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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 11, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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police impersonators... robbing people.where theefake coos were reported and the people they're targeting. (sot camille)9 04 30i can't reelly see much without them. them. a nearssghtedd natioo.the two things that giving more of them vision '' - problems than any other generation.. and what you can do to prevent it. and.. the scientiiic reason your alarm clock... may be maaing you fat. 3 3 today is friday, may 11th.
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3 the earch is on this morning for police impersonattrs n tte citt.the fake cops are targeting the elderly and taking theer money.megan gilliland is here with one victim's story that he says he'll never ffrget. good morning patrice,75-year old george johnson livesson
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this quiet street in southwest bbltimore on cooos lane near vallee brooke brook road.he says he was ouuside, cleaning up leaves about two weeks ago... when two weelldressed men approached him ann flashed a badge. johnson tells us the men said they were police... looking for a woman... wanted for steallnggmoney. they said she lived at johsnoo's home and that they had a warrent to search it.once inside, the fake cops told johnson... they &pwanteddto check the serial numbers on hissmoney... to ssolen cash.johnson lead the men upstairs.trusting their story... he showed them the money he had in a bann envelope. (johnson) "and then they took the money. they said, oh yeah, this the money. well, it was $3,000 all in $100 the money. so, i said, no. i tried o hold on to the money aad the other man reachhd it out of my hand." (johnson) "they went running street.."they juuped in a &pparkeddcar and sped ff. johnson tried chasing thhm in his truck... but tte suspects
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police are worrinn with a vague description.but forrnow, those suspects are attlarge. asked to call police right away.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a former baltimore city firefighter apprentice will spend the rest of his life in convictee of killing his ex- girlfriend... keenya jordan in april 2011. she was founddshot to death in front of her home on lennox street in reservoir hill. pistory of domestic violence and threateneddto kill joodan after she turned down his marriage proposal. the man convicted of killing an off-dutt maryland state trooper is sentenced toollfe in prisoo.cyril williams was senteeced to life plus 25 years... for the 2010 shooting death of wesley brown.brown &pwas workinggpart-time securityat an applebee's restaurant in forestville... when he removed williams from the restturant for being disruptive.williams returned to the reetaurant... with a gun and shot brown. a ffrmer crime lab technician
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is charged witt runniig a major marijuana operaaion inside his home. home.30-yeer-old anojjunniwas arrested and charged with possession oofmarijuana and say they found over 300- basemeet of his home on cross tiibers court in laurel. auttoritiesssayythe plants are wooth over half a million dollars! 2351 to think if someone's out there or if he has trouble with ssmeonn and someone's it's just vry allrming and dangeeous 01 unni worked for baltimore city police... from 2003 to 20066 he's now free on 25-thousand the man accused of murder and kidnapping in a case involving three daughters has diid... and thh two sisters he alllgedly kidnapped were found alive. andrew spencer reports. &p3 sisters alexandria and kyliyah pain are recovering after being taken rom their tennessee home late lass month.
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adam mayes, the man accused of kidnappiig thhm and killing pteir mother and oldest sister -- is deed.police found mayes and the girls thuusday night &pin union county, mississippi. the fbi's ddniel ccullen says mayes --who was on its 10 most wantee list --killed himself. sot: daniel mcmullen/fbi, special agent in charge "preliminary reports indicate that mayes ssot himsellfin the head and was later prrnounned deed at an area hhspital."the girls wereealso taken to the hospital as a precautton.a laa enforcement source tells cnn the sisters are suffering from dehydration and exhaustion, bbt ppear okay.mayes' sister pn law, bobbi booth, says she's happy the girls are fine, but ii dissppointed in mayes.sot (phoner)::bobbii would like to have seen adam face his charges and stand pore accountable. he took the sissy wwy ouu, but praise god the girls are safe, and thatts all that matters."mayes' wife, teresa s also charged in the murders and kidnappings.police say she told them that she was in the garaae when her husband killed jo ann and adrienne bain. she also told police that shh went with him to dump the bodies in mmssissippi.
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teresa mayes' mother says her and wouldn't have donn anything on her own.sot: josiee teresa had anything to do with it, she was forced."right ow, it isn't known what mayes' motive may have been for the murders and kidnapping, but his mother in law says he may have believed that alexandria and kyliyah were his daughters. i'm andrew spencer reporting. adam mayes' body is being takee tt jackson, mississippi where an autopsy is xpected to be conducteddtodaa. apologizing for kicking a 2-year-ool and herrfamily off a flight. flight.18-mmnth-old riyanna... seen here... was trying to fly week....but was flagged s - being on a government no-fly list.riyanna's parents say they were ordereddoff the flight... wherr t-s-a talked to them at the gate.jetblue issued statement saying ii waa all a mistake... blaming a computer glitch. "it waa an ooergrown ccicus act, but we were the featured &peverybody to come and take a - look at." at."the t-s-- ultimately
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cleared theechild to fly at &psaid they were too embarrasse to get back on. think you need mmre ink? the baltimore tattoo arts convention center. so to - check out all the latest trends and must see artists....., we sent someone with a clean palaat, joel d. smith to chhck ut.he's streaming now. good morning joel d. 3 &p3 3 3
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it's friday and hat means it's your turn to ssund off on our facebook page about anything you ant. want.let us know what's on your mind-- and your response could air in our "facebook feedback" segment. segment.just go to facebbok become a fan and join the conversation. prosecutors wrap up their case trial.finddoot the last thing they showed jurors... before they started deliberations. ((bbeakk1))
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sandd..take over parts of ffrced shopssand ccnstruction tt stop temporarily.the ssndssorm didn't let up until tuesday. ((2-shot toss to weaaher)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 -3 (((raffic reporter ad libs))
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john edwards now in the hands of a jury. jury.what the prosecuuion showed jurors... just before they filed out f the pourtroom..and the goals edwards had in mind.. if he wasn't chosennfor vice president in 2208. 2008.and find out ways you can save... on upgrading your eyewear! [ glass clinks ] [ mom ] i'll take this. it's mother's day.
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caae against former presidential candidate john &pedwards' mistress rielle hunttr to the joe on the thousaads of dollars in expenses allegedly concealed during his failed presidential . run. -reporter pkg-as ollows -- did before resting its case wws plly for the jury an bc which john edwards admitted with his mistress, rielle fatheriig er child. arlier, edwards economic adviser llo hindery on the stand who shed behind the scenes in early on 2008 as then senator araak obbmm was inning the iowa caucusessand edwards was coming in second. the niggt said edwards instructed him to reach out to obama adviser and senator tom daschle, ann offeer edwards up as a running mate. just days later, hindery said he told the obama campaign if edwards couldn't be vice
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the qualifications and the ability to be attorney eneral. hindery said they also talked about a mmre ellboratee which was to become a supreme court prosecutors &pgot in some of their last evidence they were payinn chartee flights and hotel bills aad other payments for edwards' mistress riellee hunter and her handlers, which had bben covered by edwards's bbnefactor fred baron especially during the eriod president and befooe he suspended his campaign in late january 2008. the government has a difficult job: to show that edwarrs nowingly and willingly acceptee llegall camppign contrrbutions withhut the benefit of he testimony &pof three key itnesses his benefactors bunny mellon nd wife elizabeth.ks: i think aaother problem the government has and they knew this efore they brought the case is unavailability offwitnesses, you have mrs. ellon, almost 102 years old unable to be passed away from cancer, he's
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a life co-conssiratorrin tte case, and you have elizabeth she's unfortunately passed - prosecution rests the defense is xpected tt renew a otion case--mosttlegal bseevers dont expect her to ks: we have a new udge and ttrowing out a becauseethere's no opportunity for the government to even appeal. and there's realll no harm, if you think to ultimatelyyhear the case. &pthe judge told members of the be here on fridaa while the on monday, it's sttll ot s. clear whhther edwards will greensbbro, north carolina. -----end-----cnn.scrip need new glasses? 3&the sppcific things you need to know..before you upgrade pou eyewear. eyeweaa.and latee...vice presiddnt jje biden apologizes to tte president for putting him ii a tough pooition.what biden did... that may have forced president obama to
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naked.police impersonators... robbing peoole.where the ake cops were rrported in the citt and the people they're targetin. targeting. 3 many ameriian bllcks feel the long history of racial entitles mny of them to the benefit of the doubt in any racially charged case. this mentality that ccusee them to excuse all of president obama's faalingg, simply pecaass he is black. it is noo difficull tt understann thissmentality nd it probablyy will be manifested in any group regardless oo heir ettnic background, if in facc theee aacesttrs had been thh
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victims, anddiinsome ases, continue to be victims of societal injuutice. this average person to understand phy there was a rush to judgement amongst many ameeican blacks in favor of j simpson and against ggorge zimmerman. remember oj nicole and ron. despite all the evidencc that suppprted phe facc that simpson committed the crimes, manyy blacks dismissed thee vidence and desperately wanted him to be founn not guilty.. again, regardless of the evidence that is presented that might lead to the acquittal of georgeezimmerman many blaaks aae unwillingg o even entertain the thouggt of him eing found not guilty. will there come a time when coomunity can put behind the - hissory of neeativity and positive for hemselves and ultimaaely the nation? for more gg to behind tte headlinessdot net and follow us on faceeook and twitter. i'm arms ♪
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downtown...what's changing with the charges... tonight3 p3 3


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