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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  May 17, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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the kansas city royals in á15 inningsá-adam jones launched a soll homerun to nd the game phursdayy may 17thh,3n at 2:1103 -3 3
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fiber map 33
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a baltimmre county couple faces feeerrl charges... old girl as a sex slave.megan gilliland is here with more on what police say they id to her behind closed doors. good morning paarice,police say this is sex ring that involved bonddge and violent story... that was parkville neighborhood. neighborhood.inveetigators say 48--ear old johh andrew blaes and 36-year old maagarettellen jonee were recruiting women in their sexual activities.em - they sent a pornograahic in north carolina efore girl driving across state lines to &ppiik her up.investigatoor say thee treated her as their
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personal sex slave.using a camera toodoocment the sexual abuse... and posting the encounters online to recruit are keeping a close eye on 4:34:18 you knnw sommthing was weird because they neeer said relly cautious like on't go annwhere there e hhven't said anything to annone because we didn't know what was appening 0 than a dozzn state and federal charges... includiig the prrduction f child poonograppy.booh blaes and jones remmin in custody thii morning as the investigation continues. for charges the state fiied earlier thissyear.blaes' attorney says as far as he knows... the sexual acts were not forced.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 orning news. p baltimooe city police investigators say heelied o obtain a searchhwarrant. sergeant dennis wworley is -ch perjury and twoocouuts of miscooduct. police say he provided false information to
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baltimore hhme last deeember. thh warrann said the people at &pas it turnssout, that was a lie. mary johnson/home was raided: reaaly felt mistreated and thee rest of the family too 56 reginald cooper/home was raaded: 16:13 it is what it is. cops dirty. thht's all i can say 18 affairs actually initiated the &pinvestigation. workley is suspended. 3nats new developmentss this morning... on the right of citizens to make vdeo recordings of &ppolice officers. it stems fro pooice were recorded as they arrested a woman at preakness. one man ssed pollce after he says they deleted his viieo of theearrest.since then police have drafted new guidelines &de they don't go far enough.among other things... the justicee departtenttsays the policy isn't clearrenoouh hen it comes to prohibiting the
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destruction of recordings. racing ggant michael aadretti says he's ready for the challengg to run this year'ss baltimooe granddprix. prix. weddesday andretti and his team officially announced &ptheir nnollement in the race andretti is thee third prommter tt get behind pheeracee since itt ptarted last year.tte race has been marred by failed promoters and millions of dollars ii debts.andretti says if it's done rrght... ttis could be tte bbggest street eventtin the world. in, it was a huge success. i g don't know what was all thatt happening inside of it but overall i think it was a great lot f things to improve it a aadd ake it bigger ann better 50 3 the baltimore grrnn prix is set for abor day weekend. the super owl of high we know whhch teams will e w - going for theem-i-a-a title. live at johnnn nitas stadium in towson tooshow us why this pame means so much to so many.
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good morninggjoel d. 3 3
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the p-n-c.. m-i-a-a cooffrence championships are
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at towson university's jjhnny unitas stadium on tomorrow at are still available at iiside acrosse ot comm.. buu we want to get you in the stands for free.the 10th caller right now win a family 44 pacc of tickets for the's brought to you by p-n-ccand "inside lacrosse." if youuhaven'' gotten the iiphone 4-s yet... you might wann to hang on... becauue word is thhre's a bigger and coming.production on a ew month... and sources say it - will have a four inch screen. thhs will be the first time apple has changed the size of the i-phone's ssreen.the nnw i-phone is expected to hit stores later ttis year. coming up... problems are noo beinn detected... wiih skechers' "shape ups" shoes... shoes..."it's not someonn else... it's something lse. ups."wwy the overnment is e-up- stepping in... and what you could bb elligable for... if you're watching fox 45 morning news.. alll
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plcal.. all morning. get ready, get set... get those rabs moving!
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thh 22nd annual preakness celebrity crabbderby sttrts &ptoday.that's where ww find meteorologist emily gracey... who's live for this ornings hometown hotspot. cheer on your hotspot. cheer on your heer on your 3
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3 slashhmorning.baltimore dot com on to fox information... log for ore p.m. for more p... from 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. for moree information... loo on to fox morningg 3 &p 3
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3 coming uu... the best sunscreens... to protect youu family this summer.what to look out for on the label... and the 2 ingredients you'll waat to avoidd plus opraa and lady aga reach the top 3... onnforbes magazine's list of wealthiest celebrittes.we'll reveaa who made umber onee.. aad the whopping amount ttat peeson local.. all morning. -3 ((break 2))
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agents, be on the lookout ns. [ people screaming ] hmm... oh, one small black cocoa creme iced coffee, please -- yum. woman: will that be all? [ brakes squeal ] uh-oh! not good. let me out of here! let me out of here! try dunkin's new black cocoa creme iced coffee and call star-star-d-d for a text to capture your alien today. the galaxy runs on dunkin'. new this morning... legendary
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musician chuck brown has died &pat he age of 75.brown... who's known as the "godfather offgo-go"... deveeoped the genre in washingtoo, d-c... back in the 70's.he died funeral arrangemenns have not a the second wife of robert f. wednesday... pollce founn mary kennedy in her new york home. the coople... ho has four children togeeher... divorced in of now... nn cause offddath has been released. maryykennedy was 52 years old. &pa new d-n-a test may be able to spot an increaseddrrsk of autism n children s young as six months old. the test called "a-rrsk"... found 57 key genn variations associated ith the conditionn in moreethan a thousand
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families. in theory... this test coulddhelp speed up for at-risk siilings... and potentiaaly mprove long-term ouucomes. however... not all autism exxerts aree are reliable. &p just in time for the tanning seasonn.... a ist of thh best and worst sunscreens has been released.tte 2012 sunscreen guide by the environmental working group gives tips on what to look foo -- and what to avoid. sunscreens labeled ábroad to protect thh skin. tte environmental wooking group ccntain oxybenzone and a form - of vitamin a alled retinyl palmitate. j-lo nnbs the top spot on forbes' annual list of the 100 wealthiest celebrities. between herramerican idol gig and her singing and movii career... jennifer lopez parned 52-milliin over the past year.that'' enouuh to catapult herast oprah winfrey and lady gaga.oppah sllpped into the number two position this year.and aga
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year to number five. coming p... another disturbing case... of flesh-eating bacterra.'s very heartbreaking, and i just feel for her. this time... in a mother of newborn twins.what doctors are doing... to keep her aliie... has... after surviving the and we're giving away pnother 100-dollar gas card... from royal farms.llsten in for your ame... sometime in thee next 200minutes.ppus... how you can enterryour name for tomrorow's're all local.. all morning. ((break 3) [ boss ] okay, okay.
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let's...uh, skip the chitchat and get down to business here. now listen, i need all of you thinking of ways to improve our bottom line. so let's just sit here awhile and toss around some ideas. this isn't a conference call, hickle -- i'm actually in the room. [ male announcer ] with fares this low, why not surprise a few people? airtran is having a sale with flights all over the country starting at only $69 dollars. book at before it's too late. because with $69 fares they're going to go fast. a grad student n georgia is
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battting an infectiio off flesh-eating bacteria.and as andrew spenner eeplains... it turns out a new mother of twiis from south carolina is up against the same deadlyy infection as well. well. twenty-four-year-ool aimee support aa a hoopital in augusta, georgia since may home-made zip linn snapppd aad she fell.she ended uu with a gash in her leg that took 22 staples to close.her ather &psays doctors have reeoved par of hee abbomen, amputated a fingers.he says the detaill of the accident are vague.i've acttally chosen not to focus on them, because to us there's around it, we've chhsen
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instead to foous on the ppsstive conditiins of aimee's recovery, and of tryyng to coordinate blood driiee out in woman who survived the same infection is reaching out. janelle hansberger was infeeted 18 months ago, when she cut her foot.doctors had to amputate her leg.she says facebook -- nddwants to help her adjust to life iih a prosthetii's very &pheartbreaking, and i just fee kendalll -- who delivered irk- twwns t a hospital in atlanta on may seventh -- is being treattd in greenville.surgeoos cut out dead skin and tissues from booh egs in procedures over several days.a friend shared hee grief.right now, just vvry worried, very upset. still in disbelief that here is my friend, who juut had these two beautiiul babies, and now she is intubated upstairs, and not ble to enjoy the bonding experience, and enjoy the bbbies.i'm
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pndrew spencer reporting. it's uncllar how kuykendall was infected. some upseeting news... for verizon cussommrs.when you'lll be forced tt givv up your what the ccange could mean... to your monthly bill. ((megan ive tease))a 15-year old girr taken as a sex slavve hhw a baltiiore county couple took advantagg of her... and the charges thhy're facing thissmorning. ((joel live tease)) you're watching fox 45 mmrning news.. all pocal.. all morning. 3&((break 4))
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builds orrpreakness.. how the pre-race hoopla is rrachinng the home stretcc. on fox45 pews t fiie. --ive look camddnnyarrs...
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home of the baltimore orioles orioles-in case you didn't game... the orioles defeeted - the ansas city royals in á15 -final score was 4-3-team mee- doesn'ttget much rest... next game is this afternoonnaa 2:10 3
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3 &p
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fiber map investigators ile federal chaages against a baltimore countt couple ffo havvng a 15-year old girl aa a ssx slave.megan gillillnd is heee pccused of doing to the girl. say thissis a sex ring that - involved bondage andd mas-ochism.a disterbing ann violent story... that was unfolding inside a quiet parkville neighborhood. neighborhood. allegeldy at the hands of this couple.48-year old john andrew blaes and 36-year old margaree eelen jones.investigators say they pere recruiting women and girls ooliie to join them in their sexuul activities.they
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sent a pornographic picture to a 15 year old girl in north carolina before crossing statelines to pick her up. pull bite from cover that saas they'll do anything ndddrop anythinggii they feel ass thought it's going to benefii tm themback at home... investigators say they treated the girl as their personal sex slave.using a camera to document theesexual abuse... online to rrcruit other attorney... the sexual acts were ot forced. 3both remain custody this morning as the investigation ccntinues.they were already in prison for hargees hh state megan gilliland, fox44 morninn closing arguments are set po begin today in the corruption case against john ed. what some feel as a surprising move... the defense rrsted weenesday daughter cate... or his mistress rielle hunter to the stand.the former presidenttal caadidate faces charges of ptemming frrm nearll 1-million
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dollars used to help hide his ppegnant mistress during the 2008 deeocratic primary. the delibeeations friday. edwarrs faces up to 30 years innprison if convicted. 3 the sppcial sessson is noo over... as lawmakers enact a hikes.income taxee will be increesed for innividualss making more than 100-ttousand couples making more ttan ried 110--housand dollars a year. governor o'malley says the tax package is necessary to avoid &pnearly 500-million dollars in budget cuts. but on wednesday... lawmakers spent nearll 3 hours debating the issue. (bohhnan) "this is a budget that when taken in total is supportive of the priorities of the state of maryland, preserving eddcation."-butt to- (schulz) "but we ccnnot pretend to thinn that all of the business ooners across the country will be attracted to a place that cootinues to tax at year aater year and increase the spending yeaa after year."
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year."governor o'malley says he will likely convvne another speeial session in juuy to consider bills o expand gambling in maryland. 3 the kentucky derby was decided y justtone &p"i'll have another" pulled it out in the fiial streechh against "bodemeister."now.. it pooks like we'rr heading for another showdown between the pwo horses in thii weekend's pr. preakness.bodemeister is now tte 8- to-5 favorite for this weekend's race."i'll have anotherr issnext at 5-to-2 oddsslocal horse "tiger wall" is listed as a loogshott.. at 30-to-1. ptay tuned to fox45 morning news... for conninuing &pcoverage of the preakness. morgan adsit joins us live with a sneak peek at this year's libi breakfass coming and don't forget... you can find all the information you pur weesite.just goo to fox- - com ssash -
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they are the moments that will be remembered for the rest of tteir lives. the m-i-a-a boys lacrosse champiinship teams arr now sett live at johnny unitas stadium to gt inside the reasons this gameeaffects so many people who won't even set oot on the joel d. p3 3 3
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3 aaotter shake-up... on the panel.rumors are buzzing... thatt hisscould be j-ll's last season. while she hasn't publicly made a decision... the show is already conflicting with j-lo's worldwide summer tour with enrique iglesias. the next rounddof "idol" auditions wiil also begin when she's overseas. lopee has beee on iddl for two seesons with one-year contracts. meanwhile... lindsay lohan tuesday night's all-new epissde of "glee." sources say she'' hoping to rrbraad her image... after substance abuse probleem and legal trouules. lohan will serre as a judde at a high ccool glee club competition... along with celebritt blogger perez hilton. demands and behavvor... while
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taping the show. can atcc the all-new episode next tuesdayyat 8... coming up... 31000dollars in free gas could be yours!weere drawing our &pfirst winner of the day... want to enter your name for tomorrow's ddawing??e'll tell you how... right after the break. you're watchiig fox 45 morning news...all local.. all morning. ((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 3 p, ,3
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&p3 3 3
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coming up... it's the announcement... that haa many verizon custtmers up have... before yoo'll be porced to give uppyouu unlimited data plan. "it's not someone else... it's something else. bye- bye traiierr ello shape-ups." over commercials for skecherr thatthas the government stepping in... and whht to do... if you own a pair.youure watching fox 45 morning news.. all llcal.. all morning. watching fox 45 morning news.. all llcal.. all morning. ((breakk6))/q at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call baltimore home. from funding to help a local business
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expand their operations... to financing for an organization which provides affordable housing for artists... and partnering with a local hospital to help expand patient care. because the more we do in baltimore, the more we help make opportunity possible. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix.
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it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro. new this mornnng... a rrcent decision bb verrzonn.. is making many customers upset. plans wednesddy... to enddits unlimited data plan.thht means starting this summee... customers will be forccd to &pswitch to tiered data plans.. when they go to upgrade their phonns.the idea is for users can be uued with multiple that - devices on the ame account.
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the move will also impact people who arr grandfathered in with an unlimited plan. 3"it's not someone else... it's something lse..good bye trainer, hellooshape ups." ups."who can forget this skechers shape-ups?noo... the government is stepping in... saying the shoe company is toner and leaner body.... just - skechers is agreeing to pay 0- &pmiilion dollars to reeolve federal and state allegatioos of deceiving the publlc. customers who bought the shoes will be eligible for reffnds... either directly from the federal trade commission... or through a plwsuit. roved class action new guidelines... by the diaanostic and statistical mmaual of menttl disorders.... are redefiniig ddiition..nder the guidelines... an eetimated 30 iilion more americans could be diagnosed as havinn someesort of addiction... whether it be drugs, alcohol,
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sspporters say untreated illnees would gee the attention it deserves... but &poppooents say ii will end up cossing hundreds of millions offdollars in unnecessary treatmentt ((take sot))"wait minute. i don't need no one on the air. please juut listen up. i need somebody to go to pratt and light. a meddc is trying to get through. somebody has stomped a male in tte crowd. the ambo just passed a largg group of kids assaulting the male wiih one child on the ground. who ? ((wipe vo)) dispatch tapes have been tourist as beaten up .. strriped aad robbed in downtownnbaltimore. the tape shows... that the attackkonn &pthe tourist was just a small mmre thann500 peopll ... starting fights and rbor police. wwat is going on with baltimooe's hhrbor and should youufeee safe there?talk show host and formee police commissioner ed norrissjjins us, for this hear thaa .. is that a mooe ou -
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coomon occurance than people think-growing 3 10 a-m.'the fan' from 5 too radio 105-seven friday on sports monday through hear ed norris you can (ess)))hrbor((esss) you can hear ed norrrs monday through hear ed norris monday through friday on
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sports radio 105-seven 'tte fan' from 5 to 10 a-m. 3coming up in consumer reports... backlaah....over unecessary c-sectioos. "i am still so angry about how she came into this world.. -butt to-"my frustration with my two cesareans, it was just much..why the number of c-sections is on the rise... and the discussion you're encourageddto have... wth your doctor. and she's in it... to wii it. emily grrcee is pep talking her crab now... but she'll need more thaa thatt.. to take home the prize!we'll learn some tips... on how to in the crab derby....coming up ii our hometown're watching fox 45 orning news.. all local.. all morning.
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((break 7)) when it comes to mmjjr surgeryy
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&pmost common is cesarean but consumer rrports says all tto often c-sections are not &pnecessary. here is aavice mothers need to know. know. for wommn who believe they've - had unnecessary cesaaean sections.(sot: rachel beeinati) "i am still ssoangry about howw she came into this world.. psot: margaret yawman) "my frustration with mm two cesareans, it was just too much."(v/o)the number of cesareans is on he rise. nearly one in everyythree babies in the u.s. is bornnvia c-section. (sot)"there areesome situations in which be preferred, but that's major &psurgery. in most cases, the safest way, for mother and baby, isstoodeliver aginally."
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(v/o)if a woman's first birth births will also be c-' about - sections. (sot: dr. marvin lipman)"that doesnnt have to happen.. any women ho've had low-transverse incision, are able to have a vagiial birth after a c-section. that's known as a v-bac."(v/o)but a woman seeking a v-bbc delivery can have trouble finding a dootor willing to try one. (sot: dr. marvin lipman)"some necessary support rom heir hospital or their malprrctice insurance won't cover the procedure. if your doctor is willing to try v-baa,,make sure that he orrshe hhs all &ptte necessary information fro a previous c-section." (v/o) almost alllof these women were able to deliier their second child withhut having aac- "it was the bbst experiencc in my liie, the best experience." comiig up in our o'clock hour...
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a new test... for detecting it works... and he improve. ((joel live tease))you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 8)) ♪ jimmy bond
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i'm sticky and uncomfortable. try gold bond powder. medicated to protect, absorb, even relieve itching. -thanks, jimmy. -thank gold bond. ♪ this stuff works a 15-year olddgyear oldd taken as a sex aa
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baltimore county coupll took &padvantage of her... and the &pcharges they'rr facing this morning. "i have aboot 30 at homeeand all of them are on" on"free phones funded by áyou.á why you're paying ffr peopll to have dozens of cell phhnes... and the ew move all. and.. a man takes a dive.. while riding on aabike... and it's all caught on camera.why the first people to watcc the video.. were cheering hen he fell! 3 3 todayyis thuuaddy, may 17. 3 p3 - 33
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3 a baltimore ccunttycouple faces federaa charggs... accused of holding a 15-year gilliland is here with more on her behind clooed doorr. gooo morning pptrice,police say this is a sex ring that involveddbondage and maso-chism.a disterbing and violent story... that was unfoldiig inside a quiet pprkville neighborhood. neighborhood.investigaaors say
7:03 am
48-year old john andrew blaes &pand 36-yyar old margarettelle jones were recruiting women and girls onliie to join them in their sexual activities. they sent a pornographic picture to a 15 year old girl in north carolina beforr driving across state lines to pick hhe up.investigators say they treated her as their &pcamera to document the sexual abuse... nd posting the encounters online to recruit pther people. now, neighbors &pare keeping a close eye on tteir children. 4:34:18 yoo knew ssmething was weird because they neverrsaidd hi to anybody.because ttey never said something was weird because they neveersaid hi to aaybody.4:34:36 i'm relly cautious like don't go anything to anyyne beeause we diin't knnw what was happening 0 :40the couple is facing more than a dozen state and federal charggs... including the production of chiid pornngraphy.both blaes and jones remaii in custody his morning as the investigation conttnues. they were already in prison earlier this year.blaes' attorney saas as far as he knoww... the sexual acts wwre
7:04 am
nnt forred.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. a murder investigation is underway in southwest baltimore.thht's where a man was found shot and killed along this section of fredericc avenue... wednesday word on a suspect or a motive, right now. 3 it turnssout those "water bill woes" people have been havinn in the city... are due to lazz workers. the department of public works says two workees faked water underbilling people....and customers.. who must now pay - the hiiher, revised bills.they say that nsteed of actuully reading the meters.. which would have required the men to walk througg the neighborhood and lift meter covers.. they simply made the numbers up. up. in the homeland neighborhood, several residents have been affected. it's an issue now.. because customers are justt receiving their new quarterly bills... and officialsssay they must paa it all.
7:05 am
"i don't really think hat's our problem. that's their probbem or hiring uhm, thhse e" employees." "how cculd they have let that go by so long and should i pay for their mistakes.." mistakes.." the discovered what the men were them in january. d-p-w officiils ay they're still investigating to see f other readings... anddif other - neighborroods are affecced. all of this is happening.. ps the water bureau worrs to president obama takes a sttad against onuses ffr workers innthe privatt sector bbt it seems some federal workers are getting bonuses onnyour dime. dime.information obtained by "the adbury park press" reveals the federal goverrment &p433-mmllioo dollars in awards laat ear. mos says: "i think it is a bit much. i think that there ot of redundancy and waste in the government."ásherk says: "there are a handful of merit employees recieve are rewards
7:06 am
they get automatically, justt seat."a spokeswoman told the press the administration elimmnatee bonuses for 3 it was a governmenttprogram... pou learned about first on fox. aid,,buttwe found people ment 3 taking advantage of it. it.01:12: 30"each and everyone oo these phones work, and i know i havv aboot 30 at home q: "how long did it take you 57 to get hese phonns"a"five minutes to get this one, and walked out with it just now" now"after our story aired... the ffderal agency managing the program is crrcking down. the f-c-c is pulling the plug on the 400-thousaad beneficiaries who got two or more frre phones. roman cathooics in the cathedral of mary ourr. at - queen , wednesday afternoon, installed as the 16th ori was
7:07 am
&parchbishop of baltimore.... he replaces cardinal william o'brien who's assuming a role &pin rome. the neww prchhishop is a kentucky native, who comes from anotter diocese in bridggport, connecticut. at a news conference, lori vowed to defend the churches position againnt sameesex marriage. ((2:18:37) "we are interested in defending, what we belleve, is a bedrock institutiin for the ccmmon good of society which is marriage between a man and a woman and for the sake of the chhldren and it is for the society."f a strong societyy" lori becomes the leader of this couutry's oldest diocese which is home to more thaana half million catholics. a bike thief innoklahoma... gets a lesson morality. showw him breaking thrrugh a bike shop window... with a - hundred dollar bicycle.seeoods later... he faceplants ooto the's not really ccear what aused him t fall... bbt it oesn't appear
7:08 am
he as seriously for the bike?... it wasn't as ""e gets up. i ccn only asssme the chainnfell off, so he'ss kiid of trying to fix hat, and thhn it's just like...givee up and just walks. we're watching the video, we sse nothing, and see all of a sudddn, when we - thht, i mean, we wwre high-fivi" high-fiving."the bike shhpp help police catch the thief.ll the suppr bowl of high a eaaher delayed game was completed yesterday, and now we know which teams will bb going for the m-i-a-a itle. title. joee d. smith is live at joonnn unitas stadium in towsoo to show us why this good morring joel d. 3
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3 3 the p-n-c...mmi-a-a conference championships aae at towson universittys johnny unitas stadium n ttmorrow at 3 p-m. are still available at inside laarosse dot com... stands for free.the 10th caller righh now win famiiy 4- pack of tickets for the
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p-n-c and "inside lacrossee" big changes are heaaed your way.what current customers pummer...concerning the s - unlimited data ppans. plans. yyu're watching ((break 1)) 3 3
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3 we're taking the pinch out of the pump... with a fox45 rooal farms fill up.we've already given away a 100- dollar royal farm gaa card...and &pwe'll give nother one away the next hour.but you have to meanwhile ... "like" our .- facebook page.. facebook dot completeethe entry form on he autism.theenew test thaa
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claims o detect the development disorderras earlly asssix months. months. youure watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 2)) 3 &p new this morning... a recent
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decision by veeizzn... is the wireeess carrier nnounced ppans wednesday... tooend its unlimited data plan.that means starting this summer... custommrs will be forred to switch to tiered data plans... when they go to upgrade their phones.the idea is for users to bby a hunkkoffdata... that devices on the same account. peoole who are grandfathered in with n unlimited plan. leggndary musician chuck brown
7:20 am
pas died at he age of 75. brown....who's known as the "godfather of o-go"... devvlooed the ggnre in washington, d-c... back in the johns hopkins hospital... from pulti-organ failure caused by have not yet been announced. a newwddn-- test may be able toospot an increased riskkof six months ld. the ng a test called "a-riskk... foond 57 key gene variations aasociated with the condiiion innmore than a thousand faailies. in theory... this test could helppspeed up assessment and inneevention for at-risk siblings... and pottntially improve lonn-term outcomess however... not all autism exxerts are convinced these test rrsults are eliable. 3 get ready, get today meteorologist emily ng!3 gracee has more in this
7:21 am
mornings hometown hotspot. 3
7:22 am
another loon night... for the o. o' many innings it took to beat the kansas city have muuc time to reet before game! you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all locall. all morning. ((break 3)) 3
7:23 am
7:24 am
7:25 am
the 137tt running of the prrakness is just twoodays their trainers are gettinn ready.but thh real fun starts in juss a few hours.morgan adsit is live at pimlico with a sneaa peek of this yeer's alibi breaafast... where trainerss. jockeys and the media trade preeictions for the race. race.
7:26 am
3 for the race. predictions for the . rrce. a horse llke bbddmeister if he happee. you''r confident? ii am but you never know. as llng as we conninue tootrain like we are, wwewonnt be that far off bodemeister. he mmght are going o do. we are just - trying to fill time. we just don't know if your hhrses are going to cooe back and run a &pgood race. bode looks great and i really don't care about the field, just ccre about &pbooe.
7:27 am
7:28 am
3 find all tte informationnyou need aboot tte preakness on ouu website.just got to fox- baltimore dot com slaah choosing the right sunscreen... sunscreen... we have an expert live in our studio to telllyou
7:29 am
about proper suuscceen use... and tt explain why choosing the correct one...can be confusing. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 4)) builds orrpreakness.. how the pre-race hoopla is rrachinng the home stretcc. on fox45 pews t fiie. k9 advantix ii.
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[ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian 3 3 895 map investigators file ffderal charges against a baltimore counny ouple for avvng a 15-year old girl as a sex ssave.megan gillilann ii heree accusee of doing to the girl.
7:33 am
good ooning patrice,police say this is a sex ring that involved bondage and mas-ochism.a disterbing nd violent story... that was unfolding inside a quiet parkville neiihborhood. hands of this couple.48-yeer 36-year old margaart ellen were recruiting women and girls onnine to joii them n their sexuaa activities..hey sent a pornograppic picture to carolina before crossing th - pull bite ffom cover that says they'll do anything nd drop aaything iffthey feel as thought it's going to benefit tm themback at home... investigators ay they treattd the giil as their personal sex document theesexual abuse... online to recruit othee people. accooding to blaes' attornee... the exual acts were not ffrced. both remain custody this prison for hargee the state
7:34 am
megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. &pthe two boys involved in the year-old girl...are seetenced. accidentally shot anddkilled in arrh....her body hidden amonggt trash.the 13-year-old facility....the other boy will county.monaees mother talked d with us about the invvstigaaion and suspected cover up of hee ddughter's deaah. iq: the time that they gave thie kidsoq: like they were sayinn it was ok ok sttll no word oo what will happen to the adults connected the special sessionnii now over... as laamaaers enact a series oo ax hikes. hikes.incomm taxes will be
7:35 am
making more than 100-thouuand doolars a yearr.. and married cooples aking more than 110-thousand dollars a year. &g package s neeeesary to avoidd peerly 500-million dollarr in budget cuts. but n pednesday... lawmakers speett nearly 3 hhurs debating the issue. (bohanan) ""his is a budget supportive of the priorities of the sttte oo maryland, preserving "but we cannot pretenn to uz) ttinn that all of the buuiness continues ctedd t a lace that - to tax at the levels, increase increase the spending yeaa after year." year."governor o''alley says he will likely convene another considerrbiils to expand to - gambling in marylandd 3 lawmmkers say the new tax increases wwlllhit ooly a fraction of taxpayers in maryland... buttthere'' a tax bombsheel that my it nearly everyone. the bill ould teacher pension costs neet
7:36 am
that ould phase in a cost sharing ppogrrm over the next counties and ballimooe o pay (35:54) its puts a huge burden on every county and he ciiyy of baltimore's local budget and that revenue comes from the same taxxayers. taapayees. the tax increase will hit rouggly 3-hundred-thousand maarlaad taxpayers 3 another llnggnnght... forrthe &pthe game finally ended... wit pdam jones launching a solo hhmerun... giving the orioles ddosn't get muchhrest... thhii next game is ttis afternoonnaa 2:10. they arr the moments that will be remmmbered or he rest offtheir lives. the m-i-a-a boys lacrosse
7:37 am
championship eams are now set. set. and joel d. smith is live at johnnn unitas stadiim to get inside the reasons this gamm afffctt so many people who won't evvn set ffoo on the field. good morning joel d. 33-&3 33 3&pit's safe to put that umbrel
7:38 am
7:39 am
away... ffr now. rain shhwers could hit your -3 neighborhood in your skywatch weather foreaact. foreacst. you're patching fox 45 morning ews.. ((breaa 5)) ((bump in)) p(ad lib meteorologist))
7:40 am
in the black forest... [ thunder crashes ] [ engine revs, tires screech ] ...where things aren't always what they seem... because thrills hide in the shadows... just waiting at every turn. verbolten -- a new multi-launch coaster coming to busch gardens. brave the black forest.
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ñ/z 3 3 p, 3
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whether you're aa theebeaah,
7:45 am
lake... oo outddor pool... sunscceen is a must!but do yoo know the proppr way to se . ii. we have an eepert live in ourrstudio taking yoor calls abbut proper sunscreen care. you can give us a call t 410- 481- 4555.or send us a tweet your questions on our facebook . page.nats... nats... and sketchers is in some hot their "shape p" making theecompany refund're watching pox 44 morninn news.. all llcal.. all morn 3
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7:47 am
we all like to feel he warmth of the sun on our skin .. but doing pt afely is the ey. p the ffa tooddsunscreen - manufacturers that they had
7:48 am
until this june to abel tteir of what protections ttey terms prooide.... but that deadline has been for thissweek's take action thhrsday, dr. noelle sherber withhc-r-m &pbeforr you head out into the 3 for extension to change labels &por woudl be unscreee-they &pdon't hhve to just the labels -broad spectrum ... onny sunscreens with spf 155or more can skin cancer isk between 2-14 can claim to sunbbrn-wwaerproof.. sweatproof -waer-resistance -drug acts
7:49 am
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after tte break, dr. sherber caals abouu proper unscreen use. if you have a puestion our phone lines are open nnw aa 410-481-4545. you can ssnd us a go through our facebook page. you're watchinn fox 45 porning. ((break )) i found out he's a bad breaker-upper. weeree ack
7:52 am
7:53 am
noelle sheeber with c-r-m dermatology. she is taking your calls about proper action thursday...for our take question... our phone lines are open nowwat 411-481-4445. you can seed us aatweet at fox baltimore... or go through ourr bmoreell--bmoree- - ssjid: " i'mmindian, so i've neeer
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had unburn , so do i really " when i run long distances in the summer, my suuscreenn facc safe?" safe?" kaaie"" how lonn does
7:56 am
sunncreen last, before i need coming up in oor 8 o'clock hoor... you still have a chhnce to win a 100- as gift card.we're drawing anotter namee.. in
7:57 am
about 5 minutess minutes.andd.. we've gottthe inside scoop on whoowill take the preakness oo saturday... jocceys make thier predictionss aa the alibi breakfast. yyu'rr watchiig fx 45 &pmorning news.. all loccl.. al morning.. ((break 8)) 33
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7:59 am
verizon... doing away wwth a pppular plan.what he company is now going to starttcharging more for.. and why your you from the cost. commercial naas nats and... it isn't because of kim kardashian.the reason
8:00 am
"skeccers" issnno in legal trouble.. for iriig this sexx commerciaa. 3 an hour away from the alibi r 3 breakfast thurrday,,may 17th -3 for once.. you won't have to worry abouu gas's our fox45 royal farms fill up c! contest!we're giving away
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3 333 3 3
8:03 am
3 a ballimorr county couple faaes federal charges... accused of holding aa 5-year old girl as a sex slave in home.inveetigators ssy 48-yeer
8:04 am
36-year old margaaet ellen ponee weee recruiting omen and giils online to joon them in their sexual activitiiss they sent a pornographic &ppiiture to a 15 yeaa old irl in north carolina before ddiving across state linee to they treated her as their perronal sex slave.... using a abuse... and posting the xual encounters onlineeto recruit pther people. now, neighbors are keeppng a close eye on their children. 4:34::8 you knew something was weird because they never said hi to aaybody.4:34:36 iim anyyhere ttere we haven't said anything to aayone because we didn't know whattwas happening 0 :40the couple is facing more than a dozen state and federal charges... including the pooroggaphy.both emain in closing arggments re set - to begin today... in the what someefeel was d.
8:05 am
defense restee wednesdaa &pdaughter cate... or his his miitress rielle hunter to the miittand.the former presidentia candidate faces chargee of ccmpaign finance violations ssemmiig from nearly 1--illion dolllrs used oohelp ide his pregnanttmistress during the 2008 democratic primary. the jury will begin its deliberations friiay. edwards paces up to 30 years innprison if convicted. the florida school board is loweringgits standards... after noticing an alarming trenndnnarly 75-percenn oo students cannt pass he state's wwittng exam.the exam is regarded as the state's easiest stannardized test. school officials are now release of math and eeding &psccres. 3&verizonnwireless has annnunne plaas ... to end its unlimited pata plan. customers will be forced to - custwitch to tieree data plans. phones.the idea is for users to buu a chunk offdata... that can be used with multiple people who are grandfattered -t-
8:06 am
the super bowl of high a weather delayed game as we know which ttaas will be going for the m-i-a-a tttle. tiile. joel d. smith is liie at johnny unitas stadium in towsoo to show us why this game means so much to so many. good morning joel d. 33&
8:07 am
8:08 am
3 tth p-n-c.. m-i-a-a ccnfeeence championshipp are a ttwson university's johnnyyunitas stadium on tooorrow at 3 p-m. are still available at inside lacrosse oo com... put weewant to get youuinnthe stands for free.thh 10th caller right now win a family's rought to you by p---c nd "inside lacrosse." whoosays candles... are juss foo women? pomen?"yankee candll" is out to! too!the companyyunveiled 4 neww pcenets this week... just for men.thee're called "man town"... "first down"... "two-by-four"... which smells like wood... and "riding
8:09 am
mower."ann so far.. the idee is catching on. smell of grass either so. not little differeen.) yeah, a little differeet. maybe a jack daniie's one nextt,right??-righ come out with more candlee scents forrmen in the futtre. they're hoping salls go up... around father's day. the "universoul irccs"... is coming to baltimmre. baltimmre.your hance o winn tickets to the show... is you're atching local.. al mmrning. .all
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to make peanut butter so deliciously creamy. it might just make you feel like a kid again. [ both laugh ] choosy moms never stop choosing jif. get ready, get set.....get thhse crabs moving!the 22nd pnnual preakness celebrityy crab derby starts oday. &ptoday. meteerologist emily grrcey has more i this
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3 coming up... it's not just about thh horsss... thii &ppreekness wwekend.'s also about the ffs. fashion.a look at some of he anddhow the tradition off ancy &ppats... grew to be thhs big. pou'rr watching foo 45 morring p(break 2)) pou'rr watching foo 45 morring p(break 2)) but they can be really well thexpensive.ted a puppy, so to save money i just found them a possum. dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum.
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real big deals this week and every week. yyu are taking a liie looo at the hooses during the races
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us tootaak about the latest - trrnds for todays whhts hot. for preakness this year?--whh are hats such a big traditionnfoo
8:21 am
preakness?--tell us bout some of your hats after 40 yearssin the business.... hyllis says wining desiin at old hilltop is theeone that makes a person glow with confidenne.-picc outfit or hat fiist? & iiformation you need about the
8:22 am
preakness on oor website.just got to fox-baltimore doo com coming up... problems are ow being detecttd... with skechers' "shape upp" shoes... shoee..."it's not someone else."why the overnment is " stepping in... nd what you're papair. niki minaj suppr base
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nasonex is there for you, anytime of year. danninn, rrms and jazz are the youth sharayna christmas, from muse 360 joins us live in studio -what is muse 360? muse 360 is a non-profit ccmmunity rts ooganization -how do you uss the arts to
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-how do you use theearts to encouuage tte pteel us bout your benefft phis teach annhorr tap dancing 3 3
8:27 am
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fiber map 3-
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the 137th rnning oofthe prrakness is just two days their trainers are getting read. ready.but the real fun starts in jjutta ffw hours. hours.morgan adsit is live at pimlico with a sneak peek of this year's allbi breakfast... where trainers.. jookeys and theemedii trade predictioos forrthe race.
8:34 am
just like when we moved to sagamore farm people thought we were ccazy.. just like when kkvin plank decided to take oo the sports world they thought he was crazy. so what would homee we willlgive ii a shot. anddwe'll see hoo it all shakes out. 3
8:35 am
8:36 am
you can find aal tte information you neee about tte preakness on our websitt.just got to fox-baltimore dot com who can forget this superbowl ad... of kim karrashhan ssooing off her skechers shaae-? ups??ake a llok... ssmething elss. good byy .. it' ups."now... the government is companyy s falsely promising shoes.. skechers is the pollarssto resolvv federal nd &pthe public. custommrs who bought the shoes will be eeigiile for refunds... eiiher
8:37 am
directly frrm the federal a court-approved class ction lawsuit. they are thh mmments that will be emembeeed for the resttof their liies. the m-i-a-a boys lacrosse live attjohnny unitas stadium &pgamm affects o many peopll ffeld. good morning 33
8:38 am
8:39 am
3 &pthe "universoul circus"... s coming to baltimore. &pbalttmore.your chance to wwi someetme in the next 33 pinutes.listen in or yyur cue to caal. yoo're watccing fox 45 morning
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news.. all local.. all morning. ((breek 5)) ((ad lib [ male announcer ] at p.f. chang's,
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with p.f. chang's home menu appetizers. 3eteorologist)))- peather kkd tease 3
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3 the universoul ccrcus is coming to baltiiore. baltimore.the collection of actt frrm aarrss the gllbe willlbe at securitt squaae mall from mayy22ndd-throogh may 27th. 27th.ticcets are aaailable now &pwwnt to gee you nssde the
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4100488-4545 wins a faaily th pour pack of tickets. toniggh... one f the topp3 homm.(llst sot) joshuaaarouud we ear from joshua lldet... d about the biggest thing he's been forccd o get used to... since being in hollyywod. you're watchhng fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning.. ((breek 6)) ♪
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just 10 dollars, you can get a 20 dollar ggft certiffcate thhre.marta quintana, from havann road joins us this
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cooking? cuban cuusine- where did cuban , cuisine orginnte?-is ccban food spicy?-tell us aboutt our company , retail line and caaering company.... 3company.... company....cateeing retaal line and your commany -tell
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pompann.... to get your half off gift card, loo on to hey its hhlf off ot com right now.they are limited, so doont wait. coming upp.. &p100-dollaas in free gas... could be yours!our next ii thh neet 400minutes.but if you doo't win today... youuve news.. all local.. ll morning morning. ((breaa 7))
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the top 3 ameriian idol &pccnteetants perforr undee thh bright llghts ach week. offresponibiliiies behind the scenes. it's a fast paced i met up with the contestants .- to find out how they are nats jesssca 2/22 at eyes--and watth us where we go a few montts ago, the hopefuls were praying that phe top 244in hollyyood.nats 2/22 continued and elp us to don't knowbut in a flash... - thhir lives have changed...
8:56 am
nats 5/2 18::8-18:46- you are so beautiful to methe top finalists now sing on a big stage while they are all made up thanks to styyistssand makeep artists.and when thee pren'' hitting the notes... they arr ooten hitting red carpets.(keep nattsof carpet) nats: jssica on red carpet nats: peopll elling thhir names standup in holds bii idoo la-22:57 (glltz/glam hollywood its like living the life f stars,, ut some of phil goo it badphil phillips is confident on stage but when it comes to interviews... phillip at 2:58-im always to work in a mall townnpawn hhs timee.. but that doesn't supporr froo joshua ledet, aae home i sed to get sleep all pay , but here you dont get too much sleeppatssjoshh singing : 50::9but joshua knows off...sot 5/2 at 2:03-you are the greaaeet singer in 50 years ow es not focused on the nuuber of hourssof sseep
8:57 am
the nuubrack) insseed he's coun the blessiigs he's gained sottjoshua aroond 2:00: im havinn thh time of my life and i ouldnt trade this for antyhing in the worldkeep ats the oq is ats! ce up here so - pyou can find out who stays in phh competttion whhn ammrican idol continues toniggt at 8pm here on fox45. i will have behinn the sceees can catch my live reports from hollywood next mmnday hrough thursday n fox45 nnws. cooing up on good day baltimore... pe're giving away tickets... listen in for your cue to ncert. call... sometime in the next 50 inutessyou're watchinn fox 3&all morning. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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