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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  May 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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front row. kyle and hamlin will restart from row two. >> darrell: you know what will make the difference? somebody, either carl will push tony stewart on this start to get him going, or else hamlin is going to push jimmie johnson to get him going. you can bet you there are going to be contact on the restart. >> mike: 21 cars on the lead lap. kurt busch brought out the caution, running 12th. newman was 16th. we will go one more lap under caution. some debris on the front straightaway. see a piece of metal debris 200 feet past the start/finish line. that has to be picked up. >> darrell: this is just, this just adds to the anticipation and the excitement of this restart. >> larry: well, as much as we have been watching jimmie johnson in the 48 car saving fuel, it's not what he wanted to see as a lap added. >> darrell: well, reall mean it's a lap under
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caution. versus one under green. now we're on green-white-checker. don't like that. >> larry: no. didn't think you would. >> michael: darrell, think you race all night long, 500 miles for this chance. and these guys are going to be desperate. this is a win in the southern 500 at darlington. gas is an issue. tires are an issue. some of the guys back six, seven, eight have fresher tires. can they charge up through there? this is going to be intense. >> darrell: i think -- i don't know what is going to happen at the back or the middle but i know that the big deal is at the front. >> well, some drivers, some teams worried about fuel. kyle busch is thinking about food. >> i think something really good to eat after this thing is over. i'm starving. [ laughter ] >> darrell: just chew you another piece of double mint.
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you'll be all right. >> mike: two laps to go. third green-white-checker finish at darlington. in the track's history. jimmie johnson trying to hold off tony stewart. score his first victory of the season. this will be our first attempt at a green-white-checker. if the leader comes around and takes the white flag under green, the next flag ends the race. >> darrell: i'm not feeling real good about that happe happening. >> mike: to the restart zone. here we go! green flag. johnson is on it. stewart is going to have to deal with hamlin in the corner. truex right there with kyle busch. three wide. in the corner. ambrose, makes a three-wide pass in turn one. as jimmie johnson scoots away. >> larry: denny hamlin in the 11 got a great run off turn two. he tanges the second spot away. >> darrell: i think tony may have had a problem with the getting through the gear, larry. >> mike: stewart is third.
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battle right behind him. kyle busch settles in, in front of truex. white flag. one to go. >> darrell: not enough gas to make it? >> larry: yeah. we're in good shape on gas. >> mike: he will make it around. but will he get there first? >> darrell: yeah. he has a nice, he has a comfortable lead. he is in good shape >> mike: jim carrey sails ofjimmie -- jimmiejohnson sails. hendrick motorsports 200th sprint cup victory falls to jimmie johnson in the southern 500. >> darrell: there you go, mr. rick! >> 200! nice, nice, nice, nice, nice! >> mike: denny hamlin, second. tony stewart, third. kyle busch. martin truex the top five. >> darrell: great, great, great job by jimmie johnson. rick, i know what a relief that is, buddy.
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>> mike: now i can tell the story. for 16 races, four tractor trailers full of special souvenirs to celebrate this 200th victory have been traveling the country, racetrack to racetrack unbeknownst to rick hendrick. hendrick motorsports employees have had to hide this from him for months. so that tonight, they could finally have this celebration. jeff hammond? >> jeff: rick hendrick it's been a long time coming, boss. everybody telling jimmie congratulations. but it's finally happened and happened at darlington. 200th win. >> you know, first of all, i just got the win with my best friend steve. and congratulations to him. i want to thank all the drivers and all the crew chiefs and you, and darrell, and jeff bodin -- tod jeff bodie
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and everybody else. i can't believe it took that long after 199. i want to remember all those we lost. and everybody that helped this thing happen. on the bus here and we'll have a big party. >> jeff: party tonight. again, i never seen you have much emotion on top of this box. i see you walk up and down to pit road looked like you had to get away. walk off the tension. >> i had to get away. i just couldn't -- i was just, they said we'd make it. but i don't believe them. everything happens backwards for us. but we have run so good this year and had such bad luck. thank the fans. supporting us all these years. and i can't believe, you know, this is a for our people.
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bodine i love you. sorry you aren't here. i'm numb but glad it's over. i think we will win a few more now. jimmie, lowe's, tall sponsors, people that have been with us forever. i know it's take an long time. i hope it's okay. >> jeff: get your 200 win. go celebrate. >> you know, we think about all the ones we lost. i want to tell him that when we put our hats on backwards for our guy we put our hat on backward for his son, too. >> jeff: we appreciate that. well earned guys. back to you. >> mike: thank you, jeff. hendrick, in the hundreds of employees of hendrick motorsports that carefully spanned a celebration for such a long time. the finally get to enjoy it. they get to do it at the granddaddy of all nascar races. southern 500. jimmie johnson wins by .8 of a second. over denny hamlin. (sfx: car garage sounds) today my journey brings me to chtte, north carolina,
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the only network >> chris: we welcome you back to darlington raceway. one of the pillars of sport, rick hendrick and hendrick motorsports as we celebrate with hendrick motorsports and the sprint post race show. you are watching nascar on fox. five-time champ jimmie johnson gets hendrick to 200. matt yocum is there for the celebration. [ cheering ] >> matt: back in june of
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2001, rick hendrick got his 100th win. with jeff gordon at michigan on father's day weekend. a big hug from his driver. a special moment. as they regard win number 200. and what better place and more special place than nascar's oldest superspeedway and the southern 500. this is a special one, jim. >> without a doubt. you got to love that man. he just said 200 is great. let's go get 250. shows you where his head is. i love it. man, what a day. fast racecar. thank chad and everybody at hendrick motorsports for awesome racecar. kobalt tool chevy was bad fast. we had a pit thing that went awry earlier in the race but we worked our way back and had a great racecar and won the race. >> matt: southern 500. you had a hendrick car battling you for the restart.
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tony stewart, two champions. then you had to throw in fuel milal, lot of different drama coming down near the end. >> it was a lot of drama. fuel mileage race, when you see the 14, you always second guess yourself. he is so good at it. i was really concerned. i was just pacing myself in the mirror on what he was doing. hoped i saved enough and i felt like i did a good job and certainly did but there were hungry drivers outs there. tony, kyle, a lot of guys that want to win the race. special to me. the race is so special, so great. darlington is awesome racetrack. and happy mother's day to my mom, my wife, mother-in-law, all the mothers out there. storm a nice day to chill out and savor this great victory. >> chris: iconic names pulled their name to victory lane at darlington. >> matt: jimmie johnson does at it second time. >> chris: chad knaus with obviously the call on the fuel, how much it helped. tony stewart on the radio sail he had fuel problems on
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the restart on the front stretch, having an effect. for rick hendrick he has done a lot of nice things for nice people you don't hear about, including a lot of us here at fox sports. and for jimmie johnson and hendrick motorsports, it was worth the wait. here in darlington. jimmie to victory lane. hendrick celebrating 200 wins in cup.
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>>it estrue no points are awarded and the standings aren't effected. but try telling these guys. the nascar sprint all-star race. >> wheel to wheel. >> is only an exhibition. ♪ ♪ >> trouble in two. >> star-studded, winner-take-all shootout where every decision -- >> four tires, guys, four tires. >> could be worth $1 million. nascar, everything else is just a game.
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castrol edge is tested and perfected to be our strongest oil, no matter what you put it through. castrol edge, it's more than just oil. it's liquid engineering. >> chris: our aerial coverage here in darlington provided by directv. that is the victory
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celebration for jimmie johnson. 56th cup win for him. alone on the list, eight all-time moving ahead of rusy wallace. and a big 200 for hendrick motorsports. tony stewart who never led in this race, but had a chance late in the race to hunt down jimmie johnson. congratulating jimmie and team hendrick. our steve byrnes caught up with tony stewart. >> steve: well, tony stewart, you guys had to overcome a lot tonight. did you run out of fuel on the final restart? >> yeah, i did. it was, i had hit the fuel pressure light had went down, or the light was blinking when we got one to go. and i had to go down to the apron. caught on the back stretch and we got past the center three and the light was down to 20 pounds again. laid down on the front stretch and we lost second because of it. pretty happy to come out of here with a third tonight. really proud of hendrick and everybody at hendrick motorsports. they deserve this 200th.
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>> steve: thank you, tony. >> thanks. >> chris: checking points. we have been running the results of the race on the crawl. greg biffle the points leader coming in. tightens up a bit with matt kenseth two behin jimmie johnson skyrocketing um. after all he has been through from the start of the year with the daytona 500, the appeal. excellent position to get that win. >> michael: that shows why they won five championship in a row. they have overcome a lot to be in contention for not only making the chase, but they have the speed of that car to win the championship again. >> chris: with michael waltrip, chris myers. 51. you see kurt busch as the race winding down. this brought out the last caution here. ryan newman in the car right behind. 39. >> michael: ryan gets hit when he slows down to avoid kurt busch. really, that wasn't kurt's fault, it was just a racing accident late in race. spun out. another crew member, one of ryan's crew members comes over to kurt busch's team and starts voicing his displeasure. then on pit road, watch this. >> chris: this is after the
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race is completely orve. the drivers aren't necessarily involved. although we did see newman go over and talk to kurt busch. remember, it was a year ago after the race one of those in your face with kyle busch and kevin harvick. this time it's team members of kurt busch, and paul ryan. >> michael: that is just southern 500 emotion. like you said, we saw it last year with harvick and the other busch. now tonight the crews are getting into it. the drivers had a conversation after the race. ryan and kurt and they seem fine with what happened. the crews got involved. >> chris: meanwhile, michael, denny hamlin finishes second behind jimmie johnson ahead of tony stewart. steve caught up with denny. >> steve: denny hamlin, finishing second tonight. describe your evening. >> you know, relatively uneventful. we got a darlington stripe. try not to get one here. but it sounds like it's getting exciting over there in turn four. but for me, not to thank
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soort. checking in. and didn't have the car we needed to win. >> steve: thank you. >> chris: tonight on fox we hope you enjoyed funny race here because we didn't have a caution through the first 150 laps. we had seven over the last 200. late local news. and finder. and "new girl." check your local listings. primetime, on fox, sports time. uefa championship league final between chelsea and bayern munich. then baseball night in america. the nationals, bryce harper ng the field among others. eight straight nights, saturday night of primetime baseball coming your way. and a week from tomorrow, coca-cola 600. sunday evening prime time. nascar on fox. it's marathon race. remember, kevin harvick who edged out dale earnhardt jr. in that race last year. the all-star race next
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saturday night on speed. that is at 7:00 eastern. you will see all the stars come out and shine in charlotte. carl edwards, winning that race last year. worked his way up to finishing seventh this time around. victory lane. forontinuing race coverage from here in darlington tune in to "victory lane" on speed. rick hendrick, you heard him mention those lost including his son ricky. a promising driver in 2009. 2004. on this date, adam petty died practicing for a series race in new hampshire. miff son christopher, rick hendrick did a lot to get the fox crew out to his funeral in february. we appreciate that. there is a lot more to rick hendrick than just 200 victories. captioned by closed captioning services, inc
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>> biffle! ♪ ♪ >> 200! nice, nice, nice, nice, nice! heert in tte -
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