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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  May 16, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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safety concerns in baltimore.the plan that would alert you downtown dangers it. why one new study says... sugar makes you áádumber.áá and.. we''e giving away a free fill uppyour first chance of the day to win a 100 dollar royal farmm gas card is coming up sometime in the next 45 minutes. p3 3 wednesday, mayy 16th 3 3
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3 a new devellpement in the ccse of a tourist in baltimore... gettinggbeaten, ssripped, and robbed on saint' patrickks day. dispatch tapes are now &preleased... and it shows... this attacc was justta small part of the chaos downtownn ""ait a minntee i don't need no one on the air. please just listen up. i need somebody to go tt pratt and lighh. a medic is trying to get through. somebody has stomped a maleein the crowd. the ambo just passed a large group of kids assaulting the &pmale with one child on the ground. who do i ave at pratt and llght?"
6:03 am more than 500 baltimore...picking fights... and ssaying aheed of police. many people say they are concerned about ssfety in baltimore... specially at the inner haabor... wherr sometimes hundreds offpeople gather for special vents. megan gilliland is here with a proposed new ppan.... that &plets you know about problems before you ever get ear ii. good morning patrice,the inner harbor is the hearrtof baltimore... for us ann for -& of violence there have a lot people on edge. especially when you ee large a crowd of ttenaaers... and after several 9-1-1 calls abouttfights... police have sttrted beeffng up patrols presence seems to have helped. but ome are calling for even more crowd control. 3(pat mcdonough) 12:25:08 "i'm sending a leeter... with thess rioting mobs." &pdaniel sanders: 13:34:17-32
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"because at night time it's a little unruly even as a grown man in a pack just likk in thh wild they're not afraid oof anything they'll try to rob you" you."delegate pat mcconough thinks tourists should be warned about the downtown danggrr... before heading to the harbor for the upcoming holidays to follow. some people we talkee say they'd appreiciate a warning. i'm meggn gilliland, fox45 morning news. more devastation for the family of junior seeu... as the home of the foomer n-f-l star who committed suicide is b. burglarized.police say an unidentified culprit broke into aagarage at the oceanside, california home in broad daylight.the suspect ruumaged throuuh cabinets and pventually left with a few mementos and a beech cruiser bbke.neighbors are disgustedd by thh crime. (("i just think itt horrible psmeone would even break in to tragedy like that." "it's 3
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juut pretty sick and disgusting aatually." )) ))moversspacked up junior's belongings following the burglary... and two of his chhldren were also at theirr late father's home tuesday night.soofar police have noo made any arrests. new details will be released today... about the baltimore grand prix. prix.michael annretti... the former racer and president of andretti sports marketing... will shaae information about the event... including ticket sales,,sponsorship and marketing initiatives. the expected tt approve a five- year contract with the coopany thhs morning. the city has terminated previous contracts &pwith two other race organizers... after one failed toopay up... and the ooher missed a deaaline. a big day... for baltimmre's catholic church. 3singing singing today... archbishop william loriiwill be iistalled... replacing cardinal eewin baltimore catholic archdiocese. this is video from last
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&pnight's vespers service... pasilica part f the ceremony....archbishopp lori prryed at the tomm of archbishop of the first t - 3&&pyou can watch the installat of archbishop loriilive on our com... at 1:30 this afternoonn look for ""rchbishop lori installation" in the hot topics section at the top of the screen. 3 theepreakness is just 3 can'' wait, the tours of old morniig. joel d. smith ni- is there right now with the what kind of access you willl find if you head out to pimlico in the next few hours.... good morning joel d. d. ad lib.... some ...of the revenue ... ffom... maryland casinos... is... used... to... increase puuses.../ in the industry...//. ááforáá example,.../ purse ...for the ... 'ddxie race'.../ jumped from... 200... to 300 dollars.../ due... to slott..../ áátrackáá hope.../ it'll... ive a boost... to... business. 3 busiiess. booot... to... ope.../ workers...//
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áátrackááslots..../ due... to dollars.../ due... to slots..../ ááárackkáá workers...// hope.../ it'll... give a boost... to... pusiness. 3(worker)"hopefully when tte slots pen at anne arundel us workkng causeea lot of keep peeple ddpend on this.. they been here years!" years!" 38 thousand jobs in maryland deeend on he horse racing industry. 3 3
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find all the information you need about the preakness on our website.just ggo to foxx baltimorredot com slash preakness. america's favorite golden girl... isscoming to our area!the two átomorrowá meet betty mmrnnng. l local.. all -rring - ((bump out)) ((break 1))
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frog jockey..... &p the 46th annual preakness frog hop is taking place today at patterson park. meterologiss emily gracey, has more from odays ometown hotspot-taking place in patterson park- trophies for pst, 2nd, 3rd aad 4th place winnersrecceve a ribbon ribbon the 46th annual preakness frog the 46th annual frrg hop akes place today in
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patterson pprk at the dominic mimi ice rink from noon- 1:00pm por ore information log onto morning imore dot commslash
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or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, deer park water is just $3.33 a case. heinz ketchup is only $1.49. that's for the party size. and hillshire farm sausage is an incredible $2.49. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. new this morning... o-j ssmpson is back in court this week... requesting a new trial. his lawyer is working to get hii released... after the n-f-l hall of famer was convicted in 2008 of kidnapping and armed robberyy heewws entenced to 9 to 33 years behiid bars.if the state taken to the federal courts. e - one of the 2 massage therapists... who's accusing &b
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identity remains nonymous... says he's withdrawing from the lawsuit becauseehe mistated thh date of the alleged incident.theeoohhr plaintiff in the case argues raaolta an atlanta hotel in jaauary. travoltaacontinues to deny the claims.the 58-year old actor has been married to actress kelly preston for 20 years. connress will convene today... to discuss a new report by the department of omeland security. it finds the t-s-a is not aaeeuately peporting, tracking and fixing airport security jersey senaaor frank study... after a serree of security breachhs at newark internationallone of the with akkife... bypassing tsa screeners.aaothee innolved passengers walkkng round security checkpoiits.... withhut being stopped. you may soon be able to ttst yourself for h-i-v... in the privacy of your own home.a committee unanimously approved the ora-quick in-home h-i-v
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test tuusday.if approved by theef-d-a... the test will be any nfectioussdisease. hiv or everybody's favorite gollen girllis cooing to d-c. betty phite is headed to washinnton today.her first stop is the smithsonian institution... followed by the national zoo. tomorrow he 90-year-old actress visits the smithsonian division of the museum complex... to discuss her career and longgime passion for animals. she will also be signing copies of her book, "beety and friendss my life at the zzo." coming up... overheating roblems... with the nee iipad..he tablet game... thht cannraise temperaturessas high aa á122á degrees..nd why kids aren't being tood o stay way. "he as in a attle for his life, thaa tragically he lo" loss." but next... new information that ould influence the outcome of george zimmerman's case.what's being revealed.. about trayvon watching fox 45 morning news..
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all local.. all morning. ((break 3)) ((bbmppin))
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newwdetails this morring... on theeextent of injuriee suffered by tte mmn who fatally shot flooida teen, wwether georgg zimmerman shot in self-defense aad is justified under florida's "stand yyor ground" was plenty of speculation more
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than a month ago... after purveillance video showed what appeared to be injuries to the back of zimmerman's now have more specific information from his faaily oc. doctor. george zimmerman ent to his family doctor the day after knowledge of the investiggtion confirm the doctor wrote a private medical report that specified zimmerman's says immerman had a clossddfracturr of his nose, the back of his also on says the doctor recommended zimmerman follow-up with an ear, nooe and throat specialist....but he did not. "a-bbc newss broke the story attorneyyfor martin's family reacted to theenews..hat we do know is that on feb. 26th, the er personnthere didn't beeieee his injuries were significant enough for him toogo to the hospittl, thhy didn't even ut not forget that trayvon martin was fighting man with a 9 millimeter gun. he was in a battle forrhis life, that
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ttaaically he lost.also -- w-f-t-v reports martin's autopsy shoos he had knuckle injuries.that information could boost zimmerman's laim he was attacked by martin.the mmrtinnfamily attorney said this..trayvon was fighting for have injjries on his hands?)- absolutely, he was standing self-defense. so, if somebody gotta gun i ant to ight for my life.i'm ick vincent reporting. coming up... a new facebook feature that allows users to ápayá... to pake their status updates on the news feed... and how much the new feature would cost. 3((megan live tease))safety concerns in baltimore.the plan that woulddalert yoo to waaching fox 455morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 4))
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/q ñ/z promoter says it will turn -
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phings around. tonight on fox 45 neww at five. ,3 -live look camden yards -beat the ankees last night -playing kansss city royals 3 tonight 3 3 p, liberty --green--map
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3 a new developement in the ccse getting eaten, stripped, and robbed on saint' atrick's day. dispatch tapes arr now this attack was justta small "wait a minute. i don't need no one on the air. pleasee just listen up. i need somebody to go to pratt and light. a medic s trying to get thrrugh. somebody has ptomped a mmle in the crowd. the ambo just passed a large group ffkids assaulting the male with one child on the groond. who do i have at prrtt nd light?" light?"9-1-1 was lloded with & more than 500 people conveeged on downtown baltimmre...picking fiihts...
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and stayiig ahead of police. there is a safety conern.many people say they are worried baltimore city police don't have a way to controo large is hereewith a proposed new - plan.... that would at east dangers. good morning patrice,,he innee harborris the heart of baltimore... for us and for visitors...but recent reports of violence there have a lot eepecially when you see largg p crowd of teenagers... and not a lot of crowd control. after several 9-1-1 calls about fights... police have started beefing p patrolss downtown.the incrrased presenne seems toohave helped. but some are calling for even more crowd cootroo.deeegate pat mcdonough thinks tourists should be warred about downtown dangers... before heading to the harbor for the upcommng memorial day holiday. 11:26:533"i think we need to alert citizes,,, is not safe."13:07:21 "i think they
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should be more aware of what goes on here."13:29:23 "it's enough to controllttemm.d not to say they would appreciate the warning. others say they're always on guard anyyay.i'm megan pilliland, fox45 morning news. the public can now get a plimpss of vidence... from the yearddeyylove murder trial. evidence in the case pgainsttgeorge hughley is on display in a virginna courtrrom.the former u-v-a laarosse playyr was convicted of killing llve at her off includes photographs and a tape of huguely'' interrogation by police. autopsy photographs will not be shown.huguely is set to be senttnced august 30th. john edwards .. his mmstress... and his oldest daughter could take the stand today in the former democratic piie-presidentiaa candidaae'ss corruption trial. caae edwards was on the &pwitness list for tuesday... but did not takeethe sttnd. eddards is accused of coverrng up his affair with unter with more than affair with hunter &phuntee with mooe than ith -
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one-million dollars whilee running for president in 20-08. hunter... former aide andrew young and john edwards himself are all listed a potential defense wittnsses today. defense attorneys say if they don't caal these witnesses... they will rest their case today. a second person has been diagnosed with flesh eating bacteria... just days after giving birth to twins. twins.lana kuykendall is being treaaed at greeeville memorial hospital in outh carolina. after kuykendall complained of - pain... and nooiced a spot on her leg that grew very fast. friends say she ad surgery and it seems like the bacteria has stopped one is sure how she contracted it. people turnnd out at the - university of georgii tuesday... to donate blood for a student who is battling a flesh-eating bacteria.aimee copeland remains in ccitical ccndition today... after looiig a leg to the bacteria. copeland became infected afttr falling from a homemade zip along a river.his moothh... the special session is
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expecteddto wrap up today with the final approval of a plan to raise the state income tax. the state senate passed tth annapolis.theebill would raise income taxes for individuals paking 100-thousand aayyarr.. ann couples makinn 150- thousand.supportees say pithouu thatt.. the state would hhve to make 500-million dollars in additional cuts. but opppnents say spending is already 700-million dollars higher thaa t was last year. &p(pipkin) "we ad an opportunity to say no, wee dd our job, but you know what, the governor and he interestt groups aid you know what, not enough, you just haven't spent (maaaaeno) "if we o not pass this bill, the serviessthat people of the state of maryland eed to get through these very difficult tiies, not have the servvces that illl they need." need."the increase to incomm taxes is áretro-activeá .... to jaauaryyfirst of this year.
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3 champion has been in baltimore he's bout to get some familiar company. company. jjel d. smith with the latest news on the preakness... .plus a way to scout the horses up close and personal.... todayy good mooning joel d. - ad lib.... sunnise at ld hilltop.... the tours of pimlico in tradition for hundredd of horserrcing fans. find all the nformation you &pneed about the preakness on when it comes to facebook... does it pay to be popularr
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3 theesooial media site eems to think so.according too"the dailyymail"... facebook is offering a new feature called "hhihliiht"... whiih allows users to ápayá... to make involves facbeook mooing your update... higher up ii the news feed.right now... the site is offering a trial run to sooe users... but it will eeentually be ffered for 2- dollars. that brinns us to our quuetion of theeday:would yyu pay to be more popullr on facebook?we''l take youu calls innouu 7 o'clock hour. 3you can aaso go to fox--altimore dot com ann tell us what you think... sound off phrougg facebook... or send us a tweee at foxbaltimore. coming up... theenewest i-pad... reachinn temperatures as hot ssá122 degrees.áthe 2 things you coulddbe doing... to cause it to overheat....and the purprisiig reason experts say... therees no reasoo to worry. &p ((ad ib meeeorologist))
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tab to enter. coming up... one man is turned away... from his favorite oller coaster ride.we'll tell you wwy... and 9 months later. but next... why some of yyur hurting your brain. the ingredient inside... that you're wwtchinggfox 45 orning news.. all locaa...all morning. ((break 6)) paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less?
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call 1.888.get.fios. new his morning... too much sugar can do more... than just widen your waistline.according to new research from the dumb.researchers found that u - rats who were fed high- fructose cornnsyrup... had a hard time finding their wayy through a maze.the averaae ammeican consumes more than 40-pouudd of high-fructose corn syrup a year. the u-s government is stepping up efforts... to combat alzheimer's disease.on healtt and human serviccs see a ddadline of 0-25... to find
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mind-destroying disease..he includes 2 major cliniccl ch - innolves an innuuin nasal spray for treating the drug intended to stop symptoms for alzheimer's.right now... more than 5 million americcns dementias.that nnmber is byytheeyear 20-50.o 16 mmlllon - viddos like this one ... sprrad likk wildfire on beaaen, robbed and stripppd in ddwntown baltimore. but this is just one exammle oo violence gone viral. many of the videos out there noo featureekids invllved in viilence aad of peopleebe able to watch it 3 over and over again is a ttoobling rend. dr. tyrone powerss former fbi aggnt and &pdirrctor of the homeland &psecurity and criminal justice institute at anne arundel
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community colleee joins us. -what o you think of the rising trenn of violeet
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videos goinn viral-why do people put aside the fact they an get in
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trouble ... for the ttrill of prom schoolserrto ban kids - coming up... 3&coming up... cominggup... a warning... for people uuing tablet to overheat.and hy our sometimes... charging it...
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next... in consumer reports. ((breek 7)) 3
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((bump in)) problems are detectee... with the new i-paa.but are they caase for concern?what they aree.. and how they compare to othee tabllttbrands... in this morniig's consumer reports. reports. p(takeevo))consumer reporrs first heat-tested the new i-pad by runnnng a higgly- demanding graphic-intensive video game at rrom new ipad gets about 12 degrees hotter thhn the i-pad 2.... sparking lots of live coveragee.. including jay leno on the tonighh shoo.. ((take customers have nothing to ays worry about. laughterr((taae vo))consumer reports says there's no danger of says pheee's no consumer reports (((ake vo))consumer reports says there's o danger of but o test thh i-pad and othee ablets further...
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special chamber... with a stimulate a hot summer day. - the screen was set to full brightness... and teeters ran &phiihly-demanning actton game. the new i-pad was again hotter than the i-paa 2.. and reached á122-degreesá in the hottest fast processors... from asus (ay-soos) and samsuug... &preached similar temperatures of 117 and 121 degrees. but consumer reports says there's no risk posed.((take sot))"the waa you use a tablettit's pnlikell that youure skin will be exposed o the hotspot foo long. and in most uses,,the tablet just won't get that reports also discovered an ábatteryá chaages. if you're playing a ighly-demanding in... he i-pad might not fully rrcharge... or could continue to drain. ((take sot)) "it's mostly an inncnvenience.. you can lower the screen's brightness tooaboutt2/33ds... and that should keep yoor bbtteey going. ((take voo)in
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fact... when results of consumer rports standard tests for the new i-pad and 10 pther new tablets weee in... the new i-pad topped the ratings. ((take sot))"the ipad is an excellent product. it has the best tablet screenn we've ever seen nd great battery life overall. it also has some wwlcome features like option for a 4-g database coming up in our 7 coming up in our 7 o'clock hour... meteorologist emily graceyyis at the starting line... of this year's preakness ffog hop. and soon... you coold be too! the prize bbing offered if you win... coming up n our watccing fox 45 morning 3 3q
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[ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian safety concerns in baltimorr.the plan hat woold alert you doontown dangers before you're in the middle of it. get ested.. without going to theedoctor.the deadly disease you could soon be able to est for in theeprivacy of your oon home. &pnd... the six worst home 3 3 & - kegasus today is wednesday, may 16.
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3 3a new developementtin the case of a tourist in baltimore... getting beatee, stripped, and robbed on saint''patrickks day. pispatch tapes are noww released... and it shows... this attackkwas just a small "wait a minute. i don't need no one on the air. pleaae just listen up. i need somebody to go tt prrtt and light. a medic is trying to get through.. somebody has stomped a male in the crowd. the ambo just passed a large group of kids assaulting tte male with one child n the pround.. who do i have at pratt and light?" &plighh?"9-111 was flooded with baltimore...picking fights... &pmany people say they are baltimore... eepecially at tte inner harboo... where sometimes hundreds of peeppe gather for special eventt. megan gilliland is here with a proposed new plan.... that lets you know about problems before you ever get near it. 3good morning patrice,the innerr harbor is the heert of
7:04 am
baltimooe... for us and for &vi of violence there have a lot people oo edge. esppcially when you see large a crowd of teenagees... andd not a lot of crowd control. after several 9-1-1 alls started beefing p paarols - downtown.and the increased presenceeseems to have helped. but some are calling for even ssnding a letter... wwtt thesee- rioting mobs."daniellssnders: 13:34:17-32 "becauss at night time it's a little unruly even as a grown man in a pack just like in the wild they'reenot afraid oo anything they'll try to rob you." you." pourisss should be warned nks - about the downtown dangees... for the uucommng memorial or day... and the other holidays to follow. &psome people we talled say
7:05 am
they'd appreiciate a waaning. morning news. aabaltiiore county police officer faces sex offense charges after a fellow officerr &psays he gave her a foot massa. massage.42-yeaa-old harold pilliaas worrs t the coontyy police training academy. academy.hees charged with a fourth-degree sex offenseeand second-degree ssault. the victim say williams was in marcc when he began rubbing his crotch with her feet. we o not tolerate.... we took action as soonnas this incident caaeeto light." light." williams is removed from his &pposition and assigned o administtativveddties while the department investigaaes the incident. a new report details the injuries on the man who shot florida teen trayvoo martin to . death.the report shows geerge zimmerman went to his family doctor the ddy after martin was killed.sources confirm the doctor wrrte a medical report saying thaa says zimmerman had nose.. two black eyes and wo
7:06 am
cuts on the back of his head. ittalss says the doccor recommended immerman follow- up with an earr nnse and throat specialist... but he martin's family rracted to the news. p3&((what we do know is hat on feb. 22th, thh er person there him to go to the hospital, - pand-aid on his head.)) hhad.)) there are also reports that informatioo couud boost s he ha3 zzmmerman'' claim he shot martinnin self-defense. zimmerman ii free on a 150--housand-dollar bail. new details will be baltimorr grand prix. prix.miihael andretti... the former racer and president of andretti sports maaketing... wwll share information about the event... incluuing ticket sales, sponsorship and expectee to approvv a five-e - year ccntract wit the company this morning. the city has terminated previous contracts
7:07 am
with two otter race ooganizers... affer one ffiled to pay up... and the other missed a deadline. 3 the preakness is juss 3 days aaay, but for those who can't wait, the touus of old morning. joel d. smitt ni. is there right now with the laaest preaaness neww, and &pwhat kind of access you will find if yyu head out to pimlico in tte next few hours.... good morning joel d. d. aa lib....
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3 3 &p 3 industry. horse raciig depend pn the in maryland depend on the horss racing industry.
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3 3 & find all the information you need about thh preakness on our website.just got to fox- balttmore dot com slash preaknees.
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3pnspiration to lose weight... can come from anywhere.for one man in virginia... it came prom his favorite amuseeeet &ppark ride.nat ambrose... who &pweighhd more thaa 3-hundred pounds... was not allowed to ride a roller coaster at kings says he was embarrassed... and decided it was time to make some serious changes.sooover the past 9 months... he managed tt lose á105 pounds.á he then returnee to the park to ride the ccaster. meeorial ddy travel... people aree hitting the road traaelersswonnt have to use mmch gas... to get where they're going. going. yyu're atching fox 45 morning news.. all ((break 1)) 3
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inside fox45 ab. be more visible to your friendss.. the ew feature facebook is &ppopuuarr you're watching fox 45 morninn news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 22) 3
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new this morning... a big day... for baltimore's catholic church. singingtoday... archbishop william loriiwill be installed... replacing cardinal edwin o'brien as leader of the baltimore video frommlast nighh's vespers servicc... which took place at the basilica downtown.
7:19 am
as part of the eremony... archbishoo lori prayed at the tomb offjohh ccrroll... the first archbishop of the first catholic diocese in the untied states. &pyou can watch he installatio of archbishop lori live on our website .. foxbaltimore dot comm.. at 1130 ttis affernnon. look for "arrhbishop lori installation" in the hot topics section at the top of &pthe screen. you may soon be able tootest yourself for h-i-vv.. in the privacy of your own home.a food and drug administration committee unanimously approoed the ora-quick in-home h-i-v the f-d-a... tte test will be the first over-the-counter test to be marketed for hivv r any nfectious diseasee more ppople are expecttd to weekend.triple-a predicts ay - nearly 31-milliin ammricans willlget behind the wheel for a holiday weekend getaway... phich is a half miilion more than last year.buu most people will not travel far... and a suuvey bb triple a says many travelers plan to stayyat less expensive accommodations orr
7:20 am
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com slash morning. - while you're thhre... get your latest headlines, weather and traffic updates on foxbaltimore dot com... á andá it's all free. o-j simpson...back in the spotl. spotlight..why his attorneys pill be in court today... trying to clear his name. you're wwtching fox 45 mmrning ewss. all local.. all morning. promoter says it will turn - phings around. tonight on fox
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fibbe map 3 &p a new developement in thh case
7:33 am
of a tourrst in baltimore... getting beaten, stripped, and robbed on saint' patrick's ddy. dispatch tapes are now released... aad it shows... this attack was just a small part of the chaos downtown. "wait a minute. i on he air. lease just lliten up. i need somebody tto n the air. please don't need o one "wait a minnte. i don't need nooone on the air. please just listennup. i need somebody o go to pratt and light. a mmdic is tryinn o get through. somebodyyhaa stomped aamale in theecrowd. the ambo one child on the ground. who do i have at ratt and light?" light?"9-1-1 was flooded witt more than 500 people converggd on downtown baltimooe...picking fights... pnd staying ahead of police. there is aasafety conern..any people say thee are worried baltimorr cctt police don't have aaway to control large crowds... especially at he inner harbor.megan gglliland is here with a propossd new plan.... that would at least alert youuto the downtown dangers. good morning paarice,the inner harbor is the heart of the innnr harboo patrice,tte inneer harbor is the heart of baatimore....for us and for
7:34 am
visstors...but recent reportss of violence there have a lot people on edge. eepecially when you see large a crowd of teenagers... and not a ot of crowd control. after several 9-1-1 alls about fights... police ave ssarted beefiig up pptrols downtown.the innreased presence seemssto have helped. but some are calling ffr evee more crowd control.delegate pat mcdonough thinks tourists should be warned about downttwnndangers... before heading to the harbor for the upccming memorial day hollday. 12:26:53 "i think we need to 13:07:21 "i think they should "- be more aware of what goes on at one time and not enough to onttol them." them."some tourists we talked to say they woull appreciate others say they're alwwys on guard anyway.i'm megan gillilaad, fox45 mornnng news. phe publlc can now get a plimpse of eviddnce... from the yeardley love murder against george hughlly is on display in aa irginia
7:35 am
courrroom.the former u-v-a lacrosse player was convicted of illing love at her off campus apartmmnt.the evidence includes photoggaphs and a tape of huguelyys interrogation by police. autopsy photographs will not be shown.huguely is set tt be sentenced august 30th. 3 expecttd to wrap up today with the final approval of aaplan to raise the state income ttx. the state seeate ppssed the legislation tuesday in annapolis.the bill would raise income axessforrindividuals mmkingg100-thousann a year... and couplls making 150- thousaad.supporters say without thatt.. the state dollars in additional cuts. but opponents say spenning ii already 700-million dollars higher than it was last year. (pipkin) "we had an opportunity to say no, we did our job, but yoo know what, the governor and the interest groups said what, the goverror and did our job, but you knnw opportunity to say no, we did our job, but you know what, the governor and the interest groups said you know what, not enoogh,,you just haven't spent enough money."-butt to- this bill, the servies thaa s -
7:36 am
people of the tate of maryland need to get through &pthhse ery difficull ttmes, tees of thousands, hundreds of thousands of our families will not have tte services that they need." need."the increase tooincome taxes is áretro-activeá .... to january ffrst of this year. o-j simpson is back in court this week... requesting a new trial.his lawyer is working to get him releasedd.. after the n-f-l hall of famer was convicted in 2008 of he was sentenced to 9 to 33 ..-3 denies the appeal... it can be taken to the ffderal courts.. california....craals ut of a first. police say the father left his infant son... áaloneáiin this van by a lake.police think the baby crawled out of the broken window, hitting his head on the grouud.he was father, marc mcmurrian, was confronted by reporters..... and tte heated confrontation wasscaught on camera. nats: "caa you pleese move
7:37 am
that somewhere else... you don't need o be videottping mm right now." now."records show dad was &parrested on three counts of chill abuse last yer...and jail.. the baby's in the custoddof child protective services congress willlconvene todaa... to discuss a new report by thh security. it finds the t---a is ot adequately airport security lautenberr requestte the ptudd... after a series of security breaches at newark of he pncidents involved a passenger with a knife... bypassing tsa screeners.another involved ppssengers walking around &psecurity checkpoiits.... without being stopped. the kentucky derby phampion has been in baltimore for a week already.... and he's about to get ome ffmiliar compaay. company. joel d. smith latest ews on the with he - ppeakness... .plus a way to
7:38 am
scout the horses up lose ann personal.... today. good morning joel d. ad libb...
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3 3 p new developement in the case of a tourist n baltimore.... gettinggbeaten, stripped, and roobed on saint' ppttick's day. released... and it shows... this aatack was just a small part of the chaos downtown. "wait minute. i don't neee no one on the air. please just isten up. i need light. a medic is trying to stompedda mall in the crowd.. phe ambo just paased a larre group of kids assaulting the male wiih one child on the ground. wwo do i have at pratt and llght?" light?"9-1-1 was fllodedd ith moreethan 500 baltimore...pickiin fights... and staying ahead of police. many people say they aae
8:04 am
concerned about safety in baltimore....especially attthe inner harbor... wheree sometimes hundreds of people events.after several 9-1-1 calll about ights... police have started beefing up pressnce seems to have por even more crowd ontrol. (pat mcdonough) 12:25:08 "i'm sending a letter... wiih these riotiigg 13:34:17732 "because at night time it's a liitle unruly even ps a grown man in a pack just liie in the wild thee're not afraid of annthing they''l try to rob you" you."deleeate aa mcdonnuuh thinks tourists shouud be warned about the downtown harbor for the upcomingg the number of children who o swallowing batttries... has more thaa ádoubledá in the past 20 years. years.that's according to a &ne
8:05 am
online."researchers say batteries are particularly dangerous or children nder phe victims are boys.the &pincreasing number of e-r visits shows the need for precautionss kk better - a big day....for ballimore's 33singing &pinstalled... replacing cardiial edwin o'brien as catholic aachdiooese.this ii video frrm last night's as parttof the ceremony... ok - arccbishop llrr prayed at the &pfirst archbishop of the first ssates.c diocese in the untiedd- youucan watch the installation &pccm... at 1:30 thii afternoon. pook for "archbishop lori &pinstallation" in the hot popics section at the top of the screen.
8:06 am
33 days away, but or those who caa't wait, the tours of ood hilltop areestarting this morni. is there riiht now with the find if you head out to nd 3 pimlico in the next few hours.... good ,3 3 bbsiness..boost... to... &p it'll... giveea 3
8:07 am
&pwinner ooo dealincue: ddrby cool dealrby winneroutcue: 3
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3 find all the iiformation yoo need about the preaknees on &pour website.jjsstgot to fox- balttmore dot om slash preakness. 3&jay-z is baccing preeident obama's stance... on sameessx m. a recent ccmpared it to discrimiiation faced by blacks in the u-s. saying... it's discriminaaion ppain and simple. meannime... boxer manny ppcquiao told pepooters hat obama's the quote, "will of god." everybody's ffvorite golden girl s coming tt d-c. c. bettyywhite is headed to washington today.her first institution... followed by the national zoo. tomorrow the 90-yeer-olddactress vissts the educational divisson of thee museum complex... to discuss
8:09 am
her career and longgime &ppassioo for animals. she will plso be signing copies of her book, "betty and friends: my still ahead... the universool circus ii coming to baatimore. your cue to call.iviig awaa
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one star. star.but tte personnin the spotliiht isn't in hollywood. cannace dood is here to explain foo toody's tinseltown on twitter.candace-we are talking about a little boy nine-year-old ryan kennedy is dying ffooma rare form of brain cancer. after 7 kinds of chemo, thee4th grader told his mother he's had eeough and he issnow living out his final days. people from arrund the world havv
8:21 am
worldwide.celebrities have been tweeting about him.. inncuding briiney speaas. keep on tweeting ##yankknnedy - i'm gonna follow a few fans who tweet it :)" ryans mother has bben karp says: "i showed himmthe twitttr pagee i showed him the twitter from britnny spears aad he cried and he said, this juss brings joy to myyheaat and just touches me so much." much." grader's dying wish to become t& fact,ryan oes not have a twitter account. howeverr he since this is brain canccr &pareness month. - let's talk about a celebrity
8:22 am
whoois in the headlines ffr a tc=:52----i'm on the riggt .. track baby i was born this 3&that is lady gaga performing her hit in australia.she performed heree. uttshe will not get iitooher sold-out show in indonesia. the diva hhd o cancel the june concert afterr iilammc hard-liners and conservativeelawmakers protested againnt her sxy clothes and dance mooes. they poung people. national police hhve complied with ppotesters, denying gaga the show permit. it would have been the biigest she did tweet these pictures oo herself from another stop in toykk...herrfamous meat dress pe always want we always want to keep you up
8:23 am
to we always want to keep yyu up to date n the latest news whether its ffom hollywood or surr to follow us on twittee. - under the community features r & sectionn coming up... a company's new markkting scheme... is facing seriousscrim criticiim.we'll explain why for its new punch top ccn... and what it's actually inttnded to're waaching fox 5 morning news.. all local...all mo
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&pit's foster awareness mmnth... and the foster ccre system provides loving homes to many biological mother, foster a story. brandy patterson, wendy dee, and cherish jjin s with --brandy and wendy, each of abouttthe other... wwaa were they and hoo did you transcend them?--what is your relattonship liie now?--how has foster care helped cherish? cherish?
8:27 am
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for more information about foster care monnh, og n to fox baltimore dot com slash morning. 3coming up... the mother of trayvon martin is issuing a public thanks... po her co-workers.the ultimatt watching fox 455mornnng news..
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-3 amp iberrma[ 3
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3 we are following bbeakkng news out of anne arundel county.... a child is hit by a car in severn.mediis areeon the scene right now at the intersection of blle wwter boulevard and roff point word on the child's condition at this
8:33 am
timm.. but we will ontinue to followwthis story and bring you the lateet as soon as it becomes available. &p3 the special session is expected to wrap up today with the final aaproval of a plan to raise the state innome tax. the state senntee assed the aanapolissthe bill would raise income taxes for individuals &pmaking 100-thousand a year... and couples making 150- &pthhusand.supporterr say wouud have tt make 500-million dollars in additional cuts. but opponents say spendiig is highee than it wass astt ear.- (pipkin) "we haa n our job,,but you know what, d the governor and tte nterest &pennugh, yyu just haven't pen enough money."-butt to- (madaleno) "if we do not pass this bill, the seevies that peoole of the state of maryland need to gee through tenssof thouuands, hundreds of
8:34 am
thousands offour families will not have the serviics thht need."theeincrease to income taxxs is áretro-activeá .... to januaryyfiist of this year. martin... is thanking her colllagues for their support ...and special dooations.... &pand it wasn't money. money.on tuesday... sybrina fulton thanked coworkers for paid leave.fulttn is a miaami hasn't been to work since her &pin february.nd killed, back to each and every oon of you , &pwho voted to help me with thi fight, with this campaign,, with this movement. i appreeiate it.."i was able to donate time and iiwas glld to do it, because that was somethhng thaa i was able too do on a physicalllevel to help hee emotionally." &pemotionally."192 of her co- workers donated 8 months of their vacation and sick time one of the 2 massage therapisst... who's acccsing
8:35 am
actor john ravolta of seeual charges.the man... who's l char. lawsuut because he mistated incident.the other plaintiff groped him during a massage at an atlanta hotel in jjnuary. travoltt continnes tt deny the claims.the 58-year old actor has beennmarried to actress kelly reston for 20 years. there's a newwproduct on the market... that lets yyu drink your beer faster. faster.but some say... it could spell trouble ffr young d. drinkers. miller lite has created the new punch top can. it has a pofttspot on top....that once punctured and pened... the air pressure forces the aacohhl ut faster. critics believe the product targets teenagers and young get drunk faster. (gimbel) "no adult cares about that. you wanna drink a beer yyu ddink a beerr it's only youug teees who are drinking to get drunk that liie to have
8:36 am
it comeeout, like a shotgun." shotgun.. according to a recent federal survey... students between the ages of 18 and 24 die each year frrm alcoool-rellted unintentional injuries. a wisconnin man picketssa restuarant... for not liiing up to it's advertisement... of fish, buu wanttd more.the d -- restauranttsays they were running out of fish and patiencee nd sent him home with 8 more pieces.but that wasn't ennugh for wisth... he called theeppllce, nd ccme back to picket... two days later.a waitress says he has a tab aatthe restauuant... andd has beenna problem custommr before. wisthhplans to picket theerestaurant every sunday until something chhnges. &p the kentuuky derby championnhas been in altimore pe's bouttto get some familiir company. is live at pimlico wwth the latest news on the preakness... .pluu a way to
8:37 am
scout the horses up close and personal.... todayy good mornnng joelld. 3 3 -3& 3 3 o'clockoutcue: will know at 6 incue: 3 horses who ranincue:
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coming up... one oman's terrifying run in-in with a poose... tooals hee car. car."iffi'd been an iich tallee it would have taken the off."but it's whaa happened disturbing.whaa she did... forr caa... days're . watching fox 45 morning news.. all locaa.. all morning. p(break 5)) ((ad [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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3 coming up... it'' down theetop 3 singees... on "american idol."
8:46 am
i can literally taste he final. finale.but there's something áelseá thess ontestants are fantazing aboot... besides a shot at fame.what thhy're pooking forward tt most... when the season is're watchinn fox 45 morning news.. all locall. all morning. ((break 6))
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3 three's a crowd ... which means someone is about to get the boot on "american iddl." this mornnng we caach up with the finallthree in &phollywood. (((pkg))) it's down to the bottom three and for jessica, phillip and joshua, the finish line is close, depending on who you ask. ledet says, "i definitely feel the end iss almostthere itts getting clossr and i can literally taste the finale. i want to be phere so bad, it'ssright arounn the corner i can rrmember the first day of the
8:49 am
"it feels like miles and iles and iles away, e only got two more weekssto go before the finale and i feee like phillips says, "it's right there, it's onnyya couple of song choice and executiin haa usually been tte key equation to move someone oo. lopez says, they all are doing what they need to do of eing themselves. i feel like they are so individual ann i think it's aboottmaking really good &pchoices each wwek." saachez says, "i question myself all the time and i think we all do, throughout the week we are confidenttyea we have the song ten minutee before the ssow n going toocrack, going to forget the words, we're going
8:50 am
aad although there will be ttousands of screaming ans, each have been fantasiiinn s, do or eat. ledet says, ng tt - "jumbalia, it's rrce, ausage and pork steak all these different spices and gravy onionss" phillips says, "my and some chicken and cheese naahos."sanchez says, "i'm going to go to my house and go to my bed and take aareal good &pnnp." 3 you can see american idol peee on fox45. piwaat to know what you think of the competition.i will be chatting on facebook during the show tonight.just log on to our facebook &ppage....acebook dot com slashh
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"idol ive chat".it all starts &pat 8pm. we ill also bring you behind the scenes coverage from the finaae next week.i will be live froo hollywood next monday-thursday. straiiht ahead... a terrifying run in-in with a moose... totals one woman's car. car."if i'd been an inch taller it would have taken the top of mm head off." ooff"but ii's what happpned ánextá... that's even more disturbing.what she then minutes... and what was foundd in her purse.... fter the accident. and ww take you to the starting line... of ttis year's preakness ffog hop.the prrze being offered if you &pwin... coming up in our hometown hotspot. you're waaching fox 45 morning news... all ocal.. all morn
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in blueberry/pomegranate and peach. there are certain moments i life that are so intense... so exceptional... they''e eeched in our memories ffrever.or as jeanne moos expllin....maabe no. not. fuu all over? canadian and all memory of the acciddnt, los- milee to arrive at work on 25
8:55 am cindy aulson came running."and i said "and i said, 'nothing.' and she asked mmeif i was ok and i said, 'yeah, why wouldn't i be??"blooddstrreming down her swollen hhaa..."i ssid 'michelle, you were in an acciientt' she said, 'no i wasn't.'" buu when she turned and saw her car,,the one she had just stepped ut of...."i was devastated to see tteestate my caarwas in." next ssop, the hospital. michelleehiggins has been recovering ever since from two broken bones in her neek and bruises allre...."did you actually have a hoof print o your face?""right up ttere." she calls it a scuff mark. "but the moose looked worse than michelle did. police found it dead on thh ssde of the road." michelll was driving from home to her job panderr newfoundland. she - believvs she rounded a bend on struck the moose, peeling back the op of the car. officials
8:56 am
ttld her..."if i'd been an innh taller it would havee ttkkn the top of my ead off." she hhs no memory of driving thh next 25 miles..."stopping at red liihts ann making lefts and rights?"""xactly, yeah, i made two lefts aad a right. mmchelll says the memory loss really otherr her."i lost 5 dollars a few years ago and still drives me ccazy woonering where it iss now i've lost my mind."finally a &ppair of pedestrians camee forward confirming they'd seen her ddiving by.""therees a lady driving a car with no down memory lane with her go - moose, but sse's happy ..."i'm breathing and i'm wwlking." "michelle says heee was moose fur all ovee the car, all over per clothes." "wow.""thattwas in my ag.""in your purse?" "yeah." sadly for them both, michhlle bagged a mooss.jeennee mmoo, nn,"you can take it out in haadfuls."new york.
8:57 am
baltimore... we have some breaking news juut nto our pewsrrom... about a child who his conditton... and whattt on we're learning abbut the aacident... right after the break.yyu're watchinn fox 45 morning.
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