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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 14, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3 3&p higher taxes for - maryland familles.theebudgee & plan beeng debated in annapolis todayy. as day one of the speciaa sessionngets underway. 3&p a dry start to the day...but that's about to change.just how much rain we could get today.. ann whether or not it'll stop before your evening commute. aad... the topping thaa makks this 15- hundree doolar hot dog the most expensive in the world. 3 &p3 3 today s monday 3 may, 14th. 3 &p3 -3 3 prrenspring--wilkens---
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3map 3 &p 3 this morning... lawmakers will return to annapolis to begin a 3 the agenda is a budget plan & thht calls or a hefty tax & increase ffr maryland familiee. while it helps avoid pignificant cuts in other areas like education... megan gilliland is here witt more on & why some famiiies say they 33 3 gooddmorning patricethis tax hike is one that gooernor o'malley has been ushing ffo.
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he says it will onny affectt11 percent of taxpayers..ut 3 thing anyone needs right now. &pnow.instead... groups like & aaericans forrprosperity... believe the government should cuttback.but o'malley ays cutting back just isn't enough... and without tax increase... the state would &phalf-billion dolllrs..o... the to pass a tax hike or maryyanders who make morr than 100-thousand doollrs....or families with a househhld pncome of more than 150- phousand's part of -3 his overral budget plln that also innreases fees -like the flush tax - for all householls in the state. &p3 ((file bite from 5/9/2012- rydell pkg) "a cuts only approaah would heep no oneeaad ii would harm all of us." & "people are struggling right now.. if we take more money hole going forward." forwwrd."some taapayers aaen't giving uppwithout a fight.
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soom groups are planning to pally outside the statthouss today... as the special sessson getssunderway. & 3& it's scheduled to last three dayy.i'mmmegan gililand, fox44 &pmorning news. tomorrow pittull lovers will -& join together in annapolis, to rotest a recent court ruling... saying their doos aae a dangerous breed. protesters say they on't 3 court of appeals decision.they -3 want lawmakers o aaddess the pssue during the speeial session.the group says waiting until next year to deal with leeislation will lead to pitbulls being abandoned or eethanized. 3 a man is dead... after a &pshooting in wess baltimore. baltimore.)homicidd detectivee werr called to north loudon street sunday afternoon where -& they found a 30-year--lddman shot several times n the chest.police say after the gunfire stopped, niihbors victim.he was pronounned dead on the way to he hospital. anyone with information should call baltimore city police. && and an overnight shooting is unddr investigation in northeast happened on 32nd street, where pooice foond an adult male ... shot
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.homicide detectives were conniiion... or ann arrrsts at this ime. 3 from colorado to new yorkk.. the rights of same sex coupless will be big news today.ed payne shows us why. 3 colorado's governorrhas ordered a special legislative - session to resolve the issue of civil unions.lawmakees tabbed it lass week, when they didn't vote before the nd off - their regular session.the & governor was noo happy...ot: gov. john hickenlooper/(d) coloradobut, you knoow who gets the basic rights? those have to be shared with - everyonn, and whether yoo get to visit someone in a hospital -3rrom as ffiends and family, &ppddressing with civil unions. colorado's constitution bans ssme sex marriage.onlyysix states and the district oo cclumbba allow it..resident barack obama has rrcently said - he thinks gay couples should have the right to marry.ttaa sparked this newsweek cover giving him a rainbow-striped halo and the tagline: "the
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3 presideet's stance is also a hit witt theecelebrity gbt communnty.singgr ricky martin is hosting a fundraiser for him in newwyork ttisseveninghe tells broadway world doo com that mr. obama "has been an pxceetionally strong advoccte." (naa pop - pulppt/church)the pressdent's advocacy alsoo ssirred controversy aad mixed 3 on sunday.sot::rev. emmett "" love thh president but i ccnnot support wat he has done."sot: rev. dr. wallace & charres smith//hiloh baptist church"we've got some larger challenges ttat we've got to sttuggle with (applause)" i'm ed payne reportiig.. 3 this afternooo... the president is expected to tall paout some of tthss largerr economy... wwen he sppaks at barnard college in nee york. 3 the defense for john edwardss is scheduled to start today in &phhs corruption trial.the former presidential candidate... who faces six felony chargess.. is accused 3 campaign contribution laws in an attempt to hide hiss misttess and theii child.he
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haa plladed not guilty. p3((boo)) ((boo)) 3 sspporters of congressman ron paul aase some troubleefor mitt rrmney's on over the weekend.paul supporters booed josh romnee uring hii speech -3 at tte arizona republican & partyycoovention.paul is thh only opponent thht has continuee campaigning forrthe g-o-- nomination despite romney's coommnding lead. latee thii month... we'll knoww more about the prostitutiin scandal involving the secret cclombia.a congreesional hearrng will bbeheed on may 23rd.... whereesecret service direetor mark sullivan and accing inspector generall charles eddards will testify before the senate homeland will ask sullivan if he is 33 invvstigation into -3 allegaaions thht sscreet 33 prostitutes into their hotel rroms, just before president & obama's visit to colombia.... poofar nine secret ssrvice members haveebeen dismiised.
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3 you mighh already have a programaale thermaatat, and turn off thh lights evvry time you leave the room.... but sayyng there's still many more ways to savv money on your electric bills. and many of ttem are in town his weekk joel d. smith is live downtown to see if any of these items shoold be in your home right now. good morring joel d. 33 meg mattpresident ceo, aest p3
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3 3 call ittthe world's most exppnsive hot dog... in littll & rock, arkansas....a vendor is -3 pelling the ballpark favorite... for more than á15- mmde with a quaater-pound of premium beef... and topped with lobster tail... saffron
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aioli... and gold flakessso far....the vendor has managed -3 to seel 4 hot dogs, for a six- -33 thousand-dolllr ppofit.part oo - homeless. 3 if you're a fan of "77eleven" for youutheeccnnenience store chainnsays itt new drink will have 500percent fewee calories. -3 its first flavor will be ffntt sugar free mango.8 ounces of exxected to have 20 calories. p-elevvn says t planssto roll out other flavors througgout the yearr 3& caliiornia is mmreethan jjst beeches... itts also thh best state for working mothhrs!a sttte-by-state report by & áexpecting betterr puts palifornia at he tp of the -3 list for its fllxxble-leave programs for preenant women and wookkng moms. oth state and private workers have -3 nursing-aa-work rights. pecond... and washington d-c ranks thirddwithh b-plus ggade.mmryland ranks prettyy low... receiving a ád-minus.á
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p3 sara blakely... the founderr of spanx... tops this year's list f most powerful moms.the list was created by "working mother magazine."other women making the cut?... today show -3 co-anchor, ann curry... - acttess and humaniiarian, angglina jolie... hunger games" author, suzanne collins... and newwmom, 3 a maryland mom gets very special surprise... during sunday's orioles gme. game."wanted to say hi to my folkk there at he game today, mom-dad, hope you''e enjoying the ggmee" & game."her son... who's on ppeciaa greeting all tte waa & from afghanistan..he had noo 3 on the bbg scoreboard at the eendof the 4-th inning... as she watched from the stands..- the oriooes also honoredd mothers... with an ranne sunhat giveaway..- 3 he's graduating from college....- over 70 years laterr
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later.nats of heering &cheering 3&ptheemonnmental vent hat from completing his college career.and theelesson he's -3 hoping to teech is grandchillren. grandchildren. 3((break 1)) 3((bump ii)) 3((ad lib
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3 3 3 &p 3 ad libss)
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3 3 3 3 3 33 & 3 3 3 3 map lightfayette north map
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3 3 3 they're the words eeery idol pontestant wants to hear...and them're going to
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trippto the merican idol finale..- fox45 tonight foo -3&ptte idol legend of the night. it will appear on yyur scrren sometime between 88and 100ppm. hopefully yoo watched ffiiay nightt.. because sometime this mooning we'll give you he cue to call. call.the first five callers with last night's "idol -& legend" will be ennered to in - a 4 day v-i-p trip to hollywood... to the american idol's alllbrooght to yyu by fox45 and z 104-3. 3 petter late than nnvvr! never!nats music music 3 how this 89-year-old man found out he's had completed his -3 ddgree.aad the reaaon he dropped out of school... over 70 years ago. gay much money gay couppes spend on their weddings...and why it could &ptranslate intt big business for sttaes. ((bump out)) 3
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3 better late than never.that's what ccllege graduaae charliee ball belieees.the 89-year old received his ddgree in puulic relations rom arkansas tech on saturday.ball dropped out of school ttobecome a ffghter -3 pilot shortty after the bombing of earl harbor. this inspirrtional story. story. 3 --reporrer pkg-as follows -- nats music
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3 thh pomp and circumstance of graduaaiin prood parentt scanned the capped crowd for their graduate, they -3 might have notiied ome silver thooe caps.that man with the conttgiouss mmie is charlie ball.who first attended december 7th and earl harbor changed his plans.i joined the old army air corps nd they senttme for piloo's training doww in ttxxs.when thh wwr eeded, charlie pickeddup a few went to work with his ffther. & he became a grandpa, and knew &phe wanted to set an exammle, -3 so he worreddwiih tech to compile hii transcripts.we 3 together anddwe discovered aad hh discovered that it was possible to graduute.he called &phis granddaughter madaaine to - share the newshe said guess what im doing on may 12tt? and i said what aae you oing
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grandpa harlie??and he said, i'm graauatinn from ccolegg. thee thooghhtit was good nd i &psaid the reason was doinggitt - so that it would get them all enthused, my grandchildren, to get their degrees too.his 3 this so callld spit-fires - decision, but whennhe sent the invitation to a former high schoollfriend, it caused some grandchildren raduate. hee thouuht it was y grandchild. i haddto call him ack and tell him, ooit's you can see, his personality makee him easily the most popular studenttoo campuseveryone -3 knoww who he ssaad they are that he never gave up.nats cheeringii'e been in this 3 nnver had such an honor as to 3pa gentleman like charlie ball. -----end-----cnn.script----- gay eddings could translate &ppigns.hoo uch money one staae
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added to t's economy ... after legaaizing same sex marriage. you ignore the warning?how many fliers... that on't turn off their electronncs ... in 3 dangerous. 3 ((breek 3))
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3 gayymarriage has become a huge political issue. but as alison kosik reports... for those statts that allow it, it's big &pbusiness. 3 3 --reporter pkg-as ffllows --- it's more than just question of lovveor olittcc... the fact is that tates thaa legalize gay marriage get a big boost to their economies. earlier his wwek-- prrsideet obama said hh supports same--ex marriage. ii moree states make it legal, we could have a weddinn boom on our hands.according toonumbers compiled byyu-c-lla. thereearr - closee650-thousand same-sex & but so far-- only a fracttonn
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3 couples -- both gay and straight -- spend about 27- thousand dolllrs on average on theiir ig day. and if more opportunity o book venues, $74-billion weediig ndustry could get a real jolt. so faa-- onlyy7 states have pegalized saae-sex arriage. and their economies are 3 added aboot $110-million tt &pthe massachuseets connmy i york is expecting even more than that in just the fiist & pconomii tandpoont, experts say that any sttae that gives gay couples the okay to marry -3& can expect a winnfall. i'mm 33 -----end-----cnn.scriptt---- 3 it's the prom ddte.. she never though sheewoull have! have!"yeah, i didn't ttink that i had aachhnce." agreed o ake this 18-year-old...o her senior 3that took ttem there! there!it's baak to work foo lawmakkrs... as the special -& pessionnbegins
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