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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 17, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 3 ,3 thhrsday, may 17th. & & & 3
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a bbltimore county couple 3 accused of holding a 15-year old girl as a sex slave in old joon andrew blaes nd jones were recrritinggwommn and girls online to join them in their exual activities. they seet a pornographic pictuue to a 11 yeer old giil in north carolina before driving accoss state lines to 33 they treated her as their personal see slavv.... using a &pcamera t doccment the aabse... and pooting the other people. now, neighbbos are keeping close eye onn their children. 3 4:34:18 ou kkew sommthhin was hi to anybody.4:34:36 i'm relly cautioos like don't go anywhere there we haaen't aid
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anythhng to anyone becaase we didn'ttknow what was happeniig :40 :40the couple is ffcing more pharges... including thh production of chill pprrography.bott remain in custody ttissmorninn. 3 the twooboys involved in the -& shooting death of a 133 year-old giil... areesennenced. &sentenced.mooae turnage was accidentally shot and killed -3 innmmach....her bodyyhhdden amongst trash.thee13-year-old boo who pulled the ttigger facility....the other boy will live with relativee in harford county.monae's other talkkd investigation and ssspected covee up of her daughter's death. 3 iq: thh time that they ggve &psaying t wwa ok okseveral adults are still being investigated in connectton with the ase. 3
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3it was a government program... yyuulearned abouttfirst n fox. &ppeople who receiveeggvernment -3 aid, but we found people it.01:12: 30"each and eveeyone of these phhnes work, and i knnw i have aboot 30 aa home p: hhw long did it takeeyou -3 to get these phooes"a"fivve walked out witt it juut now" now"after our story aired... tte federal agency managing tte program is cracking down. & the f-c-c is pulling the plug on the 400--housand beneficiaaies who got two or more free phonee. & 3 plaas ... to end its unlimmted data plan.starting his forced tt witch to tiered data pllas... when they go to & data... that can be ussd with multiple devices on tte same accounttthe mooe will also pmpacc peopleewhh arr &unlimited plan. 3 if you havee't gotten the i-phone 4-- yet... you might want to hang oo... because worr is there's biggerrand
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-3 bbtttr version ccming. coming.prrduution on a new i-phone is settto begin nnxtt - month... and ources ay it will have a four inch screen. &pphis will be the ffrst ime apppe has ccanged the size of the i-phhnees screen..he new -3 i-phone issexpected to it stores later this year..- 3 racing giant miccael andretti & says he's eady for thh baltimorr graad prixx 3& his team officially nnouncee andretti is the the race since it ssarted ast year..he race has 3 prrmmterssand millions of & dollars in ebbs.anddetti saas if it'' oneerriht... this coull be the biggest streett event in the worldd. 3 56:37 from the ouusideelooking in, it was a huge l that other ppliiical stuff happening inside offit but - overall i think ii was a great 3 and mmkk it bigger nd better 50 3&pthe baltimore grand ppix is set for labor day eekend. 3 theesuper bowl oo high schoolllacrosse issnow set..-&pset.
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a weather deeayed game as completed yesserday, and now e know whhch teams wiil be going forrthe m-i-a-a title. title. joel d. smith is liveeat johnnyyunitas stadium in towson to show us why thiss pame eans soomuch to so many.. -33 good morning oel d. 3- 3 3
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the p-n-c.. m-i---- conference champiinships are at towson university's johnny unitas & stadium ttmorrow aa 3 p-m. are still available at inside lacrosse doo com... buu ww want to et free.the 10tt caller righh now &pwin a family 4- pack of 3 brought tt yyu by p-n-c and --3 "inside lacrosse." 3& its a target aisle surprise. surprise.comiig up... what goes rolliig past this -3 aisle... that as made this video go iral. vvral.
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3 (((ump out))
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p get ready, get 3 set.....get those rabs moving! moving!the 22nd annual & preakness celebrity crab derbb sttrts today meteorrlogistt - emill grrcey has more innthis mornings hommtownnhotspot. 3
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3 p
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3 she's one oo the hhtteet pop staas of today. &ptodaa.((singingg) ((singing)) 3 nicki mmnaj is coming to ...too..tay unnd for yyur chance toowin tickets.... just 33& now. ou're
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,3 patching fox 45 good day ç=ç=ç=
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ñ;wo "what you do is you empower women with knowledge but it has to be knowledge of god's truth." women one the right to vote in 1920... and never looked back... "i personally see this as a spiritual battle that's going on." "we can't sit back and wait for someone else to make sure there's a free country for our children and our grandchildren." how women can be politically active and still embrace strong family values...
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"i'll put your gals up against anybody any day."3 ---brodie ovessa saae! ---mom ffllows behind---this target video is going vvral ,3 -3
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-3 & map fiber map 95 at 695 map
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3 the godfather of go--o is gone. gone.coming up... the loss of a legend... chuck bbownns big - career anddwhht hii passing - means o his biggest fanss fans.and ccoud be &&pgetting a reffnd on shoes yyu may have in yoor cllsee right &pnow.the shoes... the reasoon.. & and how tt get yoor efundd -3 comiig up.. you're
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watchiig fox 45 good day 3 builds orrpreakness.. how the pre-race hoopla is rrachinng the home stretcc. on fox45 pews t fiie.
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the mannknown aasthh "godfather of go-go" has died pfttr suffering from pneumooia. 3 ccuck broon was 75 years old... and leaves behiid a dedicatee fan's how ssme are reacting to the news. neww. 3 ben's chili bowl, the lincoln 3 they're alllinstitutions." justine love has grrww up loving chhck broon. he sang at her hiig school prom. and to this day, she's -3 stiil movee bb is says: " i now all those chuck heer onn, i will get out oo my & par aadddanceein the treet if i have too " chuck also played the guitar he nickkamed blondie. in a hole new genreego-- which quickly spread beyond d- & he assgoofather of go go and 3 was set to newly reeamppd howard hhater last monnt, but - becauue he was he nnver made it outtof the hospital. 3 3 doing gg gg in heeven."has an angel and they're bottommllne is heaven in our livvs and the bottom line is heaaen has an angel nd ttey're ,
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3 doing go g in heavee.""- p, 3
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3& onn of the uuges on ammrican idol could bb leaving the panel. panel.who could be sayinn goodbyee fter the finale... next. &nextt((singgng)) ((singinn)) 3 plus... we've got your ickets - to see nncki minaj in concertt your channc to in juss 15 minutes from now. - 3 yooure 3& wa
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33 the 137th runningg 3 of the preakness is just two & days awwy... but annuaa 3 underwwy.the annual alibi -3 breakkast... here trainers.. jockeys and the media rade predictions for the race just 3 for once.. youuwwn't have to worry about gas's
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3 contest!weere giving away -33pthree... 100 dolllr royal - farms gas cards everyday... all week long.... and e're draaing another wwnner riggt now. now. 3 congratulattons! 3 if ou diin't win this time 3 tomorrow.want to gettyour name in the box?tte only way you can win is by "liking" s on facebook.all you have to dd is go to oor facebook page... faccbook dot com slash fox baltimore and compleee the ennry form n the iiside fox45 - tab to entee.
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3 3 &p 3
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3 3 895 map 3 3
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3 it turnn ut thosee"water bill -3 woes" people ave been having in he city... re dueeto lazy wookers. tte depaatment of public orks & says two workers faked water meeer readings... drassically underbilling peeple... and causing billingghhadacces for customers.. who must now pay - the higher, revised bills.ttey & reading the meters.. whichh waak througg the neighborhood and lift meter coverr.. they up. in tte homeland & neighborhoodd several residents are just now receiving hose higher bills. 3 3 "i don't eally think thht's -3 our probllm..that'sstteir probbem for hiring uhm, those employees." & emmloyees." 3 "how could they have let ttat gooby soolonn and should i pay -3 foo tteei mistakess." mistakes.."" tte - department of pubbic orks discovered what the men were dding inndecember and fired them in january. d-p-w officcals say they're still -& nvestigattng to see if otheer emppooees submitted fake - neighborhoods are affectedd 3 3 the special ssssion is ow
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over... aa lawmakers enact aa series of tax hikes. hikes.income taxesswill be pncreesed for individuals making more than 100-thoosand dollars a year... and marriid 3governorro'malley says tte tax package is necessary tt avoid neerry 500-mmllion doolars in budgee cutt. he governoo alos aaother speciaa ession in july to conssderrbills to - expand gambling in maryland. & 3 closinn rrumenns are sett -3 to begin todaa... in the corruution caae against john edwards..- what ome feel was a surprising move... the without alling eddards... his ddughttr cate... or hhi & misttess riille hunter to the stand.theeformer presidential candidateefaces charges of campaign finance violations stemming from nearly 11million -3dollarssussd to elp hide his pregnant mistress durinn the --3 2208 democraaic primary. he jury will begin its -dellberations friday. edwards paces up to 30 years in prison -3 if convictee.
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3 thee''e the ssoes that & ppomissd to give yoo a great butt... iistead hee're givvng 33 refuuds."it's not someonee good bye trainer, hello shape ups." ups."kim kkrdashian was just one celebrity who promoted skechers the government is steppiig in... -3 saying the shhe company s -3& falsely promisinn customers a toner nd leaner body.... just pb weariig tte shoes. skechers is agreeing to pay 50- million dollarssto resolve -3 fedeeal and state allegations of eceiving the publii. & customers who bought tteeshoes will be eligible for 3 commission... or throuuh a lawsuit. 3 anotherrshakeeup... on the &american idol" judge panel. panel.rummrs arr buzzing...
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& seasonn hile sheehass't the ssow is alleady conflicttin with j-lo's wwrrdwide summer tour with pnrique iglesias. the next round f "idol" auddtions wwlllallo begin whhn she's on idoo for tww seesons with one-yyarrcontraccs. -3 3&p thee are the moments that - willlbe remembered for the lives. the m---a-a boys lacrrose champiinshippteams are now set. set. and joelld. smith is live at johnnyyunitts staaium to get inssdeethe reasons this - game affects so many peoppe field. good morniig 3p3 & 3 33
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3 an animal nearlyyttpplee the 3 from he camel that nearly steals theeshow from saaha -3&pbbroo cohen... to the girl &pthat takes a leap of faith to give uss hilariius caught onn & camera moment... ccming up. & before yyu make &pyour weekend plans... make pure to check the foreeast. meteerologist sttee errig shows us if raan could get in - phe way... next. youure watching foxx45 gooo ddy baltimmre.. -3 3&p((bbeak ))
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at 800-974-6006 tty/v. or visit us online to save even more. fios. a network ahead. 33 it'' time to caption this! phis!ttday on our ffaebookk &ppage we osteddaapicture of
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-3& two hammters hhnging on to a clothesliie for ddaa life... here's haa some of you captioned it. & it.tashawna says, "wwoa! how -3 pii we end uu here?" here?"d-j bunk saas, "chip & dale rescue rangers re here!" here!"angii sayy, "hang in there! tomorrow is friday!"if pou want to play along... join us on our ffccbook page at 3 ballimore. 3 ((toss to weather)) 3 &
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3 karma can be a 3&&pkarma can bb a you-know--hat ometimes.'s a lesson learned the hard way... for a bbie thief... and giil who wwnts to shoo oof her puddle-jumping skiils.luckyy for us ... it's alllcaught on cameer next. nexxtand we are noo just ten minutes away from givinn you phe chance to win tickees to see nicki mmnnjjin connert.
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stay tuned.... you're -& watccing fox 45 good day baltimore. 3 3 p(breea 6))
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"what you do is you empower women with knowledge but it has to be knowledge of god's truth." women one the right to vote in 1920... and never looked back... "i personally see this as a spiritual battle that's going on." "we can't sit back and wait for someone else to make sure there's a free country for our children and our grandchildren." how women can be politically active and still embrace strong family values... "i'll put your gals up against anybody any day."
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3 -3 3 a camel nearly 3&ptopples átte dictattrá at the cannes film estival... and a bike thief literaaly gets hit &pin theeface ith karma. kaama.all theemoments are caught onncamera... right noww 3 lee'ssstart wiih a giil whose bbight idea to miss aapuddle outsiie her car door... turns into one big mmss. 3 pet!:13)) 3 p(áááááad libááááá))
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3 &p3 a ike thief in olahoma... gets hit with kkrma. karma. &p 3&psurveillance video shows him &pbreakiig through a bikk shop window... with a 5-hundred dollar bicycle.seconds later... he aceplanns onto the asphall.the bike getts broke... and thh thief tkes -3 offf 3he usually makes others the - butttof his jokes ... but this sacha baron cohhn. cohen.tth actor turned up at the cannns film festtial s -3 his latest alter-ego to -3 promottehii new movie thh -3 dictator." e tries to get n a camel .... and the camel
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3 a inanimaae object getssthe as a dog tries - rake. 3 (((ááááad libááááá)) 3 a liitle suction goes a llng way for one cat. caa.turns out shedding sn't a - probbem in thhs house... why.((vacuum nats))
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((áááááad libááááá)) 3 get in to one of summer's & hottest coocertt for free..pfree.((siiging)) ((singing))wwn a pairrof 33 tickets toosee nicki minaj in concert.. next. - next. ou're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. - p3 ((breek 7))
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3 boom the super bbss bass you are listening to uper pase by nicki minj.tte song has ertified quadruple- platinnm after selling more 3 the mega star wwll bringgher music to ourrarea for her pink tell us more and how you can get into the how for free. nicki is allll over the radio...she doesn't just ave
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pne hit... here's & 3 3 & 3 your love is the 3 pirst single from herr studiio -3 allummpink ffiday tte songg hit number ooe on the rap songs fact it topped 3 consucutive weeks (((caa)))ttere is actually a
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3presale that starts tooorroo at 10am and ends at 10pm.youu tte inforratton and aappssword that will allow you to to purchase the tickets. (((ess)))you can see nicki minaj on saturday, july 211at washington d-c.tickett go oo - 3 you an get into tte show for natiin ssnt us a pair of passes to give aaay to 410-488-45445wins! 3preekness weekend is nearry heee.-3 here.find out if youu forecaat & will cooperate with race nexx. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. - 3
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3 builds orrpreakness.. how the pre-race hoopla is rrachinng the home stretcc. on fox45 pews t fiie.3 &p 3& áá7 day forecastáá 3 3 tickets!!the nicki minaj to 3& áá7 ddy forecastáá --congrrtulations
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3 to dawn who won the nicki -3 minaj tiikets!!
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