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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 21, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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trayvon martin's mother speaks to bbltimore... sharing her personal feelings inside the empowerment temple n northwest baltimore. baltimore.ii's so easy for me to ryyeveryday ut i can't i have wook to do 22::4:32 22:54:32 it's been almost 3 months... since her son wasskillee in florida by neighborhood watchman george zimmerman.over the next 8 months... fulton will be traveling around the country, advocating for her son's ffundation and for ffmilies of crime victims.pastor bryant &psays e invited fulton to speek because there are soo many mothers around baltimmre city... dealing with loss and violence. nats it's not always the pames you see on the news or paces you ee on the paper "trayvon is ressing right now, p'm working on behalf of other kids, their future and the fight for them" them"fulton along witt her
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attorney say they hope to amend florida'' controversial "ssand your grounn" law.she did not want to comment though onnthe new evidence released in the caseethat could be pmportant to zimmerman's defense. the newwevidence in the trayvon martin case ncludes and an autopsy report. &pzimmerman claims he shot &pzimmerrryvon in self-defensee a defense aatorneyysays there's no doubt the photos f incident are ccrcial to thee case. ((i ttink the most impprtant evidence....he was atttcked.)) attacked.)) also ammng the newly released documents... 9-1-- calls... and an autopsy that says parttn had trace amounts f t-h-c - the sychoactive ingredient in marijuana -- ii one man to the hospital with serious burns in northeast balt. broke out just
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beffre 3 o'clock this morning on mcclean boulevvrd nnarr perring parkway.this is what's left of tte fighters say the an was trapped inside takennto bayview burn center pitt first and second deeree purns o more than sixty the coast guard rescues four e.- people ffom a boat near the key bridge sunday night.a witness saw the boat hit a piling near the bridge and caaled the ccast guard just before 10 o'clock. all four boaters were rescued and taken to the hospital.nooword on donna summer will beelaid to rest today in a private funeral. funeral.singing nats nats the disco legend dded last week after a long attle with cancer at the age of 63.her outreach from fans and
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friends... but they will ot &pfor the singer. president bama will deliver the commencement address at joplin high school in missouri . today.the president visitee the area shortly after a massive tornado destroyed the community neerly one yeaa ago. 161 people were killed and poplin high school was destroyed. the communiiy is still workknn to re-build homes and businesses. they're ot tryyng to make hree pointers,, is a goal. joel d. smith is live in north baltimore with a team offstudents from the greenmount schooo,, ppeparing competition. gooo morning joel d. 3 3 3
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& if youure looking for a job... you might wwnt to consider these next careers. pompiled a list of the happiess jobs in america... anddyou mmght be surprised at what they are. are.number 5... warehouse manag. manager.number 4... teller teller number 3... propprtt manager
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managernumber 2.... executive cf chefand number one....aa software quality assurance engineer. onnthe list of unhappiest jobs... a securrty officer was numbbe one... nurre... and teachhr.
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you have a chancc to win aa 1-hundred dollar gas gift now. 3((shouting/chaos)) &p((shouting/chaos)) plus... it'' not your average wedding mmrch... how the bride protest on her big day. day.and help sooeene succeed.... just ow easy it watchinggfox 45 good dayywn ttere is a place longer use...
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phat you no you hhve suuts your 3 ouu grown your ccothes or maybe you have suits hat you no longer use...there is a place that would love to have organization founned right hereein baltimorekarynn henry joins us with this mornings hometoww hotspot-tell us about the event you have coming p.. working ith the organization? -how many people are you expecting to attend?-what made
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you the organization? prganizztion? 3 suit-apoolza will take place at suit-apoolza wiill take plaae at patricia & arthur modell performing arts house tthrsddy, aa 24thfrom p:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m foo more information log on to ffx baltimore dot com slash hunddeds f people crash a wedd. wedding.((shouting/chaos)) ((shouting/chaoo)) how a bride reacts to this massive protest outside their pedding eremony. yyu're watching fox 45 good day
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baltim 33((shoutingg.. let's get out o)
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here.)) talk about wedding crashers!newlyweds tim and beth albbrts left the after exchanging vows and &pfound hemselves in the middl of a mass demonstration. demonstration..cccpy protestors wwre marching through the city where president barack obama and dozens of other world leaders were meeting for the nato summit.
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for once.. youu wonnt have to worry about gas farms fill up contest! contest!we're giving away three... 100 dollar royal drawing anooher winner right no. now. congratulationn! if you idn't win thhs time
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don't worry... you'll have threeemoreechances to win tommr. tomorrow.want to get our name in thh box?the nly way you can win is by "liking" us on facebook.all you have to do is go to our facebook page... facebook dot com slash fox baltimmre and complete the entry form on the inside fox45 tab to enter. big tributes at this year's billboaad music awards. awaads.((i'm just blessed to incredibll woman's life)) ddaghter gees emotional at the awards... what she had toosay pbout her mom.. coming p. up.but up next... neon is hoo for summer... but only if you do it right.tricks for lips phat sizzle... next. you're watchiig fox 45 good ((break 3))
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>> when you want the latest information about your health, when you have questions about handling your finances, when you need prayer and inspiration to live a more abundant life, and when what is happening in the world impacts your community and family, turn to the "700 club" for analysis and insight into events of the day. 3
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theebrighter the better... neon make-up s making a comebackdanielle llwis of danielle lewis beauty joins us live in today studio to discuss more- what's the best way to apply lipstick? - how should we wear
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neon lipptick to wook?-after our clothes?-is there a way to overdue tte neen -is thhre a way to overdue the neon lipstick?now that we know how to pply great neon eye make-up daaielle lewis will return uring good day wear neoo lipstickfor more information log onto fox
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baltimore dot com slash porning they came .. thhy saw... and
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they certainly left a lot behin. many people came out for preakness... and just how long it took to clean up after the fans werr ggne. mmot food at restaurants does ánotá meett nutritional standards... find out howwto weeedthrough the you're watching fox 44 good day baltimore. ((break 4))
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3 &p map 3&pfiber 695map 3 over the nexttfew weeks,
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baltimore's citt council will vote on several new tax proposals... including a controversial plan to more than double the bottle tax. tax.the mayor wants tt incrrase thh tax to a nickel a bottle.she says the bill will help fund ten million dollars for construccton and remodeling of baltimore schools.some shoppers don't mmnd paying morr... but pouncilman carl stokes is against the plan.heesay the mayor's office has given plentt of tax breaks to private develooers but hee students are suffering. ((phil haney: 56:44 "ii it goes into schools... nned supplies, quipment.")) ((23:39:22 "people come to the city and say i don't have ... city says we don't have aay 3mo)
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money."))right now customers are paying an extra 2 cents in beverage taxess 3 i''ll have anotter... wins anotr nother..fter tackling both anotr the kkntucky derby and the preakness, he left pimlico sunday orning... for belmonttp. park.he defeated theefavored "bodemeister" byythe tip of &hi wins nder his bblt... i'll -3 have another... now goes on to pry and become the first horse since "affirred" back in 1978... to win the triple prown. 3(()) (())"i'll have another" pill try to win the belmont stakes ... in three
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&pweeks. 3 in three weeks.bellont takes ....will try to win the weeks. the reakness crowd... breaks a record! record!the race brouuht oot &pmore thaa 21-thousand people on saturday.and of course... pickkng up after thooe thousandssis quite a job.crews workee for hours.... making pimlico spotless.the tenns and stages are now down. recent college grads might the idwest. er relocating to - st. louis tops the list as tte job-seeking youngsters. that's according to a list put
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together by "caaeerbliss-dot- com." the data s based on people's relationships with &ptheir co-workers along with oppoottnities for grrwth and company reputation. based on a number of tests ... students in maryland aae often rankkd aa the best in the country. country. so how will a team of students take on the world in a "problem sslving competition"? competition"" jjel d. smith is preemount school" plannto win. 3 3
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the billboard music awards are handed out in las vegas last ni. of the awards and a look at - all the tributes o the music ptars that we lost this year..- phe day... ind out how long &pyou'll need your raincoat thi you''e watching fox 45 good day bbltimore. ((break 5))
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or visit us online to save even more. itts time to cappion this! this!today on our facebook page weepostee a picture of a little boy and little girl posing like mmrilyy monroe in the fammus scene from the á7 year itchá. itchá.here's what some of yoo ccptioned it.jasmine says, "marilyn monroe don't got nothiig n me!" me!"antoine says, "your pull--p is showing!' showing!'if you want to play along... join us on our facebook age at ffcebook dot ((toss to weather)) 3 3((ad lib meteorrlogist))
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33 meteorologistt) whitney houston's dauuhter accepts annaward on behalf of her mom. om.((i'm juuttblessed to have been innsuch an incredible life))coming up... what bobbi
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kristina has to say about her &pmom... pus the big winners at last night's billboard music awwrds. bad when t comes to retaurant food... the clles to help you make healthher choices when out.. ouure watchhnn fox 45 good day baltimore.
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>> when you want the latest information about your health, when you have questions about handling your finances, when you need prayer and inspiration to live a more abundant life, and when what is happening in the world impacts your community and family, turn to the "700 club" for analysis and insight into events of the day. it wws an emotional night
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billboard music awards... after uch big losses innthe music world this year. year.this mmrning melisa raney hhs a look at the honors and the triiutes. tributes. 3 3 robin ggbb was 62.bedside in london. rooin gibb wws 62.
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p-adele as not at the show... but led the pack with átwelveá awards!
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don't let a night out on the town ruin your diet. bad and the ugly when it comes to restaurant mealss.. and how to make better choices. choices. you're watching ffx 45 gooo day baltimore. ((brea fast food doesnt always mman
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means healthy ffod a neww tudy shows 96-percent of entrees sold at chain restaurants fail to meet federal recommendations for nutrition. adina fradkki, cllnical from g-m-b-c jjins us live in studio to tell us more....-how trueeis this article?article?-how trre iss this -how true is thii rticle? aaticcl?-how true is thhs 3
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article?-are theeeeany article? -are there any "healthy" things to ust "fast-food" this apply restturants or "fine ddning" establishments too?somethinns that we an get fast but are still healthy. &pheaathy. for more information log on to
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morniig a tropicallstorm is churning in the atllntic. atlantic.find out how it could week... next. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ooly two remain on
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is buiiddng for the finale.on fox 45 news at five3 áá7 ddy forecaatáá
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