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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 16, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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wednesday may 6th. 3 -tease gas card giveaway 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 we are following breaking news out of anne arunddl county... a six year old boy is eing taken to the hospital right now with life threatening injuries after being hit bb a car n odenton. happenee at ttee &pintersection of blue water 3 just before 8 this morning. right now he's beinggtaken to johns hopkins pediatrics by medevac. we have a crew oo thh way to tte scene and will bring you the latest as soon - as it ecomes availlale. 3
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& 3pa new development in the case offa tourist in baltimorr... &ppobbed on saint' patrick's day. released... and it shows... part of the chaos downtown..- 3 "wait a minutee i donnt neee no one on the air. please just listen up. i need somebody to o to pratt andd llght. a medic isstrying to get ttrough. somebody has 3 the 3 ambo just passed a large group -3 of kiid assaulting the male pith one chhld on the ground. lightt"991-1 was flooded wwth more than 500 people onverged on downtown baltimorr...picking fights... and ssaying ahead of policee.-& any people say they are concerned abouu safety in &pbaltimore... especially at the &pinner arbor... where somettmes huudreds of peoplee gather for sppcial evenns. events.after several 9-1-1 calls about fights... police have started beefing up paarols downtown.the increased
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-33 prrsence seees to hhve heeped... bbt some re calling for evennmore crowd control. (paa mcdonough) 12::5:08 "i'm sending a etttr....wiih these riottng mobss"daniel sanders: 13::4:17-32 "because at night & time it's a little unruly even as a grown man in a ppck just -3 likeein the wild they're ot afraid 3 oo anything they'll trr to rob ou." you." 3 delegate pat mcdonough thhnks tourists should be warned about the downtown dangers before headinn toothe harbor foo tte upcoming memorial day weekend. 3 33 the speciaa session is 3 the final approval of a plan to raiss the state ncooe tax. the state senateepassed te 3annapolis.the bill would raise income taxee for individuals pakkng 100-thousand aa ear... and couples making 150- thousand.that ttx increase is áreero-acciveá .... tt january first of this year.
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3 pa big day... orrbaltimorees catholic ccurch. 3singing singing 3& today... archbiisop williaa lori will bb insttlled... replacing cardinal edwin o'brien as leader of the &pnight's vespers service... which took place at the basillca part of the ceremony... aachbishop -3&ppori prayed at the tomb of john carroll... the first archbishop of the ffrst catholic diocese in theeuntied states. 3 you can watch heeinstallatioo pf rchbishop lori live on our website .. foxbaltimore dot com... at 1130 ttis afternnon. look for "archbishop lori installation" in the hot topics section at the top f the ssrren. 3 the preaknesssis 3 juut 3 days away, but for -3 those who can't wait, the tours oo olddhilltop are starting this morning. morning. joel d..ssith
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is there right now with tte latest preakness news,,and what kind of access you willl find if you head out to & mmrning joel d. -3 d. ad lib.... 3 some ...of the -3 from... maayland casinos... is... used... to... 3 333 bussness. bost... to... - 3 incue: utcue: about tours 3
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3 33 find all the informationnyou neee about the preakness on our websiie.just got to fox- baltimore dot com slash preakness. everybody's faaorite golden girr is coming to d-c. c. betty white is headeddto stop is theesmithsonian institution... followeddby thh national zoo. tomorrow the 3 smithsoniia associates... an educational ddvisiin of the museum cooplex... tt discuss her career anddlonggiiee passion for animaas. she ill -3 also be siining copies of er &pbook, "betty ann ffiends: my life at theezoo."
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3 sometimes it doesn't paa to -3 show off. off.((:03 revvinn engine :06)) ::6)) 3 what happenn to his 2-hundred thousann dollar car in just five's a moment that will akeeyouu - cringee.. comingguu..- up. yoo're watching 3 ((bump out)) 3 ((breaa 1))
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3 &p3 hinkkyyu &phaveewhat it takes o be a frog jockey..... well, hereeis your chance! he 46th annual
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3 ppeakness frog hop is taking -3 place todaa aa patterron park today at hop is takiig place -3 prrakness frog the 6th annuaa pprakness frrg hop is taking place tooayyaa patterson park emily ggaaey, has more from todays hometown -free forrall aaespatterson 3 p3d ann 44h place winners recieve a ribbon -3 ribbon 3 3& the 6th annual preakness froo hop takessplace park at the dominic mmmi ice ink from -3 poon- 1:000mfor more onto foxx baltimore dot com -3 3 3 3
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3 -3 3 your chance tt win a 1--undred - dollar gas card is next. car. baa day. day..(:03 revving enggnee:06)) ((:13 he'ssgonna fly..) fly.))coming up...the 3 lamborghhni'' left ttrn thatt turns into cringe worthy moment ... next. next. youure watching fox 45 good day baltimore. &p3 ((breek 2))
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33&p((:44 (revving) gasp! goo that -& on video. 1:00)) 1:00))let's hope they 33 have car et's hope they pave car insurance!the drrver seemed to be howing off in 3 25-thousand dollar lamborghini... but insteea of looking ccol... it crashee ii in the chicago suburrs... and
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-3 the moment has gone vvral... alreadyy2 and a half millloo day. -3 3 forronce.. you won't haveeto worry about gas prices.iits our fox45 royallfarms ffll uppcontest! contess!we're giving way three... 100 dollar rooal farms gas cards everyday... all wwek longg... and we're drawing aanther winnee ight nnw. now.
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33 connratulations!if you didn'' win this time don't worry... -3 you'll haaeethree more chances to win tooorrow. -3 tomoorow.want to ggt your name in the boxxtte only way you can wwn is y "liking" us on ffcebook.all you have to do is go too ur facebook page... facebook dot com slaah fox &pbaltimore and complete the entry form on the insideefox45 tab to enter. 3 3-3 3 &&p33 &p
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3 3& nee detailssin the george ziimerman case. case.cominn up... what a pdoctor's reporttreveals about tte man wwo shot trayvon martin... what njuries hee 3 when dissster strikes... doo't forggt your -3 pet.the isasterrkit you need... so that áeveeyoneá in your family isscovered. -3 you're watchhng fox 45 good day baltimore.
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3 tornado eason and hurricane -&pseason areecoming... and you know disasterrcan strike herr in maryland. 3 when disasters strike you may &phave an emergency plan for you and your family... &p but what about your pets??-&pdoug ent,froo the red cross joins us in studiootoday... - what do we need to plan for pets? to take them with yyu red cross does ot shelttr animals-what hould be in tteir emmrgeecy medications, water name of veterinarians ettc-how do we knnw when we & should takeeouttpets wiih 3 for mooe information log
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3 onto fox baltimore dottcooe slash morningg 3 be preparrd for preakness. preakness.coming up ... thee fabuuous flavvrs...and -3 the hht of your preakness 3 3 anddyou are looking live at a ress onference goinggon at preakness righttnoo.that's
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kentucky derby winner "i'll have another'ss"trraner there llve riggh after the brrak. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 ((break 4))
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3 --3 p3-3& p3 3 &p 3 3 3 3 3 fiber map
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3 p3 a new report detaals the injuries onnthe man who shot florida teenntrayyon mmrtin to deaah. death.the repoot shows george &pzimmerman went to hissfamily doctor the day after marrin was illed.ssurces confirm tth dootor wrote a medical report closed fracture of his nose.. &ptwo black eyes aad two cutt on theeback of his alss zimmerman follow-up withhan ear, nose and throat &pspecialist... but heedid not. an attornee for martin's family reacted to the news. ((whattwe do know is that on febb 26th, the er person there didn'' believe his injuries were significant nouug for hii to go to the hhspptal, &pttey didn't even put a band-aid on his head.)) heed.))there aae also reports had kkuckle injuries.ttat information could boostt
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3 martin in self-defense. zimmerman is free on a 150-thousand-dollaarbail. &p3 new dettils will be baltimorr grand prix. 3 pormer racer and president of andretti sportt marketing... will share information about the evenn... including ticket sales, sponsorship and marketing nitiatives. the city's board of estimates is expected to approve a five- year contract wwth the company this morning. the city aa -perminated previous contrrcts pith two other race organizers... after one failee - to pay up... and the other missed a deadline. more people are xpected to hit the road thii memorial day weeeend. peekend.trippe-a predicts nearlyy31-million americans will get behinn the wheel for 3 wwich is a half million ore than last year.but most people will not travel far... nd a survey bb trrple says many -33 travelers plln to stay aa less -3 exxensive accommodations or scale back on ennertaanment to save money. 3 the kentucky
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3 derby champpon hassbeen in baltimooe for a week 3 get some familiar company. company. joel d..smith &pis live at pimlico ith the latest news on the preakness... .ppus a way too mmrning joelld. 3 3 3-
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3 & 3--3 3 3 find all the information you need boot the preakkess on pur website.juss got tt fox--- balttmore dot com slash preakkess. 3 there's more to preakness than just the race. race.coming up... sweet treats to delight guests at race day get together. find ouu if the weaatee will cooperate with race day... next.. you'reewatching fox 45 good daa bbltimorr. 3 ((break 5))
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she went home with whitney houston after rehab... got my luggage, came downstairs and went with her, i went home with her. they spoke on the phone the day houston died... it brings me to tears because i loved her so. and i knew she wanted god. i knew she did. the side of the story no one else is talking about... from those who knew whitney houston best...
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3 ((ad lib meeeorolooistt)
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33 life-saving c-p-r 3 for your pet. how to give mouth-to-mouth to
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a pet... llarn along with hee... it just might save your pet's life one day. day.and we're stilllkeeping an eye on preakness where ái'll have another'sá trainer is 3& fox 45 good day altimore. ((break 6))
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3 c-p-r is oftenn used on people but rarely used on ppts.but there reetiiee - when ittcould be necessary... dougglent, from the red cross joins us again in studii..... to teach us pet c-p-r. -why class? nexpectee emergencies- how long is thh class?-what will we learn in thh class?? & problems, perform prrlass?
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3 for more information og ooto fox baltimoreedottcom slash 3 save room for essert. dessert.a looo aa ssme party....where to go forr hese tassy cupcakes. you're watching fox 45 good day & baltimore. 3 ((break 7))
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3 3 3"i'll have anotherr ight be
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&the winner of the ákentucky deebyá..but you'll probably payy"i'll have another" if you 3 inspired cupcakes..## from iced gemssjoins us this morning.preekness cupcakes.are these (((annm)))for more information about orrmoree (((anim)))
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3 for more 3 informatioo about iced gems, &plog on information about for moree 3 information about ced gems, llo on to fox baltimore dot com ssash morning. 3 we'll be right back.
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grand ppix how a new - promoter says it will turn phings around. tonight on fox 45 neww at five.
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