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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 22, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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3 beaten up by the cops... & why a baltimore man sayy he iijuries he sussained and he investigation now underway. "i couldn't control my imbs & i couldn't keyboaad. i couldn't write" 44 42the dangeroussillness spread symptoms of llme disease and why your chancee of geeting itt this yeer rr greater han ever..- and.. itts the most eepensive cut of steak.but you don't 3 how to tell if your filet togethee... with "meat glue." 3 3 3 &p3 ,3 today is tuesdaa may 22. 3 &pp,3
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3 greennpringfiber-83 -3& p3 -3 3 first on fox...a baltimore mann saas he was left beattn and bruised... aater a confrontation with ity police gilliland is here with more onn the exxent offhis injuries nd why he says it should have nnver happenedd p3 good morning pptrice,thhee pictures show the extent of ti-yon williams can see the cuts and scrapee to his face.he says he's rrcoverning from a boken nose
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and nearly a dozzn ssitches... & policee 3&p12233:11 i rrnnmy homebby got &pslammed on hissnnec. anyyne else they would do tte ame 3 williims says afterrseeing officers throwwhis friend to aa he came outtof aa neighborhood storee.. pooice approached im.williamsssays he put hhs hands in the air and surrenderee... buuthh - tells us police began to beat -& him anyway. 3 12:29:447the pooice weee like - pttp so i surrendered. i gave up then after that they - stomppd my neckk i hht my head on tte step, broke mm nose and they pulled me doww the steps and were stompping me on the back thee they put me in handcuffs ann ttok me to the station 10:30:03 10:30::33illaimsssays whennhe hhspital officers tolddhim no chhrges ould be filed against him.we did rach out to police...we know they are investiigaing tthseeclaims... but they declinne to go on cameea. 3 we also checked out williams
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background..nd he does ot &phave criminal record.i'm megan & gillillndd fox45 morninn news. a baltimore grand jury indicts &pa woman... for stabbing hhr 8---3city social servicee office. pffice.the incident haapenedd 3 back in aprill.he baby survived.pplice say kenishh thomas wiil be arraigned later &pthis month. some atttrneys are now seccnd degree murder chargg 3 should be dropped.thii... after stackssof eevdence were released ast week. frromthe nighh of thee shootinn. heehas laccratioos cutsson hissnose. they iidicate a struugll betteen maatinn witnessss have also &pcomm forward... saying zimmerman seemed winded after &phhs struggle with martin. -&p
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"theemost....eewas attackee" pttacked"martin's mother... who viiiteddbaltimore vee he weekend... says she plans on travelingg o other aats oo the ountryyto speak about ee sonn' deaah. you can watch her entire -3 inttrview on our wwbsite.just po to fox bbltimore dot com and cllck on raw news..-- 3 poday is the one-yearr annnversary of the deeastating & as mary ellen hopkins tells - us... he ccty is calling itta day oo unity. &puuity. -333 the powerfulltornado, packing &pwwnds of more than 200 mmles an hour, destroyed some 75-hunnred uildingg.ii -3 levelld homes.. businesses.. and schoolss-- and tookkthe lives of 161 peepleethe - catholic church, but leff the cross.fatter juutin monaghan says heeentered into "high speed" prayerr hile taking sseltee in the athroom.he looked nd hought wow, ggd is reelly with uu, and he's
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leeting us know he's going to takk care of s. 13327:33 it wws a treeendous ---ii was -&real gift o seeethat and t -3& bcame a syyboolall over he &pcommunnty,,in fact ll over -3 tte worrd.aboutta mile to he wwst -- joplin highh chool. taken aa the twwster hit. now... a massive pile of rubble is all that's left.the school operated out of a all this school year.pressdenn obama traveled to joppin on & commenccmeet address to graduating're from joplin. you will always know pttaa it's always possibllefor mayor ays thee iiy is slowwy getting back oo its feet.a year laaer -- jopllnnis on the we are doing good, but ww're &plong roaa to travee, but the way that eeeryone is joiningg togetherrand unifying and make it.i'm maryyellen hookins 3 3 the ilot of a small plane
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is okayy.. after he was ablee wrrckkge in a glendalee california neighborhood.more than 166hundred peeple lostt electric poles eforeeit laaded in someoon's & noo ne on the ground was urt. -3 3 the -double-a-c-p ccmee out pn support of gay marriage... igniting a flurry of anger 3 leaderssnndooble-a-c-p president bennamin jealous says marriagg equalityyis a ccvil right.the announcement was made monday at tte -3 nn-ouble-a-ccp's national - headquurters in nnotheast baltimore.&3 (roslyn)"for us, a civil standing under the -3 constitution and not in a &reeigiouu forrm on this issue." &pissue."(rev eemett burns) an issue beyondd hat naacpp needs to be.. &pn-double-a-c-p--leaders aa
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&pthey hooe membbrr can 3 3 it's viilence like thiss.. that has onee tate lwmaker &pcalling for bltimore mayyr stephanie rawwings blake to resign. 3 fight nats nats 3 this is theedisturbing -3& video... of a touuist beingg & beaten, robbed and stripped on the streets of baltimorreon ssint patricks day.turns out thhree ere áhundredsá of young - people downtown that night. delegatt pat mcdonougg says mayor stephanie rawlings blake -3 should resign unless she calls 3 citt-wwde curfew. e also usee racially chhrged lannuuge to make his poiit last week... calling for policeeto control "black youth mobss" 3 pi am not going t go away. if ruuber llg republican thats sofa anddsay i am sorryythey dont know pat mcdonough im not poing anywhere i have an -& awareness ccmppagn and i waat & phis problem solvvd." ssoved." "the difficuuty that i have quitt franky.... hat
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race....that he had to mention thatt" &33 3 rrverrnd wwtherspoon says 33 hissracially charged comments. 3&& whhn is the last time you country? the nationaa & park seevice is giving you -3 that opportunitt right now. now. joel d. smithhis liie at fort chenry to show &pus how history is being --3 re-lived with a re-votee 3 3 3
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3 commng up oo theeearly - edition... 3 get the best seattonnthee plane.. withoot pying for & piist ccass.what youucan do whee booking your next flight.. o maae sure yyu get plenty of leg room even in coach. coach. 3 ((break )) p,
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delivering. 3 ((bbmm in)) 3 ((2-shot toss tooweather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologiitt)
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3 gas rices are falling again. again.the averrge price of regular gallon of gas hhre in maryland is three dollarr- 62-ccnts... down five cents 3 averaging theii higheet levels ever, t aaout 103 dollarssa barrel. -3 3 we're taking he pinch ouu of - the pumpp.. withha fox45 royal gas cards.we'll draawthree winnerr this morning.we'll day sometime in our 6 o'clock hourrbuu you have to be a facebbok fannto he 3 faceeook page.. facebook dot &pcoo slash foxbaltimore and compleee the eetry form on the inside fox44 tab. still to come... 3 it aalladds up.the surprising place whhre kids gee tteirr money... and how youucan aoid thee xxra costss costs.and next... lawmakers... plan to reconvene for annther sppcial eesiin this summer.
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debbte. 3 ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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3 many of you received a phone call from us monddy..e pf was survey... and one offthe questions we asked wws about our state lawmakers.
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lawmakers.83-perrcnt offyoo pre working in your best iiterest.just 17 percent ssy they arr working in your best interest. -3 interest.meanwhilee.. they & just rappeddup a special session to raise taxes.. bbt maryland lawmakers ould bee pclled baak into another speeial sessionnthis suumer..- and as john rydell tells us... this one is expected to focus.. on ggmmling. gamblingg -3 3psiie die" when lawmaaers adjournedlast week...therr was bitter...that tteir colleagues...raised....incomm leaders...ssyythere's a good possibility...ttey'll be called back into special session...again....hisssummer. it's to consider biils to expand ambling beyynd slot mmcchnes....o innlude taale & poker.therr's also a mooe to &pcreatee.. another &pnaaional princc -3 george's countyy (miller) ""o hopefully we can get another sste up and running and we'll - get the table games and wee coopete fairlyyaad equitably with delaware, ennsylvania and west virginia."but - lawmakers remain plit....n &pexpanned gambling.(kipke) "you
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pnowwif it takes a special session to ffcus on eepanding table ggmes in maryland,i'dd 3& riiht thing to do, ut i also 33&pduring the reeular session, t would have been a much more "but any eeforr to expand gambling innmaryyandd ould requiieea hree-fifths ote in both the house nd senaae. and -3 some lawmakers say that's a huge hallenge."(anderson) "theehouse of dellgates wws &pvotte for thhs hing, lett alonn 85, so i think it's - big gamble, pardon the pun, to try to bring in everybbdy the phink you''eegging tt get a thrre-fifths vote."bbt if the 3 approved...ann put on the ballot this all.... supporters...say reeenne...will be lost. and tte state...woull have to wait & until he 20-14 revisit the issse. john rydell, fox 45 news at ten.. 3& lawmakers could also modify or overttrn a court oo ppeaas ruuinn thht pit bulls are dangerous during the session.
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3 straight ahead... 3 filet miinonn..with a side of glue??how to finddout if the & adhesive is innyourrsteak. &pfor scoring the best seats oo - your next flight. 3 ((break 3))
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