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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  May 23, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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3 he blamed downtown violenne on black youuh civil rights leaderssare demandiig an apologg from the lawmaker. tte one thing they seem tt & new target..hat hey're now -going after.. and what the uus is doing to stop it. and... it'' onn of your fill uppwith fox!we giveeaway onn f our last 100 ddlllr rooal farms gas cards... sometime in the neex 60 minuues. 3
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3 wednesday, may 22rd p3 mapgreeesprinn
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3 fibermap a debate over race relations -3 and crime prevention heets up in staared when one lawmaker called for tte quote black youthh obs to be more controlled by police.noo, demmaninggan apology.megan gilliland is here wwthhmmrr on the solutton they're fighting ggod morninn patricethere's a lot offarguing goinggon...-3 miiisters and ciiil ights &pleaders re veryyupset iihh delegate pat mcdonough's - desvere n apology... but beyonn the tte war of woodss.. &pit seems ttere is some common ground. the innerrharbor safer for you
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and your familiessto njoy. mmnisters and civil rights --3&pleaders are meettig with the patton of islam nd the guardian angels about policing 3&pplanning to aad more crime cameras.thee're also adding 5 & oot ppttol officers at the inner arbbr thhrrdays ttrough sundays.. essite arguments.... both groupss.. ssy they want to tap bbsinessmee and clergy &leaddes to talk about &psolutionn tooviolence. 3 "i'm ttying to light up a ffrrstorm, but a beacon f -33truth ss that these polittcans ann raccal ttacks ann lees et something donee""hy don't let's have some soluuions, w & have a roolem in baltimore city, we community leaders ann -&ptrring toodo all e cca come & us""hey're hoping exttaaeyes - onnthe situation will help.
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police say the ncreased securiit will nccudd a rrcent & usually assigned ouuside the city ceenerr.. the city's &pschool pliceeforce... ven tte shhriff's department. -3 3& phe epartmenn beeff p patrrls every summer... but 3 bruttl st. patricks day deciidddit needed o start now. i'm meggn gilliland, fox455 3&p thhre are complaants about another trouble poo or youth - viollnce in ballimore.a park neighborhood led to this 33 weekend."they are fighting inn the park they are hitting each street and e can see them." theem"rrsidenns say dozenssof 33 linwwod and lombard streets on psturday, but by the ttme pplice arriied the crowd hadd defending their response time. but nnighbors ay youth -3 vvilenne in that ree is a - serious problem..- 3 "within the last 6 months
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or so that haveenoticed its been happennng hhre in the park the outtkiitt of the park.... and it jjsttstarted rrcently... there were ssme residents thht were concern that the policc depprtmeet nottreportiig ttii incident r under reporting crime i waat tt bee vrr clear case." 3 policeealso saa thhe are aware the pattersonnpark vvolenne &appears to be an onnoing p3 theeman suspecteddin thh gardder... theemaryland oman who went missing in auua... is arreeted in annapolis. - 3 this ii the picttre f garr giordano... takee friddy..- police found him nakeddwith a &pwommn... n he baac of is s-uuv in public gaaage. giordano and the wwman wwre charged with inddcent exposure... carrying a - possibll 3-yyar jaii sentence & 3 a 9-1-1 dispatcher iin-3 montgomery countyyis on administratiie leave tooay... & for allegedly sleeping on the
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3ob..- job.snnrrng call came in from this -33 aparrmenn complex... to monngomeryycounty fire and rrscue.aas ou can hearr.. thee that's whhn a secood dispaacher takes over... but the sseeping one remains on - the line. as he cclllr reports her hhsband is aaparentllyunconscious... the &psnoriig confuses the seccnd diipatcher who mistakes it for breathing.. &p3 anddtilt his head back. 3yess(snore) uhhhuhh ok is that him i heer dooig that ssoring &noisess yys. ok are you able -3&ptt keep thhttaiiway open like - that? i see tteesnoring noises stoppee.. it turns out theefirefighter pakkig thhe all....wws 17 &pthe patientt.. theedeputt chief says the incident had nooadverseeimpact on the victtm's conditton. & 3&p it's going toobe hot
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many o the water for reliif. so it's the righh time to see the lltest innwater safety. safety. jjel d. smith is liveeii columbia wiih 3&penrolling youu children in pwim lessons. good &pmorniig joel d.. 3 3
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33 peopllecheerinn & pheeringthe freshman class at the u-s naval academyy.. taaes 3 graduattonn. it & took the class a little moree ptan 2 hours... to ccmplete the grueeinn task... of
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& ssaling he herndon monument....- the 21--oot gree tradition.ann just to make it that much harder... thh monument ii covered with 50- ppundssof lard.the ggal?... plebes must ccimb it to "dixie cup" hat wiihha -3 midshipmaa's over.llgend has reppaaes tte up... will be & make admiial.the pleee who &preachee thh top is a student from tulsa, okllhooaa - cooinggup... a arrland teee &pmmkeesa discovery... hatts &pmaking hadlinns around the world. (andraka) "i was overjjyedd because iidid nottactually wwll as it did..." -3 didd..""he disccvery e made... and why i's eing &&phailed a breakthrough in
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3 enjjy geat ood... hile peteorologiit, mmly gracey homeetwn hotspot.-whats - nicky's 3 week??whattis n theemeeu?-how puuh of the proceeds will support nicky's week? & week? 3 nicky's wwek wwll take place & attra sushi frrm may 27th & througg unee2nd for more informatiin loo onto fox - baltimore &&p
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33 -3 p - 3 &
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33- 3 3 &
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3 3 3 p3 p3 3coming up... -3 new uidlines... for how ften men shoull gee prostaae pcreenings.why one group &psays....thhy're doing mmre
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- parm thaa good... aad the health issuus... those -3 unecessary iopsies could leaa 3 and you could soon be hearing news.ww're doing our first gas card giveeaay of he llcky viewer wwll wwi 100- happpning sometime in the next á200minutessáyou're atching fox 45 mmrning news.. all local.. all morning. 3
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we gotta sell the car. where would we even start?
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get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. 3 3& new this morning... presumptive republican nominee mitt romney wins tuesdaa's g-o-- presidentiallppimaries in kketuuky a -3 new polllsuggests ameriicns - are split between president & barack obama ann rommey.thh 3 ssows the tww cannidates are statistically tied.... with 9 percent backing obama and 46 percent suppprring romney.the numbee one ssue for -3pvoters...the economy.
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3 a positive sign ii the housing innustry.accorring to the national association of reallorr existing home sales hooes sold naaionwide.there &pwas also a deeline in ddstressed prooeety sales ... ooly 28 percent... coopared to 37 ercent ii aaril of last yeer.analysts say thhs helps boostthome priccs.. a government taskk orce says & octors should no llnger -3 perforr prostate ancer 3 he u-- preventive services task orce says the screenings do more harmáá han good. unnecessary eedle bioppses for men ho donnt have cancer. 3 treeted for slow-growiig & cancerr ttha re harmmess. -33 33&&pthis next storyymight come aa you... when it comes to - traffii... honoluul issnaaed tte counnry's worsttcity. & hoorr a year sittiig in their cars.ttht's accordiig o the
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provider, "iirix."los angeees comes n sscond... ith sann francisco in third. 3 cominggup... live t-v... pherever you go. &pgo."" cannwatch it anywhere in the house at any timee im not pied to the television's chedule." 3&paaps... to watch youu favorite programs on the go. cheering, runnnig o stage for his award & awaad aad it'ssa mment he won't soon forget... the ppiscovery made by one maryland teen... that won him the aaard soon bb ussd... to save thousands of livee. yyu're -&pwwtching fox 45 morning nnew.. all local.. all morninn. 3 ((bbeek 3)) 3 ((bump in))
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3 3 a 15-year-old from maryland... is making a name for himself ii thh world of new waa to test for canccr.. keith daniels cauggt up &pwith the teenager... to hear 3 discovvry. jjck andraka is a 15-yeer-old fressman in high & school in anne arundel -& county.. who's invented somethinngthat nobbl rize laureates around the world call.. simply astonishing.
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(andraka) "i was ooerjoyed, &pbecause iidid not acttully expect the sensoo o wrk as well as it did..." simppe, cheap test for -3 paanreetic caacer..andraka) ""vvryone knoos someone that's -3 died ue to pannceatic cancer.. this sensor can really help alleviate that problem.. andraka'' amaaiig nvention won fiist prize t this year's intel & innernationaa scienne aad - engineering ffir in wwlked away with the fairrs 75- other priie mmney totalling his dipsttck sensor. & simply ppt, the teenager's -33 test uses antibodiessthat identify a particullr protein duringgthe early ssages of pancreatic cancer. 3 more than 90-percent accurate.. 28-timms heaper.. and 1000 timms more sennitive than exiiting tests for he
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-3 diseasee. (andraka) "it haa infinite, basically impaat in thh field.. because it can & be useddfor other cancerss if yyu just swiich this onn 3 ..........andraka's journey to - his discovery began months ago.. not long after a cllse family friend, uncce stew, --3 dieddfrom the dissase.. that man's death motivated a -3 teeeager's passion for thinn he'd be incrrdibly proud witt his accompllshmmnt.. t pould just bring tters to his eyes to think that i deeeloped a sensor thattcan noo only help him, but the entiie human race.." 3 jack's patent is pending on his ccncer test. 3 johns hopkiis hospital are helling withhthht. -3 3 coming up... a disturring new apee.. 3& followwrs are being encouraged - to do... against thh -s.ann how the government is stepppng 3&p((megan live ttase))he blamed -3 downtown violence on black yooth civil rights 3 apology
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from the lawmaaer.the 3& 45 morring news.. ll local.. -3 pll morning. & 33 ((brea
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[ boss ] okay, okay. let's...uh, skip the chitchat and get down to business here. now listen i need all of you thinking of ways to improve our bottom line. so let's just sit here awhile and toss around some ideas. this isn't a conference call hickle -- i'm actually in the room. [ male announcer ] with fares this low why not surprise a few people? airtran is having a sale with flights all over the country starting at only $69 dollars. book at before it's too late. because with $69 fares they're going to go fast.
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3 helpp fight cannee.the amazing thing he discooerrd on fox45 & news at five.3 ,3&p-livve ook camden 3 yards-orioles beat ree sox 4 & to 1-next ggme s thhs & afternoon at 12::5 - 3 -royal farrs gas card ivvaway
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happening sometime in the ááext 15 minutesá 3 3 3
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3 3 3 3 3 3 & 3 - 3 3 & 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 someecommunity leaders are demanding an apology aater one -33 lawmakerrcalled or the quote... black youth mmbs to - be more controlled by olice. &pit has startee a war of words. & buu mmgan glliland ii hhre wwth the one thiig they all seem tt agree onn - 33 good morning patrrce,there's a -3 lot of arguing going on... -3 ministtrs and civvl rights leaders are vvryyupset wiih deleeate pat cddnough's --3&&pccmmmnts... they feel ttey -3 desvere an apology....but beyond the the war of words... -33 ittseems there is some common ground. ground.everyone ants to maae the inner harbor saffr for yoo and your amilies to enjoy.
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ministers aad ivil rightts & leaders are meeting with he nation f islam and the guardian angels about ooicing this area.meantime, policc are planning tt add more crime 3 ssnddys. espite argumeets... both groups... sayy hey ant to tap businessmen and ccergy -3 leaders to talk about solutions to violence. 8:10:01-8:11:07 "in all he questioning aad controversy about using the term black,,ww this is all aboutt""ooe thhng thiissheds like on is that -3&pthis city is n trouble""the children are innocentt all they need is some true diiection""- direccion"for now they're hopiig mooe eyessoo thh situation will help.police say the increased security t the - harbor will include a recent academy class... officcrs usually assignnd outside thee &ppity center... theeccty's school pplice force... even the shhriff's depprtmentt
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p3 the dpartmeet beefs upp - aftee seeing that viddo of the brutal ss. patricks ay decided theyycculdd't wait any ponger.i'm megan giililandd & foo45 morning news. &pthaa brrngs us to our queetion of the dy:woulddyyu feel safe at the innee aabor with increased security?we'll take hourr p3 yyu can also go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what you think... sound ff a tweet at foxbaltimore. the cty poliie officer -3 thrown from thhej-f-x last pear is suing the man who hitt 3 pollars.teresa rigby is ssing thh drrivr who strucc herr pverrthe edge of he highway. she fell 22 feet ontt the putthad massive internal injuries.rigbb is also suing & thhe aa's owner or allowiig tte driver ... who had a -3 suspeded license... to drive -3 theecar.rigbb has beennoff &pactive duty evvr ince. p3 governmmnt officials are speakinn oot... bout a
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disstrbing new tape by aa-qaedd..-3&pto attack the u-s is vulnerable tt cyber aatacks -3&pii theesame way u-s airline seeuuity was vulnerable in - 2001. the tape calls oo & muslims with quott -- 3 to targee the website's and information systems oo bbg & agencies." 3& :15-:24 collins says, "it's essentially instructing al-qaedd's ideology tt engaae - in cyber attacks." attacks." homeland security has responded to as many s 1-hundred-thousand cyber & nccdents over the years..he ssnaae ii expected to take up - its verrion of the cyber - security bill... next month. p33 tte "space-x spacccract" is ontinuing its jourrey misssoo... is o ddlivvr 1-thhusand pounds offsupplies. this privately operated company is currentll nasa''... and americcas... áonlyá way to
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&pgettman nto space.the pxpected to dock with the space station by friday. p may is national water safety month, and each year, thh statssare still surprising when it comes to keepiig chhldren safe. kids are recommended to start wim 3 ann those who don't learn o pwii byy3rrdgraae, mmyynever learn hhw. live at lifetime fitnees inn -& columbia wiih some tips you can use this right now toomake & phis hoolday weeeend saffr - one. good morning joel d. 3-3 p3
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3 -3& 3poming up... &p3 -3
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3 33 &&p3 coming up... 3 it's easy and convenientt.. but consumer reports has &pwarning... about watthing t-v on your -pad..he chargess.. & yoo''e watching fox 45 morning neww.. all local.. all morning. look away. i'm... i'm hideous.
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3 3 ((ad lib meteorologist)))--3 3 p33 p
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33- 3 3 &p
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3 3 3 meeeooologist))((ad lib ((ad -3 lib meteerologist)) p33 &p3
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3 3 3 3- 3 -3 3 33- 3- 3 3
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3&pfor once.. ouuwon't have tto worry aboou gas pricessit's our fox45 royal farms fill up ccntesttthis morning... we're - dollar royal ffrmm gas cards. ccrds. 3 congratulations!if you diin't wii this time don't wwrry... we'll draw our neet winner sometime in uu 8 o'clock hoor..- 3coming p... 3 a veerict could come today... in theecorruption trrall chaages the jury is -3 conssderinn... and how any caadidate ould be sentenced to... behinn baas.yyuurre watching ffx 455morrnng news.. pal loccl.. all morning. 3 ((breaa 6))
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& newwthis morning....a turninn -3 poont in gypt's history oddy. & or thhefirstttimm in its five 3 existence.. egyppians will go - to the olll wednesday andd &pthhrsday to elect neww presiient.theii choice coull transffrr the miidle east. 3 the eccet ssrvice prostitttion scandal is back inntte spotllght. the ssnate -& has cheeuued a public heaaing today on the scandal. it comes as hree drug enforcement administration agents are alsoo undee investiiation for hiring -3 prossitutes in colombba. 3 pormer presidential candidate 3& faae today... from a jury ii north ccrrlinna the jury is -3 deliberating whhthhr edwards violated campaign fiiaaces his mistress, rielle hhnter... 2208 democraticcnominntion.. - 3 p with the latest on ttii highhprofile ase... 3 we ttrn to rene marsh... who's pive in washington.good morning, rene.-question-there aree6
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3 chargessto be consideredd-- & any indicaaiin oo how ponsidered -- any charges to be there are 6 chargessto be connidereed - any indication on howwfar urors may haae gotten?
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3 coming up... t-v... from the -3pcomfort oo your iipad.the network apps that let you & watcc your favorite shows... awaa from home.thaa's neet... &pin connumer're 3 all local.. all morring. -&p3 ((breakk7))
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(v/ooconsumer reports' ppul reynoods says many satellite -& nd cable tv providers now offer apps thht allow - subssribbrs to watcc programs on an ipad.(soot"some limit that's watching after the & proorams have aired. but there -3 pre apps from provvders likee that o allow you toowatchh liie tv."chyron: tvvcommerrial (v/o)so does the app from the espn network, whiih is beiig -3& peavily promotee.(sot: commercial)"vaa ggndee. ha ha ha."(v/o)anotherradvantage - yoor shows away from home. that'' also true of other network ppss inncuding hbb, & shhwttme, and pbs..but those -3 only provvde video n demaad - -&ppo live programming.(sot: paul & rrynolds)"while almost all these appp areeffee, at llast po subbcribbrs, you could hit pome otter charges. if you're streaming on a wireless data plan, ou cculd easily runnupp or evennover youu data imit. and some providers, likk --3 comcast and cox, even have plann that you'll need to pay
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[ boss ] okay, okay. let's...uh, skip the chitchat and get down to business here. now listen i need all of you thinking of ways to improve our bottom line. so let's just sit here awhile and toss around some ideas. this isn't a conference call hickle -- i'm actually in the room. [ male announcer ] with fares this low why not surprise a few people? airtran is having a sale with flights all over the country starting at only $69 dollars. book at before it's too late. because with $69 fares they're going to go fast.
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& 3 he blamed downnown vvolence on black youth mobss.ow ccvil - an
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apology frommthh lawmmker. the oneething they seem to 3 3 he was detainne in the & diiaapeerancceoffa maryyand 3 giorrdno s under arrest.the charres he's facing.. and it has othiig to do with the &pmissing woman. 3 mos: "i ooen tth door and take phe kid out from thh wassee." washhr."and... a toddderrput in the washing machine.. byy hi arents.thee -33 surprising eason they did it... and what it tooo to get him out. 3 &p3 today is 3 wwdnesday, may 23. 3
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3 3maplibertymap 3 3 33& 3 mmp
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3 liierty695@295 pfibee-83map 3 a debate over race rrlations -33 and crime preventionnheats up in startee when more connrolled, ssme coomunity leadees are 3 gilliland is here with more on the ssluuion they're ighhiig for. p3 good mooning patrice,there's a lot of arruing going on... leaders are very upsst with cooments... hey feel they -3 bbyond the the war of words...
7:03 am
it seems there iss oom common grounn. ground.everyone wants to make and your familiesstt enjoy. leaders aar meettnn with the nation oo islam and the - guardian angels abbut olicing 3 planning to add mmre crime caaeras.they''e also dding 50 foot patrol officers attthe inner harbor thursdays through -3 sundays. despite arguments... both roopss...say they want to tap businessmen nd clergy leaders to alk abbutt solutions to violence. "i'm trying toolight up a &ptruth soothat these politiccns will sttp engaging ii erronal & and racial attackssand lets get something done""why don't phow you whht's happening, let's have ome solutions, we &phave problem in ballimore city,,weecommunity leaders and - trying tt do all we can come jjin us help us" us" us"can come join us helpp 3us"-3
7:04 am
us"thhy're hoping extra eyys on tteesituation will heep. pooice sayytheeincreased security will nclude a ecent academy ccass... officcrs -usually assigned outsideethe city entee... the city's school police force... evee the sheeiff's department..- 3&the department beefs up pattols every summmr... but after seeeng thaa video oo the brutallss. patricks day -& weekend beating... they decideddit needed to start now. i'mmmegan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 phat brrngs us toothat brings would you eeelsafe at tth pscurity?we'll take your calls -3 in ouu ext half hour. you cannallo go too fox-baltimore dot com aad tell througg facebook... or senn uu a tweet at foxbaatimore. 3 theee are cooplaints abouu pnother trouule spot for youth violence in baltimmoe.a -3 disturbance n a patteeson call to 9-1-1 over the weekend..- weekend."they are fighting inn the park they areehitting eaah - other we live across the street and we caansee them..
7:05 am
3 younn peopll were fighting at llnwood and lombard streets on saturday, but by the time police aarived the cowd haa broken, police are defeedinn theirrressonss time..- but neighbors say youth -3 violence in that aree is aa -3"within the last 6 onths r so ttatti have noticed its been happening here ii hh park theeoutskkrts of the - park.... and it just tarted &&precently.. 3 there were some startedd recently.. & p33& of the park.... and it just in the pprk the outskirts its beennhappennng here in the &ppark the outskirts of the 3 recently.. 3&pthere were some residents that --3&pwere oncernnthaatthe police -3 departmmnt not rrporting thhi incideet or under reporting -3 crime i want o be verr ccear ptt simply repooring ccime i &pwant to thii incident or undee incident or under reporting crrme i want to bb very cllaa pts simply not the ase." 3 police also saa thee are aware 3 appears to be an ngoing problem. a 21-year-old woman is - attacked in annapolis....and -3&ppolice want to caach tte culprit beforeehe harms someone else. 3& gloucester" street around 1130 tuesday morning.police saa the woman was alkingghome after
7:06 am
3 when she was puuled into an's a shhck for mny people in the aaea. &p3 11:55::9 know theee are a couple oo small alleyy around herr hat are a littte sketchy looking ino ut i've ever ffared beinn pulled into 3 onn or aaything lluking outsidd of bars :53 -3 :53pooice searcheddtheearea, 3 the petttion ddive to putt samm-sex marriage before the voters ii about rrach one of its deaalines. deadlines. alliance which ppooes the new same-sex marriage law wwa collecttng signattres tuesdayy peeole were siining up. 3 pi heard the petiiionn.... its starttng listening o the people people 3& organizers of the petttion drive ssa they plan to ttrn in one third oo the signatures needdd sometime next week. -3 they will need a total of 55- thoosand signatures by theeend of jjne to bring it to a -&prefeeendum
7:07 am
on the ovemberr ballot. & 33 here's another reason some women may want to hht the gym and watch what they at.a new deerrase in weight could help &preducc breast cancer iskss & reseerchers ay healthy diett is lso key and that ii's pever too latt to make liiestyle hanggs. 3 it's goong to be hht holiday weekend.... sending so it's the right time to see the latest in waterrsafety. safeey. joel d. smith is live in collmbia wiih neee to consider before swim lessons. ood morning oel d. & 3- p3 -33
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3 3 a terriiying ffnd... for one southhcarolina man.take a look & at what heefound... right & behind his's a here you ee it wrapped arouud - a tree... with his kids 3 pfficiils at the deparrment of natural resources say they think t's a black rat snake. 3 cooing toorrmove it. 3 showers are on the horizon...
7:10 am
sskwatch weather forecast. forecast.and later....ight 3 at a time!the tory beehnd "nicky's week" and how ou can're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. ((break 1))-33 3
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7:16 am
3 greenspringlibertymapfiber 33 a launddooat wwrker...hhalee a hero! ,, e's a hero you know he ssveeda child'' liff." life."how toddler ended upp in an actiie washing machine... and what it ook to et him ouu! out! you're watchinn foox45 morning news.. all loccl.. all mornnng. &p3&p((break 2)) 3 -3 i'm thinking of asking carlina to have dinner at my place. she's italian... and you can't cook. ♪♪
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roar! alright, what do lions eat? ♪♪
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3 ponate one bite at a time... eat at ra sussi and dooate o --33 a good causemeteorologist, emily gracey joins us wwth thii mornings hometown hotspot -whats icky's week?menu? & proceeds will support nicky's weeek week?nicky's week willlttke placc at ra sushi from may &p2nddfor more iiforraaion log onttofox balltmore
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3 summer is aaound he corner...
7:23 am
and that means vacation time! put the commoo scams .. &pgunning foo tourists...and why yoo might not ant tt hook p tooyour hooel rooms free ww ff..- pi.and hees only 15, uu e''s alreaay maaing waves!the test for pannreatic ccncer. you're watching ffx 45 morning - nnwss. all llcal.. all - morning..
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[ boss ] okay, okay. let's...uh, skip the chitchat and get down to business here. now listen i need all of you thinking of ways to improve our bottom line. so let's just sit here awhile and toss around some ideas. this isn't a conference call hickle -- i'm actually in the room. [ male announcer ] with fares this low why not surprise a few people? airtran is having
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businesssbureau, og onto our
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website.... fox ballimore dot - whhle you're theee... get ann traffic updates on &pfoxbaltimore dottcom... á andá &it's ll free. 3 a game of peek-a-boo...turns pangerous...and it's all & caught onntapee tape.why the father cooldn't machine... after putting his inn.. to pull the child out! out! you're wwtching ffo 5 morning nees.. all local.. all morning. -3 3 ((ad lib ((break 4)) 3 3 &p3 3 helpp fight cannee.the amazing thing he discooerrd on fox45 & news at five.
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7:33 am
ggeenspringfiier 3 33 somm community leaderr are lawwaker cclled for the qqote... blackkyouth mobs to
7:34 am
& buu megan gilliland is here with the one thing hey all -3 3 good morring patrice,there's a lot of arguing going on... mmnistees and civil rights 3& delegate at mcdonough's &ppomments... they feel they desvere annapology... buut 3 it seems there is some ommon roundd grouud.evvryonn wants o make the inner harbor afer foo you and yyur families to eejoy. ministers and civill iggts leaders are mmetiiggwith the nation offiilaa and he thhssarea.meantimee police re planning to add more crime pamerrs.theyyre also addinn 500 foot patrol officcrs at he inner harbor thursdayssthrough sundays. despite argumenns... both rrups... say they wantt to taa buuinessmen and lergy leaders to ttlk about solutiins to violencee.-& p33 8:10:00-8:10007 ""n all thee qqestiinnng ndd 3 ccntroversy about ussng the term black, we kind oo lost & ffccs offwhat this is all -3like on is thht this city ss
7:35 am
in trouble""the children are innooent, all thee need is some true directioo" direction" 3& or now theyyrr oping moe eyes onnthe situatton will &&phelp.police say theeincreased -3 security attthe harbor wiil include a recent academy - class... officeessusually assigned outssde the ciiy 3& policc force... ven thh sseriff's department. 3& the department beefs up patrols everryssumer... butt -3 aftee seeeng that viddo of he brutall s. patrickssday & weekend eating... ttey decided hee couldn't wait anyy -&plonger.i'm megan gilliland, fox44 morning news. 3 that brings us to our questioo of the day:would you feel safe increassd security??hone lines & are opennnow...the number tt call 410- 481- 4545. 3 baltimoree ounty police arrrst aaman... for claiming to be a baltimore county policc officer in saint mary'' coonty.. county.police say 31-yeer-old donaldd hurch had a handgun
7:36 am
and wwre a bbdgg arrund is neck.police say church miggtt have done the same thing here pn altimmre.... and are asking anyone who might have & encounteeed im to call invvstigaaors. 3 concerns over cllss size... is prrmpttng response from baltimore county schooll. &pschools.the issue of crowded classrooms came up at thh counny school board meeeing -3 tuesday... wheee the districtt -3 says ii's ttying to clear uup - some mis-informationnonn school offfcial says budgets ppay a role.but in thh end... the number of teechers in a school dpeeds on the principal. - "they mmke theeindividuull - decisions what classes they offer...some classes largee..come innannrrquestt" & peqqest." 3 pparents have complained hat - there are too many classes in the county with moreethan 30 - 3 pn aiiline passenger who claimed to have an explosive
7:37 am
device surgicclly iiplanted inside her ssnt fightee jees scrrmbliig tuesday. escorted thh u-s arwaay plann to bannor, mainn ...where it landed safely.nearly 2-hundred peoole err on the flight froo paris toocharlotte....and as you can imagine the whole 3 ((they called for a dootor, came up and ttee the doctor tooo her to tte back of the plann. thee she came up again, went back to the back of the plane, he ilot went baak with hhr. next tting we knew making a stop nddweewere down within minutes. i mean, i've -& been flying my whole iie and quickll..)((ittwas juut weird. no one eally knew what wass goinggonn we thought it was a pedical meegeecy, then they told us we were low on fuel bbccuue thhre were tolddus we were low on emerrency, then -3 they thhuuhttii wws a medical was going on, we oon rralll knew whatt((it was just weird. no that quiikly.))ann i've 3 i've been flying mm whole life minuues..i mean,, ''e werr doww within making a stop and we were saying hey weere next thing we knew theyypilot went back ith er. again, went back toothe then she came up of the plane, the pilot went & back with hee. next tting wwe kkee hey were saying ey weere making stop and we were down within minutee. i - mean, i've been flyiig my wholl life and i've nevvr been frommthat altitude to landing - phat quickly..)((it was just wws going on, we thought it pas a medical emergency, then - phey told us we were low onn fuel beccuse there were strongg headdiids, then as we were landing, you ccuud see all of carr.))according to the chairman of thh house homellnn & pscurity ommittee... the passenger who made the claim was examined... and
7:38 am
investigatorss aw no sign of recent scars.she is beeng paken for a psychological 3 3 the seccet serrice in the spoolight. the senate homeland security commmttee has scheduled a public hearing todaa on he scandaal it comes &pas thhee drug enforcemenn & admiiissration agents are also uuder investigation for hiring 3 3 aagame offpeek-a-boo turns dannerous for a fammly in new jersey...and it's all caught on tape. tape.take a see a father,,playing the ame with & hhs chiid at a laundromat.he &pputs the kid in the washing pachine... then somehow the dooosslock... and thh washer - starrt...sendiig tth faaher &pand mother into a pannc.a laundromat wwrker rushes to -& thh escuee anddmoves tables & aaay to rrveal the back f the machines.. nd cuts off thee 3pthat wooker is being hailed a &ppero! 3 pos: "i think he's a herr , he's a hero ou know he saved a child's life."mos: "i scaree the kii die. you know ann
7:39 am
phen when i ppll the kid out . i am really appp then.." &pthen.."the fatherrsays he - didn't knowwsomeone had alrradd put ooey in the pachine. authoriiies are to check and see if the child 33&p33 mmy is nationnl waaer safety month, and acc yyar, the stattsarr still uuprising children safe. kids are recommended to staat swim lessons beforr the ge of 4, and those who don't learn o swim by 3rr grade, mayyneverr learn how. -3 hoow joel d. smith is live attlifetime fiinees in can use this right nowwto make this holiddy weekend a afer - one. good mornnng joel d. -3 3 3 3
7:40 am
7:41 am
3 a 15-year-olddboy from -3 marrland develops a new way to test for cancer.. andd pesearchers are applauding tte young pioneering inventor. jjck andraka s a freshman in higg sccoollin anne arundel & county. the science &pwhiz kii has develooed a -&psimmle... amazingly accurrte.. pnd inexpensiveetest for pancreatic ancer. andraka's invention won irst prize at this year's intel 3 wwnn annraka's iinention -3 won first prize at this year's intte internationnl scienne and engineering air in -3 pittsburgh. 3 basically impacc in the field...because it can bb &pused for other cancers, if you cancer." the teenagee
7:42 am
palkee away with the fair's 75- 3 his test uses antibodies that - iddntify a particular rotein found in the lood duringgtte 3cancee. a patent is - pending on hhs new deveeooment. 3 f you want to wtch oorr-3 entirr, uncct nteeview with jack ...go to ourrweesite fox baltiiore dottcom. find -33 out hat he thinks about thee spotlighttas a 15 year old and what he pplns to do in he ffturr. just clickkon rrw -3 news.. as with aal our nline contentt,it's ffee too ox45 viewers. 3 the sun is outt.. but how long &pwill it stay out? out?you'rr looking a camden yardssright now.. where it seeessthe suu is peeking feetii haa your ffll forecast... next. next. yoo're watching &pffxx45 mmrning news.. aal - pocall. all morning. (greenspringgcameea) (greenssring hei'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin'. i'm drinking dunkin' iced mocha. they make it exactly how i like it.
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33 camera)(greenspring 3 mmrring. loccl.. all watching fox 45 you're yoo're watchhig fox 45 morning news.. all morning. 3 (greenspping camera)it's a &great ride for folks itting theehighway...i'll have a ull look at your morning commmte coming up... fox 5 morning 3 3 ((breakk5)) 3 ((bump in)) -3&p3 ((ad lib mmeeorologgst)) mmps
7:49 am
3 greeenpring295 at 69583fiber & aps &p3 mapp- 3&pmapsfibbe83295 at 69583fiier &ppaps p3 mapgrrenspringliberttmaps -3 p3 violence downnown... is a hot &ptopii right now in ballimorr. baltiiore.the one sslution a lawmaker and ccvil rights leaders agree on... is more protection is needeedas the more people will be out. ut.that brings us to our questioo oofthe day.would you &pfeel saae t tte inner harbor witt innreased security?ouu phone lines are pen now.. 410-481-4545. natss nats!and later...make thh
7:50 am
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as thhemooths turn hottee... -3 more people will be downtown - attthe inner harbor...but right now... it's a sore spot with a awmaker and civil all theeviilence.even hough 33 causing theeviolencc... ttey feel saff t the inner arbor with increased security?oor -phhnn linns arr ooen now.. 410- 481-4545. 3 leonardo- bmorehoward- parkville &parkville
7:53 am
3 lynn - "noo uutil they have a
7:54 am
proven traak rrcord of keeppng the riminals outtof there.""-& phhre."paul - "doo't feel safe - annwhere anymore." 3 make the pprfeet brownne...evvryyime..-3 corners" brownie pan to the pill it worr test.find ut if -3&pit nextand we're giving away -3 carr ttis morning!today is the lasttday!if youu name is in -3& our box, stayytuued o see if it's draww... in the next 10 minutes! you're wwtching fox 44 mmrnnng news... & all ocal.. alllmmrning. 3 ((break 7))
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3 33& pdenniiy thieees.. targgting your kids.the age that they're going after theemost....what p 3snoring -3 snorinn
8:02 am
3 and.. a 9-1-1 dispatcher falls & asleep on tteejob.. and it'ss pll caughh onn ape. the mistaae it lead to.. and the good excuse the man had for 3 3 3 3& wednesdaa, ay 3 23rdd- 33 forronce.. you won't have tt wwrry about gas's contest!royallfarms fill it'' our fox45 prices.wwrry about gas won't have to or ooce.. & gas's our fox45 royal faams ill this ouu final 3á... 100 ddllar royal 3 farms gas cards.this s our second drawing of the day... -3 so you still have one mmree ttis..3 congratulattons!
8:03 am
pgain... if you didn'ttwin this time ddn't again... if 3 agaan... ii youudidd't wwn -3 this ttme don'ttworry... e'll draw our last wiiner sometime &ppn our 9 o'clock hour. & 33 p33 p3 mapp
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3 895greenspringfiber some community 3leaders are demanding an -3 apology... aftee ddlegate pat pcddnoogh called for the quote... black outh moos to police.beyonddthe the wwr of words... theee is one thing - theyyall seem to agrre on. on.everyone waats to mmke the inner harbor safer.mmnissers and civvl rights leaders re & abouttpollcing
8:06 am
theearea. meantime, policc aae pllnning -to add mooe cime cameras. &pthhyyreealso adding 50 foot patrol officees at the innnr sundays. deepite arruments... poth ggoups... re urrgng pverrone to look for solutioos. 3 8:11:10: i'm proposing solutiin summit which she phoulddlead... bring together... both black and -white, business leaders, clergy, yooth leaders and & advooatee to come together come ttgether over a periid of time tt umber one looo at the problem and whht is causing it. & "why don't you comm take a wwlk, lettme show you what's happening, llt's have some solutions, ww have a proobem --3 in baltimore citt, we ccmmunitt leaders and trying - to ooall we can cooe join us pelp ss oo the situation will help. police say the increesed & security will include aarecent
8:07 am
academy lass... officers &pcity center... theecity's & school ollce force... evvn 3 fire officials arr 3 happened in west balttmoree.. around 10 o'clocc last night.fiiefighttrs - respooded tt the intersection of mosher street and whitmore avenne.aa of now... noo injjriis haae been eported. - there is also no mottve t & 3government officialssare pspeaaiig out... about a 3 qaeda.ii'' 6-miiute tape... - instructing al-qaeda followerr to aatacc the u-s -3 electronicallyyit says the u-s is vulneeable to cyber attacks &pin theesame aa u-s airline securiiy was ulnerable in 2001. the tape calls on 3 "exxertiss in this domain... tootarget the websitees and innormation systems f ig companies and goveenment 3 :15-:24 collins ssyss "ii's esseetiaaly instructinn pnybodyywho's symmatheeic with & al-qaeda's ideology to engage - pn ccber attaccs."
8:08 am
& attackk." homelanddsecurityy 1-hundrrd-thousand cyber - incidents over theeyyers.the senate isseepected to taae up its version of the cyber -3 sscuritt bill... next month..-a verdict coold come today.... in thhejjhn eewaads ccrruption ttial. trial..he former presidential his fate... from a nooth 33 have to decide whether edwards violated campaign ffnnncee - plws... by funneling mmoey to - his mmstress, ielle hunter... durinn is cammaign for the faces uppto 30 years in jail. 3 today arks a ttrning poont... in egypt's istory. its five thousand yyars of recorded existence.. egyptians and thuusday to elect a new -3 president.theii choice couud transforr the middleeeast. -3 p ppessmptive republican nominee mitttromney winn tuussdy's g-o-p presiddntiaa pprrmaries in kentucky and
8:09 am a nnw poll suggests americans are split between president barack obamaa - and romneyytheewashington poss a-b-c poll shhws theetto candidatee aae statistiiallyy tied.... with 49 percent &pbacking obama and 44 perccnt one ssse for voters...the economy. 3 iits gooig to bb a hot 3 many to the wter for relief. so it's the righh time to see the latees in water safeey. safety. joel d. smithhii live in collmbia with the 3 hingssyou 3 enrollinn youu hildden in swwm lessons.. good - morning joel d. 3 3
8:10 am
3 comiig up... a 9-111call... peads tooa terrible issnderssanddng. misunderstanning.and ttlt his heed back. yes snore) uh huh
8:11 am
ok is that him ihear doinn that snoring noises? yes. & pee.why he dispatcher's 3 wrong..nd who'' fault it was... other thannhis. -3 3
8:12 am
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3 one bite for bitee for charity....while your meteorologiit, emily gracee &pjoins us with this mornings hometownnhotspot-whats niccy's week?-whht is on the meeu?-hhw -3 much of the proceeds will supporttnicky's week?
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nicky's week will take ppace at rr sushi from may 27th - through jjne 2nd for more 3- 3 map
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3 greennpringg25 at 695585 @odonnellfibermaps 3 ccmmng up... 3 she's waited 70 years... for mrr right.what took this
8:20 am
-3 maryland woman so ong... to the ssrprising wayy.. they met. kris allen nats nats 3&pbut next... he knows thiig or two about winning.we taak live... to former "american idol" winner kris allen... win ttnight's seasoo finale. ppus... whaa fans can xpect from hhs lateet're wwtching fox 45 morninn ees.. -33 all local.. ll morning. 3 ((breakk2)) -3&pp
8:21 am
8:22 am
3 tonight we'll now who is the nnxt american idol... and we have idol fever arrund for thh finale tonighh ... -3former idol wwnner kris allenn
8:23 am
of hhs second album...""hank you camellia". camellia"..-c-aarecords is &pmaaing kris availabbl to speak with s today..... whyythe name
8:24 am
33 "thank yoo -who are somm oo the artist you workkd with on -3your innppration?- what aree &psome tips for idol finallst this wwek....? week....? "thank you
8:25 am
3 cammlla""is vailable nnw. -33 phe "amerrcan idol" ssason finale wrrpssuu tonight.the winner will be annouuced here & on ffx45... onighh aa 8:00. 3still ahead.... 3 it might sound like any oxy pmron to yyu....vegetabll ice creaa..buttbeeieve it or &pnot... it'' a real thing!we'll & explain what it is....ann whht type of nutritionaa value it ppckk.that's coming up neett you're watching fox 45 morning nnwss. all local.. all morring. 3 ((break 3)) 3 ((bump in))
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3& is it ice &pabouu....bottit's thh ooleet &pway
8:28 am
to eat yoor veggies.donna 33 creaa joiis us iveein studio it healthier?-do children like phe iceecream?for moree
8:29 am
3 innorrmtion log ffr more information log ontoofox morning &p3 poming upp...a maryland on the job.
8:30 am
jjb.snoring snoringgow his ssnriig... led toosome confusing momeets. 3news.. all local.. all morniig. -3 p(breek 4))3 ((open))
8:31 am
8:32 am
countt schools opening 90 3 p -3& 3 3 3 map695 greensprrng
8:33 am
3 295 at 695595fibee p,3 the city police officer year is suing the man who hitt
8:34 am
-3her for 15 million dollars. dollars.teresa rigby is suing phe ddiver who struck her cruiser ... which pushed her &pover the edge of thh highway. she fell 200feet onto the ccncrete below.she surviied... & but had massivee nternal injuries.riggy is also suing the car's owner for aalowing 3 suspeded licenne... to drive the car.rigby has been off accivv duty ever sincee 3 the man suspected in he disappearance of obyn & garrner... the maryyand woman who went missing in aruba... ps rrested in annapplis. - 3 this is he picture of gary -3 giordano....taken friday. police fouuddhim aaed with a woman... in the back offhis s-u-v in a public garage. giordano and he woman were charged with indecentt 3&ppossible 33yeer jail sentence and 1-thousand-dollar fine. giordano was never charged for gardnee'ssdisappearance. 3 ssme frightening moments on &pthe strrets of chinn... a camera captures a little oyy & piding hisstoy mooorbike into
8:35 am
oocoming ttaffic. traffic.buses and cars passs close byythe child as he -3 charges ffrward nnhis bbke.-3 thankfully... a police officer spotted the boy and leddhim out of ssotted the boy police officeerspottee the boy and 3 safely.the boy's graadfather -3 said the child took off whhn &pthey ssopped for a bbthroom break. 3 concerns over cllss size... paltimmre ccuntyyschools. schools.the issue of crowded & classroomm came up at the county sccool boarddmmeting says it's trying to clear up some school official says bdgets -3 play aarole.but in the endd.. 3 school depenns onnthe principal. decisions what classes they offer...some classess larrg...come in
8:36 am
3 an reqqest.. request.""pprents havee - complaineddthat there are tooo many classessii thh county wwth more than 30 ssudents in a class. 3 p 9-1-1 dispptchee in montgomery county is on for alleeedly sseeping on the job. job.snoring - ssorinnearlier this weekk.. aa -3&pcall came in from his &papartment complexx.. to ponngomery coonty fire and you can hhar... the pispatcher seems to od off. dispatcher ttkes overr.. ut & theesleeping neeremains on tte line. as the caller reports her husbanddis 3 dispatcher who mistakes it for the victim hhving trouble bbeathingg 3anddtilt his head back. yes - i hher doing that snoring noises? yes. ok areeyou able that? i see the snoring noises
8:37 am
sttpped. 3 it turns uttthe firefighter taking he call... wass17 hours into his foo - the pattentt.. the deputy - chieffsayy the incident had victim'sscondition. 3 p aryland womannhhsswaited á70 yearsá... for mr. right. him.this weekend... barbara shultze will walk down the a datinggsite foo ssniors. shullte says she had to kiss a pot of rogs to find the right - one... but she knee she'd rather be alone then marry the wrong man.her fiance finally proposed to her... in front of her entire family. -3 33& "he gottdown on his knee and pulled the chair cllse justtin pase he ouldn't get baak up." 3 too.""he couple will marry in
8:38 am
froottof mooe han a hundreed friendssanddfamily... including shultze'ssparents. coming up... - 3& we've ot yourrááast in free gaa. gassour last royal farms minutes.listen in carefully.... 3 3&pp 3 you're watthiig fox 45 morninn - news.. all local.. all morning. 3 ((break 5))
8:39 am
8:40 am
3 spacecract" is contiiuing its -3 journeyytooay... o the
8:41 am
internatiinal space stttion.. - it's first mission... is o & delivvr 1-thousand pounds of sspplies. this rivvtely operated compann isscurrently nasa's... and america's... áonlyá way to get man nno &pspace.the "space-x spacccrrft" is eepecced to dock with the 3 ((toos to weather))
8:42 am
8:43 am
3 ((ad lib meteooologist)) 3 p3 weatter kid tease 3
8:44 am
33 greenspring
8:45 am
3 3 &p 3 coming up... it's the roouct ttat promises to make every & brownie... crispyyon every edde. eege.during oor 7 o'clock our... we put thh "crispy corners"" aa... to the wiil it work testtand next... we're
8:46 am
checking the results. p3 and wweve got your chance too see "aeroommth" live in concert thissssmmer.your 3 coming up during good day -- carefully... for your cue to're watchinggfox 455 morning nnws.. allllocal.. alll morninn. 3 ((break 6))
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8:48 am
3 3 we watched ...and we waattd ....and hey aae fiially ready.&'s timm to see thee results of oday's will it 3&pcorners" brownie pan by 3 perfecctbrownies with crispp -&pedgee evvrytimm. everytime.we staattd baking
8:49 am
3&some brownies in the pan just peforr 8 this mornnnggthey've been cooling for a few minutes. now we're ready to take them supposed to take thhm out oo the pan. 3 wwee your broonies are cool - place a flat surface ovvr the pan .. flii itt ver and tap & brownies.let's try it ourselves. ourselves.- do ttey come out oorselves. &pourrslves.llt's try it broonies. brownies.reeease the brownies. ourselves. -3 ourselless 33 - do they come ut
8:50 am
3 of the pan easily?-can we ustt pull them apart or do weeneed & p kniff?- doess t avv crispy &pttet!
8:51 am
3& the crispy corners brownie pan reeails for 11..9.wwuld you pay 15 bucks for this? 3 for more innormation n the & criisy corners brownie pan go newslinks. 3coming up... 3 pou'reeminutes cllser... to winning 100-dollarss n free ggs. gas.our laat royal farms gas & card drawwng... is happeniig 3 minutes..ou could bb or winner!
8:52 am listen in foo -3 yourr ame. &'re watching fox 45 mmrring ews.. all llcal.. alll & mooning. ((breakk7)) & 3 p((mmg)))
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33 schholer have mortgage or mmxed out credit card?sounds like a silly question... but pdentity theft among children -3&pgrowiin at the hhghest rate of any agee roupp.. that's
8:55 am
&012 how do you fiin & out if your child's i-d has beennstolen?in this weeks chief investigator... jamie may... is here to hell protect oor kids.--how is a childds idenity actuualy stolen?--why aae children aatest growing - child s --wwattdo you dooif youu child's id hassbben stolen?--what can you do to protect your child's denityy if you'd like more innormatton on....if you'd ike more (((ess)))if yoo'd llke more -3 informatioo on....identity & theft... pleass log on tt fox paltimore ot com slash as aaways.. all ouu ccnttnt oo our ann iffyou have an idee for our next famill 4-1-1 3cooing up... we've
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3& coming p....we''e gottyourr
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live in concert.your ccance to win tickets... is happening pometime inntte next 60 palliiore.listen in carefuuly... for your cueeto -3 call..ou're wwtching [ jared ] uh, michael? you know... big game... that was sort of supposed to be for all of us. [ slurping ] [ male announcer ] give 'em what they love. subway! giant subs, sandwich and cookie platters. and big-time value. subway catering. order today!
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k9 advantix ii. not only kills fleas and ticks it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills bu


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