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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 14, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 pay one of thh special session begiis today.maryland &plawmakees will reconvene in plln.the goveenor is calling et for aabig tax increase or siggificcnt cuts in ooher areas like education.megan &pcan't afford it. 3&good morning patriceettis tax hikeeis one that governor o'mmlley has been ushhng foo. he says i will only affect 16 percent of taapayees.but &pthing anyone needs rrght now. now.instead... groups like aaericanssforrprrsperity... belleve the government should put baak.but o'malley sayss cutting back just isn'' enoogh... and without a ttx increase... the state would need to reduceespending by a hh goveenor is asking lawmakers marylanders who make moreethan
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100-thousand dollarss.. or pncooe of more than 150-d - thousand's part of also increased fees like the plush tax for all householdd innthe state. david schwartz: 32:50-33:00 "there's going to be tax ikes class... ann they'reegonnn leav" leave."some taxpayers aren't giving up without a fight. some groups aae planning to today... the special session gets underway.i'm megan gililann, fox45 morning news. the city is taking control of vvcaat lotssthe ccty cooucil is consideerng forming a lltt, parrs and ggeen spacce. a 3-alarr firr rips through an auto dealership in prince geooge's happened sunday morning... at he pontiac deaaership in marlow
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heights. the fire damaged a numberrof evvcuate the building... once the roof bbgaa to sag. luckily... no one was injured. luukily... no one injuued. .. no one was the forrer brother-in-law of singer-actresssjennifer huuson weekend... of kkiling hee mother, brother and nnppew.a chicago ury convicted wiiliam home nvasion, kiinapping, uder stooen vehicle..rosecutors say hh committeddthe crrmmssoot of wife adda boyfriend..h now &fan ppison. "yaaoo" is getting somm new weekend... thh company'ss c-e-o, scott thompson, left hii post... after reports surfaced of him llinn about hii college deeree.yahho's media chief, rrss levinsohn, ha aappinted some new board members.thompson aa withh yahoo forrjust four months. starting today... the pentagon will open more than
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14-thousand combat-relatee rrles to women serving in the aamm.previously... femalee ssldiees were excluded frrm wwre eitherrclose to ground in ccmbat.buu advocates pushed lives by serving on theefront - lines in patrooss.. and in risky military police and security units.the defense department plans to assess the newwpolicy in 6 montts. ssving money is big business. companies effiiiency aae meeting n baltimore this eek to show off the latest prrddcts t save us money on our electric bills. joel d. mith is liveedowntown now to see if the savings arr really worthh ii. gooddmorning joel 33-3 3
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3 3 calls foo change are growwng ... after an 18-month-old little girl was kepp off aa airplane because her nameewas on the governnent's áno fly listá. the americcn civil liberties union will be back in court &pthis week to argue thatt he list should be ruled unconstitutional.the groop represenns sixteen mmsllms barrrd from flyiigg "in the moodrr day, air travel is absolutely fundamentally
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tootravel is protected by the constitutions promise of due pr" process."americaas no fly list &phas grown to 20-thousand names. p new poll y "airfare watchdog"... finds airline passengers are breeaing the rules.oo the 12-hundred people 1 in saa they don't always & follow the flight attendann's instruction to ssop uuing their electronics.the f-a-a takeeoff and landing because of pptentiil siinal one girl's prom night was nearll uined... nnil n n- &pf-l player steps in to make i a night she will never forget. 18 year old joyce grendel sccree a date ith clevelandd browns cornerback joo haden. via twitter affer her own date backee out.and talk abouu ann upgrade... heeshoweddup n a lamborghhni. (("i am nervous,,thoughh we were takiig pictures with mee gettinggrrady, 'does this look
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ccol? is everything, rightt' thii is my ppom, too..)) &ptoo."")the ppom was a first for haden too... hh ever got to attend his ssnior proo because he graduated early. pull out those umbrellas! and stayiig!when it's expected will finally come oot.e ssn out. &p dad look, you can get eggs,
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we're taking the pinch ouu of the pump... with a fox45 royal farmm fill up.we're giving away 100 - dollar royyl farms gas caadd.we'll draw three winners this mmrninggwe'll &pdraw our firsstwinner oo thhe daaysooetimm in ur 6 o'clock hour.but you have too e a facebook fannto the meannime... "like" our facebook page.. facebook dot - yyar....the job iiwas lookingg toocooing back to,,does ot exist any moreebeccuse of the cut baaks.
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kellogg's® mini-wheats cereal. veterans who haveerisked tteir lives on the front linessin iraq and afghanistan oftee fight another attle when they get home, the fiihh to find a pob.. j.r. martinez has onn
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national guardsmaa's story on he's supporting his family... until that job comes along. along. follows --our servicememberss can bbing llt to the work force and connribute inna lot of ays. anddquite honestty, be independent. hey waattto be able to provide orr themselles.nats - "your resume has to pop" tte job was does not exist any more because of the cut backs. before he leet chrrs wiley as full-ttme for the georgia national ggardd so nowwthat that's not thereeannmore, and i'm havinggto get out there civilian world-it's a big change, a real big change.nats &pout there right now. the pressure is on, that's when i resumes out-seeding them out.
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is starting to kind of hit both of uu ow.he was making plooe to fifty thousaad polllrs a year befoore deployment, now he supports his family with ips.i nnw the jobs are out there but the thing is, there's so many people there but thh thing is, i know the jobs are out there but the thing is, there's so &pbe 20 jobs opee in one place, but yet 22000 people have applied ffr it. those arennt know, ou get hht ggod job, it's just aatoss upp he's running out of saviigs, and last a couupe more months at - least. hree months is the max. if i don'' finn anything by three months, then p'm goinn back tt affhanistann -----enn-----cnn.script-----
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coming up in our 6 ooclock you're less than an hour wwy tuned toofiin out what you a & need to do... to claim it! it!but first... t aa the owings mills...hear from some of the newest ravens as thhy n-f-l. p((beak 3)) at grocery storesreedom this quarter. cash back thank you. activate your 5 percent cash back.
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