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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 11, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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&pccosing to paas along to you this mooning.beechfield elementary/middle in the city is clooed due to a water mainn 3 also we want to let you know huudred dolllr gift card this hour. chance to win is just 30 minutes e arr chancc to call to get entered the aaeriian idol ffnale. finale.right now let's get the weathhr! 3 3
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33 3 3 police maae an rrest in a & priple shooting in harford county. -3 county.28 year oll jamar jefferssn s cchrged wiih 3 and assault.pplice say jefferson shot three peopll tuesddy night on dgewater &pdrive in edgewood. investigators say the shoottng is the result of a dispute betwwen the uspect and one of &the victtms.jefferson is being heed without bail. 3 a warniig thissmorring for &pccps show u in aasouthwess 3 an elderly maa. man.75-year old georgeejohnson says he was approached about
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two weekk ago... by two men 3 they ad a warrant o search his home for evvdeece of stolen money.once insidee.. -3 the fake cops told ohnson... they wanted tt cceck the &perial numbers on his money... to compare it toopictures of -& the ssolen cash. 3 (johnson) "ann then they took phe money. theyysaid, oh it was $3,000 all in $110 bills. and they said oh this & the money. so, i saad, no. i &p (johhson) "thee wenn running uppthe street.." street.."(johnson) "they went & running up the tteet..""- street.." 3 policeeare worring witt a - vague descriptton.but for now, those suspects are still at largg. & 3 two tenneesee giill are alive this morning... and the man accusee of kiiling their - mother and sister s dead.. 3 poliie say addmaahayes shot himsell.police ound him and &pmisssssippi.sisters alexanddia &pand kyliyyh bain are suffering from dehyddatton and pxhaustion, buu appear okay. they were takennfrom theii wife, teresa is also charged
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&pin the murders and kidnappings. &pa former crime lab teccnician is charged with running a major marijuana operation home.30-year-ood manoo unni was arrestee and charged with possession of marijuana and ooherrrelated offenses. police say they foond ooee 33huunred marijuana plants inside thh basement f his home n cross with a worth of more than half -3 a million dollaas! 3& p351 to think if someonn's out there or if he has trouble &pwaiiing for him with a gun. dangerous 3& 01 3 unni worked for baltimore city police... from 2003 to 2006. &phe's now free on 25-thoosand dollars bond. a supermodel is causing some controversy this mmrning with her call for a baa onnmother's day. day.christy urlingtoo burns announced that she wwuld not 3 this year - ann askeedothee poms to join her. & "no otter's ddy" ...
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year from pregnancy or it's ll part of a campaigg for her áevery mmther countsá orgaaization.she is assing fellow moms tooiigore the hooiday as an act of solidariiy ffr mothers that - have passed awaay.others say 3 stiil here. if all you plan on buying our mom for mother's day is a - card, you better make it a nice ne.this year, the 152-dollars on theii mother's day gifts.that's about 11- dollars more than the averrge person spent last year.the eetimates appreciative sons ann daughterssacross the country will pend 18-point-6- billionndollars.if ou're & sending flowers on sunday, you're not alone -- about two- thirds of coosumers will be
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buying the same gift. 3 how about surprising mom ith a new tattoo this weekenn... -3 3 if youuthink youuneed more ink... or your mom does... &pthe baltimmre tattoo arts & conventioo is the place to be. to checkkout all the latest trends and must seee artists... - 3 we seet someone witt a clean palate,,joel . mith to check outt good orning joel d. 3
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33 &p
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3 big trucks..big excitement. excitement.wherr to get up 3 ttucks around next in our homettwnnhotspot. hotssot.((applause)) ((applause)) 3 and later... t ss't the --3 marine... but his 6 year old son that surprises his ad when hh returrs fromm pfghaaisttn.the moment not to be missed... coming up. you'reewatching fox 45 good --3 day altimore. 3 ((bump out)) & ((break 1))
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"i walked in through a back door not realizing it was the back door of a sunday school class. and they said, 'oh, come on in.' and i said, 'my name is scott baum.' and they said, 'oh, wait a minute. do you have a mother named beverly?' and i said, 'yes! they said, 'we've been praying
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for you for three years'" "so if you have a grandmother praying for you or a mother praying for you, don't fight it. don't reject it. enjoy the joy and peace that awa start your engines.... big starttyour eegines.... big ttuck day is rrlling into the baltimore museum of indussry... -shhwing the city's largest rescue vehicles and fireboatt. catty owell frrm publii workk joins us today.... -largest city-ooned vvhicles
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parking lottfor free. -city vehicles and equipment will be - on-show for citizens to see, touch,,feel and leaannabbut. about. 33 3 3 p3 big truck day iss
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tomorrow at thh baltimore museum f induutry fromm 10:00am.- 2:00pm.for more informaaionnllg on to - slash morning. &ppi's your chance o make -33 someone a star.... with oor monster jam star-spanglld siig off.dooenssof yoo uploaded videos of youu renditiinssof the star spangled bannee... and now baltimore, it's yoor
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tuun to vote. pote.go to our website poxballtmore dot com and click on contests to vote for your favorite singer.the winner pets to sing teestar ssangled 3& oom & t bank stadium on june pnd. 3 start off the weekend with a hundredddoolars in ree gas.we areejust 15 minutes aaay from drawing aawinner... and it could be you.stayywith us. us. you're watching foxx45 good day baltimore. &p3 ((break 2)) 3 3 ((break 2)) [ male announcer ] are you ing more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years with a two-year agreement. act now and we'll add a special bonus: $250 back. but hurry, this offer ends june 2nd. unlike cable, fios is
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vegetables. guaranteed. we were so bad at this before. particularly you. [ laughs ] everyone grows with miracle-gro. 3 3 dann: "beiig realat makinn pizza isslike being an athlete. i do push ups and sit ups." ups."there's fast fooddand then there's domino's pizza. pizza.these two employees from a washington d-c shop aree -3 comppting forrthe title o
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world'ssfastest pizzz makee. mmker.they are bott headed to las veggssnexx week to compete - for he titleey heeway... thee aal-timeerecord for fastest -33 pizzz is 39.6 seconds. & 3 3
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3- 3 ,3 3
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3 3 3 3 3
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3 for more informmtiin bout he ppca go to our wwbsite have you seen the 3 latest time magazzne cover??--3 pover?it's the ppcture that pas a lot of you talking this image that some call shockiig ... and others call good parrnting. the video ttat'ssbringing tears to our eyes... what incredible odds a 6 year old boy oercame to surpriie his dad when he returns from afghanistaa.
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33&ptime magazine's latest cover is creating quite the stir..-'s also creattng a naaionall onnersation about breast feeeing.before we showw you hat some of you might -3find it a little disturbing. a phhtooof a 26 yearrold 3 brrastfeeding her nearly 4 year old ssn. the aaticle inside is about the rise oo attachmmnt parenting... which 3 feeding ... co-sleeping and -3parents ccrrring their babies withhthem inna sling.right now &ptte americannacademy of & peddatrics rrcommends moms & breastfeed until 12 months. of oorse the photo is sparking debate ver the topic offextended breestfeeding.
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&pbreastfeeeiigg. lot of you are 3 talking about it on facebookk 3 of you are talkinn about it on & pacebook this morning. morning.takia says, "if a &pmother want to give herrchiid breast milk until he/she ii an adult, i'm fine with that, butt approoriate."caaol says, &ppbreastfeeding ii fabulous for infants! hey, i'm old school!" -3 school!" scott says, "this isnt about breast feeding at port of shock ppcture to sell mmgaziies." magazines."anotherrfacebook - about it or know someone sooewhere that breast ffeds their older child, but a magazine cover issnot the plaae for it." ((ááááááad llbááááá))
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33 turning now to an incredible perserverance.a six year old boy with cerebral palsy... whh & ccoldd't walk... surprries his dad when he rettrns ffom him forrthe first time..- time.(((17 ((applause))) & ((aaplause)))
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3 marine ssaff sargeent jeremy &&pafter the amazing moment. &coooey was deployed to whiie e was away... matthew on hhs own.cconey's wife kepp the progresssa secret... making thiisreunion at camp &plejeunn that much more iicredible. 3 3 someonn is juut 2 minutes away & from winning a hundred dollar gift card. card.could it be you? find out next. nexttplus... make mom happy this other's ay .. wwere to - dellggt her tastebuds..- watching ox 45 good day baltimore. p3 ((breek 4)) 3 33
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3 for once.. you won't have to worry about gas's our fox45 royal ffrms fill uppcontest! contest!we''e giving away three... 100 dollar royal farms gas ccrds all week longg 3 congratuuatiins! 3 if you didn't win this time 3three more winners tommrrow &pwinners tomorroo morning. mornnng.want to get your name in the bbx?tte only way you can win s y liking" us on 3& go to our faaebook paae... - pacebook dot com slaah fox baltimore to enter. & 3 3 & 433-395--broadway ---
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3 map & p3 jurors will resume robocall trial... agginnt juuius hensonn henson.they went home yesterday without verdict after a full day of 3 camppiin ccnsultant accused of using election day pobocallssto suppress black voter urnout in thh 2010 &pmayor stephanie-rawlings blake ps tryiig for theethird - time... to makeethe baltiiore - maaorrs office announced a 5- year agreemmnt with a new
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- coopanyy.. called raae on." the deel also brings in andretti sports marketing... which the maaor says will bring n muchhneeded experience with track building, marketing and logistiis.lass year... the city and ozens of vendors lost millions oo doolars wwhn the ffrmee promoter couldn't pay up. and the city recently terminated it's agreement with anothee group... saying it failed to meet city-imposed benchmarks.the fiial contract p3 more ssccrity is being addee to camden yards... to stopp trespassers from storming the field. piell.this eek....thh orioles guards... to help officerss faa this season... the team has had a couple run-ins with trespassers... on opening day... a man ran around wearinn a cape and batman underwwar.aafew games later... anothhr fan ook thh field... sliding intt home plate. meanwhile... the orioles are breaking records... and taking naaes! names!:26 "well hit down the &pright field. fair and gone. 3 & omeruns to begin the doubbeheader foo tte orioles." orioles."
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3 laat night... they 3 hosted the texas & game of a doubbeheader they - managed to do ssmethhng no & other mmrican league team has neeerrdone.they led the ggme with 3 straiggt homeruns... by ryan flaherty,,j-j hardy andd that game 6 to 5... but lost the second game to 3. art can be ut on 3 lobbies, or wornnon skin--- forever.. that last optton 3 this weeeend at he the convention. joel d.. smith is live at the -3 convention center to ffnd out -3&pwhat draws those ith the mmss & ink, back foo more aad moree 3 3 3
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3 3& our mooning show 3 goos to the birds this week. & chirping))the toucan take over... paarice gets ffushed... and whyywe compare joelld smith to thee ovie dumb and dumbbr... (sorry joel).aal thheweek commnggup. 3 find out if that means warmer temperatures... and clear & skies ffrrmother's daa... next. you're watching fox 3 p(break 5))
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3meteorrlogist))((ad lib meteorologist))
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33 you could be going to hollywood! hollywood!your chance to gee entered to win a trip to the american idol ffnally is just minuuee away.stay with us. & uss((beep beep eep beep)) &pcoulddn talk about this - weee.... and why a hollywood 3&pthe big oments.. ttatthad us laughing ext. -3 pext. you'rr watchinn fox 45 good dayybaltimooe.
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"i walked in through a back door not realizing it was the back door of a sunday school class. and they said, 'oh, come on in.' and i said, 'my name is scott baum.' and they said, 'oh, wait a minute. do you have a mother named beverly?' and i said, 'yes! they said, 'we've been praying for you for three years'" "so if you have a grandmother praying for you or a mother praying for you, don't fight it. don't reject it. enjoy the joy
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and peace thatwawa
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3 hooe"phillips...hollie you are hooetown thh top 33and heads who aaes thh ast spot in "ryan says "the peeson "rran 3 p(break 6)))- 3 baltimore. - 3 baltimore. 3 3 ((break 6)) 3 takes thh last spot innthe top hometoon visit is phillip phillips...hollie you re peadee hhme" home" 3 aftee almost 70 million votes... aaerica ddcides hollii cavanagh wiil nnt make the legendary trip back ome & as a top 3 finalist on american idollshe was & eliiminated from the 3 33 so ow it's down to the final &pthree... and you coulddbee therr to watcc the finale live. live.ww'rr sending someone... to hollywwod! &phollywood!the first five callers áright nowá at 411--81--545 with last nnihh's "idol legend" will be enttred to win a 4 day v-i-p trip tt hollywood... to thh american pddl's all brought -3 tt you by fox45 anddz 104-3.
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-3 find out tomorrow''s "idollleeend"... watchhfox45 3 then tomorrow orninngstay ffr your cue to call..- 3& this week ww poked aalittle -3 fun at one of joel d smith's &poutfiis. & 3 one of our stories makes me blush. -33 plush.i tell the world what i 3 friends.and ooe of the stars pf ánew girlá thinks i treaa &phim like chopped livee. piver.all that and moreeffom the week that ad us going, -3 going,sayywhat?! &&pwhat?! 3 from 557 new girl sat ((22:29:53 sayywhat?!)) saywhateeily5//8(22:22:34 (nats knocking) ohh hello!)) saywhat5/8((22:26:33 i just hhvv a thing abbut the whole 3 has been chhapened now because of faaebook. :38))saywhat5/8 p((2:26:43 oh please, youuhave friends. hen's the last ime you got together wiih them? - p46))saywhaat5/10((22:22:07 -3 steve: rarr!!)) --i don't now if you ccn catch thiss it'' very shorr!!!sayyhat5/8
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((22:23:45 patrice you are -welcooe o ome in. meggn & usually knncks, but yyu are welcome toojust come on in.)) ssywhat5/8((22:27:42 patriic, & megan, my friends back over to & yyu.))new girl sat((22222:14 i guess i'm jst hopped liver, :19))saywhat5510((22:24:00- toucannnnts)) --short and i'm onna go orward littlee bit.... i stalled out, i stalleddout already. 22:22:41)) saywhat5/7((22:25:45 the erotic novel 50 shades oo grey -3 is sseaming up the best eller &plist. :51))saywhat5/7 ((22:27:12 we read somm excerpts....(patrice fans herself) t'll make you blush. &p27:188)saywhat5/7((22:26:40 does the submissive consent tt beep beep beep beee))-just dd about 4 bbeps, we get it! saywhat5/10((22:24:00- toucan phen you put a little it of the emotional sauce intooyoor dish...sometimes thiigs don't taste so good. 28:58)))3 saywhat5/8((22:22:37 i'm eyying your donut and trying nnt to... i sshre. slurp! (laugh)):43saywhat5/7 ((22:28:30 (megan handing out - burgers) 22:28:32))saywhat5/7 ((22:23:14 i've beennstalling this thing out so lets see if i can do this now :16)) take their kids or a joyridd.///..strapped to thh
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-3 pood of their car! :30))--can shorter?saywhat5/8((22:29:30 i've bben taking a lot of live viewss... havv ot seen any children straaped to any carrs &p((22:23:255nats revving... saywhat5/7((22:24:222you maa here, but yyu could make it on a motorcycle in hollywood... -3 p don't think so... you doo't & have a choice here. :333) saywhat5/77(22:24:35 the guys from dumm & dumber :37)) &psaayhat5//((22:24:44 keep your 3 pose wiped, you''l be ok)) saywhat5/7((22::5:04 the guys from chips erik estraaa... - hht. i like thht onee he'll take erik estrada. 25:10)) saawhat5/7((22:25:19 i think i'm best on four wheels... &ppes, don't stall, anymore. p23))saywhat5/10((22:24::0-- toucaannats)) --short and snnppy!ssywhat5/7((22223:35 joell i'm telllng youu nothing 3
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shhre some lauggs... and some &pgood food with mommttis weekend. weekend.coming up... we're cooking up some tasty brunch creations ii the kitchen... and giving a tribute to ouu 3 3& you're watching fox - 45 gooo day balttmore. ((break 7))
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3 ((áááámeg aa libáááá))) 3 ((áááámeg ad ibáááá))
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((áááámeg ad liiáááá)) &p 3 ((áááápat ad libbááá)))- ,3& give mom a breek in the kiichen for mother's day..- it's youu turn to cook and we pave miss ssirleys hereett hell you!fritz lazarus, and pennifer mcllwain join us from miss shiiley's cafe-whatt for us to cook? (ccoking soft -&pshell "blt" shhrley'ss visit for mothers day?order from thee menu?--here are yyuu pocated...((oland parkk -3 location more sppce to dinning roomm room) for more informattonnlog in for more
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3 for more information loo ii too foxbaltimore dot com slash -3 morning make sure the weather 33 day plaas. plans.meteoorlogist teve fertii has your weekenn foreccst right ffer thh break.
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45 good dayybaltimore.
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3 the beating downtown...what's changing with the charges... tonight
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,3 3 3&páá7 day forecastáá &p33 ((break 8))
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