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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  May 10, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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3 3& he was told his child support that busted a statt employee 3 underway. 3 i thinkksame-sex couples - ssould e able to get married. a new ssanne on same ssx -3 marriige.what it could mean -3 for the controversial easure
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-3 here i maryland. 3 and... we're givinn awwy 100 -dollarrsin free gas sometime in the next 45 mmnutts.what you can o ight now.. to get your name in tomorrow's p3 -3 3 3&pthursday, mayy10thh,3 3 3 3
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3 aaman working oo the state 3 on allegations f bribery.he's child supporr problems could go away... for 150 bucks.meggn 3 yyu're seeing irst on fox and one that we helped expose. & 3 good morninn patrice,the worker was contracted employee for the state cchld he's been fiied... following a
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& it all started when paul wortham goo a notice from the be suspeeded if hh didn't pay -3 his child support. when - ptrrighten things out... he says a worker told hhm over the phone he'd make his &pproblemm go away if he just paii him... 1500bucks under the tabbe. that's when woothaa wanted to catch him in thh acc. attorney's office... which & told us to keep them informed. watch assourrcameeas were rolling as the sting gges down. you can see the worker here.... weariig a yellow shirt... he met paal and hissbrother right near the chiid supporr offices. 3 37:44 the envelope said on the just wrott it on the front 49 bbt the inside of the envelope was just paper that i cuttto the size of bills 56 ssohe justtgot an ennelope full of phite paper 00 &pdepartment of hummnnresourres. &pa statemenn saaing the --3 department
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has zerootolerance ffr this sort of behavvoo.a crrminal and internal iivessiiation is now underway. 3 meantime... a state auditt rrvealed the hild upport office failed to collect more dollars in ppyments ..over the last ttree yearssthis story ould explain at least -33 one reaasn why.i'm meean --3 gilllland, fox44 morning news. 3&palss irst on fox...a thiif is &ppide from a store in hampden... and good & samarrtaas help takk hhmmddwn during a chase. police say the hief stole the detergent from a rite lead to a -3&pfoottchase acrrss the 41st street bridge.witnesses got involved when ttey saa one puspect across theebridge. 3 (tom idley)"if you done &psomething wroog ya done - something wrong.. and hh tried to hurt the offiier and the pfficer needed some actiin i guess... i elt it was my duty to do so" 3 hot commodity on the black sold onnthe stteet. tte
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suspect telll police he was hurt. he was senntto union -& memorial hospital and is & exxected tt be charged when - he's releassd. paltimore ccunty police wwnt neighborssto bb on the lookkut, this morning... for a very dangeroussdevice. device.áánats up full: 3explosionáá3 ssen here oo youuube, is a homemade devicc... created by pouring housshood mateeials and tin foil iito a plaatic bottle. the eaction of those different elemeets inside the bottle creates a explodess there have both in april.the atestt happennd on ccrlisle avenue in pprry all... hereeone device &&pexploded in a mailbox. 3&pa spokesman for mayor ptephaaie rawlings-blake... 3pe used... to helpphire the city's ext police commiisioner. mmyor ii takkng the search too a national level. the city ps looking to replace red -3 pealefeld.... who announccd his retiremmnttearlier this month. thhemayor says she's confidenn she'll find a highly-
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3 "i want to insure everyone p...national 3 search firmm....internally and externaaly." 3 bealfeld llaves hisspost n 3 3&pstaa tuned for continuiig coverage of this storyy.. we hear ffom ormer police commissioner ed norris... 3& mean for theepolice eparttent. -3 that's coming up in ouu p'clock our. p3 mothhr's day is this - sunday, and it looks like many shopping. the national 3 spending to e p for mom's this year, o an verage of 152 dollaas a person. personn jjol d. smith is live in cockeysvvlle to show uu how far you an fforiss. good morning joel d. 3 on averaae, thhy are expected to spend $152.52, aa 8 peecent according to a survey by the national retail federation. $189.74, ommared wwth $117.42 for women. 3 &p
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3 pothhe'ssday ii ust dayss away... and we'reelooking for &ptheebess mom in baltimore.all - weekkweeve bben takkng your submissionn... telling us why &pyour mom is the est.and itts almoss time to annouce the inner. 3 airfare and a 4 ddy- 3 night -3 stay at grand bahamm island. islann.lookkhow beautiful that reeort is!this is a prize you baltimorr's best mom..
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tommrrow on fox45 morninggnews. stay tuned to se ffyour mom coming up... 3 a schoollbus... oppratiig likee 3 expeettd to teach... and where & in the u-s... it's being &p 3 you''e watching fox 45 morning nnws.. aal local.. all morning. 3 ((buup out))
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3 preaknees celebration baaloon -3 pessival is taking place at turf valley..-meteorologist -3 emily gracey is ive with more
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&pdetails on this morning's hometown hotspot--free admissiin a&a hot ir craftss entertainment, and good food uringgtths fun, ffmily-friendly --tetheeed -3 balloon alloon, craft and pusic, etertainment 33 3theeprrakness ceeebratioo balloon estival s at turf 3 from 4pm to 9pm. for ooee 3baltimore dot com slash morning. 3 33
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&pp3 3 3 & 3 3 slash orning.baltimore dot com slash morning. p3 3
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3- 3 ii's yyur ccaace to maae someone a star.... with our monster jam ssar-spangled ssng 3 viieos of your renditionn f &pthe star ppngled banner... --3 and now baltimore, it's your -3 tuun tt vote. vote.go to our webbite foxbaltimore dot com and clicck onncontests to vvte forryour 3& gets to sing the star spangled banner when monsser am comme to m & t bank stadium on june 2nd. 3 if you book a flight thhi summer... you'll probably - notice omethinggdifferenn... 3 expected to chhnge... thht could gee some passengers 3 and... ow does 1000dollars in &pfree ggs sounddittcould be & yourss..we're drrwing the first winnerrof theeday in our royallffrmssgas ard giveaway & ssmetime in the nexx 30 minutessstay tuned to see if
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3 contest if you haven't already. you'rr watchiin fox 45 mmrning peww.. ll local.. alll mmrniig. 3 ((break 2)) óóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóóó [ glass clinks ] [ mom ] it's mother's day. a day to thank me for all of the little things. like being the only one who knows how to turn on the dishwasher. happy mother's day, family. you love me. [ male announcer ] buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and get a free double chocolate chip cake.
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cause a tight draggy feeling. with 1/4 moisturizing cream, dove cleansers rinse cleaner than soap.3 new thii morning... a pedstriannis struck by a car 3 in hhppened just afterrmidnight.the person was rushed tooshock trauma wheee their condition is not known thhs morning. 3 jjrors will resume 3 trial of a mannaccuuee of &pkillinn tte mother, brothee & and nnphew of jennifer hhdson. &pat this point... theee's no d-n-a evidence or fingee 3 have killed the singer's -3 pamily members.but prosecutors claim theee is overwhelming 3 convicc hudson's ex brother-in-law, willlam balfour. 3 the proscution is expected to & wrap up its ase today... iin the john edwards campaign sppoeswoman -- and close friend of the eddards' & family... jennifer palmieri &was on the stand wednesday.
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she says edwwads' wife... elizabeth.. knew edwards' campaignnfinance chairman was seeding hushhmoney to her hhsband's mistress... rielle & huntee. palmieri says campaign chairman aad his wife 3 penies knowing abouttthe money. 3 if you're planning a summer getaway... expect aafulll flighh. the industry group "airlines for america" & releaseddits summer travel forecast wednesday..he report - projects fuller flights ttis yeaa compareddto lass year... because of more international trrvelers. that could make it parder for some passengers to 3 plans are ddsrupted by weather or other ffctors. 3 they're theewords every idol contestant wantt o hear...and could be hearrng them're going to hollywood!!e're giving away a trip to the ameriian idol finale. foo45 tonighh for the idolllegend oo the nightt - it wwll appear on yyur screen sometime between 8 andd10 ppm. hopefully you watched last - night.. becaase ometime this
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3 to all. call.the firss fiveecallerr -3 with last nighh's idol leggnd" will be entereddto win a 4 ddy v-i-p trii o pollywoodd.. to the american to you bb fox45 and z 104-3. 3 coming up.. p3 the so-called "tanning mmm"... banned from her favorite salon. -3 the extreme measures its taking... to makk sure she never walks through its doorrs pgain. 3 "i thinn same-sex couples -&pshould be abbe to et married." &pmmrriid."and the president &pcould have... here in maryland. you're watchhng fox 455mornnng news.. all local.. hey, what are you drinking?i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin' iced mocha. they make it exactly how i like it. medium, iced, with a turbo shot. french vanilla, hazelnut caramel -- i love 'em all. they make it perfect every time. america runs on dunkin' coffee. on my journey across america i found new ways to tell people about saving money. this is bobby. say hello bobby. hello bobby.
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3 president obama aanounces hees same-sex marriages.he once - opposed shellb lln 3 are evolvinn.and now... he'' step. 3 ittwas a first by a siiting in an iiterview with a-b-c a certain poinn i've just concluded that for me, perronally, it is mporttat ffr me to go ahead nd affirm that i think same-sexxcouplee should be able to get married. in rrsponse, republican & presidential hopefuu itt presidential republiccn in response, able to get marriee. that iithink same-for me to go ahead and affirm thaa think same-sex couples should be -3 able tt gee maaried..n presidential hopefuu mitt romney reiterrteddwhere he view is that marriage itself is a
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relationship between aaman and a woman and that's my own preference. i know othee people have differing views. -3 phis is veey tteder ann sensiiive topic, as are many sociil issues, and i have the same viiwwthat i've had since runninggfor office.obama'ssnew view has people talking.i feel very stronnly that marriage is betweee a maa and woman.this is grrat, i mean withhthe 3 pike great step for gay people everywhere.a gay and 3 says it's a watershhd momeet. ww will never have another -president, democrat or reppbliccn, that opposes gayy marriage.the family research council, whhch opposes same-sex marriage, says mminnrival.the president, i think, has handed to mitt 3 in his campaign nd thht is the intensity and motivation social ccoservatives to win this electiin. innsix months... voters will have theer say.i'm shelby lin -3& reportiig.
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3 pupporters of gay marriage here in maryland... say the president's announcement could help them at the ballot box... - come nnvember.that's whee voters could decide whether to state....if opponents collect enouuh signatures to bring the issue to a referendum.but 3 vote their conscience... for the resident. goveenor martin o'mmlley signed a laa llgalizing gay marriage in & marcc. it's schedulee to take 3 3 ccmmng up... 3 100-dollars in free gass.. could be yours!our first drawing oo the day... is -3 sometime in the next 30 minutes.stay uned to ee iff you won!plus... what you can do to enter your name for tomorrow's rawing. you're watchinggfox 45 mornnng news.. allllocal.. aallmmrring. 33& ((break 4))
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3 the rooo call at 3 -gas drawinggin less than 15 -3 minutes 3 3 3
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3 &p3& e
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3 map 43 map -3 3 & a man bbhind on his child & supporr... says hh was told bb -3 problems could gg away for 150 bucks.we've been secretly wooking this stooy for days, ffllowing people ll over tte ciiy and collecting evidenne -3&&pfor invvssigators.this
6:33 am
3&pis eeposed.meganngilliland is here with aastory you're worker was aacontracted sspport office downtoon. now, sting we caught on cameea. &pit all staated wwen paul wortham got a notice frrm thee be suspended if he didn't pay - his child support. when wortham called the office to straighten things out... he says aaworker told him over &ptte phone he'd mmke his problems go away if he juut paid im... 150-bucks under the tabbe. that's when wortham palled us... and said he wanted to catch him in the act. weecontacted the state'ss3 watch as our cameeas were rollinn as the stinn goes &pdownn you can see the worker shirt... he met paul and his - brotherrshirt....he met ppul &pand hhs brotherrriiht near the 45022he was just out thhre waiting on and we showed up and he was there 07
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3 3733 i definitely think that there's a lot off mismaanggment..i think that 3 pnow that this was probably just te tip of the iceebrg 0 3&pwe shhwed thii viieo to the -3 departmenttof human resources. hours ater, they sent ssntt s p ssatement saying the department has zero tolerance foo this sort of behavior. &p3 meantime... sate audit revveled the office failed to colllct more than ooeepoint-seven ábillioná --3 dollars in payments ...over the last three years.this - storyycould explain at least one reason why.i'm megann & gillilanddfox45 morning nnws. 3 a ffllow up nnw to anotter &pssory we brought you first n foo...prosecutorr have dropped ámore than halfá of the -3pchrges...againss the suupects in a vicious beatinn oontown. downttwn. 3 beaten... obbed... and stripped nakee on the street. filed against aaron parsons, ann deengelo ow... thee face just 11.most of the chargee dropped weee first
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3 3 the mmn convicted of fatally shootiig an offfduty marrland state trooper will learn hiss fate today. cyril williams is -3 pacing up to life in prison... for the 2210 shooting deatt of part-time secuuity at an -3 apppebee's restaurant in foreetville... wwee he removvd por beinn dissuptiieeshortly - after... williams rettrneddtt the restaurann with a gun... ann shot bbown.williamssis -3 scheduled to appear innprince george's countt circuit court thhs morning... at 9--0. &p3 jury deliberrtions continue today in tte julius heesoo "robo-call" trial. trial.hensoo was he consultant for the bob ehrliih campaign, during the last gubernatiorial election... aaainss goverror o' closing arguementt, the sttte prosecutor said hensonnbrooee the law with election day 3 supppessing black voter turnoot.henson says he'' a 3 "this case was never about political... it was i & dooyou pnish a
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guy who's not in the club." paullschurick has already bben - convictee in tteecase. 3 marylaad counties will receive ffderal funding... ffr daaage left behind by hurricane irenn. ireneeon wednessay... ttee federal emergency managementt aggncy aaarddd more than 4- mmllion dollars... to charles, calvert and saint mary's counties... asswell as the will go toward recovery effortss & p3 sure, he might have a mom and a wifeeto buy for....... but the average man is prediited to spend a whooping -3 mother's day. &pday. joel d. smith is live in cockeysvillee t a place where they're pending a llo of thattcash, to see what mom's really want on his holiday. good mooning joel d..--3 3
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3 3 poming up... & 3 how ddes 100-dollars in frre gas soond to you?we're drawing a winner next... stay tuned to see if it's you! to get your name entered... if you haven't already. 3&p
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meteerrlogist)) 3 3 -33 3 3 3 3 p3 meteorologist)) & 3 p3
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3 wiikens 3 3 3-
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3 3 for once.. ou won't hhve to worry about gas's - our fox44 royal farms fill up cootest!we're giviig away phrree.. 100 ollar oyal farms gas cards all week lonn. 3 conggatulations! 33 congratulattonn!if you diin'tt win this time don't worry... &pwe'll draw our next winner sooeeime in our 8 o'cllck hour..-& hour.want to get your name in - theebox?theeonly way yoo can
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win s by "liking" us on facebook.all you ave o do ii go to our facebook page... &pfacebook dot com slash fox baltimore to enner. cooing up... &p3& the so-caalld "doomsday budget"... could spell disaster for ccty schools... we sit down with the baltimore city schools c-e-o... to talk & havee.. on the quality of pducaaion. &p3 and a school bus... that'' -3 half classroom... half áprison.áwhere in the u-s ii's 3 it's intended to teach're watching fox 45 mornnig news.. all local.. all mooning. p p(break 6))
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3 -3 new thhs momorning... the new -3 jersey womann ith an adddction to tanniig... iisbbakkin the & spotlight.this time... it's because he sslon sheegges to -3 on a regglaa basis... s & cutting her off."ppanet sun" tanning salon says it's & posting picturessof patrrcia krentcillon all their branches... so employees wwll recognize hhr.krentcil was
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arrested lasttmonnh... forr & allegedly taking her young daughter nto a tanning booth with herr she was released on 3& a school bus in ddllaa is - making headllnes today... for the first-of-its kind lessoo -3 it's teaching studenns. eeucators call it the choice & bus"... and t's dddicated o reducinggthe dropout ratt and increasing the graduationn& of the custom-built bus is a classroom setting... while the back half contains a prison -3 cell. the purpose... - is to give students a reality check about the connectionn 33 endiin up ii prison. the hoice bus will visit morr &pthan one thousandd aalas - students this week. &p3 a special session is due to start next week ... so that lawmakers ccn find a way to pay for the budget hey & came up wiih in the rrgular sessson and avoid a half billion dollars in cuts. if no agreemmnn is reached ... thh ss--alled doomsday budgettwill ick in ... and some say that spells & disaster.maryland schools would feee the hit ... as they would lose millions in eddcation funding. baltimoreecity schools ceo, dr. andres alonso was one of several
6:49 am
superinttnnents to write a letter to governor omalleyy asking o maiitain and even -3 incrrase education speeding. he joiis us now with cuts go through.-teacher 3 furloughs would be nee concerns and
6:50 am
3 impacts-it appears as though thee havv
6:51 am
3 reached an agreement .. so -3& pou'll beeokay--yu were aaking - for mmintaining 3& budget and increesing it .. -disappointed that eduuation is alwayy on the chopping block
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3 coming up in 3 consumerrreports...
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p3 accions... speak louder than pords.eeen though most teens know its danggrous to ttxt and drive... á71-pprrentá still do it.the ne thing... thatt ould 3 drivingg &p3 and preakness fun... isn't just a bunch of hot aar.we take ou liveeto his ear's hot air balllon festival... to talk about tte free pctivities... happening this're watching fox 45 morning ees.. all local.. all morniig. 3 ((break 7)) -& ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ ♪ when i want you... ♪ ♪ my arms... ♪ ♪ when i want you... ♪ ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪ ♪ whenever i want you all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online.
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3 p(bump in)) 3 3 motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of ddathh among teens in the nited stttts. a just-released ccnsumerr epoots suuvey reveall many young drivers are keenly aware of phhne while driving. neverthellss... thhre'ssstill cause foo serious concern. concern. p (v/o)whether it'' texting or talkinn a& (sot: lizabeth benway)"i'll meet you at like 4."(v/o)a& teenagers like to
6:56 am
stay in touch. but a neww &pconsumer reports' suuvey shows many yoong drivers are aware (sot: lizaaeth bennay) "donnt 3 pangerous, and yoo can't juss put it down for 15 minutes?" (sot: rachel eisman)"it's an easy thinn to avoid. you can just ait until yyu get there &ppnd extt" (v/oobut while - theemajority of young drivvrs -3 surveyed by consumer reports national rrseerch center arr concerned about distracted driving, tt ppears actiins speak louder than words. (soo) & "71 eecent of the yyung - drivers olled said they've seen their ppersstexting while ddiiing n the ppevious month. -3 peopleetheir ageetalkinggon a haadheld phone."(v/o)connumer 3 phone."people their age talking 84 percent said ttee & on a andheld phone."(v/o) consumer reportt surveyed more than a thousaad drivver -& between the ges of 16 and 21. (sot: rikkpauu) "when we asked -3 about their own peesooal behavior, the numbers weee powerr stilll one-third ssid the prevvoos month, and about half said they talked n a handhell phhne." (v/o)aa consumer reports auto ttst, -&teens taking a ire rrcc street survivaa ccurse llarned firsthand how driving ssills quickly eteriorate whee using a cell phone. (sot: teee -3driver)"i did really baddat it. i'm definitely not going
6:57 am
to use a phone now." (v/o) curb distracted driiing. polled saa they were lesss & llkely to talk or texx with friends in the car.(sot: rachhl eisman)"i dnnt think (sot: jacqueline colaoo"i probabby ouldn't get in the witt you if you'rr not going - to texxtwhile you're driving." 3&pcoming up in uu 7 o'cllck hour... -3&p3&&pit was the ddath-ddfyyngg & walk... that had all of --3 baltimoreettaking... a tight-rope walk....across the innnr haabor.but there was - ááneá oment... thaa haa tte what that was're watching foo 45 morning newss. &pall loccl.. all morning.
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3 heewas old his child suuportt -3problems ould go aaay for a smmll price.the bribery sting 3 and the investigation now uuderway. p3&p i think same-sex couppes should be able to get married. married.the president... takes a new stanne on same sex marriage.what it could een here in maryland.. 3and... a oman is taken to the hospital afterrbeing hit by a -&pcar... driven by her brother. phat her á cctá id... that & made him angry nough...toorun her over. 3 3 todaa is thursdaa, may 10th. 3 3
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3 3 3 3- 3
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,3 3 3 & 3 -3 3--3 3 3 3
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3 3 a man workkng for the state 3 on allegations of brrberr.he'' &paccused of telling dads their child sspporttproblems ouud go away... for 150 bucks.megan gilliland is here with a story - yoo're eeing first on fox and one hat we helped expose. -3 pgooddmorning patticethe worker ws a contracted employye for the state hild
7:04 am
support office downtoww. now, pe's been fired... following a sting we caught on cameea. 3 it all started when paul wortham goo a notice from the state saying his license would his child support. when wortham ccllld the officeeto straighten things out... he ssys a worker told hhm over the phone he'' ake his problems go way if he just &ppaid him... 150-bucks under the table. that'' when wortham palled uss.. and said he wanted to caach him in the act. we contacteddthe state's attorney's officee.. which &pold us to keep them informed. rolling as the sting goes down. you aa see the worrer here... weering aayellow ssirt... hh met paul and his brother rrght near the child support offfces. 3& 37:44 the envelope said onnthe front, i put 150 3 dollarss i jjst wrooe it on - the front 49 but the nside of -3 the ennelopp was just paper that iicut o the size of bills 56 ss he just got an 00 3 we showed this video to the
7:05 am
department of human rrsourres. &phours later, they sent sent us a statement saying the pdpartment has zzro toleeanne for this sort of behavior.a criminaa and internal investigation is now underway. & meantime....a tate udit revealed the chhld suppprt - office failed to coolect mmre phan one-point-ssven ábiilioná the last threeeyyarr.this -story coulddexplain at least one reason why.i'm megan gilliland, ox45 morning news.-3 p3 alss first on fox...a thief iss caught stealiig bottles of tide from a store in hampden... and good samariians help take him ddwn &pduring a chass. pooice say the thief stole the etergent from a rite lead tooa &pfoottchase ccrss he 411tt --3 strret bridgg.witnesses got pnvolved hen they saw one lone offfcer chasing the --3 suspecttacross te bridge.. p3 (tom ridley)"if you done someehing wrong ya done something wrongg. and he ttied -3 to hurt he officer aad he &pofficer needed some & assistannee. i jjmped into actioo i guess... i felt it was my duty to o so" 3maaket siice t can be easily sold
7:06 am
on the street. the ssspect tellsspolice hh was expected to be hargee wwen hh's releesed. &p3& preeident obama announces he supports same sex arriage. parriage.he announced itt weenesday during an interriew with a-b-c news.president obama says... after much &pttought.. hhs views on the 3 many welcommd the news... a prominent baltimooe pastor -3 says heepresident's annoucemeen will affect thee africaa americcn church. 3 at a certain point i've just for me to o ahead and ,3 affirm that i think same-sex couples should be aale to get marriedd lot of aa preachers & are dazed about tths /c we - dddn't see it ominggsupported a greet divide for black ccurches chhrches
7:07 am
3& presidenttobama's new view on -3 the controverssal topicc.. is the firss by a sitting prrsiient. 3 supppoters of gay marriage presidenn's announcement could hell them at the ballot box... come novemmer.thht's when voters ouud decide whether to ptate... if opponents collect enough signatures to bring he issse to a referrndum.but vote thhir consciencee.. 3 for the president. governnr martin o'malley signed law llgallziig ggy marriage n march. it's scheduled too ake -3 effect in january. 3it wws a ddath-defying walk we saw him preparee or live on fox45 mooning nees... andd after a quuck ssumble at the pend... nik wallenna completed his tiiht rope act across the tth inner harbor -hundded -3feet in tte air... with a lot of people cheering him 3 for the openinggoffa new "ripley's believe ii or not"
7:08 am
3 3 motheers day is this sunday, and it looks ike many of you have already done your shopping. the national retail federation estimates &pspending to be up for mom's this yearr o an average of 112 dollars a perron. perssn. joel d. smmth is live in cockeysville to show uss ow far you can strrtch hat wallet at thee -3 fllrist. good morringg - 3 on aveeage, theyyare expected & to spend $152.52, an 8 percent &pincrease from lasttyeer, according to a surreyyby the nattonal retail feddration. $189..4, compared with 117.42 forrwomen. 3
7:09 am
3 a mmn in australia iisunner parrest after allegedly runnnng 3 pecause he was maa aa her cat. &ppolice say thh siilings ere arguing after the 19 year old woman's cat peed on her & brooherrsscomputer.they say &pthe 20 year old maa ossed the -3 cat intt his car and hii his she's ssuffring from
7:10 am
collapssd lung..he brother was charged with assaull and 3 3 we already hhve our ffrrt winner of thh day... will the next one be you? -3 youuii's our rryallfarrs gs card iveaway.before the end of the hour we'll give away gas!stay tunnd to see if you enter all yyu need to pagg... facebook dot com slash 3 the baattiore beeting...that sent shockkwvvs trough theecity. & citt.nats! nats!how many chargee 33 were dropped aaainss the suspects. puspeets. you're watccing fox 45
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3 3 p
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3 3 they're tte worddsevery idoll pontestant wants to hear...and -3 soon... you could be hearing them're going to &phollywwod!we''e giving away a ttip to the ammrrian idollfinale. fox44 ttniggt for -3 the idolllegend offthe night. ittwill appear on youurscreeen sometiie between 8 and 11 p-m. 3 nightt. ecause sometime thiss morning we'll ggve you tte cue 3&pccll.the ffrst five callers withhlaat ight's "idol legend" will be entered to winn a 4 day v-i-p rip to & hollywood... to the americcn & dol's aal brought & tt you by foxx5 and z 104-3. 3 a hief... thwaatedd- gas ssttion orker used to &stop the crook in his tracks, in just seconns! seconds!
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3 new this morniig... tte mmn -3 convictee oo fatally shooting an off-duty maryland state troopee eaars hii fate tooay. cyril illiaas s facing up to shhoting death of weslly broww. brown was working parr-time security at an appllbeees restturant in foreetvvlle... whhn he removed williams ffom -3 the restaurant for beeig disruptive.shortly after.... wwlliamssretuureddto the restaurant with a gun... and -&pshot broww. &p3 dropped ámore thannhalfá of 3 suspectt in a vvcious bbatinn - see a tourrst... beeten... robbed... and stripped naked on the street. initially... 24 charges weee &filed against aaron parsons,
7:20 am
shayona davis, shatia baldwin, -3&pand deaagelo carrer.but noo... they face just 11.most of the charges droppee ere first degree aasault charges. 3&pjury deliberations conttnuu "robb-call" trial.henson was the consultant foo the bob ehrlich campaign, duuing the last gubernatiorial &po' clossng -parguemmnts, the state prosecctor said henson roke the law with eelction day robocalls ... aimed at suppressing black voter turnout..enson saysshe's a ttrggt oo powerful democrats. 3 ---p, up and way! the annual preakness celebration balloon festival is taaing place at turffvalley.--mettorologist 3 hometown hotspot--free & dmission aa& hot air balloon rides specialty crafts, entertainmmnt, and good food duriig this unn & fammly-friendly festtval. --tethhred balloon ides, palkabout bblloon, raft and fooo vendors, music, eetertainment -3& entertainmeet
7:21 am
7:22 am
the preakkess celebraaion balloon festival issat turf valley ttday through saturday from 4pm tt 9pm. for more morning. it's your chhnce to ,3 it's your chaace to make & sooeone star.... with our monster jam star-spangged sing
7:23 am
off.dozens of you uploaded videos f yoor renditions f -3 the star spangled bannee... and now baltimore, it's your ttrn to vote. vote.go to our website foxbaltiioor dot com and click on conttsts to vote for yourr pavorite singer.thh winner gets to ssng the star sppngged panner when monster jam comes to m & t bank ssaaium oo june 22d. 3 the earch is on... -pp3baltimore needs a new police commissioner.whh is rumored tt takk fred bealefeld's pooitionn..and what that person needs ... to get the &pjob onee you're watching fox 45 morning news.. &pall local.. all mornnng. &p((break 3)) & 3
7:24 am
7:25 am
7:26 am
7:27 am
,3 3& ((bbeek 3))((break 3))
7:28 am
3& cowgirl skilll... put to work. how a gas stttion worker... -3 stopped a thief n his tracks...from stealing a wwman's're watthing
7:29 am
pox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 33 p(break 4)) 3 the rooo call at
7:30 am
3 3 3 -3 3&p((break 4)) 3
7:31 am
33 3 3 3 3 3 &3 ((break 4)) 3all mooning. neww.. all local.. fox 45 morning you're watching wman's're watchinggfox 45 morning news.. all local.. al morningg &p3 p3 3 3 3 3-&3
7:32 am
3 map fiber --liberty--
7:33 am
3 old court -3 3 3 a mmn behind on his chhld support... says e wasstold by a tate worker that his problems could gooaway forr150 bucks.we've been secreell 3 following people ll ovee the city and collectinn evidence for investiggtors.this - morning... the bribery scheme & is exposed.mmgan gilliland is &phere witt a tory yyu're seeinn ffrst on fox.
7:34 am
3&pgood morning pptrice,the porker wassa conttacted employye for the state child -& upport office dwntown. noww he's been fired... followinn aa sting we caughh n cammra. 3 it all started when paul wortham got notice from the state saying his license would his chhld suppoot. when -3 worthaa alled the offfce to straiihten things out... he &psays a orker told him ooer the phone he'd ake hiss problems o away if he just paid him... 150-bucks under the tabll. that's when wortham called us... and saiddhe waated tt cctch him in the act. &pwe contacted the tate's attorney's office... which pold us o keep them innormed. -33 watch as ouu cameraa were rolllng as the stingggoos down. you can see the worker shirt... he met paul and hii 3 support offices. &p4502 he was just out there waiting on and we showed up and hh was there 7 3733 ii -3 definiteey think that there's a lot of ismanagement. i think hht heee's corruppion probably justtthe tii oo the iceberg 40
7:35 am
3 we showed thii video to he -3 ddpprrmmnt of humannresourcess hours later, thhy sent sent s a stateeent saying the department has zero tolerancc - for this sorrtof behavior. 3 meantime... a state audit 33&pone-point-sevve ááillionáá pollars iinpayments ...over -3 thh lass hree years.thhs story could explain aa least giililand, fox45 orning news. 3 governoo o'malley and lawmakers announce an - agreement tt raiseeincome taxes. taxes. it's part of revised conssder in speciil sessionn next week.if you makk morr than 100-thoosand a earr. or -3 are part f a coople making more than150-thousand pear... you'll pay more. the & plan woulddreplaae the so- called "doomsday" bbdget... which calls for 500-miilion dollars in budget cuts. 3 (ggvernor) "theebetter approach is the balanced approach, an approach of cuts, -3 investtents and yes revenues to support thoseeimmortant & ongoong invessmenns." & invvetmentss"(miller) ""f that doomsday buddet goes up, we're
7:36 am
& palking abouu ayoffs, you're talkinggabout layiig off vice principals, you''r talking & abbut laying ff librarians, youure talling aaout laying thee willlnot coosider a ill tt expand gambling nexttweek. 3 anotter special sessson this summer. -3 3 p assmaryland & lawmakkrssprrpare for thee bbdget... some are saying tte tto expennive to live in maryland..--3 maryland.political analyst blair lee claims since martinn o''allly was elected governoo... the tate has &pincreased 20 different taxes. some of thoseeincreesess includd a corporaae income tax... an increased sales tax... and flush taxxtoo raise money forrthe bay.lee - says now if áincoomá taxes ggo pp any more for worring fammlies.... many may find the meaas to mmve. 3 03:36-55 "it'ss ot & sustainablee... peoppe
7:37 am
3 vooe with their ffet and they leavv. " & " it's estimated the total for tax hikes passsd during & o'malley's administration tops - 200-billion dollars. 3ohio gas staaion workers rope - in a sussected thief.. and it's caught n cameraa &pcamerr.employees at the cleveland stttion swoop n &pafter the man in a bluee shirtt.. tries to grab a customer's purse.employee out of theebooth and sits on & 3 'lexanna: "he was saying please i can'' breath, i said you should have thoughttaaout - that lady." lady."once another employee runs in to help hold the guy down... lexanna "hogtied" hii pp until police could arrivee- the suupect is chaaged with &paggravated robbery. 3 sure, e might havv a mom aan a wife to buyyfor...... but the avvrage man is pprdiited to spend aawhopping p90 dollars this yyar for mother'' day. day. joee . smith is - llve in cockeysville at a place whhee thee're sppnding a lot of that cash, to see what
7:38 am
& holiday. good morning joel d. 3- 3 3
7:39 am
banned! bannee! 33 phat a taaninng salonnin new jersy is doinn make sre - the woman ... known for tanniig tto much...oesn't set again.. you'rr ,3 waachhng fox 455mornnng
7:40 am
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3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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3 3 3
7:44 am
7:45 am
&pmooher's day is just days away... and we're looking for the est om in baltimore.all & eek ww've been taking your submissions... telling us why & your mom is the best..nd it's almost time to annouce the winner. winner.thattmoo wwll win
7:46 am
airrare and a 4 day- 3 night stay at ggand bahama iiland. island.look ow beautiful that resoot is!!his is a prize you - definitell want to win..eell -3review thh ntries today.. and best moo.. tomorrow on fox45 morring nnws.stay tuned to see if your mom issa winner. 3 schhol...peer pressureend bullyyng... 3 kids re dealing withha lot in this day aan age.and thaa stress could ake a tolllon health. we have an expert live in our stuuio taking yourr cclls aabut your chhld's mmntal cn iiv us send us a tweet aat ox bbltimooeyou can post yyur page.and tom hankss & releasiig an album..earr &psample of actress ... rita you caa buyyit. you're 3 all looal.. all morniig. 3 ((breakk )) 33
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
this ii childrrn's &pmental hhalth awwrenees week in maryland. mental health prrviders are trying to spread the messsge & that a child's meetal health is ust as mportaat as their physiial health. & health. for this catherine bradshaw, associatee - professor of the department f mental ealth at johhs opkins &plook aa howwto keppkids -3 mentally healthy.-whaa are somm of 3 phe biggest challenggs to a prrblem
7:50 am
... what types are we taaking about-what is the pmpact of buulying-what are -3 the wwrning signss, 3 -what are the of bullying-whatt & is the impact talkkng aboot ttpes are we -bullying is a & big heelthchild's mental challeeges t a -what areesome of heelthy.look at howwto &pmooning with joins us this johnsshopkins mental healthhat department f mental health at &pjohns hopkins joins uu this morring with aakeep kkdd mentally heelthy..what are some of the biggest chhlllnges to a child's ental heaath &p-bullying s a big problem ... what typps are we taaking bbut -what is the impact f bullying -what areethe warning siins -what tt do f your child s - being
7:51 am
bullied after the break, cathhrine bradshaw will be back to take your calls about children's menttl health. if pou have a questioo our phone lines reeopen now at 410- 481-4545. you can send us a tweet at fox &pbaltimore... or go through our 3pwatching fox 5 morning news.. 3 3 ((brrak 77) 3 ((bump ii)) p
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3 we're back
7:54 am
& with atherine brrdshaw, -aasociate professorrof thee department of mental health at johns hoppins. she isstaking your calls -3 abouttchildree's mmntal healthh ...for our take action thursday. & thursday.if you have a &pquestion....ourrphone lines are open now at 410-481-4445. you can senn us a tteet at foo paltimore... or go throughhour facebook pagg. rhoda- bmore
7:55 am
3 norran- essex essexnormmn- esssx essex 3 theresa- "" havv
7:56 am
3 14 year old the doctor ays has adhd but i see moree bipolar. i'm haviig him reevaluated on the 29th but i'm scared he may hurrtmy 3 - and 4 year olds before then. 3 night i could killlu and et away with it..please help." help." 3 paige- ""ow do i help my 5 & ear old
7:57 am
3 deal witt herrfather's death?" &p3 33father's death?"deal with her father's ddathh" 3 &p3 father's death?"deal with her help my 5 year old deal with her father''sdeath?""- 33& fill up.. withhfox. draa our second wiiner in oor pill uu wiih fox 1000dollar royal farms gas card ggveawaa! ssay tuned to see if you won.. plus- how o enter if yoo haven't yet. -3 yet.and a school buu with two & choices...thattmirror life.thee first of it's kind lessoo it's -33 supposed to teach studenns... - you'reewatching fox 45 &pmorning news.. ll local.. all
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7:59 am
3& beating nats natsa beeting caught on camera.
8:00 am
in thissviral ideo. 3 p3 brrtney nnts nats and.. britnee scrren..he reality show you''l 3 many millions of dollars she's - geetinn paid ttodo it. - 3 3 plive look 3 baltimoree- 3 thursdayy may 10th 3 for once.. you won't have to - worry abouu gas prices.itts our fox45 oyal farms fill up
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contest!we're giving away 3 farms gas cards all wweeklong. -3 3 congratulations!long. 3 poogratulations!if you didn't win this time don't worry... we'll draw our neet winnee -3 somettmm innour 9 o'clock houu. -3 pour.want to get your nameein the ox?thh only way you can facebooo dot com slass fox baltimore tooenter.
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3 3 3 3
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3 the man connictee of fatally - shooting an off-duty marylandd fate today. todayy cyril williams is facing up to life in prisoo... forrtte 2010 shoooing death of & wesley brown.brown was working partttime securitt at an applebee's restaarant in - williamssfrom the restaurant foo being disruptive.shortly after... williams returred to the restaurant ith a gunn.. and hoo brown.williams is scheduled tooappear in prince george's county circuii court this morriig... at 9-30. 3 jury eliberations cootinue 3 "robo-caal" trial. consultant for the bbb ehrliih -3 ccmpaign,,during the last & gubernaaioriall lectiin... -against governor o'malley..n closing arguements, the state prosecutor said henson broke 3 robocalls ... aimed at suppressing black votee turnout.but henson says he's a target of powerful democraas..- "this
8:05 am
caae was nnver abouu -3 evidence it was alll was i do youupnish a guy who's noo in te club." club."ehrlich's caapaign manager paul schurick has & alleady been convicted in the case. 3 p3 fiist on fox... a man working for the statt child support ffice issffred on allegations of bribery..e's accused fftelling at leest one dad their chhld support problems could go away... for &pa small rice. & all sttrted when paull 3 state aying his license would be suspended if he dddn't payy his child support. when wortham callee the office to straighten things out... he ssyy a worker told hhm over the phone he'' makk his -3problems go away if he just paid him... 110-bucks under phe table. that's hhn wwrtham called uu... anddsaid hee wanttd to catch the worker in the as our cameras were rolling as the sting goes & caa see the worker... & wearinn a yellowwshirt... he -
8:06 am
near theechild suppoot offices. 3&p37:44 the envelope said oo the - pront, i put 150 dollars, i just wrote it on the front 49 but the inside f the envelope was just paper ttat i cct to the size f bills 566so he juss got n envellpe 3 full oo white paper 00 & 00we showed this video toothe department of hhman resources. -3 ttee issued a statement saying thh department has zzro toleranne for this sorr of behavior.a criminal and &pinnernal investigatton is now underway. 3 an online petitton is goinn & around... urginn the democratic nationaa committee ánotá to hold itssnational convention in charlottt, north carollna. ccrolina.the news comes after & voterr in norrh carolina -33&paaproved a state - ponstitutionnl ban on gay started by same-sex marriage
8:07 am
thousand ignatures as of ast nnght.the d-n-c conventionn.. in whicc ppesidenn obama will accept thhe arty's nomination for second term... akes 3 the issuu of same-sex marriage willllikely be one of the moot divissve points... & separating mitt rommee aan president obama leading up o theenovember election.on weddesday... president obama went on the record... ssying romney... who's expected to be &the republican party's & presidential nominee this fall... said he felt differently... durrng a - campaign stop in oklahomm -3 wednesday. ""y view is that marriage itself is a relationshii petween a man andda woman andd know other people have differing viiws. this is a very tendeerand sensitive topic, as are manyysocial issues, and i have thh same view thatti'veehad since running for office." ggvvrnor... he fought his statt's highest court when massachusetts became the first state to legallze gay marriage
8:08 am
in 2004. he new jerseyywoman wwth an addictiin to tanniig... is back in the spotlight. spotlight.this time... it's &pbecause the salon she goes to cuttinn her offf.planet sun" ttnning salon says it's posting iituressof patricia &pkrentcil on ll their &ppranches... so mployees will -recogniie her.krentcil wws 3 daaghter intooa tanning booth withhher. she was releaseddon -33 a 25-ttousann-dolllrs bonn. mother's day is this sunday, aad it looks like many of you have alrrady done yyur shopping. shopping. the natiinal spenddng to be uu for mom'' & tths year, with en spending an average of 190 dollars n thhemoos in theerrlivee. lives. joel d. mith is livv in cockeysville to show usshhw far you can stretch 3
8:09 am
3 3 3 3
8:10 am
33 we're looking for the best mom in baltimore. baltimore..ll week we've been -3 telling us hy your mom is the 3&pannouce the winner. winnerrthat om will win airfare and 4 dayy 3 nnght -staa at grand bahama island. island.look hhw beautiful that - resorttis!this is a rize yyu ddfinitely want to win.we'll & review the entries today.. nd announce whh is baltimore's best mom.. tomoorow on fox45 -
8:11 am
3 coming up... 3 a new experrient being ttsted on studdnts... involving a school bus hat's half classroom... half ááriion.á &pwhat lesson... it's intended to teach studenns. 3 and preakness fun... isn't -3 just a bunnh of hot aii.we takk you liie to this year's 33 talk bout the free activities being offered.ttat's cooing p pi our're & atching fox 5 morning nnws.. all local...alllmorning. 3 ((bump out)) & 3 ((break 1))
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3 3
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3 3 3 ((break )) 33 3 ii'' your chance to &pp3 p3 3 3-
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3 3 it's yourrchaace to make someonn aastar.... with our 3 off.dozens of you uuloaaed videos f youu renditionssof the star spangled anner... purn to vote. &pvote.go to ur weesite & foxbaltimore dottcom and click onnccntestssto vote forryyur favorite singer.the winner gett to sinn the star spangged baaner when monster jam omes to m & t bank stadium on june - 2nd. 3 cominggupp.. 3 moout rushmore as we now it... could soon be changgng. why the u-s government is - considdriig ggving up the group that would get it. & 3
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
3 & 3 --upp up and away! the annual preakness cclebraaion balloon festival is taking placeeat turf vaaley esort. -3 --meteorrlogisttemily gracey is live ith more details on 33 --free admission aa& hot - air balllon rides specialty &pcrafts, entertainment, and good food uring this fun, &pfamily-friendly festival. --tetheree balloon rides, walkabout balloon, craft ann food vendors,,music, entertainment&p3 the preaknnss cellbration bblloon fessival is t turf vaaley today through saturday from 4pm to 9pp. for more baltimore dot com lash mooning.
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& 3 coming up... -&pp3 iffyou're flyyng somewhere this summer... expect to see big chaage on your flight. whaa's xpected to happen... &pttattmighh get you uuset.
8:24 am
3 singing nats nats and rita wilson takes theejump from accinn... toosinginggtheedecision behind new're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. 3 3 ((break 3))
8:25 am
8:26 am
(((umppin)) 3 cheers... it's that time agaii! the annual outddoo festivvl brew at thh zoo begins this weekend..arggret &pinnes, from the maryllnd zoo and toucan sam joinssus in studio 33 --we ove this time of
8:27 am
yeara&. tell uu about thii event. 3 --what animals will we see? &p--is it a amily friendly event?--how much does his event cst?--whattis the ddve's bbq experience...? experience...?--what is the ddve's this event cost?--how muchh oes friendly event?--is it a famiiy friindly event? --how much does 3&pthis event cost?--whattis the phis event cost?--how muuh - doessfrrendly event?--is it a pamiiyyweesee?--what animals -3 will about thhs vent.of ttis time of yeara. tell us about this event.--whaa fammly friendly eventt--how mmch does ttis event cost? --what is thh dave'' bq experience...? experience...? 3 for mooe informatioo, og on -& to fox baltimore ot com ssash
8:28 am
3& 3 straight aheadd.. 3 brittey spears.. is coming to phe small screen. the 3 her on.. ann how many millions -3 of dollars she's getting paid & to do it. 3 you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all ((break 4)) p3&p((ooen))
8:29 am
8:30 am
3 3 ((break 4)))(break 4)) p3 ((open)))- 3 & downtown 3 3p 3
8:31 am
8:32 am
amp fiber maa &p3 3 a follow up this morning... to &pa sttry we brought you ffrst onnfox...pposecutorr have dropped ámore than halfá of the charges...against the sussectssin a icioussbeating downtown. downtown. in this iieo you can -&ppee a tourist... beaten.... rrbbed... anddstripped aked
8:33 am
charges were fiied againstt aaron parsooss shayona davii, - shatia bblddin,,and deangelo caater.but now... they're only facing 11.moss f the chargess - dropped wereefirst deeree assauut chaages. 3 also first on foo...a thief is -caught stealing boottes of tide from a store in hampden... and good - samaritans help take hhm down durinn a chase. policeessy the hief stole the detergent from a rite lead to a foot chase across te 41st &pstreet bridge..itnesses got lone officer chasing the 3 3& ptom ridlee)"if yyu donee to hurt the officer and the pfficerrneeddddsooe pctiin i guess... i felt it 3 so"the detergent has become a hottcommoditt on the blaak & markettsiice it can be eassly sold on the street. thh & suspect ttlls police heewas & urt. he was sent tt union expected toobe charred whhn hees released. & 3 ballimore county pooiie want
8:34 am
neiihborr o be on the lookout, this morning... ffr a very dangerous device. device.áánats up fulll: eeplosionáá 33& seen here on youtube, is a homemade ddvvce... created by pouring housshold materials 33 bottte. the reaction of those different elements inside he bottle crrates a &pbuild-up of gas.. then it -3 explodess there have been two reporrt this year... both i april.the latestt happeeeddon carlisle venueein exploded in a mailbox. 33 a school bus in ddllls iss makiig heedlines ttday... for tte ffrst-of-its kind lesson it's teaahing students. "choice bs"... and it's dedicated to reducing the 3thh graduation rate. in &pthe fronn haaf f the pustom-buult bussis a classroom setting... while the cell. the purpose... ii tooggve studentt a eality pheek about the connnction betwwenndropping out and endiig up ii prison.
8:35 am
the choiceebus will visit more than one thousand dallas sstdents this wwek. 3& phe u-s could eventually give up control over mount rushmmree magazine... which says a united nattonss ivestiiator is ppaaning o recommend thht the u-s government reeurn the & black illl... where mount - rushmore sits... to american inddans.the mmve would be consideredda huge tep towards reconciliation.back inn1980... the uus governmenn offered thee siouu money for tte land... but the tribe declined and --3 insisted the land e given pack.. 3& ure, he might have aamom and a ife to uy for...... &pbut the average man is 3 190 dollars his year ffo daa. jooe . smithhis & live in cockeysvilleeat a place wheee they're pending a - lot of that cash, toosee whatt & mom's really want oo this 3 joel d. 3 3
8:36 am
,3- 3 &p3 3 &
8:37 am
3 actress rrta wilson... the wife oofttm hanks... is out with her her firss solo album.'' callle "a-m-f-m"... and the album ccvers ccassii songs of the sixties aad psventiees 3 singgnn nats &pnatswilson... who's best known por producing the hit movies
8:38 am
"my bbggfat greek wedding" and "mamma mia"... says when put to the task of picking songs... she looked for ones thht tell sttry. 3 pi remember in song likee please come to boston, why wonnt his wommn go with this guy to all these ppaces he's -3 invittng her? han at the samee -3&ptime i would be think but why does the woman alwwys avv to follow he guy? why can't he go baak tooher? so iihad in my head, stories for wwat went wrong and i thought toomyself be able to solve ttis problem for them." them." ,3&p you can buu "a-m-f-m" 3 britney nats 3 britney spears is officially aajudgeeon the "x- & factor." rumors have been swirling... that spears wws negotiating with simon
8:39 am
cowell we've leerned that she's siined a deal that will pay her 15- -3 millioo bucks for one year. ppears will jjin ccwwll annd &pmusic executtve l-a reed on & phe anel. no word yt -3 pn who the fourth judge might - be... though mileyycyrus, demi lovato, janettjjakson and other celebrity names have 3 rettrns to fox45 in septembee. 3coming up... you'll notice a big ccanne... if you takeea ffight somewhere this summer.whattit is... and why it's going to makeesomm -people... a little upset. 3 you're watching 3 fox 45 morning news.. all - local.. all mooning. 3 ((break 5))
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3 3
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3 if you're planning a summer -3getaway... expect a full flight. the industty grouu releassd itt suumer travee forecast ednesday. wwdneeday.the eport projeccs fuller flights this ear pompared too ass year... because oo morr internaaional travelerr. that could make it harder for some passeegers to plans areedisruptee by weather or othhrrfactors. 33& commnggup... how does 1000 dollars in free gas sound?it yours!we're drawing a winnee... in our rryal farms pas card giveaaay sometime in the next á50 minuues.ástay &ptuned to see if you won. won.ppus... e'll tell ouuhow to nter tte ccntess... if you haven't alrraayyyou're watching f
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3 hey, it's half off!box hill pizza has a great ining eal 3& you can get a 30 dollar giff certificate kanaras joins us this morninggwith more.--you're calleddbox hill pizza, but 3&&pyou''e ctuully known really & well for your crab cakks--what makes them so gooo?--other seafood seafood 3&pto get youu half
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3& off gift ccrd, loo on to hey morning. 3 cominggup... it's down to thh top 4... on "american idol." -3 idol."jessica singgng
8:51 am
&pjudggss.. ttey'd say it's singers.áwho theyyre &ppredicting... for thee"idol" morning nnws.. all local.. all 33 ((break 7))
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8:53 am
3 the top ammrican idol conteetantssare fighting for a ssot in the finale..ut tonniht one person will be sent home.
8:54 am
&phome.candace has backstage -3 reactiin to this week's perffrmances.i think thissis the mostttaleeted top four evvr....,3 the judges aae all aaout tww & person is early faaorite & jessica sanchez. jessica ingss-& singg 3 jessica sanchez took on dreamgirls' ""nd i am telling you i'm not going ".song - choice s cruccal right now and the jjdges thought it wws just perfect.but.. jessica says she does go back and forth about hhr decisions leading p to her time onn stage. psanchez saass "i qqestion myself all the time. i think
8:55 am
ww're onfident. we're like -&pyeah we goo this song, we gott the lyrics down lah blah & blah. bt then like ten minuues & before the show we''eelike oh my ggsh, we're gonna crack, we'rr ggnna forget the wordss we're gonna fall, it's like... rrdiculous." riddculous." & 3 3 the judges also love joshua ledet..he took on a ames brrwn hit last ight. 33 joshua singgng singing
8:56 am
3 the louisiana natiie took on jamms brown's it's a man'' man's man's world..ennifee ssid eopll may have thouuht you, but you proved we havvn't. the judges ere on theer feet ann that gavv joshuaaaa confidence boost. ledet sayy: "yeah, i ggt a standing ovatton. i feel really good aboutttoniggt. i &pwas super eecited about going on singing a james rown song. &pit was crrzy, i still feel the enerry frrm that song and thhe vibeewas crazy - i'm still -3 freaking out about it." it."
8:57 am
you an see who makes it to tonighttat 8pp here on fox45. & 3 we're sending sooeone... too hollywood!and ittcould be you..- youutheefirst five callers with laat night's ""dol legend" will be entered to in a 4 day v-i-p trip tt hollywood... to theeamerican idol'' all rought -3 to you bbyfox45 and z 104-3. -3 find outttommorow's between 8 nd 10 -m tonight.
8:58 am
thee tomorrowwmmrnnng stty tuned to ox45 mornnng news &pfor yoor cue to call. & 3 coming up oo good day baltimore... 100-dollars in free gas... - could beeyours! yours!our next royal farms giveaway ddawing... is sometime in the nnxt 0 minuttssstay tuned to ee if you wonnplus... what youucan dd to nterryour name for tomorrow's draaiin.'re watching
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