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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 18, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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safety concerns inn downtown baltimore cceate a storm of controversy.who one lawmaker says is to blamm for the violence and why some say it's racially charged. a baltimore bathroom brrwl.. caught on camera.what's even more disturbing about this video.. than the fight. and.. go aaeed and pour another cup.the medical benefit of rinking a second cup of coffee in the morniig. 3 3 today is friday may, 18th. 3 3 3 3
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3 3 tte beating of a tourist on the steps of courthouse east made national headlines... now one state laamaker ii calling attention to the violence dowwtown... in a way... that some say is racially charged. megan gilliland is here with more n what he saii. state delegate pat mcdonough -
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says he's worried about safety here at the inner hhbor... the heart of baltimore... that we've all come to love.but in this letter to governor o'malley... he wrote a headline that reads... quooe "black youth mobs terrorize bal" baltimore."mcdonough's headlineeon that lettee that has stirred reaction.while he says he's standing bb the comments he made... critics... including one of mcdonoogh's colleage's... call the message... a throwback to the racial unrest oo the 50's and 60's. 3 "it's cheap way to scorr political points and basically irrelevant o say that t'' a irrelevant." "" was going to s - use the eadline chinese mob terrorize harbor. but i don't think that would be accurate. honesty.. and quite frankly, that'' exactly what's happening" happening.""n our facebook page a llt of you are also reacting to this news. news.kay wrote in and said why are we focusing onnmcdonough.
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let's put the fouc back on the . victim.edward wrote... it's noo safe this guy is rightt it is the black teens who are racial those areethe facts. whht mcdonough wants... is travee zone" at tte harbor... the area... until safety can be guaranteed.a request that perhaps got lost in the headline.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. viral videos of violent fights are running rampant... and it baltimore teens. teens.we found several videos posted online this montt... showinggttenagerssenggged in videoowas shot iiside a ms his - the mall wondee if the figgts - are spontaneous... oo staged just to post online. < "ttat's jjst a bunch of kids beiig kids, wanting to be on tv. wanting to be noticed.
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it's horriblee but that's the truuh.."< "i guess that's the point offthem... show ff."> off.">there are thousands of similar videos onllne ... but some say it's a dangeroos trend. anne arundel county police need your help tracking down thisssuspect. police say he thisobbed the "suu trust bank" t the safeway on mountain road in anne arundel county.thee witt short brown hair and - mustache.he didn't shhw a weapon.anyone with information should call police. police are searching for a missing woman from brooklynn park.20-year-old jessica lynn lee was last seen may th... at the shoppers food warehouse on ritchie highway.police say police if you knowwanything. - we now have video of some of florida teen trayvon martin's final moments... before beeng &pfatally shot by neiggborhood watch volunteer georre zimmerman back in ebruary.and we'rr seeing ew photos of zimmerman's injuries after the & andrew penccr
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explains... the photos are among a group of documents released in the discovery phase of the second-degree whether zimmerman acted in self-defenss in a confrontation with martin. martin. this is trayyon martin at a 7- eleven in sanford, florida -- where he bought skittles and george zimmerman a short time later, on his way back to thee hooe of his father's fianca, where he was staying.and these are photos of zimmerman after the shooting.a fire department report says immmrman had cuts on his forehead, a bleeding pnd tender nose and a small cut to the ack of his head.aa attorney ffr the martin family &presponded toozimmernan's injuries.trayvon had to fight a guy who was armed, so the level of injuries that we see in this particular case, yes &phe haa someeinnures, but they're not life ttreatening innuries.also among the newly released ocuments, the autopsy says martii had trace amounts of t-h-c -- the psychoactive ingreddent in marijuana -- in his system. another mmrtin family attorney said thatts irrelevant, and autoosy also says martin was
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shht in the chest from an "inttrmediate range" -- or pithin three feet.aad it liits the mannee of death as homicideezimmerman's attorney offered a general reaction too thh documents.we knew it was coming. it's several ieces of the puzzle that we now have to puu together, i would only ask that everyone wwit until we them together, to looo and see what the whole picture is.i'm alss among the eeidenne... a police document said zimmerman could have avoided the encounter if he had stayee in his car nd waited for police to arrive, after he called 991-1.zimmerman's attorney responded the incident also could have been avoideddif partin was not innthe complex. donna summer nats nattlegenddry singer donnaa summer as died... at the age pf 63. tte disco queen on tursday. the 5-time
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grammy winner shot to stardom pike "last dance" and "hot stuff." summer is survived by her husband and 2 daughters. 3 the hi-light f the preakness is the big race.... but that is only 2 minutes of the entire week! week! joel d. smmth is live at pimlico with the latest on all the fun and exciteeent surrounding the actual race phat makes it a maryland tradition. good morniig joel d. 3 3
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you can ffnd all the information you need about the preakness on our website.just got to fox-baltimore dot com slash pprakness. if ou're pouring your first cup of coffee this morning... ou might ant to follow it with another. accooddng to aanew study by "the national cancer institute"... people whh drink coffee live isn't clear why that's the case... but researrhers say there's a correlation between the two. the study is publisheddin "the new england journal of meddcine." it's friday and that means it's your turn to sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. want.llt us know what's on your mind-- and your response could air in our "facebook feedbbck" seement. segment.just go to facebook become a fan and join the conversation. of it's founders... is in hot w! water!this is aagreat american wrong, what some lawmakers say eduarro saverin is trying to do... tt avood paying taxes. taxes. 3q
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we're takkng the pinch out of the pump... with a fox45 royal farms fill p.we're giving away 100 - dollar rryal farms gas cards.we'll draa three winners this morning.we'll day sometime in our 6 o'clock hour.but you have to beea facebook fan to the meantime... "like" our facebook page.. facebook dot &pcom slash foxbaltimore. hurled.he spits in the eye of people.what one f the founders of facebook is accused of oing...and why some lawmakees are sooupset! customer considering an - &pupgrade?act faas, or ou migh have to kiss your unlimited data gooddye..he new
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changes... next. p(bump out)) ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes
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and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. with more choices and fewer calories, all the news about ffcebook's &pi-p-o has iicluded mucc talk about founder and c-e-oomark zuckerbeeg.but one of the social media iant's othee founners is also making &pheadlines.he's being accused citizenship to avoid payingg
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some u-s senators are fuming. fuming. --reporter pkg--a follows -- (nats)in the movie social sympathetic figure, betrryed a by acebook co-foundee mark zuckerberg (nats of movie)but ow, the way thess senators see t, saverin is hardly sympathetic. saverin turned his back on country welcomed him, kept him him becomeea billionairr. this is a great americcn success story one horribly wrrng, the backstory: saverin lost his position ttfacebook, but still has an stimated 4 worth billions of dollars. y - ahead of facebook's ipo, saverin renoonced his us citizenship in favor of the country he's liveddin since 2009: singapore which has no
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taxes on capital gains. this could save savvrin tens of saverin wants to defriend the united statee f america just to avoid paying taxes and we away with it.he spits in the eye of the american peopll. what he does is an insult. he ssould be held accountable. senatorsschuck schhmer and bob casey came up with legislation to force saverin to pay taxes on facebook profitt. it would require wealthy americans renouncing us citizenship to still pay a 30% capital gains the rate for a us citizen. if phey don't ppy that, and back income taxes, they'd beebarrrd from u.s. in a carefully wordeddstatement, saverin responded that he ill pay hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes tt the united staaes government. iihave paii and will continue to pay any taaes due on everything i earned while a u.s..ciiizen note: he says nothing about paying taxes on facebook
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profits he'd make now that hees no longer a us cittzen. saverin innists he only expatriated because he wants to live in ingapore schumer says if you think that's true, he has a briige you could buy. anyone who believes mr saverin didnt do this aa least in good part for tax purposes ii quite gullible.a footnote - schummr posted a link to his new legislation...where else? oo his facebook pagethe legislation does allow the i-r- s to exempt ameeicans whh renounce citizennhip for clearly legitimmte reasons. for example, israeli ambassador mmccael oren had to renounce his u-s citizenship before taking his post rom israel. dana bash, cnn, capitol hill-----end----- cnn.script----- verizon is changing up some of it's plans... the changes takinn place this ssmmer... that has many customers upset. upset.and waat to own a peicee of facebook?how much a share will be... when it goes public today. ((break 3)) mine was earned oietnam in 1968.
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before doonloadinggmore apps or streaming more songs. as alison kosik explains... verizon is making ccanges to going to cost you. --reporter pkg-aa follows --still using to power your smarrppone?well, your data mighh be running out. verizon wireless is gettingg &prii of unlimited plans.last
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summer-- the company stopped offering unlimited data to wireless conference-- verizon's c-f-o announced plans to ditch unlimited data entirely. that means beginning this summee, when unlimited data plans go to upggade their phones, they will be forced into a "tiered daaa plan."sprint is now the pnly national carrier with to offerran unlimited plan.the major wireless companies are scrambling to generate more revenue because their costs are rising .for example-- verizon is moving to a 4-g petwork to keeppup with demand. the upgrade will make phones faster-- but it also costs more verizon is turning to its customers tt help pay for it. but don't just yet-- there may be annup- side..ou'll be able to share yyur ata allowance with -fami differenn if you have a phone and a tablet-- youucan put them both on one pricing details are more this summer. i'm alison kosik in new york.-----eed----- pnn.script----- progress for the grand ?
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prix?when tickets are xpected to finally be on sale. 3 aafederal judge threw out a preserve the "fighttng sioux" nickname of the university oo north dakota. in 2005, the ncaa sanctioned 18 schools claiming they used "hostile &pnicknames. tribes associate with florida state, utah, seminole, ute, chippewa and figgting sioux. so, the ncaa gave exemppions to the first three schools. but not to north dakota. the ncaa iss being politically coorect, pinc targeted for using "brrve." tte university f north carolina at pembroke was "fighting irish" is okay. hereeare just some of the school icknames thaa dentifyy with race, eehnicity, or culture the ncaa has deemed
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&pacceptable: aggies, aztec, brave, cavalierr, cclonials,, cornhuskers, cowboys, ccusaders, diplomats, dons, dutch, dutchmen, flyiig dutchmen, engineers, fightin' engineers, fighting irish, gennrals, highlanders,,uchos, - indians, jaspers, kniihtss leathernecks, lumberjacks, miners, missionaries, monks, muleriders, norse,,oll miss rebels, oilers, oredigggrs, paladins, ilgrims, pioneers, poets, quakers, ragin' cajuns, railsplitters, rebelss redmen, rivermen, saints, savages, saxons, cots, fighting scotss sooners, spartans, texans, tribe, trojans, vikkngs, warriors and yomen. the correctness witch-hunt. for more on this story visit behhnd the headlines dot n dduus and murder.the results
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oo a 6 month inivestigation.on 33 3 p3 3 3


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