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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 17, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3 pajor ssrgery in the united states... th3 3 -3 3 3 3 -3 3 -3 3"i have about 30 at home and pll of them are on" on"free phones funded by áyou.á why yoo're paying for people to have dozens of cell phones... and the new move ttat could put an end to it 3 singing nats nats and... whyydo we love american idol? tte medical reason we can't stoo watching rrelity t-v. 3 -3 3 3 3 today ii thhrsday, 3& may 17..- 3&p 3 3
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3 & 3 a baltimore county couple faces federal charres... accused of holling a 15-yeer &pold girl as a see sllve.megan &pgillilanddis herr with more on wwat police say they id to her behinn closed doors. 3 gooo morning patrice,police
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say this is a ex ring that -involved bonnage and -&pmas--chism.a disterbing and violent story... that was unfolding inside a quiit paakville neighborhoood neighborhooo. invvstigatoos - say 48-year old john andrew plaes and 36-year old margaret &pellen jones were reccuiiing - wooen and girls oline to oin them in their sexual activities.they sent a pornographic picture o a 15 yearrold girl in northh state lines to pick her up. investigatoos say theyytteateed slave.using a camera to - document the sexual abuse... and posting the encounters online to recruit other people. now, neighbors are &pkeeping a close eye on their -33 children. 3 4:34:18 you knew something wws 3 hiito anyyooy.4:34:36 i'm relly cautious like don't go anywhere ttereewe hhven't said anythinn to anyone because we didd't know what as happening ::0 than a dooen state and fedeeal ccarges... including the &pproduction of hild jjnes remain in custody this
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morning as he iivestigation continues. 3they ere already in prison foo charres the state filed - parlier this yeer.blaes' attorrny sayy as ar as he -&knoww... the sexxal acts were not forcee.i'm megan gilliland, foo45 morning news. 3 a murder investigation is -3 underway in southwest bbltimmreehat's where aaman was found shht anddkilled along this section of frederiik avenue... wednesday word oo a suspect oora motive, right now. 3 police responddtt a stabbing at the upton metro station in west baltimore.a vieeer seet ps this picture from pennsylvania avenue.pplice say metrooplatffrm arrund 1 o'clockkin theeafternoon, wednesday.he's isted in perious coodition this mornnng. & right now, theee arr no 3 when news hits your 3 it, send it..pload photos and videos toofoxxbaltimore dot on the ee it ,, -3shoot, it, send it iccn.also senddpictures ffom youu ell 3baltiiore dot com."
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-3& 3 3 it ttrns out those water bill woes" eople have been having in tte city... are due to lazy workers.. thh & says two workkrs faked water meter reedingss.. drastically unnerbilling peeple... and -3 causing billing headaches ffr custtmers.. who must now pay the higher, revised bills.they readiig the meters.. which would havv required the mmn to walk through the neiggborhood neighborhhod, several &p it's an iisue now.. becauseecustomers are just receiving their new quarterly bblls....and offfciils say they must pay it all. "i don't reallyythink that's problem for iring uhm, thhse employyes." employees.""- 3& "how could they have let that go by so llng nd shoulddi pay for their mistakes.." mistakes.." the &pdeeartment of public works discovereddwhat the men were doing in december and ffred them in january. d-p-w offiiials say they'rr still investigating to ee if other - readings...
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and if other neighborhoodssarr affected. all of this is happening.. reform its out-dated bblling 3 3& a grad student in ggorgia is battling an infection of flesh-eating bacteria.and as turns ootta new mother of & twinn from south carrlina is uu agaanst the same deadly pnffction as well. well. 3 twenty-four--ear-old aimee copeland has been on llfe suuport at a hossital in 3 fourth.she was infected when a & pome-made zip line snnaped and she fell.she ended up withha gash in her leg that took 22 staples to close.her father of her abdomen, amputattd a peg and expectt o remove her fingers.he says the details of the accident are vague.iive actually hosen ot to focus on them, because toous there's -3 a lot of negative energy around it, we've chosen insteaa to focus on the positive connitions of aimee's -3 recovery, ann of tryingg o coordinateebbood drives out in -& the community.a nortt ccrolina
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infection is reachhng out.janelle hansberger waa inffcted 18 months ago, when she cut her ffot.doctorss ad to amputate hee ee.she says sheereached oot to copeland on facebook -- and wants toohelp her adjust to life witt prosthetic's very 3 for her.another case has turned up in soutt carolina. lana kuykendall (lah-nnh kirk---kendall) -- whoodeliverrd twins at a hospital in atlanta on mayy evvnth -- is being &&ptreated in greenviile.surgeons cut oot dead skin and tissues &pover several days.a friend just vvey worriid, very upset. is mmyfriend, who jst had these two eautiful babies, and noo she is inupstairs, and not aall to enjoy the bonding experience, &pann enjoy theebabies.i'm annrew spencer reportingg &p3 it's uncllar ow kuykendall was infected.
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3 legendarr musician chuck brown -3 has died at the age of 75. washington,,d-c... back ii the 3 johhs hhpkins hhspital... from multi-organ failurr causeddby sepsis.funeerl arranggments have not yet been announced. 3 the second wwfe of robert f. kennedy junior has died.on -& wednesday... policeefound mary kennndyyin her new york home..-& the couple... who has four children together... divorced in of now... no cause - marr kennedy was 52 years old. 3 & 3 it was a ggvernmenttprogrrm... you leeaned abouu fiist on foxx -3 free cell phones giiee to peoole who recieve goverrment aid, buttwe found people taking advantage of it. it..1:122 30"each and everyone 3 know i have about 30 tthome
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and all offthem rr on"01:11:57 q: hhw onggdid it tke you to get these phones"a"ffve -3 minutes to get this one, and i wwlkee out with it jjst now" -3 now"after ourrstory aired... the federal agency mmnaging the prrgram is cracking down. onnthe 400-thousand beneficiaries who got two or more free phones. 3 a recent ecision by 3 customers upset. upsee.the ireless carrier announced plans wednesday... to end its unlimited data plann summee... customers will be forced to swiich to tiered data laas... hen they go tt upgrade their phones.the idea is for ussrs to buy a chhnk of data... that can be useddwith accounn.the move will alsoo imppct people who are grandfathered in withhan uullmited lan. 3 a bike thief in oklahoma... gett a essoo morallty. surveillanceevideo shhws hii breaking through a bike shop window... with aa5-hundred - dollarrbicycle.ssconds later... he faceplants onto -3 the's not really cleaa what caused hhm to &fall...
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but it doesn't ppear he was seriously foo & the bbke??.. it wasn't as lucky. "he gets p. i caa only assume phe chaan fell offf so he's kind of rying toofix that, and then it's just pllke...ggves up and just walks. e'reewatching the then ll oo a sudden, wwen we see that, i man, we were high-ffving." high-fiving."the biie shop owner now hopes the vvdeo will hell ppliie catchhthe thief. 3 33 another long nightt.. forrthe & baltimore orroles. 3&pnight... after 15 long innings. -3 the game finally nded... wwth adaa jonesslaunching a solo hooerrn... giving the orioless a 4-to-3 victtry.the team doesn't get much rest... their nexx game is this afternoon at -3 2::0. 3 the super bowl of ighh school laarosse is noo set.
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a eaaher delaaee game was we know which teamm will be going for the m-i-a-a title. joel d. smith is live at johnny unitas sttdium in 3 game means so much to so many. 3 3 - 3 3
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3 3 heated debates in the senaae....-3 voteeon seriis of stunt -3 budgetss the democrat approacc po the probbems ttat we face it issthis: duck aad ooee. -3 cover.theefive budgets both &psides of the aisle are arguing ovvr...and why there is no chance annyof them will pass. pass..- 3 ((break 1)) ((bbmp in)) 3 p(ad lib
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3 meteorrlogist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad ibs)) - 3 3 3 33 3 ad libs))((traffic reporter 3 3& ((traffic reporter ad libs)))- map bel air green liberty
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3 map 3 3 3 3 the pump... with a fox45 royal farms fill p..eereegiving away 100 - dollar royal farms -3 gas carrs.we'll draw thrre winnnrs this orning.we'll draa our firsttwinner of the day sometime in ourr6 o'cllck 3 facebook fan to win.innthe
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meanttme...."likee our faceeook page.. facebook dot & emotions run high. hiih.they don't mind ssendingg a daa wwating he senatees ptme onuseless political show anybody over there embarrassed by the fact thaa & they havee'ttoffered a budget 3 why both sides of the - budget...and the poltical party hat's beiig áforccdá to vote on something. year's crop oo summer jobs might not disappear withhtte season. tte encouraging news &pfrom the jobs front..- 3((bump out)) p3 ((breaa 2))
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33 3 penators spent wednesday spinning tteir whhels in heated debatessthey are vooinn on five differrnt bbdget ppans whhch hhve no chance of 3 democrats ann rrpubliians - blame each other ffr the - gridlock. 33 3 here's how he democrattc leader described the day in the worrd's most deliberative body.we will debateeand ote here's he reppblican leader: ii yyuu'e looking for a simple, ttrre-word description of the democrat approaah to the problemm thaa we ffce it is this: duck and cover.aaaii, the democrat:they don't mindd spendingga daa wasting the pplitical shoo votes.and, the republican:is anybody over -3 theee embarrrssed by he fact
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that they haven't offered a budget in threeeyears? for - p straight ours, senators argued knowing full well none had any chance of assing. it 3 issue, toomake the political point that democrats whoo un &ptte senate ave not passed a democcatic majority refusess 3 produce ann lay out tteir visson foo the future wwile investiig considerabbe amount of time and effoot attacking anyynn whh does.all his raises a big queettonn with extreme joblessness atop vvters mindd can repubbicaas reelly score by slamming democrats for not passing a -3 budget? gop sources say yes &psiice ssveral democrats in trouble this yeaa promiseddto 3 affordable health care lower taxes and a balanced embarrass the president, republicanssare forcing a vote on his budget which democrats & woo't support. as for
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ddmocratssthey useddthis polittcal theater to stage protests against conservative 3 take us ight back to the -this coontry toothe brink off eccnomic collapse.tooay'ss potes re nothing more han a repubbiccn attempt o promote a radical nd unwelcome agenda of slashing middle class programs. the day's antics put o displaa what makes any americans so annry: divided, politicized aahington, taaling past aah other. & congress has an approval rating of 11%. maybb thht has -3&psomeehinggto o with the fact that we'rr not doing ouu jobb right outside he capitol, a -3 glimmer of hopp. lawmakers & pnnouuced a new bipartisan fii pongress now cauuussthe level of our republic.unforrunately, only 66shhwed up.------ndd---- -3 pnn.scripp----- p3 summerremployment ... iss looking hot thhs year! year!the topp industriee
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hiring art time workers... -3 workers...aad later...should you make a bucc by donating yyurrorgans?some say yes!but &pfind out what else people bblleve should be offeeed...
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3 3 tte labor markkt ii still struggling to recover... but alison kosik tells uu why the arrival offsummer may bring across the country. country. 3 --rrporttr pkg-as follows -- temperatures are heating up - &pnewwsurvey from careee buuldee finds that almost 30% off &pcommannes are planniiggon bringing in new workers this - summerat the same time last -3 companies surveyed were in hirrng odd.and that number has essentially helddsteedy 3 began inn2008.but now, researchhrs say businnss 3 grret news oo job seekers, & because seasonal positions can & so what kinds
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of usinesses aae hiring?the survey points 3 particular as takiig the ead in job cceation this summer. almost half of alll manufacturers say they'll bbing on seasonal workers..te need help.retail jjbbsare expected to crop up -- aa wwll -as some ositions ii finnnce. and it's not jjst highhschool pids aad recent college grads thattemployers are loooing for. most say they only want employees who are looking to continne working past he & summer monnhs.and 20% are planning to pay more thhn $16 bucks an hour.that translaats york.-----end-----cnn.ssriptt- 3 a drug raid in lutterville. lonn authorities had their eee on a mediccl ccinnc...and how mmny arrested.a 155year old girl -3 ttken as a sex a baltimore county ccuple tooo &padvantage of her... and the charges they'reefacing this morring..--3 morning.
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