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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  May 15, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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3 "you got to go and steal from a child, or adult that has disabiliiies, you aint worth sááá,, thieves....steal a family's wheellhaii ramp..hh disttrbing how the community is helping 3pi feel that i'll see him again. (emottonal pause) michael jackson's mooher... speaks out about her son's death.what she saad during her eeotional interview... about dr. conrad murray. and.. weere giving away free fill uu!your first chance of
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theeday to win a 100 dollar royal farms gas card is oming up sommtime in the next 45 3inutes. 3 3 tuesday, may 15th p3 3 3 3
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3 3&poday... on day two of a maryland senate iss xpected to vote n a package offbudget mea. measures. the special ssssion, which began mmnday.. was calleddbyythe governor to
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avoid 500 million dollars n budget.. when lawmakers failld to pass aarrvenue package during the 2012 legislative session.democrats want to raise income taxes on individuals making mooe than 100-thousand dollarrsa year... and couples who make more than oppose the tax hikks.but - gooernor o''alley says withoot be orced to make "painful"" cuts. put public health, but i don't believe that woold beein the best intereess to the people of -butt to-- (pipkin) "what my bill does is baaicalll keep to- (pipkin) "what my bill oes is basiially keep spending flat with this ear and what that avoids is you don't need to shift ensions and it closee the structural deficit." deficit."the ssnate vote could send the legislltton to the house of delegates as eaaly as stay tuned for continuinn coverage of this story... we're goiig to sit down ithh talk aout
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lawmakers don't pass taxessis that's commng up later this hour. flags innmaryland will bee pn honor offfallen officers. governoo martiinoomalley made the rder... to recognize "peeac officers memooial ay." the dayyhonorssfederal, sttte and local officees... who were of duuy. it's a fiist of its kind in thh state..a new task force hopes to crack down on metal &t baltimore ounty residents. past 3 yearr... metal theets have baltimmre countyy.. one mannalonn is respoosible for burglarizzng áá7 homes.á membees of the nnww task force will worr with detectives to catch thieves whoosteal copper wire, mettl pipes, and in the case off victim jeanette price... a wheel chair ramp... ffr her disabled children. 3"you got to go and steal from p child, or adult hatthas
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disabilitiis, you aint wwrth sááá, ou need to gooto jaii and spend thh reet of your life" life" police areestill looking for wwo the suspect who stole the ramp. but thanks to the generosity oo one eighbor... they''e offered to build the familyya newwone. republican ppesiddntiil candidate ron paul announces annend to active ccmpaagning. pammaigning.but that ddesn't mean he's completell meanuspending his campaign for the white house.paul is ¤ nominee, mitt romnee.paul says he plans toocontinue to try to get deleggaes for the republicannconvention in august... whee the party prrsidenttal nominee. motter is speaaing out... c-n-n'sspiers morgann.. jackson... his children... emotiinal interview... sayy an son agaii one day. see her - &pmorgan::will you ever get ove thii, katherine, do you think??
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morning, every - all ttrough michael. if i wakeeup through the night, my minn is thhre. ut... morgaa: what do you . think when ou ttink of him? belleving in thh resurrectioo, i feel ttat i'll sse him jackson: i'm sorry. 3&when asked abbuu dr. connaa murray... the man onvicted for his roll in her son's death... jjckssn ssid thht pouu yearss injail is not enoughh.. and thht she bblieves others may have been month marrs 3 years since jackson's death. a new study estimates one obese! a creatiie
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aad joelld. smitt is ssreaming now to see how feeines are shedding the poonds at "ppat morninngjoel d. good -depression-hearttdisease -breathing difficulty-diabetes 3 3
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coming up... 3&think yesterday was rainy? brace yyursslf foo and when the ssies will get ... finaaly start to cleaa.. next and next... the tony award winning musicall""ela!" is coming to baatimore.where you can go tooseeeit tonight.. plus yyur chance toowin free pickets.. right after he're watching fox 5 morning. (((ump outt) &((break 1))
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3 from broodway to baltimore, the ttiple tonyyaward winning play fela! is maaing a sop at
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melanie marrhallljoins us live for this morninns hometown hotspot &panddlooe pssion ,3 -bleeds llssic jazz, funk and
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and harmooies-how mmny cast - and crew members ddes it take to put on a productiin of this size? big cass/crew- tell me about your charcter? melanie plays femilayo,,ffla's mother- smalllperformance...singing production.eep" from the produc- 3 yyu can sseefeea! toddy throughhsunday at morgan state &pinformation log ontt fox paltimore dot com ssash morniig. 3&we want to get you inside the
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gave us ickets to fela!!to givv away to you.the 10th caller right noowat 410- tickets to see ela! ttniggt. 3 & 3
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sommone's going to hollywood. trip for two tt see the qualifiers for the last week....and we'll draw that winner during good day's all brought to pou by ffx45 anddz104-3. z104-3.and candace will also coverage of the finale all next eek.staa uned to fox45 por all the latest backstage
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por coop.he latest backstage coming up... the federal goveenment... could soon be textiig you.wwenn americans... aboot evere peather..nd ow much it will cost you... next. and... "jacob" tops thh list of the most popplar name for baby bbys ... for the 13th year in a rrw.we tell you the ggrl'ssname thaa clinched the top spot... for the irst ttme ever..'re watching fox 45 morniig newss.. pll local.. all morning. ((break 2)) i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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or your money back. protest nats nnts new this morninn.. protesters rallied monday over a immiirants goes statewide in - massachusetts and new york's called "secure communities."when ooice book a suspect... they cheek the databases and will detain the
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person if immigration officials tell thee to. supporters ay it will deport violent crrminals and repeat immigration viooators.others destroy families.ople who 3 (("i don't thinn as a ountry we wiil spend time and money chasing down ppoole unless they are violent offenders.")) (("in boston we know 49% oo those deported have been convicted of nn crime.")) communities is in aaoutt88 percent of the country's jurisdiccions. more than 2-hundredd been out of worrkfor monthss - checks this week..ight states &proll off the federal extended benefitt ppogram over the next few days.almost hall of the people affected live in california.there is a silver &pllning here though... these benefits are eepiring because the economies in those ssates are iiproving. the next time severe weather it from the federal government... on your ppone.
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launching a weatter alert system to automatically warn people of dangeroos weathhr and other emergencies through a special type of text messaging to cellphones.the wirrless emergency lerts service begins this month and it's free. ááloccláá weather alerts... e with ox45 mobile news.our first to know about breaking news.. weather alerrs and school closings ecause ww send them direccly to youu ppone.text "wbff" to 45203 to &pget can also go t foxbaltimore dot com and click on mobile" on the top riihthand orner of the screen. p "jacob" tops the list... oo boys ... for the 13th year in sociall ecurity administration. the othee boys' names making jaydee, william nd mason.ffr girrs... sophia topped the list for the firss time ever.
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others on the list are ava, ooiiia, emma aad isabella. cominn up next... bbnnon ttxxing hile walking. "it's just fooliss. it's unbelievable. that's worse than a pprking ticket. whereein the u-- it'ss some say... it's as ddngerous as texting while driving. you're watching fox 44 mooning news.. all local.. all ((breakk3))
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((bump in)) 3 most people know he dangers of texting and as mary snow explains... one new jersey townnis trying to make the same point about texting and áwalking.á áwalking.á when this video of aawoman in a pennsylvania mall went -& realiied how it would serve as constant remindee of just how distracting walking and texting can be.then, ttere's this an in californna who &pbecame so engrossed with his smart hone that he almoss hadd a close encoonter...with a 400 pouud, one nnw jeesey being alert. they're walking - watching where they areegoing. police chief thomas ripolii says he's seen ise in accidents involving peeestrians, including 2 fatal ones this year.while he can't
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say exactly hhw many involvedd smart phones, he elieees ttey're a main try aatention--he'' begun ..and it'll costtyou 54 t far,,aaout 120 tiikees have been given out.. "do you find it extreme?""i &pfeel thht my job is tt keep &pevvrrone safe aad that at tti time, i'm doing the righh hing and the stepped up enforcement is pparking a lot of reaction. &psome question the use of pooice officers' time...... "it's juut foolish. it's unbelievable. that's worse than a parking tickkt. 54 pollars? unbelievable." but some ddivers say the "ppople aae just constantly . - typing and not paying in the streets. soo or sure, - it gets a little bit nerve wracking when you see something crossing the road without looking."thhs man doesnnt live in the town and
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was unaware of the jaywalking fine. but the sticker shock hii think twice."ouch. 54 mmke - dollars. i won't do it agaii. that's for sure. i'm not taking the chance." coming up... 100-dollarr in free gas... could be ours!we''e doing our &pnext oyal farm drawing sometime innthe next 20 minutes.stay tuned to see if you won..lus... how you can enter to win tomorrow's prawing. you''e watching fox ((break 4))news.. all ocal.. 3 3q ♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪
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map fiber map pitbullllovers will join together in annapolis today... to protest a recent court puling... that says their dogss don't agree ith recent decision... and ant llwmakers to introddce a bill that focuses on pitbulls durrnn the evvn want the court ruling to s be overturned. (pipkin) "what we're findinn out is because shelttrs are not willing to take them, these animals are bbing put
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downand you have a ituation where dangerous animals arr being left out in the community, that's a probllm." problem."at this time the only thing awmakers plan on dealing with duuing the special session is the state budget. new developments in this &pcase.. of a touriss being of the men ltimor- accused in the saint patrick's day aatack... is on foo... you cannsee a group taking parr in the assault. now.. one of the men... aaron parsons... is indicced n chaagee for his role in tte parsons mugged... and then punched theeman on the streets outside of courthouse eastt doctors are fighting to save a from a virulent flesh-eating bacterra. as edgar treuguts explains....her parents are keeping optimistic about her re. recovery. &p24-yearrold aimee coppeand is ffesh-eating bacteria entered - her body throughhan openngash
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sufferrd ii a zip line accident.every time she wakes she has to be reminded why's bed, nable to breathe on her own.she asks, where is she? and she wanted to know how long she'd had been here.her parents say the medication she must take causes the memory loss.copeland fell from a homemade zii line nnar a river in west georgia on may first.. she was left iih gashhii her calf that required staples and allowed the flesh eatiig &pbacteria to enter her bbdy. lives in the water and only rarely causes infections llke copeland's.doctors were forced tooremove one of her legs and part of hee abdomen.the doctors are doing tte beet ttey can tt try to saae as much of her exteesioos, her hands as they possibll can, &por even hour-by-hour.the victim's fathee has started a facebook support ppge for hiss daughter, and says he plans to celeeraae the day when she's &pable to breathe o her ownnwe
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really don't see thh sufferingg side of it. we sse the miraculous survival.aimme issa psychology gad student. her parents say ssh's very concerned iih finishing her reporting. m edgar treiguts newsweek controversy... with the debut of its latest issuu. issue.the cover features the presidentt.. anninted with a rainnow halo above his head... declaring him the firrt gay president.the image comes after the president publiclyy announced hii support last week....forrsameesex marriage. a recent gallup poll shows 51 pprcent f americans ppprove of the presidenn's announcement, while 45 percent do not... and 60 pprcenn aid thaa brings us to our question oo the day:wiil the prrsident's supporttof gay &mar? we''l take our calls in our 7 &po'clock hour. you can also go to fox-baltimore dot command tell us what you think... sound off a tweetat foxbaltimore. end us
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stay tuned for contiiuing coverage of this story....we sit down a political analyss... to talk about the announcement... on the ma's - presidential election.that's coming up in our 7 o'clock hour. ooesity is ow a problem study estimates ore than 50 percent of cats and dogs are overweightt... leading to depression. joel d. smith baltimore huuane society, where there is a fun solution for the felines underway. gooddmorning joel d. how fittess campat phat cat campp-
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p3 &p33coming up...
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in ffee gas... thankk to royal farms.are you our first winner of tte day?fiid out next! plus... how to enter your name for tomorrow's drawing. you're watthing fox 455morninn news.. all local.. all &pmorring. ((break 5)) &pmorring. ((break 5)) steinbrenner's in the room. you got to help me. ((bump in))
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for once.. youuwon't have to worry about gas's our fox455royal farmssfill up three....100 dollar royal farms gas cards all week long. congratuuations!if you didn't we'll raw our next winner y...
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sometime innour 8 o'clock hour. the box?the only way you can win iisby "liking" us n pacebook.all you hhve to do is go to our facebook page... facebook dot ccm slash fox baltiiore and complete the entty foom on the iiside foo45 tab to enttr. coming up... tooay begins day two... of the a package of budget d vote on - measures... and what options are left... if lawmakers an't're atching fox 45 morning nees.. all local.. ll ((break 66)
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new this morning... facebook is getting ready to friend a lot oo inveetorr. start selling stock to the public for the first time oo friday. theeinittal public offering could value facebook at nnarly 1-hundred billion ddllars. a new report finds more people are using their mobile hones to access facebook... than the acttal website.facebook has
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more ads on its website... so it makes more money there thann ittdoes on its on apps for hand-held devices.the by "ccm score"... also finds - of 7-point-3 hours a month on lawmaaers aree a special sessioo - started yesterddy and is expected to wrap up in a day oo two. in that time, lawmakers are voting on p pair of bills that would fund the budget that was passed in the regular session. in order to do that taxes would go up oo maryland families. ick loffer with americann for prosperity joins us this morning joins usswith a look at the session.-happy that thhe're back in sessioo to resolve this or not -if they doo't pass the taxes
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-not juss taxxon people makiig more than 100-thousand ... we're talking aboutt ervices paxee that would ffect people across he board -what is te ultimate impaat of all these taxxs on marylandees-gas tax was yyu wasteffl to taxpayers .. 22k a coming uupnext in consumer reports... parbage bags... that haveeyou
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traah.which brands are just - considered the iggest waste of money... nd the onee pounds of're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 7)) [ male announcer ] at p.f. chang's,
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hhld! once he loaded the bag bbg held about 50 ounds! ad , (sot: bob karpel)""ou'll notice that the bag hhs stretched but it hasn't broken."(vvo)but the member's mark bag frrm sam's club bboke since at home you have to ift garbage bags out of a pail, karpel allo tested how well the ags work for that. he put each bag... (natsot: cans) (v/o)... anddthen loadee more member's markkbag did the - worst. but the best bags could hold round 50 ounds! thooe new glad bag for 15 cenns - r stronger with less plastic. so the glad bag is good for hhavy pitchen usee ann may just bee better or the environment.
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coming up in our 7 o'clockk hour... a trouule wiih he law.we'll explain whaa she did... thatthad police commng after're all local.. all morning. ews.. - ((break 8)) in the black forest... [ thunder crashes ] [ engine revs, tires screech ] ...where things aren't always what they seem... because thrills hide in the shadows... just waiting at every turn. verbolten -- a new multi-launch coaster coming to busch gardens.
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brave the black forest.
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soothes you to sleep with ingredients like melatonin. it's safe with no side effects, so you wake up... ready to go. [ male announcer ] unisom natural nights. think yesstrday was rainy? brace yourself for and when the skiee will ... - finalll start to clear. pplice onnthe ookout.. for a four year ld.what she did..
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that had the cops kkocking at her door. nats natss- and... see thh tony "fell".. for free!your chance to win is less than 30 mmiutes awaa. &p3 3 &ptoday is tuesday, mayy15tt. -3
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it's aafirst offits kind n the staat. a new task force hopes tt crack down on metal thieves... preying on baltimore county residents. residents.police say in hee past 3 years... metal thefts have baltimore &pcounty... one man alone is áá7 homes.á mmmberr offthe new detectiies to catch thieves who steal copper wire, metal - victim jeanette price... a disabblddchildren.. for herr "you got to go and steal from a child, or adult that has disabilities, yyu aant worth sááá, ou need o go to jail and spend tte rest of your life" life" police are stillllookkng for who the suspect whhostole the ramp. but thanks to the generosity oo oneeneighbor... family a new one.o buull thee - things are back to ormal this concourres werr evacuated, wo -
7:05 am
morning.a ssrange odor from a security checkpoint caused the disruption... ssnding t-s-- workkrs o the hospital... and causing ttousands of ravlers to be deeayed.aftee the "aal were alloweddto resume their - traael plans. 9:36:51 as we were passing thhough te securityyagaan we see bags just siting inside the x-ray. it was ind of funny. they just cleared out hey just aid drop everything wereegoingg 300 :02it's believed the source of the smell wws a can of pepper sprayyannairport pokesman says, there is no reason to believe anyone intentionaall meant to harm people. a mandatory federal ppogram to crackdown on illegal immmgrants goes statewide in massachusetts and new yook today.rick vincent shows why pt's so controversiall. it's called "secure communitiees"when police book &pfiigerprints aaainst federal ddtabbses and will etain the person if immigratton officials tell them
7:06 am
has been particippting since 2006, massaccusetts governor, forced to make it stattwide today.supporters say it will deport violent crrminals and repeat immigration vvolators. sot: chieffjoseph rebello/kingston, ma police department"i don't ttink as a counnry we will spend time and money chasing own people unless they are viollnt offenderr."nat pop - ny protest the program sparked protests implementation's also critics in both states ay tt the deportation of people who don't pose a thrret and pill destroy families.sot: christine quinn/new york city council"in fact deporttng people who are oftee theerock and stability of their families and deetabilizing familiessand taking people out of their homee withhthese deportations.sot: frank soults/mmss. immigrant and refugee advocacy coalition "in bston we know 49% of immigration and customs enffrcement says secure communities has removed more
7:07 am
paluable plaas to a - vincent reporting. secure ommunities is in about jurrsdictions right now. a florida couple is ffrced to evacuaae... after a sinkhole threatens to swallow up their h. home.take a of now... it'' mmre ttan 100-feet long... and 80-feet deep.andd geologist... t's growwng ii ssze.whiil the couple was able to grab most of their prized possessiins from their home... full of tools and chrrssmaa decorations they'vv collected shed is teetering on the t edge... looking like it could soon be swalloweddby the exxanding sink hole. matheny says "it took 12 hours to get 37 years of stuff packed up and out of the house." &phouse."the couule say they're a new study estimates onn - out of every tww pets is solution is underwaa at the
7:08 am
baltimore humane society... and joel . smith is streaming now to see how felines are shedding the pounds at "phatt cat camp". good morning joel d. pdepressiin-heaat disease -breaahinn difficulty-diabetes 3
7:09 am
pollce get involved aater a 4- &pyear-ood fails to return overdue llbrary books. back to theefreeport area in october. the fines k - kept adding up and the littte 81-dollars. library empllyees said they triee several times to get the they thought it was a good idea to ggt police involved. "we'reehere to serve the community and we try to do it as best we cann nd all we really want is to have ur library materials returned to u"
7:10 am
us."police made a courtesy and it got results.... the books were returned... the mother apolooized and paid the texasthe charggs thatthaunted xs a politician...cauuing him to position. his newly appointed p. ou''e atching fox 45 morninggnews.. aal local.. alllmorning. ((break 1)) what about over here?
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sure. no problem. ♪
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that's all the horses sir. ...and the men? all the king's men are here too sir. it doesn't look good. ♪ 3
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new this morning... flags in maryland will be flownnat half-staff today... in onor of fallen officers.governor martin o'malley made the order... tt recognize "peace honors federrl, state and day - local officers... who were of duty. texas...warren "red" mills, and he won one of the open ..- &pseats..but mills is a registeerd sex offender. according to city officials, have a felony conniction. mmlls was forced to resign his position when rrsidents got wind of his past sexual history. more than 2-hundred thousand americans who have peen out of work for months will lose their unemployment roll off the federal extended beeeeits program over the next few days.almost half of the peoole affected live in california.there is a silver lining here though... these
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benefits are expiringgbecause the economies in thhse states arr improviig. from roadway tt baltimore, the triple tony award winning playyfela is making a stop at morgan state universitymelanie marssall,will join us for this mornings hometown hotspot -a tale of passion anddlove -blends classic jazz, fuuk and tradiotional african rhythms and harmoniis -how many castt and crew members does it take to put on aaproduction of ttis
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pize? big cast/crew - what is going on behind you? should be assembling set - small performancee..singing "trouble sleep""from the ppoduc. ppoduction. 3 3 3 you can at morgan statt university.for morr information log onto fox baltimore dot com slash morning. weewant to get you inside the show for free.tickkt master
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gave us tickets to fela! to give away to you.the 10th caller right oo at 410- 481-4545 wins a pair of tickets to see fela! tonight. another magazine cover is making waves! waves!"newsweek" is in the after the president announced his support of gay marriage. the impact this decision could havv attthe pollss.. polls....ats! nats!and new developments in &pthe balitmore beating gone &pin this footageethat send shockwaves through the city. you're wwtchiig ffx 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3((brrakk3)) -3 ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. save with a shake. first it was time magazzne sparking this week shoos president ver - obaaa with a rainbow halo over his ead ... along with the title ... the first gay
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president. &p his comes after the president aanounces his support for same sex marriage. p did the magazine go oo far ... and whaa will all the controversyy over this tooiccmean for presiddnt obama at the polls? political annlyst john dedie joins us this mmrning.-wwat do youu ttink of the magazine cover calling him irst gay presiient -how momentous was thee president's announcement ..
7:27 am
moment-impact at the pollsd - -gallop polls showw..511 ... approve of is announcemmnt45% ... ddn't 60% ... say it on't vott ... 1/4th says it will13% .. more ikely now-african americans and churces took it hard 3
7:28 am
that bringssus to ur question of the day:will the presidentts support of gayy you can also go to hlf hour..- fox-baltimore dot om and tell us whattyou think... souud off thhough facebook... or send us a tteetat foxbaltiiore. class of 2012.s the - 2012.don't just get involved, fight for your eat at the table. fighttffr a seaa at the headdoo theetable." the advice heeimpartee at a commencement speech at a new york college... to a special pox 45 mornnng news.. all local.. all morningg higher taxes.the battle at the speeiall essiontonight n fox
7:29 am
45 news at five. you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet!
7:30 am
sofas that can take anything life throws at them. 3
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3 3 - 3
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old--grenn-harf-map 3
7:33 am
3 today... on day two of a special session... thee maayland senate is expected to vote on a package of budget mea. measuree. tte sppcial session, which egan monday.. avoid 500 million dollars in to- cuts triggeree by a doomsday budget.. when llwmaaers failed to pass a revenue package during he 2012 legislative session.demmcratt want to raise income taxes on 100-thousand dollars a year... and ouples who mmke more than 150-thousand. republicans oopose the tax hikes.but governor o'malley ssys ithout the incrrases the state would bb forced to makee""ainful" cuts. (ggvernor) "we could instead
7:34 am
choose to simply cut educattonn cut public safety, cut public health, bbt i don't believe that would be in the best interests to the people of our tate."-butt to- (pipkin) "whaa my bill does ps basically keeppspending flat with this year ann what that avvods is you don't need a tax innrease, you don't need to shhft pensions and it closes the structural deficct." send the legislation to the ld hhuse of delegates as early as tomorrow. 3pptbull lovers will join together in annapolis today... to protest a recent court are a dangerous breed. &pbreed.protesters ay they ddn't aggee ith a recent maryland court of appeall decision... and want lawmakers to introduce a bill that even want the court ruling to r- be overturned. (pipkin) "what we're finding put is because shelters are these animals are being put downand you have a situation where dangerous animals are being left ut in the coomunity, that's a problem." problem."at this time the onlyy
7:35 am
thing lawmakers plan on dealing with during the special seesion is the state budget. 3 &pnew developments in this case.. of a tourist being stripped.. in ddwntown of the men accused in the saint patrick's day attack... is thissvideo we shhwed you first pn fox... you can see a group taking part ii the assault. now.. one of the menn.. aaron parrons... is indicted on chargee for hii roll in tte parsons mugged... and then ppnchee the man on the streets outside of courthouse east. 3 on monday... president obama college in new yorkkhis commencementtspeech came on the heels of his endorsement of same-sex marriage.and as jessica yellin expllins... it follows aa address by mitt romney at liberty university... where romneyy reaffirmed his ooposition to marriage.
7:36 am
from president ooama a message to female graduates that pquality can be theirs.. "it's women aren't just haaf this country you're half its workforce."if they work for it. ""on't just get involved, fight for your seat t the head of the table." wonder if this is part of the campaign's appeel to women voters -- politics did creep into his message...."whether you'll be able to alance equal pay ffr equal work. whether ou'll be able to ballnce the demands of &pyour job or your fammly. whether yoo'll be able to fully control decisions abbutt your own health."though the &ppresident hared the stage with evan wolfson -- one of marriage movement -- he made only glancing reference to the issue hat's dominated headlines"no matter who you are or what you look like like, no mattee who you love or what god you wwrship you
7:37 am
can still pursue your own hhppiness."mitt romney also passeddon annopening o taae on the issue during a weekend withhjust thii one lineversity - between onee mn and one woman." &pamong young voters, the presiient's gay marriage &pposition is popular"i think it's awesome.. i think it'' about time.""i think absolutely. i think that makes me support him even pmre. i'm definitely for gay marriage. it wassa biggday." sunday serrices at salem r - supporr the president. i just disagree with him on the issue of gay marriagg per se. i woman." "it oes change the way i eee about him beccuse i don't think he had that viee but he ay have been persuaded - pssue is likely to get a warm
7:38 am
new york city fundrriser at a - hosted by the gay activisttand pop-star ricky martin.. newsweee magazine ii stirring up controversy... with the debut featurrs he president... anointed with a rainbow halo above his head... declaring hii the first gay president. the image comes after the president publicly announced his support last week... for same-sex marriage. a percent of ameeicans approve &ppf the president's annouucement, while 45 percent &pdo not... and 60 percent ssid it won't influence their ote. that brinng us to our question of the day:will the president's support of gay marriage influence our vote? obesity is now a pprblem pn pets as well. a new ptudy estimates more than 50 perrent of cats aan dogs are ooerweight.... leading to
7:39 am
hearr disease, diabetes and even depression. joel dd smith is t the baltimooe &phumane society, wherr there i a ffn solution for the felines underway. good morning &pel d. 3
7:40 am
don't put those umbrellas up just yet. pet...and when it will finally move in yyur skkwatch weather forecast.
7:41 am
forecast. you're watching fox all morning. ((break 5))
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3 p3
7:46 am
3 newsweek is stirring up controv.
7:47 am
controversy.over this cover... it shows the president...with a rainbow colored. halo.. saying he's the first gay's in light of he president... supporring gay mar. marraiie.that bbiigs us to our question of the day.will the preeident's support of gay marriage influence your vooe? our phone lines are open now.. 410-481-4555. you're our phone lines are open now.. 4i should be arrst potted plant. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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boom! ((questionf day animation)) president obama announced his support of gay marriage... last weekkand since tten ,, it's caused a fire storm.this is newsweek's cover... touting him the first gay president. president.thaa brings uu too the president's support of gay marriage iinluencc your vote? our phone lines are open now.. 410-481-4545. ronnie - bmore bmore angela "no it will not, i feel
7:50 am
these candidates should be focusing on more important things then gay marrigg!" &pmarrige!"sassy"i support him vote.""reeda"yes. now i woo't vote for him" him"ricardo "no not one bit! he's still got my vote!"
7:51 am
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i feel thht i'll see him again. (emotional pause) michael jackssn's mother... speaks outtaboutther son's death.what shh said ddring her pmotiinaa inteeview... about dr..conrad murray. a wet...foggy.. yucky start to the day.where the rain is impacting your morninggcommute the most and how long you'll clear. fela nats nats and... see the tony award winning broadway musical "fela".. for frre!your chance to win is less than 33 minutes away..- 3
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3 pitbull lovers will oin together in annapolis today... tt protest a recent ccurt &pruling....that says heir dog are a dangerous bbeed. breed.proteeters say they maryland court f appealss decision... and want lawmakkrs focuses on pitbulls during the special session..ome lawmakers even want the ccurt ruling to be overturnnd. out is becauue shelters are
8:05 am
not willing to take ttemm these nimals aae being put downand you have a situution where dangerous animals are community, that's a probbem.. &pproblem."at this time the only budget. sessiin issthe state - it's a first f its kind in phe state. a new task force thheves... preyinggon etal - baltimore county resideets. resiientt.poliie say in the past 3 years... metal thefts have ballimoree &pcounty... one man alonn is á47 homes.áámembers of tte new dettctives to catch thhevess who steal copper wire, metal pipes, and in the case of victim jeanette price... diiabled childree. "you got to go and steal from a child, or adult ttat has dissbilities, you aint worth ssáá, you need to go to jail and sppnd the rest of your life" life" pollce are till looking por whh the suspect who sttle
8:06 am
tte ramp. but ttanks to the generosity of one neighbor... family a ew one. flags in marylanddwill be in honor of fallen officees. goverror martin o'malley maae the recognizee the day honors federal,,state of duty.l officers... who were 3 as a way of saying thanks to the men and women servvng in the u-s military... military familes are being offered a free pass to the nation's parks and mmnuments.the whiie house made the announcement normmlly 80-dollars.the estimated loss of revenue is exppcted to be between two and six mmllion dollars. "d-j pauly d"... from the hit reality show "jersey shore"... buuiness. he's developing his oww ready-too drink cocktail... called vodkaabasee drinks in various phe man behind the skinnygirl set to debut ext month.t's if you're planning on trying
8:07 am
that drink out... you mmght wanttto have one of these handyyresearchers at yale &pdrug... that would prevent people from getting ádrunk.á it's called "iomazenii."the goal is to prrvent the number of deadly accidentss.. thatt are caused y drunk driving. researchers say it blocks the effects of alcoholl.. on the central nervous system.nooword market.whee it could hit the - "jacob" tops the list... f the most popular name for baby boos ... for the 13th year in administration.theeother boys' names making the liss for 20111 girls... sophia time ever.others on the liss are ava, oliviaa emma and coming up... it's the embarassing ideo... that's gone viral.what legal acttons re now being taken... because of events like these... of people textingg while walking. but next... the ony awardd winning musical "feea!" is
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this mornings hometown hotspot -a ttle of passion anddlove 3 3-blends classii jazz, funk and pradiotional african rhhthms and harmonies -how many cast and crew members ddes it take to ut on a production of his size? big cast/crew- what is your role in the perfoomance?? - small from the production production 33 3
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3 coming up... coming to baltimore... and we're giving away tickets tt thh shoo.yourrchance to win... is sometime in the nexxt30 minutes.stay tuned for your but next... one man's ccose encounter... with a 44hundred pouud bear.and ii's engrrssed ith hii smartppone. the legal action that's now being taken... against peeple who text message while walking. you're watchhng fox 45 morning nnws.. all locall. all (((reak 2))
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
((bump in)))- most peoole knoo the dangers of texting and a make the samm poont about pexting and áwalking.á áwalking.á hen this video of a woman in a pennsslvania mall went viral she may not have realized how it would serve as distraating walking ann &pttis man in californii who became soo ngrrssed with his a close encounter...with a 400 y town says diitractions are so severe, it's ccacking down on being alert. they're walking pith theii cell phones, not they're texting."fort lee police chief thomas ripoli
8:21 am
says he's seee a rise in pedestrianss incllding 2 fattl &pones thhs year.while he can't say exxctly how many involvvd smart phones, e believes they're a main try and force people to pay attentton--he's begun on jaywalking. viollte tt & far, about 120 tickets hhve been givvn out. "do you ffnd it extreme?""i eel that my job is tt keep everyone safe and that at thii time, i'm doing thee ight &pthing and we're doinn the right thing.. the sttpped up oo reaation. some question the time......"it's just foolish.. &pit's nbelievable. that's 54 dollarr? unbelievable." but someedrivers say the jaywalking ban is a good idda. "peeple are just onstantly typing and not payingg atttntion to what's going on in thh streets. so for sure,
8:22 am
it gets a little bit nerve wrrcking when you see something crossiig the road without looking."this man doesn't liveein the town andd was unaware of the jaywalkkng fine. but the sticker shock dollars. i won't do it aaain. taking the chance." not coming up next... this season's hottest shades aren't just about ashion.the two things you need to make sure your sunglasses have.. that bluessngs heebluess-our eyes..- and later... who kkew cats &pgotten on ootube... in just - one're watchinggfox 45 morning news.. all local.. all mornnnn. ((break 3))
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real big deals this week and every week. &p you miiht not need them o this rainy daybut sunglass season s almost here.and with so many to chooss from.. ow do you find tte right ones for your eyes? eyes?richard levin is thh vice president of total vision and levin eye carr.. and he joins us this morningg ithhmore. p what do people need to look por when choosing sunglasses lenses) 3p what happens f you get u-v
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&pvision go to their website total vision m-d dot comm and you can watch "your health patters" on sundays rrght here schedule... go to our website h coming up... katherine jackon's emotional words... about her son, miihael. miihael.iifeel that i'll see him again. (emmtionaa pause) &pjackson: i'm sorry. ii.. 3 what she had tt say about the events leadinn up to his handed to dr. conrad murray. you're watching fox 45 mmrnnng nees.. all local.. all morning. ((break 4))
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3 today... on day two of a special sessionn.. tte maryland senate is expected to vote on a package of budget mma. peasuree. thh special session, which began monnay.. was called by the governor to avoid 500 million dollars in cuts triggered by a doommday budget.. when lawmakers failedd duriig the 2012 legislativv session.democrats want to raise income taxes on individuaas making more than 1000-thusand dollars a year... and couples who make more ttan 150-thousand. republicanss oppose tte tax hikes.but &pgovernor o'malley says withou the increases the state would pe ffrced to mmke painful" cuts. (governor) "we could instead
8:34 am
choose to simply cut believe that would be in the best interesss to the people of our state."-butt to- (pipkin) "what my billldoes is basicalll keep spending that avoids is you don't need po shift pensionn nd itt closes the structural deficit." deficit."the seeate vote could send he legislationnto the house of delegates as early as tomorrrw. more than 2-hundred thousand americans who have been out of work for months... wiil losee heir unemployment checks this eek. week.eight states roll off the federal extended benefits program over the ext few days.almost hhlf of the peoole affecteddliie in california. tthre is a silver lining heer though... theseebeneeits are expiring beeauss the conomies in thoseestates are imppoving. michael jackson's mother is speaking out... &paaout the loss of her son. ii an xclusive interview with katherine jackson talks about jackson... his ccildren... and doctor conrad an
8:35 am
emotional interview... says she'' hopeful she'll see her son again one day. morgaa: ill you ever get over this, katherinn, do yoo think? jackson::never. every morning, every - aal through the day, i thinkkabout michael. if i wake up throughh pte niggt, my mind is there. but... morgan: what do you think when you think of him? being a christiaa and believing in the resurreetion, jacksoo: i'm sorry. auss) - -3 when asked abouu dr. connad murray... the man convicted foo his rooe in er son's deeth... jackson ssid that four years in jail is not enougg... and that she believes oohers may hhve been involved.nexx month marks 3 you've hearr of all theeold
8:36 am
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has hundreds of thousands of hits &p 3- frrm singing cats... to pancing dogs.take a look at this ext hilarioussvideo... &pthat's gone viral. the twist nats -french bulldogs midge and franklin they're doing the "ffenchie twist"
8:39 am
we've got your chance to win tiikets... to see "the universoul circcs" here in balt. bbltimore.listtn innfor your break. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. aal locaa.. all mmrning. ((break 5)) ç=ç=ç= ñ;wo someone'' going to hollywood.
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hollywood.we're giving awwy a trip for two to see the american idol finale liveein person.we've been taking qualifiers for theelast week... and we'll draw that winner during good day's all brought to you by fox45 and z104-3. z104-3.and andace will also be oot in hhllywood ith live coverage of the finale all next week.stayytuned to fox455 for all the latest backstage scoop. ((toss to weether)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
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the universoul circus is cominggto baltimore. ballimore.the collection of acts frrm across the globe may 27th. may 22nd- through - are availlble now want to get you inside the
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party! every great party needss great food!chef gregghare, from stratford univeesity joins us today in sttddo -you're cooking maryllnddffied chicken -whyyis this a ggod dish for a
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or visit us online to save even more. &pa rapperrdelays his commback.. an actress oses her cool... and sexual abuse allegations haunt a hollywood legend... it's tabloid tuesday... brandi proctor is here with more...
8:55 am
3&jay z is preparrng for a big memooial day concerrann lots of fans are anxiously awaiting mew music.. but fanssare going to have to keep waiting.. paaa hov says he's interested in going in the studio any time do is ssend timm with his ts to ddughter! he held a press "i thoughtti woold bb more ffelinns to talk about, uu.. this time for what ittis. and said i'm sure thht bug to gee bbck in the sttdio will cooe pack at some poont.""- we have to talk bout tte john fiasco..the lawyer or one of
8:56 am
men claiminggthe abusesayy forget the million dollars he;s willinn to settle for a measly 250 thousand....this guu made claims days after lawsuit.. well teh firrt guy - was already dropped by his leagal counnel after admitting that he mixed up the ates... of coruse travoltaas attorney is dismmssing he calims... what do you think? hhlle berry lost her cool with paparazzi outside her talking about moving dghtr een
8:57 am
nahla to france or some time...but this might be the straw that breaks the camels back.. sourcesssay she wws swarmed at dismissaa...she property or they woudd call police.. one phtographer we cant even elude to on on to say.. you make millions i deserve to mmkeemoney too... piont for the academya ward winner... we'll have to wait angelina and ships the family overseas... i know we haventtddne a ffshion faux pas in a while.. to talk about marc jacoos... this was probably the wwrst fashion offense at last week's gala... and there were qqite a few.. seriiusly girls.. he'sstoo stylish for this... a sheer whitt boxers? it looks like a spoof of victtria's seccet..
8:58 am
then a clutch and rhinestone piigrim shoes... o-m-g ccming up on good ay baltimore... a pill that keeps you sober... drink after it works... and why researchers think it cculd lead to a majjr breakthrough. you're watching pox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 8)) 3q
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