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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  May 14, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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downttwn baltimore.. has been inddcted. prosecutors sayyaaron parsons muggee... and then punched a mannon saint patrrck's day weekenn. a group oo people then &pstripped and robbed theevicti. the ideo went viral... and parsons was the first of many people arrested. city. police are ay 3 a 35- stabbed in the park heeghts avenue. pnother man 33-year-old derrick lawsoo was shot muuttple time ii the torso and legs on north smallwood streee near presbury.. around ...ten lasttnight.... 19-year-old... álacy lambá... was shot.../ allng... east... 32-nd street..../.áálambáá &p...a criminal record....// homicide invvstigators of another shootiig that cene - happenee on herring ccurt near gough street innthe perkins dominick brown wws shot several times ii the head. hopkins where he later died. believe that at least two of these incidents are related
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pnd they do have possible suspects in both cases. annther shooting... didn't end in a murder... but what exactly happened remainn a mystery. mystery. a woman... sitting at a stop llght.. was shot several times. times. keith daniels is live n northeasttbaltimore where police nowwsay she could bb aatack victim of a random attac3 3 33 3 3 3 who lostttheir lives in the .. - line of duty. duty. a sommer memorial for law enforcement officers.. who lost their lives in the line of duty. áásingingáá gathered in the nation'' ple - vigil sunday ight.... which began national police week. officcrs from across the country.... and from baltimoreeare ravelinn pallen comrrdes. honor their it's just a hoorible
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feeling that you know you go toowork someday you're ife or your husband thee don'ttcome a. backk on average.... killed in the line of duty somewhere in the u-s every 53 hourr. a mooning of surprises at bwi tturgood marshall airport. thousands of travelersswere told to evaccate the airport.... because of puspicious odoo. as crime and justice reporter joyylepola tells us...a travler may be oo blame for the chaoss p it appears as iffa can of pepperr pray was thrown in a garbagg can near a checkpoint. - it caused several people includdng some t-s-a workers to be taken from the airport on stretchers. travlers tuck outside... beean to take pictures. one fox 45 vvewer sent us several pictures curb....and een that tsa worker being brought out. 9934:51 as soon as we got off the flight sure enough... they ptarted saying evacute pvacuate ann they rushed us
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all out 9929:31 i hhard a gass leak potential 9:19:21 it appears to be pepperrpray at 3hii pointt- the airport was evacuated for aboutt90 minutes everything had practicalll flighhs bacc oo scheduue. joy lepola fox 455news at 5:30. fox45 mobile ews subscribers were the first to learn about the airport an get reaking news texts... weather alerts and school closinns sent diiectly to your cell phoneetext "wbff" to 45203 to can &palso go to foxbaltimore dot com and click on "mobile" on the top righthand ornnr of the screen. phere's a new task force in baltimore county.../ wwrkingg.. solely to... catch metal heives. theives.baltiiore county police... say it'' crime... that as skyrocketedd n the past 2 &pgutters.../ ...3 all... to cash-in... t scrap of the latest jeanette ppice../ áátheivesáá wheelchair ramp ...
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right... from the ffont... of her home. "we wook very hard, it'' like pouring downnthe dollars doon the drain, what bothers me they're for speeial people" people"since 20099... metal theft has tripled. pn annapolis.../ day ne ...of the special sessioo... is now underway..../ focus...// ááraisingáá' income taxes. &ptaxxs.john rydell joons us with more on today's debatee..john... many lawmakers...are clearly...not "happy" be back innannapplis.that's bbcaase...theesay...theebudget problems...should have been the regular session. but they were back today...trying tt reacha raise income taxes...on "individuals"...makingmorr than 100-thousanddolllrs... than150-thousand. republicans...oppose thetax hikes.but governor o'malley... says without the (governoo) "we could instead choose o imply cut educatioo, cut public safety,
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cut public health, but i don't beet interests to the people of ur sttte." state." (pipkin) "what my bill does is basically keep spending flat with this year and what that avoids is you pon't need a tax incrrase, yyu don't need to shift pensions ann it closes the struccural deficit." but it's unllkely...thatbill ii theincome expected to be the end...of this speccal session. jjhn rydell, fox 45 news at 5:30. thank oo john...outssde the state house... a small ggoup showed up to protest tax groop...americans for prosperity....ays state spending is increasing at an &palarming raae.and they're callinn on ooe no to the ttx packagee.. now being debaaed. (loffer) "even without the ssecial session, they'rre increaae spending by $770 million to a record spending in this state aad eventually onnworking class marylanders because its unsusta" support a bill which keep funding at the same level as this ppst year.
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a weekend shooting mation on a wwman... shot ssveral times.ight.. was - times. keith daniees is live in northeast ballimore here pooice now ay she could be the viitim offa random attaak attack 3 3 3 3 3
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... histooic... ballimore cemetary .../ is... tth beneffciary... of a... major face lift..../ plft..../ áágovernoráá re-dedicated.../ the... mt. auburn ceeetary souuh balliiore.../ . áátheáá sacred ground ....s the final resting plaae... of... many... prrmiment.../ african american famiilies.../, fallen... into... hadd dis-repair.../// . &áátodayáá.. governor.../ ssid...// &p mt--auburn's...// on... the mend, .../ &pááandáá... , a... piece of afrrcan-aaerican history .../ revivvd. 3:22:05"butuntil now mw mnay of those storiis have been by stickkbushes, by weeds, by trash, sure a people a united by our belief in the ddnity of pife caa do betttr"
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better"despite the progress... reeatives... of ...saa... mt. aaburn ...nneds new map ... and that graves are still being displaced. how are the oads looking tonig? toniiht?brandi proctor has our trafffc edge report. & comp-695 batl natl pik compp70@695comp-695 greenspringcomp-harrisburg 3 comp- 83 north 3 comp-north avemap-watermain
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p 3 3 drinking on campus. campus. the maryland universitt that's turning a dorm room into a bar. dozees of peoole....muudereedin mexico. horrific disccvery... and why the mexican president blames america. 3 3getting ready to rock aa the 137th preaaness takee. the bands that will be playing the infield. 3 --adblib weather tz--
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a.... horriffc scene... in... mexico...//. ááwheeeáá...// policee.. ffund.../ at leaat... 49... human bodies.../ in... &pgarbaae bags.../ on... he roads--side.../ ááppliceáá say... all.../ were... decapitated...///. decapitated...///.they... &p were... found.../ near ... mmnnerrey... //// áámessagessá left... by tte remaiis.../ cllimee.../ a... -& pas... beeind the president... áfelipe calderoná .../ blames.../ the violence.../ on... a struggle... forrdrugs.../ betweenn.. drug--lords. "the key is o cut off the pidn't get 15 billion dollars a year from american consumers finish them off a long time 3 ago. thee hve a permanent
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flow of weapons as well which maaes ttem particularly 140,000 weapons ii five years." years." this.../ is... one... of... thh worst massacres ...inn mexico.../ n... recent years..../// a 2-billion dollar mistake at j-p morgan. morgan. a too execuuive is stepping down after her unit mis-managed an investment fund. ina drew is resigning. the mistake cost thh ank mmre six week peeioo. two more executives could be on the way out. the c-e-o of jpmorgan says the llsses could get as high as 3-billion dollars. a... washington ...d-c.../ -area joins.../ othhr schools... nation-wide..../ bar... on post... reports .../ saintt mary's college of maryland... ccoverted a dorm.../ into... a pubb.. for ááadministratorsáá universityy../ e - to... encourage ...responsible drinking and safety...//. áánearby áá george mason... universsty...// and.../ u-m-b-c .../ are... also home student 3ubs.
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we. .. are... gearinggup... for the preakness.../ this weekend...//.áátheáá main focus ...of the day.../ is the hors. but ssme popular musiciins &pwill also be in the spotlight at pimlico this sattrray.for today's lowdown, andace dold ggves us a preview of the infield fest. &pfest. the infield will be transformed inno a will hear live music on tto stages.. grammy award winners "maroon 5." will perrorm.they are knownn orrthhir mega hit.. "movesslike jagger." tt=1:52 - kiss me till your drunk and like jagger, ive got the moves like jaggee...this is from the group's third studio album, handssall ver it is among theebest-selling singlee of all time the guus have performed hre in aryland before.i ecently spoke with the best fans soohe is excited 3
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to come here. multi-platinum rapper wiz khhlifaawill perform earlier in the day. he's a pittsburgh boy and he and yellow".being a ravens fann. iijust couldn't play that for here's another hht.. "roll up"nats: aint gonnaaflex, i'm not gonna froot you know if i ball, then we all ggnna sttut send her my way, she aint gotta hold up rool up he has an edgy by i'll reputation but organizers wanted hii to perrormmto attract the 1-35 year oldsyou will also hear music from the beer garden jagermeister rockers "the darkness";; nashville-based country band,, little big town; and regionaa ffvorites, mr. greengenes. yyuucan ind more information about the big day on our website, fox baltimore ot com slash preakness.i'm candace dold and that's your lowddww.
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rappee nd hip-hop mogul jay-z nnounced today with the mayor of philadelphia... his plans to launch a two-day music festival.the ábuddeiser made in america fest á will include rap.. rock.. ár and performers.organizers say the event wwll be held in fairmount park on llbor ay weekend and a portion oo thee 3 it'' been naaed the world's most expensive hot dog...and from what you're about to hear... you mighh understand hot dogs are topped with... that has one vendor selling &pthem... for mmre than a áthoosand dollarsá a piece. --adblib weather tz-- i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro. boom! call it... the world's... most expensive hot dog.../ in...
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littleerock, arkansas.../ expensive hot dog.../ in... littleerock, arkansas.../ & selling... the ballpark pavorrtt... / for more than... á15-hundred dollarsá each...//.it's made... with a quarter-pound of premium beef... / tail.../ saffron.../ flakes....//and... gold - so far... / the venddr ...has managed pell... 4 hot .a... 6000--dollar profit. p3 3
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3 a high school dream date. the n-f-l star that took this teen to prom... and how she conninced him to go.
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as of right now, things are go and yankees are set to ooen a two game permitting...jassn hammel gets the start for the birds againss ivan nova of tte yankees.. he biids head in leading the american league east by a fulll game, and with the second best record in the entirr league...they have confounded all of baseball with their start, when so little was expected of them...but buck surprise doesn't - buck showalter: "" don't think it surprises anybooy, especially me. there is a good
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air aaout theedugout from the first day on, it's been thht way since opening dayy they feel llke, as aagroup, they markakis: "if you ook from ck - top to bottom, we're getting big hits in big sstuations. our pitching, defense, it's all there. you can't win themm division. it'' definitely tough but we're pllying good ball. we have to put it behind us nd we got a lot more games to play." 3&elsewhere....e led the washington caps in thh secondd round of thh playoffs, dall hunter will not be returning as head coach...he'll retuun to london onttrio to resume coaching duties of a junnir team he owns there...hunter took over froo the fired bruce &pboudreau november 28th, and &precord,,and an upset of the defenddnn stanl.ey cup champion boston bruins in the first round f theeplayoffs o's and yankkes highlights... weather will run at the preakness... that's coming up at 10-50 and
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--toss to vytas-- vytas-- 3 3 3 one girl's... prom night... wass.. nearly &pruinee... / until n-f-l layer.../ sttps in .../ to... make it ...a night.../ she will... never forget.
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18 year old joyce grendel scored a date with cleveland browns cornerback joe haden. via twitter after her own date - backed out.and talk about an washington, maryland native showed up n a lamborghini. (("i am ervous, though. we were taking pictures with e pnd her family. i feel we werr getting ready, 'does this looo cool? is everythingg right?'' i feel like i'm really legit. this is my prom, too.")) too."))the prom wassa first for haden too... hh never got to attend his senior prom because he graduated early. -3 fox45 news at 5:30."family feud" is next. for fox45 news at ten -- and t the late edition at 11... 11...we'll see you later. later.
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