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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  May 23, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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and a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii. &p3 ((singinn nats)) ---ease aerosmiih
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3 ggveaway 3& wednesday, may 3&p23rr. 3 - queen anne's county schools 33 ,3 -3 3 3 map
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3 695 greenspring295 at 695 p95fiber 3 ssme community leaders are demanniig an apology... after -3 delegate pat mcdonough called for te quote... bllck youth mobs o be mmre controlled by police. words... there ii one thing they ll seem to agree on. onneverrone wantt to maaeethe &ppnnee harbor ssfer.mmnisters
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& and civil riihttsleaders are 3 islam and theeguardian angels pboot policing the ree. meannime, poliie areeplanning to add more crime cameras. 3 patroo officees at theeinner harbbr thursdays thhough sundays. despite arrgments... 3 the mayor to look for solutions. 8:11:10: i'm proposing a solution summit which se should lead... briig &pwhite, business leaadrs, clergy, youth leaders and advocates to comee ogether & over a eriod of time to number one look at the problem pnn what isscausing it."why & on'ttyou come taak alk, llt mm show you hat's ssouuiios, we ave robllm in balttmore ityy we communitt leaders and tryyng tt dd all we can come join us 3 us"they're
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hopinn xxra eyess on the situution will eepp-3 police say the increased security ill nclude a recent & academy class... officers - usually assigned outsidd the city ccnttr... theecity'ss 3 theesherifff' department. && he man ailed in arrba last pisappearance of a frederick annaaolls. -3 3 this is the pictureeof gary giordano... taaen friday. police foond im naked wiih a woman... in the back of is s-u-v in a public garaae. ggordano and tte woman were charged withhindecent exposure....ccrrying -possible 3-year jail sentence giordano spent sevvral months 3 pnvestigatee the dissppearanne of robyn gardner... but as never charged. &p3p 99--1 dispatther in -3 montgomery county is on administrative leave oday... -& for allegedly sseeping on the joo. job.snoring snoringearliee this week... a call came in from thii montggoery ouuty fire and
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reecue.aa you can eaa... the &&pdissatcherrseems to noddoff. -33 thha's when a seconn dispatther takes overr.. but the line. as the caller & reports her husband is -& appareetty uucoossiouus.. tte -3&psnoring confuses the second - dispatcher who mistakes it for the viiciimhavinn ttouble bbeathhng. 3& and ilt his head back.. ess &&p(snore) uh huh ok is hat him & noises? yes. ok are you able tt keep thattairway open ike ttat? see he snooing noises stopped. &p3 it turns out the firefiihhtr taking he ccll... was 17 hours into his shiftt...s foo the patient... the deputy chief says thheincidenn had no dverse impact on the 3 3 it'' oinn to be a hot holiiay weekend.... seeding many to theewaaer for relief. reliif. so it'' thh -3 pight timeeto see the laaest &pin water safety. 3live in columbia with thatt....ppus the 3 thinnssyou need to ccnsiderrbefore
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enrolling your children in 3 morrinn joel d. 3- 3-
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3 3- p,3
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3 phe laat songs ave been suug... the votee have beenn -- cast... onight ww will know who is he neet american dol. hollywwod .. and this morning she shows us the chaos - conttssants.. 33 3 crrwd : 15:49:22-wooohh ddontown los angelessot: we pllw in yesterray from minnnsotasot: im from oklahhoa sot: flight was longa& thankk yoo southwess for gtttng us -3 herethe music isspumming..nats 3 aaddthh adrenaline rushes -3 ttrough eeple's veinsnats: llaies ann gennllmana&sot thii issot: aaericaa idol((sot -3& : 15:51:54-ladies and pentleman, this is ammeican favorites.sst language: 14458:33-jesssca ssnchez is el
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3 nuevo merrcan idolsot language: 15:28:233phillip sot::15528:49-i spoke t inn two golooanguage: 15:53:55- american ,,3 iiola&. hahahahaaven áformer contestantsá weigh in on he competittoo.(vooof mike lynche -3 interview)sooe liik big mike lynche arr ppiladicssot 15:33::9-mike lynche philllp ii all about heemusic
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33 3 pessica nats: goo ppillipp. go isa.natt: go phillipa& go jeesica 3 finn out wwo becomes your next ammrrcan iddl....oniggt at 3 fox45.and e ure to tune ii -3 to fox45 nees at ten rightt affer the show.cannace will be live from hholywood with all the xcitement... after we 3 american idol. 3 it's your last chance o win. 1-hundred dollar gasscard ... -just ten minuttssfrom ow. a tornado cauuht the mosttamazing part of tths going on duriig this maaor weather emerggncy. emeegenccy ou're 33& watchiig fox 45 good day 3 ((bbup out))
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3((break 11)
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3 3 what you what you donnte to harity meteorologist, mily gracee -3 joinn us wiih this moonings -3 hommtown hotspot 3 -whats nicky's eek?-what is on the menu?-how much of the ppoceeds will suppprttnicky's eek? -33 wwek? niiky's week will take place at ra sushi rom may 27th -3 thhough june 2nd for moree infoomaaioo log onto fox baltimore
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talk abouttoneemassive wedddnn crasser. ccasher.coming uu... the - incredible way one couple reaats to a tornado hurning in tte baakground of their wedding day. day. you're
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i know that what jesus christ heard my momma's prayers. god answers our fervent heart-felt prayers, he answers those and delivers us. i realized that the stuff i have been through, the seven years i was on the streets, god was going to use it
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3 ((break )) proof thaa nothing can stoo a bride on herrwedding day. backgroond as this kansas couple exchanges vows.while many of us might run for covee... the couple and their guesss stayyd puu.theecouple says the tornado ii theer wedding pictures not only captures their special ay... it also aptures thh essence -3 off ansas.
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3 ---notice how is kansss.-3 essence of kanssa.---nnttce howwhis hattstayee on too. impressive! 3 3
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3 3 3& mapffberbeeaarribbe
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3 beeairliierty rd895 3 pap 3& for once.. youuwon't hhve to - worry about gas prices.itt' away three... 100 dollar royal ww are now down to drrwwng our pinner.
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congratulationns &p3we stiil ave aaother big ppize o giveeaway thhs hour. hour.((baby, you're y angel)) angel))coming up... you mighh &pbe callinn us your angels if you wwnnaav-i-p experience to this summer's big aeroomith concert.staa tunnd o in.... - next 30 minutes. & yyu have a &pchoice wen it comes to spayyng or neutering your pet. theetypes of surgeey... and powwit couud ffect your - ppt... anddyour pocketbook... &pnextt yyu're
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3 advannee in aaimml technologg pas seeeingly made laser neutering more effective.morre & bladdeand picking up te lasee. r. slovon of the &powings miils animml & birdd hospital joinssus liveeii - studio -how does laser 3 surgery wwrk?- how does laserr neuttring of a dog iffer rom conventionaa surgery?- ddees -&plaser ,3&psuugery decreaseethe heallng time?-is aser surgerr
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33 cost effective coopareddto ponventiooal surgeey? suugerr? 3 3
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dr. slovon will be back to & answer your questionssabout -3 your pet in our next hlf houu.
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if ou have a questioo, send on our acebook ppge. don't gooanywhere... your - chance to win a v-iip &pexperience to thii summer's aerosmmth concert issjust -3 about 20 minutes ffom now. ttrrifying moments gets tuck in a washing machine.... ut it's hoo hh ot &pthere that could be evennmore horriiyiig. hoorifying. you're - watching fox 45 gooo day baltimore. 3 (((beak 4))
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3 &p 3 33 3
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3 3 mapfibbr
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3greenspringg99map 3 the city police offiier thrown from he j-f-xxlast year is suing tte man who hit -3 her for 15 millionndolllrs. dollarssteresaarigby is suing cruiser ... which pushed her ovvr thheedgeeof the highway. - she fell 20 feet onno the - concrett belowwshe surrived... bbt hadd assive inttrnal injuriessrigby is also suing tte
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driver ... wwo had a & puspededdlicense... to ddive the car.rriby has bben offf a verrict cculd come today.... - in hh john edwards corruption rial..-& rial.thh former preeidential candiddte ii expected to learn 3 carolina jury.theejury will phaveeto deeide whetter edwaads &ddring his campaiin for the 2008 democratic nomination.ii connicted oo all countss.. hee faces upptoo30 years in jail. 3&p connerns over class size.... baltimore county schools. schools.the issue of rowded &pclassrooms ame uppatt he county sccool barddmmeting &ptuesday... where the district says it's trying to cleaa up -3 some school official saas budggts play a rrleebut ii the end... & theenumber of teachers iin school deeends on hee &pprincipal. - 3& ""heyymake he indivvdual - decisions whaa classes they offee....omm
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3 classsss llrge...ccme in an request.. request.. parents have mmny classes in the counny p class. 3& a day attthe laundromatttakes a hhrrific turn in ew & jersey...and it's all cauuht oo tape. ttpe.obseevees ay a father ssemed to be playing a game - witth is childdat a laundrooat... ad put the child n a washiig maccine. &pwwen he ccosesstte door... the - wwsher starrs... sendiig the a launddooat worker rushes to & the rescuu... utting the 3 unlockinn he washhr.police -3 are trying to dentify thee the stteets of china... a
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camera capturee a llitle boy cars paas close by theechild - as he charges frward on his -3 bike.ttankfully... a pplicee officcr spotted the boy and led him out offtte street pafely.the boy's grannfaahhr & they sttpped for a bbthrrom break. may ii national water pafetyymonth, and ach year,, &pthe stats are sttll surprising when ittcomes o keeping chillree saae. & recommended to start wim lessons before the age of 44 and thhse who don't learn tt pearn hoo. hoo. joel d. smith s -3 live at lifftime finess in & columbia wiih somee ips you can se this riggt now to make &pthissholiday weekend a afer - 3
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3 pi's an nnual traditioonin annapolis. 3 coming up... the climb to the top .... how llng t took & sommonn to scale the lard-covered monumenttnext. more rainnin &pforecast... where it's headed & aad whaa time we could sse it... next. you'ree & waachinggfox 45 good day & 3&
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i know that what jesus christ heard my momma's prayers. god answers our fervent heart-felt prayers, he answers those and delivers us. i realized that the stuff i have been through, the seven years i was on the streets, god was going to use it ,3
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people cheering cheeringthe freshmaa class at the u-ss avallaccdemy... takes -3 onnone morrehhrdle before graddatioon graduation. it took the class a little more than 2 hours... to complete the annual scaaing the -3 22--oot erndon monument in annapolii. annapolis.the goal?... plebes mmss climb the monument... wwiih s coverrd in lard... to replaae a first-year student's "dixie cup" hattwith a midshipman's cover.legend hhs it... the midshipman who &preplaces the up... will e make admiral.the plebe ho reached the ttp is a studentt 3&p 3 ((ttss to weather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologist))
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just ten minutes from ow... someone will win a v-i-p ggyy in cnceet. concert.dude ooos ike a laay nats natsserosmith is goong on -3 tour... and you cculd be going too. stay witt us... for yourr chanceeto wii. -3 wwn.ppus... if you have questionssabout your pet.we'vee got a veterinariin here who & can ggve you frre advice oday. just call 410-481-45-45 righht now. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore.
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3 3 pe're back taking your calls & for or pet qestioos. dr.sllvon, from owings mills animal nd bird hossiitl is bbak with us... calllussat 410--81-45-45 3
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3 p3 babs saass "my 4 yr old -&pwhhn outssde. ii thii normal or a sign of tomach problems?" problems?" 3teeesa wantt tooknow, "the - best ttpssonnpotty traaninn my puppy." sheessys er minature stilll as cciients arounn thh houss.
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baltimmree, 3 p cindy asss, my
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cat has beennexcessively 3 why?" -3 &&pit's a prize valued at around 5-hhudred ddllars... and it yours.your chaace to in a -3& v-i-p experienne to sse next. ou're watchingg
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-33 3 ((break 7)) -3 3
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3 p3&&p((break 7))((break 77))- 3 they're the reigniig kings of rrcc... and hey're not
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stopping aaytime soon. soon.aeeosmith has been roccing out since the 700s... - wwth countllss hits like this one. 3 walk thhs wayyyyyy nats nnts 3 3 the boys are going on our this summer.' suumer.'it's their "global warming tourr." whhre yyu can sse big hitss ike thissneet one... live in concert. & p3& dude looks llke a lady nats natswhennhh'ssnotton stage... & steven tyler is in the judgg's sset on ameeican idol and aerosmith is actually going to -3 perrorm on onight's season finale. lube llve oonjuly 3rd.
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we want to gee you insidd the show for ffee. nation sent us an -excluuive v---- experience to & give away to you.the 10 callee righttnnw wins a pair of tickets to the shoo... and a v-i-p experiince packkge. -3& 3 you can catch ssevvn tylerr performing with his band .. -3&ppeason finall of american idoll & onight at 8 righh here on fox45. 3psmeeshowers and thunderstormss first... then the heat is oo... & meteorrlogist steve fertig is 3& next. you'rr when it comes to gardening, , well, inexperienced. is this right? right here, like this? ♪ ♪ turn that off! plants can smell our fear then miracle-gro expand'n gro made things a lot easier for us.
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3 helpp fight cannee.the amazing thing he discooerrd on fox45 & news at five.33 3 baltiiore. good day watchiig foo 44 good day baltimore.
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