe a sttr.... with our monster jam star-spangled sing -& off.dozens of youu ploaded -3 videos of your reeddtions oo the star spangled anner... and ow bblttmore, t's your turn to vote. foxbaatimore dottcommand click on contests to vote for yoor favorite singer.theewinner gets to sing the star spangled bannerrwhennmonster jam comes
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22d. 3&pyour kids...arr argett! &ptargets!(isaac) "the websites apparentll don't have any kind of creening mechanism". mechaniss""theepersonal way sexuaa predators are ggtting to your chhldren online...and how you can stop t from happennng. 3 ((break ))) 3 hi. you know chase freedom gives you 5% cash back at grocery stores this quarter. thank you. happy shopping! activate your 5 percent cash back at and now, new cardmembers get 100 dollars bonus cash back after they spend 500 dollars within the first three months. visit or your local
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branch today. 3& child sexuaa preddtors re becoming
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craftiir and mooe sophisicated... crime and & justice reporter joy lepola -33 shows the new tools in the - "predator's playbook"...aad theeways you can rotect your childrenn 3 ((pkg))) (sgt) "child porn" -3 p28 sgt gary mounts --- investigaaes compuuer criies. 3 "kiddie 365 search resultt and the longer we let it ruu pthe more reeults we're onna end up gettinn" 3 desires discussee often ammnggprrdators oo-line. 3 seen chat rooos that say incest daddy dauggter. you see ome 3 even more alarminn is hen 3 evolves into an online relationship and ultimatly a face to face encounter. "that's how she ffrst started to taak wwth him"3 jennnfer's 12 ear oldd &pdaughter....haa such a meeting anything if thhy feel as though (ááclose up ggp where
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to benefit thee". it's a trip that landed karccynski in feeeral prison for fivv yearr. ------------------------ fade to black---------- ------------------ from chatrooms.... to social & networking sites. iivestigators say ... the & number oo children..... never beee greater.(sgt) "it's an avenue for them to - finddchildren and find children quiikly". ttrrugh 3 yearbook..... tte grooming ppocces whhch used to take months even years.... can now take just a maater oo hours.. (needs shot) tand- 3 up consider this... aa predator does an online seaach looking for. et's say a 14 maybe there's beee an article in the newspaper that's noww - posted on-line. the predator... has youu child'ss -name, likeey his age and where heegoes to school. now the preddtor seerches facebook and pees your eenage son likes 15 year old girls 3 who work out. itts doesn't &ptake much find an mage of a
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3 physscally it 15 years and create a fake profiie. " it &pcould e a 17 year ool femmle or a 56 ear old male.""thhy are very inteeligent thee're detectives.... in thhir effort to catch these criminals.(nneds to be coverrd because video s adjusting) 49:40 it's like fishing just sit ack and wait if something comes p it does you work it if ot you ry again. in 2011 a task force that looks 3 receeved almost 8-hundred llads here in arylandd it -reeslted in 555 the arrest of &p82 people. the isk is reaal...and experts ay thht risk caa increase hen ccillrrn are allowed -3 (dr snow))"parents need to -3 insissst theyyhave a climaae -their kids" the scenarios seee....(issac) "the problem ii ou have a lot of minoos acting like their 18
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pretteding they're 18 going on that website and adults trringg & to find ppople who are yunger end up haaing relationships or contact wiih minnrs"" aimmd attaddlts .....but being acceessd by minors..... &pcases.(isaac) "thh weesiies apparrntly don't have any kind of screeninn meccanismm. (sgt) -3 "we ut in 13 we weren't able -3 to get into ome rooms. two - mmnutes later we had a we can get hereeeer the danger lurkk no atter what chatroom, tte ciicumstancessmay piffer....buu3 the end esull cerrainly doosn't (isaac) they donn' palk about it until they have -3 a meeting or 2 as brief as it can be and sometimes it's not like you're takkng thee out for dinner or things ike that they aae having brief darkness."by the time .... parents finn out... it's too
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late.((ennifer) ""it cann --3 happen to anybbdy".jjy lpola -3 fox 5 nees at ten. & 3 police say make sure your child knows who thhy are not allow them to list any private information on theer wall.whht is posted should e too specific.anddmmke sure their profile is securely pocked down. p3 coming up next n spprts. sports.the ccps trying to fight off elimination...find out if they will live tooppay another day. 3 ((break 3)) 3 the wheat in every mini-wheat has gotta be just right. perfect golden color. rich in fiber. my dad taught me and i taught my son out there. morning, pa. wait... who's driving the...? ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm, 99 bushels of wheat ♪ [ male announcer ] yep there's 8 filling layers of whole grain fiber in those fun little biscuits... so they stick with you all morning long. kellogg's® mini-wheats® cereal. [ mini ] yee haw! a big breakfast in a little biscuit.
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3 3sports. sports.ffx 45 mmrning sports. cunningham has 3 cunningham has fox 45 morning sports. sports. 3 the best lacrosse
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brought to you byyp-n-c and &"insidd lacrosse." 3&p coming up in our 6 - o'ccock hour... 3 tteenew jersey wommn addicted -3po tanning... is cut off!what & the tanniin salon is doing to -3 makeesure the womaanáneverá -3 pomes throogh çñ we love gardening... yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i want you to grow big! if you grow for me you'll get cookies for free.
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