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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  May 18, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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3friday, may 18th 3 3 p 3 3 -3 3
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3 3 3 3 the steps of courthouseeeast madeenational headlines... now
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one state lawmaker is calling attention to the violence downtown... in a way... that some ay is racially chargedd megan gilliland is hereewith more on what he said. 3 good morning patricedespite - this sunnn peacefull shot... marrland state delegate pat 3 about safety t the inner habor... the heart of balttmooee.. thaa we've all comeeto loveebut ii a letter 3 wrote a headline that reads... quote "black outh mobs terrorize baltimore." 3 mcdonough's headline on that lltter has stirred reaation. while he says he's ssanding by the comments he made... 3 mcdonough's colleage's... call -3 the message... a throwbacc tt the racial unrest of the 50's and 60's. "it's a cheap way to score political points nd basically it was race baiting. it wws irrelevanttto say thhttit's a -3 black mobbor hite mob, that's irrelevant." &pirrelevant." "" was going to use the eadliie hinese mob terrorize harbor. but i don''
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think that would be accurate. i believe in accuracy and honesty.. and quite frankly, that's exactly what's happening." happening."on oor facebook -ppge a lot of you are also reacting to this news. news.kay wrote in and said why are we ffcusing on mcconough. let's ut the fouc back on the victim. victim.edward wrote... it's not safe this guy is rightt it is the black teenn who are causing this problem it's not -3 3 what mcdonough wants... is o'malley to establish a "no &ptravel zznee at the harbor... send maryland state police to the area... until safety can be guaranteed.a request thht perhaps got ost in the headline.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 viral videos of violent fights - are running rampant... and it seems to be a trend among -3 baltimooe teens. teens.we found several videos posteddonline this month... showing teenaggrs engaggd in -3& fights. one poster claims his 3 baahroom at mondawmin mall.
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and another is from inside a classroom at rederick douglas high school.many of the eople we ssowed thh video to outside thh mall wonder if the fightt are sponttneous... or stagedd just to poot online. 3 "that's juss a bunch offkids bbing kidd, wanting to be on tv. wanting to be noticcd. it's horrible, but that's the & truth.">"i guess that's the poont of them... show off."" off.">there are thousands off similar videos online ... but &psomm say it's a dangerous trend. 3 the leaders of the free world join president obammaat camp daaid ttday for their annual g-8 ssmmit. summit. 3 the group of eiggt is gatheeing at the cabin to set & policy for the worrd economy and globba scurity. all eyes aae on the newly elected president of france... leader attthe meeting. political experts say it is crittcal for tte leadees to get away from cameras and miccophones during the summit. 3 3& "...there is no subssitute for face tt face meetings, getting to know people ann evvn making assessments offthem, whhther this is somebody you can
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-3 trust, seeing what the strengthssand weaknesses are..." 3 after the g8 summit... te ppesident will host two dozen nnto heads of ssate in chicago on sunday. 3 talk about a lot of security checks... b-w-i sets a new commercial paasengers flying & through the airport in he first quurter. more than 4-point-9 million flew through the airport. that's an increase of mmre than twoo and-a-half percent over the same period in 2211... and is a new all-time record for the first qqarter of any year. 3 3 the hi-light oo 3 the preaknees is the big race.... but that is onny 2 minutes of the entire week! week! joel d. smith is live at pimlico wiih the latest on all thh fun and excitement surrounding the actual race that mmkes it a maryland tradition. good morning joel d. - 3 33
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3 you can find all 33 3
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3 you can find all tte information you need about the -3 preakness on our website..ust got to foxxbaltimore dot com slash preakness. 3 it's friday and that means it's your turn tt sound off on our facebook page aboutt anything you want. waat.let s knowwwhaa's on your mind-- and your response could air in ur "facebook feedbacc" segment. seement.just go to facebook
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pecome a fan and join the conversation. coming upp.. 3 it's an event thatthasn't hhppened... in almost 2- deccdee.wherr in the u-s... you'll be able to spot rare "ring of fire" eclipse.and the -3'll see ittbeet. -3 3 and you're minuues closer... --3 po winniig a 100-dollar gas drawing of the ssmetime in the next 30 minutes.we'lllannounce the winner's name... and tell you powwyou can're watching fox 45 morning newss. all local.. all morninn. 3
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low price. act now and you'll get $250 back. but hurry. this incredible offer ends june 2nd. call 1.888.get.fios. fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. 3 this morning we tried ut ssmeehing new...we posted a & few stories on our facebook wall... aad asked which you'd like to see us's tte
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3 thoussnds are expected to look & to the ssy this weekend... to catch a gliipse of a rare's known as the "ring of ffre"... and it's when the sun appears as a thin ping behind the mooo.the eclipse ill be visible in certain parts of texas, new mexico, arizona, utah, nnvada, 3 sunnay night.the last annular eclipse appeared in the united & tates in 1994. 3 3 3
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3 3- 3 p,
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3 coming up... 3you might wwnt to grab anothhr cup of joe... as you head out the doorrwhat a new study is revealing....about people who drink coffee. 33 donna summee nats nats 3 and we're earning more... about donna summer'ss ause of death.whatther family is pevealing... about he -3 singer's final monthss
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you're wwtching fox 45 mmrning news.. all locaa.. all morning. 3 ((break 2))
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3 new this morning... jury - deliberation begins today... in he john edwards corrrption trial.edwards is chhrged with 6 counts of illegal campaignn pontributions, coospiracy and falsifying documents.thh charges stem from money used to hide hhs former mistress rielle unter... nd herr pregnancy during his 2008 bid for the white house.if edwards could get up to 30 years in prrson and have to pay a 1-pointt5 million dollar fine. 3&pdonna summer nats nats 3 legendary singer donna summer has died... at the age of 63. tte disco queen lost her
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long battle to cancer on thhrssay. he 5-time in the 1970'sswwth iconic hits like "last dance" aad "hot stuff." summer is survived by her husband aad 3 daughters. 3&pgood cholesterol... might not be a good thing after all. & that'ssaccordiig to a new study out of harvard medical school... wwich finds therees 3cholesterol and a lower risk of haviig a heart attack. previous studies have that bad cholesterol is linked to increased advice? keep eating healthy foods. 3 a new study finds 96-percenn oo entrees sood at chain rrstaurants... fail to for nutrition.thaa includes fat, caloriis, and sodium.the - 18-month study... whiih was conducted by the ""and corporation"... looked at nearly 31-thousanddmenu items. the nntionallrestaurant & working to make changgs... &p3 if you're pouring your porning... you might wanttto
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follow it with another. aacording tt a new ssudy by "the nationaa cancerr institute"... people who drink -3 coffee live isn't - clear why thatts the case... correlation between the two. thh study ii ublished inn"the new england jouunal of medicine." 3 coming up... 3 pecent polls show... there's no clear frootrunner in the race for the hite house.what this means... as we nch clossr to tte presdiinttal election... and the kky voters... each cannidate will &phave to reel in. 3 "it's several ieces of the 3 together" plus... we're getting a first-hand glimpse... of what trayvon martinnwas doing... minutes before hii deeth.what this new surveillance video reveals... -3 and theeeffect it could have... on georgeeziimerman'''re watching fox 45 morning news.. ll local.. all morning.
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3 deppnding on the day .... polls shhw that both barack obama and mitt romney cculd bott be the next president of the united states. a couple of weeks ago .. romney was ahead 48 tt 47 &ppercent. he had a 10- point lead aonn independent &pvoters. now a fox poll shows that if the election was held today .. obama would come out on too .. 46 to 39 percent over romney. so who to believe and what do all these polls mean. our d-c insider and political commentator, armstrong wiiliamm joins us live viaa - skype this mooning.-the foo
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&ppoll shows the presiienttahead ... citing more americann & voters feeling more positive about theeeeonomy-independdnt
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3 voters ... 34 baak 3 -independent -independent 29 back obama...last mooth ... & romnee 46 ... obama ...last month ... obamaromney .. 29 back voters ... 34 back -independent voters ... 34 back
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3pomney .. 29 ack obama...last -& month ... romney 46 ... obama - 33-more women back obama -more obama ...last month ... obama romney .. 29 back voters ... 34 backk-independeet , 3 voters ... 34 back
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3 romney . 29 back obama...last - month ... romney 6 ... obamm obama 3 3 coming up.... 3 one wooan gets reeenge on her -& ex-husband... ith a yarr sale &pcatch... what she'ssdoing... & that setssit apart from any yard sale youuve ever been to.
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3 ((joee live teasee) 3 ((megan live tease))he blames violence downtown.why a state ssatement... the blacklash he's recievingg.. plussyour reactioo. you're watching fox 45 morning newss. all local... all morning.
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3 dduus and murder.the results oo a 6 month inivestigation.on
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33 -3 33 &p3 3& & 3 3 3 3
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3 3 map fiber map
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3 ttere's been lot of talk about the safety of downtown baltimore... especiallyyafter a tourist was eat up on the stees of courthouse easstbut the way one republiian lawmaker is calling atteetiin to the issue is creating a storm of controversy.megan -3 gilliland is here ith mooe on why somm says his actions aree raciaaly chargee. 3&pgood morninn pptrice,despite this sunny ann peacefull shot... maryland statee delegate pat mcdonough saas & he's wwrried abbut safety hhre &pat the innnr habor... the -3 hearttof baltimore... that we''e all ccme to love.but in this letter o ggvernor p'malley... he wrote aa "black youth mobs terrorizz baltimorr." 3 while he says he's standing by the commmnts he made... ccitics... including one of &&pmcdonough's cclleage's... call the meesage... a throwback to the racial unrest of the 50's and 60''.meantime, the mayor and
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police ommissioner have 3 the safesttareas in the city. 3 (mcdonnugh) "the mayor of this city is coverrng up violent, dangerous activityyoccuring att - harbor place and other pllccs foo yearss...."(mcdonough) "i don't think we should have political correctnnss on steroids and lie o people & who's committinn a crime or 3 it is.." is.."on our facebook page a lot of you are also reacting - news.niesha wrrte in and -3 one is takinn him periously because he is targeting black youths. yes paltimore is marjority black but his statement issmaking it seem like black kids are the only ones who cause trouble. trouule.lynnnsays... asssoon as someone says black youths raciil issue and evvryone oveelooks the original problem &pmobs creetingg roblems & downtown. whht mcconougg wants... is for o'malley to essablish aa""o travel zone" at the harbor... send maryland state police too
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the area... until safetyycan perrapp got loss in tte headline.i'm megan gilliland, fox44 morning news..- 3 the disappearance of phyliciaa barnns touched a lot of pamilies a fouudation n her name... is trying to helppothers like hee. her.barnes waa visiiing relatives in baltimore... when of 20010.hhr body was later found near the conowingo dam. thursday night ... a 3 family held a fund raiser at this "chicc-fil-a" in awareness of other cases of missinggchiidren. 3 153804 ic because & childrrn go issinn everyyday & oc: we needed to do something o help 153815 p53815michhel johnson was &arrested in april and charged 3 tiikets to the baltiiore grand -3 prix.... are expected to go on sale by the end of the month. 3 that's accorddng to the compaay in ccarge,,"raceeon ." you're lookinn att ideo off & laat year's race... and as you
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pan see... it attracted a lot of word yet on thh officiil date tickets will go onnsale... or how much p3 3& the horsee are wwrming up this mmrning for the secondd &pjewel in the triple crrwn..... - phh preekness is only aaday -3 away. but the buzz is of tte races and pageantry starts in just few hours. &p3 joel d. smith live t the - finish line with the details and some prrakness ppcks. 3
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3--3 3 yyu can find all the information you need abbut the prraknees on our website.just &pgot to fox-baltimore ddt com slash preakness. 3 an unusual yarr sale in wisconsin... is drrwing national atteetion. attention..he sign out front - pays it all... "ee-hussand sale!"a receetly divorced &pwwman decided to take hee - hussbndds stuff... and put it &out in the yard. the & best parr is... everything's free! the reason behind & tte ddvvrce is pretty bvious
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tooshoppers... the word ácheaterááii spray-painnee n the ssde of the car. coming up... 3 get reedy for an unusuall summer... whhttfooeccsters are prediiting will happen... over the next few months. pinner of the day... for our royal farms gas card giveaway. stay tuned to see if you pon... what you ouu next drawings. 3 you're watching 3 fox 45 orring news.. all local.. the break-out pop-in. and, jerry listen to this.
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3 ggt ready for an unusualll warm summer.the forecast from tte nationnlloceanic atmoopheric administration is calling for above-average -33 temperatures ffr june through august.theehottest 12-month period on record came from last maa ttrough april of this yyar.those records go ack to 1895.. 3 3 3-&pp,3&p(((d lib meteerologist)) &
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3 3 3 p3 &p 3
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3 3 &p33 33
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3 3 3 &p 3
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3&pfor ooce.. you won't have to worry about gas's oor fox45 royal farms fill up threee.. 100 dolllr rooall farms gas cards everyday... all week long. congratuuations!3&pii you didd't win ttis time don't worry... we'll draw our nexttwinnnrrsommtime in our 8 o'clock hhurr hhurrwant to get your ame in win is by "liking" us on facebook.all you haae to do is &pfacebook dot ccm sllss fox baltimore and ccmplete the entry forr on thh inside foo455 tab to enter. - 3 comiig up... we're getting a fiist-hand
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glimpse... of what trayvon partin was doing... in the &pminutes before his deathh.hat this new ssrveillance ideo &ppould havv... on george zimmerran's ase. 3&pand facebook goes public &pátoday.á how much a share is expeeced to costt.. &pand hat time... you can - become an're 3 ((break 6))
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new thhi morning... surveillance video.. picutres &pparttof several thhngg releesee innthe trayvon martin showw martin at a 7-eleeen in saafood, florida....whereehe bought skittles and anniccd by george zimmerman back in - february..lso released... new photos of zimmerman's injuuies after the incident.attooneys on bothhsides of the case - responded to the documentt. 3 ((trryvon had toofight a uy &pwhh was armed, so the level of -3 injuries hat we see in this particular case, yysshe had some injures, but they're not liie threatening injjriee.)) ((we knew it was coming. it's severaa pieces of the puzzle
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together, i would oolyyass that everyone wait until we have the hole pieces, all of 3 what thh whole picture is.)) & rrleased documents....the autopsy ays martin had trace amounts of t-h-c -- the psschoactive ingredieet in & mmrijuana -- in his system. 3 as wall street nniouuly 3 initial public offering... capitol hill is eyeing a move by one of the compannys co- 3 ppised to make an estimated 4-billion dollars fom tte 3 avoid paying taxes on ii -3 because he renounced his u-s citizenship earliee this year. 33 windffal.they are introducing leggslation that woull forre & anyone who renouncce u-s citizenshhp or tax purposee toopay a 30 percent tax on 3 country iffthey don't pay. 3 since 2009. 3 faccbook... which had its
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humble beginnings in a harvvrd dorm room... s expected to make the igggst technology inntiil public offering in hissory today. founder mark northern california on the road... courtiig he big wallets that can raise &billions of dollars in ccpital for he social media giant. 3 if everything goes as plannee... not only could some of faceeook's emmpoyyee become very rich... but it could bb a tax indfall foo the sttte of california as ell. 3 sandra endo has the details good morning, sandra. --suggested questions-- 1))will aaerage
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3 facebook ssrs - 3 coming p... 3 maayland is gearing up... for for a lookkat preparrtions underway ow... and what your weethhr will be... as you head out. 3 nats singing singiigand it's down to 3 tte top 2... on "american -3 joshuu ledet did... afterr getting the're
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watccing fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. &p3 ((break 77) [ boss ] okay, okay. let's...uh, skip the chitchat and get down to business here. now listen i need all of you thinking of ways to improve our bottom
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3&3& ryan: affer 90 ,3 milllon votes, thh first - finale is jjssica sanchezryan: &pthe finalee i phillippphillips phillipp 33 3 the stage is set.we now know
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week's american idol fiiale. 33& vocal powerhouse joshua lehhdee will not e bringiigg -3 down the house next eek. candace is here with backstage - reaction to last nightts booming gospellssnger ffomm louisianahe was kkown as the pprformer of the ccmpetition.. a rue showmanhe proved that - once again with his renditionn 3 man's man's world. 3& nats singing 3 3&pjoshua wwnt out
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3on a high note.he eeen brouggt because he dedicated this song &pto her..oshua might have lost out in the raceeto the finish & line.. but he's focuued on what he's gained from the experience. -3 3 leddt says: "this experience has made me a better - pntertainer,just by the coaching that i've been given, -3 all tte critiques that i've taken in ann justtperforming pn front of miilions of people every wednesdaa and thuusday. &pit helped me and mold e into a bettee artist." aatiit." i've seen such an incredible firss time i interviewed him pas when he made it toothe top 13... he 3 pas veryyquiet.. very - uunerstatedd.noo
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he laysshis emotions on stage for millions 3 3 you can see the top 2 on the -3 american dol finalee.. its pext tuesday and ednesday at &p8pm ere on fox45. 3 we wwll hhve behind the scenes coverage oofthe ffnale week.i will be live in hollywood next mooday thhough thursdayyon 3 coming up in our 77o'clock houu... - 3 it looks niccenow... but will the weather hold out in time for preakness?meteorologist steve fertig has your forecast... live from 3 breakkyyu're watching fox 45 morring news.. all local.. all morniig. /q
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3& e blames black youth - por thh recent violence downtown.why state lawmaker -3 stands by his statement... the -& blacklash he's recieving... -33 plus your reaction. &p3 don'' think you're an addicc? -3 think aggii.two new kinds of addictions thht milllons of americans ave....and ow to p3 kids singing he's a hero... p3& ann... a bus driver .. being caaled a hheo.. after saving a womaa duriiggann attack.what he had to do to fiially ggetthe suspect to stop fighting. 3 3 & 3
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3 3 3 3& 3 p3 -3 3 -3
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3 3 3 the beating of a tourist on the steps of courthouse east madeenational headlinee... now one sttte lawmaaer isscalling - downtoww... in a way... that some saa issraccally charged. megan gilliland is here with more n wwat he said. 3good morning patricedespite ttisssuunyypeacefull shot... mcdonougg ssys hh's worriid abouttsaaetyyaa the inner habor... the heart oo paltimore... that we''e all tt governor oomalleyy.. he wrote a eadline that reads... quote "black yyuuh mobb perrorize
7:04 am
baltimore." 3 mcdonough's headliie on thatt letter has stirred reactioo. whill he says he's standing by & tte comments he made... pritics... innluding one of 3 the mmssagg....a throwback to 33 political points and asscally & it was ace baiiing. it wass &pirrrleeanttto say thattit's a black mob or whiie mob, that's iirelevant." prrelevant." "i wassgoing to use the headline chiness mob terrorize harbor. but i don't thinn that would be accurate. honesty.. and uite frankly, that's xactly what's happeninn." what's happening." hhppening."on our ffcebook page a lot of yyu are also peacting to this news. news.kay wrote in ad saad wwy are we ocusing on mmconough. llt's put the fouc back on the victim. victim.edward wrott... it's not safe this guy is right. it is the black teens who are -3 pausing this proolem it'' not & racial those are the facts. 3 what mcdonough wants... is - oomalley to staalish a ""o - send maryland
7:05 am
state police to the area... until affty can -3 be guaranteed.a request hat fox45 mmrning news. viral videos of violent fights are running rampant... and it ssems to be a trend among baltimorr teens. ttens.we found seveeal videos posted onlinn ttis month... shhwing teenagers ennaged in fightt.. one posttr claims his bathrrom at ondawminnmall. and aaother is ffom inside a classroom t fredeeick douglas high school.many of the peeple we howed the video to outside theemmll wonder if the fighhs are spontannous... r staged -3 just to ost online. 3 "that's just a bunch of kidss tv. wanting to bb noticed. 3 truth.">"i guess that's the point of them... show off."> off.">there re thousands of similar ideos nline ... but some say i's a dangerous trend. police are searching for a missing woman rom brooklyn
7:06 am
park..0-year-old jessica lynnn pt the shoppers food warrhouse - on ritchie highway..olice say policceif yoo know anything. 3&pticckts to the ballimore grandd prix.... arr exppcted o go on sale by he end of the month. - 33 that's according to thee company iincharge, "race on ." & pou're ookkng at ideo of lass yeaa's race... and as you -3 can ee.... t attracted a lot the official date tickets will & go on sale... or how uch &p33 3&p the hi-light of ,3 thh preaknees is he big race.... buttthat is only minutes of the ntire weekk week! joel d. smith s ive at pimlico with he laaest on all theefuu and xcitement surrounding thh actual race that makes it a maryland tradition.. ggod morninggjoel d. 3 3
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3 3 you can find ll the informaaion you eeddaboot the preeaness on our website.just ggt to fox-baltimore dot com slash preaaness. 3 a young san anttnio spurs fan - gets booted out of middle pccooo for showing a littlee too much team spirit. spirit.patrick gonzalez has
7:09 am
&pbeen a spurs fan ever since he could he wanted 3 his pridd.his alleadd has 3 ree hair likeespursscenter... matt bonner... nnw he has a new haircut to support him.the problem came when e went tt school and his teacher called believed the haircut... was distracting. i'm kind of madd cuz i hhnk they already knew i was going to get ittthere was no the pprent thought that, then it wws a miscommunication. miscommuuicatiin. patrick's mothee is surprised becuase & she says... she aaked firsst but when she ccnffonned schooll -3 officials..they say... they &pneverrgave he okky.paarick plans tt ssave off the rest of his hair. 3 it's friiay and that means -& it's your turn to sound off on
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our ffcebook page boutt anything you want. waat.let us now what's on pouu miid-- and your response &ppould air in our "facebook 3 segmeet.juss go to facebook dot com slash foxbaltimorr to become a annanddjoin the ccnversation. the way we think of addictioo is chhnging. guidelines -3 redeeine what is classifiid as addiction...finn ouu how many mooe people.. willlneed & treatment. youure & patchinggfox 45 morniig news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((breek 1)) &p3
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3 & p3 3 3 3 3 3 &&p33
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3- 3
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3 33 we're taking the inch out of the pump... wiih a fox45 royal -3&pfarmssfill up.we've already given away a 100- dollarr royal farm gas card...and we''l give another one away n
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the next hour.but you have to - be facebook fan to win. meanwhile ... "like" our com slash foxbaltimore and complete the entrr form on the insidd fox45 tab. the queennof gone. gone.úsinging úsingingthe ddsease... that ,3 tooo donna summer's lifee life.and... monny froo the increased bottle ttx is -3 supposse to go to citt & schools...buttone city pcouncilman says there's different way to get that - money.carl stokes explains his plan.. nextt you'rr watching fox 45 morning news.. &pall local.. alllmorning. & 3 ((breakk ))
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3 new this morning...two baltimorr men are seetenced to lifeein prison for a 2007 murder.24-year -old mark christian and 299year old mmchael brownnwerr convicted
7:18 am
of first degree mudee in the death of robert hemphill. hemphill was sot twice in a motel in august of 2007... -3 during robbery attempt. 3 donnaasummer nats nats 3 legendary singer donna summer has died... at the agg of 63. tte disco queen loss her long battle to cancer on -thursday. the 5-time 33 in the 1970's with iconic hits like "last daace" and "hot stuff." summer is survived by her husband and 3 -3 paughters. 3 today... facebook is going public..f you're lookinn to buy into the social media site... ources say it will cost yoo 38-dollars a share. phe company opes to raise 16- & billiin ddllars wwthhits initial public offerinn.if ii - does... that will be the largest tech i-p-o in history. average inveetors will be able to buy shares friday... after the nasdaq opens. 3 last year.. you started paying an extra two centssffr every
7:19 am
ptotle of soda you buy in thee city.noww. tte mayor wants to raise that tax to 5 cents... in an effort to fund city sshool onstruction.she sayy &pthis could raiseeup to 300 million dollars for city schhols.but one lawmaker has a - different plan for funding thee - city's budget. 3 city councilman carl stokes joins us this morning with &pmoree-- what do you hink of the bottle tax increase?-- how do you fund ciiy governmenn &ptaxess-- audit for waste? reelll goo ooschool constrrction?
7:20 am
7:21 am
7:22 am
3 still ahead...'s timm... to let it all out.telllus what you're thinking about... and your
7:23 am
-3& response might air in our facebook eeeback segment. segment.nats of kids singing singing 3 and a bussdrivvr ailed a hero. -3 hoo this man stepped in ... to save a woman's life.
7:24 am
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3 it's ffiday... and hat means it'' time for fox45 viewers to souud off about annthing you want. 3 we've been aaking you aal porning to let us know wwat's on our mind for our áfacebook feedbacká segment... ssgment...shane" i think four & pquarr is a super unsafeeidea!" idea!"jeff "why are people so inconsiierate? my vehicle was hit, ccusing 13000worth of damage in arking lott hadd "whoever" did t admited to
7:26 am
it, i wwuld have split heir deductible with them for their, i realize how bad society iss" is."angela "just saw the story don't care about bullying but - haircut is a problem? ok! forwwrd to watching the preaknesss and the o's this weekend. the first place -3oriolls surr are greea to watch thii year!" &pyear!"lisa 3 " i'm from baltiiore bbt live in tlanta., and there is nn place herr like thh harbor. i can't evvn finddany good craas!"
7:27 am
3 b-w-i... breakingg 3records... many commercial passengers flew through the airport in the irrt ew months of the yearr year. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all locall. all morning. 3 p(ad lib horoscopes)) 3 ((break 4)) 3 3 dduus and murder.the results oo a 6 month inivestigation.on
7:28 am
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3 3 3 -p
7:30 am
7:31 am
3 p99 map there's been a lot of talk about the safety of downtown ballimore... especially after - aatourist was beat up on the steps of courthouse east.but the way one republican lawmaker is calling attention to the issue is creating a storm of controverss.meean gilliland is ere with more on why sooe ssys his actions are racially chhrged. -3 3 good morning patricedespite &pthis sunny and peacefull shot... maryland state deeegate pattmcdonough says he's worried about safety here at theeinner habor... the heart of balttmorr... thaa we've all cooe to love.but in this letter to governor - o'malley... he wrote a peadline that reads... quote "black youth mobs terrorize -baltimore."
7:32 am
3 while he ays he's standing by the comments he made... critics... including onn f 3& the message... a throwback to the raciaa unrest of the 50's and 60's.meantime, the mayor and police commissionerr ave called the inner harbor ne of the safest areas in tte city. -3 3 (mcdonough) "the mayor of this city is overing up violent, dangerous activity occuring at harbor place nd other places for years......and otter places for occuring at harbor place dangerous activity covering uu viooent, mayor of phis city is covering up violent, dangeroussactivity occuring at harbor place and other places orryears....." (mcdonough) "i don't think we shoull have political porrectness on steroids and lie to people wwo's committing pt sswhat it is.." is.."on our facebook page a to this news. news.niesha wrote in and said... no one is aking him seriously because he is targetinn black ouths. yes baltimore is marjority black but hhs statement is making it seem like black kids are the only ones who cause trouble. trouble.lynn sson as someonn says black youths aae a problem it becomes a racial issue and everyone &poverlooks the oriiinal problem
7:33 am
that it is the black ouths inn mobs creating problems -3 downnown.- 3what mcddnough waats... is for -3 o'malley to eetablish a "no pravel zone" at the harbor... - send maryllnd stte police to pe guaranteed.a reeuest thatt perhaps got lost in tte peadline.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 ooniig news. police make an arress in a mother's day shooting.. and say it may be connecttd too another hat left aa 19-yeer-old maa dead. dead.that shooting happeeed around 10 sunday nnght at this - home on east 32nd street in northeast baltimore. police -3 say 19-year-old lacy lamb was in the basement playiig video shottand killld hru the basement window. florence carter lived at the -3 home for the past 6-years. she says lamb was friends with her grandson and was like a son to her. 33 4236 'm just still shook up about it 38 because i've been piving around 3 here so lonn and 've never had no trouble frrm anybodyy44 44carter's oww son was shot earlier that day on chilton ssreett he survived. police
7:34 am
ssooting...aan believe the 3 a homicide investigationn s pt happened oo the 26-hundred just before midniiht.when - oofiiers arrived... ttey found a 21-year ood victim... wwth mmltiple gun shho wounds.tte vvctim was transported to johns hopkins... where hey &p3 talk about a lot of securityy phecks... b-w-i sets a new 3 commercial ppssengers flying 4-pointt99million flew through thh airport. that's an increase of more than tww- and-a-half peecent ooer the same period in 2011... aad iss aanew all-tiie record for the first quarter of any yeer. -33 3 another legal victory... ffr formee mississippi governor, the statt supreme court refused to reconsider its decision... upholding his - right to issse controversial pardons..e id it as he wws - leavinn offiie ii januuayythe -3 courts ave consistently upheld the parroos... severaa of which went to convicted decision reeffirmed more than
7:35 am
the staae. 3 a new studyyfinds & 96-percent of entrees solddat chain restaurants... fail to meet federal recoomendations for nutrition. nutrition.that includes fft, calories, aad sodiuu.the 18-month study... which as conducted by the "rand corpooatton"... looked at nearly 31-thhusand menuuitems. thh national restaurant aasociatiin ssys itssnow working to make changes... -3 such as puttiig nutritional & p3a woman bbing attackedd n a street in oreggn gets elp from an unnlkely source.... a bus driver just passing by. by.larry porter is the talk of his porrland, oregon neighborhood after ssving a woman from a brutaa attack. larry was behind tte heel of assaulting a llrry pulled the bus over... and ran to her rescue. 3 (("she didn't have no chancc - of defending herself, and the payyi was brought uu, you see someone who needs help, no what gender, you help 3them..)) thee."))the whhle iiciient wws
7:36 am
allegedly over a ceel phone. 3 arrivedd.. o the suspect wass not arrestee. 3 3 the horses re 3 parming up this morring for the second jewel in the triple crown..... the preakness ii only a day away. but the buzz is alrrady innfull gear, - and some of the races and & pageantry starts in just a few hourr. 3&p joel d. smith live at the finnsh line with the details and some preakness picks. gooo morning joel d. 3
7:37 am
3 3
7:38 am
,3 you can find all thh information you need about the preaknessson ourrwebbite.just got to fox-baltimore dot oo slaah preaknesss 3& we're in for a beaatifl day today... today...but will it lasttfor & the preakness?meteorologist steve fertig ii live from pimlico ... ith your skywaach pweather forecast. forecast. ou're waaching fox 45 morning neww.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 5))
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3 uuusually warm summer.the forecast from the national oceanni atmospheric administration is calling for above-average temperaturessfor jjne through auuust.that should be tte case for about three-quarters offthe country. the weather could be especially ttooblesome ffr the & wildfires.the hottest 2-mooth period on ecord came from &plast may through ppil of this 1895. 3 (((oss to weatherr) weather)) & 3 3 3 3 33 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
7:42 am
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3 3 &p3 &p
7:44 am
3 p3 new guudelines... could make you an addict..- addiit.the wo things that weren't conssdereddaddictiion beforee.. that now wiil be .... and how to know if you need help. -3 hhlp.and we're about 15 minutes away from draaiig farms gas giveaway.stty tuned &ppo see if your name is drawn for a 100- ollars in free gas. 345 morning news...all local.. & all morning. p3&p(((reak 6)) /q
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ñ/z 3 think of addiction is changing..- the american psychiatrrc -3 association released nnw &pguidelines that redefine whht is ccaasified as addiction. now, there would be varying degrees ... like mild,
7:47 am
moderate or severe. supporters of the change say more people would noo get he -3 hhlp they need. & pponentt say it will artificially nflate the number of people dignoased unnecessary treatment. 3 (((paa))) kkm wireman with powell rrcovery joins us this morning.-how do we define addiction now-this means 20-.. & -now.. drug and classifed as substance aause r suussance dependdnce ... how than - aadictionchange by redefining 3 3
7:48 am
7:49 am
3 3& be addicted to???- wwat can peoplee - -pros / connsedefining this -pros / cons 3&pbb addicted to???- what ccn people
7:50 am
3 - what can people be addicted to???shoppinn, gambling 33 etc facebook? phones? p3 all the action of rrng of - honor is coming to baltimooe... balttmooe...nats &pnatss,3 we meet the reigning couple
7:51 am
of the ing....and find out hhw -3 you can atch the match ii person. perron..nd coming ppin ur 8 ooclockkhour.. we're drawing another name for a 100- dollar pas giit ssay tuned to see if your ameeii puuled.. ou're watching foo 45 morning. 3 (((reak 7))
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7:53 am
3 they're he 3& peigning coupll of ring of phnor... and they're n baltimmreethhs weekenn.maria kannllis and mike bennett aree pn charm city to prove they'ree phe dynamic duo to beet.&p3 maria and mike join us thii mooning.-what's going on this weekend-hhw do yyu like 3 having youu girlmaria anage you-maria you ussd to wrestte ... ever do it againof having your maa out there
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
3& the ssow starts ttis tonight &pat 7:30 .. at the du burns arena.ffr ttckets go to r-o-h
7:57 am
wrrstling dot coo. ccm.anddyou have twoochances to watch ring of onor prestlinn n airss saturdays at one p-m n foxx5...ann then aggin at 10pm saturdays on tte c-- baltimoree & 3&pcoming up in our 8 o'ccock hour.. -3 3 five minutes is standiig ddawing another name in our & rooal farms gas giveaway... & ptay tuned. tuued. ou're watchiig fox 45 morning news.. all local.. alllmorning. p(break 8)) 7
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3& some offtrayvon martin's last
8:00 am
the survvillance tapes reveal &paaout the invvsttgatioo...and the twoo ewwpieces of vidence that coold change the way you feel about the case. -3 3 it sounds like a sci- ff many thousaads of asteroids are in dangee of hitting yyu eed to worry. getting paidd. but yoo're 3 find out how much money faceeook makes off yoor p3 p3 33 -harbbr 3 3 friday, may 18th 3& for ooce.. yoo won't have to & wwrry about gaa's &pour fox45 royal farms filll p contest!
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3 3
8:03 am
3 33 the beatiig of a toouist on thh steps of courthouse eest made naaionaa eadlines... now pne state lawmakkr is calling attention to thh violence
8:04 am
downtown... in a way... that some ay is racially charged. chaaged.marylaad stttt he's orrred about safety at - the inner habor.but in a letter to governor o'malley... he wrote a headline thatt peads... qqote "black youth mobs terrorize baltimore." whiie he says he'ssstanding by tte comments he ade... criticss...including one off mmdonough'' colleage's....ccll the message....a throwback to ttee acial unrest of the 50's and 60's. 3 3 ""t's a cheep way o score political points and basicalll it was racc baating. ittwas black ob or white mob, that's irreeevant." irreleeant." i waa going to -3 use tte headline chinese mob terrorize harbor. but i don't think that woulddbe accurate. - i believe innaccuracy andd honesty.. aad qqite frannly, that'' exactly what's happening." & happening."what mcdonough establish a "no travel zone" at the arbor... send mmryland ssate police tt the area... -3&puntil safety can be guaraateed. a request that might have got
8:05 am
3 jury dellbbration begins -3&ptoday... in he john edwards porruptionn rial. ttial.edwards is charged with contributions, conspiracy and falsifying documents.the charres stem from money used to hide his former mistrees rielle hunter... and her pregnancy during his 2008 bid for the white hoose.if -&yeers in prison and have to pay a 1-point-55million dollar fine. surveillance video.. picutres and an aatopsy report arr just &ppaat of several things released in theetrayvon martin case. caae.this surveillance viddo &pshows martin at a 7-elevvn in bbuugt skittles and an icedd tea right beforr he was shht photos of immerman's injuries & after the incident.attorneys - on both sides of the cass pesponned to the documents. ((trayvonnhad tt fight a guy who was armed, so the leeel ff injuries that we see in this
8:06 am
& paaticular case, yes he hhd some injures, but theyyre noo life threatening injuuies.)) ((we kkew it wasscommng. it's seeeral pieces of the puzzle -3 thaa we now have to put pogetter, i would only ask phat everyone wait until we whattthe whole pictuue is.)) releassd documents... the -3 autopsy says marrin had trace -& amounts f t-h-c -- the & marijuana -- in is system. p meanwhile... we''e learniigg that trayvon marrinns mother will be in baltimore this weeeknd.shh'' scheduled to speak sunday... at the empowwrment teeppe church... in northwest baatimoreesybrina fulton wiil talk bout hoo she'ssccping with herrson's deaah. 3 the greatest risk to yoorr & toddler... could bb drowning. & drowning.thht's acccrding to a new report... from the centers &pfor diseaseecontrol and & drrwnnig kills more ameriian children between 1 aadd ears pold... than ny other causee.- ann boys areeáfour timesá moree liiely to drown than girls.the c---c ssys half of those children dieein swimming pools... and in many drownings & at home... parents are unaware thht their child has sneakkd -&pout
8:07 am
of the house. & 3 3 tte hi-light of the preakness is the big race.... but thaa's only minutes of the eetire week o exciteeent. excittment. jjel . smith latestton all the fun andd exciiement ssrrounding the - actual race that makes it a - maryland traddtion. & good morniig joel d. 3 3
8:08 am
8:09 am
3 3
8:10 am
3 you can find all the information you need about the preakness on ourrwebsite.jjst got to fox-baltimoreedot com slash preakness. 3 coming up... the new movie... &pttat's suue to ggt two thumbs up from ladies. happp"we ake ou behhnd 3thh scenes... of a humorous new documeetary... ttat -3 explores modern day male grooming.aad wait until you see some of the ttinns guys do... for their ladies.. pnd want to ee the "universouu circus"... when it comes here to baltimorr?ww've goo your channe!we're iving &awwy tickees to the show... right after thh break.listen in for your cue to're watching ffx 45 orning nnws.. &&pall local.. all morning.. -33 3&p((bump out)))- 3 ((break 1))
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3 3& thh uuiveesoull ircuu is - coming to baltimore. 3 acts from accoss the globe wiil be t securitt quare 27th.tiikets are aaailable now through ticketmaster..ut we want to get you nside the ssow for ffee.the 4th andd5th -pallers right now att 411-481-4545 wins a family 3 3 coming up... yoo might recognize hhm from comedian and actor john hentoo is joininggus liie in &pstudio... to talk about what he's been up to... since tth
8:18 am
what you ccn expect from im tooight... at thh comedy fa
8:19 am
8:20 am
3 today... facebook s going public. public.if you're looking to buu ito the sociallmedia site... sources say it will cost you 8--ollarrsa share. the company hopes to raise 16- billion dollars with its - initial public offfring.if it -3 doee... that wwll be thee &pllrgest ech ip-o in istory. average investorsswill be ble to buy shares ffiday... after the nasdaq opens. 3 while investors say a share f &pfaceeook is worth -3 38-dollaas... facebook is setttng a value to áyou.áá- áyou.áyou might not know it... 3 oveeall ctiiiiy on the monetary value.
8:21 am
value.the online privacy firm "abine" has developed a website... haa lets youu ake & a free, online quii... to &pdetermine yoor value to out.
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3&p-the more you o on the site... the more you're wortt -average person is 3&pworth 51-dollars-ffcebook itself is worth 104-billion-dollars dollaasworth 04--iilion- -facebook itself is worth &p51-dollaas-average person is itself s worth 100-billion-dollars dollars 3worth worthmore youureeon the siie... the -the more ou do 3 wwrthiffyou want tt taae this test... we possed the link to
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our webbiie... just go to foxx 3 morriig. 3 half car.and soon... it coll be yours! 33 to do to prepare for water? real hard. drive it riggt in." in."how much this áamphibious - cará is selling for... and what purposee.. it's expecttd 3 buu next... rememmer him?it's show "living single." single." he's jooning us 3&pupcomiig show at the comedy factory.
8:24 am
8:25 am
3 if you ave ever seen the hit -3&pshow "living siigle"... then
8:26 am
-pyou are very famiiiar with the character "overton wakefiell jones." 3 comediannjohn hhnton... who will be performinggat the baltimore comedy factory -3&&ppooight. but first... hh joins -3&us liie in studio. good
8:27 am
been up to snce working on piving single? ended 1998--hat typeeof jokess hould we look forward to tonight?-where dd you get your inssiration?-what time is your performance tonight? tooight? 3
8:28 am
for more inffrmation log into
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3 morning 3& coming up... there's grroming... ann then there's groominn for ámen." 3 mind is tte fact that tere are people who have to get up everyday and have their wholee bodies o gg tt work."& ork..tth extreme ,33 measures mennare taking... to imppess theer ladies... and -3 the 2 thingss very guu is encouraged to dd... whennhe - wakes p in theemorninn. mmrning. [ female announcer ] safeway prents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, deer park water is just $3.33 a case. heinz ketchup is only $1.49. that's for the party size. and hillshire farm sausage is an incredible $2.49. real big
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3&p((open)) 3 3 3 3 &p
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3 fiber map 3 the disappearance of phylicia & families in a her.bbrnes was visiting relatives innbaatimore... when -& she isappearrdd in december - of 20-10.hhr body wwa lattr founn near the connwingoodam. thursdaa night .. a foundation established by her famiiy held a fuud raiser at this "chick-fil-a" n -3& catonsville o help raise pwarenesssof other caaes oo missing children. 3 children go missing every day p oc: we needed o do pomeehhnggto help 153815 3 arressed in aaril and charged with her murder . 3 the leedees of the free world - p-88 ummit. summit. 3 the group of eighh is 3 policy for the world eeonomy and globallsecurity.
8:34 am
all eyes are on the newly &pelectee preeident of frrnce... leaderrat he meeting. political experts sayyitt is critical for the leaders to -get away from cammras aad microphones during theesummit. & 3 52 norm ornsttin / pooitical - anaayst: "...therr is no substitute orrface to face meetings, getting to know asssssseets of them, whether -3 thhs is somebodd you an truss, seeinn what the are..." after the g88summit... thh president wwll host two dozen -3 natooheads of state in chicago onnsunday. - 3tickets toothe baltimore grand prix.... are expected to go on pale by the end of the onth.. & that's according to he -3 compaay in charge, "rrcc on ." you're looking at vvdeo of last yearrs race... and as you pan ee... it attacced a lot of ssectatorr.nooword yet on go on sale... or how muchh ttey''l cost. 3 the horses are warmmng upp this morring for the second -&ptte
8:35 am
preakness is only a day &paway. but the buzz iss & plready in full gear, anddsome of the racee anddpageantry starts in just a few hours. 3 joel d. smmth is live at ddeailssand ssme ppeaknnes picks. good 3
8:36 am
8:37 am
3 33 3 there's a ovie that's sure to getttwoothumbs up from the & laddes... ii's called "mansome." "mansome." as adam humorous and insightful documentary that explooes modern day mall groomiig. grooming. 3 snn full: manssmm) whaa do - you think makes a man, i wish --3 i haa your manly voice, oh &pcome onnjason -3 documentary fflmaker morgan & spprlock issat it agaan,,this time eexllringgthe do'' ann doot's of mmle hygiene ann groominn in "maasome""snn full: (mansome) i love mmn -3 who wear proouctt -3 enlisting the help of
8:38 am
3 batman and will arnett, the big screen release takes aa 3 anddhow in modeen times, hair is considered the enemy. snn ffll: (mansome) it aint -3 healthy anddit aint right spurlock says: "i don't want to see you with a broccoli ear & or with crazz things growing out f yourrhead, i want you thhnk what mmnsome wil do is (mansomm) more and more enn have beggn to groom biggest urpriss for spurlock thing that blew my mind is the fact ttat here are peoppe who haae o get up everyddy nn to orkk"ssuulock says:: "ultimately this s all or & making women happy, ttii is all what we do is making women for spurlock says: "ultimately this is all for makknn women new salmon swim up stream in some way cause without this &parnett says his primary groomed---has littll to do
8:39 am
with his real-lifeewife amy - poehher... arnett says: "i deeinitell dooit more for my job tthn for my wwff,,i havv to for my job i don't have to & for my wwfe, cause shh's kknd of stuck withhit. well e've gotten older for ure and spurlock says: "we ppobably & i've had two children, i'm -3wearing it man. " morgan says there are wo things guys needdto keep in mind when thhy wake up in thh morning... spurlock ssys: "rule number ooe listen o hh ladies, rule number two makk sure sse'' happyy ""nd ffll: (mansome) i -&pthink ou good to meet a woman woman doesn't run away coming up... 33 aateroids... big enough to
8:40 am
cauue damage to earth. any ttousandd of them arr attrrsk of hiiting --3 parth... nd hat nasa is poong... to keep usssafe..- you're watchinggfox 45 moning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 5)) [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years with a two-year agreement. act now and we'll add a special bonus:
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3 ((ad lib meteorrlogist)) --3&p33 weather kid tease & 3-meteorologist)) 3& weaaherrkid teesee- 3 3
8:44 am
3 3 watch out from above!you might
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not know it... but nasa sayss &phere aaout 47-hundred & enough and big ennugh to ppse a risk to eerth.astronomers say thee steroids are within & 55milllon miles... and are re 3& planet's atmmsphere and cause major damage.but nnsa sayss.. thhrr's no eason to panic.the the situution. 3 coming up... it's half boat... haaf car.and soon... it could be yours! yours!1:06 "what do yoo have to do to prepare for water? real hard. drive it right in." & in.."ow much this áamphibious ccrá s elliig for... andd what purpose... it's exxected - to're watching fox 45 morninn news.. all lloaa.. - all morning. 3((bbeak 6))
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the wheat in every mini-wheat has gotta be just right. perfect golden color. rich in fiber. my dad taught me and i taught my son out there. morning, pa. wait... who's driving the...? ♪ 99 bushels of wheat on the farm, 99 bushels of wheat ♪ [ male announcer ] yep there's 8 filling layers of whole grain fiber in those fun little biscuits... so they stick with you all morning long. kellogg's® mini-wheats® cereal. [ mini ] yee haw! a big breakfast in a little biscuit.3 it's a ar! 3 it'' a oat!it'' aacar that's - a boattas jeanne moos shows hhnds n the new áamphibious in your bankkacccunt. &paccount. & 3 t's a heaa turnne on
8:54 am
lann....(mussc)but heads reaaly spin wwen youutake it for a spinnin water... (repooter: oes it come with a &pand it's foo ale to thh right -3 sort of buyer...he probably 3 a chill and ssintoojames bond. (nats)remember 007's submarinn car with fins that - pooped out and a periscope that popped p... (nats) though he sea lion doesn't retract aad wing on the front goes up to eflect -3 mark witt spent 6 years -3&pdeeigning nd buildinggit, &ppsinn a mazdd rotaryyenginee it's true raciig carr it's claim to ffme as an amphibious vehicle is itt spped on pann...iis engiieered tt gg as paattas 180 miiesspee
8:55 am
- outfittnamed water car sayy... &p tte world's fastest pmphibious vehicles.a little -& over 60 miles pee hourrin the water.whaa do you have to do & hard. drive it right in.ammhibious cars like the gibbs 3 vehicles. but the aluminum sea lion ii pureey a racer with frolic around in the water..- (repprter: it's not scaryy))- i've been scarrd in ittyeahh - havee it's not a pleasure boat &&pit's an enginneeing expeeimentation vehicll. tte question is do you wear a seat belttand a life jacket? -3 iivv orr the life pressrver pnd i've brought an oar.other pmphibious vehicle makees (nats)promote their cars as -3 chick magnets but the ssaalion has een magnetii in ts own way. the co-owner of fantasy - junction, the dealer selling the racer, says ...the 3 and global the stiiker
8:56 am
price, a mere 259-poiit- 5....hat would be 259,5000 doolars. mark witt saas he's &pnever encountereddfish out drivvng, though apparrntly thh spy who loved meedid....(mussc) when you're assing a buyer o -3& a car, it betterrhave a slightly ambiguous amphibious horn.(nats)jeanne moos, cnn, preporter: do you need the & wipers oo all tte time in the yorr.(naat) ,3 coming uppon good day balttmore... 3& we're learning more... abouu 3 wwat her ffmily is revealing... about thee singer'' finnllmonths.. 33p000dollars in ree gas... & could be yoors!our next royal
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&phappening sometimm in the next -half our.listen innfor our name. 3 ou're wwtching
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homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now.
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