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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 10, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 3 3thursday, may 11th. & 3&p
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3 3 3 33 p3
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3 an off-duty marylann state - trooppe will learn hii fate today. today. cyril williams iss
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faaing uppto llfe in ppisonn.. &&pwesley rown.brrwn was worring part--tme security attan applebbe's reetaurrnt in forestville... wwen he removed &pwilliams from the restaurant for being disruuttve.ssortly after... williams returned oo &pthh restaurant with a gun... and shot brown.williams iss scheduled to appear in prince george's coonty circcit court &pthis morning... at 9-30. -3 3 jury deliberaaionsscontinue toddy in the julius hensonn "robo-call" trial.hensonnwas the onsultant for the bob -3 ehrlich caapaign, uring the last gubernatiorial eeection... against goverror &po' closing arguuents, ellction day robocallss... aimeddat suppreesing black voter turnout.but henson says he's a targgt of poweeful -3 3 first on fox... a man working forrthee & state child sspport offiie ss -3& fired on allegationn f bribery.he's accused off - pelling ttleast one dad their
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phild supporttproblems could - go away... fr a mall price..- all tarted when ppul &wortham got a nooice from the pttte saying is license would hisschild support. when wootham called the office to straightennthings out... he &psaas a workerrtolddhim over the phone he'd mmae his & ppid him... 150-bucks under called us... and said hee panted to catch the wwrker in the ct.watchhas our ameras were roolinn as he stinn goes 3pwearing a yyllow hiit... e met paul and his brothee riigt & near the chhld support offices. 3 37:44 the envelope said on thh proott iiput 150 dollaas, i just wrrte t on the frrnt 499 & bbt the iinide of the envelope was just paper thht i ut tt the size of ills 56 soo e just got an eevvlooe full of & whhte papee 00 00we showed thiss ,3 video to the department of statement sayynn the department has ero tolerance for his sort of behaviir.a
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crrminal nd nternal investigation iss oo underway. 3 president obama nnoonces e supports same sex marriage. parriage.he announced it wednesday during anninnerview with a-b-c news.president obama saas... after much thouggt.. his views on the subject.. have chhnned.while paay welcomed the ees... a prominent balliiorrepastor - says the presidentt' annouccment will affect the african american church. aa a certain point i'vv just -3 concluded that for me, perronally, it is immortant -pfor me to gooahhad and affirm &pthaa hink ssme-sex ouples should be able to get marrieda lootof aa preachers are dazed about this b/ccwe didn't see 3 and praaed or obama 3 a greet divide for bllak churchees- phuuches 3 preeiddnt obama's new view on
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the controversial topic... is the first by a ssiting president. -3& p3 suppoorers of gayy arriage pere in aryland... say the preeident's announcemeet could 3 voters could decide whether to 3 state... if opponents collect enough signatures to bringgthe issue to a reeerrndum. povernor martin o'malley signed a law legalizinn gay - marriage in marchh itt' scheduled to take effect ii 3whennit comes to the ountries -3 moms... the u-s ranks 25th in &pthe world. world.that's accooding to a nnw survey by saae the chhldren"....wwich says that's an imprrvemmnt froo last & yeer's sstnding of 31.the -3 survey looked at education, heelth, economic status and - the eallh and nutrition of childree..-& chillren..oming in first... ii ranking is niger. 3 p mother's day is this --3 sundayy and it looks like mmny of you haveealreaddydone your shopping. retail federatioo estimmtes
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ssending to be up for mmm's this ear, witt men spendingg annaverage f 1900dollars on 3 llves. joel d. smiih iss live in cockeysville o show us ow far you can stretch that wallet at the flooist. &p ood morning ool d. 3 on average,,thee areeexpected to spend $152.55, aa 8 peecent expected to penn on averagee -3 they are joel d. p33 good morning jool d. to spend $1522522 an 8 percent acccrding to a survee by the national retail feddration. $189.74, compared withh$117.42 for wooen. 3
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3 some tense moments ver the inner harbor. harbbr.((the ope started to shake))((i thought he wws -3 about to fall )) ))from gasps to cheers... we've got yourrfront rowwseaa to the first of it's kind tight ropeeacc. act. you're watchingg
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&pfoxx45 good day baltiiore. 3 ((bump ut)) p3 ((break 1))
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- 3 --up, uu and away! 3 the annual preakness celebration balloon festivaa --mettorologisttemily gracey isslive with more details on &pthis morning's hometown hotsspt --free aamission aa& hot aar ballooo ides specialty crafts, nteetainment, aad good food during this fun, festival.--tethered balloon rides, wallabout food vennors, music, entertainmentt- 3 the preakness balloon festivaal is at turf valley satuuday froo 4pm tto9pm. for more on to fox slash morning. -3 3 how does 1-
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3 how does 1hundred dollars n -33 free gas souudd sounddstay tuued we are iving it awwy to
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a network ahead. imagine incredible prosperity... real happiness... fairness... and help for the poor. economists and author arthur brooks says you don't have to imagine it... because these guys already beat you to it. and they called it... free enterprise. ♪ ♪ ♪ why america's best plan for the
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future... is over 200 years old... 3 phh torch is lii-- átwiceá -- for the 012 olympic games. gamessthe ooymmic flame blew &pout at the start of oday's torrh lighting ccremony in greece....forcing them to reignite the flaae. handed off to begin iits 78-day journny to the olympic pames n london.opening
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3 3 3 3
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3 3
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3it's your chance o make someone a stta.... wiih our -3 monster jam star-spangled sinn offf off.dozens of yoo uppoaded videos of youu renditions of the star spangled banner... &pand now baltiiore, it's your turn to vote..-3 3 po tt our website foxbbltimorr dot com and click on cootests &pto vvtee or your faaoritee & singer..he winnee gets to sing the star spanglld bannee when mmnster jam ccmes to m t baak tadiim on june 2ndd we're easinn your pain at the pump. -3pump.your chance to win a 1-hundred doolar gasscardd... pjust ten minutessfrom now. now. 3 (clapping natss eeerybooy was atching.find out f nikkwallenda makes a splash... next. 3 p you'reewatchiig fox & 3 ((breakk3)) 3
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3 crowws gathered at he inner hhrbor wednesday for one pcool stunntooer the inner harbor. &&pharbor.nik wa-lenda of the famous wallenda family wwlked -3 phh high wwie across the inner -3 harbor.((ááááad liiááá)))-we tallkd to nik wwllenda on 3 fox45 good dayybaltimore pesterday karen parks 3 shows us wallenda's high wire act. & act..- (nnts)baltimmre's inner
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very cool to see somebodyydo && omeehinn like that.... 3 turns into a backdrop......forr p death defying act......--33 ((:18)(ronnie)no ones ever waaked ttoa barre a moving -pnchor in he middle of the water.....nik walleeda......crosses thee pnner harbor.....100 feet in tte air...((5:38)(cover this bite) ((rnnie)watching him wwlk the tightrope was aaazing cause i nnver sawwnobody gett that hight near a harbor..... all on aawwre..... nutty or what......((mile) without a net....... (22:22)(brian))e's almost there......r any kind of - safety device..... ((3::1)(brian)do you think you will ever try 3 sooe momentsswwrr intense...... &pto shake ann hen it kinda startee mkkng him ffallbutt e grabbed oo the rrpe aad harder and harder and them he made -3 it......300 feet across..... & (15:50)(ronnie) 3 if you fallldown its a long swim.........and afttr a
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stumble or two...... 3&p(3:00)(ronnie)your heaat jumps its similar just before you see its coming its scary...... nnk made it o thh end..... (50:35)(ronnie)i thhught he was bbut to fall i stand corrected.....afterwards...... p(5:13)(ronnii)its once in a &pmission.....(11:14)(roonie)it -3 took e aalong ttme just to get it......and syy..... in this crowd......desperatt times.....calllfoo desperate this is all iihad on me i just -3 drrus and thii is all i had on & me.....he says......its a signature.....oofaastar... -3 (15:29)(ronnie)i might not see -&phima forever.....andda lesssn of coouage.......that wiill last aalifetime..... (15555)(ronnie)yoo got toobe 3 jsut walk over there with a big stick in your haad.. 3 3 a big sttckkin your hand.. 3
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the stunt helled mark the opening of the ripley'ss &pbelieve it or nnttmuseum in balttmore.ripley's exhibbt at tte harbbr will officiaaly open juue 1..... 3&pfrom a successful stunt... to others that just don't work out. ((music))from the ctress 3 that just can't handdl thh &&pmakes a ánotááso grand -3 entrance... all the best thiins caught on cammeaacoming up. 3 commortaale witt taking risks)))- risks)))lus... moms that arr & turning their ideas into a bigg they got heir start... and hoo they say you 3 3 you're watching fox 45 ood day baltimore. &p3 ((break 4))
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3 33 &- 3 p3 for once.. you won't have to worry abouttgaa's our fox45 oyal farms filllup contess!we're iving awwy farms gas cards all week long. connratulationn!
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pif you didn't winnthis timm three ore winners tomorrowwmooning. in the box?the only way you & cannwin is byy"liking" us on -3 ffceeook.all you have ttodo is gg to our facebook page... faaebook ottcom slass fox baltimore to enter. 3
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3 maa--41--nortt--fayettee-ap 3 aafollow up this morning... to & a tory we brought ou firrtt -33 on fox...prrsecutors have 3 theecharges...aaainst the -3 suspects in vicious bbetinggdowntownn 3 3 yoo see aatouriit... beattn... roobedd.. and striiped naked ccarges were fileddagainst shatia
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baldwin,, nd deangelo carterrbbttnow...they face jjss 11.most offthe charges dropped were firsttdegree assault chargee. &palso firrt onnfox...a thief is caught stealing bottles oo and ood samaritans help take him down & during a chase. pollce sayy the thiif stole the deeergent from a rite lead to a foot chaseeacross the 11t street bidge.witnesses ott involveddwhen they saw one - lloe ooficer chasing thh 3 (ttm ridley)"if yyu done something wrong rong.. and hh tried to hurt the officer and - the officer needed some action i guess... i felt it 3 wassmy duty to do o" -3 so"the deterggnt has become a hot ccmmodiiyyon the black market siice it can be easily sold on theestreett thh suspeet tells police he was hurr. he was sent to union & memorial hospital ann is he's eleased. 3 baltimmre county pooice waatt neiihbors to e on the lookoutt this morning... for & ery
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dangerous deeice. device.áánats p full: explosionáá -33peeplosionáááhe bbttle bombb seen here on youtube, s a hhmemade device... reated by pouring household materiall those different elemeetss build-up of gas.. thhn it explodes. hhee haae been two reports thissyear... 3 perry hhll... where one device &pexpllded ii a mailbox. if youuever wonder why ssme peopleeposs everything that &phappens ii their livesson -3 sooial meeia sites... like twitterr r facebook... thhre could be aamedical reeson &pbehind it. &&pit.researchers at harvard universiiy sayy.. it makess &pthem feel good..o good... in samee leasurr as when they & say when people share innormatiinnabout & themselves... it activates a sensation
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of pleasure in the brain..-& 3& p 3 sure, e ight ave a mom &pand wife to uy for...... bbt the aaerrge man is & predicted to spend a whopping & 190 dollars this yeaa for mothhr's day. &pday. oel d. ssith is & llve in cockeysvilleeaa a place where they're spendinggaa - llt of that cashh to ee what holiday. good mornnig joel d. 3& 3 3 &
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3 moms making ii big. - pig.(((here's nothing like & tay-at-homeemoms turred their idees intt muuti-million dollarrbusinnsses... hhw they & sayyyoo an also find the work- life balance. afterra lot of finally seeinggsooe sun.finn - oot if it will ass into your & weekend .. nnxtt you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 ((brrak 5))
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3 -&3 moms thatt uggle it all. all.(( i don't expeet to be a superwoman or supermom)) sspeemom))how stay--t-homm -&pbusiness between carpoolinn pnn making dinner.. and how you can dd it too. these people show pome ásuperheroo skillssas they taae down thieves... how camera.. you''e &ppaaching foo 45 good day ppalltmore..3 ((breakk6)) imagine incredible prosperity... real happiness... fairness... and help for the poor. economists and author arthur brooks says you don't have to imagine it...
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because these guys already beat you to it. and they called it... free enterprise. ♪ ♪ ♪ why america's best plan for the future... is over 200 years old... when it comes to gardening, we're, well, inexperienced. is this right? right here, like this? ♪ ♪ turn that off! plants can smell our fear then miracle-gro expand'n gro made things a lot easier for us. it expands when you water it. and improves your soil. for big beautiful plants that grow up to three times the flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. we were so bad at this before. particularly you. [ laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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3 if you're a mom... yoo know it can be hard to finn a ballnne home.but yoo can have it aal.
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ttis mornnng... julie banderas introduces us to women who re juggling twoojoos.... being a & fuul-time mommy nd business -3 wwmen. 3 3 mothers are ponstantlyymultiitaskinga"a 3 and now more than ever, women aroond tte worll are packing lunches.... andd launnhing usinesses. they've earreddthe nickname "mompreneurs" and women like andd majchee - an lla baaed event planner - havv embraced new challengge. majcher says, edded majcher ays,,"it's challenges. mmjcher says, "it's sword. because whee you &phave the reat thing that you can be at home schedule ndd &pis sick you an definitely be & here. buttthen the ccn ii home with you and you don't haveethosseclean lines of &&ppere's my office and herr's my jjggling and you really havv -3 to for yourself." it'ss
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seeting boundarres, ttough.... -&p adrienne (kall-whitee kallwwit.... founder oo seeeing sitters ,3 dot-com says you've goo -& to be 3 pilliig to put it all on the line. .kkllweit says, "i think 3 iffyou want to be a businnss -3 owner you have to be -- comfortable with takinggriskss there's nothing like bbiigg 3 yoo really need o onsider &your optionss" romm boys, took risks.... ann defied teeodds. risks.... -3 and deffed two boys, took odds. taking a chore cleaning floors - and turned it into a muuli-mmllion team cleaners. haan sayy: ""uilding my company and growing it is my pride bbt at the family is tto ss itts a think i don'' expect to be a & supermom but weehave to do what's neecssary." wilburnn launched her company in the comffrt of hhrroww home comfort of her er company n the wilburn, aunched hhr comppny in the comforr of her
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own home friends" began as a is now a successful franchise. shannon etss ealizinn & how she's hhepinn other famiies. wilburn says::"we have 350-400,0000famiiies thht participaae ii our events &pfamiles eecited for them that - this one iiee that sttared in - my living room in1997 hass gone on toohell hundreds of thousands nation" .. &p3 3 nation" . of peopll aaross the people acrrss thh 3 nation" . & 3 the 3 mompreneurs hhve veryy differrnt bbsinnsses but very similar advice.... join neeworking groups... get your & family involved and most of pll.... make time to tuck the kkds in att iggt. 3 fox45 ii going to eward one lucky mom witt a trip to the bahamas.
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-3 bahamaa.all week we've been taaing your submissions forr &ptth beet mom in balttmmre... and it's almost time to annouce the winner. airrare and a 4 day- 3 night resort issthis is prize you - definitell want to tune in tomorrow to ffx45 morning nnws when we announne baltimore's best mom... who knows it could be our mom! p3 one wwmannusess ,33 her áassesssá to foil a robbeeyyattempt... pttemmt... the bbdy part she ussd to stoo a thief in his tracks. tracks.((music)) ((music))plus... an ctress nearly breaks a leg on -& stage... and a groom proves he may nottbe a real knight in shiiiig armor.caught on camerr iisnext. nnxx. you'rr watchinn &pfoxx45 good day 3((break 7))
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3 employees prrve to be quite pould-be tthevee. & accidents that &some eeple will never live down... ddwn...thaa'ss ecause it's all caught onncameraa.. rrght now. &p3 letts start with employees that show theiies... they''e &&pmessed with he wronggbusiness. business.this first ooe hhppened in coviiggon georgia this week.a suspectee psoolifter
9:52 am
tried to escape a grocery store with teaks stuffed in his pantt.17 year old bag boy jumped into action and wrestled thh suspectttt -3 the ground.bag boy says he ddd womaa. 3 here'' aawoman 3& that uses her ábbhindá to stop a purse snatcher in his tracks. happeneddat a leveland gas stationcleveeand gaa happened in blue shirt tries to steal & woman's pursse.. the store - employee seee ii... and sits pn his heed.then with the help & of another peessn theyytied & hhm down f anothhr person then with the help 3& of anothee pprson they tiee & him down with a phone cordd now for sooe people that have mommnts they'll never liveedown.
9:53 am
pownnthis first woman nearll takes the phrase "breek a leg" literally. litteally.((ááááad libáááá)) 3 this nnxttman plans to ride up -3 to his weddiig on a plans o 3 horse... but hii first attempt at it... doesn't go so well..- wwll.((ááááad llbáááá)) 3 when yoo wish nobooy was watching.
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& watchiig.that's because in this cass... theepeoole in this video roke something. something..(ááááad libáááá)) 3 3 the weather is ot ffiliig us ttday! today!find out if the sunshine day wwekend... nnxt. you're watcciig fox 45 good dayybaatimore. 3& &p
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3 the rooo call at 3 3 ((break 8)) 3 3 we eeeal thh
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