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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 17, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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3 invvstigators file federal charges aaainst a baltimore 3 15-year old giil aa a sex slave.megan gilliland is here with more on what thhy'ree accused of doing oothe girl. 3 good mooning patrice,poliie &psay this is a sex ringgthat &&pinvooved bbnddge and - violent stooy... that was -3 unfolddng inssde a quiet parkkvlle neeghborrood. hands of this couple.488yeaa old john andrew blaes and 36-year ld margaret ellen jones.invessigatorsssay hey - were rrcruiting women and giils online to jjin themmin their sexuul activvtiee.they ssnt a pornographic piccure to a 15 year old girl ii north carrlina bbfore croosing ptateeines to pick her up. 3 puul bite from ccver that says anything if they feel as thought it's going to benefit them thembacc at ome... the girl as thhir personal sex ssave.using acamera to
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document thh sexual buse... online to recruit other & attorney... the exual acts were not forced. both remain custooy hhs morning as the invvstigationn continues.thhy were already in filed earlier this year.i'm megaa gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 theetwo boys involved in the shooting death of a 13- 3 sentenced.monae turnage was accidentally shht and killed in march....her body hidden amongst trash.the 13-year-old - boy who pulled the trigger 3 live with relatives in arffrd counny.monae's mother taaked with us aboottthe - investigationnand suspected cover up f her daughttr's -3 death. 3iq: the time that thhy gave thie kidsoq: like they were
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3 saying it as ok &pokstill no word on whaa will -3& happen tt the adults connected to the casee 3bbltimore county police arrest two peoppe n a raid tuesday night at a lutherville medical clinic. -3 clinnc.d-e-a gentsswere een removing several boxes from the áhhalthy liie clinicá nn - york roaa.thh raii of thh clinic comes a yeaa after thee - pnveesigationnbegan into tte bbsinesss.he uspects that rrn tte clinic are chargee wiih conspiracy to distribute drrgs. 3nnts &pnats 3& nee developments , this - morninn... on the rrght f citizens to make vdee recordingg offpolice officers. it stems from an incident two &pyears ago whhn policeewere rrcordeddas they arrestte a woman at preakness. one mmnn&psued police after he says they deleted his video of the ddafted new ggidelines and trrining, but the u-s departmenttoffjustice saas they don'' go farrenough.among other things... the justiie departmenn says the pooicy &pcomesstt prohibitinn tte
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destruction of recordings. 3 p baltimore citt pollce inveetigators say hh lied to 3 seegeaan dennii workley is charged with one count of &pperjury and two counts of pmisconduct. police say he provided false information to get a warraat to raid an east balttmorr home last december.. the warrant said the people at the home weer suspected of selling cocaine and marijuana. as it turns out, that was a lie. -3 p3 mary johnssn/home was raided: -&pwhole situation becauseei reaaly felttmmstreated and the rest oo he family too 56 peginald cooper/home was raaded: 11:13 it is what ii is. cops dirty. thht's all i & can say 8 3 baltimmre olice internal affairs actually initiated the investigation..wwrkley is suspenddd. 3 phe special sessionnis now over... as lawmakers enacc a --3& series of tax hhkes. -3 hikes.income taxesswill be innreesee for individualss making more than 100-thousand dolllrs a year... and married & couples making more than -3 p50--housandddollars a year.
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governor o'malley says thh tax package is nncesssry to avoid 33 budget cuts. but on 3 nearly 3 hours debating the 3 (bohanan) "this is a budget that when taken in total iss supportivv of the prioritiess of the state of maryland, & preserving eduuation..-butt tt- ((chulz) "buttwe cannot prettnd to think that all of the business owners across the country will be attracted to -3& pllae that continues to tax at &pthe levelss increase the taxes yeaa after year ann increase the spenning yeer after yeaa." he will likelyyconvene notherr sppcial session in july too ccnssder billssto expand gaabling in maryland. p3 lawmmkers say he ew tax &pincreases will hittonly a fraction of ttxpayers in maryland... but there's a tax bbmbshell that may hit early everyone. he bill would teacher pennion costs neet that woull phase ii a cost sharing progrrm over the next 4 yearss.. eventtally reeuiring the ssate's 23 counnies nd baltiiore to paa
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more than 250 millioo. (35:54) iis puts a huge burden on every county and theeccty and thattrevenuu comms from &pthe same taxpayers. paxpayers. 3 thh tax icreaseewill hit &pmarylaad taapayers 3 google ii hanging the way we 3 on weenesday... the company unveiled a new search engiie it callss"knoolldge graph." google saas... it's madd to ttink morr likeea human.that customiied to help yyu ffnd & directtannwers... raaher than leading you elsewhhre.nooword yet on when it will be avaiiable to all users. should americans get paid... for donating organs?according to a new "n-p-r thomas reuters" oll... 41-peecent of americans say áyes.áamonn thhse surveyyd... 60-percent say organ donors shoull at -3 least get heaath arr credits. as of now... it'' illegal in phe u-s to compensate organ ponors... ffo fear it cooll exploit the needy. 3 they are the omenns that will be remembered for the - m-i-aaa
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boys acroose chhmpionship teams are now set. anddjoel d. smith is live - at johhny unitas stadium to -gee inside he reasons thii ggme get inside the uuitas staaium o get insidd the many people who won't even eet good morring joel d. 3- 3 3 3
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3 it's safe o put thaa umbrella &p it's safe to put it's ssfe to put that umbrella away... for now. find out when those rain showers could hht your neighborhood n your skywatth wwatter foreacst. poreacst.&
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3 ((break 1)) 3 ((bump in)) 3 meteerologist)) 3 ((traffic reporter ad libss) map bel air ---green-
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3 liberty--695 t 295--map 3 3 & 3 -3 3 coming up... idol> tte sinning is inspiring...andd
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possibly addictiig...the people most likely to gettáhookedá áhoooedáand youure abouttan & hour away from winning a 100- gas gift card.stay tuned to find out if your name is picked. p3 ((bump out)) 3 ((brrak 2))
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the wheat in every mini-wheat has gotta be just right. perfect golden color. rich in fiber. my dad taught me and i taught my son out there. morning, pa. wait... who's driving the...? ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm, 99 bushels of wheat ♪ [ male announcer ] yep there's 8 filling layers of whole grain fiber in those fun little biscuits... so they stick with you all morning long. kellogg's® mini-wheats® cereal. [ mini ] yee haw! a big breakfast in a little biscuit. 33 how much reaalty televisioo do -3 you watchh it seemm a ggowingg percentage of popular shoos
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are unscrrited, but still entertaining. and theyyrr &praking in big our cover story this mornnng, melinda roeder examines the - influunce rrality t-v has on & poppculture and why too much reality caa be a ad thing. 3 ((start ooffwiih nattsof american idol)like aa ell-sung crescendo... the appeal off reality t-v... just seems to their audience with anttcipatioo... and dramm... (((maybe showwssort clip of survivor or tte acheeor here)) 26:58 "wwo's gonna say haa? who's gonna do whatt who's not gonna be on thh how next wwek??psychiatrist jack vaeth says reality shows are ssccesssul beccase they're stimulaainn. whether judges are getting fed (((clip from "top chef"))).... or contestants are getting fired... ((quick clip from thh apprentice))we love to watch the ssock value thht comes -3 with agony and defeat. 26:29 behavior that is presumably &punnrrdictable."the most popular allow for audience
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paaticipatton.... like voting &p... (show survivor o ameriian &pidol again)or make s feel -3 like ww're getting a gliippe iito someone else's private world.25:53 "i've always -3 thought there's a small numberr of xhhiitionists in the world and a whole lot of vvyeurs."in the world and a whole nuuber there's a small 25:53 "i've always private worlddsomeone elle's private world.25:53 small number of exhiibtionists innthe world and a whooe lot of vvoeurs."but how much reality ii too muuh?((quick clippfrommkeeping up with kardashians))experts ay it viewers.31:29 "they get their 3 stimulltee."dr. vaeth ssys teenaaers are most likely to searching for identity.... lookkng for role models."whichh is hy it's role models..for 3 models."whhch isswhy it'ss important for parents to point outtexamples - that separate 3 clip from 'toddlers and tiaras'))from the ood role 3 32:17 "look what haapens if you work hard... learn to ttlenned."(transitionnwith hallwayyvideo - classes ccanging)...changing)...vvdeo - classes
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(transition wwth hallwaa talented."dance and - you'reevery yoo work hard... learr to "look what happenssif (american idol) 32:17 role models.... from the good role modelss... (american iiol) 33:17 "look what happees if you work hard... learn to dance and you're very talented."(transition with chaaging) anne arundel county... teachers are finding positive ways.... 7:07 - naass of sewing machineto bring reality -v in to the real-life cllssroom..7:21 more nats of sewing maahinn 05:47 "i'm making a ssirt."the subject parents used o call "home-ee"...has been given an extteee mmkeover.14458 "yys, honey, you're gonnaaline it up. start in a seem right here."this class issnow cclled - project runwaa.inspired - in part - by the popoular reality show.(( se clip of show hhre)) 02:05 "i like all he producers haveemade up."annn o'friel watches tteeshow at home with her mom...01::5 "alll -3 my family watchhs... we can't wwit for the next seaaon..and couldnnt ait to sign up for the class.01:44 "last yyaa we'd gg arrund asking ll the girls ... almost every oneeof thhm said project rrnway."the & shhw features cutting-edge designs ann high--takes phallenges.but also promotee creativity.:42-:55 "they're really easy to make and we got aalot of choices..there were probably 0 fabric choiccs...
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3 teachers here haveelearreddtoo embrace the have leerned to teechers here haveelearned to embrace the reality concept.... keeppng it fun áandá educational.cheryl crow: 11:47 "we have sccentific experiments with fabric. they learn abouu fabric. they -3&plearn fashion history. goiig 3& her students aim to pursue a & career in fashion...18:55 "oo, i think i jammed my machine." but they are taking what they to the real woold.15:56 - nats -3 of sewing machine03:30 "ii is & really fun!"melinda roeder... pox 45 news at ten. 3 educators tell us a lot moree students are siining up for cooking classes and meehanics too... they credit reality t-v shows or the growinn interest. 3 coming up in our 6 o'clock -3 3 bigger... and better.when production of thh new iphhne beginss..and when you can get &pyour hands on one. one.and will ww sse a repeat of theeberry saturday att pimliio?why the odddmakkrs
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think in sports. 3 ((break 3))
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3 3 3 bruceecunningham sports. 33 45 minutes... sttnds between you....nd a 100-dolllr 3 card.aad a 100-dollar between you...45 minutes... stands - 3 3 45 minntes... stands bbtween you....nd a 100-dollar &pgas giff card. ccrd.we draw another nnme... in our next hour. hour.
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ear old girl taken as a ssx slave.howwa baltimore ccunty couple took advantage of her... and thh charges they're facinn this morning. 3 verizoon.. doing away witt a & popular plan.what the company is now going to start charging mooe for.. and why your existinn plln can't rotect you from the cost. 3 andd. we're ggving away a free fill p!your first chance of the day o win a 100 dollar -3 royal arms gas card is coming up ometime in the next 45 minutes. 3 3 3 --ive look camdennyards... home of the baltimore orioles orioles-in case you didn't cctch theeend of llst night's


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