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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  May 22, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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underway. -3 33 phe most infamous woman in ammricaa.. is ouu in the oppn. &phiiinn thh laat 10 months and what it took to find out where - she's been hiding since herr aquuttal. & p3&pand.. it's the most exppnsiie cut f steaakbut you don't &palways ggt wwat you paa to ell if your filet mignon... is beinn eld 3 ,3 tuusday, may 22nd 3 -you're lookkng at video of ttee"ssacex falcoo 9" -& rocket... hiih blasted off & earll this mmrning-it's -spacecraattheading foo the -3 international spaae ssttion -today's launch is ooe of 12 & plannee spacex llghhs-this 3 establish whether spacex can
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deliver cargo o the space &station. right now... nasa hhs to ely on tte ussian ppace agency to ferry u-s astronauts tt orbit 3 3& p - 3
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3 map956952955ap 3 & 3 firrt on fox...a baltimore man says he was leet bbatennand 3 confronnation ith itt police - over the eekend.meggn gilliland is here with more on &pthh extent of his injuries and why he says it should havee &pnever happened. good morning paaricethhse pictures show the eetent of ti-yon williams can see the cuts and sccapes tt his face.hee ays hees reeoverning from a broken ose and neerry aadozen stitthes... alllat the handd of ity &ppolice. & 3 12:33:11 i ran m homebby got slammed on his neck. nyone else hey would doothe ame
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3 williims sayy afttr seeing -3 officerrsthrow his friend to pan.but as he came out f a approached himmwilliams says he put is handssin thh air &pand surrendered... buu he tells us pollce began tt beat - 3p2:29:47 the police were like -3 sttp so i suurendered. i gave - up then aater that hey sttmped my neck..i hit my head thee pulled me down the sseps and weee tompling me on the pack then they uttme in handcuffs and tooo me to the station 10:30:03 11:30:03willaims says whee he wass roppeddoff at tte &phoopitaa officers toll himmno -3 charges would be filed aaginst - pim.we did reach oot to &ppplice...we know they are -3 investigating these claims... cameraa.- 33we aaso checked oot williaas have criminal record.i'm megan gilliland, oo45 morning nnes. 3 p alttmmre grand ury inddcts a woman... for stabbing hhrr8- 3 city sociallservices office. office.the inciidnt happened
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survived.police saa keeisha thomas managgd to smuggle a kitchen knife past securitt. &pthomas willlbe arraigned later this month. & 3 the n-double-a-c-p comes ot - igniting a ffurry of anger from some churchhleadees..- leaderssn-double-a-c-p says marrrage equality ii a - civvl right.the announcement was made monday at the &&pp-double---c-p's national - headquaaters innnortheast -3 baltiiore. 3 (roslyy)"for us, a civii &prights organizaaion, we re standinggunder he constitutionnand not in aa religiius orum on this issuu.. //sot # 2// 3 (rev emmett burns) "this ii -3 not a ccvil iiht its an issue & beyond whattnaacp needs to &p3 n-doubll-a-ccp- leadeessssy ddsagree, without beeng &pdivisive. when is thh lass timm yyu -33 ddclared waa against anothee
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ccontry? the national park service is givinggyou now.. joel d..smith is liie at ffrt mccenry to howw 3 re-lived with a re-votee 3 3 &
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3 if you were among the 120-thousand fans who 3 win thh preaknesssssakes... 3 history.noohorseehas won he
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triple croon since affirmedd -3&pback in 1998.sinne then... 12 have won he first two legs... bellont.with both the kentucky derby and preakness sttkes under his belt... trainer doug o'neill ii trying to break that treak... 3 dog o'neill sot o'neill broke with rrdition by bringing ""illlhave pnooher" to pimlico a eek early... to et himmacclimated to hhs suurounnings.theyyre dding thee amm thing this time 3&phis stall at belmonn... waiting to makeehhstory june -3 9th. 3thaa brings uu ttooor quession of the day:do yyuuthink "i'll triple crown?we'll take your 3&p3 you can alss gg to -& us what you think... sound off
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through ffcebook... or seed uu a tweet t foxxaltimore. coming up... 3 we're minutes away... from our gas card po sse if your name ii drawn... sometii the neet 33 can do to enter tomorrrw's - drawings. 3& 33 you'rr waaching fox 45 morning 3 morniigg 3 p(bump out)) p3 (( k9 not only kills fleas and ticks it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel and a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii.
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[ boss ] okay, okay. let's...uh, skip the chitchat and get down to business
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here. now listen i need all of you thinking of ways to improve our bottom line. so let's just sit here awhile and toss around some ideas. this isn't a conference call hickle -- i'm actually in the room. [ male announcer ] with fares this low why not surprise a few people? airtran is having a sale with flights all over the country starting at only $69 dollars. book at before it's too late. because with $69 fares they're going to go fast. 3 & 3 you ay not remember the but 'm sureeyou owned a mr.
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llfeeeither way... you ccn still get the experiince of mr. potatoohead at port --3 discovery..ettrrlloiss eeill gracey has mooe on this morning homettwn hotspot. 3 -why are you doiig an exhhbit onnmr. potatoohead?- what age groups can beneeit from mr.potaao hhad?--hat will the & exhibit feature?- howwlong will the exxibit be running? running? 3
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3 mr. potato head will run through september 03rd at portt discovery for mooe information slash morning &
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3 3 -33
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3 3 3 maas 3
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maps & 3 - 3 coming up... 3 ddsturringgnew ffndingg... -3 about filet mignoo.hoo to now if the steak you're bbying... 3 "meat glue."ann the ddsguustinn thing that meatt 3& 3lauuhter laughter &ppnd one himp's bizarre 3 what it did to a ggoup off
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kids... after playing "hide and seek" wiih aapaper bag. you're watching fox 44 morninng news.. all local.. all 3 p3 ((break 22) &p
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p3 pew thissmorniig... the senateehomeland security committee is set to hold a public hearing tomorrow... o discuss the lattst finddngs... in tte secret service & prrstitutton sccndal. incident happened llat montt... bbfore president obama's trii to the summmt of the americas. it involved u-s 3 agents in colombiaa.. and as many as 20 lllged prostitutee. 3 heads arr expecteddto teetify. 3 new jerseyyggverror ccris christie is teaming up with repuulican presidential hopeful, mitt romney toddy... for a fundraissr innnew ork. christie has appeered on the campaign trail for romney ann 3the past. he ii mong the -&pnames mentioned asspotential - rrnning mates for the g-o-p ticket. odayys event is part
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of 3 days of fundraisers that the rrmney ccmpaigg preeicts could brinn in as mucc aa 100 millionndollars in &&pccntriiuttons. meanwhile... foorer presiient bill clinton is 33 funddaising in early jjne.ii's ttee econd of 3 planned -3 fundraiserrsfeaturing the to democrats.obama's cammaign is raffling tickett toothe junn 3 3 the final 2 conttstantsson "american idol" are preparing -3 forrthe biggest nnggt on their will o head-to-heaadon season's top itle.'ssa 2--huu perfoomance... starting at 8. & candace ddod will be live in highlights..nd don't miss tomorrow night....when the winner is's all happening righh here... on -3&fox45. 3 cooing up next... 3 fly ike you're in irrt
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the 3 ebbites you can uue... to score you the best seatssoo p3 anndyyu couud soon be hearing your name... on fox45 morning neww.somettme in he next 20 - 100-dollaa gas ard to royaa farms.listee in... to see if ii's youuand want t enter your namm or tomorrow's minutes from're wwathing fox 45 morning news.. &pallllocaa.. all orning. 3 hey, what are you drinking?drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin'. medium iced, cream and sugar. dunkin' iced all day long. dunkin' keeps me going. it gives me the boost i need. dunkin' iced keeps me moving and grooving. i run on dunkin'. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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24 hours in advance. you ccn actually pay to gee on boaad tte aircraft befooe the rest & of the teeming mmsses. but & your ssat might only be ass good as the person iitinn next to yyu.malaysia air and k- l-m offer ""ociil seating," - where passenger's soccal media &pproffles aaeematched wwth their seats, onnecting people pho want to network. otter ppeople, they just ddn't want 3 also creatts an ooportunity: -3 create aa rooill that makes - you the most nliked peeson prrund!! & 3 poming up... &&p3 casey anthhoy... out offhiding. where hh's been.... for the 3 the public. 3 p(meggn live tease))he ssys phe cops beatthimmup..hy a baltimore man says olice wenn too far... and tte investigaaioo noo underway. - 3 ((joel liie easee)
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6:29 am oww hey coull go pnd how it could effect summerr3 3 -downtown baltimmre 3 3
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3 695 greenssringfiber 295895- - 3- 3&pa baltimore an is recovering this morning after he says hee3 citt police.megan gilliland is here with thh story you're seeiig first on ox. 3 good morning patricethese pictures show the extent of ti-yon willlams can see thh cuts and scrapess --3 to his face.he saysshe suffered a broken nose and - nearly a dozen stitches....all at he hands of city police.
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12:38:15 nd they dragged me -& down thh sttps,,stomped me ii & phat's how aal this oocurred. pccuured. 3 williams sayssafter seeiig &pofficers throw his friend to tte ground he goo scaaed and ran.but as he ccme out f a - neighborhood stooe... pplice -3 approached him.williams saas he putthis hhnds n hh air aad surrendered... ut he hhm anywayy 3 12:31:56 in the cell they ask 3 pappenedd you aal know what hhppened! oo beat me up that's what happenne.12:31:04 it's crazy. i wwrr iidon'tt ovee thii thiss3 willaims says whee he wass dropped off at the hospital police told him no charges packground.he does not havee priminal record. pe alss rrached out to policc...they tell u they are investigating tte claims rightt camerra.'m megan gillilandd &pfox45 morning news. 3 casey annhony has been found
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in florida. 3 anthony has beennin hiding for - tteeten months siice she as acquitted of murdering hee 22 year old daauhter cayleee.- investigaaors stakeddout - anttony's reeideene for -33& several daas to serve her with a subpoena in a defamation actiionfiled by a woman namedd zeeaida gonzalezzanthooy told policc in the iiitial inneetigation that zenaida annhony nowwmmss return to prlando in januarr for the - trial. 3 3&pit's a milllon dollar trrp for judges.. and you're payiig for it..- ittfederal judges.. attorneys westernnstates are gathering -- at a hawiiannresort and spp n agust. auggut.the coofeernce.. aimed at improving the american justice systee... will cost onn miilion dollars. dolllrs.two years agoothh same -group's conference ccst taxppyers 657 ttoossad dollars in travvl costs alone.3 money troubles at the cityyowned conventiin ceeter hotel in downtown baltimore and expertt say it could cost taxpayers.
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taxpayers. according to &pstatements from the baltimore hotel corporation... the hotel, which is anaged by - hilton, loot abbut 11-million dollars last year.. p to a total of more ttan 50-millionn since it opened in the summer & of 2008. it's a city venture that some expprts ssy cculd ost taxpayeer.3 (prof. rhoads0 "prrvate thhre's nothing new about that. but itts business -3 thhtts got this publii kknd f pwist to it.. anndso, there's tterr's taxpayers somewhatton the hook for these osses.." llsses.." city officiils, incllding jay brody paltimore developmenn corporation, hhve said these losses arr what thee call ppaper lossee".. ot "real cash losses.." whiihhthhy say will not ffect the hotel'' ability to pay its bills. 3&pjoin ouu wastt wwtch.iffyou our hotline 410- 662-1446 or go to foxbaalimore dot com.
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fflet mignon is oneeof the bbst, and moss expensive, cuts nottalllfilets areethh amm. -3 that'ssbecause ssme includdean ingredient knoonn s ámeat glue.á glue.áfilet mignon s cut from rathee than throw them away... pome tenderloin scraps arr bound together sing an eezyye called trans-glut-a-minase.... or meattglue. 3 (("in our wwrk eehhve used it & mmat, oo meat hat has ben partiallyydisassemblee to & rrmove excees fat and se this po kind of put t back -3 together so that youuwilllhave a produut thaa looks better, pas lower fat and etter for the consumer)) coosuuer))the f-d-a says meat gluu is saaf to consume... pnd if ittis in prepackagee filee mignon... it must be listed on the ingrediint label. &p3 p it's your chance tt reewrite history..... or at least understandd t better.
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this year marks the 2200h &paaniversery of tte war of 1812, and to oomemorate it, you ave a chance o declaree war on the rittish---- oo not. &plive at forttmchenry to shoo us how. good mooniig joel d. - 3
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surppiseefroo a chimpanzee... & at the hhnolulu zoo.the chimp was playing a ggmeeof -3 peek-a-boo with a bag... when all offa udden áthisá happened. happened. 3 laughter, where'd theemonney go? go? the chimp puts
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3 doww thh bag....ann chargee right at the kidss luckily... ttee lass shhelds zoo orkers sayyit's a normal behavior for ccimpp... since hey... like humaas... &pggt a kick out of shockkng others too. 3& coming up... & 3& 100-doolarr in frre as... gas ard giveaaaa is ess than 5 minntessaway.listen in for 3 it's shapiigguu to be a prretyynice ride so farr...'ll -3 pave all the ágooo newsá bout yoor morning commute coming up...youureewatching ox 45 3&p((break 5))
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3 295 fiber-83mappmta-3 3 & 3 3
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us on facebook.all you haveeto do is 3 facebook dot com slash foo baltimore and complete the -3 entrr form on the inside fox45 3 comiig up... 3 a reealll.. involving thoosands of chrysler cars.the - what drivers need to know... if they oww of thess ccrs. 3 anddtoday maaks one year... &psinceeone of the country's - post pooerfulltwisters onn -3 record.what the city of joplln, missouri is doing - today... to rememmer the lives - pfffrt... is far from ovvr. you're watching fox 45 morning news...all llcal.. all morning.. 3 ((break 6))
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3q ♪ i, i'll bring the fire make you come alive ♪ ♪ i can take you higher what this is, forgot? ♪
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♪ i must now remind you let it rock, let it rock ♪ ♪ let it rock ♪ ♪ this time ♪♪♪♪♪ ,3 3 new this orning... judgg tte start jerry andusky's &pchild see--buse trial. sanddskk's lawyer wanted more time to prepare his deeense. the ffrmer penn state assistant football coach ii
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young boyy over a ppriod of 14 & years.he faces 52 countssof child moleetation.sanduskyy as ppeaded not guilty to tte charges and eeaans underr - houue arrest.trial is sst to begin june 5th.. 3& chryslee is reealllig thousands of jeep wranglers ttday... for a problemmthat can lead to ffres.the recall affects 2010 model yeer wwanglers... witt automatic traasmissions.the problemmis with a skid plate... that's located ccose to he vehicle'' & catalytic converter..o far ttis year... there have been pat east 14 epooted fires. wrangler owners will soon be nooified... to brrnggtheir - vehhclee to a eep deallrship ffora replaceeent partt 33 today marks one year... sincee the deadliest tornado in á60 yearsá slammed into thh ttwn oo joplln, packed winds....that literally wiped aaay entire coomunities. 166 - livee were ost. 3 a remarrable reeovvry ffort haa been underway since work till liis ahead. 3 jii spellman is live in joplii phis morning... with the
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latest.good morning, jimm
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3 1) how i this community doing & a eaa later?2)) it must have -&pbeen especially tough on thh childrennhhre. tell uu hhww -3 they are handling it.
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3 3) what are hey 3 doing to mark he occasion? 3 coming up in onssmee peports.... 3 a arningg.. for people usiig phone cards to call famillyann &ppf you're áover-payingá for & serriie... nd theecheaa - inntead.
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and in our hooeeown hotspot... an american - classic... gets a mooern-day to experience mr. pptatoo head... like neeer before..- pou're atching fox 44 mmoriigg news.. allllocal.. all mmrning. 3 ((break 7)) agents, be on the lookout for aliens.
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&p((bump in)) 3&pppople with family orrfriends -3 overseas ssend more than two & pillion dolllrs a year on preppid phonn ccrds. bbu a -3& consumer reports investigation says ... "buyer ewwre." bbwarre" 3& mary mezzauses phonn cardssto dominican reeublic. bbt she complains she dooen't always &&pget aa much alling imeeaa she xpects. (sot: mary meza) "i gettreally angry beecase i think it's not fairr"consumer
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repprts analyzzd more than 130 preppid phone cards..most cost &plook like bargains. bbt 3& problems. "three quarters of the cards we looked at didn't make a caall you sually nevvr pound oou until yu were oo the ppone.. and connumer & reeortt found the amount of calling timm varies tremeedouuly. for exxmple, these caadssboth cost tww dollaas, but this one ggve s city. this one, only five minuttss and here can be lots of fees, which may be listed pn the back in ttnyytype. canninclude a ee for -3 connecting oo disconneeting or calling on a cell phone or calling from a paa hhne. there can evvnnbe a daaly -3 mainnenance ffee (sot)"the &pvalue of the cards. these were -3 complettly ddriied before ww ever mmde our international reports was able to ggt the & fees reversed, bbt nny after calling customer ervice.((ot:
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3 make calls overreas, there are bettte alteeratives."you can 3 por odest rates, hich are clearll spelled out n skype's 3 "skype is phenooenal."and ii, liik georgee elgado, you and - thh person you are calling both havv internet, the cclll &pcaa be free. & 3& coming up in our 7 o''lock & houu... a hollywood hit... baaned in fance. &pfrance..unnyytrailer ccip ccip 3 why thh moviee"thinn like a - man"... is einggbllcked from certain movie're wwtchiig fox 45 morning nnws.. ((break 8))
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p he says theecops beat -3& hii up.the injuries a baltimore man sustaiied nd -3& thh investigation now underway. 3& it's the most expensivv cut of -3 steak.but you donnt lways get what you pay o tell beinggheld togeeher... with -3 "meat lue." - 33 aad... fired.. for beeng too - hot??the suuprising outfit this woman was wearing when shee as let go for being too attacttvee - 3 3 p3 today is tuesday, mayy22. 3 p & 3
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3 3
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3 3 p3 3 3 firss on fox...a baatimore man bruised... after a - confroonaaion with city policee
7:03 am
over theeweekend.megan gillilaaddis here itt more n the etenn of his injuuies and why he ays it should have never happened. & p3 gooo mooning paarice,hese -3 pictures showwthe eetenn of can ee the cuts and ssrapes -3 toohis face.he ays he's recoverning from a broken nose &panddnearly aadozen stitchess.. pll at he hands of ity police. 3 12:33:11 i ran my homeboy got 3 plse they woull do the same williams says after seeiig & pfficers throw his frieed to thh ground he got scared ann &pran.but as he came out of a neighborhooo store....pplice approachhd him.williams says heeput his hands in thh air tellssus oliceebegan o beat him anyway. 3 12:29:47 the police were like stop so i surreedered. i gave stomped mm neck. hit my head on the step, broke my ooe and theyypullle e own he steps handcuffs and took mm to hee 10:30:03
7:04 am
33 willaims says when he wass 3 officcrr toll him no chaages would be filld againss him.we did each out to pollce...we knoo hee are iivestigating these claims... but hey declined to g on caaera. 3 backgrouuddand he doos nnt havv criminal record.i'm megan 3 3 a baatimore grrnn jurr indicts & a womann.. for stabbinn herr8- monnh-old daughter... inside a -3ccty social services office. -3 office.the incident happened survvveddpolice say keensha thomas managed to smuggle a & kitchen knife past ecurity. thomas will be arraigned later this monthh 3&ptheenndouble-a-c-p cooes out in support of gay maariage... &pigniting a flurrr f anger frrm some church leaders. leaders.nndoubleea-ccp president benjamin jealous says marriagee euality i a civil right.the announccment was made monday att the n--ouble-a-c-p's national headquarters in northeast &&p3 (roslyn)"for us, a ciiil
7:05 am
& rights organization, we are standing unner tte constitutiinnand nottin a religious forum on this issue." & //sot # 2// 3(rev eemett burns) "this is not a civil rrght its an ssuee beyond whattnaacp needd tt -33 be.. 3& n-dooble-a-c-p- leaders say they hope mmmbers can ddsagree, without being divvsive..- 3 some attorneys are now speaaing out... saying the secondddegree murddercharge against george zimmerman... should be drooppd.this... released last week. week.phhtos ssow immerman - from the nighh oofthe shooting. heehas laceratiins on the back of hhs heed aan -cuts on his noss. they -3 indicate struggle between him and 17-year-old trayvon come fooward... saying zimmerman seemee winded after his ssruggge withhmartin. 3 "the most...he was atttckkd" &pattacked"
7:06 am
3 martin's motter... who visited baltiioor overrtheeweekknd... ssyssshe plans on traveling to ooher arts of the ccuntry to speak about her son's death. you cannwatth her entire innerview on oor wwbbiteejust & go to foo altimore dot com and click on raw news. phrysler is recalling thousands of jeep wranglers can lead to fires.the recall affects 2010 model yeaa wranglerss.. with automatic ttrnsmissions.the rrblem is with a skid plate... tat's pocated closeeto tte vehicle's -&pcataayttc converter..o far this yyar... there have beee at least 11 repooted fires. notified... to brrng their 3&p whhn is theelast ime yyu pdeclared war against anotherr countrr? the nntional park servvce ssgivvng you - that opportunity right now. &pnow. joel d. smith is livv at fort mchenry to show us how history is beinn good morning joel d. 3
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3 3 aa armyystaaf sergeant s reunited wiit his est friend best friend. friendd"nick" ffund thhs dog.. who he named "bodhi" while oot on patrrl... all tied up and cooered in mud.hiss arssand off..ick could teel the dog &ppeeded is help.. so he traddd packs f igarettes or the pup. 3 "they were goiig o use him for entertainment to figgt tell he hadn't been fed and malnourished. when i saw phat, it just broke my heart. i knew i hhd toogee this dog out offhere." here.""i've missed him so much and just seeiig his ffce and -& seeing how happy he was to see 3&pafter weekk o being appat, bodhi was flown to fllrrda on
7:09 am
&p3 aannw york women isstaking &pper... for being too hott 3 lauren edes says that'' hat her supervisor told her... when he wws fired from her &pjobbattthe "natiie intimates owned by an orthodoo jewishh maa.edes sayssáttisá is thee exacttoutfit she wws wearing at the timm of tte firing.he says it was a safeey iisue for her... bbeause the men t the company would not be able to reeist her. edee says aa onn point she wasseven asked too wwar a ábathrobeá while she ccmpanyy &p3 commng up... a bblckbuster.. banned. banned.funny trailer clip the reason... "think like a european country..-all looal.. all
7:10 am
morning. 3 ((break 1)) still thinking of replacing the truck? i just don't know where to start. glad you made it. start by choosing from over 30,000 used cars and trucks. carmax. start here.
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3 -
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3 33&pmap
7:15 am
3 885fiberliberrymaps
7:16 am
still aheadd. a iitoric - rookee launch. zero 3& whattyou'rr watching happenn.. for the irstttime innhiitorr. histtry. 3 you'rr wwtchhng fox 44 morning news.. all looal.. pll morning. 3 ((break 2))
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7:18 am
3 new this morning... the 3 committee is set to hold a -3 public earinn ttmorrow... to -3 discuss he latest fiinings... in tte secret service prostitution scandal.the & incident happened last &pmonth... befoor president obama's trip to he summit of the americas. it involvee -s -3 military and secret ssrvice mann as 22 alleged prostitttes.
7:19 am
9 secret service memberr havv been dississsd so heeds are expected to testiiy. 3 it's annannual riit of passage at the u-s naval acaaemy iin & climm is scheduled for thiss 3 year...the cademy returned to 21 foot obeliss wiih lard. it was an ngreased cimb the year before due to oncerns aboot safety. the goal of the climm issfor plebes to -3 porr togethee to rppace a first-year sttdent's "dixie cup" hat with aa idshipman's - haa. 3 you're looking at video offthe "spacex faacon 9" roccet... which blasted ff from ape canaveral, florida early this &pmorningit's carrying thh first &pprivate spacecraft heaaing for the internationaa spacc of 12 plaaned spacex flighhs..- phis miision is deeignee o establish whether sppcex can deliver cargo o the space has to rell on the russiin
7:20 am
space agency tooffrry u-s astrooauts to orbitt 3 p3&p here onll for a limited time so catch the spud before he ssouts...the mr. potato head exhibit is now visitiig poot - graceyjoinssus with this 3 are you doing
7:21 am
3 annexhibit on mr. potatoohead??3 p wwattage grruppscan benefit from mr.potatt head??what will eehibit be running? runnnng? 3 mr. potato headdwill run --3 through september 03rd at port dissovery informmtion log onto morning &
7:22 am
7:23 am
3 still to comm.. 3&pfilet mmgnon.. witt aside of -&pgguee?how to find out if the aahhsive ii in your teaa. with new guidelines.the pympptms of llaa aint &&ppoisoning you need to llok ut &ppor in your chhld.. and signs watccing fox 5 mornnng news.. all local...all morning. ((break 3)
7:24 am
7:25 am
3((buup in)) thh centers for diiease controo and prevention has - issued new guiieliies about children wil now e considered 3& micrograms per ddciliter of leaa in theii bllod. thatts
7:26 am
half thhepreviios threshold. some say hat will & meen better action and ppotection for chiidren. but what do parrnts need tt know about whee and how to ttst their kids??- 3 (((pat))) wes stewart, directorrof maryyand program services for - the coaliiion tooend childhood this morring. -whht were pbtter
7:27 am
,3 -this will mean more cases .. 3 .. how do they test theer kids -what will his mean foo homeowwers and landlordd-what are siggs that someehing s lead poisoningeliminnting funding to help roblee .. what can people do -3&
7:28 am
3& cmmig up.. think liie a 3 banned.differenn traillr nats patsthe problee ne couutry --3& has with the cast of the
7:29 am
movie... ttat's keeping it out &pof theattrrs you''e waaching fox 45 morringgnews...all local.. all mornnng. &&p3 ((ad lib horoscopes))) 33 oww hey coull go pnd how it could effect summerr
7:30 am
7:31 am
3 3 &p 3 3 3
7:32 am
899libertyfibermap p,3
7:33 am
& a altimore man is recoveringg this morning after he ssas hh was beaten and raggee... by city pooice.meggn gilliland is hhre wiit the stooy you're & eeing fiist on fox. good morninggpptrice,these & ictures show the extenn f ti-yon illiams can see the cuts and ssrapes to his face.he says he sufferedda broken nose and nearly a dozen stitches....all aa the hands of ciiy olicc.&p3 12238:15 ann they dragggd me down the steps, stomped me ii - tth back and all that and that's how all ttis occurred. &poccurred.willlams says after - seeinn officers throw hhs 3 out of a neeghbbrhood store... police approachee hhm.williams says he put his hhnds in the air and surrendered... uu e &phim anyway. 3 12:31:566in the cell they ask -3 me like what happened? what 3 happened! yyu beattme p that's what happeeed.12:31:04 it's crazy. i work i don't over this this
7:34 am
3 wwilaims says wwen he was dropped offfat the hoopitaa 3 would be filed againstthim.we did check ouu illiams background.he does not hhve cciminal record. 3 we also reached out to police...theyytell us they aree iivvstigating the claims right & now... but declined to go on camera..'m megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. -3 3 ccsey anthooy has been found anthooy has been in hiding for phe tee months siice she was year old daughter cayyee. innessigators stakee out -&panthony's residence oo a subpoena in a efamation &paction filed by a woman naaee pooice in tth initial -3 investigation thht a zenaida gonzalez kidnappee caylee. -3& anttonyynow must return to orlando innjanuarr for tte & trial. 3 a bltimore couur convicts the -3 defendant charged with killing
7:35 am
a man at high school alumni event mmre than two years ago. james dixon waa convicted of second ddgree murder after - stabbing and killing carringttn mcnutt at thh &ppatapsco rena.dixon wasstried last year aad found not guilty offfirsttdegree murder.. and 3 senttnciig is set for junn 29th... ixon faces 30 years inn risso. 3 an anne arundeelcounty jury coovicts a maa in the murder of a deetiit..ante jettr waa found gilty of killiig drr albert r n len burnie. prosecuuors say jeter was paid by a former office worker to & the ddntist.shontay joyner- 3life sentence for her role ii the murder. 3 if you were mong the 120-thoussad ans who witnessed "i'll have anotter" wwi the preekness stakes... you may have witnessed hiitory. horse has won the triple crrwn since affirmed
7:36 am
3 have won the ffrst tto legs... but faltered in the third at derby aad preekness stakes - under his belt... trainer doug &pp3 og o'neill sot sot 3&po'neill broke with radition &pby bringing "i'll have another" o pimlico a weee early... ooget ii acclimated to his surrrundingg.thhy're doinn the same thing thii time his stall at belmont... waiting to make history june 9th. 3&pof the day:do you think "i'll have aaooher" will win the -3 triple crownnour hhneeliies aae oppn now... 410-481-4544.
7:37 am
p it'' your chancc to re-wwite hhstory..... or aat least understand it better. &p this year arks the 200th annivvrsery of the war of 1812, and to commeeorrte it, -& ou hhve ccancc o declarr war oo the brittiss---- orrnot. not. joelld. mith is llve aa ort mchenry to show &pus how.. good morning joel 33
7:38 am
& 3 fflet mignon is one of the best, and most expensive,,cuts of meat.but it turns out... nnttall filles are the same. ttaa's because some include an ingredient nown assámeat lle.á glue.áfilet mignon is cut from & illt isscut... there aar typically scraps left overr some tenderloin scraps are bounddtogether using an enzyme -3por meat gllee p3 (("in our workkwe have used it toobind together pieces of meatt oo eat that has ben partially disassembled to pemove excess fat and useethis to kind of puu iitback - together so that you will have p product ttat ooks bettee,
7:39 am
& aasllwer fat ann better for tte consumer)) 3 glue is safe to consume... filet mignon... it must be -3 listed on the ingredienn label.. 3 3a hit movie here in the u-s is -3 banneddin france.... for a &preason.movve cliphappyy valennines day weetieyou tto - alonn..thinkkliik a man""was nnmber one at theebox offfce but in frrace.. it's a different tory..he movie is apparrntly not being screened because the cast of the film &iss't diverse enougg..haa's &pphe offiical reassn.. but a & couutry is knnww for a llckkof & ddversity n films.. and questions theecountry's decision toosingle oot an aal screeningg ovies with all white casts. 3 still to come.. &pone in four kids... are diibetic.the aaarmiig aae... thaa most of thhe aar iagnnsed.
7:40 am
diagnnsed. 3 you're waaching fox 44 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 5)) [ boss ] okay, okay. let's...uh, skip the chitchat and get down to business here. now listen i need all of you thinking of ways to improve our bottom line. so let's just sit here awhile and toss around some ideas. this isn't a conference call hickle -- i'm actually in the room. [ male announcer ] with fares this low why not surprise a few people? airtran is having a sale with flights all over the country starting at only $69 dollars. book at before it's too late. because with $69 fares they're going to go fast.
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3 &p 3
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3 & p3 coming up.. -3 3 hh's just onn race away.. ffom hhrss racing history.but with derby and preakness... we gotta ask... 3 do yyu think "i''llhave another" will win tte triple crown?our phone lines are opee -3pnow.. 411-481-4555. p81-4545.and later... shapp- this steamm ad.. but for pakkng false claims about the effectiveness of tte shoes.we -3 have a perssnal trainer live in studio ssowing ou hoo to -3 that we knowwtheeshoes don't --3 work. you're wwtching fox 45 morning nees.. all local.. all mooning. 3 ((break 6))
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7:49 am
-3 derby.then.. he ook the preakness... by a "i'll have anothhr" is gettinn ready for he elmont staaes. it's been decades since we've pad a horse win all thhee rraes..- rraes.we waan to know what you - think..ill i'll havv another" lines aae oppn noww. 410- -3 481-4545. p3 brenda- hampden hampden 3 matthew - "i'll have another
7:50 am
& will be he 12th tripleecrown winner of all time. i like his chances of winning the triple crown." likee'i'll have another' how -3&pcould it lose? lol!!!" & lol!!!""ony - "nope this how -3 its been for tte llst few years now." now.. 3&pbrandon- "iithink hh has aa good chhnceewith bodemeister - nnt gging to belmont." coming up in our 8 o'clock hour.. & 3 a chiidhood classic.. like you've never seen it before. whattgoes iito aking "mr. potatt head.. head."and... you're less than -3&p10 minutes away... from your free gas.weedraw our nexx "fill uppwith foox"winnerr.. you're watching fox 5 &pmorning.. p(break 7))
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33& coming uppin our 88o'clock hour...we juss can'' wait anymore.wee ive away our & second 1000dolllrrroyaa farms after the break. -&pnees.. all ocal...all & morning. p3 ((break what about over here? sure. no problem. ♪ agents, be on the lookout for aliens. [ people screaming ] hmm... oh, one small black cocoa creme iced coffee, please -- yum. woman: will that be all? [ brakes squeal ] uh-oh! not good.
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3 & it'ssa devastating iignosis. what you can do ooaa to reduce your risk of getting & breast ccncer.
8:00 am
3 3& and.. a chill star.. on the rampage abbut tabloid rumors..- the áwomaná raven symone has - been linked to romantically.. and the rant the actress & tweeted about the story. 3 3 tueeday, may 2ndd- forronce.. you won't have to worry about gas prices..t'ss & our fox45 royal farms fill p contest!!- contest! 3 we're ggving away three... 100 dollar royal farms gas cards eveeyday... througg wednesddy.. p congratulations!if ou diin't
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33 33 first onnffx... a baatimore man is reeovering ttii mooning... afttr he says he wassbeaaen and drrgged... yy city pplice. police.12:38:15 and they dragged me doww the steps, stomped me in the ack and al that and that's ow aal this occurred.
8:04 am
these ictures show thh extent of tiyonnwilliams' njuuris.he & ays after seeing officers throw his frrend to the gound he ggt scaaed and ran.but as pe camm out of a neighbbrhood storee...policeeapproached him. pilliams says he put his hands -3 in thh ir nd suurendered... buttpolice began to beet him anyway. -33 12:29:47 the police were like stop so i surrendered. gave &pup then aater that they &pstomped my eck. i hit my head on the stee, bboke my nose and they pulled me down the steps and were stompling me on the back then hey puttme in handcuffs and took me tt the 3 10:30:03 33 willaims says he was told no charges would be filed againnt him.we did rracc ut toopoliie. they say they are investiggting the ccaims... &&pbut declined to go on amera. 3 a baltimore grand jury indicts -3& aawoman... for stabbing er 8 &pmonth-old ddughter... insidd a social services offfce in tte city. ccty.the ncident happpnedd & back in april.police say smuggle a kitchen knife past security beeore atttcking her
8:05 am
child.the baby id survive. thomas will be aaraigned later 3 1 out of every 4 teens in the u-s could be diabettc or pre-diabetic... and not even it.that's acccrddng to anew "journal of the ameriian acaddmy of peeiatrics."the ssudy finds that those who had &pdangerous ymptoms that ould lead to diabetic coma or even -3 death if untreated..n the laat 40 years... ases of type 1 diabetes in children has increased 3 to 5 perrent -3 annually worldwide. 3 new data inds he number of -3 teensson crash ccurseewith heart disease....has soared. thaa's according to an online rrport... innthe "journal thatt50-pprcenttof ooeeweight and obess kids have one risk factor that leads to future cardiac problems.the study ffcused on peoole between the ages of 2 and 19. 3 tooaa... safety advocates in marylanndwill see up a about the danggrs of texting behind thh's happening duriig maryland's
8:06 am
high chhol lacrosse finals... baltimore county'll allow students tooeeperience &pthe potential onsequencee of pistracted driving... in a controlled environmeet. according to tte national hiihwayytrafficcssfety pnder he age of 20 hhve he highesttnnmber of fattl crashes due to distracted drivingg 3 it'' an annnal rite of passage - pt the u-s naval academy in annapolis..- pnnaaolis.the herndonnmonummntt cliib is scheduled for this the trrditton f greasing he 3 year beforeeduu to concerns -3 about safety.. tte goal of -3 work togetherrto rrplaceea -3 first-year studeet's "dixie & cup" hat with a midshipman's hat.
8:07 am
3 when is he laat ime ou declared war against another - country? the national paak seeviceeissgiving yoo thaa pportunity right now. now. joel d. smith s live a fort chenryyto show us howwhistory is bbing re-lived with a rr-vote. good morning jjelld. 3
8:08 am
33 3 & 3 coming uu... 3 spending your hhrd-earnee money... on a vvcation you
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3 pammus potato is making ssop rrght here in baltimore 3 meterooogisttemmly gracey has more... in this morning - -why re you doing an exhibit on mr. potato heaa?cannbenefit from exhhbit feature?- howw 3 3 mr. potato head will ruu
8:13 am
throogh port diicovvry for moreeinformatton log ontt foxx ssash morrinn &p ,3 & 3
8:14 am
8:15 am
3 maplibbrty
8:16 am
3 fiber-83map 33 coming up... paaey anthony... out of hiding..-& where he's been.... foo the past 0 onths.and why ssees nnw being ordered... to face the public. -3 3and skechers bbsted... forr 3 ttooe shape-up shoee... on't 3 hhlf. so ne of our viiwwes is asking... what áccná we do... to slim down ouurlegs?we'll ansser that ext... plus take 3&pccll 410-481-44455.ou're watching fox 45 morning nnws.. all local.. ll mornnng. 3 ((break 2))
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june 2nd. unlike cable, fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers america's fastest, most consistent, most reliable internet plus the best tv picture quality. why keep paying so much for cable? switch to fios for just $89.99 a month guaranteed for two years with a two-year agreement -- plus your special bonus: $250 back. save $600 in your first two years. but hurry. this incredible offer ends june 2nd. call 1.877.707.fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's 1.877.707.3467. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. or visit us online to save even more. fios. a network ahead. 3&p((bump in)) 3 they claim tootone your legs, & yyur abdominaa muscles evenn
8:19 am
walking.but it appears... 3 federal trade commission announceddskechers u-s-a will pay 400miilion doolars to settle charges f decieving -3 ponsumerr..f you're left now...ddnny ee, frro golds - gym miiht have the answer in ttddy'ssget fit with fox.he's also akiin your uestiins... & you canncaal in ight now, at -what do youuthink off his - claam?-are there any ssoes &pthattwill tone oor legs ann adominal muscces?
8:20 am
3 - wwat are ome eeerrises we -3 can do to one those areass 33& danny will also ansserryour questions you have aaout & pitness...oor phone liness re call now at 10-
8:21 am
8:22 am
3 jennifer - "what is the bess way to slimmdown yoor legg??
8:23 am
for more nnormmtion log ontt morniig 3 cominggup... 3 reduciig tte risk oo breast caacer in wwmen.whha can be done... to save more lives.and phat you need to kkow... abut -33 current screening ggidelines.yyu're watching fox 45 morniig news.. all local.. all &pmorring. &p
8:24 am
8:25 am
3 3 it's a diagnosis.. that ccn be deeasttting.but is there somethinn you ccn do to cut pour risk and up yyuu chances
8:26 am
of detectinggbreasttcancer & early?for this morning's yourr 3 by doctor robert ricee.. wth maryland onnology hematology.- what are the major risk & factors for breast cancer in women? 3 - how caa we eeuce the riik
8:27 am
8:28 am
--what arr thh current guidelinesson breasttcancerr -3 3 for more inffrmation on go tt theer websiie... m-d- 3 and you caa watch "your health matters""on ssnddys rrghh herr onnfox 455for complete & schedule... go to ouu website foxbaltimore ddt ccm slash - your ealth matters. 3 coming up... 3 leaving youurvacaaion... up to channe. ow booking a so- palled "mysttry trip"... can
8:29 am
save you moony on your nnxt -&pvacation.and how to ensure 3 you'll even likk where ou're going!yooure watchhng fox 455 porning newws. all local.. all & morning. --3& 3(((reak 4)) [ male announce strange things happen in the black forest... [ thunder crashes ] [ engine revs, tires screech ] ...where things aren't always what they seem... because thrills hide in the shadows... just waiting at every turn. verbolten -- a new multi-launch coaster coming to busch gardens. brave the black forest.
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3 ((open))
8:31 am
3 pliveellok harbor-gloomy dayy,,3 - 3 -3 3 3
8:32 am
3 map
8:33 am
3695-llbertyfiber 83map 3 todaa marks the one-year pnniiersary... oo the &pdeeaatating joplinn mmsssuri tornadd. jimmspellman expllans... the city is calling it "a ddyyof unity."-3 unniy." 3 the powerful toonado, packing winds of more than 200 mmlls 3 75-hundred - leveled homes.. bussnnssess. and schools -- and took the twister
8:34 am
claimed saiit mary'ss -3 cathooic church, buu lefttthe cross.father justin monaghann says eeentereddinto "high speed" prayyr hile taking shhlter in the bathroom.he emerged frommthe rubble to see the enduringgcross.. just looked and i thought woww god letting us know hh's going to 3trrmendoos --- i wassa eal communityy inn act all over the worrd.abbuu aamile to the & west -- joplin high school. takknnas he twister hit. -3 nnw... a massive pile of &ppubble is all that's left.the - school operated ouu of a mall 3 pbama raveled to joplin on commencement address to -33graduating're ffom 3 that itts aaways possiibe for 3 when it mattees ost.joplinns getttng back on its feet.a yearrlater
8:35 am
-- oopin is on the penn, we're on 3 the build aad weeaae doongg --3 good, but we're going to do & better. we have a loog road to travee, but the way ttaa everyoneeis joining ooether aaddunifyiigg nd hipppng in, we're goinggto make t. in joplin, missouri, i'm jim spellman. 3 i''mjjmmspellman. in joppin, miisouri, iim jjm sppllman. 3 money troubles ttthe city-owneddconvention center - and experts say it couud cost taxpayers. taxpayers. cccrding to the lattst financiaa &pstatementt from theebaltimore hotee, which is managed by tttallof more than 50-million & of 2008. it's a city
8:36 am
-3 ventureethht some expertt say pcould cost taxxayers. & 3 (proo. rhoads0 "ppivate businesses ose monny... &pttat. but it's a business 3 twist to it...ann so, there's -3 taxpayerrmonny iivolved, &ptheee's taxppyers somewhat on the ook ffr hese llsses.." losses.." city officials, iinluding jayybrody -3 who's president of the -3 baalimore devellpmentt corporation, haveesaid theee looses are what hey call "paperrlosses".. not ""eal -33 cash losses.."" hich ttey aa &&pwilllnot affect the hooee's abiiity tt ppy itssbills. &pjoii our waateewatth.if you see government waste... call ourrhhtline 410--662-1456 or go to foxbaltimore dot com. 3 ppple shhrehhoders may ave a good reaasn to smile todayy &ptoday.tte ompany has & maintaaned ts place aa the worll's moss valuuble brand..- thht's according to a new &pssudy publisseddtoday.... y markettresearch agency, - "miilward
8:37 am
brown."it found that apple bostee its brand value brands in the ssudy wwre teec & rrlated. &p33 ii's yyurrchance to -3 re-wwite history..... or at the 200th anniierseryyof he war of 1812,and to --3 coomemorate it, you have a -3 chance to declare war on thh bbittish---- or nott not. joel d. smith is &pus how. gooddmornnng joel 3
8:38 am
3- 3 p caseeyaathony has been found
8:39 am
in hiding ffr thh tee mootts pince she was acquitted of murdeeing her 2 year ld & paughter caylee.investigators -3 staked oot anthony'' residence forr everal dayy to serve her -3& wih a subpoena in a ddffmatton action fiied by a &pannhooy told policeein the iiitial investigation that a 3 caylee.annhonyynow must returrn &pto orlando in januaryy or the trial..- 3 p3 the ffnal 2 contestants on "american idol" are prrparingg for the biggest night f tteer lives. 3 go head-to--ead n stage... to compete for tte eassn's top title. pitle.tonight's performance... -3&pstartt at 8..andace dold will &pbe livv in hollywood... with wiiner iss's ll happeenng right ere....oo - fox455.
8:40 am
3 ccming up... 3 if you attended last eekend's 3 wiinessed hiitorr. history.what the trainee for "i'll haae another""is now doing... tt increase his horse'sschancess...of winning &pwaachhng ffx 455morning news... & all local.. all morring.
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3 3 if ou were ammng the 3pitnessed "iilllhave nother" win tte prrakness stakes... & you may have witnessed history. orse hhs wonn he triple crown since afirmed
8:43 am
-3 back in 19788since then... 122 have wonnthe first to lees... &pbut faltered in the third at belmont.with both the kennucky derby and preaaness stakes pnder hii belt... trainer doog o'neill is trying to break that streak... -3 3 og o'neill sot pst 3 o'neell broke with tradition by bbrnning ""'ll have annther" to pimlicooa week -33 eaaly... to ggt him acccimated to his urroundings.they''e around.the horse is already in -3 hhs ttll at beemont... waiting toomake history june 9th..--3 3 ((toss to weatherr) 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3
8:44 am
3 3 weether kid tease 3
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papliberty895fibermaps & 3& coming up... - 3& eennw know it was more.... & thann ust a sscret weddingg whattfaaebook founder mark 3 guestss.. o gee them to attend his weeeend nuptuals. ((im ccndace dold in hollywood, after months of competition, ii al comes doon
8:48 am
&ptt this,,33perrormances and then we wwll find out who will be tte next american idol, we'rr going to walk you down the path to hh big ffnale, coming up ))
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3 ((bump in)) a child staa'' living -33 majoo deal and the starss showed up and showed out att the billboaad awardss.. it's 3 &pthe tabloids are buuzing abotu &praven symooe... p3 the child star wwo's ll groww up was normally nown for her wwrk of course... ann they 3 weight.. but now it's her - dating life that's maaing the headlines... we dismissed rrports of her movinggin with -3 top model contestant azmarie richardson...but then she went onna twitter rant dn gave merit tt thh ruuors....sse tweeted:"i'm living my personal life thh way i'm happiest. i'm not one, in myy
8:51 am
i'm ating..and i hall not & starttnow. my seexal orientation is mine, and the person i'm ddtiigs to know. i'm not one for a public display of my llfe."she went on to say her career is the onlyything she puts on disslay... i'll e honest didnt see that coming from her... but you haae to respect her puutiig her foottdown...&pphat do you think... 3-& p3mark zuckerberg is a sneaay one... 33 the worll was uzzinngaaout facebook going pubbic... but announcement oo thh wwek... all the while he and his fiancee priscilla chan weee planning a seccet wedding... --3 markktold fiiends and family & oocome over saturday for a surpriie aprty celebratingg chan's graduatiio frro medical school... then the music beggn.. and ut popped mark tux and aal... o a urprise party ttrned into a ssrprise --3 wedding forrtheir guests... so now that we seeeehr ...we haae to play catcc up on the details... aa ffr her drees...
8:52 am
it was made by a designee nammd claire pettibonee.. pettibone has done gowns for elizaaeeh moss...and cameron diaz.. the dress carries a & 4700 price tag... ad original piece...ii you like 3 availableeon her ebsite... 3&pthe stars hit the red carpett awardds.. nnrmally i'm -3 sccuring for a fashionnfaux pas... butttheeee ere ss many ceeebbities who wereejust -3 stunning.. we had to talk abotu it... first... ameriias underwood... she ii ddrling inn & that tulle... the look coollvv pgone either wyy.. but she nailed it... sse ave me couutry rccstarr..look at young miley cyrus all grown up... the blazer dress is risque.. but still ccte and liek shessmaking a -ptatemeet... look worrd im ll
8:53 am
grown up... taylor swiff was perttinly showing her sophisticated side.... he red was really nicc on hhr.. the ppekaboo look was cuteebuttpotover teh top... think the --3 bangs ann even the ggeen naii pooish says iihave rrived... then check brandy outt.. this -& whole look is aying im back.. - the drrss ii cutee. hows just &penough eg... shoes are hot.. hair anddmakeup are ust fab... coming up... 3 spending yyur harddearned don'tteven get to choose!why some peoppl are riiking it 3 phat comeewith booking ne. you're waaching foxx45 morning -3 news.. all local.. all morning.
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3 some peoppe spend months... even years... plannnng their 33 are leaaing it all up to chance, and buyyng a "mystery trip." rob marciino showw unknown... can be thh ttii oo -3 a lifetime. 33 p when liz zzisttbooked 3 a mystery trip, she didn't exxect to be soaring above the trees in hhwaii.. i accually & hhddnever done zipliniig -3 before, believe it orr ot. neithee had i.from ziplining to surf schooo, each day, a new ctivity was revvaledd. surppise.inna mmstery trip, they don't eellyoo exactly where you are going to go or what the exxras are, or wwaa staying attmost mystery tripp planners try to make sure the adventure matches your pprsonality. onn evvn givvs a - quiz to determineea "travel sign."wweboth caae up as a "far-barian" when we took the
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quiz, and ttat sign is peoppee&pwho loveetootraael to the ends pf the eerth, basically.taking a hance cannalso help yoo save money.for example, luuury link online, hey offerr - auctions ffr destinations. they don't tell you exactly & wheee you're going to go. you can get a great alue for a very llttle amount of money. pnd with an opee mind, a & mystery trip can be wortt the suspensee 3 you ould soon beehearing your 3 baltimore.sometime in thh next 30 minutes... we'reegiving away a 100-dollar gas ard to royal farms.listen in... too see if it's you!and if you want to enter our nameefor tomorrowws draaing... we'll tell you how... just minutes from're watching ffx 45 morring news.. all local.. 3((break 8))
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