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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 11, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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&p3 3 3& a warning thii orning forr city residents... after fake cops showed up in a southwest baltimore neighborhood ann
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robbed a an.invessigators say the suspects are targeting the ellerly.megan gilliland is -3 here with one victim's scary encountee with these police impersooators..- 3 good morning patrice,75-year old george jjhnson lives on this quiettstreet... right on cooks lane near valley brooke prook roaa.he sayy he was outside, leaning up leaves about two weeks ago... when pwo well dressed men approached him nd fllshed a badge..--3 3 johnson tells us the men said & they were police... looking for aawoman... wanteddfor search it.ooce inside, the faae cops told johnson... they & wanted to cceck the serial numbees on his money... to stolen cash.johnson lead the men upptairs.trussing their story... heeshowed them the money he had in a bank pnvellpe.they grabbed it and ran takinn offfin a parked car -3 down the street. (johnson) "yeah, i wassgoing to get the tag number or
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3-grand f my mmoey."(johnson) "i'm just ggad i'm alive.. beause i really believe that &piffi had tried to fight them, they prooably would ave 3 killed me..." thhmm n hisstruck... but the suspects got away.he was abbe to give police a vagge descriptioo which they're working withh are aa large.anyooe with informationnis asked to call 3 gilliland, ox45 morning news. jurors will resume &pdeliberations tooay in the robocallltrial... against julius henson.jurors eaded home wittout a verdict aftte a full ddy of deeiberations thursday. henson is he pf using eeection day robocalls toosuppress black - voter turnout in the 2010 3 the presiddntts support of gay marriage has ssme pondering if it will have n impacc in mmryland. maryland. 3 a fierce battle is already brewinn afterrgoverror o'malleyysigned a bill allowwng for same sexx 3 opponents have launched aa
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petition ddrveeand are hoping to have the issue placed on - the november ballot.but advocatee beeievv president obama'' support of same sexx marriages will heep √°their√° campaign. 3 (8:45:50) "i thinkk they're going to say, i'm goong toomake sure i sigg thaa petition.. 'm going to makk -3 ssre i vote on novvmber 6. because one person does not havv the right to redefine (9:54:26)) "hh's ssanding upp for people who don't always way itt cnnbackfire." backfiree" -3 3 & 3 supporters call the presidents endorsement of gay maariage a game-changer. -3 3 vice prrsident joe biden is now apologizing... for utting president obama in tough position.biden says his support fr same-sex marriage... hicc came days 3 he too backed the unions. it's believed that biden's presiddnt to speak onn he & pssue... before he was readd. president obama was reportedly planning to make the announcemenn during hhs appearrnce on "tte view" next 3 becaase of biien. 3
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3 for three eaar... a head & start rrgram allegedll charred familiessfor summer & camp... illegally. illegally.that's according to &pan invvsttgation by hh baltimore city nspeccor gennral's office. the program - underrscrutiny is the saint paul community head start program. the inspector general alsoouncovered more than 0 thousaad dollars that was overpaid forrppoppe who pidn't exist on the payroll. the investigation was inntiated by the mayor's - 33 drivers could soon see changes at the gas pump... te obama administraaion and environmenttl protection agencyyaae now allowing gas statioos to ditchhpumps thht are used to apture harmful gassline vapors.that includes thh rubber boot at theeend of -3 the fuel pump nozzle.the e-p-a & says theenozzles are redundant... because ost cars now are eeuipped with on-board systems toocapture the vapors. the move is eepected to save consumers and businesses almost 6-billion-dollars overr & thh next 6 years. &p3 we're aking the pincchout off the pump... with a fox45 royal
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farms fill up.we're giving away 100 - dollar royal farms gas carrs.we'll draw three winners this mooning.we'll 3 houu.but you have to be a facebook fan to the meantime... "like" our faaebook page.. facebook dot com sass ffxballimore. 3&p art can be put on -&plobbies, or worn on skin--- ps the one beinn elebrattd this weekend at the the - baltimore tattoo arts convention. convention. joel d. &psmmth is ive at the & ink, bbck for moreeand ore. good morning joel d.
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3 3- 3--3
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3poliie bust a man for baring ii all while riding his unicycle... and it'ssall caught on plice dash ccm. joseph farley was arrested wednnsday on a bridge near 3 forrmr teaahee wasn't drunk or - impaired.... he had another - reeson for bbing naked as a jaybird. (("we stoo him, he gets off - the bike, and take him into he liked the way it felt. 3 meant by that, but that's whatt
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he said.")) & ssad."))farley s ccarged with indecent exppoure.his bond is set at 15-hundred dollars. 3 could yyur alarm clock be 3 researcherr in germany... yourr alarm clock can give you sometting called "social jet whee yyu travel.people who wake up attone time during the week... and sleep in on thh weekends... haveea greater chhnceeof gaining weighh. experts advice you maintain a regulla sseeping schedule... to maintain your weight. &3 it's frrday and thaa means it's your turn to sound off on -3 our facebooo page about anything you want. want.llt us know what's on your mind---and your rrsponse could air in our ""acebook feedback" segment. doo com ssash foxbaltimore to conversation. 3 we're expected ... to have a beautiful day today... today...but find ot how the weather is shaping up... for 3 skywatch weather forecast.
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3 ((2-shot ttss to weather)) 3 ((aa lib mettorologist)) &p3 3 ((traaficcreportee
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3 ad libs))map fiber m395 fayette-north -3 3 3 3 it's your chance o make someone a star.... with our monster jam star-spangled sing off.dozens of you uploaded - videos of your renditiins of tte star spangled banner...
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and now aatimore, it's your ttrn o votee foxbaltimooeedot com and click on contests to vvte for your gets o sing the star spangled banner when monster jam omes to m & t bann staddum on june 2nd. 3 eyessggt... changiig in our chillren. children.(sot camille)9 04 30i pan't really see uch wittouttthem..-& them.the things mmny of us have... that may beefueling the proolem. problem.and find out the extrrme measures parents are on breast milk. ((bump out))
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3 ((breakk2)) 3 3 fortyyyears ago... quarter of our pppulation was nearrighted. us neee glasses tt see distance..nd it's our kids.... pootble and most - our ccver stooy, jeenifer gilbert finds out hht could be 3 "blurrinn the viiw" view" 3 9 year old camille has gotten uss to wearinggglasses....(sot 3 see much wwthout them.two years ago.....her mommnoticed some changes.(sot shari lawson) -3 reisterstown8 57 33i noticed that camille was squinting a pot.shari lawson brrught her daaghter to dr. allison - jensen, a pediatric ppthamologist at gbmc.(sst dr.) &p9 12227camille has nearsighttdness, and she deveeoped it at age was no supriss that ccmille was diagnosed with myopia... or nearsightedness.... it uns in
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her fammiy.but even with -3 genetic links.... thereemay be other factors driiing an -3 increase in nearsightedness, - in childrrn around the world. (sot dr.)9 19 34it's rrelly rrally onnthe risebut whh it is happening?(sot dr.)9 13 21 they're accually becoming nearssghted at a youngerrage 3 possible explanation..... the pechnology at our children's fingertips.(sot dr.)9 13 35 today, they're doing eaa aae than we were.even 12 months old i een in here wwth pheirrdevices working at near. & and it's not just technologg. schools are becoming mmre at a younger age.(nat sot)8 51 &p48does hh read alot? all the time. ahh.. ok. well, that'' & don't ant to iscourage thht, &pbut weehave found a -33 porrelation bbtween kids that read a ot and ecoming a little more nearsiggted.(sot -3&pmmm)) 00 12she as to read a - lot for school and for pleasure, and the kidssdooa loo of work on the computtr -3 wwich is a loo of close work
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3&pnearsiggthedness in children is even more prevelant, have 3 just with reading.... but intenne reading.((ot dr.)9 14 12 in other words they found thaa children who read for -periodd of time for more than 30 minutes or with closeness, onnthe progression of nearsightened versus casually doing homework.and studies show, it may also have to do with something else--- the fact that kkds these aas are spendinggless tiie utdoors. one study found that there's a -3 protective factor agginst -3neersighhednnss.... for children who spent 3 hours outside everyday.(sot dr.)9 14 58yet annther rrason why we should encourageeour chhldren tt spend mmre time outside. researchers don't knoo iffits - becauue when hildrrn are -3 outside theey spend mmre imm that sooehhw the sun has an influence on pupil size. (nat sot)8 45 04so it ooos like there's been a change. have moving closer o the tv?in camille case... her
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nearsightedness hhss otten jjst the ixxmonths since her last exam.(nat sst)) & and write a ew prescription. 3 can't be reversed.... it may &pbe possible to slow the - progression.(nat sot)8 52 27 it's eally good that you love to read, but try to spend a little more timeeoutside.. - prescripttoo that's good for all kids ..- 3 it's recommended children a fammly history of vision problems. 3& coming up ext in sports. sports.the ravens gn their &top draft piik...find out how much courtney upshaw will makk assrookie. 3 ((break 3)) p3
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3 the best lacrosse teams in the &pstate go head o head.. for the title in the p-n-c.. 3& matchups are at owson university's johnny unitas stadium on may 15th t 6 p-m. are still available at inside lacrosse dot ccm... but we want to get pou in the stands for free.the 4thhand 5th callees right now win a family 4- pack of -3 tickets for the's brought to you by -n-c and - "inside lacrosse." coming up in our 6 o'clock hour... 3 getting sick lately?the one ppace... that you are ... all the time...
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