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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 18, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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3 3 3 &&p 3 phe beaaing oo a tourist on the stees of courthouse east
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one state lawmaker ii calliig aatention to the violence dowwtown... n a way... hat some saa is racially charged. delegate pat mcdonoogh says he's worried about safety at the inner haboo.but in a - letter to governor 'malley... -& he rote a heaaline that reeds... qqooe "black yyuth mobs terrorize baatimore." while he says he's standinn by the comments e made... critics... includinggone of &pmcdonough's cooleage's... call the messagg... a throwback to & the acial unresttoo the 55's pnd 66's. 3 3 "it's a cheap wwy tt scooe & it was race bbitinn. it was irreleeant to say that it'' a blackkmob or whiie mob, that's irrelevant." irrelevant." "i was going to use tte headline chinese mob ttrrooize harbor. ut doo't thinkkthat oold be accurate. i believe ii accuracy and honesty.. and uite frankly, &pthat's exactly what's happening." establish a "no traael zone" &pat he arbor... send marylandd state police o the area...
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untillsaaety can e guaranteee. &pa request hat might have ot - lost ii teeheedline. 3 viraa videos f violent fights are running rampant... and it seems to be a trenn aaong & altimore teens. teensswe found several videos showing teenagers engaged inn - fightss one poster claims his viieo was shot inssdeea high sccool.many of tte people pe showed the videootoooutssie & he maal wonder if the ffghts are spontaneous... or staged &pjust to post online..- p3 "thaats just aabunch of kids being kids, wanting to be on - tv. anting tt be noticed. it's hhrrible, but that's the truth.">"i uess that's the point f them... how off."> oof.">theee are thhosands of similar vvdeos online ... but somm say it's a dangerouss trend. 3 surveillanne video.. pictures and aa autopsy report areejust -3 part of several thingss released in the trayvon martin case. 3 shows martin t a 7--levee n ssnford, florida... where he
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bought skittlee and an iced &ptee right before he waa shot byygeooge zimmeeman back ii february.alss released... new photos of zimmerranns injuries on bott ssdes oo thh ccse responded to the doccmeens. ((ttayvon had to fight guy who was armmd, so the level of particular case, yes he hhd -&psome injures, but they'reenott life threatening injuriess)) 3 several pieces of the puzzle that we now have to put &ptogethhr, i woold only ass that eeeryone wait until we have he whole pieces, all of -&&pthem together, to look ann see wwat the whole pictureeis.)) is.))allo among the newly released documenns... the &pamounts o t-h-c -- the 33 marrjuana -- in ttat trayvoo martin's mooher will be i baltimore this -3 weekend.she's scheduued to speak sunday... at thh empowerrent temple churcc... fulton wwll alk about ow she''scoping with her sonns - deathh 3 tickett to the baltimore grrnd &&pprix.... are expected to go on
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sale bb the enddof tte mmnth. 3 that's according to the company in charge,,"race n ." & past ear's rrce... and as you can ee... t attracted a lot the official date ticcets will theyyll cost. 3 3 thhehottest ticket in - town this weekend .... is of course... theepreekness. preakness.. joel d..smith ii live at pimlico with thh &platest on all the fun and exxiiemeet surrounding the - actual race thaa maaee it a &&pmaayyand tradition. ood morning joel d. - 3 3
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3& --joel you tried & being a jookey earriir.... i
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ttinkkwe havv video offthatt. &p 3 you can find all the information you neee about the preakness on our website.just got to fox-baltimore dot com slash preekness..-&p3 fill up for free. 3pyour chance to win a 1-hundree
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dollaa gas card is just 20 - minutes away. ourning the loss -3 of fans around the woold are rememberiig &pdonna ssmmer. summer. you'ree
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((1:21 last dancee.lastt dance.. last dancc....for love!)) wwrld nd riggt here in -3 pbltimore arr mmurning tte loos of a legend. legend.donna summmr ...the queen of the dsco era... died 3 cancer thurrday. 3 it's a big loss tt thh mmsic world. world.her publicist said the singer passed way thursday in florida... surrounded by her family. hollywood.... fanss are leaving flowers on her sttr onn he hollywood walk of &pffve-time grammy wiiner who first rose to fame in the 19-70's withh"love o looe you baby."she followed that with
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phhrt-topping hhts like "last dance," "bbd girls," "hot - stuff" 3 pnd "she wooks harr for hh money..hhr family issuee a statement saying,,they "are at peace celebrating her extraardinarr life aad her yeaas old. p3 a lot of you ae
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3 ttlling us what hee loss means 3this's how some -& of you reactiig to tte news. heaven knows .another bbautiful voice i singingg 3 piil live on forever. his s her last ance here on earth now she dannes innheaven!" & 3 suuie says,,"one of my favorites. she maae a lot of peoppe's feet dance." dance..riia saas, hee life in - pretty lady!" lady!" 3 it's a preakness traditton.. that's not at pimlico. out if my crrb won the whole thing... next! next!
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3 youurr watccing fox 45
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3 3&pfor more
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33 ryan: after 90 3 pillion votes, the first person hhaaed tt the seeson 11 finale is jessica sanchez 3ryan: the second 3 person headed to the finale is phillip
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3phillips philllps 3 the stage is settwe now know & the top cootendors for next week's aaerican idoo inale. & 3 vooal powwrhouse joshua lee-det will not bb bringing down the houue neet week. weee.candace ii here with backstage reaction o last &pnighh's elimiiation. boooing gospel singer from louisianahe was known as the performer of the competition.. a true showmanhe proved that once again with his rendition pan's man's worrd. 3& nats singing singing 3 joshua went out
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33& on aahhgh note.he even brouggt his mmm uu on ssage with him beccuse he dedicateddttis song - to her.joshuu might have lost out in the race to the finish line.. bbt he's focused on what he's gainnd ffrm the experience. ledet says: "this xxerience has made mm a beeter pntertainer, justtby the coaching that 'vv been given, taken in, nd just pprforming in ffont of millions of people everr wednesday and thursday. it elped me anddmoll me into a better artist." -3 artist."i've seen such an incredible transformation ii joshuaathe firrt timeeii interviewed him was when e was very quiet.. very & he lays his emotions on stage for illionn
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of people.
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american idollfinale... its next tuesday and wednesday at &p8pm ere on fox45. 33 we will have behind the scenee poverage of the finale week.i will be ive in hollywood next -& monday hrough thursday on fox45 nws. 3 don't go annwhere... we are - giving away a 1-hundred dollar gas card... jjstttwo miiutes from now. now.aad later... i get caught uu in a chickee dancce... patriie gets caught etting emotional....and emily gracey -&pkisses a frog... ww've got
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& your best momeets of the week coming up. uu.anddwe'reetaking you back out to pimlico... for all the excitement of preakness weekend. ouurr & watching fox 45 good dayy
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.. you won'' have to worry about gas's 3 contest!we''e giving away three... 100 dollarrroyal &pfarms gas caads evvryday... & all week long.... and we're now. congratulatioos!
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,3 if you didn't win this time - three ore chances to win tomorrow. tomorrow.want tt get your name in the box?the only way you can win ii byy"liking" us on faaebook.all you haveeto do ii facebook dot com slaah fox baltiiore and complete the ennrr orm on the innide fox45 3p 3 3 p -3 3
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3 3 3 3 fiber map
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3 3&pfacebook... has just made history. histooy.founnde and c-e-o mark zuckerrerg rann the opening bbll áremotelyá ffom acebook hhadquarters in alifornia.'s initial public offering makessit thee largest in history.facebook iss available at 33-dollars a 3 is wortt.... wait for it... mooe than 1--undred- biilion dollars. 3& as wall street 3 anxiously awaits facebook's massiveeinntial public
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offfrrng... capitoo hill is eyeing a move by ooe of the 3 ffunders.eduardo saverin is poisee to makk an estimated &p4-billioondollars froo thee public offerinn... and could avoid payiig taxes oo t -3 pecause heerenounced his -s citiienshippearlier this yearr pt was to dodde taxes on the -3 windfall.they arr introduuing citizenship forrtax purposes to pay a 30 percent taxxon future u-s investments ... and bar them rom visiting tth countrr if they don'' pay. savvrin has lived in singapore &psince 2009. 3 3 the horses are 3 warmiig up this mmrning for crown..... the preakness is only a day away..-& away. but thh buzz is 33 aaday away. away.preakness is only day away. away. but the buzz is of the races and pageantry starts in just a ew hours. - 3 joel d. mith live at the 3 good morning jjel d. p
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33 &p
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3 3 our next guest says... lookk don't matter. matter.the author of ásex sells but i'm ugll...áájoins ussto show s how success isn't all about havvng a 3 3 ppus... we'll take you ack puttto the ace track.. for your preakness weekendd forecast . you''e waaching foo 45 good day
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baatimore. 3
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33&pmeteorologist)) 3 3 meteorrlogist))((ad libb meteooologistt) meteorologist))((ad lib & meteorologist))
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3 this week... i ppooed iive got someedance moves.. moves..tte mmrning how also 3 ww draw a blank ....when it comes to theeman knownnas ussgoing .. say what... ccming up. up. you'rrewatchiig - fox 45 good day bbltiiore.
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3 3 sex sslls -- but i'm ugly... it's theetitle oo a new book y dan kendrick... by simply being yoorselffthee author imself jjins us this mmrning to talk about the neww book.good morning dan. --hy -the name "sex 3 sells ut i'm ugly"?-what is the booo
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3aboutt -
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about? about? 3 &p3
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3 foo mmre innormation on the book "sex sells but i'm ugly"... log on to our wwbsite fox allimore dot com slash morning. he's half man... half horse... and ooe hilarious guest. guest.((say what?!)) what?!)) from taaking to kegasus to the crewwsurprising me... we've ggt all the best & momentssoo thh weee... ext.
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next. you're atching fox 5 good day altimore.
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show off my 3 danciin kills. skiils.i juut have to laugh aa one of our guests. ggests.and i pull off a 3 alllfrommthe week thatthaddus going ... -3...say what?!!- what?!
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p3 iigestee as kegasus saywhat?! saywhat5/16((22:22:57 good..ooh... ok... well good morning!:599)saywhat5/16/9a ((22222:39 a lot of people just anginngout...that's our ppotographer! 22:22:43)) ssayhht5/16/9a((22222:50 oor, he's not ::4))saywhat5/16/9a ((22::3:11 meet the horsss - bodemeister :20))saywhaa5/166 ((22::9:57 hese ggys are a morning. :30))saywhat5/14 ((22:22:37 meg: it is almost -3 pime to cluuk like a chickenn - :339)saywhht5/11/9a((22:24:42 they're jjst slippery little suckees))saywhat5//6 &p((22:23:11-:12))--noosound just a shorr hilarious reaction shot f kegasus ffom here.saywwat5/16/9aa((2:25:33 go! go! gooooooooo!!! :44)))-saawhat5/16/9a 3 3kegasus from here.hilarious reaction shot off sund just -3 pull a shhrt ((22:22:56-:59))--no saywhat5/16 p(22:22:56-:59)))-no soundd - just pull a short hilarious &peaation shot of
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3 sound just pull a shortt 3 hhiarious reaction shot of
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3 pegasus from here. 3 3
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- 3 stay rightttheee... youur preakness foreccst is next. issnext. next. you're watching & fox 45 good daa ballimore.
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3 dduus and murder.the results oo a 6 month inivestigation.on
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3 áá7 day orecastáá - fooecastáá 3 p,
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3 3 ((brrak 8)) 3&p33 ((break 8)) -3
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